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Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by DVDMaster, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. Doc_Savage

    Doc_Savage Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 13, 2004
    Was over at Target earlier and saw the Reno 911 DVD for $16.99
  2. GMSepiroth

    GMSepiroth Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 13, 2002
    "Return of the DVD Deals" indeed!
    The CollecTOR has retired. It is time for the Master to join him.

    Somewhere burried one of these threads is my DVD want list. 2 of the big titles have finally come to pass.
    Animaniacs came out a few weeks ago.
    The TICK (animated) comes out Aug 29th

    I just had to share my elation.

    "I now return you to your pathetic lifes... already in progress"
  3. DVDMaster

    DVDMaster Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 25, 2003
    SPECIAL DVD Deals of the Week Posting - Star Wars OT Original Version Report

    Here's a breakdown of the deals being offered at each location.

    Best Buy
    BB has the movies prices at $16.99 each. For $59.99 you get all three 2-disc sets in an exclusive collectible metal case.

    Circuit City
    CC has the movies priced at $14.99 each. Each of the 2-disc sets includes a collectible lithograph that is unique for each film. They also have each volume of the Clone Wars cartoon series & each of the prequel films for $9.99 each.

    Price is not specified. Each film comes with a Target-exclusive original concept art mini-poster. For ANH it's the Death Star Trench attack, for ESB it's the Snowspeeders attacking the AT-AT, & for ROTJ it's Luke on a Speederbike.

    Price is also unknown, but likely $19.99 each. WMT has exclusive graphic novel reprints from the orginal publishing of each of the films' comic adaptations packaged with the films.

    Which is the best deal? I honestly don't know. Somewhat depends on the quality of the graphic novels or the BB exclusive metal tin.
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