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    Mar 27, 2005
    Title: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Echoes of the Force
    Author: JediDingo
    Timeframe: c. 3692-1 BBY
    Characters: OC's, Malak, Revan, Karath, Carth Onasi, Zayne Carrick
    Genre: Action/Adventure, some Humor, Drama
    Keywords: Jedi, Sith, Mandalorian War

    Hello everyone! This fiction is actually a sequel to my first fiction, Whispers of the Force.

    Reading it is not a must for this fic, but if you do it will greatly improve your enjoyment of this fiction. I've made it easy to get if you decide not to though. I hope you all enjoy this epic adventure set during the Mandalorian Wars as Aaryn Karsa and his gang search for the true reason behind the Mandalorian invasion! Please tell me what you think! Also some of you may notice the beginning is similar to a very great game = )




    The Force had to have a sense of humor; at least Jedi Knight Aaryn Karsa seemed to think so. One would think after saving the Republic from a Mandalorian superweapon would earn some much deserved rest, but for a Jedi Knight there is no rest. At least that?s what his former master would have said. The Divinity rocked heavily and Aaryn steadied himself on the back of the pilot?s seat. Its pilot, the beautiful and deadly Jove Sunflare tightened her grip on the control yoke.

    ?I think we made a wrong turn somewhere,? Aaryn said.

    ?Yeah, no kidding, it?s like we?ve stirred up a Tatooine hornets? nest.? She said through gritted teeth.

    ?Tatoonie?? Belo, the Ortolan, wiggled his blue trunk.

    ?Focus,? Aaryn said sternly. ?What?s the status of the shields??

    ?Not good,? Jove said as he turned and twisted knobs on the control console. ?But there is nothing we can do about it; I?ve got to have the rest of the power in the sublight engines.

    ?Belo, when can we jump??

    ?I?m still trying to calculate a jump, it is taking forever.? Belo?s worry could be heard in his voice.

    ?Maverick, how are we doing?? Jove asked through the ship?s comlink and he replied almost instantly.

    ?I?ve never seen fighters like this before,? The former con man?s voice was gruff, almost seemed desperate. And Aaryn did not like that. ?There is too many of them, we have to jump now!?

    ?I second that motion!? Ta?sa, the green Ho?Din called from the other turret.

    ?Working on it,? Jove replied.

    TheDivinity rocked again and Aaryn cursed under his breath. He shut his eyes, focusing on the Force. Ever since entering this area of space, he had felt darkness. Others may have said it was the dark side, but to him it felt much stronger than that, as if this entire place had been saturated with darkness, and no light could escape. Aaryn gulped.

    It had been only three months after the events over the volcanic planet of Sleheryon, but for Aaryn it felt like it happened years ago. He had changed so much since his first mission alone looking for Mesco, an information broker that had been giving the Mandalorians a little too much information. Finding and eventually protecting, and failing to do so, led him on a series of events to uncover a secret Mandalorian plot.

    The Mandalorians had created a Basilisk War Droid battleship named the Greyon, and with the help of Zayne Carrick, and Carth Onasi he had found its location, attacking with Malak and his Jedi Revanchists to destroy it. During the battle with the Mandalorian in charge of the Greyon project, Aaryn had come to learn that this plot went far deeper than anyone had ever thought. The Mandalorian suggested that the Sith were behind it all, the invasion, everything. It was all a ploy to weaken the Republic for their eventual return to the gala
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    Aug 21, 2006
    :eek:You don't kill Aaryn [face_shame_on_you] He is a nice character and I want to see more of him.

    Exciting beginning
  3. LaForzaViva

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    Jul 6, 2008
    Oh jeez what an opening chapter. It can't be that simple!

    I was definitely hoping to see what the whispering of the Force might do to Aaryn. Seems this time it got him into some trouble!
  4. SoA

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    Apr 2, 2008
    I don't believe you. You didn't just kill him. o_O

    It's great to see this crew back again. These mysterious enemies have me in suspense.
  5. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Hehehehe. Thanks for the comments guys! Trust me, I was shocked I went with a opening like that too. The next chapter will come out tomorrow! Be looking for it!
  6. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005

    Chapter One


    [/Two Years Later

    He awoke with a start, his eyes snapping open. His almost golden eyes couldn?t take it all in at once, and everything appeared as a blur. One large, white blur was all he could see. He blinked again, hoping to be able to see more clearly. It didn?t help much. It was after his second blink that he realized that his throat was extremely dry, his tongue swollen. He tried to sallow, but couldn?t. Slowly his fingers and toes twitched, that was good. He could still use them. But why would he think that he couldn?t?

    Memories began to flood into him; his promotion to Jedi Knight after his mission to bring in the vile Mesco to Coruscant, meeting a green Ho?Din named?Ta?sa? Yes, that was right, his name had been Ta?sa. Then he remembered Maverick, Belo, Vanuy, whom they had lost in battle, and finally he remembered her. An image of her flashing her smile to him seemed to be at the crux of the rest of his memories returning. Jove Sunflare.

    His hand reached up and he heard something, or rather?someone.

    ?Sir, he is waking!? A male voice. Light, young.

    ?What?? Another, much deeper.

    ?He is moving, his eyes are open.?

    His vision blurred as two figures moved into the white blur, making instead a black blur.
    ?Go get Ferroh, now!? The older, deeper one said.

    He summoned to power to turn his head slightly to the right, but only slightly. He tried to say: ?What happened?? but instead what came out was a light moan.

    ?Extraordinary,? The deep one said.

    Just like his vision, time also seemed to blur. It felt like a thousand years, but in reality it was more like a minute before the younger one and someone else entered the room. But in that time he tried focusing on the darker blur, trying to make out an image. But nothing yet.

    ?He has made a full recovery it would seem,? A new voice purred, Ferroh. ?But there is something peculiar about his presence in the Force.?

    ?I sense it also,? The deep one said.

    The one named Ferroh moved closer, at least he thought so.

    ?Welcome back to the living, Aaryn Karsa.? Ferroh said, placing his fury hand on his shoulder. Aaryn tried responding with some witty comment, but nothing was coming to him. He was sure something would later though, when it didn?t even matter. It always seemed to happen that way.

    It seemed like hard work to keep his eyes open, so he decided to close them. Yes, he would just close them and-


    -And he quickly opened them again, but he was no longer lying down with dark and white blurs over his eyes talking about him. He could see clearly everything around him, and he hated what he saw. One second he was waking up in a bed, but now he was on some distant planet right inside the environment.

    All around him laid slain Jedi and Republic soldiers, and coming towards them ran tons of Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Beside him stood other Jedi and Republic soldiers, mourning the loss of their friends.

    ?Karsa!? A voice called out. He whipped his head around, drenched in sweat.

    A Chev Jedi Knight came as fast as he could towards him. ?We are trapped! They are setting fire to the Xoxin plains! The whole planet is in flames!! All Eres III is on fire! ?

    Aaryn turned his head, looking around himself and it was as he said. This farm world was now hell itself, flames chasing around them as fast as the oncoming Mandalorians. He realized he had seen this almost exact thing played out before him already, right before he was promoted to Jedi Knight in the Chamber of Trials. Aaryn tightened his grip ready to shout out commands but before he could he was suddenly whisked away from the entire scene into entire darkness. He felt as if he were falling into a bottomless pit, forever trapped in darkness?s snare. And then he hit the ground hard, but how? There was no ground here. Not in the in-between.

    He stirred, his hands feeling the gravel and broken ground under him. He slowly stood up to his feet, everything expanding out from him as if he was the center point. Once
  7. LaForzaViva

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    Jul 6, 2008
    Oh man I got goosebumps at the end. CREEPY.

    Two whole years?! I wonder what Jove and Maverick have been up to... ;) [face_shame_on_you]

    I like Kaylee, I'm glad she's showing up more. Good to have the... tensions between Aaryn and her.

    Good work! Looking forward to more
  8. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    excellent post. is Aaryn the exile[face_thinking]
  9. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    early-bird: Though they do share a simlar situation of being a sort of 'scar' or 'wound' in the Force, he is not the Exile. This all fits within the continuinity and since the Exile is a canonically a girl....But nice catch!
  10. DarthAdamentum

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    Jan 28, 2008
    This story keeps me glued to my seat.. when's the next installment?

    so who's prettier? Jove or Kaylee? ;)
  11. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    To answer your last question, it depends - do you like burnettes like Jove or blonds like Kaylee. But to give you an idea, I picture Jove looking like Evangiline Lilly and Kaylee like Sarah Jean Underwood in that Star Wars car wash thing on g4...yeah.

    The next chapter will not be out for another two weeks because I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow and won't have any time to work on it and polish it up for you all. I hope I don't lose you all! I will be back soon, but until then may the Force be with you. Always.
  12. DarthAdamentum

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    Jan 28, 2008
    Jove then would be my liking... :) but both sounds pretty! I shall await your next story, Jedi..
  13. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Chapter Two
    Don?t Laugh At Jedi

    Aaryn left the room they had left him in, ready to meet back with Ferroh and Kaylee. He had concluded that this was a Revanchist hold out somewhere, which meant his childhood friend Kaylee had joined them at some point in the past two years he was in a coma after he had?died. He shook his head, he still couldn?t believe it. He passed others; some looked like Jedi some looked like Republic personnel. All seemed shocked seeing him up and about. Aaryn guessed if he were in their shoes he would be shocked as well, seeing a former dead man walking around their building.

    He came up to the door, sliding open for him and he entered. The room was dark, but lights from all sorts of consoles lit the room very dimly. At the end of the room stood Ferroh, Kaylee, and another man, much taller than the other two. They stood in front of a vidscreen, looking at a map of the galaxy.

    The man turned, noticing Aaryn enter the room. He flashed a charming smile, his peril white teeth. His head was bald, but it looked as if he hadn?t shaved in a couple of days. His red suit made him stand out, but it would be hard to notice him even without the outfit. Aaryn knew him as Squint, but his real name was Alek, yet he was now going under the name Malak. Aaryn rolled his eyes at the thought.

    ?Aaryn, you look remarkably well.? Malak?s accent broke the silence in the room.

    ?Yeah, for a dead man, huh?? Aaryn smirked.

    ?Yes, Ferroh told me he has informed you of what happened. Our Master decided if the Force brought you back, then we should probably take care of you as long as we could.? Malak explained.

    ?Hmm, so I assume you expect me to join the Crusade then? Is the war still even going on??

    ?Unfortunately, yes, it is still going on. Thankfully because of our ?crusade?, we have begun to push the invaders back. We are winning back ground from them, Aaryn. The end is in sight.? Malak sounded almost excited. ?But our Master has a different request for you, and all you have to do is listen and decide for yourself.?

    ?And if I choose not to help you with whatever it is?? Aaryn asked.

    ?Then you can get on with your life, return to Coruscant and tell them what happened.? Ferroh shrugged.

    Aaryn looked to Kaylee for reassurance. She smiled back at him and nodded. He trusted her, and he knew beyond a shadow of doubt she would not lead him astray. Astray like the Force had?he clinched his teeth.

    ?Alright then, let?s hear what he has to say.? Aaryn sighed, extending his hands out.

    ?Just think about what he has to say,? Malak nodded, leading the rest of them out of the room. Darkness penetrated the room again and Aaryn turned his attention to the large vidscreen. After a few seconds it illuminated the room. The figure that filled the screen wore dark brown robes of the Jedi Order, most of his face covered from the shadows of his hood. Before the incident in the fringes two years ago, Aaryn had heard he had started wearing a Mandalorian mask he found on Cathar. Yet, it seemed he was not wearing it this day.

    ?Amazing,? He said first. Aaryn raised his brow.

    ?Yeah, I?ve been getting that a lot lately.?

    ?I?m sure my colleagues have informed you of everything that has transpired and your interesting situation,? Revan almost sounded amused.

    ?Interesting is one word for it,? Aaryn said. ?I would like to say thank you for taking care of me since then,?

    ?Yes, of course. It?s what any Jedi would do,?

    For some reason, Aaryn didn?t believe what he just said. He could tell he meant it, but something just felt off about it.

    ?Right, so what do you need me to do for you?? Aaryn delighted in seeing Revan taken back.

    ?You get right to the point, don?t you?? Revan smirked. ?What I would like for you to do is this: exactly what you were doing before your incident. Investigating the cause of this Mandalorian invasion, I believe like you do Aaryn. That there is something more to this, that something or someone instigated this whole mess. I will supply you with ever
  14. DarthAdamentum

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    Jan 28, 2008
    *Clap hands*

    Wonderful update.

    Bet you going to put some love interest storyline between Aaryn & Kaylee soon, yes? :)
  15. LaForzaViva

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    Jul 6, 2008
    Very good update! I was busy, I do apologize for not getting to this. But since I'm so late, it must mean you've got another chapter coming up soon [face_dancing]
  16. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    Thank you so much for the reviews guys! Sadly my computer exploded... And my next chapter was on it. That's why it's been so long since I've posted. Thankfully I can use my girlfriends computer some to write until I get money to get another. So it will be a while for each one to come out. But working on The next chapter now ;)
  17. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    love this story and the interaction between the characters. Aryn is a nice character.
    And I played a male exile (better storyline with the love interests Brianna and Visas) and have used him in stories.
  18. JediDingo

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    [hl=crimson]Hey guys! First off thank you so much for all the nominations fir Before the Saga Awards! It really means a lot and inspires me to keep going! I hope you enjoy this chapter, its not fully what I wanted but due to the circumstances of my computer situation it's gotta do! Please enjoy and tell me what you think![/hl]

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Echoes of the Force

    Chapter Three

    A single snowflake fought to keep itself up in the air. This snowflake was different from the rest of the others, granted no single snowflake was just the same but this one was very different. It?s shape and pattern was completely different from any normal snowflake, almost as if it was scarred. Not only was its appearance different, but also it was doing something all the others weren?t. It would seem that it was trying to defy gravity. Curious. While others fell into place, down and sideways this one fought its way up. It rode the currents of air, trying to reach the very top. But a strong and powerful burst of wind caught it, pushing it down. On the way down there was one more hope of trying to reach the top but ultimately gravity demanded it to the surface. The hard, cold surface of Illum.

    The snowflake whipped past the face of Aaryn Karsa. It seemed his eyes met it, but only for a moment. His eyes now turned towards their destination on the snowy planet. The Sacred Caverns of Illum ? where the ?Temple? resided. Aaryn had done his homework on the way here and now it was just a few klicks away. He pulled his robe hood over his head and gave a glance to his right seeing Gep approach.

    ?Kind of cold, huh?? The red skinned Twi?lek shivered.

    ?Kind of?? Aaryn flashed his white teeth.

    ?Yeah,? Gep replied, not catching on Aaryn?s sarcasm.

    ?So why are we here again??

    Aaryn turned his head to look at him. ?Why are you here? You?re the pilot.?

    Gep shrugged. ?I was raised on Ryloth, I mean yeah it could get pretty cold at night but I?ve never seen snow like this. Plus, all this Jedi business is exciting.?

    ?That?s one way to put it,? Aaryn said more to himself.

    ?Less talking. More walking.? Serick said, coming up on Aaryn?s left.

    ?Such a poet, Serick.? Aaryn looked over at the Nitko. His stone hard face did not budge. Serick kept walking and Kaylee came up in the spot where Serick was standing.

    ?He doesn?t really have much of a sense of humor,? Kaylee smiled.

    ?No, he?s a comedian. He just doesn?t know it yet.? Aaryn said and they all shared a small laugh. Aaryn returned his attention to the caverns in the distant, and Serick walking towards it.

    ?Let?s go meet our mysterious new companion.? Gep interrupted and got a move on to catch up with Serick.


    The team of four reached the entrance and the Force radiated from it. He could feel it swirling out and around them. Aaryn pulled his hood back, entering first into the cavern. Good thing too, because his jaw almost hit the floor. The thousands of crystals illuminated the cavern, maybe millions of crystals imbedded into the floors, the walls, the ceiling. They definitely didn?t need any glow lamps in this place at all.

    ?This is amazing,? Kaylee muttered.

    ?You can say that again,? Gep said his eyes never leaving the ceiling.

    Then suddenly from behind the entrance began to shut, and shut very quickly. They barley had time to even react before it was all the way shut. An eerie silence filled the cavern. Aaryn tightened his fist. He didn?t like situations like this, yet he found himself in them all the time it seemed.

    ?Can we be sure this Jedi is still sane?? Serick broke the silence.

    ?Malak suggested him, right?? Kaylee asked.

    ?Great reference,? Aaryn muttered.

    ?What did he say his name was?? Serick asked, still looking around.

    ?Dison Gynt,? Aaryn replied. ?Squint ? sorry, Malak said the last time spoke to him was two years ago.?

    ?So he doesn?t even know we were coming?? Gep gulped.

    ?You?re deductive reasoning is quite good,? Aaryn said.

    Aaryn closed his eyes, searching out what he was supposed to do in the Force. Usually the Force
  19. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Wonderful update with the spider and Aaryn.

    Spiders hmm;)
  20. LaForzaViva

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    Jul 6, 2008
    Oh I know you said he isn't the Exile but he's got a crystal just like she did that responded to her! Oh and the spider was creepy, probably because I don't like them, but also because it reminds me of both Aragog and Shelob, from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, respectively.

    Good update! Sorry about the computer, Darth Technology can really pull a fast one on us...
  21. SoA

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    Apr 2, 2008
    So you did kill him after all, but I guess the Force wasn't done with him yet. I like this new crew of characters he has picked up. Now, I'm curious, will Kaylee wind up as our Exile? I'm also really curious what happened to the rest of his old crew. I was really attached to them.
  22. JediDingo

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    Mar 27, 2005
    You know I can't tell you that! Haha but I will tell you this: someone in this story will become a Sith Lord from Kotor II! Dun dun dun! I l like this new crew too, but the last one isn't just gone and now Aaryn is off to look for them. Next week, you may get to revisit our old friends. So don't worry, they aren't going anywhere. :)
  23. JediDingo

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    Chapter Four

    The Familiar Places

    Two Years Ago

    Almost as if everything was in slow motion the Divinity broke into several pieces, fire feeding on the quickly released oxygen. They felt the weight of gravity pulling the escape pod down the unidentified planet below. None of them could speak ? or really wanted to at the moment. Everything that drove them that kept them going, pushed them onwards was just destroyed right in front of their eyes. And the man that brought them all together had sacrificed everything to save every single one of them.

    Jove was the first one to break her gaze from the carnage going on around them. She turned and head straight towards the controls of the escape pod. Maverick shook his head.

    ?What are you doing, Jove?? Maverick sounded tired, not his usual joking and sarcastic self.

    ?He is floating out there, we can pick him up.? She said, busying herself with the controls.

    ?I see him!? Ta?sa exclaimed.

    ?What?!? Maverick furred his brow.

    ?He is right there,? Belo also confirmed.

    Jove never looked up, she only worked at the controls more furiously.

    ?Come on, come on, come on,? Jove muttered over and over. ?It?s not responding. It?s set in to land,?

    ?Krif,? Maverick whispered looking out through the viewport.

    ?Help me override it!? Jove pleaded.

    Finally she looked up from the controls to Maverick, then towards the viewport. They saw Jedi Knight Aaryn Karsa, the person who just saved all their lives in a matter of seconds, withering to grasp the loose tube letting out the air in his suit. Her hand came over her mouth to cover up the gasp. They watched as he struggled to reach back ? moving really fast as first but slower and slower as the air poured out.

    Then, altogether, he just stopped moving. The escape pod lost sight of him, entering the atmosphere. They were all so shocked they couldn?t say anything at all. Jove couldn?t hold it back anymore; she burst into tears burying her head into Maverick?s chest. Even Maverick had trouble maintaining his tough guy exterior. Ta?sa looked over at Belo, who still was looking out of the viewport. Ta?sa couldn?t believe it; he had just lost his best friend. His only true friend he?d ever had. The galaxy seemed like a much darker place all of the sudden.

    After being rescued by the Republic they were all put on a transport back to Coruscant. To Ta?sa, it seemed like a dark reminder of how far they?d come. While he met Aaryn back on Nar Shadda with Jove, this is where they had finally set off on their adventure across the galaxy. Now, at the end of things this is where they had returned. The glorious shining jewel of the Republic would have looked appealing to Ta?sa, but he didn?t care anymore. He had given up everything to join Aaryn, and had lost everything along with that ship. The Ho?Din sighed.

    Now what? He thought to himself. He was with Belo, Jove, and Maverick ? but they didn?t seem together anymore. Not really, not like it use to be. Ta?sa hadn?t really believed in anything at all before meeting the Jedi, but now it would have been foolish to believe the Force didn?t exist.

    Perhaps the Force had given him a new opportunity to start fresh, through Aaryn?s sacrifice. For the first time in a couple of days, a small smile crept up onto his green face. Maybe he could finally open up a restaurant like he always wanted.

    Passing by the huge sky towering buildings he believed he would do just that.


    Present Day

    There were many things within the galaxy that would grow, change, or just go away completely. There were very few constants in the universe, and the underlevel of Coruscant was one of them for thousands of years, and thousands of years to come. Aaryn, Kaylee, and Serick walked among the lower levels and Aaryn thought of one more constant here in the lower levels: the smell.

    ?Why are we here again?? Serick looked around. ?There is no sunlight here,?

    ?I didn?t figure you of the sunshine type,? Aaryn said without turning, still walking.

    ?Were looking for your friend down here?? Kaylee
  24. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Exciting update seeing more of the underworld of Coruscant and now Geonosis coming.

    Great characters=D==D=
  25. LaForzaViva

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    Jul 6, 2008
    Ah, thank you for the mention JediDingo! I do appreciate it - if you don't mind me asking, roughly when is your story taking place? Depending on the years involved, I can see about Aaryn showing up briefly in a part I've got planned in the Jedi Temple!

    Man in Black eh... Sith sword... I seem to recall something on the wookiepedia about the Sith and Mandalorians. And we will get answers! Looking forward to more, hope there are no more computer crashes haha
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