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Saga - OT Eine Kleine Nachtmusik- A Thrawn Romance

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Nehru_Amidala, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

    A Star Wars Romance

    Written by: Nehru_Amidala

    Disclaimer: I only own Minerva.

    Of all the holidays celebrated by the Imperial Empire, Life Day had to be one of the most beloved. From the feasting around tables laden with honey-glazed hamloaf, asparagus salad with spicy mustard-brown sugar glaze and chocolate gelato for desert to the opening of presents from family members and dear friends, the feelings of warmth, happiness and good cheer seemed to permeate from every single nook and cranny, no matter where one looked. In some places, it was more festive than others, but everywhere the feelings seemed to radiate outwards, towards the men and women proudly serving in the Imperial Navy.

    Inside the spartan officer quarters of Lieutenant Minerva Hektor, she had finished dressing in a fine grey gown that had an empire-waist, with a slender golden colored silk ribbon acting as a simple decoration. Her dark brown hair was gathered into a high ponytail, the ends tightly curled. It was an old fashioned look, to be sure. However, the style altogether was elegant and sophisticated. It complemented her vanilla ice cream skin tone, her dark hair and dark eyes.

    Slipping on cobalt blue ballet flats, Minerva slipped out of her quarters and made her way towards the ship’s multipurpose room. Because today was Life Day, at 19:30 there was going to be a full out party, with food, drinks, music and dancing. It was compulsory to attend, and everyone was going to be there, including man in charge- Grand Admiral Thrawn!

    When the name came to mind as she stepped onto an elevator, a furious blush rose to Minerva’s rosy cheeks. She had previously met him seven years earlier, when she had been all of 17 and fresh from graduation from university. She had stolen away from the main ballroom where the function was being held. In an antechamber, she had stumbled across some truly amazing art. Having never seen anything like these bizarre, psychedelic structures before, as she mused to herself, “Whoever made this, I wonder what the purpose was.”

    It had been here that Thrawn had answered her question, and strode into the room, dressed in a smart captain’s dress uniform. He was a bit surprised by the girl with the interest in art, from all the girls fawning over the officers in the main ballroom- it was as if they had nothing better to do. He smiled, this one was different- there was something about her eyes that intrigued him. Anything that intrigued him begged further exploration.

    Minerva had never seen a Chiss before, he was handsome. He made an explanation, and he was pleasantly surprised she had a good idea of what he had said. Intelligent and cultured, and he wasn’t a bore. Score! They shared stories and spoke of art and Imperial politics (he had very little interest, she was a keen diplomat) and the war against the Rebellion. She was a bit shocked when he pegged her as Vader’s chief map maker. Her commission aboard the Executor had only been given to her a few hours prior. A high honor to be sure, she had told him. Thrawn went on to tell her that of all the maps he used, he found hers to be the most useful. He had smiled softly when he noticed her blush, and why wouldn’t she? She was the greatest mapmaker in all of the Imperial Empire. He noticed she was still in slight shock, so being a gentleman, he asked her to be his date. Eagerly agreeing, she offered him her arm, and he escorted her into the ball room where they were announced as “Captain Thrawn and Lady Minerva Hektor.”

    At balls, it is customary to dance with any number of people but not so with Thrawn and Minerva. They were the only couple to stay together the entire time. In that time, they were slowly falling in love, if such a thing was possible. There was something about the other’s eyes that attracted the partner, and the shared knowledge that they were outsiders in Imperial society, he was a human like alien and she was the adopted daughter of high ranking industrialists who created the best maps known to the galaxy. Unbeknownst to the young couple, Palpatine, Vader and Thrawn’s father figure/mentor, Pelleaon were watching the scene unfold and liked where things were going.

    Alas, the ball ended and Thrawn and his lovely mapmaker went their separate ways, but the memories of that night never went away. They remained buried in the hearts of the respective parties, but for Minerva these feeling were making their way front and center as she made her way into the partially crowded room.

    Already, there was a buffet set up and place setting were out with the good silver, and not the everyday stainless steel that was used. A band was playing the pretty, but boring Bolero with several couples swaying in time with the music. She could just make out her older brother, Travis dancing with some random deck crew officer. As she weaved her way through the crowd, anxiety began to grip her psyche. Would Thrawn be pleased to see her again, and did he share the same feelings?

    As a matter of fact, on the other side of the room, Thrawn made his entrance silently. He was not yet ready to announce his arrival, he liked watching the crowd mingle and guess as to when their esteemed leader would be making his grand entrance. As he made his way behind the buffet table, his red eyes fell on a familiar sight, one that he hoped he would one day soon. It was Minerva Hektor, the guardian of his heart. She was beautiful, he had to tell her. Handling the chimaera pendant in his hands (it was meant to be a betrothal gift), he smiled and placed in his jacket pocket.

    Striding closer to his target, Minerva was just three feet away when a shrill, female voice shouted from behind him, “Hey everyone! Look who finally showed up, it’s Thrawn!” She drunkenly slurred a “Happy Life Day” before tripping over her skirt, and shoving Minerva into a butler droid holding an open bottle of chilled red wine. Crash!

    Red wine splattered all over the immaculate white porcelain tile floor, and left the area in a stunned silence. Thrawn gazed into Minerva’s eyes with regret and was about to ask her for a dance, when the object of his affection stammered and apology and dashed from the room.

    “Minerva, wait,” Thrawn called after her. There was wine on his jacket, but he didn’t care about that. He had more important things to attend to first. Now that everyone knew that he was here, they shouted and cheered. Forcing himself to smile, he waved and wished everyone a joyous Life Day. He then turned to the drunk female, who was giggling helplessly.

    “You are drunk beyond reproach madam. If you value your job as much as you do your drink, I suggest you clean up this mess and resign yourself to detox because I hereby dismiss you from your post,” he informed her icily. The woman hiccupped, angry and confused and was about to argue the point when she saw two Stormtroopers preparing to hand her a bucket and mop.

    Now that he had finished that tiresome chore, Thrawn could finish what he started to do. Now, where had Minerva gone to? It was obvious that she had left, so once he left the ballroom, he thought about where she would have run off too. Her quarters was too simple an answer, and knowing Minerva like he did, Thrawn deduced she would be somewhere on the main deck. He just hoped he was right.

    Thrawn’s instincts were correct, because that’s exactly where Minerva was. She was sitting in the leftmost bay window up front, admiring the stars. Her knees were pulled tight to her chest, tears running down her cheek. Lost in thought, and longing now for her brother and adopted parents, she began to sing a song:

    Candles in the window
    Shadows painting the ceiling
    Gazing at the fire glow
    Feeling that gingerbread feeling

    Precious moments, special people
    Happy faces, I can see

    Somewhere in my memory
    Christmas joys all around me
    Living in my memory
    All of the music, all of the magic
    All of the family, home here with me

    Precious moments, special people
    Happy faces, I can see

    Somewhere in my memory
    All of the music, all of the magic
    All of the family, home here with me

    Thrawn was walking outside the main deck when he heard a lovely alto voice coming from inside. It was Minerva! Grateful, he darted in and stopped. She was leaning her head against the glass, the dim lighting catching the paleness of her skin and the colors of her dress. Such a sight that the gods themselves might be envious.

    It was here that inspiration struck, why not sing to her? It was worth a shot, and he did have a tune in mind, a duet in fact. Gathering himself, he walked slowly over to her and sang:

    My dearest friend, if you don't mind
    I'd like to join you by your side
    Where we can gaze into the stars

    When Minerva heard him, she gasped and let out a soft smile. Kneeling down, Thrawn wiped away a tear and sat down behind her on the sill. Leaning back, Minerva let Thrawn wrap his arms around her slender midsection as she lay on his chest, a content smile on their faces as she joined him in finishing the duet:

    And sit together, now and forever
    For it is plain as anyone can see
    We're simply meant to be.

    Thrawn turned her around, so that they were facing each other. Slowly, they moved towards each other and shared a deep, long kiss that made their feeling known. They spent the rest of the evening there, the two of them; nestled in each other’s arms and watching the stars all around them.

    When they were discovered later, it came as a surprise (and a delight to many) to see their esteemed leader sound asleep with the head mapmaker in his arms, a delicate betrothal necklace around her neck. They were left alone and the rest of the holiday night was a very merry one, indeed.

    Lyrics are from Home Alone and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
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  2. Kurisan

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Hi. So I had a quick read after your call for attention on the helpdesk lol. I'm not really that into romances, but I think there are people here who are. And this was nicely written, you have a style. I like your attention to appearances - clothes. I'm not sure about Thrawn as a dashing subject of affection, but you pulled it off.

    Thanks for sharing. :cool:

  3. Anakin.Skywalker

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    Oct 11, 2016
    Nice; I thought it was very well written, and I loved your descriptions. Kudos!
  4. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Sounds like a lovely and sparkling Yuletide celebration for these two! Minerva's outfit sounds fantastic, and you describe it so beautifully; the chimaera betrothal pendant sounds like a nice touch, too, and very Chiss somehow. I'm glad that in the end they didn't let that boorish drunken woman spoil things for them; that was definitely an unpleasant moment, and I can see why it troubled Minerva as much as it did, but in the end it led to an even sweeter moment than any before, where she could bask in the love and comfort of her fiancé. And what an added bonus (and a relief!) that Thrawn's imperial colleagues are so approving of his relationship with this mapmaker!

    As Kurisan said, you did a very good job of making a dashing lover out of Thrawn. If you're interested in other Thrawn romances (though this one of many chapters), I can definitely recommend Chyntuck 's Ἀνάγκη – Necessity beyond sway, as well as the work of Ceillean.

    Thanks so much for sharing! :)
  5. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Thanks so much for the links and the feedback., I have seen Chyntuck's work over on before, in fact that same story (who does Thrawn wind up with in that story anyway?) and thanks for the recommendations. :)
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  6. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Mm, bit of a shame you missed the OTP - One True Pairing story challenge, as this would have been a worthy entry.

    Good attention to detail for the two main protagonists; I liked Minerva's empire (what else?)-waisted outfit and blue ballet flats, though unable to tell where the yellow ribbon was on the outfit.

    I couldn't tell much about the "drunk" woman, so don't know whether she even has a post to be dismissed from.

    Interesting idea, having senior Imperials monitoring the burgeoning relationship from the sidelines.

    I don't know who made the party rules, but making attendance compulsory prevents people who realise they are too drunk to be around others / naked flames [delete as applicable], from exercising the option of not going.

    Good effort. 7/10
  7. Theodore Hawkwood

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Greetings,Nehru_Amidala. It's Theodore Hawkwood from the Read and Review Tag challenge. As a fan of Grand Admiral Thrawn I felt compelled to review this one.

    First thing I have to comment on is the first paragraph. I think you did a pretty good job of describing Life Day to the reader. I could see the elaborate spread, the obvious 'pile of credits' spent on this particular gala. I am curious, though, if the Life Day holiday celebrated by the Empire is the same as the Wookie Life Day celebration spoke of in Legends on occasion. If so that's an interesting parallel. Nice way to pique my curiosity.

    Minor SPAG nitpick, in the second paragraph when you describe Minerva's quarters, the word 'spartan' should be capitalized as it is a proper noun describing a Greek culture known for austerity.

    I like how in character you keep Thrawn when you mention his interest in art. After all his understanding of various artworks allowed him to sort out the mentality of any given foe and thus allowed him to defeat the vast majority of them. Great work there.

    All in all, an interesting look at the personal life of arguably one of the Empire's greatest military commanders.
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