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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    Security was more than a bit tighter around the Prime Minister for this visit to Bakura Gardens for this time it was Opening Day for the Bakura Miners. The entire district around the Gardens were packed with Miner fans indulging in the most Bakuran of all pastimes: drinking. The original colonists of the planet had been hearty miners, hence the team nickname, and out on the edge of the galaxy when work was done there hadn't been much to do but drink. Though the descendants of these miners were now almost wholly employed in more white collar work, the drinking remained.

    Kerry waved to the fans who were near the VIP entrance to the Gardens before she ushered her children into the lift that would take them to the private box concourse. Declan, aged 13 years, and Falene, aged 9, were the eldest members of the tenth generation of the Noble House of Trieste. Declan was a dark haired boy who already displayed intelligence, observant beyond the natural curiosity of a teenage boy. Falene was an adventurous brown haired girl whose knees were constantly scraped and was just as prone to tinkering with machinery as she was to run about outdoors. Both of them were wearing blue and gold Miner jerseys in support of their team, who they were very passionate about. Kerry had gone with her usual combination of a dark blue blouse and black slacks for a professional but partisan appearance.

    The Triestes were a recognizable family on the concourse and Kerry shook hands with several fans who she knew well from her years in government as well as those spent attending Miner games. The door to the owner's box was opened for them by a Marshal and the trio entered an environment as familiar to them all as the family home of Kilmainham Brook near Prytis or the environs of Marian Square.

    The owner's box was located at center field, facing the Miner bench. It was a spacious box, furnished in rich, tasteful wood. Food was always ready for it occupants when they walked in and the liquor cabinets were never empty (though they came perilously close to running dry during particularly bad games). On the walls were holos of the six Miner championship teams. In all of them, the victorious Miner players were crowned with edelweiss, the national flower of Bakura. One wall in particular was of importance to Kerry--the one that had the holos from the three championships since the Triestes had purchased the team. In the first from 226 a youthful Dana Roslyn had one arm around the Galactic Cup as the edelweiss in her auburn-brown hair made the edelweiss look even more pure and white. Next to that holo was the dark haired Fionn Trieste raising the Galactic Cup high above his head in victory. The 252 portrait of the team saw Roslyn in professional attire as Head Coach and General Manager, but still a champion. The accompanying holo to that had the Galactic Cup lifted jointly by Fionn and Kerry. It had been in the course of that season that Kerry had become Taoiseach and so it was only fitting that she and her father hoist the Cup together. The 260 championship squad saw Roslyn, now just General Manager, with one arm around Head Coach Mick Hancock. Once again, Kerry was pictured lifting the Cup with someone else. This time it was not her father, who had died 6 years earlier, but rather Regan Trieste, Kerry's youngest sister. Kerry had been forced to focus on the Civil War and had named Regan Interim Chairwoman of the Miners. Lifting that Cup had helped to heal a lot of old wounds between those two...

    Kerry had been preceded to the box by her brother Ronan Trieste and his wife, the pop star Mandy Syfred. Mandy was the granddaughter of former Supreme Chancellor Serena Kattan and had inherited a love of the Denon Demons from her grandmother--for which she was mercilessly hounded by her in-laws. The pair had lived on Denon for a number of years but had come back to Bakura and made their home in the jewel of the former Maple Flag Republic, Nouvelle Orleans. Ronan and Mandy were determ
  2. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames & Kerry Trieste

    Joaquin Vehn, majority owner of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers and former head of the Roon Trade Organization, quickly navigated the myriad of turbo lifts, corridors, and security checkpoints on his way to the owner?s box. It was all standard procedure. Making his way to the proper level, accompanied by minority owner and general manager Rhia Grames, Joaquin found the owner?s box to be filling up quickly, not a surprise, considering how popular Limmie was on Bakura.

    ?Kerry, a pleasure to see you as always. Family is doing well I see,? Joaquin replied, scanning the owner?s box. ?Ready for another classic match up between our two franchises??

    "A pleasure indeed," Kerry replied as she gave an in-law peck on the cheek to the venerable Vehn, "I'm always ready to take on the defending champions. We like to make a statement to start the season."

    "We've been training hard. Just because we won the Cup last year doesn't mean we're going to suddenly slack off. Have you enjoyed the acquisitions you've made in the off season? Player contracts can be such a pain some times," Joaquin groaned, grabbing an ale and sitting down.

    "Imagine what it must be like for Rhia here," Kerry said. The Prime Minister had only shaken hands with the Smugglers General Manager. Kerry respected Grames as a worthy opponent--and never forgot that she was an opponent.

    "The Franzen situation kept us busy. We feel we got excellent value for him out of the Aces. Dana had hoped perhaps you guys would take him off our hands," Kerry remarked slyly, doubting the Smugglers would have ever taken the enormous salary hit Franzen had represented.

    "We like to look at players closer to home," Rhia spoke up, keeping her emotions under control. "Full Forward was a gaping hole for us, and we were quite lucky to nab Forsythe when we did. I know the Patriot Nation was chomping at the bit to grab her after they missed their chance during the draft awhile back. Anything we can do to stop the Patriots is a plus in our book. I like who we've got in the front, but today the true test begins. Think your mid-field is up for the challenge?

    "Roviden has matured well since his Ingbrand nomination and Macklan is getting there. Hard to replace Gaeriel," Kerry said as she accepted a drink from one of the box's attendants. Gaeriel Valerii had won two Galactic Cups with the Miners, been nominated for MVP once, and won MVP of the playoffs. She had been the centerpiece of Dana Roslyn's "strong midfield" system. Despite Mick Hancock's move to a move finesse-driven game, Gaeriel had still captained the Miners to their sixth Galactic Cup.

    Kerry took a seat next to Joaquin with Rhia on his other side, looking out over the
    field. "Now as for Helena Forsythe, I can't help but wonder how you guys
    landed her. It wouldn't have had anything to do with a personal appeal from her former coach, Sybil Wynn, would it?" Kerry asked with a touch of playful sarcasm, "Perhaps the chance to pay Chandrila back for signing Julianne Light instead of her might have had something to do with it?" Helena had been born and raised on Chandrila. Not being signed as a rookie by her hometown team last year had stung mightily and she hadn't been shy about saying so in her freshman year press interactions.

    ?I don?t know about personal vendettas against the Patriots. I do know that right now, the Smuggler?s are a winning team coming off their seventh Galactic Cup championship and it could be her best chance at getting a ring. Maybe Sybil had influence with Helena?s signing, maybe not, but she?s got an eye for talent, that?s for sure. Coaching isn?t for everyone,? Joaquin admitted.

    ?But, twelve years in between championships is a long time to wait,? Vehn added, sipping his drink.

    "Best be careful, Rhia. She might get your job if she keeps it up," Kerry said casually before she took a good drink of beer.

    ?That?ll be the day,? Rhia laughed as the roar of the crowd indicated that the game had begun.


    It was clear that Askah Kol
  3. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    State Apartments, Marian Square, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    The State Apartments constituted the residential portion of Marian Square. Despite the fact that she had been a young child when her father was Prime Minister, Kerry had not grown up in them. Rather, she had grown up at Trieste Plaza, the eight story building in the northeastern side of Salis D'aar that served as the capital city residence for the Noble House of Trieste. At one time Kerry and four of her siblings had inhabited the building but at the moment it was empty. Kerry had chosen to live in the State Apartments so she would be closer to her children. The arrangement had worked out well thus far.

    Kerry always made it back in time for dinner. It was one of her hard and fast rules. Sometimes it meant once her kids were in bed she returned to the West Office. Tonight she wouldn't have to as she had brought matters to a satisfactory stopping point. There was always more work to do, so Kerry was only content to bring things to a logical stopping point for a day.

    Cooking was not one of Kerry's strong suits, so she had no qualms about using the kitchen staff of Marian Square for all her meals. That meant that when she walked into the State Apartments she smelled dinner being set on the table. As Kerry, Declan, and Falene took their seats Kerry asked how their day had been and other such things. School was its usual self for them both. Once that duty was concluded, however, Declan spoke up with a question.

    "Are we going to the game on Alsakan?" the boy asked.

    "I hadn't been intending on it," Kerry said. It was a long way to the Core from Bakura and she had no political reason to go to Coruscant at the moment. However, with home games against Chandrila and Coruscant this year it wouldn't be until next season that Kerry could piggyback a Limmie road trip onto a political junket. "Why?"

    "Oh, no reason," Declan said, looking down at his food.

    Declan Trieste was not the sort of boy who didn't have a reason for asking to go all the way into the Core for a Limmie game. He liked the Miners but not that much. Kerry always enjoyed a mental challenge and her mind began to flip through everything she knew about the Alsakan Flyers to try and figure out why Declan wanted to see them. They had played well last week, that was for sure. Their new owner, Corso Wey, had certainly overhauled that roster. In fact, the way he'd sliced and diced it was almost ridiculous. He'd brought in a lot of new people, not many of them rookies.

    Click. Rookies. The fact that Kerry was well aware that her 13 year old boy made it make sense now.

    "I don't suppose that your interest in going to see the Flyers has anything to do with Illit Vorn, does it?" Kerry asked.

    Declan didn't reply, but his cheeks did go red.

    Kerry motioned for one of the State Apartment attendants. "Please have someone indicate to the Flyers that I will be using the visiting owner's box for the game and have my schedule adjusted for a trip to Alkasan to coincide with the game," Kerry said.

    "Absolutely, Madam Prime Minister."

    Kerry noted that Declan brightened noticeably, though it was clear he was still uncomfortable being caught in the throes of his adolescence.

    "Thank you," Kerry said, before turning her attention back to her children, "After all, we should be good neighbors and welcome a new team to the League, shouldn't we? A small jaunt will be rather enjoyable, don't you think?"

    "Does Alsakan have any forests?" Falene asked excitedly.

    "It doesn't even so much as have a field, honey," Kerry said, "It's an ecumenopolis."

    "What's that?" That word was too big for Falene to be able to pronounce correctly, let alone know what it meant.

    "It's a planet that's just one big city," Kerry explained.

    "Yuck!" Falene said sticking her tongue out, "Don't do that on Bakura Mom."

    "I won't," Kerry said, deciding that now was not the time to try to teach her daughter about the vast national park system strengthened by Falene's grandfather as Prime Minister.

    TAG: Nick
  4. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Teams qualifying for the bonus are the Bakura Miners and Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    Week 2 Results
    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (13-17)
    Bakura Miners at Alsakan Flyers (29-27)
    Chandrila Patriots at Naboo Ducks (4-3)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Mon Calamari Mariners (31-20)

    TAG: Everyone
  5. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Corso Wey
    Flyer Field, Alsakan

    Corso stood in the center of the pitch, the sights and sounds of the post-game interviews assaulting his senses. He was approached several times in these four minutes since the Miners had narrowly beaten his team. The questions had ranged from his opinion on the Flyer?s performance to how he was handling his first loss. He responded stoically, to every question, knowing that any brash or emotional comments would make him appear weak and would reflect badly on his organization. Not to mention, Trist would skin him alive.

    Corso was not interested in answering the same stale questions about himself and his team, however. Considering that he was playing with an all-new team, that had more than a few risks on both sides of the ball, Corso was extremely pleased with his team?s effort and their calm. They were only tied up a few times, and they kept their emotions out of the mix, despite the tension and proximity of the score. In the end, there was not much else you could say.

    For now, Corso had his bodyguard keep the reporters at bay, by sending them to Trist. She would love the attention, he was sure. From across the pitch, Corso noticed Kerry Trieste in an interview of her own. That was whom Corso wanted to see. She was the political and social leader of Bakura. But, better yet, she was a former player herself.

    Corso followed his guard, as he cleared a path towards the other owner. As he approached, the reporter finished the interview. Kerry was facing the other direction, and Corso snuck up behind her. He tapped her shoulder.

    ?I?d like to ask you a few questions about the game, Madam Prime Minister.?

    Tag: Trieste
  6. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Flyer Field, Alsakan

    Ordinarily Kerry did not go down to field level for a regular season game. Her presence would be an irregularity to the players. She knew from experience that coaches liked to tightly control the circumstances surrounding each game, especially in Limmie where every single game had was full of implications.

    However, Kerry also tended to be an indulgent mother. Declan?s macrobinoculars had been just about glued to his face during the entire first half as he?d followed Illit Vorn about the field. The Prime Minister couldn?t help but take note of the rookie Half Back as a result of her son?s constant attention. She was actually minimizing Rhyna Tavagana?s impact on the game exceedingly well?much better than Askah Kol was doing against Asgard Lon. Kerry was beginning to wonder if Roslyn hadn?t missed a golden pick in Vorn.

    Deciding to accommodate Declan, Kerry had taken the lift down to field level with her kids. Though this hadn?t been part of ?the plan?, all Elite League stadiums took security very seriously and the Federal Marshals weren?t too concerned. However, ten years of being protected by them had made Kerry finely attuned to their collective habits and subtle shifts in mood. They were definitely slightly more on edge, but only slightly.

    The Triestes stayed on the Miner sideline, with Kerry keeping them well away from the players so as not to disrupt whatever Mick Hancock had going on. Mick was generally stoic, a constant that the team could use to steady themselves. Points scored for or against never changed his demeanor. Even after a win, the most Hancock allowed himself was a handshake with his assistant coaches.

    Kerry also knew the flow of a Limmie game and had chosen her location for another reason. She didn?t have to wait long for her positioning to pay off either. A charge down the sideline by Tavagana was abruptly ended not three meters away from the Trieste trio by an open field tackle by Vorn that brought both of them to a skidding heap at the sideline as the bolo-ball bounced away to be picked up by a charging Tyros Talran. The play would result in a point for the Miners, but Declan Trieste never noticed as he watched the lithe Flyer pick herself up, dust off those shapely legs, and jog back into play.

    Even so, the highlight of the day was Moen Heatly?s goal with 45 seconds left to lift the Miners from down 26-27 to their victorious score of 29-27. Kerry allowed herself more emotion than her head coach and couldn?t resist a victorious whoop, which came as a groan of disbelief passed through the Alsakan crowd. A last bit of defense by the Miners kept a last second come back from derailing their first victory of the season.

    One of the reasons that Kerry did not come down to the sidelines was the press. When she went straight from a box to a hovercar, the press were often excluded from such VIP areas. Down on the field, they had instant access to her. For someone who had to face weekly Question Time in the Senate, dealing with the press was easy, but tiring. It never did to show the latter.

    ?I?m very pleased with the way our offense got going today. Obviously we needed every point, but coming off our very poor performance against Nar Shaddaa we had to get something going,? she told one outlet.

    ?Obviously defense is a concern. We?ve surrendered a lot of points in just two games,? Kerry told another, ?No, I don?t think that Askah has been a mistake signing. There is a definite adjustment from the college game to the Elite League. I have no doubt that the coaching staff is going to get him to where we want him.?

    ?Yes, it?s been great here on Alsakan,? a third reporter was told, ?Flyer Field is an excellent venue, very nicely done. I know some people were unsure of whether this team was ready for the Elite League but they?ve clearly proven they can hang tough. Their offense is looking really good and I say that as someone who watched the 250 Miners set the record for points scored in the Crendan Era with over 200
  7. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S'rily

    Gark groaned; Coruscant had given up another game. For the second time, the team had gotten out to a decent start, and then had folded down the stretch. A four point loss to Nar Shadaa had just hit the books, and Gark was starting to get a funny feeling in his gut. The janitor who worked at the home field had said something about fans jumping ship during a horrible season. Two losses and some lack of effort would probably cost his team some fans soon, if they had not already given up on him. It was time to talk to management about the makeup of the team and try to get the players in sync with each other. If not, some moves would have to be made.

    Leaving his box at the stadium, Gark was intercepted by an assistant, who handed him the box score for the game. Gark stared at it, reading the scores off one by one, and noticing some of the other tallies. The season opener had looked worse, because here the defense held and kept the opposition to 17 points, which was the goal from Day One in the revamped Senators franchise. However, offense was a concern; 13 points wouldn't win many games, especially if the defense was giving up over 20 points a game. However, there was hope; a few of the players were off to good starts. He would have to bring that up in a team meeting.

    Managing was harder than he had expected. When he accepted the position, he had not expected to have to stare at every box score and make bold predictions about the worth of his players, but now he figured that this was the easiest part of it all. What would be hard would be to make changes to the roster; releasing players was never easy. Still scratching his head, Gark made his way out of the stadium to the team's hotel. As he made his way to the team bus, as he wanted to ride with the team when they were on the road, he realized that several of them were injured in some way. It had been a rough game, and if things didn't turn around soon, it would be a rough season and tenure for him.

  8. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Corso Wey
    Flyer Field, Alsakan

    Corso smiled as he took Kerry?s hand gingerly, as much for cameras as for himself. She was very formal, as could be expected from a politician.

    ?Mr. Wey. An excellent played game today. In my mind this one could have just as easily gone your way. The Flyers have really hit the ground running to start the season. Now, how can I be of help??

    Corso kept the smile painted on his face as the owner spoke. In his peripheral vision, Corso noticed Trist begin to walk towards him, then notice that he was speaking to the Prime Minster. She quickly backed away. Corso looked Kerry in the eye and responded.

    ?Please, Mr. Wey is my father. Call me Corso. I agree with you about the game, though. It was a close match, but clearly your Miners showed themselves to be the better team. I didn?t need anything specifically, but just wished to welcome you to Alsakan. I was unable to greet you upon your arrival due to a last minute practice. Now, it?s my turn to ask you, if there is anything you need. There will be a wonderful banquet at Greeley?s Plaza, if you and your children are interested. After our team meeting, all of the players will be attending.?

    Tag: Trieste
  9. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames

    The defensive unit looked absolutely wiped. They had upheld their end of the season admirably, holding opponents to a league low of 18 points. First they had shut down Bakura, then they had kept Coruscant at bay during a second half that saw several lead changes. Fatigue was bound to have caught up with them after two weeks of a grueling schedule.

    Standing at the front of the team locker room, Rhia Grames examined the faces of the players under her purview. A feeling of pride swelled up inside her chest as she rattled off their names inside her head. All of them were brought on this team to help the franchise win. Many were getting older. There would be turn over in a matter of years, and more new faces would join the squad and learn from those who had come before. That was how it always was. That was how, for Rhia, she always wanted it to be.

    But each season was different.

    Taking a seat next to Head Coach Tover Micjaa, Rhia glanced around the room, watching as the fatigued players, battered and bruised reflecting their physical style of play, were putting away their gear.

    "You've done well so far," Rhia said, breaking the silence.

    "Season isn't over yet," Tover replied.

    "But you've accomplished the greatest goal of all, winning the Cup. Can't say that for others in the league," Rhia reminded.

    "Took me eight playoff losses, all of them burned into my mind, to do that. You want to wait that long to hold up another trophy?"

    "No, but neither do you. And neither does the team. They've fought real hard for you, especially Chambers," Rhia said, mentioning the star goalie of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    "Meredith Chambers. We got lucky with that one, especially after Gunba went down permanently after last year's game against Kashyyyk," Micjaa replied, shaking his head, remembering the terrible injury veteran goalie Gunba Pemiti had suffered during a game against the Kashyyyk Rangers. Gunba never returned to the game and was cut during the off season of 261.

    Using Gunba's memory as motivation, the Smuggler squad plugged in rookie Meredith Chambers, who helped shut opposing team's offensive units down and making a name for herself that shattered the shadow of the Smuggler great whose shoes she had been destined to fill.

    "It was for Gunba that we won that Cup, you know," Tover reminded his boss.

    "Yeah, for Gunba. One of the finest players we ever signed," Rhia said, fatigued.

    "I'm impressed with the Forsythe signing. Transitioning from left corner forward to full forward is not easy. Haven't seen it done as successfully as I am seeing with her. She's got a talent for the game, smart girl, and I'm sure she has every intention of playing hard against the Patriots in week seven. Can you believe they chose somebody else when they had a glaring need at the position she naturally plays?"

    "Well I have every intention of making them pay for that when the time comes, believe me," Rhia replied, chuckling a bit at getting in a jab at long time rivals on Chandrila.

    "The Mariners come to town next week. Their offensive unit is strong, Rhia, and our defense is tired. Real tired," Tover said.

    "Let them rest for a day or two, then train them, Tover. Every year, the Mariners have a powerful offense, but you know, they had one last year during their run to the Cup and we defeated them when it counted the most. We'll be ready for them, again. Ratings ought to be high, so that ought to make the Vehn's happy," Rhia commented.

    "Always about the money," Tover grumbled.

    "It keeps us in business," Rhia replied, patting her old team mate on the shoulder before leaving the locker room to see about taking some time off for herself.
  10. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Flyer Field, Alsakan

    ?Now, it?s my turn to ask you, if there is anything you need. There will be a wonderful banquet at Greeley?s Plaza, if you and your children are interested. After our team meeting, all of the players will be attending,? Corso asked pleasantly.

    Kerry threw a glance at Declan, who was obviously mooning over Illit Vorn who was being interviewed about ten meters away. Kerry recognized that her son was displaying an incredible amount of self control in not inching closer. Then again, he could be paralyzed by fear of being so close to his crush.

    "As inclined as I am to accept, this trip to Alsakan was cobbled together at the last minute and I must return without much delay to Bakura," Kerry apologized, "We're hosting Naboo next week and seeing as the game is a rivalry that the fans care very much about there will be plenty of pageantry I will be expected at, on top of my political duties. We're planning to actually win this time for a change too." Kerry flashed a smile. "Besides, I don't think it would be good to allow my son to get much closer to your rookie--mainly because you'd lose her for the season after he permanently attaches himself to her leg. We like our rookies to win Ingbrand Awards on Bakura, but we like to win them fair and square.

    "I very much look forward to future meetings and correspondence both in and outside of the Board of Governors, Corso," Kerry said with a final handshake, "Best of luck against Kashyyyk. An insider's tip, you don't have to let the Wookiees win." Kerry winked before she left to collect her children and head for the spaceport.

    Tag: Nick
  11. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D?aar, Bakura

    Geography had something to do with why the Bakura-Naboo rivalry had started. After all, the two were close to each other, and that always made it easier to get up a good loathing for the other team. Cultures was also a part of it. Bakura had historically been, and remained to this day, an almost totally Human population. Though Gungans thrived on Naboo, they historically had taken little interest in Limmie. The similarity between the two populaces made it easy for the two to develop the bond of rivalry. They were both largely democratic planets, though Bakura operated on a republican model and Naboo on a constitutional monarchical one.

    But what most distinguished these games was the fact that they more often than not just wound up being nasty. There were a few more penalties than average for both teams?sometimes by quite a bit. The goal celebrations seemed to irk the other team just a bit more than in other games.

    Or maybe it had something to do with the fact that the winner got the Bloom Bowl. Was it the Galactic Cup? Hardly. But any time hardware was in play, that just took the edge up a little bit more. The Bloom Bowl was filled with edelweiss when Bakura won and bluebells when Naboo took the trophy.

    However, it had been over sixteen years since Bakura had last touched the Bloom Bowl. Five straight losses to Naboo had stymied the Miners?even in 260 when they won the Galactic Cup, but lost to the Ducks in the regular season. Convention dictated that the current holder of the Bloom Bowl retained it until beaten, which meant that a neutral party hadn?t even held the Bowl once in that timeframe.

    Kerry Trieste had won one Bak10 collegiate championship, two Galactic Cup Finals, two Senatorial elections, three Prime Ministerial elections, had carried the Bakuran Senate with at least a 50% share of seats in all three of those Prime Ministerial elections, and a civil war in her life. She was someone who was used to winning. The Bloom Bowl was one of the few things that she wanted to win and hadn?t and that irked her to no end.

    Today Kerry was no better than the average Miners fan. Usually she could watch a game with a certain amount of reserve that she had been taught by a life in politics. Not so when the Miners played the Ducks. Kerry was frigging pumped for this game. She was high fiving just about everyone she passed at the Gardens today?unless they were in a Ducks jersey in which case she passed them by without comment. In proper Miner fan fashion, the first thing she did in her box was open up a beer.

    This week Kerry was sharing the brew with her sister Siona, who had been Kerry?s Minister of State in her first two administrations. Two years ago, Kerry had named Siona Bakura?s Ambassador to the Roon Trade Organization and Special Envoy to Naboo. Siona spent her days at the Court of Queen Camilla, advocating gently for stronger relations between all the parties. Naturally, Siona had returned to her homeworld for the Bloom Bowl and it was no question who she was rooting for today.


    ?I?m serious. You should throw a parade if we win,? Siona said as she relaxed on one of the couches with a mixed drink in hand.

    ?Parades are for the Galactic Cup, not the Bloom Bowl,? Kerry corrected.

    ?Throw a rally. Declare a national day of thanksgiving,? Siona suggested, ?Do something. It?d be a big deal.?

    ?I?m going to keep the thing in the West Office if we win it,? Kerry said, ?Right on the coffee table. I?ll serve punch out of it when I get the inclination.?

    ?That?d impress Shakra,? Siona said, referencing the sitting Supreme Chancellor of the Republic who had been known to attend Senator games on a regular basis.

    ?Well he just isn?t used to seeing a Limmie team win so anything of the sort comes off as impressive to him,? Kerry remarked dryly.

    ?Ginnifer! Do not run inside!? Siona suddenly shouted across the box, arresting the progress of her brunette daughter who had rather
  12. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Teams qualifying for the bonus are the Alsakan Flyers (which I am now spelling right--apologies Nick!), Bakura Miners, Coruscant Senators, and Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    Week 3 Results
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Alsakan Flyers (21-24)
    Coruscant Senators at Chandrila Patriots (11-10)
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (16-40)
    Naboo Ducks at Bakura Miners (13-3)

    TAG: Everyone!
  13. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: This post, as did the IC one before it, references events in Liam_Vehn's [link=]Bluebells of the Highlands[/link], which is loosely linked into the events of this RPG (but not to a degree that anyone need feel constrained by them--however, do read the story if you're interested! I'll be doing a few guest author spots there myself. :D)

    IC: Kerry Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D?aar, Bakura

    At halftime the score was 7-2. That made it a two score game for the Miners, who only needed two goals in the back of the net to take an 8-7 lead. By Elite League standards, it was an easily overcome deficit.

    Except this was the Bloom Bowl, the game that the Miners simply could not win. Bakura Gardens rippled with a mix of apprehension and another sentiment that could only be described as ?here we go again?. They?d blown it five times in the last sixteen years, so Miner fans knew what this road felt like.

    Even in the owner?s box the same concerns were being felt. Kerry?s brow was knitted pensively as the teams went off the field to the locker rooms. It was with no great relief that she heard Deputy Prime Minister Sabé Dormingale announced.


    Sabé Dormingale had been in Bakuran politics for over 40 years. She got her start on Fionn Trieste?s first Prime Ministerial campaign and was rewarded in his first administration with the post of Deputy Chief of Staff. In 223 she left Marian Square to run as Fianna Fail?s candidate for the district of West Cape Suzette, which she won and held onto ever since. Now Sabé was the parliamentary leader of her party, making her the Deputy Prime Minister and next in line for the West Office.

    However, Sabé?s life had not started on Bakura. She had been born on Naboo and singled out in her childhood as a potential leader for the planet in their great democratic tradition. Accordingly, by the age of 15 Sabé had been elected Princess of Keren, which brought her to the court of then-Queen Sofia, mother to the current Queen Camilla. It was Sofia who had decided to move Naboo away from a democratic model to a constitutional monarchy with power centered in the throne. During this consolidation, overzealous supporters of the Queen began killing those who raised objections. Officially, Sofia never approved their actions. Unofficially?no one would ever know.

    Sabé had been one who had express deep reservations about Sofia?s move. When the executions begun, Sabé had been rushed off the planet by her own partisans. Sabé had been forced to accept exile from her homeworld to save her life. Though Fionn Trieste had used his influence to make sure the Quorros would never threaten Sabé?s life if she did return (using Sabé?s newfound political fortunes on Bakura to show she had no designs on the throne of Theed), Dormingale had no interest in returning to Naboo. Her life there was over.

    That did not mean she possessed no insights into how the Camilla?s court worked. Indeed, it was there that Sabé had learned all of her most important lessons about politics, lessons she employed daily whipping her fellow Fianna Fail Senators into line.

    ?Madam Prime Minister,? Sabé said in her patrician voice so different than those on Bakura. The Deputy PM took a seat next to Kerry. Pushing 60 years old, Sabé had availed herself of all of the many wonders of Bakuran medical technology and was aging gracefully. There was nary a gray hair in her head, though her features had sharpened a bit from the youthful countenance in which she had been painted as Princess of Keren.

    ?Madam Deputy Prime Minister,? Kerry replied, dispatching the formalities as quickly as she could, ?Siona brings curious news from Theed.? Kerry motioned for Siona to repeat her report.

    Sabé listened attentively and sat back and thought for a moment. ?Confusing actions by Camilla indeed?but only if one thinks of her as still linked to the democratic tradition on Naboo.?

  14. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames

    The last of the fans had filed out of the one hundred and fifty thousand seat stadium known as Six Boroughs. Janitorial crews were out in full force cleaning up the food, drinks, and fan paraphernalia left behind by the Smuggler faithful. The dark red and black seats that filled the stadium rested in silence, in stark contrast to the noise and chaos generated by thousands of screaming fans an hour earlier.

    The perspective of the stadium from the field was without comparison. Maybe it was the seventeen year career of the woman walking alone on the grass surface that provided a bias in favor of this stadium built many years ago. A stadium that had seen many defeats, many victories, and many champions who had worn the Smuggler jersey with pride.

    Rhia Grames had been one of those. The smell of the freshly cut grass, still bearing the marks of a battle that had been fought on it earlier in the evening, assaulted her senses in the most primal of ways. Her eyes shot to the goal posts opposite her position and memories of rushing toward them, opposing players hot on her heels, the ball tucked safely under her arm, the fear in the eyes of the opposing goal keeper as she leaped in the air and fired a scorcher right under the bar. She could almost hear the roar of the crowd as the goal was made chanting her name, "Rhia! Rhia! Rhia!"

    But now, there was only silence.

    The Smugglers had won today, a remarkable victory 40-16, over a traditionally difficult foe from Mon Calamari. Three victories, the best defense in the league, and a team that wasn't satisfied.

    Neither was she.

    "Team did well today," a voice called from behind her.

    Approaching out of the shadows was Joaquin Vehn, majority owner of the team.

    "Hello, Mr. Vehn," Rhia replied.

    "Never have I seen the Smugglers, in all my years, so thoroughly crush a foe. It was almost as if they knew the game plan the Mariners were going to use today," Joaquin mentioned.

    "You know we don't do that," Rhia warned, shoving her hands into her pockets.

    "Never said you did, Rhia. Just saying, we played well."

    "Profits are up," Joaquin said, looking around the stadium.

    "Always a good sign. Have plans for this old work horse?" Rhia asked.

    "Hard to give this old beauty a face lift. They don't make stadiums like this anymore," Joaquin admitted.

    "No, they don't," Rhia replied, a bittersweet feeling in her heart.

    "That Wynn girl, you think she's got what it takes to make us successful for years to come?"

    "I wouldn't hire her if she didn't," Rhia replied as she resumed her walk.

    "I've got a good feeling about the season," Joaquin said.

    "So do I, sir, so do I," Rhia responded, her eyes glancing up to the awnings of the stadium, noticing the seven flags representing all seven galactic cup championships won by the Nar Shadaa Smugglers.
  15. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Marian Square, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    The kids were asleep, and Kerry had taken the opportunity to the West Office to do a little bit of extra work, reading up on some reports regarding the progress of Reconstruction. She paused to rub her eyes after finishing a section and looked at the chrono in the process. It was 10:45. Tomorrow would be another game day, this time against the Chandrila Patriots, perhaps the most storied franchise in all of the Elite League. Never had Chandrila not made the cut for the Elite League. Its fanbase was dispersed throughout the galaxy. Even as far away as Bakura, Kerry knew that there would easily be 20% of the crowd at Bakura Gardens tomorrow in green and white. A lot of the galaxy despised the Patriots for their 7 Galactic Cups, their 18 trips to the Final, their sellouts, their considerable merchandising revenues, their hefty Holonet contracts. Kerry had never hated the Patriots like the rest of the galaxy, probably because the woman she had called Aunt Lexine had been a major influence in her life and Lexine Wydra had been a very fervent Patriots fan.

    The Miners were 1-2. The Patriots were 1-2. Somebody was going to pull even on the season. Somebody was going to be in a pretty deep hole. Tomorrow's game would have a very definite impact on the remainder of the season for both teams. Worry gnawed at Kerry. The Chandrilan defense had been spectacular--their offense less so. The Miner defense had been decidedly poor--their offense even worse. It was not a combination of strengths that Kerry liked.

    She looked at her comm unit on her desk. A very large part of Kerry wanted to call Mick Hancock right now, see if he was going to make changes to tomorrow's starting lineup, how he was going to play the Patriots. She wanted to know, to be able to do something. Kerry had always been a doer. She didn't like having to sit in the owner's box.

    But Mick had a family. They were probably asleep. Mick wouldn't be. He'd be putting the final touches on his offensive and defensive schemes right now, knowing him. It was with the greatest willpower that Kerry turned back to her report. Right now she would just be meddling needlessly, interrupting Hancock's preparations. It would be better to let him be.

    Even so, the gnawing remained.
  16. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    The Bakura Miners and Nar Shaddaa Smugglers qualified for bonus rolls this week.

    Week 4 Results
    Naboo Ducks at Coruscant Senators (23-28)
    Chandrila Patriots at Bakura Miners (35-34)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Kashyyyk Rangers (9-33)
    Alsakan Flyers at Mon Calamari Mariners (11-16)

    TAG: Everyone!
  17. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S'rily

    The home crowd, which was of course sparse, roared its approval, having seen the resurrected Senators hand the Naboo Ducks a narrow 28-23 defeat. It was win #2 on the season for the revitalized Senators, having come back from a rocky 0-2 start that had Gark questioning himself as a GM and the players discontent with their overall playing system. Dirxx Horstse, the team captain, had come under fire for his "weak" play and horrible captain skills during those two games, but his better play and greater leading role allowed the team to play more fluidly. This week, the offense finally came alive, racking up a season-high 28 points in a game. It was something good to see; the Coruscant offense finally had a great game.

    Gark, in the private box suite of owner and company president "Bill" Sazarecki, pumped his fist, and gave a couple uigh-fives to the others in the box. "Bill" turned to Gark. "Well, Gark, that was certainly a nice win. It's good to see that we have a winning product already."

    "I try", Gark said, grinning. He would go to the team's locker room in a few minutes to talk with the players and congratulate them for the hard-fought win, but he wanted to soak in the moment first. It was something to savor.

  18. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Bakura Gardens , Salis D?aar, Bakura

    There were certain Limmie teams that Kerry truly loathed. The Coruscant Senators was one of them because of the fact that not once, not twice, but three times the Senators had bounced the Miners from the playoffs. The Naboo Ducks were on the list as well due to their rival status. When she didn?t share an owner?s box with her uncle in-law, Kerry good get some decent dislike up for the Smugglers and their physical brand of Limmie.

    The Chandrila Patriots, however, were not a team Kerry had ever been able to hate. Indeed, the only time she wished them ill was when they played the Miners. Lots of beings in the galaxy hated the Patriots for their long-term success. Kerry simply admired them for it.

    That was why when her sister in-law Nessarose was named to the Patriots? board of governors she was only too pleased to hear it. Nessarose Thorne had in actuality been the daughter of the famous Chandrilan and Jedi Master Lexine Wydra, who had been a close Trieste family friend for four decades. A Human whose skin had been turned green through accidental prenatal chemical exposure, Lexine had struggled to fit in wherever she was, even as a Jedi. Still, Lexine had become a great scholar and Sage Master of the Order. She had been instrumental in the construction of a Jedi Enclave on Bakura that the Order continued to use for exploration at the fringe of the galaxy.

    But Lexine?s greatness had come with a price. Having garnered particularly deadly enemies, Wydra had given up the infant daughter she had birthed in secret to a Chandrilan family through intermediaries. The decision had torn the pair apart. It had only been in the last six months of Lexine?s life as she was wracked with cancer that she finally felt safe enough to meet her daughter, who had become a Patriots fan (like her mother) and taught high school civics on Chandrila (Lexine had been a PhD holder in Political Science).


    The trip to Bakura to see her ailing birth mother had brought Nessa in contact with Conn Trieste, the eldest son of the brood, who had a reputation as a womanizing drunk in his early manhood and had recently begun to be serious about a profession, eventually earning a PhD in History with encouragement from Lexine.


    It was inevitable that the two should meet and they instantly took to each other. They made their home in Salis D?aar where Conn taught at the University of Bakura at Salis D?aar, but often traveled during the Limmie season due to Nessa?s obligations as a governor of the fan-owned team.

    Needless to say, Kerry always saw the Patriots play the Miners in the company of her sister in-law and brother, who were a pleasant pair. Thankfully, Lexine?s verdure had not been passed to her daughter, who resembled the Jedi in all but complexion. The couple?s daughter, Elphaba Trieste, was also spared the fate.

    Usually there was quite a bit of idle chatter during the game. Not today. The Patriots and Miners were in a shootout that had seen six lead changes and with point totals that had already climbed above 20 with half the second half to go. In fact, both women had become caught up in the passions of the game, each buoyed by their fellow fans in the stands.

    ?Go Julianne!? Nessa urged the Patriot player on the field, their star signing from 261.

    ?Stop her! Stop her!? Kerry was shouting as she leaned over the railing.

    It was the Chandrilan who carried the day as the bolo-ball went sailing past Kylie Reed for a 28-24 score in the Patriots favor. That sparked an enormous cheer from the collected Patriot Nation that was present for the game in their green and white.

    ?Wasn?t that nice?? Nessa cooed to her young daughter, who had been claimed as a Patriot fan over the stringent objections of her father.

    Kerry had been standing impatiently for the last ten minutes. If the row of seats had been empty she probably would have b
  19. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames

    "What happened out there, Tover?" Rhia Grames inquired on the team shuttle as it left Kashyyyk and the beat down the Rangers had delivered to the Smugglers behind.

    "Poor communication, execution, you name it, it went wrong," Head Coach Tover Micjaa replied, exhausted.

    "This happens again, that roster might be changing," Rhia warned.

    "This happens again, you won't have to do a thing, that roster will be changed, mark my words," Tover replied, showing that he was equally upset about the entire debacle on Kashyyyk.

    "Anybody get hurt?"

    "Forsythe went down with a few broken fingers. She'll be ready for next week against the Ducks."

    "And the defensive unit? For the price that we're paying to have them be the best unit in the league, it sure didn't show a few days ago," grumbled Rhia.

    "Rhia, Chambers was sick. I'm not saying it was foul play, I'm simply saying that the girl has a lot of heart going out there playing with a fever. She did her best given the circumstances, you know this team took a loss when Gunba left last year when we played the Rangers."

    "Meredith has shown she can handle the position. Except when she's sick. You should have pulled her Tover, put in a replacement," Rhia suggested.

    "Still wouldn't have helped the offense any. They were playing as if they had too much alcohol," Tover said, throwing up his hands.

    "Just a bad day all around. Look, try going easy on them, they want to win for you, Tover, but don't push them to the point where they show up on game day looking like the living dead. We've won the Cup last season, this year, we've got to defend it, but that means playing with your head and your heart. I know you can do this job, I know the team can do better, and we will," Rhia said, a confident air to her voice.

    "You thinking we needed this loss?"

    "I'm thinking that sometimes we get a little overconfident and the gods send us screaming and kicking back down to dry land. Get our heads out of orbit and play Limmie the way we know how to, physically and mentally tough," Rhia reminded.

    "You got it, Coach."

    "It's Rhia, Tover."

    "Yes ma'am."

  20. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: I hate to comment OOC, break the fourth wall and all, but I just realized I totally forgot to actually go back and put in a couple player names for the Patriots since I keep forgetting to post their roster in the library thread. However, I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous [his/her] looks in the body of my exciting game narration. [face_laugh] That's what I get for not putting up the last roster. ;)

    Scores for today will be up later tonight. :D
  21. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bakura, Coruscant, and Nar Shaddaa qualify for the bonus.

    Week 5 Results
    Chandrila Patriots at Alsakan Flyers (20-26)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Coruscant Senators (5-19)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Naboo Ducks (34-0)
    Bakura Miners at Mon Calamari Mariners (4-23)

    Tag: Everyone
  22. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S'rily
    Andromeda Steel Corp. Stadium

    The final buzzer sounded. It was over, a masterpiece Limmie match in its own right. Not only had Coruscant managed another win, which made it three in a row on the season, but the defense had finally stepped up and suffocated the offensive unit of Kashyyyk, which was no small task. Gark celebrated with the others sharing the private box, and then decided that it was time to make his way down to field, where the Senators were in a huddle, chanting their "fight song" as team captain Dirxx Horstse stood in the middle, yelling at the top of his lungs. It was a sight to see, but what was even better than a jazzed-up Limmie squad was the crowd; not many of those who had attended the game had left. Instead of the chorus of boos that Gark had worried about having to endure at this point in the season, given the predicted trainwreck that the season was supposed to have been for the franchise, the fans actually were cheering. They were cheering not only because the team had won, but because they had finally ground down their opponent in an entertaining style.

    As he made his way down, Gark passed rows upon rows of fans, who were standing and still yelling. Raising his arms triumphantly, Gark ran down the short temporary staircase onto the field. Kashyyyk had long since left the field of play, their squad not happy with its frustrating circumstances in the game against the finally-vaunting Senators defensive unit. Walking over to the player huddle at midfield, Gark was suddenly joined by several members of media. One of them, a radio reporter for a local news station, started to ask him questions. Gark, happy with the circumstances, obliged to answer these inqueries.

    "So, Mr. General Manager; how do you feel about today's win over a pretty good Kashyyyk Rangers squad?"

    "It certainly feels good to win, that's for sure," Gark said. About our team's performance, I'd have to say that it was definitely the best performance from the team all season. Kashyyyk is no slouch, and that's what makes this win all the better."

    "Before the season began, experts were predicting the team to go 2-5 or worse. With this three-game win streak, your team has already passed those expectations with games remaining in the season. How do you feel the team will end up in the final standings"

    "Well, I want to say that we'll win our other two games for a 5-2 season, but anything can happen on a given day. However, the team won't go down without a fight. They have extra motivation after this win,a nd hopefully it translates into good games down the road."

    "Thanks for the interview!" said the reporter, who scurried away to get a hold of a Senators player who was free to give an interview. Some of the players were over near one end of the field, signing autographs for fans. Others were running around the stadium, whooping and yelling. Dirxx was being interviewed by several reporters at the same time, while normally-reserved Noghri fullback Shev Fil'yer had an interview occuring. The team had really deserved its win, and the players had reason to be excited. However, the season was not over; dates with Bakura and Mon Calamari still remained. Gark hoped that the team would fight for the win, because if a game like today's victory could be had in the upcoming contest, the cheering fans would still be able to find something to cheer about in what was supposed to be a dismal season. Things were looking up.

  23. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames

    The whistle sounded. The final play of the game was over. The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 34-0 had crushed the Naboo Ducks, and as the victors walked off the field they carried with them the air of a team that had put a horrendous beating by the Rangers last week behind them.

    The cursory handshake between the two teams had just been finalized at midfield and it was at this point that General Manager Rhia Grames made her way down to the locker room to speak with the players of the Smugglers squad she had helped to assemble.

    ?We play like this every week and nobody can stop us, nobody. Next week we?ve got a hard opponent in Alsakan. We don?t know a lot about them, how they play, but we?re going to prepare for them like we would any other team and show them that you can?t just walk into Six Boroughs and expect a victory. You all played well today, we?re leading the league and proving why we?re the defending champions. Grab your gear and let?s get on the shuttle,? Head Coach Tover Micjaa announced as he wrapped up his post game pep talk.

    Tired and fatigued, the players began to change out of their uniforms and into street clothes. It was the players that Rhia wanted to see, one in particular, Meredith Chambers. Her performance in this game had been one for the record books. Young, pliable, and willing to apply the best she can be in any situation, Rhia had struck a bargain when they had signed her to replace Gunba Pemiti last season.

    But her contract had only been for a year and at the end of this season, Chambers could potentially be a free agent. To let her slip to another team would be a terrible mistake. Grames had signed Meredith to the one year deal because, at the time, it had appeared to team doctors that Gunba Pemiti might have been able to play the game again but Pemiti had chosen not to return and wear the burgundy and black jersey.

    ?You did well out there,? Rhia said, leaning on a locker and glancing down at the youthful eyes of Meredith Chambers.

    ?Mrs. Grames, I, uh, thank you!? Chambers blurted out, shocked to be having a discussion with the general manager of the team.

    ?Feeling better this week I see. Fifteen potential scores deflected, you really earned your stripes, lady,? Grames said.

    ?Honestly, I couldn?t have done it without the rest of my team mates. You catch that hit Viera Ravine laid on the Naboo full forward?? Chambers asked.

    Rhia smiled, seeing the fire that drove so many talented Limmie players to succeed in the eyes of this youthful goalie.

    ?Sure, everyone saw that, probably drove the fans back home at the bars in Nar Shaddaa wild. But don?t discredit your performance, we know you?re a team player Meredith, but that defensive unit wouldn?t be as solid without you plugging the goal. You enjoying being on the team??

    ?Thanks, Mrs. Grames. I love being on this squad. The chemistry and the professionalism wouldn?t trade it in for anything. Not sure how the end of the season will pan out, though, I mean, I was only brought in to be the back up, not the starter. I might be done after this year,? Meredith said, feeling a bit embarrassed about bringing up her contract situation.

    Rhia folded her arms across her chest and leaned in a bit so that she was drawing the full attention of the Smuggler goalie. ?What if I told you that we might want you to stick around for awhile??

    Meredith?s jaw dropped. ?Permanently??

    ?As long as you keep playing well for us,? Rhia replied with a smile.

    ?I don?t know what to say,? Chambers stammered.

    ?How about a four year contract, we?ll work out the other numbers later.?

    ?Absolutely, Mrs. Grames. Thank you for having confidence in me and wanting to keep me around,? Chambers gushed.

    ?Wouldn?t be as good without you, Meredith. Pack your things, we?re going home to face a very tough team and I need you at your best,? Rhia replied, leaving the locker room with a smile.
  24. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Kerry Trieste
    Kilmainham Brook, Bakura

    Kilmainham Brook had been the Trieste estate dating back to when it had been first purchased by Niall Trieste I, the enigmatic bounty hunter who had emerged from obscurity to found one of the last of Bakura's "old families". Though their ancestry did not go back as far as the Ardens or Captisons, they were still well established enough that they were counted among the venerable Houses of Bakura. Kilmainham Brook's large size and position near the wooded retreat of Prytis (which was still close to the capital of Salis D'aar) made it the perfect getaway from the capital. When Kerry's own father had been Prime Minister, he had actually commuted daily, specifically keeping his wife and brood of children outside the capital. This was the house that Kerry had been raised in. It was the house that, as Taoiseach, she now owned.

    And in this house, Kerry sat with only a couple lights on as she watched the end of the Miners game.

    "And there's another point over the bar by the Mariners," Daly Lyster, the play-by-play announcer for the Miners who when he got excited usually sounded like he was about two sheets to the wind (and it probably wasn't far from the fact), "The Mariners have turned in another dominating performance. This, gentlebeings, is why the Mariners have been to the Final the last two years. Once again, the Miners go into the Tank and are going to walk away emptyhanded. What an embarrassing show for Aron Rodges in his first start as a Miner, being pulled after 19 points today. I can't imagine that's what Hancock had in mind when he decided to start him over Kylie Reed.

    "At least the Mariners are looking to be content to play out the clock at this point. I can't imagine that Hancock is going to be pleased by his offensive showing today. This team, once an offensive juggernaut, is now looking more like a Premier League team than it is one of the Elite League's model franchises."

    Kerry turned the game off with that and tossed the remote into a chair with disgust. This season was becoming an unmitigated disaster. Even if the Miners won out the remainder of the season, Chandrila would have to drop both games and Naboo at least one for the Miners to make the playoffs. Kerry did not like those odds.

    With a sigh she put her head in her hands. She could start telling Roslyn to fire people now, but the only thing that would do is enable them to bring up reserve players which obviously wasn't going to solve the problem if Rodges' play was any indication. The trade deadline was long passed as well. No, she was stuck with the team she had now.

    Kerry picked up the tumbler that had thrice been drained of whiskey and threw it across the room where it shattered against the wall. A cleaning droid automatically noticed the mess and puttered over to pick up the shards.

    Then Kerry remembered that the Coruscant Senators were coming to town next week. She was probably going to need to buy more tumblers.
  25. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bakura, Coruscant, and Nar Shaddaa all qualify for the bonus roll.

    Week 6 Results
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Naboo Ducks (6-31)
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Chandrila Patriots (29-23)
    Alsakan Flyers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (35-38)
    Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners (23-22)

    Headline Notes
    --The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers clinch the Commissioner's Trophy for the best regular season record and the number 1 seed for the playoffs.
    --The Alsakan Flyers, Coruscant Senators, Kashyyyk Rangers, Mon Calamari Mariners have all clinched playoff spots.
    --The Bakura Miners have been eliminated from the playoffs.

    Tag: Everybody!