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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Wes Rian
    295 Galactic Cup Final

    "Niall is a hell of a player," Lars Steelhead commented as he downed another beer.

    "A classic Smuggler," opined another friend.

    "The kind to take us to another Galactic Cup victory," shouted another.

    "You're all too kind," Wes grumbled as he sipped at his beer, "he's certainly special."

    "Course he is," Lars pointed out, "he came from you."

    "He takes more after his mother," Wes corrected.

    "Not seeing it," Lars said shaking his head in a drunken stupor, "really not seeing it."

    "Just watch the game," Wes grunted as he returned his attention to the Galactic Cup Final against Rydonni Prime.

    Niall took the ball straight down on the opening possession and scored absolutely roasting the Monarchs defensive backs. Fist pumps and cheers shot up throughout the stands as the Smugglers were on the board first.

    "Uh oh, someone stirred the tiger," Lars commented with a laugh.

    Wes didn't respond as he never took his eyes off the pitch. For him this was one of his proudest moments and he didn't want to miss a single beat. He'd never played a drop of Limmie in his life. He'd always worked with his hands and earned a stable wage. He and his wife divorced at an early age and he, in a surprise decision, was granted full custody of his son Niall.

    He'd done the very best he could as a single parent. He'd saved and scrimped and sacrificed in ways he never thought possible so that his son would never have to learn to work with his hands. Not in the same way. Not in the same soul crushing manner. Niall Rian would never be blue collar he was too special for that kind of work.

    Wes remembered when Niall was accepted into the Prytis College of Natural Sciences. Never a limmie power house but certainly a worthy school for his son to find a trade for his mind. They'd argued about the school for months ahead of time. Wes was encouraging his son to sharpen his mind and Niall wanted to stay and attend VCU and play limmie.

    Ultimately Wes won out only because he compromised with Niall by allowing him to play college ball at Prytis. Bakura was so far away and Wes would miss his son terribly but there was no denying that going to Bakura for an education was a smart choice. Niall could graduate with honors and choose to work professionally on Bakura or Druckenwell or Roon or even Coruscant. The sky would be the limit.

    Niall thrived on college ball. He graduated with honors and then the most unexpected turn of events happened. Niall was drafted by the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers with the number one pick in the 289 Elite League Limmie draft and went on to win the Galactic Cup against the Bakura Miners that same year. It was an historical season of accomplishments for the young man. It was an eye opening season of accepting change and seeing his son for who he truly was.

    The game went on and it was clear Nar Shaddaa was going to win. Once it became official more drinks were passd around as the burgundy and black confetti rained down all around them. Wes stood and made his way down to the pitch explaining to security and showing his identification that he was family.

    Wes searched anxiously for his son over the rowdy and physically imposing forms of the Smugglers players. He peered this way and that searching out the boy he had raised into a man. The crowd parted and Wes found Niall staring right back at him seeking him out as well. The pair met at midfield and embraced.

    "So very proud of you my boy," Wes whispered into his son's ear, "so very proud. You took it to them and you won."

    "They say I'll be MVP today," NIall replied squeezing his father tight.

    "You earned every bit of it," Wes said as he pulled away.

    "Dad, I wanted to share something with you," Niall said as he reached down to his feet and picked up the game ball from the day's action. "Take it. It's yours."

    "Niall," Wes replied as tears welled up in his eyes. All of the 295 Nar Shaddaa Smugglers player signatures were scribbled around the ball. Every single one of this Smuggler record breaking team. 4-0 in the conference, defeated Carratos and Mando'ade, to make it to the big game. Nothing was ever a certainty especially winning the Galactic Cup.

    "There's one last thing," Niall said.

    "Son, you've done enough," Wes replied.

    Niall shook his head and guided his father to where the team was gathering for the team holophoto. He smiled as Addison Vehn beckoned them over signaling that this was approved.

    "What are we doing?" Wes asked as Niall encouraged his father to kneel at the end of the front row of kneeling Smugglers. He glanced down and saw the shimmering trophy of the Galactic Cup dead center in the formation.

    "Making history, Dad," Niall replied, "making history."

    The holophoto was taken and now hangs at the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers training facilities at New Vertica. For Wes Rian he would get a copy to keep and treasure for the rest of his life.

    Tag: No One (more to come later this weekend)
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  2. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Coruscant Senators resign Tipa Sabur (Zelosian, Female, Half Back)
    • Sabur had become a free agent, chooses to return to Senators
    TAG: @Jedi Gunny
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  3. Runjedirun

    Runjedirun Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 3, 2012

    IC: Ty Allin Jr

    Three and One Half Months Ago

    It’s a Sunday night. Mom insists that Ezra and Cammie be home for dinner on Sundays. She says it’s optional for Anna and I, but she wants us here and it’s a free meal. Mom let’s us know dinner is just about ready so I fill our glasses with water. Ezra rushes down from his room where he’s been studying and Cammie gets up off the sofa and slumps into her chair at the table. “Anna honey come eat,” my mom says noticing that she is still on the sofa.

    Anna’s been getting bigger by the day, she’s tired all the time now. The baby isn’t due for two weeks. I know she’s ready for this pregnancy to be over. I guess I’m ready too, how do you know when you’re ready for a baby to arrive? “I can’t move,” Anna manages from the sofa.

    I look over and see Anna’s hand on her belly, her face is contorted in pain. “Is the baby coming?” My mom asks calmly.

    “It hurts,” Anna says. “I think my water broke.”

    “On my sofa?” My mom runs over to Anna, “Stand up dear,” my mom reaches out her hand and slowly Anna rises to her feat. My mom gasps.

    Ezra, Cammie and I all sit oblivious to what’s happening, ready to eat dinner. “Call emergency,” my mom says to no one in particular.

    Ezra pulls out his data pad, “What’s wrong?” He asks.

    “She’s bleeding,” my mom says.

    Suddenly alarmed I get up and go to Anna. There’s a rather large red stain on the sofa where she’d been sitting. “Is that normal?” I ask my mom. She shakes her head and I notice more blood falling on the carpet from between Anna’s legs. “Ezra call now!” I order.

    “They don’t usually send an ambulance for women in labor,” Ezra explains.

    “This is different,” my mom walks over and takes the data pad out of Ezra hands. “My daughter in law is 9 months pregnant and losing a lot of blood. We need an ambulance,” she says urgently.

    I help Anna sit back down on the sofa. She’s freaking out now that she’s seen the blood she’s lost. “What’s happening?” She asks.

    “Lay her down, prop up her feet,” my mom calls. I realize she’s getting instructions from the person she’s contacted on the emergency line and help Anna lie down. By the time I prop her feet up on the armrest of the sofa we hear a banging on our front door.

    Cammie and Ezra almost trip over each other racing to get the door. I stay next to Anna. I hold her hand as the medics take her vitals. Anna is either in so much pain or just so scared that tears are falling from her eyes. “Help is here,” I tell her. “Everything is going to be fine.”

    They ask if I’m the father, when I say yes, they ask if I want to ride to the med center with her in the ambulance. Again I say yes. A stretcher comes through our front door and up the steps, Anna is given some meds for pain and anxiety just before they pick her up and secure her to the stretcher. Her hands are on her stomach. “Is my daughter okay?” She asks.

    “We’ll find out soon enough,” a medic says as he and his partner lift Anna and begin to transport her to the ambulance. I follow helplessly and climb in beside her. The medics hook her up to some machines. “Baby has a strong heartbeat,” the medic announces.

    I manage a smile and Anna smiles back. I’m able to hold her hand as the medics try to determine why she’s bleeding, at least that’s assume what they’re doing. “It hurts,” she tells me.

    I’m scared out of my mind. I know I’m not supposed to show it. It’s like when you’re on the Limmie field, you’re holding the ball and defenders are coming at you from every direction. You can’t let them know you’re afraid.

    The medic squats down next to us and speaks to Anna. “We’re going to try and deliver your baby. What I need you to do for me is be strong and push. Can you do that?”

    Anna nods. I feel helpless. The first time she’s told to push she screams out in agony. There’s no windows in the back of this ambulance and I can’t even tell if we are getting close to the med center. After only a few pushes the medic on the other end of the ambulance announces they can see a head. “Great job,” the medic next to us tells Anna.

    “Keep pushing,” I encourage. “You got this.” I think that’s what I’m supposed to say.

    Anna is a champ. Moments later we see and hear a baby girl. Once the baby is wrapped the doors open and I realize we are at the med center. “Sir,” the medic says. “You’ll need to take your baby. Your girlfriend needs to have surgery.”

    “She’s my wife,” I correct him.

    “Congratulations kid. You’re a father now. You need to take your daughter.”

    I reach out my arms. I do my best not to show any hesitation as she’s handed to me. They rush Anna into the med center and I just stand there out front with my newborn daughter. I have no idea what I’m doing or what I am supposed to do. “Come on in,” someone finally ushers me inside.

    I’m led down a long hall. I’m only vaguely aware of what’s going on, because the last time I walked down this hall was moments after my father died and all the sad feelings of that day come rushing back. It’s only when we get in a lift to head upstairs that the baby starts to cry and it hits me. I’m holding my daughter. I’m responsible for another human life now. I look at her amazingly tiny little face. There’s some of my dad in there, some of my mom and a whole lot of Anna. “Momma’s gonna be okay,” I sooth bouncing my arms slightly. I have a big family. This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked to hold a baby.

    We get out on a floor with a huge waiting room and I’m ushered to a nursery. They hand me a bottle and show me how to feed her. It isn’t too long before my mom finds me. “What’s her name?” My mom asks.

    I don’t know how to answer. I mean we have a name chosen, but now that the baby is here and Anna’s not I don’t know if maybe Anna changed her mind. “Anna’s in surgery,” I say.

    “They told me,” my mom says. She looks at the baby for a moment, admiring her. “You didn’t get to talk to Anna after the birth?”

    “They rushed her off as soon as we got here. Is this serious?” I ask. Suddenly I wonder what would happen if Anna didn’t make it. I couldn’t take a newborn to Tatooine and I’d already signed a contract.

    “They didn’t tell me it was too serious,” my mom answers. “Let me go find a doctor. You okay here?”

    “Where’s Cammie and Ezra?” I ask.

    “In the waiting room. Even grandma’s aren’t normally allowed in the nursery. I had to get special permission. You just hang tight while I try to get some information. Look at that baby girl,” my mom says almost jubilantly.

    My mom comes back several minutes later with a doctor. She explains that Anna lost a lot of blood and that she should be moving to the recovery room shortly. It will still be at least an hour before I can see her. Once the baby has eaten some formula I take her out to meet my brother and sister. I also call Anna’s parents to tell them the baby is here. That’s an awkward conversation.

    Anna’s parents don’t like me, but they pretend to tolerate me. Of course, they want to talk to Anna and all I can tell them is that there were some complications and Anna is in recovery. I don’t mention surgery or tell them she bled all over our living room. Anna can explain, when she’s up to it. They say they are only a few hours away from Ralltiir and hope to see us soon.

    I carry our new baby into the recovery room. Anna turns her head and smiles at me. I show her the baby. “Penni,” she says.

    Anna reaches out and strokes Penni’s cheek. “I’m so glad you are okay,” I tell Anna.

    “Me too,” she says and we share a laugh. Our first big adventure in parenting was a bit more than we bargained for.

    Six Weeks Ago

    I set Penni in her crib as gently as possible, hoping she doesn’t wake up. I didn’t realize this would be so hard. I never thought I’d grow so attached so fast. “Please don’t be mad at me,” I whisper. “Daddy has to go. I’ll call you every day.” I promise.

    I walk back into the bedroom I share with Anna. She gets up and shuts the door to the nursery and we share a private passionate moment. The last one we’ll share for a while. When it’s over I kiss her, throw on some fresh clothes, grab my bags and head out to meet my ride to the spaceport. The flight is long, longer than any flight I ever remember. I’m highly aware that with each moment I am putting more time and space between me and Penni.

    My uncle Spencer meets me at the spaceport on Tatooine. He gives me a ride to my apartment and makes sure I have everything I need. The apartment is just one block from the training complex and stadium where the Sandskimmers play. I won’t need a speeder here, there are plenty of shops and places to eat within walking distance. The apartment is about as big as the dorm room I had at Ralltiir U.

    I call Anna and Penni as soon as my Uncle leaves. Anna tells me what classes she was able to sign up for. I front that I’m excited to be here. Inside I’m still wishing I was reporting to training camp for Ralltiir U. I know what I am doing is right. Anna deserves an education just as much as anyone. Penni needs a mother to look up to and be proud of. I can tell you first hand that when other mother’s are doctors and lawyers having a mom that dances for a living can be rather embarrassing. Penni would have a better life.

    The next day I report to training camp. Reuniting with my new head coach Kara Sureysh an old teammate of my father’s is surreal. Somehow I thought being an adult would feel different. I’d suddenly have all the answers. Instead Coach Sureysh’s presence was reassuring. It was like having an adult to go to when I needed one. The first day we tour the complex, we get to know each other and we get a physical. That’s the worst. A bunch of trainer’s and physicians poking me. I can tell that I’ve been taking care of Penni the last two months more than working out. There’s jelly on my belly I never noticed before and my weights up a bit.

    Day two I’m reminded even more that I slacked off at home. I get back to my apartment and muscles I didn’t know I had hurt. Anna is wonderful, from the other side of the Galaxy she tells me I’ll be a top forward again in no time. She reminds me to lay off the sugar and I tell her to take care of Penni for me.

    I listen to my coaches and trainers, by the end of week one I’ve lost two pounds, by the time training camp is over I have earned a starting position as the right corner forward. Soto won full forward. It’s crazy to be playing with him. I tell him how my dad admired his play. I’m not sure he believes me. “You’re dad’s a legend,” he tells me.

    Present Day

    The Skimmer Ade season conveniently starts one week after the ELL season. Also convenient, the Starkillers play at home week one. I’ve arranged for a flight home to spend time with Anna and Penni. I’ll also attend the week one game between the Sandskimmers and the Galactic Cup Defending Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. Teaspoon has more than she bargained for in week one. The defending champs!

    Most of the Starkillers are returning players and we were only one game from being in the Galactic Cup ourselves so this game should not be blow out. It should be highly competitive and hopefully the Starkillers can pull out a win. It’s Penni’s first game. Anna dresses her three times before we leave the house. I have to admit that I know my mug will be on the broadcast and I took a little extra time choosing my own outfit. Opening day is just like any other. It feels like I never left home. It’s surreal that I’ll be competing professionally in just one week. Even if I won’t be playing in the ELL, the Skimmer Ade League is where most player’s get their start.

    Next year, I promised myself as I greeted my relatives in the owner’s box, I’d be down on the field a starting forward for the Ralltiir Starkillers. More importantly I’d be here for my wife and daughter.

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  4. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Several undrafted free agents sign with ELL teams.
    • Zoilola Boulrat (Zeltron, Female, Defensive Back, University of Zeltros) signs with Ralltiir Starkillers
    • Coruscant Senators sign four rookies.
      • Burl Eeves (Ithorian, Male, Midfielder, Grand Vulpter System University)
      • Toothmaw (Barabel, Male, Defensive Back, University of Kuat)
      • Brirre'omish'rrirton (Chiss, Male, Midfielder, University of Csilla)
      • Trae Spun (Dug, Male Half Forward, University of Tatooine Anchorhead)
    • Bakura Miners sign Miley "Gasket" Gaskin (Nikto, Female, Midfielder, UB Cape Suzette)
      • With signing of Gaskin, Miners nag all #1 HSN-ranked players for each position.
      • Dionne on the signing: "Honestly, I can't believe that no one drafted Miley. She is raw talent."
      • When asked if she intends to make a change at midfield: "This is the same situation as goalkeeper. I'm giving Leigh tools. That was one of Cundertol's biggest mistakes. He didn't keep a bench he could turn to when things got tough."
      • "What's it in blob racing when someone picks the top four blobs? A superfecta, right? Well we've got the Superfecta now."
    TAG: @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun
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  5. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold and rainy Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Training camps are said and done throughout the ELL and the season is almost upon us!"

    "Yeah, and what a training camp it was, Coach Kor'le, the holder of a new five year deal..."

    "Entire coaching and front office staff got five year extensions."

    "...ran a tough training camp designed primarily it seemed to better the team's conditioning."

    "With league realignment, there is an extra game added to the regular season schedule over the past few years..."

    "Have to go back to 288, when the league had an 11 game schedule, to see this long a regular season."

    "Yeah, so Kor'le wanted her players prepared for it...

    " And I think they will be."

    "Going to be strange doing home and homes now with every team in the league."

    "League office still catching some flak on that move, though the majority of the response around the galaxy has been positive."

    "I know it has been here..."

    "I think most of the criticism is coming from places like Rydonni Prime and Chandrilla..."

    "Can't imagine why."

    "It's a new era for limmie, one I think more geared towards the bulk of the fandom, which is the six teams they still have in the league."

    "Makes for a shorter playoffs though..."

    "Yeah, I know the league office said this was about putting the product on the field that most fans wanted to see the most often, but I'm not sure if it's enough to overcome the loss of a playoff game, and the revenues made from that, from the ledger."

    "I don't know, every week every game is going to be a match that not only the fans of the two teams will want to see, but even casual fans of the sport. I think they might make more than enough credits to offset the loss of a single playoff game."

    "Of course the move also means the end of conferences, as it doesn't make sense to have a three team conference..."

    "No it doesn't, and I get the move there. Still if there is one gripe here on Mandalore it's about the loss of the conference schedule and the rivalries they bring..."

    "Plus you hear it all over Keldabe, with the domination of the Skywalker confernce of late they had to do something."

    "Yeah, I think even if the league hadn't been reduced in size you would have seen some sort of realignment eventually, the league had to split up the Mercs, Strugglers and Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "...just for the sake of competitive balance."

    "And now, rather than split them up, they just threw everyone in together in one league!"

    "No other choice really with just six teams."

    "Yeah, I get it. I even like it, still the Conference domination was a thing to behold."

    "Yeah it was."

    "OK, narrowing down to the Mercs a bit here though, training camp is over and no real surprises with the makeup of the team coming out of camp."

    "Nope, none at all. The front office still seems to be under orders to trim the fat so to speak and keep a smaller, leaner..."

    "And less expensive."

    "...roster. Mostly by keeping the number of reserves on the team at a minimum."

    "Blue to handle backup 'keeper duties, Torbacca as a backup for the secondary, the rookie Kess at backup back..."

    "Backup back." Liz giggled.

    "...Tachalla backing up the middies and then Gra'hac, Sekoiyah and Parkwaad as the Mercs backup forwards."

    "Those last three are all free agents at year's end."


    "Have to think that at least one won't be back next season."

    "Well, looking at it, Mercs will go with just a pair of backup forwards going forward..."

    "Forwards going forward." Liz giggled again.

    " yeah, going to be the last year here for at least on of them, and maybe more depending on next year's draft."

    "Mercs stashed a couple form this year down in Concordia too."

    "Yeah, Tella, a defensive back and Brirs, a forward both ended up getting sent to the Crusaders to get some seasoning..."

    "And a bit of payroll deferment, Crusaders will foot some of the bill so long as they play for Concordia."

    "...but I am guessing we see at least one of them with the Mercs next year."

    TAG: No one, but let's get this season started. Going to be epic!
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  6. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Jed Starkrimson

    Jed blinked his eyes open. There was a dull pounding in his head. Everything was inappropriately bright. In fact, he wasn’t entirely sure where he was. A bed, he slowly realized. He untangled himself from his sheets as he realized he was dressed in the light sweats he usually wore to sleep. Rolling over, Jed looked for the chrono he kept on his bedside table.

    And instead of a chrono, he found a meiloorun.

    Jed cautiously poked it, just to make sure it was a meiloorun and not a chrono. Or maybe a chrono disguised to look like a meiloorun. Nope, it was just a meiloorun.

    But this also wasn’t his bedroom. Where was he?

    Jed sat up and rubbed his eyes. It was a small room, an unfamiliar one. It was starting to come back to least he thought it was...only one way to find out…

    He hit the button for the door and found that it opened onto a small communal gathering area.

    “There he is!” Ronnie called out from a sofa in the middle of the space.

    “Not so loud,” Jed said, covering his ears, his friend’s words banging around inside his head.

    “Come on big guy,” Jax said, standing and helping Jed to the couch. “Let’s get something inside of you after last night.”

    “Sounds good. The more grease, the better,” Jed requested. It was the only hangover cure he knew (and yes, he was very sure he had a hangover now), though he’d heard that Bree Veers used bacta for hers. However, he didn’t have access to ELL medical facilities where you could get bacta for whatever wanted (though he felt that a hangover should be a medically recognized reason to use bacta). “So, quick question...are we still on Coruscant?”

    “Oh wow, you really were out of it last night, poor thing,” Ronnie said. “We’re on the flight back to Bakura, Jed.”

    That made sense. This didn’t look like his hotel room. In fact, it looked nothing like his hotel room. For the flights to and from the Draft the four had booked a suite of rooms with a shared private living space. Good thing too--Jed was pretty sure he couldn’t take a general accommodation with this hangover. The last thing he needed was to have suddenly contend with some Whipid or Herglic in the fresher, no matter how pleasant they might be.

    “I don’t remember getting on the ship. I don’t even remember getting into these clothes,” Jed said, plucking at the cotton shirt.

    “Well the second one is my doing,” Jax said as he heated up some food in the kitchenette, “but the first one we can’t help with.”

    “Yeah, we were getting worried because they were getting to take off and you hadn’t shown up. We thought they were going to leave without you and we were going nuts,” Ronnie explained, “but then you burst into the cabin right before final boarding call, said, ‘Guys! I love you guys!’ and promptly collapsed.”

    “Just missed landing on the couch too,” Jax added.

    “That would explain the sore elbow…” Jed mumbled, rubbing the offending body part, which had on cue started to throb.

    “Seems like you had quite a night,” Jax said as he handed Jed a plate.

    “Weren’t you there?” Jed asked.

    “No,” Ronnie said. “Five minutes after you did the shots you shouted, ‘Miners forever! Let’s party!’ and then you were off like a shot.”

    “More like four shots,” Jax said. Ronnie high-fived Jax.

    “What was in those shots? I haven’t gotten that messed up since…” Jed thought. “Well I can’t remember.”

    “Beats me. I just told the bartender to surprise me,” Ronnie said.

    “What’d they give you? Shots for Wookiees?” Jed complained.

    “I feel like there’s a ‘hair on your chest’ joke in there somewhere, but I can’t quite find it,” Ronnie said. “Anyways, we lost track of you after that, but figured you’d find your way home.”

    “After all, that brain cannot be stopped,” Jax said tapping on Jed’s temple.

    “Shhhhhhhh! Not so loud!” Jed hushed, shying away from the contact.

    One of the doors connecting to the living space opened and Cady came out, nursing some caf. “Oh there’s lover boy,” she said.

    “Huh?” Jed asked, his mouth full of breakfast.

    “Don’t play dumb. Tell us about the lady,” Cady said, sitting down across from Jed.

    “I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jed replied honestly.

    “Jed doesn’t remember last night after the shots,” Ronnie explained.

    “Oh!” Cady said. “Well that might make things a little complicated…”

    Ronnie, Jax, and Jed exchanged glances. “What do you mean?” Jed asked warily.

    Cady pulled out her datapad. “I found this message from you this morning.” She showed it to the rest of the group.

    I just met my soulmate!!!!!!!!

    Jed looked up and at his friends. “I sent this?”

    “You’re the only Jed in my contacts,” Cady confirmed.

    “I met my soulmate…” Jed said as he looked at the message again and then back to the other three. “But...I don’t even remember her.” Jed buried his head in his hands. He’d been looking for his life partner for all 28 years of his existence and he’d (apparently) found her, only to not even remember the event.

    “Jed, I think we’re losing fact of the most important thing here,” Jax said.

    “That the Miners signed Gaskin this morning?” Cady ventured.

    “They did? They got the top midfielder too?” Ronnie asked in amazement.

    “No, that’s clearly not important. We have to focus on Jed right now,” Jax chastised the two females. “Jed, I need you to think very carefully. This might be the most important question anyone will ever ask you.”

    Jed gathered himself. This was it. This could be the question that awoke some dormant, hazy memory that was going to lead him to a lifetime of bliss.

    “Jed…” Jax began.

    “...what’s the deal with the meiloorun?”

    Ronnie just hit him in the arm.

    TAG: None...who really remembers? ;)
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  7. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "The college limmie season is up and running and already we're guaranteed some movement in the top 25!"

    "Big win for Nessum, I expect them to move up a spot or three."

    "Just as big a loss for Eriadu tech..."

    "Yeah they got plastered."

    "And both Bak10 teams in the top 25 took losses as well."

    "Oh @Trieste is not going to be happy with that."

    "Look for the Blue Birds to drop in the rankings, and for the Cubs to drop out completely."

    "Good, Bardan hates the Cubs."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    HSN Top 25 after Week One: (LW)

    1. Chandrila A&M University: (1)
    2. University of Csilla: (2)
    3. University of Kashyyyk: (3)
    4. Wookiee Forrest Institute: (4)
    5. The Ord Sabaok University: (5)
    6. Keldabe Military Institute, Mandalore: (6)
    7. Cloud City University, Bespin: (7)
    8. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa: (8)
    9. Republican University: (9)
    10. Nessem University: (14)
    11. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute: (11)
    12. University of Bison: (10)
    13. Ralltiir University: (12)
    14. Gilles College: (15)
    15. Zehava College, Melida/Daan: (16)
    16. Eriadu Technical institute: (13)
    17. Yag'dhul A&M: (18)
    18. University of Zeltros: (21)
    19. Garqi State University: (20)
    20. University of Rattatak: (19)
    21. Grand Vulptur System University: (24)
    22. University of Bakura, Cape Suzette: (17)
    23. University of Sanbra: (22)
    24. Consortium Technical School: (NR)
    25. University of Ylesia: (NR)
    OOC: At the suggestion of our glorious leader, I've added in where schools in the rankings were ranked last week in parenthesis. That way it's easier to tell when a team is rising or falling and by how much. NR will mean that the team was not ranked.
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    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    HSN Headlines
    • Bakura Miners announce Bree Veers has been named assistant captain heading into 296 season.
    • Dionne: "This was a team vote and I can't say I'm surprised. She became captain of the Sky Captains after just three games. She's an incredibly locker room presence."
    • Miners send Ahona Va (goalkeeper) and Gasket Gaskin (midfielder) to Cloud City Sky Captains on loan agreement.
      • Both, along with Flea Baggano, participated in Miners training camp.
      • Dionne: "They'll get good seasoning down there."
      • On whether the Miners would consider getting an LFL affiliate under her tenure as GM: "There were too many other things to look at this offseason. That's a topic for another time."
    • Dionne: "I've set the stage. It's time for Leigh and the team to take it and have some fun."
    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun
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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Iris Copin
    Arcadia Colosseum

    It was a few days until the first game against the Mercs, and Iris was sitting in Mr. Polenta's office in her best shirt and slacks. It was time for a new contact, though her current one didn't run out until the end of this year. Though it didn't hurt to get the contract sorted out early. Next to her was an older Pantoran woman, Rho, her new agent. Iris hired her halfway through her rookie contract on the recommendation of Leigh, her idol. Schnitt sat across the table a smile on his face. This should be easy enough, Iris loved the team, grew up watching them. They should come to terms fairly easily.

    "We are prepared to offer 10 years 90 million credits with 70 guaranteed."

    Iris nodded her head, it was a lot more that she made as a rookie, a lot more. It showed they were serious about keeping her around.

    Rho motioned her closer curling her fingers.

    "Don't take it." Rho whispered.

    "What it's really good."

    "They are lowballing you, same thing they did with Leigh."

    "I mean what is a few credits?"

    "You would be devaluing yourself darling. You're worth more than that, they can pay more than that."

    "I don't know…"

    "Darling please, I know you love the team, but don't let that blind you to your worth."


    "Please at least don't take this deal…"

    "What would you suggest?"

    "We'd like to start with a 10-year 123 million credit contract, with 90 million guaranteed. The girl has brought the Cup to the planet and hasn't missed the playoffs once in her tenure. I think it is a good starting point."

    Schnitt and Iris's eyes both widen. Needless to say an agreement wasn't reached. Iris and Rho walked out of the office without a contract.

    The news was around the galaxy before Iris could return home.

    'Iris Copin walks out of contract negotiations with the Carratos Pirates.'

    TAG: No one/ everyone interested in a star player being suddenly available.

    GM Approved Character for the 296 season
    Name: Iris "Scarface" Copin

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Homeworld: Denon (but, in her heart she's Carratosian)

    Physical Appearance: 5'11 athletic frame short cut brown hair similar to a certain Pirate Half-Forward. Under her right eye is a broad burn scar that is the reason for her nickname.

    Relationship to Team: Star player

    Bio: Ingbrand, Salbukk, Numifolis, and a Galactic Cup, the awards the star forward of the Pirates and limmie phenom Iris Copin has acquired over her first five years in the league. Not that this is a surprise. Everyone knew she was something special. After the explosive first two years she has settled in never missing the playoffs, but never able to make in very far in them. It was a constant struggle, feeling like she should be doing more, that she was the reason they hadn't won another ring.

    Though she would never admit this, she was supposed to be the self assured star of the team, the face of Carratos limmie, the player everyone thought of when they thought Pirates. Now she was entering her contract year, it was time for her to make her case for more, not that she needed much, she was already getting to play her favorite sport, for her favorite team. Though she did just get a new agent, on the advice of her idol Leigh Cavanaugh that was now head coach of the Miners. So things were possibly in flux. Though she would never leave her team, would she?
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Happy 296 season to everyone! To commemorate a new season, I thought I'd pick out a quote by @galactic-vagabond422 from a recent PM conversation as I think it's a good encapsulation of what ELL is for all of us. ;)

    Bonus potential for...everyone!

    296 Week 1 Results
    Carratos Pirates at Mando’ade Mercs (24-23)
    Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners (27-1)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Ralltiir Starkillers (28-20)

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @Vehn
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Jed Starkrimson
    Evenvale, Bakura

    “All right, road to the Galactic Cup here we go!” Jed proclaimed excitedly from his couch. He was hosting the gang to watch the opener of the 296 season. “I’ve got a good feeling about this. We’ve been on a roll against the Sens recently.”

    “Yeah, thanks for helping us get into the playoffs last year,” Cady said, reaching across Jed for some pretzels. “Owe you one for that.”

    “How about you give the Vigos a call and have them go ahead and drop both sides of our back-to-back games later this season?” Jax suggested.

    “One, just because I’m from Ralltiir doesn’t mean I know the Vigos. Two, I don’t know the Vigos. Three, in your dreams. We’re going to wipe the floor with you guys this season,” Cady said confidently.

    “Cavanaugh’s going to have the system going full force by the time we see you. Gonna be the other way around,” Ronnie said.

    “Well I can easily root for the Miners today. Always enjoy seeing an old Solo Conference go down,” Cady said.

    “This is gonna be good,” Jed predicted.

    “Hey Jed, you watching those crowd shots for your mystery Senators girlfriend?” Ronnie asked.

    “I do not have a Senators girlfriend,” Jed objected. They had long ago stopped caring about the outcome of the game. It was looking like the same old Miners: absolutely flat to start the season despite an entirely new front office. They’d yet to put a goal in, only managing one point for the entire game while the Senators ravaged the Miner defense (which, in past years, had been one of the few highlights of the team).

    There had been a lot of shots of the sideline of new head coach Leigh Cavanaugh, stone faced, arms crossed as she watched the play on the field. As the BBC Sports color commentator said during one view of her, “Welcome to ELL coaching, Leigh.” It had not been a warm welcome, that was for sure.

    “How do you know she wasn’t bleeding orange and black? Still can’t remember anything about that night, can you?” Ronnie kidded.

    It was true. Even though he spent every moment outside of work thinking about it, he couldn’t remember what had happened that night after the Draft. Ronnie had a point. For all he knew he’d been talking up some Senators fan, and they came in every color of the rainbow and species of the galaxy. Jed had definitely never seen a Pau’an Miner fan, but on Coruscant he’d seen at least three in Senators jerseys--and that didn’t even get into the Troig, Iktochi, and someone that had looked suspiciously like a Wampa he’d passed in the draft hall. Heck, there were probably B’omarr monks who were Senator fans.

    “C’mon, do you think I’d fall for a Senators fan? They’re--”

    “--lovable losers,” Jax said. “There are comets that come around Coruscant more often than the Galactic Cup.”

    “Burn!” Ronnie said, high-fiving Jax.

    “I mean falling for a Senators fan wouldn’t be the worst thing,” Jax continued. “Gark S’rily’s one of the great feel-good stories of limmie history.”

    “That’s true,” Jed allowed.

    “I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You’re talking about the Evil Empire. Never forget,” Cady said.

    “Coruscant hasn’t been the seat of the Empire for almost 300 years,” Ronnie objected.

    “No, I’m talking about the limmie Evil Empire,” Cady said.

    “Wasn’t that the Miners?” Jed asked.

    “Isn’t that the Mercs?” Jax asked.

    “Isn’t it the Smugglers?” Ronnie asked.

    “Or is it Carratos?” Jed wondered.

    “If any of you say it’s Ralltiir, I will punch you in the face,” Cady warned them.

    “Definitely not the Starkillers,” Ronnie said firmly.

    “Absolutely not,” Jax agreed.

    “Nope,” Jed said as the Senators scored again.

    “I feel like you’re all insulting my team, but like I also kind of asked for it…” Cady mused.

    “Anyways, I don’t remember a thing about that night and probably won’t ever at this rate,” Jed sighed.

    “That’s too bad,” Jax said.

    “I know!” Ronnie exclaimed. “I wanted all the hot details of your soulmate, Jed!”

    “Who cares about that. I want to know about the meiloorun,” Jax groused. “What’s with that, anyways?”

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @Vehn
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cloudy and cold Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh boy do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "That one hurt..." Justin sounded down, but not as dejected as Randy.


    "Up for most of the game, but could never quite pull away from a hard fighting Pirates team..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "...and then to drop the game because Stargazer couldn't handle that last shot from Iris, rebound went to the rookie kid and she put it in for the go ahead score."

    "Tough loss, tough loss. I mean 24 to 23 on opening day is not how the Mercs coaching staff drew this one up."

    "No, not at all, but aside from the result, I think the game played out pretty much like we thought it would..."


    "...hard fought throughout, tough hits good play in all three phases of the game, we just came up a point short."

    "One point."

    "Still, it's just one game, and the first game at that...."

    "One shabla point."

    "...plenty of season left..."

    "Now do you see why I hate those guys so much?"

    "...and it's better to lose a close game than a blowout..."



    "Why do you say that?"


    "Because this seems to hurt a lot more than getting blown out."

    "Really? I bet the Miners would say differently."

    "Yeah they only scored one shabla point."

    "It just...does. now could you answer my question?"

    "Sure, sure."

    "Thank you."

    "It comes down to the tie breakers Randy..."

    "Tie breakers?"

    "Yeah, with contraction the rules have changed and that point differential is going to be important I think by the end of the year."

    "Wait, it's week one and you're talking about tie breakers for the standings?"

    "Just something to think about Randy."

    "Go on," Randy didn't sound convinced.

    "With the conferences eliminated there are no conference records to go to as a tie breaker..."


    "So... First tie breaker is head to head record and after that we go to point differential..."

    "And with the home and home..." understanding dawned on Randy.

    "There is a chance that head to head results, even in a two team tie situation, won't resolve anything either."

    "So point differential is that much more important."

    "Exactly, so even though it hurts more to lose by one shabla point, it's still better than getting blown out."

    "I get what you're saying, but one week in, it sure doesn't feel that way."

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 The in game action I briefly mentioned was all him, I take no credit for it.
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    Sep 3, 2012
    OOC: I got two full Holiday Albums to pull from here and I am going to use them. Just think of "the season" as Limmie Season. Better than your band since 1992.

    IC: Ty Allin Jr

    I sit right next to Anna. So close that we touch the whole game. Anna is uncomfortable around almost everyone. She’s uptight, she seems to think the Galaxy is out to get her. Somehow I got her to let me in. I just knew there was someone wonderful in there. When we touch I feel important, like I’m helping a lost soul. I hold Penni during much of the game as well. Even though we are crammed in the owner’s box with family, I am able to tune them all out and spend time with my little family. The family I didn’t even know I wanted.

    It’s a good outing for the Starkillers, they are in the game for the full 60 minutes. Unfortunately, the defending champs just have more to offer. Losing is never fun, to say I’m used to losing sounds worse. I’m not used to it, I’ve just learned over the years how to lose. And no I’m not just taking this well because I want a position on this team. This is the ELL to think all of our starters will be here next year even if we win a championship is ludicrous. Some being will opt for free agency and some other being will retire or get injured. I don’t wish those things on anybody, but they happen. I just need to somehow hand Penni back to Anna and concentrate on getting the Sandskimmers a win next week against the Bandits.

    I hold Anna and Penni for as long as I can. The 5 weeks I was gone Anna and I argued a lot during calls. All that anger melted as soon as we saw each other. Leaving this time is even harder than last time. What we argue about during all those calls is how tired Anna is from being up taking care of Penni every night. How I never have to take my turn now that I’m away. She’s right and I feel guilty as hell. This set up isn’t fair. I do get the better end of the deal, except I don’t. She’s the one getting her education. I’m working. She’s gets to see Penni every day and bond with her. I’m missing milestones in my daughter’s life. There’s no turning back now. The Sandskimmers need me on opening day. Maybe not as much as Penni, but someday she’ll understand. Soon we will be reunited.

    I sleep most of the flight. There’s no greeting from my Unlce when I land this time, just me trying to flag a taxi at the busy dusty spaceport. Of course the pilot recognizes me and he expects a big tip. Being recognizable has it’s downsides. When I get back to my apartment I throw on some workout clothes and walk over to the training facility. All that sleeping on the shuttle has made me anxious. I spend a few hours lifting and doing drills. The sweat tastes salty and sweet. I’m ready to take on a new week, a new chapter in my life. As I prepare for my first game in the Skimmer Ade League.

    I feel like I’m forgetting something. My whole life Limmie has been what I do for fun. I’m not saying practice is easy or that learning a play book isn’t hard work. I just always had to squeeze Limmie in around schoolwork and now for the first time ever, there is no schoolwork. There’s only so much of the playbook I can stand to read after practice. My apartment is small and lonely. So, I venture out with only a few days before our match up against the Bandits.

    Tatooine is different from Ralltiir in just about every way. It’s always hot on Tatooine, always sunny, unless there’s a sandstorm. On Ralltiir most everyone is a native, that’s why they are afraid of outsiders, like my dad. Here on Tatooine everyone is an outsider. This is where people go to hide. Or maybe not to hide, some people I think just come here to get away. I’ve noticed a huge presence of mixed being couples and same sex couples. I think they come here to be accepted. I think a lot about Ezra. He fronts that he’s not bothered to be thought of as different. Deep down I know it has to be hard for him.

    I enter a pub and find a place at a bar. It’s really weird that I can sit here when I’m only 19. On Ralltiir the drinking age is 21, on Tatooine if you’re 18 you’re an adult. Everyone is paired up with friends or dates. I feel really alone, until I notice another lone human on the other side of the bar. Not just any lone human, it’s Colt Sureysh. My teammate? What’s he doing here?

    I was really thirsty for a blue milk, but instead of trying to get the bartender’s attention, I make my way around the bar and tap Colt on the shoulder, “What are you doing here?” I ask.

    He shrugs. I realize Colt’s been quiet all of pre-season. None of us have gone out of our way to talk to him. His mom’s the coach. I guess we’ve all been avoiding him. I wonder if I ever played for the Starkillers and my dad had lived if my teammates would have treated me differently. Hell, I still might get treated differently. Did Miles get the silent treatment? What about Uncle Tomas?

    “I’m alone,” I tell Colt. “You want to find a table?” Sitting at the bar just felt wrong, even if it was legal here.

    Colt looks surprised. “You want to hang out with me?” He asks.

    “We’re teammates,” I say as if that explains it. A lesson my father taught me early was that you needed to trust your teammates. They needed to be your friends.

    I lead Colt to a table and a waitress quickly claims us as her customers. “What can I get for you boys?” She asks.

    After we order I ask Colt if he likes Tatooine. “It’s far away from my stepfather. So I like it.” He says.

    How do you respond to that? I’m missing my father like crazy and he’s just happy to be away from his…oh he said stepfather. “What about your real father?” I ask.

    “Never met him,” Colt says. “My mom paid him to stay out of my life. She says I’m better off not knowing him.”

    “You have a great behind the back pass,” I say changing the subject. “Can you teach me that in practice tomorrow?”

    “It’s really simple, it’s all in the fingertips,” he says opening up his hand. Colt tells me he started playing Limmie in high school. About the time his mother and step father started fighting all the time. He wanted to get away from the fighting so he found a hobby. “Limmie was the obvious choice, the coaches were biased since my mom was so good. I didn’t even have to work hard to make the team. In my first couple of games I got run over, didn’t score a point. So I started practicing and well somewhere inside I did have her talent. Me and you we probably got a lot in common,” Colt says.

    I don’t think so. Colt lives in a house on his mom’s property. He’s three years older than me, yet he seems arrogant and spoiled. I never walked on a Limme field and expected a start just because of who my dad was. I tried not to judge him too harshly. I had to play with him on Sunday and he’s on my team. After dinner Colt offers to take me on a ride in his speeder. I decline, luckily I have wife to call home to.

    Friday I make Cammie call me and show me most of Ezra’s game. She hates it cause she just wants to hang out with her friends. I have to keep reminding her to redirect the data pad towards the field. I want to be there for Ezra, even if I’m light years away. He doesn’t have dad at the game for him and I feel like I’m the closest thing he has to a father now. Ezra is, well he’s Ezra. He plays a flawless game in goal.

    It seems crazy that a year ago I was playing my first game for Ralltiir U. I remember my dad calling to give me advice. As I try to fall asleep the night before the game against the Bandits I try to think about the advice my dad would give me. “Don’t let anyone know you’re nervous. Use that nervous energy to beat your opponents to the ball. Have fun! No matter if you win or lose. I'll still love you, you’ll always have your family."

    When I wake up I dig through my closet. I find the rainbow colored head Band-Aid I stole from Ezra as I packed to leave the house. He has a dozen of them, I doubt he knows it’s missing. In a few hours he’ll know. Hopefully wearing it will let him know I’m thinking about him. Maybe it’s presence will make me a little less lonely. I miss my family. I miss Ezra and my mom and Anna and Penni and even Cammie. I’ll see them again soon. I won’t ever see my dad again, but something tells me I’ll feel his presence on the field today.

    Tags: @Vehn @galactic-vagabond422
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  14. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Two weeks into he college limmie season and your top five remain unchanged..."

    "Can't believe HSN has been this on point so far this season."

    "Though there may be some movement farther down the ranks, as a few ranked teams eked out close victories against sub par opponents."

    "That KMI game especially, no way they should have needed a last second bar point to beat SSI."

    "Sundari School was punching over their weight there yeah..."

    "That would have been a helluvanupset." Justin mashed his words together."

    "Farther down the rankings, another big win by Consortium Technical School..."

    "They were unranked in the preseason!"

    "...looks to have them potentially break into the top 20."


    "While Prytis College of Natural Sciences beat down UBCS, look for a potential swap in the votes there."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    HSN Top 25 after Week Two (LW)

    1. Chandrila A&M University (1)
    2. University of Csilla (2)
    3. University of Kashyyyk (3)
    4. Wookiee Forrest Institute (4)
    5. The Ord Sabaok University (5)
    6. Cloud City University, Bespin (7)
    7. Keldabe Military Institute, Mandalore (6)
    8. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa (8)
    9. Nessem University (10)
    10. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute (11)
    11. University of Bison (12)
    12. Republican University (9)
    13. Ralltiir University (13)
    14. Zehava College, Melida/Daan (15)
    15. Eriadu Technical institute (16)
    16. Gilles College (14)
    17. Garqi State University (19)
    18. Yag'dhul A&M (17)
    19. Grand Vulptur System University (21)
    20. Consortium Technical School (24)
    21. University of Sanbra (23)
    22. University of Rattatak (20)
    23. Prytis College of Natural Sciences (NR)
    24. Citadel University of Anaxes (NR)
    25. University of Zeltros (18)
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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Iris Copin

    The contract talks were making it difficult, or the fact she was not in contract talks. The team put that behind them, the reality that their star player wasn't locked in yet. Then there was the roster changes, a lot of rookies being shoved into the spotlight, some that were drafted years ago, other's that were drafted just this year. There was also the tension from Gil, and Mighty Mo, both former starters and damn good ones that were swiftly put on the bench, and replaced with rookies.

    There was a clear mandate made, skill and talent be damned. Though it seemed Iris was good enough to stay on the field, even though she was a human, and not from Carratos. The tension held, the rancor in the room, someone didn't want humans to play, not for Carratos. Logan tried to keep the team moving forward, kept them working hard, making sure they were read for the game against the mercs. The first game of the season. A tone setter for the coming year, it was hard to do when everyone was giving sidelong glances at each other, and at her.

    She looked down shifting her feet a little her cleats brushing along the carpeted floor. Her heart was in her throat, she couldn't meet anyone's eye. She was doing what was right for her, wasn't she? She wasn't actually going to join another team...though she was getting offers, meetings getting set up on other planets, clandestine rendezvous. She wasn't being greedy, she wasn't, she just wanted to be paid what she was worth. Though these thoughts brought her little comfort, as her teammates glared at her.

    Coach Manx-Sandin made his way out into the locker room, gaze sweeping over each and every player. Though there was a mournful look in his eye as he looked to Cray and Mighty Mo. They didn't get a say in whether or not they got to play, neither did Gaius, who still languished on the free agent list. Iris thought that his home team would have scooped him up right away. But it seems the new management didn't want a championship caliber defender.

    "This is the first game of a new season," Coach started, "This sets the tone for the entire year. Win or lose this, right here is the most important game. A game we should win. I know there is some tension here, some discomfort and animosity. I'm not blind. But, we need to show that we are still a team, we are here to play, and here to win.They are the Mercs, conferences or no, they are still the Mercs, our hated rival, the team that has always stood in our way. That have knocked us around time after time. We need to come together, we need to work hard out there with no reservations. Leave everything happening off the pitch there, step on the field and give everything you have."

    He did his best, trying to rally the team. Get them ready for a team that each Pirate hated. Sy Jaxston, the rookie forward, stomped her foot slamming her fist into her palm.

    "Let's do this." Despite the young woman's enthusiasm the rest of the team didn't seem to share it. The rest of the team filed out picking their heads up as they walked out of the tunnel. They needed to be strong,to be united even if they didn't feel it at that moment.

    It wasn't as if Iris didn't try, she did score a goal and had an assist, but things just weren't taking off. The rookies were still trying to find their feet, and the veterans might still be knocking off some rust. Though it could still be the unresolved tension that was 'left' in the locker room.

    Iris took the incoming pass from the midfield, but before she could get going, a grey and blue jersey wrapped her up and put her on the pitch. Another pass another tackle, as so it went, every play every time she touched the ball she was swarmed by jerseys. This wasn't the first time she faced this. Wasn't the first time she taking hits from this team that hated her, that nearly wanted to kill her. Though she was starting to find some daylight, rubbing off the first defender on the second as she made her way to the goal dumping off to the open player when she got an opening.

    However that never got going not in the first half.

    They were behind heading into the locker room, Coach Manx-Sandin looked angry. No brilliant game plan was given, he just looked at all of the players fire in his eye.

    "We have a plan, we worked on it. Use it." He almost hissed, seething almost. Practice had been contentious and he'd had enough. "We are the Pirates, Carratosians almost to a being. I know we can have disagreements, arguments. But in the end this is about our team, about reaching the finals that have eluded us for years. Play like a team and win this so we can finally put one over on this force damn mercs."

    There wasn't a cheer, there wasn't a shout of victory, there was only grim determination.

    Stepping back out the team took the field with a renewed vigor, they had found their rhythm. Iris was getting open bumping the defenders into each other, finding some space. Letting off shot after shot most were stopped, but enough made it through to start and come back in this game. The Mercs didn't make it easy, they never do. Iris was going to be bruised in the morning, but that didn't matter, they were so close so close to winning.

    Time was winding down they were behind by two points and they needed a goal to win, just one goal. Iris got the ball, once again the offense running through her. She took a quick step around her defender giving them a little pat on the back to send them on their way. The second defender came up charging at her, a deft spin and a shove cleared them off. Now it was just her and goalie. Planting her foot and twisting up her torso she let off the hardest shot she could.

    The goalie tried to pull it in tried to handle it, but the shot came in too hard. It was knocked down rolling right in front of the goal with a wide open net. Sy rushed up with a burst of speed outrunning her defender. Sliding along the pitch the devarorinian flicked her leg out batting the loose ball into the net.

    The team cheered falling all over the rookie, Iris joined in too, they had won their first game. Even in the celebration Iris could feel them avoiding her, giving praise to the player that made the goal, not the one that set it up.

    It would be fine, it would all be fine.

    They beat the Mercs in the first game of the season.

    It was a good start...but the tension still remained, still hung in the air as they packed up.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
  16. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir. Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone!

    Week 2
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Bakura Miners (8-12)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Ralltiir Starkillers (18-10)
    Coruscant Senators at Carratos Pirates (2-23)

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @Vehn
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  17. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Atzerri (28), Tatooine (38), Druckenwell (28), Thyferra (28), Concordia (33)

    Skimmer Ade League Week One Results
    Atzerri Bandits @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (17-6)
    Druckenwell Marksmen @ Cantonica Golden Knights (0-14)
    Thyferra Force @ Concordia Crusaders (2-8)

    Tag: @galactic-vagabond422 @Vehn @Jedi Gunny @Bardan_Jusik
  18. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold, cold,cold Victory afternooooon..."

    "A win always seems to warm everything right up."

    "...Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today. Big moment for the season, Mercs pick up that first win courtesy of an 18 to ten victory over the Starkillers."

    "Yeah, always a big moment in any season when the team gets their first win, especially when you start the season out with a loss.

    "I don't know about you Justin, but I seem to be holding my breath at the start of every season until they get that first win..."

    "Oh me too, me too. it's like, OK we got at least one now everything is going to be OK, won't end up with a season of futility, everything is going to be OK."

    "I know right? Gives you that sense of hope, which is especially comforting after starting out the season with a loss."

    "Of course that means the Mercs now sit at one and one..."

    "So does two thirds of the league."


    "Quirk of scheduling and way too early in the season to be looking at standings..."

    "Well yeah."

    "Either the Mercs or Starkillers were coming out of that game at one and one, since both started the season with a loss..."

    "And now the Starkillers sit at oh and two, the only winless team in the league and the Pirates are the only team without a loss."

    "I hate those guys."

    "But like we said, way, way too early to be looking at standings, especially with a season this long."


    "I mean, Ralltiir could end up with the Commissioner's Trophy and the Pirates..."

    "Who I really do hate."

    "...could wind up picking first, it's way too early to tell."

    "Mercs are showing up offensively through the first two games though."

    "Ya know it's funny, I wouldn't have really thought so looking at the first two games..."

    "Scored 23 in week one, and 18 this last weekend."

    "...but it's actually good for second in the league."

    "Defenses seem to be doing well early, though averaging just over 20 points per game through two isn't bad."

    "Mercs averaged about 21 PPG last season and ended up hoisting the Commissioner's Trophy..."

    "But not the Galactic Cup."

    "Playoffs are their own animal..."

    "Sure sure."

    "Still have to think that putting up 20 per game though gets them a playoff spot."

    "Probably, but it means they have to keep scoring."

    "Have to take it one week at a time."

    "And this week they have the Miners coming up, second worst defense in the league..."

    "They have a lot of young talent though, that won't be an easy game."

    "Early season test, and a chance to get above the .500 mark for both teams."

    TAG: @Runjedirun

    OOC: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Sep 3, 2012
    HSN Headline

    Ralltiir and Carratos announce new official rivalry to begin at this week’s upcoming game at Salibury Hyperdrive Arena. The rivalry has been dubbed “Can’t Buy Glory” already being shortened to CBG. The idea is that no matter how many credits you spend you can’t win without good ol’ fashion hard work. Both franchises claim to put in the work, but which franchise can prove they’ve put in the work? Winner goes home with a trophy in the shape of a battered metal lunch pail. The lunch pail symbolizes the everyday hard working being who could be from anywhere in the Galaxy. Since Ralltiir is hosting the first game they have filled the pail with nut butter and jelly sandwiches for the winners to feast on.

    @galactic-vagabond422 who is at least if not more than half responsible for assisting with the name and details
  20. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Jed Starkrimson
    Evenvale, Bakura

    “If you guys got destroyed by the Sens, I don’t know how you think you can beat the Smugglers,” Cady commented. “They ripped into my ‘Killers last week.”

    “Yeah, but this is one of our oldest rivalries. It goes back even before Kayl’hen was commissioner. The Black and Blue Battle--it’s the original grudge match for the Miners,” Jed said. “The team’s going to get up for it, I know it.”

    “Pump the decelerators, homer,” Ronnie said. “It’s pretty hard to go from shutdown to beating the defending champs in a week. I’ll be happy with just a close game.”

    “That’s the kind of defeatism that we’ve been engaging in for too long!” Jed protested. “If we don’t believe then we’re just asking for the Miners to lose.”

    “Like there’s some karmic connection between the outcome and the game and how much we believe,” Jax scoffed. “Sure.”

    “I’d rather believe and be disappointed than stop believing,” Jed maintained.

    “I’m sure somewhere that gets you points,” Cady said, patting him on the shoulder. “Just not on the scoreboard.”

    “Ohhhh!” Ronnie exclaimed as the Smugglers laid out a Miner. Thankfully, the player got back up looking no worse for wear. Her automatic response was in reaction to the force of the hit.

    After being pushed around by Coruscant last week, the Miners had toughened up. Maybe it had been something that Cavanaugh had said to them or maybe being thoroughly embarrassed compared to the rest of the league had lit a fire under the team. Whatever did it, the only thing that looked the same about the team was the blue and gold uniforms.

    “This is an in-the-trenches game,” Jed said. “This is grinding it out.”

    Neither team had opened up more than a one-score lead. Uncharacteristically, the Miners had kept the ball on the ground today. It had been patient, steady progress instead of high-flying long plays that had once been the Miners’ staple.

    “I think Cavanaugh saw something in the Smuggler defense,” Cady said. “She thought if she hit them where they thought they were strong, with a ground game, they wouldn’t be able to take it.” The Miners had been patient all game, keeping with the run, trying to wear them down.

    “Takes a lot of courage to say you’re going to beat the Smugglers on the ground, to throw yourself against that wall over and over,” Jax said.

    “I’ll give it to the Miners, they’re playing that game and aren’t shying away from it,” Jed said in admiration. “I mean, when Harle Quinn is putting down blocks that just says this is a totally different mindset.”

    As if to prove Jed wrong, the Miners suddenly opened up the game by throwing a pass deep into the offensive zone. Rookie Revos Lib caught it and tumbled to the ground. She got up before a Smuggler could reach her and popped it off her foot into the back of the net. The four jumped off the couch as the Miners took a late lead on the strength of the goal. The holoprojector showed Leigh Cavanaugh calmly pump her fist once as the Miners broke through the stalemate for a 2 point lead with time ticking off.

    “What a goal by Lib,” Jed said.

    The cameras scanned the crowd to gather fan reactions to this turn of events. There was a lot more burgundy and black in the stands than one usually saw during the Bakuran-hosted rivalry game.

    “Man, look at all those Smuggler fans,” Ronnie said. “Clearly they took advantage of the fact they didn’t sell out the stadium with season tickets this year.”

    “They don’t look too happy,” Cady remarked.

    The camera showed a close up of a couple of Smuggler fans with frowns on their face, one of whom had painted her face half burgundy, half black.

    And suddenly Jed remembered.

    “What do you mean you don’t paint your face for games?!”

    “OK, OK, so I can explain,” a drunk Jed began, standing at a bar on Coruscant the night of the ELL Draft. He paused. “I was gonna say that I don’t paint my face because I don’t have Miner tickets...but I just realized I can still paint my face at home!”

    “That’s the spirit!” the brunette Smuggler fan said, slapping Jed on the back. “I mean, it’s stupid that your stadium only seats 100,000 beings and you can’t get tickets, but why let that keep you from having fun?”

    “RIGHT?” Jed said a little too loudly.

    She whistled. “Bartender! Whiskey for my Bakuran friend! Vertical City’s finest!”

    “No! Bakuran whiskey!” Jed countermanded.

    “He’s drunk! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” she yelled.

    “I’m drunk! I don’t know what I’m talking about!” Jed echoed happily. “Bakuran whiskey please!”

    “Jed. Jed. Jed!

    Jed snapped back to himself.

    “Where’d you go there buddy? I just said that you were right, Lib really stepped up with that goal,” Jax said.

    “Guys...I think just remembered who my soulmate is,” Jed said.

    No one said anything as the holocamera featured Shay Dionne applauding from the general manager’s box as the Miners closed in on a win against her former employers, almost as if she approved of another link between the Miners and the Smugglers in the form of Jed’s soulmate.

    TAG: @Vehn
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    Sep 3, 2012

    IC TJ Allin

    Losing is the worst and we are losing. It’s 14-0. “You’re never out of it,” that’s what some of my coaches would have said. Not Sureysh, she’s subbing in bench players. Not me, I decide. I’m still on the field and I am going to make something happen in this game for the offense. I’m not feeding Soto again. He’s missing all his shots. Soto’s open and he’s obviously waiting for the pass. Two defenders are on me, but I dribble right through them. With speed you only find when you need it. Speed you can’t explain later, hell you can’t even explain it when you are living it. I fly past the final defender and smash the bolo ball into the net with everything I’ve got. Yes! But as the play stops, I see my replacement come onto the field to tag me out. What the hell?

    I shake my head. I look at the bench and find Coach Sureysh. “I’m staying in,” I tell her jogging towards the sideline.

    “You need a breather,” Sureysh says coldly. I’ve never been one to argue authority. I want to, I just don’t know how. So I make sure to tag my teammate and give him a solid five before heading to the bench. As I sit there I think about my father, he wouldn’t have sat down quietly. I needed to work on my aggressiveness.

    Sureysh was lying when she said I was taking a breather. I’m never put back into the game. I watch helplessly as the final ten minutes click off the clock. Our bench manages to score one more goal, probably because the Bandits have also benched their starters. The final is 17-6, nothing like I pictured my first professional start. The whole game was pretty much a blur of frustration. What’s on the holo when I get back to my apartment is this clip:

    I remember the assistant coach being mad, but did he really throw a chair and did I really kick it aside? I suppose I did because there are few texts from Ezra. He loves it. I’m really grateful for this clip because for about an hour I was feeling worse than I’ve been feeling in maybe my whole life. Our game had never been close, the Starkillers were now down 0-2 in an important season. It felt like the team was on verge of illumination from the league. Even the Miners won today. How many Bandits fans would be in the stands next week? Maybe I should have stuck with bussing tables so I could be with Penni and Anna right now. They’d still love me, right?

    I don’t make any calls home. I got a chuckle out of myself in the short holo clip, but I still wasn’t feeling like talking to anyone. I just wanted to go to bed and never wake up. I was wishing I was one of those kids who failed a test and their mother would go in and demand a retake. Couldn’t we play the game again? I just needed another chance. My father seemed further away than ever this evening, but somehow he didn’t let me down. I remembered that he never let a bad game or even a bad season stop him. “Another day another opportunity,” he would insist.

    I’d seen terrible things happen to my father. Not just on the Limmie field. In everyday life law enforcement would stop him on the street and try to accuse him of something. Or the shelter he volunteered at would be vandalized or a kid he was trying to help would get arrested or worse be shot. Yet my dad always got up the next morning and he always persevered. Even when his memory was failing him, my dad never quit.

    His shoes were hard shoes to fill. Bad days were hard to overcome. How did he do it? That evening I texted Anna that I loved her, but I didn’t call. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. When I woke up and reached for my data pad the next morning I noticed it was full of texts.

    Anna: I love you too. Are you going to call?

    My mom: Want to talk about it?

    Uncle Tomas: If you need to vent or just want to chat I’m here anytime.

    Ezra: Tough loss, better luck next week.

    Geoff: Your father would be proud.

    Uncle Richard: Spectacular goal, I expect to see a lot more this season.

    Aunt Von’Kedo: We all cheered so loud when you scored today! Great play.

    Uncle Fortune: It’ll get better when you win and you are going to win. That was one hell of a goal you scored.

    Even my high school coach chimed in with some advice. I didn’t know he still had my codes: You gotta be aggressive sooner! I expect a win next week.

    I called Anna as I ate breakfast, “Sorry I didn’t call last night. I was tired.”

    “Hey,” she picks up Penni, “Look who’s up early this morning, there’s Daddy. Hi Daddy,” Anna waves Penni’s tiny hand at me and I wave back.

    “I love you, Penni.” I look up at Anna. “How was the Starkillers game?”

    “I didn’t go.”

    “Why not?” I hate to hear Anna is staying in.

    “I had a paper due today. Besides it’s weird hanging out with your family when you’re not here,” Anna places Penni in her lap and looks at me expectantly.

    “I can understand that, did you finish your paper?”

    She grabs another data pad and shows me her finished work. “Sent it to my prof last night,” she says proudly. “Hopefully I’ll get a grade on it soon.”

    We chat for about 30 minutes. It’s one of the better talks we’ve had since I came out here. At the end of the call I do something stupid. I promise Anna and Penni that the Sandskimmers will win a play-off game this season and I’ll get my bonus. That way we can buy a house, so Anna won’t have to feel uncomfortable, not living in our own house, ever again. It didn’t seem stupid at the time, it’s just that after I hang up I start doubting myself. Why am I doubting myself? This isn’t who I am, more importantly it’s not who my father taught me to be.

    It’s a day off and I’m busy watching the Starkillers game on replay, which is torture since I already know they lose, when I hear a knock on my door. I assume it’s my uncle, he’s the only one who ever visits. So I go answer the door. It’s not my uncle. It’s Colt Sureysh.

    “Watcha doing?” Colt asks. “I thought maybe we could hang out.”

    I decide not to tell Colt I’m watching the Starkillers game, “Sure, come on in.” I say.

    “This place is small,” Colt says stating the obvious.

    “Well, it’s just me,” I remind him.

    “Doesn’t your family have credits? Can’t you afford something nicer?”

    It’s a valid question, but it’s also rude. Who is this guy? I don’t want to explain that my father left most of his funds to his mother. Or that the funds he did leave me are in trust funds that don’t pay out until I’m 21. “My Uncles hold most of the family’s credits,” I say truthfully. “My mom is housing my wife and daughter free of rent. My salary pays for this apartment, my food and that’s about all. How’d you get the credits for a house and a speeder?” I ask. If he’s gonna be rude I can be rude right back.

    Colt ignores my question and walks into my apartment. “You got a holo game system?” He asks.

    I shake my head no. Colt is flabbergasted, “What do you do for fun?”

    I remember that Colt is my teammate. That we need to get along if I want to win this season. I don’t answer, because since I came to Tatooine I hadn’t had much fun. We end up at Colt’s house. He has about 3 holo game systems. He tries to teach me to play a few different games, but he beats me solidly at all of them. “You suck at this,” he says.

    “I never had time for these games. I was usually busy with sports and school or family,” I add.

    “No wonder you lack eye hand coordination. Holo games are great for eye hand coordination,” he says.

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? If I tell Colt what I really think of him what’s going to happen? Will he tell his mom? Will I lose my start? Can I go over his head and whine to my Uncle? Colt solidly beats me in a few more games before I excuse myself so I can go home for dinner.

    At practice I work with him as best I can. I much prefer to do drills with Soto, Daniella or even Kioan, but somebody has to pair up with Colt so we take turns. Maybe, I decide midway through the week, working with Colt isn’t so bad. I want to beat him, so I work extra hard. He doesn’t make it easy either. I can’t deny Colt has talent. I want him to suck, but he doesn’t.

    I spend so much time talking to Anna before the shuttle to Thyferra that I’m late. Everyone else has boarded when I get to the spaceport. As I step into the shuttle I notice that everyone is paired up in seats, except for Colt. Just my luck. I take the seat next to him. Thyferra has won more championships than anyone in recent memory in the Skimmer Ade League. Technically it was the LFL, but it’s the same thing. In fact they just won it all last season. I pull out a bar of my favorite chocolate. “You want half?” I ask Colt.

    “Yea,” he says. I hate to do it, this is my favorite chocolate that I had specifically brought to enjoy on this flight. Colt is my teammate and I need him for us to get the win tomorrow. So I break the bar in half and hand him an equal sized piece. “Thanks,” he says.

    I’ll never understand why being kind to someone, even someone you can’t stand makes you feel good. I just know that seeing Colt enjoy the chocolate eases my tension. I’m hoping we execute better on offense. Good enough to secure a win. If that means sharing my chocolate than so be it, I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

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  22. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Well last week the Warriors managed to come out on top against an upstart rival in a game closer than it should have been, but they don;t get so lucky this week as KMi falls to the dawn Treaders of Concord war College 24-22..."

    "Man, that last goal hit the bar and clanked out, what a terrible way for the Warriors to take their first loss."

    "You knew it was coming sooner or later though the way they played the first couple of weeks."

    "Meanwhile Consortium Technical School, unranked to start the season, just keeps on winning...'

    "And big."

    "...against anyone and everyone."

    "I think they are going to end up making the playoff by the time all is said and done."

    "That's a stretch."

    "And it as a good week for the Bak 10 as both Prytis College of Natural Sciences and Tiarest University earned victories this week..."

    "Tiarest got votes last week, but was outside the top 25, look for them to crash the party this week."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    HSN Top 25 after Week Three (LW)

    1. Chandrila A&M University (1)
    2. University of Csilla (2)
    3. University of Kashyyyk (3)
    4. Wookiee Forrest Institute (4)
    5. Cloud City University, Bespin (6)
    6. The Ord Sabaok University (5)
    7. Nessem University (9)
    8. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa (8)
    9. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute (10)
    10. Keldabe Military Institute, Mandalore (7)
    11. Republican University (12)
    12. University of Bison (11)
    13. Gilles College (16)
    14. Zehava College, Melida/Daan (14)
    15. Eriadu Technical institute (15)
    16. Ralltiir University (13)
    17. Consortium Technical School (20)
    18. Garqi State University (17)
    19. Prytis College of Natural Sciences (23)
    20. University of Sanbra (21)
    21. Grand Vulptur System University (19)
    22. Yag'dhul A&M (18)
    23. Tiarest University (NR)
    24. University of Rattatak (22)
    25. Concord War College (NR)
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  23. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC Iris Copin

    O'pahz rose above the city that bore it's name casting its light on Iris and Pej as they lay in bed. She got in from Mandalore last night and the first thing she did was hug Pej. It was embarrassing for her to admit, but she missed him, missed his hugs, his words. Now she had him again, had his arms around her. They weren't strong, but they were comfortable, reminded her of home. The home she shared with him, on the planet she had adopted as her home, changed her permanent residence her first year with the team. The first game was in the books, and they pulled out a win, though another troubling team waited before them on their home turf. The Sens.

    The team from the Galactic Capital always sent a bit of a shiver up her spine. When she was a young girl watching the Pirates play against them no matter how well the team was playing they always fell to Courscant, got blown out, or got so close but came up short. Ever since their last Galactic Cup win, it feels like that curse is broken, but she couldn't afford to slack off, to take it easy. To add onto that, she had to prove her worth on the field, show that she was worthy of getting the contract she wanted. Rho was already fielding calls from some other teams, setting up meetings. She assured her that they were just to show Schnitt that she was serious about leaving, to put pressure on them to accept the contract.

    It all felt so confusing, and terrifying. What if it back fired, what if Schnitt called her bluff. She didn't want to leave, she didn't want to put her place with the team in jeopardy. She also didn't want to just roll over and accept whatever Schnitt offered her, not when she could get more. It wasn't out of greed, it was respect. She lead this team to victory, led them to the Cup in her second year. Fought hard to see them to the playoffs every year. She had earned her contract hadn't she? She had proven that she was the best, worthy of getting what she was owed.

    Though maybe she was just being smart. She wasn't going to be playing this sport forever. She had a limited amount of time, though she had another ten maybe even fifteen years in her, it wasn't going to be the rest of her life. She would need something to support her after she hung up her cleats. Her father had put her in touch with an advisor, and that helped. But, she could feel time slipping away from her. The extra money from this new contract could secure a future for both her and Pej. She wasn't being greedy, wasn't trying to bleed the team dry, she just was doing what was best for herself.

    Did that make the theratics right? Did it excuse the tricks Rho was pulling to secure her contract?

    She cuddled closer to Pej holding him in her arms and resting her head on his shoulder. He stirred a little slowly coming to. He blinked a few times in the bright sun before turning to look down to Iris.

    "Good morning." He said running his hand down her back. Her arms tensed around him. "Sleep well?"

    " that you're here." She held onto him, almost refusing to get up though she knew she had to. "I'm I being stupid? Holding out." She asked after a moment of silence, of her soaking in his warmth and taking some energy from him.

    "I mean, I wouldn't say you are being stupid. Never, you're looking out for yourself, and I know you'd never leave this team, that you would never turn your back on this place." He leaned down kissing the top of her head. "I trust that you know what you are doing...and no matter what I will still love you."

    His arms wrapped around her holding her as close as he could.

    Part of her wanted to stay there forever, to just be with him. But, there was work to be done, the Sens were waiting and she needed to see to that. Slowly she extricated herself kissing Pej gently.

    "Do you have to get up now?" He asked playfully, "I missed having you next to me."

    "Yeah I do, I have to earn my new contract...gotta put in the work." She said with a wink as she left the room.

    Arcadia Colosseum

    It wasn't a demolition, but the scoreboard wasn't friendly to the Sens. The defense came to play stepping on the field with a single minded focus, stop the opposing offense. They nearly strangled the Sens as they tried to get the attack going. That left it to the Pirates forwards to make something of these defensive stops, and they did. Jy emboldened by her game winner against the Mercs struck early and often. She didn't have the outright speed of the Flyer Cutty Sark, but she didn't give up easy when knocked down, and had a sneaky way of getting right where she needed to be.

    Iris marshalled the offense controlling the pace, and distributing from the right side. It was perfect, everything was falling into place. When the defense tried to stop her, cut off her passes, she would just create the shot for herself. She was playing like her shirt was on fire, not letting up for a moment. As she charged in throwing in a hard shot that just slipped under the goalie, a new chat sounded from the stands.

    'Pay the girl, pay the girl, pay the girl'

    She looked up to see signs declaring the same as the chant, though in the pause before play picked up again she could see a few holding up "Not worth it". She could tell it was going to be a long season, she hoped it didn't drag out. She wanted to get back to the game, without distractions. Maybe after this decisive win it could bring things to a close.

    TAG: @Jedi Gunny
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  24. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Galin S’rily

    The second time around was sweeter.

    As the curtain fell on a season-opening victory over Bakura, Galin found himself filled with the sort of intense emotion that was saved for only times when one managed a great personal achievement. Beating a hated rival in their house was one thing – having a hand in that win was something else. Though he hadn’t been a starter, and most of his minutes came in garbage time when the win was obvious, the fact that he had been able to play in this one and make some plays was a sweet taste.

    His journey from the Futures League had been derailed by a serious injury that had cost him the remainder of his first pro season. The Force had gone on to win an LFL title, but it had been without him. It had been a real shot to the chin that he had been forced to sit out while knowing that he had lost the opportunity to play in the Elite League. Yes he had a championship ring to his name, but it hadn’t felt like his championship, not after he had only played a handful of games for the Force before going down. That had been hard.

    Yet, somehow, despite it all, he had found something else of interest to keep him going. Laseema Ven, the Twi’lek goaltender whose stint with the Senators the prior season had been rough, had caught his eye as more than just a ballplayer. They had done a few things as friends trying to see where things would go, and while Galin knew that they were far from any sort of relationship, it was comforting to know that there had been someone there to help him through the long recovery process from the injury. Ven had lost out on the backup goalie job when Fam Keth had re-signed for four more years, with Ali Millson pushing the second-year player to Thyferra. This time it had been Galin whom had reached out offering condolences – he wasn’t sure if it would help, but it couldn’t hurt.

    The second game was nowhere near the outcome of the first. It had been a blowout loss to Carratos which had really stung the Senators after their opening-week win, but it had also allowed Galin plenty of minutes of game action. While no one on defense had done particularly well, the opportunity to prove himself on the field came with four tackles and a good hit which forced a fumble that showed well on tape. He had impressed position coach Christine Gamble with his work ethic, and hoped that he would carve out a larger role going forward. With a slight injury to Wahay Contar in the game, the opportunity to play heavy minutes against Nar Shaddaa was there for the taking – he just had to fight for it.

    The Rim War was up next, the next in a string of rivalry games in the condensed league structure. Though the trophies that accompanied the rivalries meant very little now that home-and-home series were included in each series, that didn’t take away the energy that accompanied a big-time rivalry tilt. Galin knew that his teammate Buck Chambers-Vayne wanted to beat the Smugglers, his sister Anya a reserve goalie on the burgundy and black squad. The rivalry had been one to watch when their parents had squared off on the pitch, and now the young rookies were about to tangle for the first time. It would be something to watch.

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    Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir. I've already said what I'm thankful for, so I guess if I had anything to add now, they'd be leftovers. :p

    Week 3
    Carratos Pirates at Ralltiir Starkillers (15-15, OT 22-20)
    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (30-29)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Bakura Miners (6-20)

    Stats to come later. :)

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