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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Runjedirun

    Runjedirun Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Sandskimmers (28) Crusaders (28) Sky Captains (28) Bandits (28) and Thyferra (28)

    Skimmer Ade League Week Seven Results
    Kamino Waves @ Cloud City Sky Captains (2-2/ OT 2-2/SO 4-3)
    Commenor Gundarks @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (9-12)
    Atzerri Bandits @ Thyferra Force (24-18)
    Concordia Crusaders @ Cantonica Golden Knights (6-14)

    Tags: @Trieste @jcgoble3 @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny @Bardan_Jusik @SWNerd11
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  2. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Zip-a-dee-yae: UB Cape Suzette becomes first “Bak-to-Bak” champion of Bak10 Conference in nearly 30 years.
      • Last team to accomplish the feat were the 270-271 UBTV Pioneers.
      • BBC Sports: “Quite frankly, this is the most amazing turnaround in the history of the conference. To any being who thinks head coaches don’t matter in college limmie, look at this team.”
    • Alana Kirt named Bak10 Coach of the Year for the second straight season.
    • Kirt after the game: “After last season we knew we had it in us. There was a lot of talk we were a one-hit wonder. I am so incredibly proud of the team. This is all them, it isn’t me.”
      • When asked about the fact that all 10 of BBC Sports’ top prep prospects have UBCS in their short-list: “That’s flattering. We’re going to extend offers to the student-athletes that are a fit for our program, which includes academically. They are still student-athletes, of course.”
      • When asked about prospects in the playoffs: “We’re in. We’ve got an equal shot with every other team. We’re going to have a hard first round matchup no matter who we get. If the playoffs started today, we’d see a team that was ranked #5 last week. The GCAA playoff is a gauntlet. We know that because we were there last year. We’re going to have to raise our game.”
      • On the prospect of Bak10 expansion: “I’ve known Horst Penn for a lot of years and let’s just say that when he says something, I’m going to look for a second source before I believe it, OK? Once I was feeling a little under the weather and he put my symptoms into the HoloNet to see what I might be sick with and he informed me that I had ‘404 - connectivity error.’”
        • “But if we did expand, let’s play this out. No disrespect to Bradd or Kishh’daar, but let’s assume that they don’t win whatever conference they’re in. If I had to guess, Evenvale and us would be in different conferences considering the geographic distance between us. Now, if that’s the case, what would next week’s Bak10 championship game look like? The game we just played. I don’t know that’s all that productive. Sure, it’ll make a lot of credits with ticket sales, broadcast rights, all that. But hey, this decision is the Chancellor’s to make, not mine. If they put a conference championship game on the schedule, then you darn well better expect we intend to play in it and we’re gonna play hard to win.”
    • As usual, HSN is pleased to report BBC Sports’ preseason rankings were entirely wrong.
      • UBCS was projected to finish last.
        • HSN analyst: “This was so laughably wrong that we’re still joking about it in the office. Yes, Carp was good, but the Blue Birds never achieved in the three years before Kirt arrived. Come on--this team is powered by the talent that Kirt has found.”
      • The top three finishers were all projected to finish seventh or lower by BBC Sports.
      • Predicted bottom four teams were the only teams to finish the season with a better ranking than predictions
      • Average difference between predicted order of finish and actual finish was 4.3
        • HSN analyst: “I don’t remember my college math, but I’m pretty sure that’s pretty close to the maximum amount of wrongness you could have in ten team ranking predictions.”
    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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  3. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Kassandra Kirt, daughter of Alana Kirt, announces she has narrowed her short list of universities to Atalanta University, College of Deredith & Millicent, and Chandrila A&M.
      • Atalanta finished last in Bak10, CD&M finished eighth, and CAMU HSN ranked but outside GCAA playoffs.
        • BBC Sports: “Kassandra seems to be following in her brother’s footsteps. He joined a last-place PCNS and took them from worst-to-first in a season, which seems to be a Kirt family trait.”
        • “What’s most interesting is that she’s also considering a non-Bak10 program that not too long ago was winning GCAA championships in Chandrila A&M. Top flight talent like Kassandra choosing not to go to a Bak10 school would be a huge blow for all the boosterism the likes of Kerry Trieste have done for the conference.”
    • Olivar Kirt has yet to announce whether he will enter the 300 ELL Draft.
    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
  4. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Horst Penn
    Live from Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Let’s go down to Horst--is he on the field?” Lun asked, looking off camera. “He’s on the field? Let’s go down to Horst on the field. What’s the mood down there as Miner fans get their first look at the former Kessel Runners, the Geonosis Gangbusters?”

    The feed cut to Horst. He was, surprisingly to home viewers, no longer wearing his mustard BBC Sports jacket. In fact, he was wearing what were clearly a wig and a fake mustache.

    “Oh, I didn’t see you there. Hello, Mr. Selayen,” Horst said into the mic.

    “Horst, what are you doing now?” Aerax asked.

    “Horst? Who is Horst?” Horst said, looking around. “I am just a lowly prospective draftee hoping to get noticed by ELL teams.”

    “Reeeeeeeeeeeeally now?” Lun said. “So if you’re not Horst, what’s your name?”

    Horst’s eyes shifted from side-to-side. “’s...Borst. Borst Pennnnnnnmanship. Borst Penmanship, that’s me. Just here, on the sidelines, hoping to get scouted.”

    “Horst, are you jealous of Deon Canista?” Aerax asked. “He’s a full back like you used to play for the Miners.”

    “A full back you say?” Borst Penmanship said, as if this was new information. “That’s funny, I’m a full back too! Except I’m probably like twenty thousand times better than him. The Gangbusters are probably going to take me if they have the first overall pick again. Or maybe the Officers. Actually, I already have an Officers jersey so if they pick me they won’t even have to bring their own, which would really result in some cost savings for them.”

    “Well, if you’re a potential draftee for next year, you wouldn’t possibly have any quotes from Leigh Cavanaugh about how they’re going to approach Geonosis today, would you, ‘Borst’?” Lun asked slyly.

    “Oh I definitely have one!” Borst said excitedly. “Because...uhhhhhh...she recognized my innate talent and wanted to talk to me about today’s game plan. She said, ‘The Gangbusters are a defense-first team. We need to crack them open early and push our advantage.’”

    “All right then,” Aerax said, apparently deciding to just move on. “Let’s look at our starting lineups today.”

    “Let’s go down to Borst at field level for postgame interviews,” Lun said.

    “Are you really going to call him that?” Aerax objected.

    “I mean, I haven’t seen any evidence he’s not Borst Penmanship,” Lun said, “and you know what they say: two negatives equal a positive.”

    “That’s now how it works!”

    They cut to Borst--wig, mustache, and all--who had corralled Deon Canistia. “Deon--until now it looked like the Gangbusters had found their rhythm. You’re two games back of the Pirates for the second playoff spot in the Conference. What’s it going to take for the Gangbusters’ inaugural season to include a playoff run?”

    Deon rolled his eyes. The loss was too fresh.

    “It’s going to take more wins. More domination on the defensive side of the ball. And more from me, Horst...Uh...Borst?”

    “Right, right, that makes sense,” Borst agreed. “Now, as one of the most prominent players on Geonosis, you probably have a lot of sway in the organization. Since the Gangbusters might need more defense, do you think they’d be interested in drafting a fresh new face to help improve the defense? Asking for a friend.” Despite his last comment, it was clear that Borst meant himself.

    Deon scratches his head.

    “Uh... I don’t think I hold that much sway. I’m enjoying learning a lot from the vets around me and I haven’t won anything yet. So, even if I do have some sway, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I think our defense is strong and while we can definitely improve, I don’t know if I’m the best person to ask as far as talent acquisition, Borst.”

    “Well...just in case you hear anyone talking about the need for another generational talent on the Gangbusters, make sure to mention Borst Penmanship,” Borst said, apparently forgetting that he was “asking for a friend.” “Anyways, your next game is against Carratos, a team that you almost certainly have to beat to get into the postseason. Leigh Cavanaugh is a product of the Pirates’ system and has brought some of that to the Miners. Anything you can take from today to help you win next week?”

    “The speed of the offense. They can get in their sets faster than anything I experienced in college. I normally look for ways to make plays. Y’know, be all over the field. Really make my impact known early because sometimes it can affect the other team. That didn’t happen for us today. So we’ll probably try to do more film study on the Pirates and try to control the pace of the game more. But...We’re definitely making the playoffs. I’m willing to do everything I can to give the people back on Geonosis something to remember from our first season.”
    “You heard it here first: Deon Canistia guarantees a playoff appearance for the Gangbusters or your money back!” Borst proclaimed.

    “Whew... thanks Borst. I thought you were going to ask about what hot clubs I’ve been going to or women I’ve been pictured with. Thanks for keeping it professional!” Deon half joked.
    “Wait what?” Borst said, doing a double take. “You mean there’s--”

    “And that's all the time we have today!” Lun said, the feed cutting away from the field interview.

    “Join us next week when the Miners begin the second half of conference play, which promises to be nothing short of a best-of-three run to see who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t,” Aerax said. “See you on Rydonni Prime, Miners fans.”

    TAG: @jedi in the Pumas (who graciously collaborated on today’s interview) and
    Leon Sandcastle, in case you hadn't already guessed [face_laugh]
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  5. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Arkos Tathin

    Arkos woke up after another late night working at the Stacked Deck, the sun was up shining through the window of his small apartment. Waking up fully he rubbed his eyes, he was getting used to this, not waking up at the crack of dawn and going straight into PT. Now he woke up at about 1000 and went straight into PT. Today was cardio, which meant going out for a run. He slowly got out of bed pulling on his workout gear, just some athletic pants and a light shirt, that had CDF printed on it. Yes it was his old work out gear from his service but it was still comfortable. It was early morning but spring in O'Pahz so already plenty warm in the city. He stepped out of his apartment looking up a route that he was going to take. He decided to take a new route, one that took him through a park.

    He wasn't going to look. Speederbikes were a rich man's game and he wasn't a rich man. He could just about pay his rent, and still have enough on the side to go out to eat every once in a while. Though thankfully he did get free dinner at the Stacked Deck, it had other advantages than just getting to see the celebrated Pirates. Though after last night things were a little tense. The Pirates lost in a close game with Courscant. With the Mercs winning their game the top of the mountain seemed further and further out of reach. Though it looked like the Pirates were on track to make the playoffs. For all the good that meant.

    Checking his route on his wrist comp he set off. This early there was more foot traffic but it was still easy to get around, wasn't the peak of morning rush hour. He wasn't looking to set a world record pace or training to run a marathon so he kept a healthy but not outrageous pace. It was almost meditative as he started going letting his mind drift a little. He wasn't really thinking about anything, just sort of in a blank state. Though he couldn't help his mind wandering to Zara. Her laugh, that smile that was burned into his head.

    He could almost see her when he closed his eyes. The images needed to go away, it wouldn't do for him crushing this hard on a regular. He knew that, but she was still on his mind. Given the spaced out nature of his run it was hard to try and steer his thoughts in another direction. Instead he started to focus on his breathing, or on the foliage around him as she ran through the park. It worked for a bit, got his mind turning onto other things.

    "On your left." A voice called out from behind him. He looked over his shoulder as a purple skinned twi'lek came running past him. She was wearing typical athletic gear, a simple shirt and shorts, her lekku held together with an elastic band so they didn't swing around and bash against things.

    As she got out a head of him he marveled at the fact that she almost looked exactly it couldn't be. It couldn't be the woman that had been running though his mind for the past few minutes. Taking a breath he pushed himself to move a little faster to catch up. He had to know. It was hard going, given that she was a professional athlete and likely did workouts that made his look moderate. He eventually caught up to her.

    "On your right." He said coming up next to her. Though he was starting to get out of breath just catching up to her. Taking a quick look to her he confirmed what he thought...It was her, it was Zara Bell'ator. Was it fate or just really, really lucky timing. Either way, before he knew it he was running alongside her unconsciously following her route.

    "Haven't seen you on this route before." She said arching her brow a little.

    "I just took it today." Arkos replied starting to find a second wind, though he would likely need a third or a fourth to keep pace. "I promise this is a coincidence." He said realizing the situation he now found himself in.

    "It's fine." She said keeping pace with him now clearly slowing down. He arched his brow at this, he had slowed down in part so he didn't kill himself trying to keep up with her, and to just let her get on with her workout. His curiosity was satisfied he was content to leave it at that. She was just out here doing a workout, didn't need him interrupting that. The fact she was still with him was odd.

    "Don't slow down on my account." Arkos said. "You're the one that has to run up and down a limmie field."

    "I don't mind having a running buddy." She shot back staying next to him.

    "I don't think I'll be that good of a running buddy if you're going to slow down for me all the time."

    "I think you can keep up." They settled into a quiet sort of companionship though he couldn't help but notice that she was going faster.

    "Don't." He pleaded as he kept up with her.

    "Don't what?" she said with that bright smile on her face.

    "Don't...pick up...the...pace." He answered between heaving breaths.

    "Oh come on soldier boy, it's not that hard." The light tone to her words did little to tamp down the pain he was starting to feel in his legs. Though he soldiered on, because well, it was a competition now. A challenge had been set, was he just going to let it sit there? "I mean unless you enjoy the view from back there." His brain took a moment to parce her words, then even longer to realize that he'd fallen behind her.

    The view was in fact amazing, but more amazing was that fact that...was she flirting with him?

    He picked up his pace again, and then again, and again, each time matching her as she started to run faster and faster. His body started to hurt, his spleen sending throbbing pains from his side. He kept up for maybe a moment or two before he lost his step and just had to stop. With thudding steps he came to a stop putting his hands on his knees and bending over panting.

    "You ok?" The half back asked walking over to him.

    "Me...I'm...I'm fine...this is...this is...nothing." That was a lie, and they both knew it.

    As he was catching his breath he looked to his left, it was a store front, a showroom for new speederbikes.

    "Wow." he said looking at the shiny black speed bike that sat just on the other side of the glass. "Must be…" He swallowed hard. "The new Shadow line...heard they were bringing it back."

    "You ride?" Zara asked, he could see her reflection in the glass window, the view from there was pretty good too.

    "Nothing like these." The former soldier stood up fully again. "Mine were usually a few years if not decades older and made by the lowest bidder." She gave him a slightly curious look. "I was recon, rode military bikes, they're quick yeah but nowhere near as sleek as these."

    "You still ride?"

    "No, bikes are a rich man's game, plus who needs a bike...when you can just run...everywhere."

    "I mean used models can't be that expensive."

    "Well, I guess I've just never put that much thought into it...not like the job at the bar is making me bank. Barely have enough to pay for rent and food."

    "Well, good to have dreams right? Keeps us moving forward."

    "Yeah...dreams…" He said looking her way, in someways...he was in a dream...

    TAG: @Jedi Gunny
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  6. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • BBC reports that the owners of the Bakura Miners, Ayn and Declan Trieste, were the subject of an assassination attempt en route to a political rally.
    • Both Triestes were rushed from the scene by their protection detail.
      • Their condition is currently unknown.
    • In addition to their duties as owner and Chairman of the Miners, the Triestes are also Prime Minister and Minister of State of Bakura, respectively.
      • The Bakura Miners organization have deferred all comment, directing inquiries to Marian Square, the seat of the Bakuran federal executive branch.
    TAG: None
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  7. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on another Victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Six in a row!"

    "That's right, that's right, Mercs win their sixth game in a row now on the strength of a 13 to nothing shutout of the Monarchs..."

    "First shutout for the Mercs in two years."

    "...and now sit alone in first place in the conference with three to play."

    "Pirates finally lost a game, but with still a lot of schedule left."

    "Yeah, including a pivotal matchup between the two rivals int he last week of the season."

    "Shaping up to be a fantastic finish..."

    "It is, it is, but first we need to talk a bit about this game."

    "Sure, sure."

    "Like Kitterich said, first shutout since 297 and this one was just the sort of game you love Justin, a defensive effort from both sides."

    "Huge contrast from last week's shootout against the Miners, and yeah I love to see games like this, especially the work done by the Mercs on the defensive side of the ball."

    "Probably one of the easier shutouts a goalkeeper is ever going to have too."

    "Yeah, it really was. the backs in front of her played really stout defense and limited the Monarchs chances. Norm ally a shutout is on the 'keeper, but this one was on the backs, especially Carlasson and Kol who just played brilliantly there in the backfield."

    "And on the other side the Mercs offense was kept mostly in check by the Monarchs slow style of play, though once again the duo of Carp and Aug did well..."

    "Carp with a goal and Aug with a pair of bar points, one to start the scoring and the other finish out the first half..."

    "He was kept scoreless the entire second half though, which was when Carp scored her three."

    "...though it was Hurtle with four on a goal and a bar point who set the pace for the Mercs and led all scorers."

    "Man you get Bakurans..."

    "Or at least graduates of Bak10 schools."

    "...and Mandalorians together and it's an unstoppable force."

    "You hear that @Trieste ? There are some plot threads that need to be pulled there!"

    "Sure, sure."

    "This game, such a different one from the last as you mentioned, and I think it really shows that the Mercs can win in various ways."

    "Which bodes well for them going forward through the remainder of the season."

    "Speaking of which, a six and one record also bodes well for them as they pick back up with the second half of the in conference schedule...

    "Officers and then the Gangbusters who aren't the new kid on the block anymore after a few of their own hard fought victories, before finishing up against the Pirates, this season is headed for an epic finish..."

    TAG: @SWNerd11
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  8. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Ayn Trieste, Prime Minister of Bakura and owner of the Bakura Miners, has been assassinated in Cape Suzette, Bakura.
    • Trieste, 50, was pronounced dead on the prime ministerial shuttle leaving the scene.
      • She is survived by her husband, Declan, Minister of State of Bakura.
    • Marian Square reports that the assassin was killed on the spot by federal marshals on the Prime Minister’s security detail.
    • Shay Dionne, General Manager of the Miners, spoke to the media in her role as the most senior leader of the team:
      • “I am beyond words.”
      • “We have been a family-owned team for 90 years. What happened today has gutted us.”
      • “The only thing I can say is that we will play on Primeday against Rydonni Prime. Not because it’s what Ayn wanted or because we’re playing for her, but because it’s the standard she always set for us. Play all 60 minutes and drive up the field even if you’re down by 30.”
    • BBC Sports reports ownership of the Miners is unclear in the wake of Ayn Trieste’s death due to mechanics of the trust that holds the Trieste family assets.
    TAG: @SWNerd11
  9. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    OOC: OK, well this news pales in comparison to the above, but here goes anyway...

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Championship week has come and gone and boy was it ever a good one, lot's of drama to talk about there while we wait on for the final rankings from HSN."

    "Going to be a lot of movement here at the end..."

    "Yeah, anything goes from here on out."

    "We'll start at the top where number three Bison lost a heartbreaker to number 14 University of Onderon Rupings 27 to 21 in the BIG 20 Championship game."

    "Hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago Bison was number one..."

    "They are still a lock for the tournament though they might fall out of the top five."

    "And UOR might break into the top ten!"

    "I wouldn't go that far."

    "Well if Bison falls out of the top five, look for number four Cloud City University, Bespin to fall even farther after losing the RAAC 10 title game to number 13 Zehava College, Melida/Daan 25 to 19..."

    "CCU another team still sure to be in the tournament I think, though once again you have a bubble team in Zehava that bolstered their resume and guaranteed themselves a shot as well.

    "The hits just kept on coming for top five tams as number five Royal College of Hapes also went down 20 to 12, this time to number 22 Nessem University in the Rim10 championship."

    "Guess Nessem won't be ranked 22nd any longer..."

    "Yeah they look to move up, though I doubt it's enough to earn them a playoff spot."

    "Still, three of the top five losing is going to be good news for non Power Five teams like UBCS in the Bak10 or even Chiss teams like Csilla and Sposia Med..."

    "Madame Trieste might just hold off on expansion for now when she sees that."

    "I think she has bigger things on her mind right now."

    "No doubt, and as mentioned earlier in the broadcast our thoughts are with the Trieste family and the people of Bakura right now."

    "Closer to home, though for once not here on Mandalore the SEC title game saw number 10 Verpine Tech hold off unranked University of Euceron 28 to 24."

    "Tech didn't help themselves out much there, but didn't hurt themselves either. That's a playoff bound school."

    "And of course, the one Justin has been waiting for."

    "Oh yeah!"

    "Number 12 The Ord Sabaok University defeated number nine College of Fondordelphia 16 to 12 for the Super16 crown."

    "StarBucks all the way!"

    "They might run into one another again in the tournament, because both should still make the playoff."

    "Go Bucks!"

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    Final Regular Season HSN Top 25 (LW)

    1. University of Kashyyyk (1)
    2. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa (2)
    3. UB Cape Suzette (6)
    4. University of Bison (3)
    5. Cloud City University, Bespin (4)
    6. Royal College of Hapes (5)
    7. University of Csilla (7)
    8. Sposia Medical University (8)
    9. Verpine Technical Institute (10)
    10. The Ord Sabaok University (12)
    11. Zehava College, Melida/Daan (13)
    12. University of Onderon Rupings (14)
    13. University of Evenvale (11)
    14. College of Fondordelphia (9)
    15. Nessem University (22)
    16. Keldabe Military Institute (15)
    17. University of Zeltros (16)
    18. Druckenwell Technical University (17)
    19. Chandrila A&M University (18)
    20. Tiarest University (19)
    21. University of Kuat (20)
    22. Gargarrump University, Kashyyyk (21)
    23. University of Ool (23)
    24. University of Coruscant (24)
    25. University of Wroona (25)

    299 GCAA BoloBall Champiosnhip Playoffs: The Starting 16

    • Nylonite Bowl: #1 University of Kashyyyk vs. #16 Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    • Jogan Bowl: #2 Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa vs. #15 Nessem University
    • Republic Bowl: #3 UB Cape Suzette vs. #14 College of Fondordelphia
    • Papa Palpatine Bowl: #4 University of Bison vs. #13 University of Evenvale
    • Incom Bowl: #5 Cloud City University, Bespin vs. #12 University of Onderon Rupings
    • Bank of the Core Bowl: #6 Royal College of Hapes vs. #11 Zehava College, Melida/Daan
    • SoroSuub Bowl: #7 University of Csilla vs. #10 The Ord Sabaok University
    • Mining Guild Bowl: #8 Sposia Medical University vs. #9 Verpine Technical Institute (Roche Asteroids)
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  10. Runjedirun

    Runjedirun Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC Shannon Vigo

    Louise races towards the ball, she doesn’t care who’s trying to gain field position. She is on a rampage today. Louise is tall and thin. Her lengthy limbs can easily reach into a play and knock the ball loose. Her play is and has been sporadic all season. Today she is on her game. I’m so proud to be her niece this afternoon.

    While I have all eyes on Louise my cousin Cammie has made another discovery. “We scored 8 points. That’s the second time this season we won and both times we scored 8 points. 8 was Daddy’s number.” Cammie is 17 and too old to call her father Daddy. Since he passed away I don’t think I can correct her on that. Besides it is a rather fascinating coincidence.

    Even if it was only our second win it felt good. If we can beat Coruscant next week perhaps there’s a chance. A chance our season doesn’t end on week 10. It’s a small chance, but we have to beat Coruscant next week and leaving the stadium that evening after the win against Euceron. Next week seems a lifetime away.

    Friday night is the first swim meet of the season. I’m not wanted on the team and I know it. The coach asked me to quit. My teammates have asked me to quit. And when I show up in the locker room there’s a note on my locker. It says CHEATER. Naomi is livid. I’m scared. I don’t want to be called a cheater, I didn’t cheat. What’s going to happen when I get on the starting block? Will my own teammates boo me?

    That’s exactly what happens. I get up on the block for my first race and I hear boos. Boos coming from my own sideline. Then I hear cheers. I glance over and see my Aunt Louise standing and cheering for me in the bleachers. My fathers’ are clapping too. Naomi of course joins them and stands on our bench, “Go Shannon!” she hollers.

    When the horn sounds I dive in and race as fast as I can. I swim like I’ve never swam. I do my best to judge when I am close enough to the wall to execute my flip turn. Somehow I’m too close, probably because I’m swimming faster than usual. I manage a tight ball and execute a salvageable turn. I know it could have been better, that I could have gotten more speed off the wall if I hadn’t been so close. There’s no time to think about what should have been. I stroke my arms and kick my feet as fast as I can. I don’t really know where my competition is, I just swim for the wall ahead of me.

    When I lift my head out of the water I hear a loud, “Hell Yea!” It’s my Aunt Louise and that’s how I know I must have won. I look around to see the next swimmer in my heat just finishing. I did it, I won my heat. I can’t believe it.

    I only swim in one other event and I win that as well. The meet isn’t close, our team wins by a landslide. My points don’t arguably make a difference. After the meet my dad’s, Louise, Naomi and one of her mother’s (her real mom) all go out for ice cream. Some heads turn, people stare that’s normal. They could be staring because Louise is a pro athlete, or someone recognizes my dad as the team owner or because a group of humans is with a Mon Cal. I always tend to think it’s me, but it’s not always me.

    Louise says she’s so proud of me. Her words mean so much. I think her and I do have more in common than I initially thought. There’s just one thing I can’t shake. I wish I was human like her. I wish my big fin like feet would shrink into human feet. I wish my head would be a normal human size. Louise could wear a wig or ball cap and mix in with anyone on Ralltiir. Even my dad can go out in a hoodie and not be recognized. I’m always noticeable. I’m always different and I hate it. Even being good at swimming doesn’t make me feel good about me. Those other swimmers will still hate me on Monday. Or any other day. Even if there’s a close meet and I do score the winning point. They’ll never like me. Because I’m Mon Cal.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential to kick off the second set of conference play to Bakura, Carratos, Geonosis*, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir. To explain the asterisk, yes, Jedi in the Pumas didn't make a solo post this week, but I believe if you trawl old posts I established that posts that include collaboration between two or more players qualify for bonus potential for both teams. If I didn't establish that...well, I'm not in the business of penalizing people for spending time interacting. :D If the rules need to be updated to reflect this, they will be soon. ;)

    299 Week 8 Results
    Carratos Pirates at Geonosis Gangbusters (24-42)
    Euceron Officers at Mando’ade Mercs (0-32)
    Coruscant Senators at Ralltiir Starkillers (6-9)
    Bakura Miners at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (1-16)

    And as you can guess, Geonosis did receive its max out rolls this week for getting a 40.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @SWNerd11 @The Jedi in the Pumas
  12. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Sandskimmers (28) Crusaders (28) Sky Captains and (28) Bandits (28)

    Skimmer Ade League Eight Results
    Atzerri Bandits @ Kamino Waves (13-4)
    Commenor Gundarks @ Concordia Crusaders (16-8)
    Thyferra Force @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (25-1)
    Cloud City Sky Captains @ Cantonica Golden Knights (26-4)

    @galactic-vagabond422 @Bardan_Jusik @Jedi Gunny @Trieste @SWNerd11
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Olivar Kirt announces he will participate in the 300 ELL Entry Draft.
    • "What's the worst that happens? I don't get drafted? Yeah, that ruined my mom's life."
    • BBC Sports analyst (wait, what, its' Horst Penn? OK, we guess he's an analyst): "Olivar's a good player. I mean, he took PCNS from worst-to-first in a season in his freshman season. I didn't even do that at U of A. Sure, he never quite put it together again in his other three seasons--mainly because he ran into the juggernaut at UBCS that his mom created, which was super awkward--but he also didn't have an amazing team around him. You put him on an ELL roster and he could really shine. Like he might need sunglasses!"
      • "Why not go to the Miners as a free agent? Good question. I ask the best questions! I bet if it's just to see how high he'd go. Maybe a little family rivalry, especially with his sister maybe getting drafted in four years?"
      • "He also probably wants to play, day one. It's not a given he would if he signed with the Miners. Ever since Dionne made the SkimmerAde affiliation deal with the Sky Captains, she's been routinely seasoning her players on Cloud City. Not that that's a bad thing: look at Jimsey Vigo just busting it up with the Miners. Well maybe not last week, but other weeks he was on fire! If Olivar signed with the Miners, he'd probably wind up on Cloud City. Not that that's a bad thing: his mom played there for a season on a Miners contract when she got her first pro deal. He's just got a better shot at going straight to the ELL if he goes with a draft contract."
      • "And if you look at the Miners' contract situation--which by the way I have here on my handy board with all these sticky notes...which just blew away. Man, that's going to make this harder. I'm pretty sure if you look at it, the Miners are locked in at forward with only Quinn and Superspy on expiring contracts. I think it's a given Quinn re-signs. She bleeds blue and gold. Well, I think she does. I slept through my biology classes at U of A. Anyways, Alexa's been really, really good in the Miner offense. I mean, they've only gotten better each year they've had her in it. I think the Miners will want to resign her. That doesn't give Olivar a lot of opportunities to make a day one impact."
      • "Also, I can't remember if one of Shay Dionne's cards had his name on it. There were a lot of names there and that I was before I knew that a reporter is supposed to take notes."
    TAG: Draftheads everywhere ;)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Horst Penn
    Live from 4th Fleet Memorial Field at Monarchs Stadium, Ryell, Rydonni Prime

    “Welcome to the BBC Sports’ presentation of Miners limmie. I’m Lun Selayen,” the play-by-play announcer said without any of his usual enthusiasm or bombast. He was visibly depressed today.

    “The Miners take the field today under a pall of tragedy, one you can almost feel, after the tragic events in Cape Suzette earlier this week,” Aerax said grimly. “While the death of Prime Minister Trieste has produced an outpouring of emotion across the planet, the loss must weigh heavily on the Miners themselves given Ayn Trieste’s personal involvement with the team as owner. For more on that, we go to Horst Penn at field level.”

    “Are we sure that’s what Bakura needs right now?” Lun protested weakly.

    The feed cut to a somber Horst, who wore a black armband on his right arm over the mustard sports jacket. “Thank you Aerax. The mood in the Miners locker room is muted today, but several players went out of their way to tell me that though the loss of the Prime Minister has hit them hard, it’s only made them more determined to play their best today. I spoke at length with Harle Quinn this morning.”

    They cut to the Horst and the Zeltron in the permacrete corridor of Monarchs Stadium. She was wearing the all-yellow uniform that the road team traditionally wore in the Blue & Gold Bowl. With her pink skin and red hair, she looked like a package of candy. It made the black armband on her left arm stand out all the more.

    “Harle, you were born on Bakura, you play for the Miners. What are you thinking about today?” Horst asked.

    “This has been a hard week,” Harle said, one of her lips trembling. She bit it, as if that would stop her emotions, and then took a deep breath. “I mean, Mrs. T was always there, even if she was never there, ya know? I’ve been thinkin’ a lot about it and I keep coming back to my rookie season when we were doin’ the protestin’ and I was puttin’ my fist in the air. And there was this one game at home where Mr. and Mrs. T came down to the field and I thought, ‘Oh here we go. She’s gonna stand there and dare us to do it, be all intimidatin’ and stuff,’ and then she puts her fist up and she’s basically sayin’ to the whole galaxy, ‘We ain’t gonna stand for this Sith--’ wait, sorry forgot about the kids-- ‘We ain’t gonna stand for this stuff. It don’t matter if you shoot some kid with purple skin or horns or a nose that’s got an opposable thumb, because when you shoot at them, you shoot at me, the Prime freakin’ Minister.’ Gosh, I think I’m gonna cry just thinkin’ about it again. Look what you made me do! I gotta play limmie and now I’m gonna be a waterworks! Can’t you do somethin’ all funny and Horst-like?”

    “ what?” Horst asked, his mind going blank.

    “I dunno,” Harle said, barely keeping it together. “Tell me what you had for breakfast or somethhin’.”

    “Oh, well that’s easy. I started with a box of Sugar Bombs with chocolate milk,” Horst said, immediately getting caught up in the question and forgetting his sorrow. “That’s a pretty regular breakfast, but today’s gameday so I need extra energy. I had half a bag of Chocopuffs while getting dressed, but that’s only because I eat the other half in the speeder to the stadium. And just before I came over here I had my regular two Rancor Energy Drinks. However, I’m supposed to do the field interview with Lun and Aerax soon, so I better have a third so I don’t fall asleep on camera,” Horst said.

    Harle hugged him. “Oh Horsty. We need more like you in the galaxy.”

    “Harle Quinn with thoughts before today’s game,” Horst said, looking at the camera as if he wasn’t being hugged by a Zeltron at that moment.

    They returned to Horst on the sidelines. “Full hearts in the locker room today,” he said. “The Miners say that they’re going to use it to power their play today, but with so much emotion they’ll have to be careful that they don’t let it get in the way of the game. Lun and Aerax?”

    The feed cut to a side-by-side of Horst on the field and the broadcast booth where Lun was sobbing in the overdramatic way that only he could. “That--bwaahhhbwahh--was--bwahuhuhuhuh--so--bwahuhuh--beautiful,” he said, blowing loudly into a handkerchief.

    “Truly inspiring words from the assistant captain,” Aerax agreed, wiping a tear from her own eye. “Horst, the Prime Minister was your cousin in-law. Anything you’d like to share about her for the viewers at home?”

    “Actually, yes,” Horst said, looking into the camera. “The Prime Minister was my wife’s cousin in-law, so I think we’re either cousins-in-in-law, or cousins in-law-law, or cousins-in-in-law-law, or cousins-in-law-twice-removed. If somebody knows, I’d appreciate them explaining it to me because my wife’s family is super confusing.” Horst scratched his head. “Anyways, that’s not what I wanted to say.

    “What I wanted to say was that a while ago we were having dinner with Ayn and her family at my mother in-law’s house--which I guess was technically Ayn’s house and my in-laws just get to live there--well anyways we were having dinner and afterwards we were in the library and I was looking at one of the holobooks that has the best pictures in it--you know, the sort with lots of things exploding and laser bolts flying everywhere--with Quill and all of a sudden Ayn pats my shoulder while we’re sitting there and says, ‘I don’t care what anyone else says, Horst, you’re a good man and a better father.’ She never did tell me what anyone else says, but that other part… reminded me of the sort of thing that people say back home on Agamar and it was probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. Except maybe Trixie’s wedding vows, which were pretty awesome.” Despite the memory of his wedding day, Horst started sniffing loudly, as if trying to forestall his own grief.

    “Hey, Horst, it’s OK,” Aerax said gently as the feed switched to a split-screen.

    “Is he crying too?” Lun asked in between his own loud sobs, apparently unable to see anything in the throes of despair.

    “I’m not crying,” Horst protested as tears began to trail down his face. “I’m just allergic to sadness.”

    “Horst! Horrrrrrrrst!” Lun called through the blindness of his watery eyes. “Join me up here in this glass cage of emotion!”

    “Maybe just stay there,” Aerax suggested kindly, “and let’s all just take a commercial break to gather ourselves before kickoff.”

    “You can’t help but think that the recent events overshadowed things for the Miners here today,” Aerax said. “Though they turned in a decent defensive performance, the offense lacked the spark it usually has.”

    “Offensive coordinator Vesper Lynd certainly found some holes in her old team today,” Lun agreed. “From those Miner fans in attendance, we got one of those rarer fan anthems, Rare Auld Times, today. You usually only hear it when the game’s out of reach, as it was in the second half today.”

    “Usually not a good day when you hear it, but it’s one I’ve always loved,” Aerax said. “Stays with you. It’s a love song from the fans to the team. Salis D’aar, even all of Bakura, might change or fade away, but they’ll still be there for the players.”

    “Horst, anything you’d like to say to close things up today?” Lun asked.

    They cut to Horst at field level. “I’m here with captain Bree Veers. Bree, what do you want to improve upon for next week’s game against the Senators, the last home game of the season?”

    “I’m not here to answer questions. I’m here for you, buddy,” Bree said before giving Horst a hug.

    “Uh, thank you,” Horst said, surprised.

    Veers moved off and was replaced by Marnie Blake. “Hey you.” She too hugged Horst.

    Stephana Adiims, another defender he’d play with, squeezed him next. “It’s gonna be OK, Horst.”

    It turned out the entire Miners team had come over to comfort their former teammate and sideline reporter with embraces. Alexa Superspy wordlessly hugged him, patting him on the back as she did so.

    “So I usually don’t do hugs, but I’m going to make an exception for you,” Bast Amun said, lightly embracing Horst. “Just don’t go expecting this every week now, OK?”

    Angelo Sorano clasped Horst next. “Sun’s gonna rise again tomorrow, big man.”

    “We’re going to get through this together,” Jimsey Vigo said, his large Ithorian hands ideal for a good hug.

    “We’re your family too,” Gasket said.

    “Chin up,” David McConnor said.

    “You’re too good-looking to cry, my friend,” Grady Owens said as he gave Horst the patented bro hug of an embrace and three pats on the back.

    “I love you Horsty,” Harle Quinn said as she nearly lifted Horst, a much larger being than her, off the ground with her embrace.

    “My heart breaks for you and your family,” Arin Kaah said.

    Teane, Hipall, and Slid Kik, all of whom had followed Horst on the Miners’ defense, gathered around him for a group hug. “Playing every minute for you,” Kik, who inhabited Horst’s old full back position, said for the group.

    “Horst, I’m so sorry,” Han Tunross said. They went back a long, long time and it was only chance that put the old team doctor here now to be able to express such thoughts to Horst.

    “Come here you,” Leigh Cavanaugh said, as she pulled Horst into a hug.

    “Bring it in, big man,” Shay Dionne said, motioning to Horst as she came forward. “In case you didn’t figure it out, we’re all with you.”

    With the last of the Miners gone, Horst looked back at the camera. “Well...uhhh...guess I’m not doing an interview this time around. Sorry team.”

    “But you’re not done yet.”

    Horst turned to find Vesper Lynd approaching. “You big galoot.” She hugged him hard. “This game was for you.”

    “But you beat the Miners into the middle of next week,” Horst said with confusion.

    “Astute as ever, I see,” Vesper said with a smile. “See you back home.” She patted him a couple of times on the chest before heading off.

    “Yeah, we’ll see all you fans back home next week,” Horst said. “Until then.”

    TAG: @SWNerd11
  15. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cloudy and cool Victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "They did it, they did it!" Justin was exuberant.

    "That they did, that they did, and on the strength of their second straight shut out too."

    "I love it! Love it!"

    "In case you don't know what we're talking about, the Mercs set a franchise record winning streak yesterday posting a 32 to zero win over the Officers that was their seventh in a row, beating the previous record, a six game winning streak back in 290..."

    "Wait, this guy is basically our GM and we're on an unprecedented winning streak?" Liz mused. "I've seen this one before."

    "What are you on about now?"

    "Never mind, it ended badly for him."

    "I have no idea what you're talking about."

    "It's OK, they probably don't either."

    "Who is they?"

    "They know who they are."

    One could almost hear Randy's eye roll over the wave as he moved on. "You're crazy..." he began before Justin interjected.

    "You know what's crazy?"

    "What's that?"

    "I don't know if I am more excited about the streak or the fact that the Mercs just put together back to back shut outs for the first time in franchise history."

    "Getting even one shutout in a season is hard enough, much less two in the same year, for them to be back to back, yeah I agree it's almost unheard of."

    "And the way they did it, once again the defense was amazing of course..."

    "But that offense, this time led by Aug with 13, just seemed unstoppable."

    "Every time you looked the Mercs had possession, Officers just couldn't generate any offense of their own because they never could hold on to the ball long enough."

    "It was the Mercs most complete and dominating performance of the year and cements them as the class of the league right now..."

    "I don't want to get too far ahead of myself here..."

    "Which means you're about to."

    "...but in GM Vizsla's last year with the team, this may be the best Mercs team he has assembled for us yet."

    "They seem to have no weaknesses, at least right now, that's for sure..." Randy seemed to be trying to talk Justin down a bit.

    "I get it, and nothing is guaranteed in the playoffs, the best team doesn't always..."

    "That's if they even make the playoffs," Randy cut Justin off.

    "They did make the playoffs." Kitterich took his turn to interject now.

    "They did?"

    "The three letter network didn't say anything..."

    "They're a little busy now what with the Miner's situation..."

    "Such a tragedy..."

    "Mand'alor's gesture of solidarity though was a good one."

    "Sure, sure."

    "Yes, they did." Kitterich continued after the somber digression. "Worst they can do now is go seven and three, and that's if they lose the last two games to the Gangbusters and Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "While the best the Pirates can do is also seven and three."

    "They would win the tie breaker then against the Mercs."

    "Most likely."

    "But that's the worst the Mercs could do, second place."

    "Who is..."

    "Gangbusters are third, and the best they can do is six and four if they win out."

    "Which isn't good enough to pass the Mercs."

    "Nope, they can still catch or surpass the Pirates, but not the Mercs."


    "We're talking playoffs!"

    "By the manda that joke is so old."

    "Though the Mercs still have plenty to play for as the season winds down, potentially even a Commissioner's Trophy and home field advantage throughout the post season..."

    TAG: No One
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold and rainy Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt for our college bolo ball bracket buster special! I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "We got us a heckuva Starting 16 this year..."

    some time later...

    "Look I get it, it's a popular homer pick for listeners to our show, but there no way, no way, KMI goes for the three peat..."


    "Shab, we both have them losing in the first round."

    "They were lucky to even make the tournament field really, and sorry to disappoint the homers, but I don't think they have much of a chance."

    "Speaking of some homer picks, we've got a guy on the line sure to have some of his own..."

    "Among other eccentric picks."

    " favorite BBC sports analyst and yours..."

    "Oh yeah!"

    "...Mr. Horst Penn. Welcome to the show Horst!"

    “Hello Pit!” Horst paused. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Pits? What’s the collective for a pit? I know my animal collectives, but not my waveshow collectives. That should have been a course at U of A.” It was a little hard to hear him due to background noise of conversation and music.

    “Hey Horst, where are you right now?”

    “Are you at a party or something?”

    “Yeah! I’m at Ayn’s wake right now!”

    “That’s not--”

    “Uhhh, Horst? I’m not sure that qualifies as a party,” Justin said, talking over Randy.

    “Apparently on Bakura it’s kind of a party! I mean, I’ve seen less alcohol in the Stacked Deck.”

    “Hold up. You’ve been inside the Stacked Deck? And walked out alive?!”

    “Well, I’ve seen pictures of it and it doesn’t look like they’ve got this much booze.”

    “That make more sense.”

    “Phew, @galactic-vagabond422 was about to have an aneurysm for a second.”

    “Anyways, I heard the show likes playoff brackets and I wanted to make sure I got mine in before I forgot about it.”

    “And you’re doing this at your cousin in-law’s wake?”


    “That...actually makes complete sense. OK, who have you got?”

    “So I realize this probably isn’t going to be popular with most of your listeners, but I’ve got Kashyyyk in the Nylonite Bowl. Then there’s VCU in the Jogan Bowl. I’m taking Fondordelphia in the Republic Bowl. They’re way better than their ranking. They were fifth two weeks ago, right? Bison in the Papa Palpatine Bowl--another team that’s super duper good. Cloud City in the Incom Bowl, also a better team than their ranking. I really like Zehava in Bank of the Core. I’m going to go Ord Saboak--”

    The Ord Saboak University!”

    “University in the SoroSuub and that just leaves Sposia in the Mining Guild. It’d be really funny if a bunch of doctors won a bowl game. I mean, their stethoscope-thingies would make it hard to play! So let’s see...if my math is right and I put everyone in the right place in the brackets, that would be Kashyyyk vs. Sposia. I say let the Wookiees win! And then it’s Bison vs. Cloud City--wow, that’s like the Bak12 title game!”

    “That’s not know what, never mind.”

    “I say Cloud City! Boom! So then it’s VCU vs. Ord Saboak--”

    The Ord Saboak University!”

    “And I’m going to go with Ord Saboak.”

    The Ord Saboak University!”

    “Which just leaves...Fondordelphia vs….Zehava. I say Fondordelphia! So for the quintessential quartet--that’s the term for it right?--I’m taking...Cloud City annnnnnnnnd...Ord Saboak.”

    The Ord Saboak University!”

    “So between Ord Saboak--”

    The Ord Saboak University!”

    “@Trieste clearly wants to just make Justin say ‘The’ all the time at this point.”

    “--and Cloud City I’m going to go with...Cloud City!”

    “Now that was just a missed opportunity.”

    “There you have it! All the results from the GCAA playoffs!”

    “That...that’s not how brackets work.”

    “Of course it isn’t! That’s because this is completely wrong Horst!”

    “Chancellor Trieste? Is that you?”

    “Yes, of course it’s me.” There was the sound of a small scuffle, as if someone was wresting a commlink away from someone else. “And look, here’s the only bracket you’re going to need.”

    “Before you much have you been drinking, Chancellor?”

    “I don’t know. Ask Beskaryc. We were doing shots a while back. I’m sure he was counting.”

    “Wait the Manda’lor is--”

    Kerry barrelled forward. “OK, let’s just go down the line here. Kashyyyk. Verpine Tech. Evenvale. Duh. Onderon. VCU. Csilla.”

    “Awwww. We don’t get to hear ‘The’ anymore.”

    “UBCS. Hapes. Next round: Kashyyyk, Evenvale, Csilla, UBCS. Final four--that’s what it’s called Horst--Evenvale and UBCS. Of course. And UBCS to take it all. We saw that when they played. Blue Birds have it this season. Boom. That felt good. I’m going to go have another drink.”

    “That sounded...decisive…”

    “Maybe not that scientific, but certainly authoritative.”

    “Notice how she didn’t pick Cloud City or Bison? Might be an indication of things to come.”

    “Good point.”

    “Hey Horst, you still there?”


    TAG: @Trieste who actually wrote the bulk of this and did all the heavy lifting. he's just being gracious and allowing me to post it. If anyone else wants to call in before the Starting 16 scores are posted this Saturday, please feel free!
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • HSN confirms that Mercs have qualified for Galactic Cup playoffs.
    • HSN analyst: “Ugh, we got scooped by a wave show.”
    • HSN does not project any other team has been eliminated going into Week 9.
    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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  18. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Arkos Tathin

    It was another down day two losses in a row for the Pirates against the new team the Gangbusters, a team they handled earlier in the season but it looked like the other team got it together. Many bottles of rum were killed that night. It felt like the season was slipping away, they were so close to the playoffs, they couldn't afford another loss. Oddly Arkos found himself getting involved getting worked up as the Pirates tried to get a rally going, and disheartened when the Gangbusters scored.

    He even remembered leaning over the bar to get a closer look as Zara made a play on the ball trying to stop yet another goal. Then taking a shot of rum when she failed to do so. He'd never felt his heart be that far up in his throat watching a sporting event. It wasn't just because he was watching Zara do her best to defend. He felt like he actually cared about the team, and how they did. Something he never expected. He always saw sports as just entertainment, something to watch when you were bored and nothing else was on. Now though he could almost not tear his eyes away.

    He did because he still had a job to do but, in the lull or the moments when it looked like the Pirates were going to pull out the win, his eyes were on the holoprojector. It was odd, but he guessed that being in a place that took the sport so seriously, you either got on board or you left. It seemed he'd taken the former. Which it was so bad, there were much worse things to get involved in, this was Carratos after all, worse habits were just around the corner. But, was it a hobby? Maybe he was just distracted by the pretty lights, and the drama of it all.

    Thankfully this was the day after the game. So there was less chance of him being distracted. That is unless Zara Bella'tor walked through that door. Which wasn't a possibility right at this moment. It was just turning afternoon, she would still be at practice or taking a recovery day after a big game. The thought of her not walking in seemed to put a damper on his mood. Not that it should, she's just a patron, and a crush, it's not like anything serious is going to happen. It would be insane of him to think anything else. Right?

    The door to the bar opened and Arkos looked towards the being walking in. A human woman with darker blonde hair, and soft features. Her brown eyes swept the bar as if she was looking for something. She was wearing a nice off the shoulder top, with slightly puffy sleeves. It was cute but not usual for this type of clientele. Not that some enterprising Limmie fans didn't come to the Stacked Deck for dates. Though that was usually during games not when a game isn't on. Though there was something in the back of his head telling him he knew her.

    "Ark?" The woman asked looking at him.

    "Chryssie?" Chryssa Tathin, his sister, a sister he hadn't seen in almost a decade. She looked older, of course she did, but more than just that, she looked mature. Her dark blonde hair was shorter than he remembered, and there was an air about her.

    "I'd heard you were working out of here." She said hopping up on the bar.

    "You old enough to be here?" He asked with an arched eyebrow.

    "Ark, I'm 25, I'm old enough to rent a speeder."

    "When did that happen." He said joking only a little.

    "Oh I don't know, sometime between me going to university, and coming back out and getting a job?"

    "Oh right," she hadn't been there to welcome him home, and well, they weren't all that close, not with him constantly deployed and her always at school. They had kinda drifted apart.

    "So slinging drinks...didn't expect that."

    "What did you expect?"

    "I donno, still in the military. You liked that."

    "Well, once I got my pension there wasn't really anything else keeping me there. You have to call that career quits sometime."

    "Hummm, what do you have to drink here…" He was half tempted to say she was too young to drink but held back.

    "Rum and rum cocktails."

    "Perfect, Cyclone."

    "Aint it a little early for drinking?"

    "I'm in a bar and have a day off,"

    "Fair enough." Arkos put together the fruity drink with less rum than he usually put into it. "There you go, one Cyclone." He put the glass on the bar with a little flimsi umbrella.

    "Hum…" she took a long sip of it a thought forming behind her eyes. "don't you like get credits or something to go to university?"

    "Maybe eventually I get to it, just not right now. Besides I don't want to be the thirty-year old hanging around kids a decade younger than me."

    "Well, I mean sometimes having someone older can be nice…" She took a other sip muffling her words, "like renting a speeder for a spring break."

    "'Cuse me?" Arkos's eyebrow shot up. "My sister, getting up to mischief. I won't stand for it." His tone was clearly one of mock shock. "What would our poor mother think?"

    "You think it wasn't her plan from the beginning?"

    "Of course the criminal mastermind, Mom."

    "Hey she wanted me and my friends to have a good time."

    "Yeah sure."

    Arkos went about his job taking orders and making drinks while his sister looked around the place.

    "So, Limmie bar huh…" His sister asked when he came close by.

    "What gave it away?"

    "Oh, I don't know, the wall to wall Pirates merch."

    "Yeah, well, you put it together faster than me."

    "Is it rough not being a fan."

    "Ah, it's not that bad, they don't seem to care if I know a half back from a half forward." Though he did know what the difference

    "Oh, well that's good."

    "Yeah real good, these people take their limmie seriously, and their rum. At the very least I haven't made fun of the team when they were losing last night."

    "They get violent?"

    "I wouldn't put it past them."

    "So Pirates lost?"

    "Yeah pretty bad but, we've got a good young forwards, and Scarface has been on form so all we have to do is win our next two games and make it into the playoffs. Which would make 9 years in a row we've made it to the playoffs."

    "So much for not being a fan…" Chryssa jibbed taking another sip.

    "Just finish your drink." He said with a slight smile. She stuck her tongue out just a little before turning to her drink.

    Was he a fan? When did that happen?

    TAG: @The Jedi in the Pumas
  19. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "It's Limmie Lunacy and man did the starting Sixteen ever live up to that monikar as the upsets dominated the first round of the tournament and pretty much busted everyone's bracket!"

    "I know mine is toast."

    "Mine is...not great, not terrible."

    "To find the biggest upset, go no further than the Nylonite Bowl which saw number 16 Keldabe Military Institute defeat number one overall University of Kashyyyk 26 to 20 much to the delight of many of our listeners."

    "I had the two time defending champs losing this one..."

    "Yeah we both had that one wrong."

    "...though I know more than a few locals that have them going all the way."

    "The Jogan Bowl was scene to another unexpected upset as number 15 Nessem University defetaed number two Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa 18 to 15."

    "They have come a long way from number 22, and could be a force in this post season."

    "Order was restored for the higher seeds in the Republic Bowl, though it took overtime for number three UB Cape Suzette to overcome number 14 College of Fondordelphia."

    "That was the must watch game of the first round."

    "Tied 17 all at the end of regulation the Blue Birds scored two bar points in the over time period while only allowing a single point themselves. The Bak10 champs moving on after their 19 to 18 win over Fondordelphia."

    "Yeah, best game of the playoff so far for sure."

    "An upset was again the order of the day for the other Bak10 team in the tournament as number 13 University of Evenvale took down number four University of Bison 25 to 23 in the Papa Palpatine Bowl."

    "Bison was ranked number one for so much of the season, it was shocking to see them bumped so early from the playoffs."

    "The Incom Bowl saw yet another upset with number 12 University of Onderon Rupings winning 25 to 22 over number five Cloud City University, Bespin."

    "Was every game but the UBCS game an upset?"

    "Seems that way."

    "Bank of the Core Bowl would prove you both wrong as number six Royal College of Hapes righted the ship and beat number 11 Zehava College, Melida/Daan 24 to 18."

    "Oh, that sets up a number three and number six match up with UBCS...."

    "Two highest seeds left in the tournament."

    "And a rematch of last season's Carnation Bowl, one lost by UBCS."

    "Oh Glencross..."


    "...will be out for revenge on that one."

    "Meanwhile, near and dear to Justin's heart number ten The Ord Sabaok University defeated number seven University of Csilla 21 to 18 in the SoroSuub Bowl."

    "StarBucks going to make some noise this tournament!"

    "Well you will make noise about them anyway."

    "And in the Mining Guild Bowl, number nine Verpine Technical Institute beat number eight Sposia Medical University 20 to 14 to set up an all SEC Sienar Bowl between them and KMI."

    "No love lost between those two teams..."

    "And a bad week for the CAA as both Chiss teams are upset in the first round."

    "Lot's of good storylines for the Enduring Eight though, KMI and Verp Tech, UBCS and Hapes..."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    299 GCAA College BoloBall Champiosnhip Playoffs: The Enduring Eight

    • Sienar Bowl: #16 Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore) vs. #9 Verpine Technical Institute (Roche Asteroids)
    • Skimmer Ade Bowl: #15 Nessem University vs. #10 The Ord Sabaok University
    • Dos Iziz Bowl: #3 UB Cape Suzette vs. #6 Royal College of Hapes
    • Beskar Bowl, presented by MandalMotors: #13 University of Evenvale vs. #12 University of Onderon Rupings
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC Shannon Vigo

    We won, the mood in our house should be upbeat. It’s our first “win streak” of the season. The trouble, is the Miners lost. If we had any hope of scrummaging together a play-off birth, we needed the help of the Monarchs losing, not the Miners who are already a shoe-in. No one in our lousy division can catch them. They were the only team not putting our division to shame. The one time I actually want my brother to have a good game and he blows it. Of course, there is reason, beyond Limmie, that probably accounted for the loss.

    It’s one of those weeks. When you just want to be invisible at school because all the kids are staring at you. Everyone knows your own team booed you in the first swim meet. Everyone is expecting me to stand up for myself in some dramatic fashion. Or more predictably for my father to stand up for me. Well the father who would usually be standing up for me is distracted. Distracted by the assassination of Ayn Trieste. The assassination haunts my father, it reminds him of the murder of his own father.

    My wish to be invisible at school is unmatched by my wish to receive attention at home. As you can only imagine with the news coming out of Bakura, at home I feel forgotten. My dad has called Jimsey several times a day this week to check on him. He’s making sure my brother has security with him 24/7. This whole thing has my dad ridiculously paranoid and it happened a billion lightyears away. Seriously Bakura is about as far from here as it can possibly get. I mean I guess my brother is on that planet, but Ayn’s assassination was of political motive. It had nothing to do with the Miners.

    I don’t know how to get attention from my father right now. I’m not even interested in my father’s attention. I’m to the point where I am imagining a better life. A life where I’m a human teenager, with a family who hasn’t forgotten me and a school that’s not mocking me for my being born another species. As it turns out there are surgeries that can be done to make me more human. Trouble with surgeries like that is you have to be an adult to receive them. Or at least have consent from a guardian over 18.

    Even more troublesome is I’m consumed with this fantasy. I spend hours on the holonet reading testimonials of different species who believe their lives got better after transforming their bodies to look human. It doesn’t even occur to me that I should be working on homework or studying for my usual quizzes or tests. Naturally when I score low on a quiz “Science a concerned teacher reaches out to my dad’s.

    I get home from swim team tired and hungry. I toss my duffle bag on the sofa and head for the fridge. Ryan is sitting at the bar in the kitchen designing something on his holopad. “You okay?” He asks.

    “Fine, just hungry.” I answer.

    “Your Science teacher says your grade may be in jeopardy. That’s not like you is something wrong? Is it the kids booing you at the meet? Are they giving you a rough time at school?”

    “I don’t want to talk about it,” I try.

    “Look if you don’t want to talk that’s fine. But we could always rehearse now, because when Richard gets home he’s going to make you talk.”

    “I just got distracted,” I admit. Ryan is right. Richard isn’t going to let me walk away from this discussion and I’d rather have this talk with Ryan.

    “Can I help? Can we help? We are your dad’s. It’s our job to help you.”

    I really don’t think anyone can help me. “Just come to the meet on Friday. Do what you did last week, it does help.”

    “You don’t want surgery?” Ryan asks.

    I’m completely taken off guard. “What?”

    “I was concerned, I looked at your browsing history. You’ve looked at a lot of sites for species change, specifically to human. Sweetheart, I love you for who and what you are. You know that, right?”

    I nod, and I tear up. It feels wrong that I was looking up ways to not be me.

    “Come here,” Ryan says opening his arms.

    I’m embraced in a hug when out of nowhere we realize my other father has come in the house. “I hope I’m not too late to help,” he says from the kitchen doorway.

    “Just assuring Shannon that we love her for who she is,” Ryan says.

    “And getting to the bottom of the low Science grade?” Richard asks.

    “You know how rough things are for her right now,” Ryan says. He always has my back.

    “She can come to us for help, instead of the holo net,” Richard acts like I’m not even in the room.

    My father’s look at each other for nearly a minute there is just silence. “Shannon,” Richard says. “We’re here for you. Always. Do you need help with Science? Or is it come to the point at school that you need me to step in. I was holding back, I thought I might make it worse,” he trails off.

    “I’ll send a holonote to my Science teacher to see if I can improve the grade,” I say. I know how to solve a bad grade. If I can get my grade back up maybe the other problem will just go away. I try to head out of the kitchen and up to my room.

    “You know, your father and I we pretended to be what we weren’t in high school and we regret it,” Richard says.

    “Not just high school,” Ryan cuts in. “Well into our 20’s we kept our relationship secret.”

    That’s just it, my father’s can blend in if they want to. I can’t. Their argument makes no sense. “I can’t believe this is happening,” Richard says. “I can’t believe my little girl doesn’t feel welcome in her own school. Shannon you were born on this planet. You were raised here and you belong here. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. Do what you said and find out how you can make up the Science quiz. I’m calling your principal in the morning and you are not going to hear a word of disrespect from anyone again. You hear me,” Richard puts his arms on my shoulders. He reaches forward and kisses my forehead. “Don’t worry beautiful.”

    I’m worried. I’m very worried. The next morning I take the pups on a really long walk. I get back to the house late and Richard is anxious. “Where have you been? You’re going to be late.”

    I want to tell him to chill. We have enough time. If it was Ryan I could tell him to chill. Instead I reach for the caf pot, pour half a cup, grab the milk out of the fridge fill the other half, place the lid on my travel mug and say, “I’m ready.”

    The short flight to my school is weird. Richard parks the speeder. “What are you doing?” I ask.

    “I don’t think a call is as effective as a face to face meeting,” he tells me.

    Ugh, this is worse than I thought. Or is it? I already get stared at all day, could it get worse? Probably not.

    I see Naomi approaching our speeder. “Can I go to class?” I ask.

    “Of course,” Richard says. “I love you. Have a good day.”

    I get out of the speeder and join Naomi. I tell her about my evening. She tells me not to worry. The day is normal. Until swim practice. We are all in our suits lined up to hop in and start practice. “Go have a seat on the bleachers,” Coach says.

    Coach stands in front of us. He paces a minute, finally he clears his throat, “I’ve been coaching you all as individuals. We are a team. If anyone doesn’t treat every member of this team with respect. You’re off the team. Questions?”

    No one says anything. Practice is pretty good. Naomi and I share a lane. She’s an average swimmer. I don’t think anything has changed, but at least the coach finally acknowledged what happened last week.

    Friday night we get to our meet and I notice two of my teammates aren’t showing up. The girl who started the whole mess and one of her friends. Later after the meet I find out she transferred schools. Louise puts it best, “She was so afraid of losing to you she ran away. Just like they run away from me on the Limmie field.” She adds. Louise has a huge ego for someone who has been ostracized almost as much as me in life.

    I could learn a lot from her. I’m trying. Saturday afternoon we go pick up Naomi. She’s smiling ear to ear. Her mother comes out and talks to Richard for a moment, I hear her say “Thank you.” About 5 times. We are taking Naomi to Rydonni Prime with us. An away game with a friend. I realize my life is way cool. We sit next to each other on the flight and we study together. I am still catching up in a couple of classes. Seems like I’ve been playing catch up all semester. High school is kicking my butt.

    When we land we have some time to explore the hotel together. We order room service and rent a holo in our room. The next morning we hit the books again, then it’s off to the stadium. We have regular seats. I watch Louise warm up. She’s so confident. No sign of the nervousness she should be feeling. You know we still have a chance. If we win and the Senators loose. Of course, my brother needs to win and then next week we have to beat him. Wow, that could be a tense game.

    I remind myself to stop thinking ahead. To just enjoy the moment. I’m here on Rydonni Prime with my best friend. I’m probably the luckiest Mon Cal in this galaxy.

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  21. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Deon Canistia
    -En route to the Arena

    Beating the pirates had him on a high for the past week. They were sitting at 4-4, still on the borderline of not making the playoffs. Admittedly, he had coasted for the last week and lost focus. Late nights, more trips on the apology tour for the incident on Coruscant, and he was dealing with a nagging injury to his hand.

    They had dominated the Pirates and Deon had earned a player of the game call out by Coach and the media. Multiple forced turnovers, a few goals, and some prime time stops. The pirates had ran them over in the previous meeting. Last week was a statement win. The Gangbusters were not just some pushover team.

    Today however... they were going up against the best team, The Mercs. The same Mercs that had pushed their wigs in earlier in the season. They were on a roll and, with the hand injury, Deon was not 100% confident that he would be as effective as last week.

    “Kriff it.” He said as he grabbed his bag and put on his glasses before stepping off the bus. He flashed a big cathar smile. The butterflies were in his stomach. Weird.

    But it was game time, his time... It was time to give the fans what they wanted. The distractions disappeared as he began the walk through the press and fans. No worries about the models and singers he had not responded to, the worries from his mother, the pressure from his teammates and fans...

    This is your game. This is your season. The previous wins mean nothing.

    Make something happen on the field today.


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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential in what could be a big week for Bakura, Carratos, Geonosis, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir.

    299 Week 9 results
    Euceron Officers at Carratos Pirates (17-41)
    Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners (17-28)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (27-19)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Geonosis Gangbusters (41-22)

    HSN Headlines
    • Mando'ade Mercs win 299 Commissioner's Trophy.
      • Mercs will host the Galactic Cup Final if they win the Skywalker Conference championship game.
    • HSN projects Bakura Miners have secured the top seed in the Solo Conference.
    • HSN projects Carratos Pirates have secured final Skywalker Conference playoff spot.
      • HSN analyst: "With both the Mercs and Pirates going absolutely nuts on offense today, it's shaping up to be an incredible Skywalker Conference championship."
    • HSN projects Rydonni Prime Monarchs are eliminated from Galactic Cup Playoffs
    • HSN projects Ralltiir Starkillers secure final Galactic Cup playoff spot with a win against Bakura
      • Starkillers can also clinch with a Coruscant loss in Week 10
      • In the event of a Starkillers loss and Senators win in Week 10, teams will be tied in overall record and head-to-head record. Coruscant will win on conference record.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    HSN Headlines

    • Bakura Miners organization announces that Declan Trieste is the new owner of the team.
      • Under instructions left by his deceased wife, Declan inherited the trust of family assets that includes the Miners.
    • Declan previously owned the Miners via this trust from 286-289.
      • The Miners won the Galactic Cup under his ownership in 287.
    • Miners announced that Regan Eldred, Chief Justice of the Bakuran Supreme Court, will serve as Chairwoman of the Miners, effective immediately.
      • This is Eldred’s third stint as Chairwoman, having served in the role for her sister Kerry (when Kerry was Prime Minister and overseeing the Bakuran Civil War) and niece Falene (for the entirety of Falene’s ownership of the team while she played for the team).
        • The Miners won championships during both periods (259 and 277).
    • In a statement released by the team, Declan Trieste will have “no involvement with the team’s operations at this time.”
    • Declan was not present at the Miners’ final regular season home game.
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    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Sandskimmers (28) Crusaders (28) Sky Captains and (28) Bandits (28)

    Skimmer Ade League Nine Results
    Commenor Gundarks @ Atzerri Bandits (20-5)
    Thyferra Force @ Cloud City Sky Captains (8-19)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Cantonica Golden Knights (9-6)
    Concordia Crusaders @ Kamino Waves (23-14)

    @jcgoble3 @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny @Trieste @SWNerd11 @Bardan_Jusik
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Alana Kirt addresses the media in advance of the Dos Iziz Bowl: "Hey, is this one of those press conferences where they have gift baskets from the bowl game sponsor? Because I would not mind one right now."
      • "I mean, phew, Fondordelphia was good, weren't they? OT--in the playoffs? Gotta love that. I mean, you've got to love that if you're not me living and dying on the sidelines with every play. I probably lost 5 years of my life during that OT. But that's OK, because as a Bakuran my life expectancy is something like 224 years, so I guess I'm only living to 219."
    • On about drawing the toughest Enduring Eight matchup: "Ummm, excuse me? We're the toughest matchup. Did anyone not notice we still have #3 in front of our name?"
      • "RCH is the one that should be scared right now."
      • "OK, sure, they got the better of us last year. That's last year. We have some new faces, they have some new faces. Totally different game."
    • "There are no easy games in the playoffs. Ask Kashyyyk if there are easy playoff games. Ask VCU."
    • "Honestly, we're thrilled to get another crack at RCH. This is the stuff that rivalries are made of. Heck, can we just schedule a non-conference game with RCH for next season right now? Can anybody do that?"
      • "That sound you just heard was my Athletic Director fainting."
    • On the prospect of the Bak12 after one round: "Look, I don't get to make that call. I will say that if it does happen, it's validated the approach that's being talked about now. Don't chase the hot hands. No disrespect to CCU or Bison, but I think a conference's identity is more important than squeezing in big names. College limmie is already about credits. Let's keep as much tradition in it as we can."
      • When asked if saying that college limmie is credit-driven was controversial: "Sometimes the truth is controversial. As a parent, I know I've prioritized with my kids the educational component of being a student-athlete and that's been a priority for me as a coach. My standards are clear: there are GPA minimums. You don't make them, you don't play. Student first, athlete second."
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