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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    The Miners had three days to acclimate to local time here on Kashyyyk before the Quarterfinal game. That would be as much as they had for any of the road games they'd played this season and it would be enough.

    A weary Aileen was fielding a few questions from sports reporters who had tracked the Miners to their hotel. To placate them, Aileen had come down from the lobby and hopefully convince them to go back to their own hotels until tomorrow.

    "The Rangers took it to you guys pretty badly week 1, Aileen. What are you going to do differently this time?"

    "We're a completely different team than we were at the start of this season. A lot of new faces were integrating into the team, we didn't have discipline, the system hadn't taken root. We will bear absolutely no resemblance to the team that played the Rangers seven weeks ago," Aileen said.

    "Season award nominations came out yesterday and the Miners and the Flyers are represented in all categories. Thoughts?"

    "Alsakan put together a stellar season and they obviously deserve their noms," Aileen said, "I think that we turned in some dominating play this year and when we lost, for the most part we lost close games. Isabella got a lot of flack for being stripped of the captaincy and she has responded in a way that has told the galaxy it hasn't impacted her level of play one bit. For my money, Dorf is the best rookie in the League, period. He has been a rock since the very first game and frankly is revolutionizing how the half forward position is played. The time for him to prove it is the playoffs."

    "How about your nomination for the Langann?"

    "Oh come on now. This is my third nomination and how many do I have? Yeah, that's right, none. I'm much happier with my 2 Galactic Cups than I bet Tover Micjaa is with 4 Langanns and only 1 Cup as a coach, wouldn't you think?" Aileen said, "Catch you all at practice."

    Tag: Liam (though I doubt that minor prick will rouse Tover from his silence!)
  2. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames
    Press Conference, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers Training Facility, New Vertica

    It was more of the same. The media constantly probing for a slip up from the front office and every time a great durasteel curtain would come down that would trample their questions like an out of control bantha. Rhia Grames played her cards close to her chest. That was how she kept the Smugglers successful. How she kept the fans coming back after heart wrenching playoff losses.

    Today, the media was growing tired of getting the usual from Grames and had turned their attention to Head Coach Tover Micjaa, who sat patiently in the glow of the studio lamps, accompanied by his wife, Selene Minn-Micjaa, and newborn child. Always presenting himself in the best of manners, now that he was married and settled down, Micjaa knew that the public relations part of the franchise loved seeing the Micjaa family together. Why? Well, he wasn't quite sure, but it helped tone down the questions and keep the reporters honest.

    And Rhia Grames allowed it.

    "Hear what Aileen Wynn had to say about you, earlier in the year, Selene? Before the Smugglers beat the Miners?" One reporter inquired.

    "Yes I did and frankly, I'm sorry she's so miserable and lonely. Probably hasn't gotten any in a number of years. With a temper like that, I bet all the available bachelors are fighting to escape her clutches. I know I would. She never was much the lady," Selene allowed, cradling her baby boy.

    "Me? I'm very satisfied. Tover is a great husband and father. Brings home a steady pay check, and has held onto his job, unlike someone who talks a bit too much," Selene added, laughter throughout the press room.

    Grames chuckled at Selene's remark. Knew that Minn wasn't much of a lady either to be publicly berating an Elite League head coach, but it was what it was.

    "So Coach Micjaa, Aileen Wynn reportedly stated, and I quote, '"I'm much happier with my 2 Galactic Cups than I bet Tover Micjaa is with 4 Langanns and only 1 Cup as a coach, wouldn't you think?"'. Care to comment?" Another reporter asked from the back of the room.

    Tover laughed a bit and shook his head. "That woman honestly needs to settle down. I know we've had our rough patches in the past, but really, let's grow up. Everyone saw how I gave her a hug during our week six match up this year. It was my way of making peace. Call it a life changing experience, having a child, getting married, something she could use. I like the fact that I have those awards. They sure decorate my study rather nicely, next to a copy of the Galactic Cup trophy. Now I sure don't have two rings but I'll tell you, I was brought in to bring consistency, strength, and honor back into this franchise. I've done that. If you look at my regular season record, forgetting the year of no victories in 255, I've been delivering on that promise. Sure, we haven't caught our breaks in the playoffs. It's any given day, folks. Any given day. This could be our year. Maybe it won't be, but I can guarantee you that our players work their rears off to earn their salaries. Wynn, well, she's missing something important in her life and I'm sorry to see she is so bitter."

    "Now, why don't you ask me questions about the team and how they're preparing during the bye week," Micjaa added, steering the evening press conference in a better direction.

    Tag: Trieste
  3. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bakura is the only team that gets a bonus roll this week, though Nar Shaddaa has banked some participation towards their Semifinal game.

    Galactic Cup Quarterfinals
    (6) Ord Mantell Scrappers at (3) Coruscant Senators (19-15)
    (5) Bakura Miners at (4) Kashyyyk Rangers (25-14)

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (6) Ord Mantell Scrappers at (1) Alsakan Flyers
    (5) Bakura Miners at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers

    Tag: Trieste, Jedigunship
  4. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Kabukk Stadium, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    It was a hot, rainy afternoon in the upper branches of Kashyyyk for the Quarterfinal game, unusually humid for such a temperate forest. The Wookiees who filled the stands for the game had limp, heavy fur and the other species who came were little better (though the water was rolling off the Trandoshans' backs like...well, water off a Trandoshan's back).

    The fanbase of the Rangers was very unique. Though primarily made up of Wookiees, early on the management brought in talented Trandoshans to play, bridging a historic divide between the two species. The result was improved tensions between the Wookiees and Trandoshans--so much so that when the Trandoshans came out to watch games at Kabukk Stadium, the Wookiees were starting to no longer tense up automatically.

    Beyond the sector, fans from all around the Inner and Outer Rim had become staunch supporters of the Rangers. There was a feel-good vibe that came from the team that, helped by their freshman year Galactic Cup, had catapulted them into Elite League regular status that other teams had been forced to battle their way too. Ranger holobroadcasts commanded significant royalties, much to the delight of the League.

    That was fine and dandy, but Aileen Wynn only cared about the Bakura Miners, which is why she gave directions to her coordinators to prepare an aggressive gameplan that balanced the power offense with speed to take advantage of the comparative slowness of Wookiees compared to humans. It came with its own risks: if Kashyyyk established ball control and dominated with their physicality then the Miners would never be able to even start playing a fast game. To put a game on the line in the first ten minutes of play, on the road, in the playoffs was a risky move, but Aileen made it. The Rangers had pounded Bakura at home and she wanted to return the favor.

    Aileen knew that the Miners were not the same team who had lost to the Rangers at the start of the season. A lot of new faces had meant that the team never settled down into the game that Aileen wanted them to play. Now, seven weeks later, things were different. Adanna Inviere could play with her teammates, rather than as if she didn't have any. Wynn's half forward line was the youngest and perhaps the best in the Elite League. Elke Andwol knew his own potential, having shut down the Flyers a week ago, and could play to it.

    And so Aileen Wynn stood in her white trenchcoat on the sidelines, the rain falling, and passively watched as the Miners methodicially attacked, counterattacked, and attacked against the Rangers. When it was all over and done, the Miners posted an 11 point victory and had punched their ticket to the Semifinal.

    The Semifinal against Nar Shaddaa.

    Aileen knew the media would be eager to see her, so she took extra time to blowdry her damp red hair before heading to the postgame press conference. She hadn't even sat down when theys started lobbing questions at her. However, the Hapan took a seat and leaned into the microphone, silently calming the crowd who knew it was coming: the response to Micjaa and Minn's latest comments, her thoughts on going back to Six Boroughs, her postgame analysis of a strong playoff win.

    Aileen opened her mouth and the room leaned in with anticipation.

    "No comment," Aileen said quickly before she stood up and left, reporters of all species shouting after her.

    Tag: Liam
  5. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers Training Facility-New Vertica

    The whistle blew. Tired, sweaty players,from all walks of life in the Vertical City gathered around the side line to be debriefed by Head Coach Tover Micjaa on another practice. Their burgundy jerseys reflected the stadium lights, white names and numbers etched on the backs. But they were her players. And she was damn proud of them.

    Rhia Grames observed the briefing from a distance. Nobody needed a hover speeder GM monitoring every little detail. Her stomach twisted again, a physical reminder of what lay ahead in a few days. The Bakura Miners. They'd won by a point last time the two teams had met. It would have to take a similar performance to carry the Smugglers to the Galactic Cup final. They would need all the help they could get. Despite the talent on the Smuggler squad, the Bakura Miners had historically dominated the Smugglers at every turn in the playoffs, including the stinging three point defeat a few years back during the Galactic Cup.

    But times were changing. They had learned from their mistakes. And Grames knew, that no matter what the result of the game in a few days, this team had earned their stripes.

  6. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Visiting Locker Room, Six Boroughs Stadium, Nar Shaddaa
    Game Day, Galactic Cup Semifinals

    They could feel the stands above them shaking. A low rumble penetrated the permacrete, the sound of stamping feet and cheering voices. It wouldn't be much longer before the teams would take to the field and the crowd knew it instinctually without having to look at the timers scattered throughout the stadium ticking off the seconds.

    "We've been here before," Aileen said evenly to her players, her team, her troops, "We know what it takes to win. The last time we were here we played with them the entire game and we're going to do it again. It's going to take everything we've got. Everyone here has proved themselves to me, so everyone's starting like usual, including the rooks. You know what this is like so play like veterans, not farmboys."

    Aileen paused and wondered if she should say what was on her heart right then. In characteristic fashion, she went ahead and did so.

    "Everyone here knows what the next stop is after this and what the stakes are. But for me it's different. I grew up on Hapes, it's where my family lives to this day, and it's where I played my entire career. So I humbly ask you to bring me home."

    Fifteen pairs of eyes looked at Aileen Wynn. Isabella Montador's hands were clasped together, propped up on her knees, rubbing her thumbs together pensively. Dorf Landa ran his tongue along his lower teeth behind pursed lips. Elke Andwol nodded his head.

    And then Kent Waffen stood up, fire in his eyes. "Let's do this," the captain said.

    The Miners jumped up from their benches and headed for the exit of the locker room, jockeying amongst themselves, bumping shoulders, getting themselves up for the game. Aileen slapped each of them on the back as they headed into the tunnel. Adanna Inviere was the last of them all.

    "Let's go home," the tall blonde Hapan said.

    "I'll see you there," the short redheaded Hapan replied.

    Tag: Liam
  7. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bakura and Nar Shaddaa rolling bonus dies.

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (6) Ord Mantell Scrappers at (1) Alsakan Flyers (9-26)
    (5) Bakura Miners at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (3-20)

    Galactic Cup Final
    Consortium Royal Grounds, Chume?Dan, Hapes
    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers vs (1) Alsakan Flyers

    Tag: Nick, Liam, Trieste
  8. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Corso Wey
    Grand Suites, Chume?Dan, Hapes

    Corso didn?t like buying into the hype surrounding his team, but he had to acknowledge the significance of a team with a point differential 85 higher than their Finals opponent. While it was a shock for Corso, he knew that he mustn?t let it sway his resolve. He had spent all season getting his team into this position, and he would be damned if he let their hopes fall apart because of his naivety.

    A week before the final game, Corso was just happy to have a break from his eager general manager, Trist. Now, Corso just wished he could spend time with his players, one on one. But, he knew that he couldn?t take any of them away from the practice field, or the reporters, or Dean, or their families. There was limited time to prepare for an upstart Smuggler?s squad that was beginning to look like its old self after a relatively slow start.

    He especially wished that he had more time to talk to Verona Santiago. Though seven years his junior, Corso wished nothing more than the chance to enjoy her company. But, he knew that the odds were stacked against his favor. She was a teammate and an employee, not to mention in a relationship. But, Corso could not help admiring the young woman?s resolve. She had jumped headway into the Flyer?s organization, and had made a name for herself in her first season with the team. It was always hard making a switch, but it didn?t help that Verona would be playing her former teammates in a few days.

    Corso watched the practice field several thousand feet below his room?s glass floor. He imagined that he could see the Cathar midfielder, but knew that that was impossible. Sighing deeply, Corso walked to the bar and poured himself a drink.

    Tag: Liam and Trieste.
  9. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Six Borough Stadium, Nar Shaddaa

    Aileen Wynn had spent the last fifteen minutes of the match sitting on the bench, elbows on her knees, head pensively resting on her hands. There were days when you just had to take it and today was one of those days.

    The Miners had never been in this game, not from the start. Their prolific offense had been shut down in a manner that had been unprecedented this season. Goal scoring had dried up completely. The plug had been pulled on the power offense and, unlike the game against the Flyers, the defense looked completely inept. Garen Deo looked tired. It was not the way that a player in a contract year should look. Jalla Tunus, on the other hand, was on fire. It was pretty evident at the moment who'd gotten the better side of that trade.

    Wynn had seriously believed that after the last meeting that this game had been her's to win based on everything she'd learned about how Micjaa was coaching this team. She had been sure that she had the edge. Instead, she'd been sliced to pieces by the team she loathed the most. She might have had one week more than the Rangers, but that didn't amount to much right now.

    It was with no small measure of cruel relief that Wynn heard the game end. The Miners were too beaten down from the constant drubbing to collapse in dejection in the knowledge that this playoff run was definitively over. They simply lined up for the traditional handshake that came at the end of every playoff game. Even for someone as competitive as Aileen Wynn, it was a cardinal sin to not participate in this rite of the highest sportsmanship.

    They had vexed and frustrated her twice now this season, but Aileen wished every single one of them luck. Corrie Andersen, that point scoring machine that five minutes ago Aileen had cursed. Meredith Chambers, who Aileen had seriously considered trying to get Isabella Montador to fire the bolo-ball fast and hard into her head, if only to make this win hurt a bit for the Smugglers (she had not taken this course of action because Wynn had a sneaking suspicion that Chambers would just smuggly catch the ball and thwart even the most vindictive design Aileen could concoct for her).

    And then there, at the end of the line, was Tover. Regular Limmie games had no handshake other than what players chose to partake in themselves. Never had Aileen Wynn and Tover Micjaa shook hands at the end of a playoff game before. It was a new moment in an old rivalry.

    "You better frakking beat the Flyers, Tover," Aileen said as she gripped her rival's hand, "because I only get beat by winners."

    Tag: Liam

    [b]GM Post[/b]

    [i]From HSN Sports[/i]

    "Gentlebeings, welcome to Holonet Sports Network's continuing coverage of the 263 Galactic Cup Final. Broadcasters are predicting a pristine day for the Final here on Hapes in the royal city where the pageantry has already begun," the female Devaronian sportscaster said as she addressed trillions of beings, "The storyline this year is clear: it's the old guard versus the new kids on the block.

    "The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers are one of five teams who have won seven championships in the modern era of bolo-ball. An eighth would make them, without question, the most successful team of the modern era. As it stands, six of their championships have come in the last 35 years, an unparalleled level of success. The being behind the Smugglers' historic success? Rhia Grames, who as a player, head coach, and general manager has been a part of every one of those victories.

    "Facing them here on Hapes are the Alsakan Flyers, a team that has come literally out of nowhere since being bought by Corso Wey, whose defensive play has dominated the League. Wey now finds himself nominated for the Salbukk Award as the MVP of the League and a potential candidate for the Numifolis Award as MVP of the playoffs themselves. The galaxy is captivated by this Core-world team that three years ago had never played a match in the Elite League and now finds itself on the b>
  10. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Rhia Grames
    Chume?Dan, Hapes, Tunnel leading into stadium

    "Who are we?" Cried out Corrie Andersen, Team Captain for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    "The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers!" The team replied, circling around their leader.

    "Who are we?"

    "The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers!" The team repeated.

    "Who are we going to be at the end of this game?" Andersen screamed.

    "Champions!" The Smugglers repeated, slapping one another on the shoulder, jumping in the air, revving up their minds and bodies for the 263 Galactic Cup game on Hapes. They were hyped. They were ready. One game away from winning a record eight Galactic Cups.

    They had every reason to be confident but were very respectful of their opponent, the Alsakan Flyers, newcomers to the league who had taken it by storm. The last few teams to do so, the Sabilon Skookumchucks and the Kashyyyk Rangers, had met with success in the early years of their birth in the Elite League by winning Galactic Cups for their respective clubs within a few years of their conception.

    The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, under the tutelage of Limmie strategist Rhia Grames, and Head Coach Tover Micjaa, were not turning heads necessarily this season with their play. In fact, throughout the season, both the offense and defense were running at about the same level, statistically. In the playoffs, however, the Smugglers were able to ramp it up a notch against the Bakura Miners when it counted the most. Now, going up against the league's toughest defensive unit and most potent offense, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers would need to pull out all the stops in what was sure to be a highly rated contest between the # 2 and # 1 seed, respectively.

    Rhia Grames watched the pre-game warm ups and cheers of her players. A glow of pride swelled up inside of her as Corrie Andersen ran through an impromptu, but highly effective, pre-game chant and mantra. The announcer throughout the stadium began to call out individual players on the Smuggler roster. One by one, the stars of the squad ran out through a fog system built into the tunnel and into the stunning lights of a roaring stadium filled with fans and detractors.

    Today was going to be a big game. By the end, Grames hoped that she could hoist the Galactic Cup one more time above her head. Just one more. One more ring to go on her fingers.

    I love the Final Grames thought as she made her way up to the owner's box, watching wistfully as the last of the Smuggler's players, goal keeper Meredith Chambers, disappear through the fog.

  11. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Alsakan and Nar Shaddaa both get bonus rolls for the Final.

    Galactic Cup Final
    Consortium Royal Grounds, Chume?Dan, Hapes

    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers vs (1) Alsakan Flyers (31-33)

    Congratulations to the Alsakan Flyers, Galactic Cup Champions!

    Tag: Nick, Liam

  12. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Kilmainham Brook, Bakura

    The Hapes Consortium Buccaneers had been a crown asset of the Queen Mother, which meant that even when Aileen Wynn had won the Galactic Cup with the C-Bucs she?d never been invited to a private family gathering of the royal family. The Chandrila Patriots were owned collectively by people across the planet, which made it hard for all of the team owners to have her over one night to grill up some meat. Therefore, when Kerry Trieste invited Aileen to the Noble House?s family seat, the vast, open estate of Kilmainham Brook, in conjunction with a gathering of the Triestes she accepted the invitation for no other reason than it was the first time an owner had asked.

    When the Taoiseach called, all of the Triestes came. Kerry?s six siblings, their spouses, and children were in attendance. Two had to come from offworld. There were no less than four cousins who brought their families as well. Aileen could see why the Triestes had built such a large house near the wealthy retreat of Prytis outside the capital city.

    In usual Bakuran fashion, there was plenty of conversation as they ate and lounged. More importantly, there was also plenty of alcohol. Those first colonists who had come to the edge of the galaxy had hit the bottle pretty well?perhaps out of awe, perhaps out of celebration?and their descendants had followed in their footsteps.

    About an hour after dinner had been concluded, by general accord the Triestes started to trickle off to their rooms. However, it was with great surprise that they came back, dressed much more casually than before. The Prime Minister?s worn UBSD t-shirt was indicative of the general state of attire.

    ?I apologize for inviting you here under false pretenses,? Kerry said to Aileen, ?but we needed a referee.?

    ?A referee for what?? Aileen asked.

    ?The annual family Limmie game,? Conn Trieste replied.

    ?You need a referee for that??

    ?Absolutely,? Mandy Syfred said, ?After two years ago when I totally scored and they said it didn?t count!? This last emphatic remark was directed at the goaltender who had supposedly made the stop, her husband.

    ?You were clearly out of bounds when you made that kick,? Ronan retorted.

    Before the argument could get much further everyone moved outside to the makeshift field. It appeared that trees had specifically been planted at either end of a stretch of even field to act as goalposts and rope was tied between the trunks to indicate the height of the goal. Aileen couldn?t help but smile. Though the scene had the appearance of being a simple game in the backyard, the Hapan could tell that the Noble House of Trieste had designed this with their usual precision.

    However, it was with surprise that Aileen watched as everyone took off one of their shoes and tossed them into a common pile. The only exceptions were Kerry Trieste and Fiona Westenra. It was with a puzzled look that Aileen watched this scene. Adults and children alike threw their shoes into the pile.

    ?Divide them up,? Kerry instructed Aileen.

    ?Excuse me?? Aileen asked with considerable confusion.

    ?Divide them into teams. We prefer it random like this,? Kerry explained.

    ?Why don?t you two have a shoe in there??

    ?Because it?s not fair if the two former BakTen players are both on the same team,? Fiona, the former Bakura Fleet Academy Limmie player, replied. Kerry had played for the University of Bakura at Salis D?aar and had faced her younger sister a number of times on the collegiate field.

    Ailee had to admit that it was a pretty good system and haphazardly tossed the shoes into two piles without much consideration for whose might be whose. When she was finished, everyone retrieved their shoe and one team, that which had Kerry on it, tied green strips of cloth around their heads to easily distinguish themselves from the other team.

    ?Do I need to tell you guys to keep it clean?? Aileen said as she prepared for the throw in.

    ?No,? Nessarose Trieste said as she and one of her cousin
  13. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Rhia Grames
    Hapes-Post Game

    The ticker tape had begun to fall. The Smuggler fans, heads lowered, many in a drunken stupor, positive their team would win the Galactic Cup, filed out of the stadium to prepare for shuttles home. Down on the field, at the tunnel for the visiting team, Rhia Grames watched as Corso Wey and his high flying team from Alsakan hoisted the Galactic Cup amid cheers and jubilation from the fans of a franchise that had taken the league by storm.

    31-33. Two points. The Flyers had taken the lead early and Nar Shaddaa had fought all game to play catch up. The Flyers defense, simply put, was just that good, leveling Corrie Andersen in an effective play that neutralized whatever potency the offense might have generated in the final seconds of the game to send it into overtime. Now they were defeated, the old guard passing the wand to the new upstarts from a core world known as Alsakan.

    Ratings had been off the charts for this particular Final on Hapes. But ratings didn't matter to Rhia Grames, what mattered was securing an eighth championship for the franchise. And they had come damned close. But not close enough. As the Nar Shaddaa Smuggler players filed into the tunnel, they wore looks of dejection, fatigue, and sorrow. They had played their hearts out, but everyone recognized that Alsakan had wanted it more.

    The last of the players filed past Rhia, who could only look into their eyes and give them a look that suggested they hold their heads up high in the stench of defeat. After all, they had gone up against the best team in the league and fought tooth and nail all the way to the end. That was something to be proud of, wasn't it?

    Tover was the last one to enter the tunnel. Gray hairs had started to form at the temple, a sign of the stress and high demands placed on the man since he accepted the job many years ago. He was not a young man anymore, but then again, neither was she.

    "You did well today, kid," Grames whispered from the darkness of the tunnel.

    "Still calling me that after all these years, Coach?" Tover replied, a smile breaking on his face as his former head coach and now general manager used an affectionate term from their days as a tandem.

    "You look tired, Tover."

    "Yeah, its been a long season. Been away from the family for too long," Tover replied, running a hand through his hair, exhaustion rippling across his face.

    "Go home to them. Rest, relax, and then we'll talk about next year," Rhia reminded him gently.

    Tover smiled and headed down the tunnel, toward the team shuttle. "Oh, and Tover?"


    "What did you say to Corso? Saw that you met at mid-field after the game. Just curious."

    "Welcomed him to the Elite League and told him how very much I enjoy playing his team every year. Told him that he earned his victory today the honorable way. Told him that he should cherish this moment because he might never get another opportunity. This league being as competitive as it is, well, you make the most of the victories you achieve," Tover replied, a hint of sadness in his voice.

    "You're a good man, Tover," Rhia said.

    "Wouldn't be half the man I am today without your guidance, Coach. I'll see you at the draft," Tover replied, as he walked away whistling a tune of a defeated man finding redemption one day in the future.

    Rhia turned once more to the pitch. The roar of the Alsakan faithful cascading throughout the stadium. She couldn't help but think of Tover's words. Told him to cherish the moment...

    I think they will Rhia thought as she proceeded down the tunnel, the darkness closing in around her. The ending of a year of Limmie.

  14. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Limmie was not always a pretty sport. Games were played across a variety of climates. Players had been known to walk away with first degree burns from the blistering sun of Tatooine. There were countless mud splattered players after a game in heavy rains. And the bruises and cuts from a regular game played in perfectly good condition were nothing to sneeze at either.

    However, there was one night when Limmie was nothing short of beautiful, and that was the season award ceremony. Always held on Coruscant, often in a posh auditorium, with red carpet, media attention, post-parties, and several non-Limmie celebrities. Formal wear was the standard for the night with evening gowns and tuxedos very prevalent. Depending on what planet an attendee hailed from, oftentimes there would be a wide array of cultural garb from veiled Kuati women to finely brushed Wookiees.

    The most attention was given to the nominees themselves, and they received extensive coverage on the red carpet prior to the event. With the Galactic Cup already awarded, the evening could have been viewed as an anti-climax. However, the galactic sports media built up the event to such a degree that one couldn't help but feel that there was quite a bit of importance to the night.

    Eventually, everyone shuffled into the auditorium and the festivities got under way.

    "Tonight we begin with the formal presentation of the Numifolis Award for the most valuable player of this year's playoffs," Commissioner Niakra Kayl'hen said, "as voted by the news media. Tyro Sarin, congratulations once again on your outstanding performance this year in lifting the Flyers to their first ever Galactic Cup championship."

    "The Ingbrand Award reconigizes outstanding play by a player who has played less than three games in the Elite League prior to this season. This year saw two of our nominees come from the half forward positions and another from the goal, speaking to the increased offensive competitiveness of the League," Commissioner Kayl'hen said, "Our nominees this year were Faul'alo'csapla of the Alsakan Flyers, Dorf Landa of the Bakura Miners, and Venn Sto of the Coruscant Senators." There was a flutter of applause for each of the nominees.

    "Before we continue, I would like to say that this year's vote for the Ingbrand turned out to be one of the closest in several years. In fact, the winner was determined by only a few votes out of hundreds cast." Kayl'hen paused to run one long nail underneath the edge of the envelope. "And the 263 Ingbrand winner is...Dorf Landa of the Bakura Miners."

    "Good players play the game of Limmie well. Great players make their entire team better. The winners of the Salbukk Award go beyond greatness in the way that they energize a team throughout the field. This year, it is perhaps fitting that we have three nominees for the Salbukk Award, each of them representing excellence in a different aspect of Limmie. Representing goaltending, Meredith Chambers of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. From the ranks of defense, Corso Wey of the Alsakan Flyers. And from the forward lines, Isabella Montador of the Bakura Miners."

    Kayl'hen opened the envelope containing the winner. "In a landslide vote, the 263 Salbukk Award goes to Corso Wey of the Alsakan Flyers."

    "It is said that the best teams are not inspired, but driven. Head coaches discover the potential in their players and builds them into everything that they can be. This year's nominees have each accomplished something special. One continued existing levels of excellence. Another, in his first year as a coach, pushed his team to a level they had never reached before. A third took a last place team and turned them into a Semifinalist in a year. Tover Micjaa of Nar Shaddaa, Dean Shazar of Alaskan, and Aileen Wynn of Bakura, your nominations are well deserved. However, the Langann Award for coach of the year goes to...

    "Dean Shazar by an overwhelming margin."

    [b]Tag: Everyone[/b] [i](Please feel free to fill in the breaks after awards as you see fit depending on the ou>
  15. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn

    "...Dorf Landa of the Bakura Miners."

    Aileen in an off-the-shoulder dark burgundy dress rose to her feet in applause for the young rookie that had won her respect from the very first game. In her opinion, Landa was the obvious choice for the Ingbrand. In her eyes, Dorf was transforming how the half forward line played. Autumn Graves was part of that transformation, but Landa far and away was leading it. This guy was the sort of player that could turn an entire team around as he matured.

    Landa accepted the silver award from Kayl'hen, who repositioned the microphone for the tall blonde-haired, blue-eyed, broad-shouldered player. "Well..." Landa said as he looked at the award, "So I'm pretty sure I heard a joke where a Chiss, a Shistavanen, and an Imperial walk into an awards ceremony. Apparently the punchline is that the Imperial wins rookie of the year." The audience laughed. "But seriously, this past season was my first pro season and I went out with a goal of playing the best bolo-ball I could and I'm honored that resulted in me being awarded the Ingbrand. I'd like to take a moment to say that I had some very stiff competition--and I mean that literally. I think that Faul stiff armed me at one point in that last game of the year.

    "I need to thank a lot of people now. My parents, who encouraged me to pursue this dream, are first and foremost. Everyone on Bastion in the Imperial sports development programs--I learned everything about how I play this game from you guys. I hope you're not still mad that I'm now on the other side of the galaxy playing for Bakura, but hey, they're all Humans too." This was the result of a bit of uneasy laughter in some quarters of the auditorium. Bakura was all too often taunted with Human High Culture at Limmie games. Bringing it up on such a public stage, by one of its own players, was a bit gauche.

    "Dana Roslyn, you came to Bastion and you saw a rough, young athlete and had the guts to throw him into the Elite League with full confidence. I wouldn't be here without your faith in me. And, finally, I have got to thank Aileen Wynn. Coach, you earned my respect from the first practice and I worked hard every single game to earn your's. This is just the beginning Coach." Landa held the Ingbrand Award up in homage before stepping down from the stage.

    The evening continued on. Isabella Montador took Corso Wey's winning of the Salbukk Award with grace. Even Aileen had to admit that Wey deserved the award. He had been a monster on defense this season and, in Aileen's mind, the biggest reason why Alsakan had won their Galactic Cup.

    Similarly, Aileen knew that after a 3-4 year she had no shot at the Langann Award. Even though she was sure that Dean Shazar and his miraculous freshman year as a head coach would win the trophy, there were still butteflies in her stomach as Kayl'hen opened the envelope that maybe, just maybe, the third time would be the charm when it came to the Langann Award.

    "...Dean Shazar by an overwhelming margin."

    Aileen put a smile on her face and clapped to recognize the extraordinary job that Shazar had done. Alsakan had deservedly walked away with quite a bit of hardware. It was going to be crowded in their front office. Even so, it hadn't been a clean sweep. Dana Roslyn had another Ingbrand to add to her scouting resume.

    Later that night the Miners in attendance held a private post-party in Montador's hotel room that featured plenty of alcohol--mostly being poured over Landa's head. The stoic Imperial couldn't help but crack a smile as Montador ruffled his hair.

    "Be proud kid," Montador said, "I was a number one draft pick and I never won that thing."

    "Yeah and they didn't even mention my name for an Ingbrand. Ever," Aileen added, having finished her third glass of wine.

    "Well I'd have rather we won the Galactic Cup, but this'll do," Landa said as he admired the Ingbrand for the umpteenth time.

    "Coruscant wasn't built in a day kid," Dana Roslyn said from a corner, "We're still building
  16. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    264 Elite League Limmie: [link=]The Heat of the Moment

    It was the heat of the moment
    The heat of the moment
    The heat of the moment showed in your eyes...[/link]

    Commissioner Niakra Kayl'hen sat in her office on Coruscant looking at the skyline glittering in the golden sun. She tapped her fingers together pensively, saying nothing.

    "There are days when I wonder why I ever took this job," Kayl'hen said to Dreego, Deputy Commissioner and her closest confidant.

    Unlike the Bothan, Dreego had actually played Limmie. The Rodian had been a solid player for Coruscant University in the Super Sixteen collegiate conference and had been just shy of making the cut for a Premier League contract upon graduation. However, Dreego was a smart being. With his degree in interstellar business he was able to earn a job with the Super Sixteen Conference where he met a junior executive with a lot of promise. It was the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership as that junior executive moved up the ranks, she took Dreego with her. Needless to say, Kayl'hen was that executive and Dreego had become indispensable to her.

    "Why's that?" Dreego asked in his own tongue, which Kayl'hen knew very well.

    "At least in the college ranks there was some semblance of the purity of the sport, even if it was all about university presidents looking for as many credits as they could get to bolster their general funds," Kayl'hen said in Basic, "Here there is no veneer. It's all about the credits."

    "And yet you continue here when the Super Sixteen would have you back in an instant," Dreego observed.

    "I am here precisely because I disagree with the Board of Governors," Kayl'hen replied. The Board of Governors was the official and polite term for the collected owners of the Elite League's member teams. "I have no doubt certain owners would prefer someone more amenable to their own interests."

    "Do you have particular parties in mind?"

    Kayl'hen waved a hand. "They are of no consequence at the moment. What is important is that we continue to reward exemplary play, which is why much to the chagrin of certain owners who only care about their broadcasting revenues, the Scrappers will stay. Kuat will go."

    "And what about Chandrila?" Dreego asked.

    That was indeed the question of the hour. Chandrila had posted a 4-11 record over the last two seasons. For a once powerful franchise, they had hit hard times indeed. However, they had a ridiculously large and dedicated fanbase. Their broadcasting revenues were some of the largest in the League. They sold out every game. They had played every Elite League season--ever. The only other team with continual Elite League membership was Coruscant.

    "As much as I would like to, I fear that I would provoke a riot," Kayl'hen said gloomily.

    "The people of Chandrila are a peaceful sort. I doubt they would riot over Limmie," Dreego said.

    "That shows how little you know about Chandrila, my friend," Kayl'hen said with a smile, which fell quickly, "No, I would have a riot on the Board of Governors. The Vehns would want to rip my head off for removing their most hated rival. Kerry Trieste would certainly back up her sister in-law and Patriot shareholders. The Senator fans would be up in arms because they're actually winning the rivalry games for a change and Sazarecki loves the revenue. For now, the Patriots will stay."

    "So who will replace Kuat?"

    "That, Dreego, is a question I have devoted quite a bit of thought to," Kayl'hen said.

    [i]Current Teams for 264[/i]
    --[b][color=darkblue]Bakura[/color] [color=yellow]Miners[/color][/b] [ Trieste , Kerry Trieste (owner)]
    --[b][color=green]Chandrila[/color] [color=white]Patriots[/color][/b] [greyjedi521 (character under development)]
    --[b]Coruscant [color=orangered]Senators[/color][/b] [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)]
    --[b][color=darkred]Nar Shaddaa[/color] Smugglers[/b] [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)]>
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "It is my pleasure to announce the starting line up for the 264 Bakura Miners," Dana Roslyn said in front of the holocameras. She put on a pair of glasses to read from the list she had prepared in front of her.

    Aileen Wynn listened to the list, which through the first few names was unchanged.

    "At Left Corner Back, the Miners are promoting Mira Kashvili from the reserve squad with the expiration of Garen Deo's contract. At this point we thank Garen for everything he did with us last season and wish him the best of luck with his next team," Dana said.

    Yes, Garen was the first casualty of the season. Aileen knew from being three doors down from Roslyn's office that there had been no negotiations. While he had provided veteran leadership on defense he had never performed to the level that they had wanted out of him. The Miners already had size in their defense--what they needed now was speed and Deo's older legs couldn't provide that for them. In contrast Adanna Inviere, who was as speedy as you could get in a defender, had excelled in Aileen's defensive formations. That was why Kashvili, a compact and speedy defender was going to fill Deo's vacancy.

    Then came a list of more familiar names to the people of Bakura. Last year had shown a lot of improvement and there was no reason to interrupt that momentum needlessly.

    "And finally, at Left Corner Forward, the Miners have placed Moen Heatly on waivers after failing to agree to a contract extension," Roslyn announced to the surprise of everyone in the room but Aileen.

    Heatly was a potent offensive force and it was a flimsy reason to get rid of him when he still had a year left on his contract. Reporters were madly scribbling on their datapads. This was going to be a headline for tomorrow: Dana Roslyn stupidly gets rid of Heatly with a year left on his contract. Aileen smiled and shot Roslyn a look as they watched the media begin to type their reports. They couldn't be more wrong--the real headline had yet to come.

    "At Left Corner Forward, the Miners have signed, from the University of Evenvale, graduating senior J.T. Adama," Roslyn continued, a smile raising the corners of her mouth.

    The atmosphere in the room changed completely and Aileen could just about read their thoughts: Did she just say Adama!?!?!

    The Adama family had produced nearly a dozen Bakura Miners over the last century, the most notable of which being Declan Adama, captain of the Miners for over a decade and winner of back-to-back Salbukk Awards. The Adamas were Limmie royalty on Bakura--and in their own way not that different from the Triestes. The only reason why Dana Roslyn was "stupid" enough to get rid of Heatly was to grab the chance at signing an Adama. The story would be all about Adama and Heatly would be a minor footnote.

    Aileen had to hand it to Dana. She was an excellent general manager.

    Tag: Nobody in particular

    [b]GM Post[/b]

    [b]--Player Transaction Wire--
    [color=darkblue]Bakura[/color] [color=yellow]Miners[/color][/b]
    --Garen Deo (Left Corner Back, Human, Male) becomes a free agent
    --Moen Heatly (Left Corner Forward, Human, Male) released on waivers
    --Mira Kashvili (Left Corner Back, Human, Female) moved from reserves to starting line up
    --J.T. "Jet" Adama (Left Corner Forward, Human, Male) signed to entry-level contract

    [b]Tag: Anyone interested in signing Deo or Heatly[/b]>
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    OOC: Okay, so it's a smidge late for me and my creative juices for the day are used up. Rather than put together a post, I'm just putting up the season schedule. First game is Sunday. All posts since the Final and before Sunday morning count for the bonus roll. Best of luck to everyone! I'm hoping for an awesome season!

    264 Elite League Limmie: [link=]The Heat of the Moment[/link]

    Week 1
    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Ord Mantell Scrappers at Bakura Miners
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Chandrila Patriots
    Alsakan Flyers at Ralltiir Starkillers

    Week 2
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Kashyyyk Rangers
    Chandrila Patriots at Ord Mantell Scrappers
    Coruscant Senators at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Bakura Miners at Alsakan Flyers

    Week 3
    Chandrila Patriots at Alsakan Flyers
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Ord Mantell Scrappers at Coruscant Senators
    Bakura Miners at Kashyyyk Rangers

    Week 4
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Coruscant Senators
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Bakura Miners
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Chandrila Patriots
    Ord Mantell Scrappers at Alsakan Flyers

    Week 5
    Alsakan Flyers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Bakura Miners at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Ord Mantell Scrappers
    Coruscant Senators at Chandrila Patriots

    Week 6
    Chandrila Patriots at Bakura Miners
    Alsakan Flyers at Coruscant Senators
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Ord Mantell Scrappers

    Week 7
    Chandrila Patriots at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Ord Mantell Scrappers
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Alsakan Flyers
    Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners

    Tag: Everyone
  19. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Rhia Grames

    It had been her decision. Not one easily made, especially after a stellar playoff run and a close loss in the Final. But she had made it nevertheless.

    "The roster will be staying the same this year," Rhia Grames had announced to the Vertical City Network, Nar Shaddaa's premiere news agency.

    This bold statement was designed to send a message to her team and the galaxy at large. To the former, it was a vote of confidence in their abilities as a unit. To the latter, it was Grames' way of saying that the system on Nar Shaddaa worked so darn well that they did not need a draft every year. A system she had helped to create. A system some critics claimed she stole from Bakura.

    A third, and far more important reason to the overall health of the franchise in the long term, was that this particular year was not a contract year for any of their players. Call it a stroke of luck or a twist of fate, but it gave Grames time to do the one thing she was constantly doing along the sidelines, evaluating the talent. Whether it was at practice or during an official game, Grames kept a private score of the Nar Shaddaa Smuggler's players on her datapad, noting their strengths and weaknesses, when they played well under certain schemes, or when they simply fell flat on their face. Thus, her announcement came as a surprise to the fans, who looked eagerly to the draft, or rather, the careful recruiting system used on the Vertical City, eager to find the next Selene Minn, Tover Micjaa, Mithus Sekel, or even, Rhia Grames.

    But this year there would be none of that.

    The roster was staying the same and that was all that needed to be said.

    Now, Grames and Tover Micjaa were about to begin planning for the 264 opener against Coruscant.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Owen Narada
    Hanna City outskirts, Studio apartment

    This was the first day of the new work week, the beginning of a new cycle, but something far more significant also happened on this day, at least 'more' significant in Owen's eyes.

    Speaking of eyes, even before his eyes opened, the young man turned around on his sleeping cot, reached out with a still sleep-laden arm and with a languid motion automatically hit the on button on his desktop computer.

    His ears picked up the low techno-hum that herald the power-up cycle as he slowly rose from his bed. Still sleepy, his stretched and yawned wide, arms reaching as far up as possible, back arching. Finally, his eyes opened with a bit of a flutter and a smile appeared on his face. Owen turned to regard the blue glowing screen on his desktop, though he was now using the back of his left fist to rub sleep off-his left eye.

    And there it was.

    A big smile now dominated his face as sleep's lethargy suddenly lifted from him, eyes now suddenly wide and beaming with interest.

    The schedule for the 264 Elite Limmie game season was staring back at him!

    "We're playing the Kashyyyk Rangers? you've got to be kidding me." was the first thing out of his dry mouth, his voice breaking in the process. Apparently the effects of sleep had not left him altogether.

    Having established who his steam (the one and only Chandrila Patriots )were playing against, he allowed his eyes to scan the rest of the roster.

    Week 1
    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Ord Mantell Scrappers at Bakura Miners
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Chandrila Patriots
    Alsakan Flyers at Ralltiir Starkillers

    "Wow?" he heard himself exclaim hoarsely.

    The first week would be starting off with a bang. No surprise there. It was always best to get a good lead on your rivals. That's when he wrinkled his nose at seeing the Coruscant Senators. But it was far too early for that right now. The good news was that the first Patriots game would be at home. That meant he'd get to wear his green jersey and go nuts!

    Owen now sat at the edge of his bed, grinning like a kid and lost in his own thoughts, when his desktop alarm chimed. Owen was startled by it for just a second as the sound brought him back to reality. His head almost snapped off his shoulders as he turned to look at the chrono. That's right! he had to get ready for work. Darn!

    He quickly jumped to his feet, tuned off the alarm as he bolted for the lavatory. His studio came with its own personal bathroom. Sure, it cost him extra in rent, but the added privacy was a worthwhile investment. It meant his room was smaller than the standard studio, but he didn't mind. Everything was almost one or two strides away from everything else.

    Owen zipped through the morning shower routine as half his mind was still on Limmie. Ben would be paging him soon to give him a ride to work in Hanna City. Ben's girlfriend had the day off, which meant Owen could hitch a ride to work. They both worked in the Record Keeping Section of the Diplomatic sector. Ben worked for the Corrections Branch while Owen dealt in Filing and Transcriptions. It wasn't very 'glamorous', but it was enough to pay the bills.

    But hitching a ride into work whenever he could, meant he didn't have to depend on plodding public transportation. The grav trams were always overly crowded and were plagued by random delays.

    As usual, Owen was finishing getting dressed while trying to gulp down some toast and O.J. when his all-in-one datapad-communicator rang. It had a special 'announcement' just for Ben.

    "Darn it!"

    Owen just had time to slap his data-entry clerk's ID on his jacket before bolting down his front door, but before he did close the door, he turned to look at his Chandrila Patriots jersey, hanging proudly against his wall and grinned at it with unabashed excitement.

    "For the wearing' of the green!" he said, still grinning.

    "Owen, you coming or what!?" he heard Ben shout at him from his idling vehicle.

    "On my way!" he shot back.

    Owen closed the door in a sin
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Coruscant Senators

    Moen Heatly (Left Corner Forward, Human, Male) claimed off waivers

    Tag: Jedigunship
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S'rily

    The press room was unusually packed that day. It occurred to Gark that maybe a championship and consecutive playoff appearances had reignited the interest the citizens of Coruscant had in their Limmie team. During most of the past two seasons, there were always empty chairs and spaces in the press room; even when they won the 262 Championship, people had still been unimpressed to a degree. They were looking for continual success, and one big win in a sea of uncertainty was not quite enough. Although the playoff loss at home to the Ord Mantell Scrappers had really stung the season before, the fans appreciated the fight that the team had shown in overcoming the injury bug and securing the third seed in the playoffs. A win had not been expected from the Senators due to their ever-shifting lineup, but it also brought some questions as to what the team would bring to the field every week. It had been a far cry from their championship season, and any news pertaining to the Senators making roster moves was big. Maybe not as big as on some of the Limmie-crazed planets, but still pretty large in magnitude.

    The holorecorders started to buzz when Gark stepped out from behind the curtain on the left side of the podium. He straightened his tie, which was not to his liking. He had never liked formal dress, and the tie was another reason that he despised having to be in a suit. It never stayed completely tied, would sometimes come loose and fell off at least twice during the years since he was named General Manager. He preferred the Senators sweatshirt that he was always seen in when not in formal clothing for business events. But if he needed to fit in with the media expectations, he figured that he could stand being in a suit for a while. Owner ?Bill? Sazarecki had declined to appear at the press conference, which bugged Gark because his boss never attended these kinds of events. On one hand, the owner was probably out having a fancy meal at a top-tier restaurant at the same time as the press conference. However, on the other, and the one which Gark wanted to believe, he was getting to run the team the way he wanted, without having a helicopter owner hovering over him all the time, criticizing his every decision. If that was true, Gark had proved to be a worthy GM for a team hopefully on the rise. The conference would hopefully see some more fans jump onto the bandwagon before the looming start of the season.

    Gark sat down in the middle chair at the podium table, which caused the buzz from the reporters to die down a little. Pouring himself some water from a jug in front of him, Gark took a few sips and placed the glass away from the papers outlining the agenda for the conference. He didn?t want to spill any on the documents, so he made sure to keep the liquid a good distance away. Blinking a few times, he sized up the reporters in the audience. Most of them were the same; the Coruscant Times had several reporters present like they always did, and many smaller papers also had representatives there. Holorecorder droids hovered in mid-air, trying to get a video feed for the reporters in the audience and also for those who could not attend the conference. There was an awkward silence as Gark and the reporters looked at each other, waiting for the other to start talking. Finally, a reporter stood up and broke the silence.

    ?Mr. S?rily, the Senators kinda fizzled last season in the playoffs at home. Do you think you have the pieces in place to prevent another forgettable exit this season??

    ?Well, I would like to say that the injuries cost us that match, but it was also a lack of team cohesiveness that did us in against Ord Mantell. We were too proud of our abilities, and fell into a trap. We weren?t ready to play, and it showed.?

    ?Are there going to be any announcements today regarding any new signings or transactions??

    ?I?m hoping to save those for a little later,? Gark said, shrugging. ?I?d like to get the team questions out of the way first.? A few reporters looked
  23. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Oh happy day! Limmie returns for a new season. Speaking of which, Bakura, Chandrila, Coruscant, and Nar Shaddaa all have bonus rolls this week.

    Week 1 Results
    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (37-29)
    Ord Mantell Scrappers at Bakura Miners (2-2, OT 3-3, 2OT 9-4)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Chandrila Patriots (10-14)
    Alsakan Flyers at Ralltiir Starkillers (0-35)

    So to let you know what all happened in that overtime game, both teams rolled 2s. After some deliberation, I decided that a posting bump doesn't extend to the overtimes (it was never clearly stated one way or another, so we'll just go this way for this season) so each team rolled a 7 sided die for the overtime, as is stated in the game rules. As it turned out, both teams rolled a 1 in the overtime period, keeping them tied at 3-3. Because nobody likes ending in a tie, a second overtime was played in which the Scrappers rolled a 6 and the Miners a 1, thus giving a total score of 9-4.

    Tag: Everyone!
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "For Force sake!" Aileen shouted, "Shoot! Shoot!"

    Time was winding down in a game that had been a very unexciting 2-2 tie with absolutely no goals. The defense hadn't been that great on either side. The offense for both teams had been atrocious. After last season, Aileen expected much better from her team. Losing Heatly should not have this much of an impact on the offense. They were returning five other people from a very good offense and adding one highly touted new recruit. This was absurd and ridiculous.

    "Did anybody remember to tell these guys to actually shoot the bolo-ball in practice?" Aileen said into her headset mic.

    "Well I thought it didn't exactly need stating due to the obviousness of the concept," her offense coordinator replied.

    "At this rate I'd rather lose than end in a 2-2 tie," Aileen grumbled.

    "Careful what you wish for," the defensive coordinator replied as the Scrappers started driving towards the Miner goal.

    "Hit him! Hit him!" Aileen shouted from the sidelines, even though the chances that any of the Bakuran defenders could hear her were rather slim. However, at least this way she could feel like she was doing something about the situation.

    The buzzer sounded and the score remained 2-2, bringing the teams to overtime. The 15 Miners clustered on the sidelines to refuel and rest before the 15 minute overtime period began. "We are not taking shots guys!" Aileen said to the team, "We can beat these guys. We have got to attack the goal and we shouldn't be afraid of taking some long shots over the bar. Those points can make a difference in an overtime. Remember, take away time and space on both ends of the field. Man coverage is paying off and let's keep it up!"

    The overtime began and it was shockingly as ho hum as the regular time. Aileen couldn't believe her eyes. They were barely playing. The Scrappers sent a long ball arcing between the uprights for a 3-2 lead.

    "Come on!" she yelled, "Let's go!"

    This time she was pretty sure the team heard her because they immediately started barreling up the field. The Miners were finally showing some spark and were getting some speed going.

    "Go! Go!" Aileen yelled as they raced past.

    Landa passed the ball perfectly to Montador, who headed straight for the front of the goal, drawing several Scrapper defenders towards her. Montador had the smarts to know this was coming and from experience Aileen could read in her movements that she was just looking for the opportunity to pass the ball to a wide open teammate. That was exactly what she did and J.T. "Jet" Adama recieved the ball neatly with no one between him and the goaltender.

    "Yes!" Aileen shouted, sensing the goal.

    Adama neatly bumped the ball right over the bar for an extra point to bring it to 3-3.

    "What?" Aileen yelled, "What the frak did he just do? He had a frakking goal there!"

    "Luke H. Skywalker," her offensive coordinator said, "What was he thinking?"

    The first overtime ended at 3-3. The Miner fans were in disbelief that they were going to a second overtime--or maybe it was just disbelief that the Miners, the second best offense last year, were tied 3-3 after overtime.

    "Guys, what are you doing?" Aileen told her team on the sidelines as they rested for the next fifteen minutes, "We're not thinking out there! We had that game in the bag and we blew it!"

    "I didn't have the angle," Adama said.

    "You had the entire net open!" Wynn retorted, "I'm twice your age and I could have scored on that sucker!"

    "Look, I was there, he was closing the near side and there was somebody coming to cover the far side. It was one point or nothing," Adama shot back.

    "I'm not going to argue this with you Adama!" Aileen yelled back, "It doesn't matter now! What matters is that every single one of you needs to go in there and blow this game open! These guys flew across the entire galaxy and are now playing an extra half game of Limmie. They are tired, they are weak, and this game is our's if we want it. Now we nee
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  25. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    ?Gentlebeings, good afternoon,? Commissioner Niakra Kayl?hen said to the members of the galactic press on hand for the day?s biggest announcement, ?Coming off such an exciting first week of play that featured a thrilling double overtime game, an exciting high-scoring contest, a nailbiter that came down to the wire, and a shocking upset that shows just how dynamic this League is, any news that we have to report today might seem tame.

    ?However, it is with great pleasure that I announce today that the Final Hosting Selection Committee has concluded its review of all of this year?s applicants to host the 264 Galactic Cup Final. All of this year?s participants in the Elite League had their applications considered, with the exception of Chandrila who is prohibited by rule through next season due to hosting the Final in 262. Bids from Naboo and Denon were also considered.

    ?The Selection Committee has chosen Denon Gardens on Denon as the site for the 264 Final, thanks to Denon?s geographic position in the Mid Rim, its vibrant entertainment venues near Denon Gardens, and its pledge to provide a guaranteed 100,000 reduced rate hotel rooms to attendees of the event. We have no doubt that Denon will provide an exciting backdrop for another exciting Final and look forward to seeing you all there at the end of the season.?

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