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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to Cloud City (33) and Concordia (28).

    303 Skimmer Ade League Week 5
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Atzerri Bandits (15-22)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Concordia Crusaders (22-8)
    Cloud City Sky Captains at Commenor Gundarks (33-13)

    OOC note: As is done in the ELL, since Cloud City had a bonus roll and rolled the max, they got to flip coins (digital coins, using the coin flipper at adding a point per heads until they got tails. Unfortunately, they got tails on the first flip, so no extra points (and Trieste can blame the fact that I used a Canadian Loonie if he wants).

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    Tiarest Stadium, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Every Bak10 team got to play in Salis D’aar at least once a year. While Gesco City was arguably a larger recruiting market for teams, the prestige of playing in the capital was a priority for all the members of the conference. The conference made sure to alternate home-and-away games for teams between UBSD and Tiarest so everyone got a trip to Salis D’aar.

    Though the games at Bakura Gardens, which UB Salis D’aar leased for their home games to hold their large alumni base, were marquee events, Kassandra had always liked the intimacy of Tiarest Stadium. Though it was much smaller than the Gardens, she liked the intimacy of the self-named stadium. She wouldn’t say that this was what college limmie should be, but she enjoyed this version of the experience.

    Also, with fewer fans it was harder for the Burgundy supporters to disrupt the game. There was that too.

    Despite being the most recent Bak10 team to win a GCAA championship, Tiarest had been an also-ran ever since Kass had entered the league. That made it all the more frustrating that they were hanging around today. The Titans were in the lead, but they weren’t putting the Burgundy away like they should.

    Even with this annoyance, Kass found she felt sharper this week. She wouldn’t say that she saw things coming. She hadn’t magically become a Jedi overnight. Her ability to anticipate the play was heightened—and she was seeing different things.

    Just like last week’s game where she’d held her zone and made the interception, Kass saw opportunities beyond tackles. She found the soft spots on the field. Possibilities opened that she hadn’t considered before.

    Case in point, Kass watched one of the midfielders position herself to catch the boloball. It was like Kass saw Coach Bolo drawing a play on the holoboard. She knew what she needed to do.

    Kass took off at a sprint up the field. She knew she was vacating her position, but given how Tiarest’s players were arranged, she saw an opportunity to press the advantage. It was a risk, but one with a big upside and an acceptable downside.

    She passed the other midfielder and angled into the center of the field. She was on an intercept course with her teammate—but so was a Burgundy defender. Kass dropped a shoulder and put herself right between the defender and her teammate. If she had forgotten that she was not the biggest defender on the field, she was reminded of it now. Kass went flying when she made contact, coming down on the grass on her opposite shoulder.

    But her block allowed her teammate to keep going, flipping the field. Kass rolled over onto her back and breathed out. That had hurt. One of her teammates extended a hand to help her up and she was back on her feet, but that one was probably going to bruise after the game.

    “Nice work, K,” her teammate said as Kassandra got her feet under her again.

    Kass gave a nod and got back in the game.

    Kass sat in the locker room with three packs wrapped around her body. Two were hot, one was cold, and all of them were a result of putting her body between her teammates and Tiarest. She knew it wasn’t traditional defense, but in the moment the plays felt more useful than just tackling opponents. She’d done plenty of that, but she’d also thrown a spanner into Tiarest’s gameplan today wherever she could. She’d paid a price for it.

    The price had been worth it: the holes she’d opened for her teammates had led to scores that were the difference today. Just one week after telling Coach Bolo that she didn’t feel connected to the outcome on the field she could now draw a straight line between her performance and the game result.

    “Hey, Kass, got a moment?”

    The request came not from Den Bolo, but—surprisingly—from Lyndsey Cash. “Yeah, what’s up?”

    “Come with me,” Lyndsey said, motioning.

    Her curiosity piqued, the player hauled herself to her feet and followed the hydration specialist through a couple turns in the tunnels inside Tiarest Stadium. She was rewarded with the sound of excited squealing. Lyndsey had jumped into the arms of a Human female with brown hair in a burgundy polo shirt and white slacks. Eventually their inarticulate excitement coalesced into words.

    “Kass, this is my sister, Artemis,” Lyndsey said.

    “Oh right!” Kass remembered when the twins had been nominees at the Limmie Awards hosted by the ELL. That season had been crazy—Atalanta had won the Bak10, which meant Kassandra had been focused on the GCAA playoffs. Even with all that, the hometown Cash sisters still made a splash in the local media. “Nice to meet you.”

    “‘Nice to meet you,’” Artemis echoed. “Listen to her! She wins the Titans’ first Bak10 championship in 20 years and she’s still humble.”

    Lyndsey rolled her eyes as if to say, See what I had to grow up with?

    Artemis grabbed Kass’s hand and shook it firmly. “Even if I go to Tiarest, I’ve still got a soft spot for AU. That’s why I agreed to this.”

    “To what?” Kass asked. A feeling of foreboding began to knot in her stomach.

    “You bring yours?” Artemis asked Lyndsey, ignoring Kass.

    “Of course,” the other Cash replied, as if anyone would ever do otherwise. She tapped an Atalanta equipment case next to her. “And I don’t need to ask if you did.”

    “As if!” Artemis opened up a separate container near by. She dug around inside and then tossed something to Kass, who caught it instinctively.

    “Why am I going to need this?” Kassandra asked uncertainly, looking at the old starfighter helmet in her hands.

    Kass had been on a lot of shuttles in her life. She’d seen the pulsing beauty of hyperspace, vast cities that stretched beyond the horizon in every direction, seas of translucent jade, tundras of snows, oceans of boiling sand, mountains that sparkled in sunrise, and jungles without end from the windows of starships. It had often been courtesy of her mom’s job.

    But she’d never flown before.

    Kassandra was suspended in a harness between the Cashes, who soared through the air courtesy of Mandalorian jetpacks affixed to their armor, banking and gliding through the nightscape of the capital city. They were probably breaking all sorts of air control laws. Kass didn’t care as they violated the airspace around the Bakuran Senate Building and wove through the financial district towers alight with empty offices.

    She knew the battered helmet on her head wasn’t going to save her if the harness failed, but the risk was worth the experience.

    “Thought you deserved something cool for everything you’ve done for the Titans, especially after you laid yourself out there today,” Lyndsey said, her voice modulated by the comm channel. Had they not linked Kass’s helmet to their frequency, she wouldn’t have been able to hear it over the rushing wind.

    “Yeah, you made us look bad out there today,” Artemis added. “Not that I’m bitter about that or anything.”

    But Limmie was the furthest thing from Kass’s mind at the moment. She wasn’t thinking about UBSD’s loss earlier in the day. The new college rankings hadn’t come out yet, the ones that would vault the Titans into the playoff conversation.

    Instead, she was completely absorbed in this glorious moment. She now understood why beings became starfighter pilots, why they could spend their entire lives chasing this feeling.

    More than anything else, her body was full of one sentiment. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t care that in expressing it she’d be an echo of her mom.

    This is the best!!!” Kass shouted as she soared.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    CatChat holo updates from @TheBestBast

    “Put that head-to-head tiebreak in the bank! Yeah, that’s right, we’ve got the edge on you, Officers!

    “For those of you who don’t remember the distant history of two weeks ago, Euceron beat us by 10 points in our first match. But I’ll see your 10 points and raise you 11! That’s why we’re sitting #2 in the conference now and ahead of the Officers.

    “Because. Of. Just. One. Point.

    “That’s why you keep playing all 60 minutes! Props to Coach C for knowing what was at stake and keeping the accelerator all the way forward.

    “This week’s win is all on the offense. All 6 made it happen, plus both of us at midfield. We’re going to need that when we see the Starkillers for the second time this season. Yeah, conference play is flying by this year!

    “And because I know you love to hear about them: Cloud City’s really got it going now! They’re jamming up there. They were in a hole to start, but now they’re above .500! Feels like the first time in forever. But not in a animated musical way. Or maybe it is. Anyways! There’s still a long season ahead of them, but they’re moving in the right direction.

    “Time for practice over here. Talk to you next week, Miner fans!”

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold cloudy and rainy Victory afternooooon! Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the reigning Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Still undefeated!"

    "Yes they are, yes they are and halfway through the season now too as the Mercs handily dispatch the aptly named Strugglers..."

    "You do realize we're the only ones that call them that, their official nicknames is Smugglers."

    "Smugglers, how unsavory."

    "Our hometown team is named after mercenaries, how is that any better?"

    "Because our fans carry flamethrowers."

    "...19 to six to stay atop the conference and yes, atop the entire league with five weeks to go."

    "Five weeks to go and anything can happen here, but man are they looking like the class of the ELL this season."

    "Yeah, I'd say Starkillers belonged in that conversation too until they were blown out by the Mercs last week and then lost to the previously winless Hypderdrives this last weekend."

    "And a shout out to Fondor for getting their first ELL win, especially against a team that has played in the last three consecutive Galactic Cup finals."

    "Yeah big win for that organization and sadly another big win for the hated Pirates to managed to keep pace with the Mercs with after taking down the still winless Gangbusters."

    "We face those Pirates..."

    "shab I really hate them."

    "...this upcoming weekend in what will be a big game for both teams in deciding who goes to the playoffs and who stays home."

    "Mercs have that ten point win over them in week two to hang their buckets on, but that was also the Mercs closest margin of victory..."

    "By the manda they have been dominant."

    "...and also the least amount of points the Mercs have scored all season."

    "Pirates always, always, play the Mercs tough and you know they will be gunning to put up not just a win, but a big win, to try to make a statement and wrest control of the conference away from the good guys."

    "Mercs will have to be on their toes that's for certain."

    "Of course none better to prepare them for the task than Coach Kirt who has done nothing but win, win, win..."

    "No matter what."

    "...since her arrival here as the Mercs head coach."

    "18 and seven record in the regular season since becoming head coach of the Mercs, and of course a flawless three and oh playoff record, inclusing two Galactic Cup victories."

    "She'll have us ready, question is how ready will the Pirates be?"

    "Guess we'll have to wait and see..."

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    Dec 14, 2009
    OOC: As mentioned in OOB, last fall regatta for my daughter is this weekend, so hopefully the last early college update for you all this season (maybe ever!)

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Big week in college bolo ball with the big news here of course being the big win by KMI over upstart Verpine Tech, a loss that will go a long way towards another SEC crown for the Warriors."

    "Not big enough to move the needle in the standings for them though, not after even bigger wins by number one UD Eastlake and number two UTA."

    "Bigger wins by score maybe, but not by rankings. I bet we see KMI move up a spot."

    "Of course lurking on the other side of the SEC is still Imperial College of Bastion who put together their own impressive win..."

    "They play KMI next week, and oh man is that ever looking like a shabla great showdown.,"

    "Either way they will match up again in the SEC title game now with the Warriors win over Tech, but that is a game both teams are going to pull out all the stops to win, they hate each other."

    "Further down the rankings number nine University of Bison's loss might see them down on the playoff bubble with just a week to go and Atalanta University's 29 to 19 loss to Prytis College of Natural Sciences will probably end the Titan's nascent playoff hopes."

    "Don't think we see any Bak10 teams in the playoff again this year..."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: @Trieste

    HSN Top 25 after Week Six (LW)

    1. University of Denon, Eastlake (1)
    2. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead (2)
    3. Keldabe Military Institute (3)
    4. Mos Eisley University, Tatooine (4)
    5. Imperial College of Bastion (7)
    6. Cloud City University, Bespin (6)
    7. The Ord Sabaok University (8)
    8. University of Zeltros, Paradise (10)
    9. Verpine Technical Institute (5)
    10. Wookiee Forrest Institute (11)
    11. Chiss Ascendancy University, Pesfavri (12)
    12. University of Kuat (13)
    13. University of Bison (9)
    14. Chandrila A&M University (15)
    15. Pirtolanda State University (19)
    16. Druckenwell Technical University (14)
    17. University of Denon (20)
    18. Atalanta University (17)
    19. University of Agamar (23)
    20. Catlia Polytechnic University (25)
    21. University of Kamino (22)
    22. UB Salis D'aar (21)
    23. University of Sanbra (NR)
    24. University of Agamar (23)
    25. University of Tatooine (18)

    Dropped out: University of Coruscant
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    Jul 11, 2009
    Logan Manx-Sandin

    "Welcome to the Stacked Deck, I'm Arkos your Pirate Bartender and today we're going to make a Starflare…" A generically handsome human with long blonde hair speaks down the camera behind a very familiar bar. It is one I know well; it's the closest bar to the stadium and a favorite haunt of the Pirates. I didn't know this show existed until recently as I was just scrolling through the holo net. I'm not much of a drinker but, looking at some of the drinks he makes I'm tempted to try to make some of them. They mostly involve rum so it should be easy enough.

    With all this time on my hands I can try and find new hobbies, maybe mixing drinks is one of them.

    A knock at the door makes me furrow my brow, who would be visiting at this hour.

    "Babe, you expecting a delivery?" I call out moving towards the door.

    "No." My wife calls out from the fresher.

    "Huh," I check the sensor and see Scarface herself, Iris Copin. "Huh," I say again opening the door. "Um hey Iris, what's…"

    "We have to talk coach…" she replies walking into the apartment.

    "Um, ok, let yourself in…" I turn my chair around as she catches sight of the paused holo projector.

    "Huh, So that's what he needed help with."


    "Oh, Arkos, that guy on the holo, he asked Peggles to help him with something a while back."

    "You and him run in similar circles?"

    "Oh, he's Zara's boyfriend…"

    "Ahh…" I move into the living room looking to the star player of the team.

    "Coach you got to come back."

    "I can't and look you guys are doing well without me. That new coach is working out well."

    "We don't have a coach, it's a algorithm that is spitting out plays based on who knows what. We are playing well in spite of our coaching, which is non existent."

    "It's working whatever it is."

    "We have to work twice as hard out there, we're getting burned out and the rookies are antsy. Especially Zar."

    "You mean the one named after me?"

    "Yeah, he's angry, and he's playing like it too, drawing nearly twice as many penalties as any other rookie I've seen. We're doing what we can but, he's getting more and more belligerent. I fear it's only a matter of time before he gets himself suspended."

    "That does sound like a problem but, There's nothing I can do about it. I'm not the coach. And until Schnitt calls me it looks like it's going to stay that way."

    Iris turns away looking frustrated.

    "But, we need you the team isn't the same, and the home games are just...dead."

    "I noticed that there were lots of empty seats."

    "And the Black Spot doesn't even show up at away games anymore."

    "Even with you guys winning?"

    "Yeah no, not even success brings them back. And to be honest I wouldn't be playing if I wasn't under contract."

    "You could just play badly…" I say offhandedly looking again to the frozen image of the long hair handsome man.

    "And tank my trade stock and tar my legacy…" Iris shoots back.

    "Fair enough."

    "We need you back, the fans need you back, please talk to Snichtt, heck I'd talk to him if he'd see me. He's hiding in his office or at his house, I'm not sure, I just know I can't see him."

    "I mean, he's probably very busy with his other responsibilities, like being GM, and Scout again."

    "Then he should take a meeting with me."

    "It's likely a lot of people are wanting to meet with him."

    "You're defending him?"

    "I mean, sort of, you haven't seen him when he's fielding calls from the Board, and angry ticket holders. There's a lot he has to deal with."


    "I understand Copin, you're in a rough place, but, it's working...and...maybe...maybe I don't want to come back…"


    "You know with the time off, and getting to be with my kid, and my wife, I kinda like it."

    "Coach, please, we...we need you really really need you."

    "I get that and I feel for you but...I don't know anymore. "


    I see it in her face, she's crestfallen, I know, I'm surprised too, Limmie was my life, but having a break, it's given me some clarity. Though, I feel conflicted, very conflicted.

    "Coach, you you don't mean that...please don't mean that."

    "I ah...I don't know."

    "Coach, you're scaring me, you feeling ok?"

    "I feel fine, it's just you know, getting to spend time with my family, it's been refreshing. I haven't gotten bored of it yet...I still love limmie and I do care about you guys but, I don't know...or I'm not sure what I'll be doing next."

    "Please coach, we really do need you…"

    "I know, I know...I'll, I'll think about it ok?"


    "Ok, thanks for stopping by, I'll think about what you say…" I guide her back out of the apartment and sit and think...there was a lot going on...

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    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: More developments as we go along....

    IC: IS-86
    New Vertica
    Nar Shaddaa

    IS-86 ponderously made its way through the labyrinthine corridors of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers team headquarters facility located at New Vertica, one of the Six Boroughs of the Smugglers Moon. All that the central processing unit inside its head had been able to figure out was that it had been summoned by the owner of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers Vera Grames.

    "Sit down," Vera Grames said as she finished reviewing a few reports submitted to her by outside consulting agencies.

    IS-86 complied.

    "The Smugglers performance has been absolutely abysmal," Vera said, "and the defense, once our greatest strength, is hardly having a good showing. I've decided that there needs to be changes. Serious changes made to the team. I've already informed Coach Lerouex that she and her entire staff will not be returning. That includes you."

    IS-86 blinked and didn't say a word.

    "So I'm out of a job then," IS-86 finally replied.

    Vera nodded. "You are."

    "Will I be retained to clean the facility?"

    "You will," Vera said, "your service to our organization is invaluable."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    We're rocking today with bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Euceron, Mando'ade, and Nar Shaddaa. :D

    Week 6 results
    Euceron Officers at Fondor Hyperdrives (7-27)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Carratos Pirates (2-1)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Geonosis Gangbusters (13-17)
    Bakura Miners at Ralltiir Starkillers (40-5)

    Bakura received its max out roll for getting a 40 and failed it.

    And these scores are officially the worst possible advertisement for the bonus potential. :oops:[face_laugh]

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    Atalanta, Bakura

    “Hey! Listen up! I’ve got something to say!”

    Kass had just pulled her jersey over her head when the Lex Ballord called for the team’s attention. The Titans quieted accordingly. Coach Bolo stood in the doorway to his office, which was adjacent to the locker room, hands in his pockets, watching what was unfolding.

    “You all know I’m a straight shooter, so I’m just going to come out and say it: I can’t be your captain anymore,” Ballord stated flatly.

    “What?” Kass exclaimed with the rest of the locker room. Ballord was a workhorse on the field, a sturdy presence. Like Kass, he was one of the Seniors who’d been here for the 301 Bak10 championship. He’d been a mentor for the younger players. Their growth was part of what had pushed the Titans into #17 in the GCAA rankings.

    “What’s up?”

    “Is it an injury?”

    “Academic probation?”

    “Ay!” he shouted to get everyone to settle down. “Everything’s fine. But I talked it over with Coach and told him that somebody else needs to wear the C.”

    “Why?” someone asked Bolo.

    “Let ‘im finish,” Coach Bolo said calmly, returning the focus to Ballord.

    “I’m not the real leader of this team,” Ballord said. “There’s someone who puts themselves out there every minute of practice, every second of the game. They did it last game and that’s why we won. And we all know who they are.”

    Lex looked at Kass. “And we already elected her captain once, so don’t make us do it again, Kass.”

    The eyes of the locker room turned to her. Kass had played in front over 100,000 beings, but she felt more scrutiny under the gaze of the 30 or so now than she ever had on the field.

    “And before you say you aren’t a leader, that block you put down for Bunterthrash says otherwise.” Ballord extended one fist clutching a white jersey towards Kass. “Besides, I already had them sew the C on your jersey for this week and they told me that I’d have to undo the stitching myself if it had to come off and I’m not going to learn how to sew. So take it.”

    Kassandra looked at the jersey and hesitated. “You know when this gets out the media’s going to flip, what with UBSD losing and us going ahead of them.”

    “I don’t give a frak about what the HoloNet’s gonna say. Only thing that matters what gets said in this locker room and what happens on that field. Now don’t make me stand here with this any longer.” Lex shook the jersey in his fist, indicating Kass should take it.

    “If that’s what you all want…” She reluctantly reached out and took one end. “OK.”

    Ballord let go and the locker room, Coach Bolo, included clapped and cheered for their reluctant captain as she held the jersey.

    “You’re gonna be fine,” Ballord told Kass underneath the noise of cheering.

    “Thanks,” she smiled.

    Prytis, Bakura

    “Hey! Time out ref! Time out!” Coach Bolo shouted loud enough for Kass to hear halfway across the field. The official blew his whistle and made the customary hand signal to indicate the Titans requested the break. “Everybody get in here!”

    Kass jogged over to join her teammates at the sideline. She felt the weight of the cloth C on her breast as she moved. It was an odd time for a break. The Miners had just been awarded a goal kick by the officials. It was a welcome stroke of luck in a game that had largely gone the Rangers’ way.

    “OK, we are just not getting’ anythin’ against this kid in the pipes,” Coach Bolo said. “We gotta change somethin’ up here if we’re gonna break out of this one. Now Lyndsey’s got an idea. Lay it on us, Lyndsey.”

    The hydration specialist elbowed her way forward through the players. “He’s clearly studied our offense, especially our front three. We’ve got to assume he’s studied our usual goal kickers. We have to show him something he doesn’t expect, something he couldn’t prepare for.”

    “OK, we’ll have Bunterthrash take it. He’ll never see a midfielder coming for a goal kick,” Ballord said.

    “If he’s watched the holo on the forwards, he’ll have watched the midfielders too. We need something off the wall,” Coach Bolo said. “I’m thinkin’ that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we gotta go with Special K on this one.”

    It took Kass a full two seconds to realize that Coach Bolo was talking about her.

    “Me?” she blurted as her eyes bulged. “I haven’t taken a goal kick since Little League and I missed that! I don’t know what I’ll do!”

    “Neither will he. That’s the beauty of it!” Lyndsey said.

    The official blew the whistle for play to resume.

    “Kassandra, I believe in you. You got this.” Before Kass could say anything else, Coach Bolo walked away and shouted to the official. “Hey ref! Number 19’s takin’ this one!”

    There was no getting out of it now. Kassandra walked up the field to where the ball sat at the top of the goal box. She looked at the goalkeeper for the Rangers, who looked about as confused as a dianoga on Tatooine.

    That makes two of us, Kass thought as she stepped back from the boloball. She blew out her breath. The PCNS fans were making noise, trying to get in her head. She didn’t know if this was what it was like every time you took a goal kick on the road or if they were doing it because they knew it was her and she had no idea what she was doing.

    It didn’t matter. Kass closed her eyes briefly to compose herself. The official blew a whistle to signal Kass could kick when she was ready. She opened her eyes and looked at the goalkeeper, who was balancing on the balls of his feet, ready to react to Kass’s movement.

    Through the din she faintly, if improbably, heard Coach Bolo call out, “Here we go, Kassandra!”

    And Kassandra’s feet began moving forward. She tried to remember how you did this—kicked with precision instead of to clear the zone. Did you kick with your movement or against it? Did the goalkeeper think you were going to fake him out or would he follow the strong-side shot? Did you aim for the upper corners where it was harder to defend, but easier to miss?

    Kass Kirt didn’t know what decisions she made. Her body was on autopilot as she used her right foot to kick for the left side of the goal. The goalkeeper dove right, leaving a wide-open net for the ball to slide along the grass and into.

    Before she realized what she’d done, Kass felt one of her teammates jump onto her back. The only reason she didn’t keel over was that another one hugged her from the front. The PCNS crowd had gone quiet, the noise dying in their throats.

    “I did it?” Kass said in shock. “I did it!”

    “We just didn’t do it,” Kass said, sitting in front of the media after the game, “and as captain, that’s on me.”

    “What prompted the change at captain?”

    “Do you think if Lex Ballord was still captain you would have won?”

    “This was a team decision,” Kassandra said, “and I think PCNS played us really well today and that’s why we lost.”

    “Are the playoffs out of reach for the Titans now?”

    Kass thought about that one before she answered. “I think the two biggest games on our schedule are ahead of us and we’re going to think about them and not what might come after. And if they’re my last two games as a Titan, then I want them to be games I’m proud of.”

    But that wasn’t the real answer. Kass knew that she wasn’t going to go to the playoffs now. She’d failed.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    CatChat holo updates from @TheBestBast

    “Another Solo conference game, another tiebreak earned! To say that was a big win is like saying the Death Star was no moon. Understatement of the year! I know you all want the inside scoop from yours truly because that game was definitely won at midfield.

    “Here’s how we did it: if their name was Allin or Vigo, we were on them like fur on a Cathar. We focused on their stars and took them away. Yeah, we left the rest of the Starkillers open, but so much of their game runs through those key players that we took away a lot of their game. If we see them again in the playoffs, I don’t think it’ll be quite so easy to shut them down again. Gotta love all the familiarity of conference matchups, right?

    “So can I get a heck yeah for first in the Conference? Heck yeah!

    “Obviously it’s still a tight race and these tiebreaks won’t mean anything if we blow it in nonconference play. We’re going to have to be tough against Deon Canista if we’re going to get win #2 against the Skywalker Conference this season. Glad we’ll be at home with all of you for that one!”

    TAG: @The Jedi in the Pumas
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny but cool victory afternooooon! Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the reigning Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Oh wow what a great game!"

    "You have got to be the only person in the galaxy whop thought that was a great game."

    "Well a win is a win, and this one keeps the Mercs undefeated!"

    "There is that."

    "Plus this was just the kind of game I absolutely love, hard hitting physical and gritty defense keeping the offenses off balance all game long..."

    "Most people call that boring."

    "Maybe those watching on the holo, or those that don't appreciate just how fast these people are moving, but for those in the stands or those who have taken a hit from the greatest athletes in the galaxy, this one was step up from any other game played anywhere in the ELl this season!"

    "I'll have to take your word for it."

    "Look, I get it, fems dig the long ball and fans love high scoring games and you know what, most players do too..."

    "Just not former defensive ones."

    "...just look at how frustrated the rookie Zar was with Kik."

    "Thought we were going to see a couple of ejections there, but credit to the refs, they took care of it without having to go that far."

    "Kik was loving it, any defender loves to frustrate the offense, and that's just what he was doing all night."

    "Still, I think the pressure were getting to him too..."

    "Oh sure, sure, a game that close, that low scoring, every possession is huge, of vital importance, because any one moment can turn the game around and be the difference between a win or a loss."

    "Like the eventual game winning bar point by Soulstone there."

    "Oh for sure, for sure. Game tied at one a piece there early in the second half and she goes for a go ahead goal..."

    "That was a great breakaway, and an even better pass from Carp to set her up."

    "Yeah, she was wide open, and she had a goal all lined up but credit to Kaliko there between the pipes, she recovered enough to deflect it high so it went over the bar for a single point instead of a triple."

    "She had to figure there would be more scoring eventually from her club, I mean they had to score another point anyway to win before that, so giving up the single was the best she could do to keep it close."

    "Yeah even then I wasn't thinking that would be the eventual game winner, but sure enough it was."

    "So now the Mercs go to six and oh, still the only undefeated team in the league, and...can't believe we buried the lede like this, but clinch a playoff berth as well."

    "Yeah, Mercs sitting pretty, and barring a collapse out on Carratos they will probably have to face this Pirates team again in the post season..."

    "Pirates at four and two, their only two losses to the Mercs, while both the Strugglers and Gangbusters are back at one and five."

    "Pirates man, what a strange case, great defense, not s o great offense, but good enough for thirs best PD in the league, which is why they are probably going to make the playoffs."

    "Just glad we were able to take them down here..."

    "Me too, and I hate to say this but..."

    "But what?"

    "Well I don't mean to put down the coaching abilities of coach Kirt in any way here, she has led us to two Galactic Cup titles and an undefeated thus far season here since she was hired...."


    "...but I think if former coach Manx-Sandin was on the sidelines for this last one we might have had a different outcome."

    "Well thank the manda then that he wasn't."

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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Week seven, the last week of the regular college bol ball season for most non Power Five schools, and so the last chance to impress the pollsters and earn a coveted playoff spot..."

    "Going to be tight for..."

    "...but of course the big news this weekend comes from the Power Five conferences as number one UD Eastlake's loss set the tone for a weekend of chaos punctuated by the big showdown in the SEC between number five Imperial College of Bastion and number three KMI."

    "What a huge game for them both, and it sets up an even bigger SEC championship game between the two now."

    " of course that most of our listeners know the Warriors lost..."

    "Keldabe Military Institute will get their chance at revenge next week."

    "Of course in non Power Five news, the number 18 Titans of Atalanta University cruised to an easy win over number 22 UBSD 15 to three, a game that might just push the Titans into a playoff spot."

    "Druckenwell Tech, Bison, Kuat all lost, so yeah I'll give them a chance, but I wouldn't count on it."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: @Trieste

    HSN Top 25 after Week Seven (LW)

    1. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead (2)
    2. University of Denon, Eastlake (1)
    3. Imperial College of Bastion (5)
    4. Cloud City University, Bespin (6)
    5. The Ord Sabaok University (7)
    6. Keldabe Military Institute (3)
    7. University of Zeltros, Paradise (8)
    8. Mos Eisley University, Tatooine (4)
    9. Verpine Technical Institute (9)
    10. Wookiee Forrest Institute (10)
    11. Chiss Ascendancy University, Pesfavri (11)
    12. Pirtolanda State University (15)
    13. Chandrila A&M University (14)
    14. Atalanta University (18)
    15. University of Kuat (12)
    16. University of Kamino (21)
    17. University of Bison (13)
    18. Druckenwell Technical University (16)
    19. Catlia Polytechnic University (20)
    20. Level 1313 Technical School (18)
    21. University of Denon (17)
    22. University of Sanbra (23)
    23. University of Agamar (19)
    24. Sundari School of Interstellar Relations (NR)
    25. University of Myrkyr (NR)

    Dropped out: UB Salis D'aar, University of Tatooine

    Championship Week

    • BIG 20: (Rimward) #17 University of Bison vs. (Coreward) #2 University of Denon, Eastlake
    • Super 16: (Crendan) #5 The Ord Sabaok University vs. (Kayl'hen) #13 Chandrila A&M University
    • SEC: (Beskar) #6 Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore) vs. (Cortosis) #3 Imperial College of Bastion
    • Rim 10: (Innies) #25 University of Myrkyr vs. (Outies) #23 University of Agamar
    • RAAC 10: (Raddus) #4 Cloud City University, Bespin vs. (Syndulla) #1 University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
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    Jul 11, 2009
    Logan Manx-Sandin

    The pregame for the Mercs/Pirates game was winding down so I figured it was time to get settled in. I shift from my hoverchair and onto the well worn couch. I let out a sigh the chair was comfortable, but there was something about my couch that just relaxes me. The game is about to start and Mikia joins me. Alex was sitting in the chair to the right of the couch looking at her datapad.

    The game itself is...boring, for me at least. The former forward in me is let down by the lack of scoring, while my wife is absolutely engrossed in it. I guess being on the other side of the ball gave her an appreciation for slogs like this.

    Halftime came and Alex had better things to do than watch this slow moving game. I wish I could too but I was pinned, Mikia was laying on the couch her head in my lap and I was not going to give up this moment of being together.

    "Hey, what do you think of me going back to work?" Mikia asks.

    "Um...sure, I guess you've supported me, I'll support you."

    "You know with you around I haven't had to do a lot and even before everything, I still had a lot of time on my hands. Alex is at school most of the day and there's only so much housework, and working out I can do each day. So I've been thinking about it."

    I run my fingers up and down her arm watching the boring game.

    "Seems fair, you have taken a decade off anyone would get listless after that long."

    "I mean I have a degree in business and I haven't used it like at all."


    "And I like being a mother, but, Alex is fun but she's getting to that point where she doesn't need me around and I've wanted to do something for a while."

    "Yeah that's totally fair."

    "And with you home we can pick up Alex."

    "Yeah, but if I get a job offer from Schnnit…"

    "You're thinking of going back? After what they did?"

    "I mean look at that crowd look at their play...Dive towards the net!" I call out to Zar as he hesitates on a rebound that came out to him. "They need me."

    "But they just cut you and like 6 players just like that."

    "I know, but it's not the players fault they don't deserve to be punished for the acts of upper management."

    "But, I thought you liked staying at home."

    "I do but I also love limmie and I still like the team."

    Mikia let out a sigh.

    "Well, you can pick up Alex from school. And to her limmie practice."


    "Your schedule is more flexible than mine." She boops my nose and I scrunch up my face.

    "I still have to be there at practices. I can't just leave the players alone."

    "You can just bring Alex with you they'll get a lot out of watch pros. They're at the age where they'll start wanting to play. Surprised they haven't already."

    I open my mouth to argue but, it did sound fun, brining Alex to work with him. Let them see what he does, and see some of the best limmie players in the galaxy practice.

    "Though, limmie practice would be difficult."

    "Just pick them up and drop them off then pick them up after simple."

    "You thought of this haven't you."

    "A little though I didn't expect you to go back."

    "I haven't said yes or no, but if they offer…"

    "Really?" She shifted a little looking up at me

    "I love Limmie and...I mean look at this…" I gesture at the breakdown in the play in front of him. "They need me or something more than just this."

    "And if they don't? And will you accept the first offer?"

    "No, I know I've got them over a barrel, I can get what I an assistant, someone to handle the practices while I pickup Alex and the like."

    "Well, at least you're not being stupid about it."

    "At least that…" I gently shake my head as the game ends a Pirate loss. "So, have any idea what you want to do?"

    "Don't know, going to polish up my CV get that posted then start looking."

    "Sounds like a plan."

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    Apr 10, 2010
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    Atalanta, Bakura

    “Let’s call a saber and a saber,” Coach Bolo said in the first team meeting after the loss to PCNS, “that was a tough one. We all want that one back.”

    Despite herself, Kass hung her head for a moment. They hadn’t lost because of her, but she was captain now. She bore responsibility for the game and where they were now. She pulled her head up to keep listening.

    “But this season ain’t over. We win these last two games, we win the conference, if not make the playoffs,” Coach Bolo continued. “We all knew from the start this was going to be one of the biggest games of this season. UBSD is, top to bottom, the most talented team in the conference. That’s just a fact and we gotta face up to that.

    “But we’ve got a lotta talent here too. And I think that we need something that’s going to take advantage of that. Now, I want to hear everybody’s ideas for how we can get an edge here. No bad ideas.”

    “We could punch everyone in the face on the first play,” someone shouted out.

    Coach Bolo paused, turning back from the holo board where he was ready to write ideas down. “OK, so maybe there are some bad ideas, but I like the passion! Let’s keep them flowin’!”

    “We could use some timing plays, get in motion when we get free kicks.”

    “I like it!” Coach Bolo said, writing timing plays on the board. “What else?”

    “We could do some fake plays.”

    Fake plays went on the board.

    “We could use a different formation.”

    “Like what?” Coach Bolo said. “Whose idea was that?” He craned his neck and looked around the room.

    “Mine,” Lyndsey Cash said from one side.

    “All right! Lyndsey with the ideas after the goal kick!” Different formations was on the board now. “I don’t know about all y’all, but I wanna ride the hot hand here. What are you thinking about here, Lynds?”

    “We could play three midfielders,” Lyndsey explained.

    “You can do that?!” Coach Bolo exclaimed as if he’d just heard that there was free barbecue tipyip in the next room.

    “The rules don’t say you can’t,” Lyndsey said.

    “That’s a lot of negatives, but I’m gonna take that as a yes.” Coach wrote 3 midfielders on the board. “Tell me more about this three midfielder thing.”

    “We’d play with five defenders and use the third midfielder to overwhelm them. On paper the third midfielder would be a defender, but we’d know what they were going to do. The Bears wouldn’t,” Lyndsey said. “We’d get them jump on them on offense on most plays.”

    “It’s high risk,” Kass said, “they turn a play quickly, they’re going to have numbers on us most of the time. We’ll have an uncovered player to account for.”

    “That’s why we put our best player in the third midfield spot,” Lyndsey said. “Someone who’s got the stamina to play a two-way game all 60 minutes.”

    “I see where you’re goin’ with this,” Coach Bolo said. “Kassandra—you up for it?”

    Kass’s chest suddenly clenched. She felt her heart thudding in her chest, her pulse pounding in her temples. Everyone was looking at her. This wasn’t like when they’d made her captain. Then she’d been uncertain. Now she felt like the walls were closing in.

    This felt wrong.

    “Kassandra? Kassandra?” someone was asking.

    Maybe she said something. She wasn’t sure. It was like a Sith was controlling her body. She thought she left the locker room, but she didn’t know where she was going. She collided with someone, but she didn’t register who it was. Things were a blur. She felt like a blur.

    “Kassandra? Hey, Kassandra, can you breathe?” she heard as though her head was underwater.

    She felt something against her body. She thought they might be her own knees. There was something hard against her back. A wall?

    “Kassandra, look at me. Look at me.”

    “No.” Did she say that? Did someone else say that?

    “Kassandra, it’s OK. I know this is uncomfortable—”

    Everything snapped back into clarity. “‘Uncomfortable?’” Kassandra shouted into Coach Bolo’s face. “You don’t know what this feels like!”


    “Stop talking! Just stop talking!” Kassandra yelled. “That’s all you do is talk! You never shut up! You and your overly folksy sayings! You don’t ever think! You just come in here and start changing things like you know everything! You don’t even know anything about this sport! You think you can just change our entire system of play days before our biggest game of the season and everything will be fine!” She was on her feet now, her face inches from the coach’s. “When is somebody going to tell you that this is no way to run a limmie team?! Maybe this is a big joke to you, but this matters to the rest of us! You can go back to Brentaal, but the rest of us have to live with what happens here!”

    “This is no joke, Kassandra,” Coach Bolo said, calmly. It was infuriating how calm he was. Kass wished he was shouting at her. “You’re right. There’s a lot about this sport I don’t understand. But I trust beings like you and Lyndsey. And I think Lyndsey’s got the right idea here. I think we’re gonna win if we do this three midfielder thing. If you do it.”

    “I can’t!” Kass shouted.

    “Why not?”

    “Because that’s what she played!” Kassandra Kirt screamed, her words echoing off the walls of the equipment room.

    “I know,” Coach Bolo said, as quiet as Kass was loud. “Kassandra, this is it. This is the moment. This is the trench run, the gantry, the throne room. Whatever your pivotal moment is, we’re here. This is what your journey has been leading to. I can’t make you do this. You say no and we don’t do it.

    “And you can say no. You can be someone different. You can choose to define yourself against someone else, something else. That’s your right.

    “You can also say yes and be something amazing not because someone else did it before you, but because you are amazing at it.”

    Coach Bolo looked her in the eyes. “I told you at the start of the season that you’re one in a million, Kassandra, and I meant it. I don’t know much about this sport, but I know that you are wasted on defense. You proved it with that goal kick. If you choose to unleash yourself, you can be something more. And I don’t think there’s a team in the galaxy that can stop you, let alone this conference.”

    He paused and Kassandra didn’t know what to say. She didn’t have an answer.

    Instead, Den Bolo filled the silence. “And, just for the record, this matters to me too. There ain’t no going back to Brentaal for me. You matter Kassandra, and it’s got nothing to do with who your mom is.”

    Kass collapsed back onto the floor, suddenly tired. She put her head in her hands, the emotion draining through her body into the ground. “They’re still going to compare me to her,” she said, her voice not much more than a whisper, “and I’m not her.”

    “The only way they’ll know is if you choose to show them,” Coach Bolo said, kneeling next to her. “Now, I know that this kind of personal work takes time, but you pointed out we’re kinda on the chrono here. If we’re gonna do this, we gotta start now. So I kinda need your answer like 5 minutes ago. What’s it gonna be, Kassandra?”

    She pushed her face up with her hands and looked at her coach.

    Kass stood in her defender spot as she waited for the game to begin. The Golden Bears were kicking in to start. She was ready for them.

    The Bears entered the zone strong. They angled away from Kass, looking to exploit other parts of the field. Kass was fine with that. They were cutting the field in half. That would make them easier to defend. Sure enough, one of her teammates made a stop and forced a turnover.

    And Kass was off.

    She sprinted up the field, leaving her opposing forward behind her. The Titans put the ball up the field fast with an intermediate pass to a midfielder. Kass was just behind the pass, but part of the rush. She saw the UBSD midfielders ahead of her, two of them.

    One less than the number of players in the Titans midfield now.

    UBSD chose to play the two regular midfielders and when the ball carrier dished to Kass, she was uncovered, her assigned forward well behind her. She had more time than a GCAA limmie player should ever have to move up the field, scanning for open teammates. There were none.

    They’d planned for this on the opening possession when the element of surprise would be fully theirs. As Kass saw her space go away, she flipped the boloball in front of her onto the grass, giving herself a bit of a lead. She wound up and booted the ball into the air. Unlike her usual clears from the defensive zone, she was in range of the goal.

    With a little less room to spare than she would have liked, the ball made it inside the left post for a point. The home crowd cheered their approval.

    At 1-0, the Atalanta False Three was officially on.

    Kass received a pass on the run. It was a short one, otherwise she wouldn’t have had a chance at making the reception. It was a lot easier to kick the long ball than it was to catch it. Though the Bears had wised up to the Atalanta strategy, they hadn’t found a good answer to it. Their defenders and midfielders hadn’t prepared for an extra player. They didn’t know what Kass was going to do, so they couldn’t stop it.

    Truth be told, Kassandra didn’t know what she was going to do either. They’d practiced plays all week, but everything was different now that she was in the game.

    She felt footsteps coming—metaphorically, not literally—and knew she had a teammate with her. Kass dished the ball in a lateral pass to an open player.

    It was not a moment too soon, for she was tackled from behind by a Bear. As he fell on top of her, the dual impact of the body and the ground squeezed her hard.

    Kass staggered to her feet once disentangled from her opponent. “Getting tackled is way less fun than doing the tackling!” she groaned to no one in particular as she shook her Head BANDAID-protected skull to recalibrate.

    She looked downfield just in time to see the Titans put another point over the bar.

    “Totally worth it,” she said, hoping the nearby Golden Bear could hear her cover the crowd.

    “All trips!” Kassandra shouted as she started running up the field.

    “What?” her teammate replied in confusion.

    “I saw it in an ELL video game!” Kass yelled over her shoulder as she threaded through the UBSD defense.

    “I don’t think it’s a real thing!”

    “It is now!” Kassandra called as she put a hand up to signal she was open.

    The ball carrier found it and Kass realized she had no idea what she should do in this position, this deep in the offensive zone. All of a sudden there were four Bears closing in on her. She was about to be part of a UBSD sandwich…if it had four pieces of bread. Was that a UBSD empanada?

    “Oh frak,” Kassandra said as she saw the ball coming her way.

    The pass was coming in high. She was going to have to jump for it in traffic. Kass wasn’t the tallest player on the field. This was not going to go well.

    She launched herself as high up as possible and flailed at the ball with a hand, if only to keep a Golden Bear from neatly receiving it. Chaos. That was her strategy: make life difficult.

    Somehow her hand touched the ball and she whipped her arm as far as she could in the tight quarters. The downward motion of her hand sent it into the turf, but with renewed velocity. It skipped up off the field, catching the goalkeeper by surprise. The ball skimmed over his extended arm and into the back of the net.

    “WHAAAAAAAAAT?!” Kass shouted as Atalanta Stadium exploded in celebration. She burst through the knot of defenders to run towards her teammates.

    Maybe her foot caught on the grass. Maybe some muscle memory from Little League Limmie asserted itself. Maybe it was the Force. But somehow Kass found herself in the air for a second before she landed on the grass on her shins, sliding with her arms lifted in celebration.

    When she came to a halt she was in the middle of the Titan forwards. They slapped her on the back and before pulled Kass to her feet. She barely heard their congratulations over another noise, tens of thousands of voices as one.

    Clap clap clapclapclap. “KAS-SAN-DRA KIIIIIIRT!” Clap clap clapclapclap. “KAS-SAN-DRA KIIIIIIRT!”

    She put one hand over her head, a finger pointed towards the nearest stands in acknowledgment.

    “Kassandra Kirt, player of the match,” a BBC Sports reporter said, corralling her for a live interview on the HoloNet from the field, the game over only minutes earlier, “what happened today?”

    “We knew we needed something big if we were going to win today, especially after last week at PCNS,” Kass replied. She didn’t fully comprehend what was going on. It was like she was viewing it from outside her body, like she was watching someone else. “We knew the Bears were good. The score doesn’t reflect what a close game this was.”

    “Kass, you made it look easy. Now the Titans are leading the Bak10. We’ve got to wait for the HSN rankings to see, but chances are the playoffs are a possibility. What does this mean for you?”

    “It means we’ve got a gigantic game ahead of us.”

    “Last question: where are you going to play next week?”

    “Beats me. I don’t even know where I played this week,” Kass said with a smile.

    As she headed off the field, Kassandra looked up into the stands, scanning the faithful fans. It had to be somewhere around here, that spot she’d looked for after every home game this season. And it was.

    Her dad was clapping along with all the other Titan fans who were showing their appreciation. He paused to point at Kass with one hand, switching to a thumbs up he bobbed forward and back to underscore his feelings about her and the game she’d played.

    For her part, Kassandra formed a heart with her hands and held it against her chest. Maybe everyone would think it was her way of showing appreciation for all the fans who had been loud and proud all game long, but the one fan who mattered most would know it was just for him.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cloudy and cool Victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the reigning Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Seven and oh!"

    "That's right, that's right, Mercs still undefeated seven weeks into the season now after a harrowing six to four win over the surging Hyperdrives that put an end to Fondor's modest two game win streak."

    "Don't you need three for a streak?"

    "Hey they've won two all year, and in a row, trying to give them a little credit here..."

    "Should give all the credit once again to the Mercs defense, once again allowing just single digits to be scored agaiunst them as Kik once again had a fantastic game."

    "He has really found himself there at fullback for the Mercs now, a dominant defensive force in the middle of that side of the field."

    "He's the anchor of the league's best defense, Mercs have allowed just 45 points all season, that's through seven games combined, and allowed double digits to be scored against them just once so far this season."

    "Yeah, that was a 20 point effort there by the Starkillers, a game the Mercs scored 38 in for the victory."

    "Man, Mercs giving up less than 6 and a half points a game while scoring just under 20 themselves."

    "Only the Miners now have a more prolific offense, they score just over 21 points per game..."

    "How many they give up?"

    "ummm......Hold on here....carry the 1..."

    "This is our stats guy here folks."

    "...just over 15, they allow just over 15 points per game."

    "That....not bad..."

    "Not bad, not great either, good for 4th in the league out of eight teams."

    "Ya know, there is another thing really helping out the Mercs defense this season..."

    "Oh yeah, what's that Liz?"

    "Five, count 'em, five of their seven games have been against non bonus roll teams, and in those two weeks that their opponent did earn a bonus roll the Mercs gave up a total of seven points!"

    "I don't know what any of that means."

    "Means that the bonus rolls don't always work."

    "I still don't know what that..."

    "You need to get them on a consistent basis so everything has a chance to average out!"

    "Well what is working is the Mercs defense, and their offense too, as they remain undefeated, though the Pirates continue to keep pace with a win of their own over the Officers."

    "Yeah, Mercs still haven't locked up the Commissioner's trophy, or even home field advantage in the conference finals yet because the Pirates keep on winning..."

    "Man I hate those guys."

    "Have to be on the lookout for the Miners too over in the Solo conference, they are sitting pretty at five and two and the Mercs close out their season out on Bakura this year."

    "Have to get past the Officers and Gangbusters first, can't over look anyone in this league."

    "Bonus rolls or not!"

    TAG: @JM_1977
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  18. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Former Manager star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Big week in college bolo ball as the Power Five conferences all determined their champions..."

    "There were some good games!"

    "And some not so good ones."

    "Of course the one everyone is buzzing about is the 28 to 21 loss by number one overall University of Tatooine, Anchorhead to number four Cloud City in the RAAC 10 title game."

    "UTA just moved into the top spot in last week's rankings and though they are a sure fire playoff team, they won't be able to hold on to that top spot now."

    "That will probably go to the team they took it from, number two University of Denon, Eastlake who defeated number 17 University of Bison 33 to 28 in the BIG 20 championship."

    "Bison had a chance there to crash the playoff party but those hopes are dashed now I would think."

    "Sure sure, and like the K-man said, have to think that UD Eastlake will reclaim the top spot going into the college post season."

    "Meanwhile closer to home in the SEC, number three Imperial College of Bastion fended off a late push by rival Keldabe Military Institute who came into the game ranked sixth..."

    "They played back to back weeks with ICB winning both matches!"

    "Maybe they see each other again in the playoffs"

    "...ICB the winner there 19 to 18."

    "Over in the Super 16 number 13 Chandrila A&M University surprised number five The Ord Sabaok University..."

    "And me."

    "...defeating the StarBucks 22 to 15."

    "Both of those teams will be in the post season too now."

    "While the RIM 10 championship had no playoff implications as number 25 University of Myrkyr defeated number 23 University of Agamar in overtime 26 to 22 after the score had been tied 20 all at the end of regulation."

    "No playoff implications but that may have been the most exciting game of the weekend."

    "Of course there was one last game over in the BAK10, one that became a de facto championship game for the Atalanta University Titans who defeated University of Evenvale in a close one 13 to 11."

    "That should lock up a playoff spot for the Titans."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: @Trieste

    Final HSN Top 25 (LW)

    1. University of Denon, Eastlake (2)
    2. Imperial College of Bastion (3)
    3. Cloud City University, Bespin (4)
    4. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead (1)
    5. Chandrila A&M University (13)
    6. Keldabe Military Institute (6)
    7. The Ord Sabaok University (5)
    8. University of Zeltros, Paradise (7)
    9. Mos Eisley University, Tatooine (8)
    10. Verpine Technical Institute (9)
    11. Wookiee Forrest Institute (10)
    12. Chiss Ascendancy University, Pesfavri (11)
    13. Pirtolanda State University (12)
    14. Atalanta University (14)
    15. University of Kuat (15)
    16. University of Kamino (16)
    17. Druckenwell Technical University (18)
    18. Catlia Polytechnic University (19)
    19. Level 1313 Technical School (20)
    20. University of Denon (21)
    21. University of Sanbra (22)
    22. University of Bison (17)
    23. University of Myrkyr (25)
    24. Sundari School of Interstellar Relations (24)
    25. UB Salis D'aar (NR)

    Dropped out: University of Agamar

    303 GCAA College BoloBall Championship Playoffs: The Starting 16

    • Beskar Bowl, presented by MandalMotors: #1 University of Denon, Eastlake vs. #16 University of Kamino
    • Carnation Bowl: #2 Imperial College of Bastion vs. #15 University of Kuat
    • Party Bowl: #3 Cloud City University, Bespin vs. #14 Atalanta University
    • Sweetner Bowl: #4 University of Tatooine, Anchorhead vs. #13 Pirtolanda State University
    • Nylonite Bowl: #5 Chandrila A&M University vs. #12 Chiss Ascendancy University, Pesfavri
    • Jogan Bowl: #6 Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore) vs. #11 Wookiee Forrest Institute
    • Republic Bowl: #7 The Ord Sabaok University vs. #10 Verpine Technical Institute (Roche Asteroids)
    • Papa Palpatine Bowl: #8 University of Zeltros, Paradise vs. #9 Mos Eisley University, Tatooine
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  19. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential for Bakura and Mando'ade.

    Week 8 result
    Bakura Miners at Carratos Pirates (16-9)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Geonosis Gangbusters (1-10)
    Euceron Officers at Mando’ade Mercs (2-25)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Fondor Hyperdrives (30-9)

    HSN Headlines
    • Bakura Miners secure playoff berth
    • Mando'ade Mercs and Bakura Miners both secure home games in the conference championships
    • If Mando'ade loses and Bakura wins in week 9, their week 10 game will determine the winner of the Commissioner's Trophy
    • Geonosis Gangbusters eliminated from playoff contention
    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @JM_1977 @The Jedi in the Pumas @Vehn
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "If you thought the most surprising thing in limmie this season was going to be Den Bolo and the Atalanta Titans or the threepeat ambitions of the Mando'ade Mercs...well, you were wrong," HSN anchor Un Man'qes, a Bothan Female, informed the public.

    "Multiple sources have confirmed to HSN that ELL Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard has initiated what's being called Project Connix around ELL offices in Coruscant. While these sources aren't aware of the details, they say it's in response to a precipitous drop in ELL revenues this season. The Commissioner has said that, quote, 'Everything is on the table,' when it comes to turning ELL around. Apparently the only thing that's sacred is the Galactic Cup itself. Makes sense--it's one of the most famous trophies in sports.

    "What does this mean? Our sources say what it sounds like. Here's a sample of what we've heard could be in play:

    "Ditching conferences.

    "Eliminating the season awards ceremony.

    "Dumping long-time teams to focus on new markets.

    "And get this: multiple sources have said the Commissioner won't be afraid to drop the 303 Galactic Cup champion if he thinks they're not pulling their weight.

    "What's important to the Commissioner? We're hearing he wants passionate fanbases who are going to show up and make games exciting. Empty seats on Fondor, Geonosis, and even old guard teams like Ralltiir and Nar Shaddaa are on the chopping block.

    "And hey, what a coincidence--those are all teams desperately trying to keep their playoff hopes alive.

    "We even have reports that the Commissioner has opened talks with the player's union about renegotiating the collective bargaining agreement."

    Man'qes lifted and tapped the flimsi script in front of her to organize them together. "Whatever's going on at the ELL, it's sure going to be interesting to watch unfold."

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @JM_1977 @The Jedi in the Pumas @Vehn
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    Apr 10, 2010
    CatChat holo updates from @TheBestBast

    “So let’s get real. We have something we need to talk about. No, it’s not the plaid sports jacket Horst Penn wore on the sidelines this week. It’s something even more serious.

    “We need to talk about the Solo Conference haters.

    “You know they’re out there. I’m not going to name any names. They know who they are. And they’re going to be out in full force with the Solo Conference going 1-3 in two straight weeks of conference play.

    “I feel sorry for Skywalker Conference fans. Four games to go in the season and you were down to just one playoff spot up for grabs? That’s no fun. The Solo Conference might not have an undefeated team, but at least we’re competitive.

    “Oh, and my playoff-bound Miners? 3-0 against the Skywalker Conference. Gonna be a huge Truce Day! But before we get there, time to close out conference play against Fondor! They’ll be fighting for their playoff lives!”

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik (yes, I am taunting the Pit here) @JM_1977
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    Apr 10, 2010
    BBC Sports headlines
    • BBC Sports preseason predictions for Bak10 final standings reach historic high with an average difference of 2 spots.
    • Preseason rankings correctly called all teams with only one difference in order of finish (champions Atalanta were predicted to finish second and second-place finishers UBSD were predicted to win the conference).
    • Three teams were correctly predicted: #3 Evenvale, #4 Tiarest, #8 UBGC.
    • BBC Sports analyst: “Who made these predictions? They should get a raise.”
    • Predictions were made by...
    • ...Horst Penn
    • Penn: “I’m getting a raise! YAAAAAAY!”
    • BBC Sports analyst: “Should have seen that one coming.”
    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    Atalanta, Bakura

    “So this is what I like to call an Admiral Ackbar Game ‘cause—”

    “It’s a trap,” the entire Atalanta limmie team chanted in unison.

    Coach Bolo stopped with an expression that was something between impressed and well-that’s-me-told. “OK so I guess y’all got that in limmie too. Well great, glad we got that covered,” he said. “Look, if UBSD wins today and we blow it, not only aren’t we goin’ to the playoffs, but we’re not even conference champions.

    “Now I don’t have the history that y’all do here, but I know what a rivalry game means. These are the important ones, the ones you tell your kids about.” Coach Bolo paused. “It’s…it’s…”

    As her coach tried to find the right words, Kass decided to jump in. “It’s Evenvale,” she jumped in. “We all know what a bunch of jerks they are. I mean, who do they think they are, winning a GCAA championship without winning the conference?” Improbable as it sounded, the Archers had done that four years ago, much to the chagrin of Atalanta as a whole. “That was their time. This is ours.”

    “Yeah!” someone called out in agreement.

    “Last week we said that UBSD was the best team in the conference,” Kass continued. “Everyone knows that’s wrong. We’re the best team. Let’s get out there and show the galaxy who we are.”

    “We’re the frakking Titans,” Lex Ballord declared.

    That got the team pumped and ready to take the field. As Kass joined the huddle she looked at Coach Bolo, who joined on the periphery. They locked eyes for a moment and he nodded at the captain. That one nod said thank you more clearly than words could have.

    Kassandra drew her forearm across her forehead to wipe away the sweat that had seeped below her Head BANDAID. The Evenvale Archers had raised their play for the rivalry game. It had been tough going for the Titans. In fact, their postseason was perilously in danger as the game neared its conclusion. The Archers’ 11-10 lead was slim, but it was a lead and that was all that mattered.

    But the Titans had an opportunity to turn this around. Lex had been on the verge of scoring when he’d been fouled from behind by an Archer. It was incredibly frustrating for them to take such a blatant foul, but it was also the right move by Evenvale. Ballord had a wide-open net. With time expiring, there was nothing lost by stopping a sure goal and forcing the Titans make a goal kick. Kass would have done the same defending it the other way.

    The ref put the boloball down on the line and indicated the Ballord could take the shot when he was ready. He turned around and looked at Kass. “Ay! Kassandra! You do it.”

    Kass didn’t say what was on her mind: I’m not sure I’ve got another one in me. She didn’t need to. Ballord walked over and said, “That goalkeeper’s panicking right now because he’s going to take a goal kick from Kassandra Kirt. You’ve got him.”

    “I could chip it over the bar. Go for overtime,” Kass said.

    “Since when have we played for overtime this season?” Ballord scoffed.

    He had a point. Kass stepped up to the top of the goal box. The home crowd quieted so that the only noise was just the distant roar of the traveling Evenvale fans at the opposite end of the stadium. Kass looked over her shoulder and saw her teammates with their arms extended, pushing them down, telling the fans to be quiet. She looked back and saw the fans behind the goal doing the same. The stillness was almost eerie.

    Unlike the kick against Prytis, Kass couldn’t help but think about it now. She couldn’t just blindly fire. Their season, the Bak10 championship, GCAA playoffs—it was all on the line.

    As she took a deep breath to settle herself, she remembered something from years ago, her childhood.

    “When in doubt, just make the best, strongest kick you can. Don’t worry about faking out the goalkeeper out. And if they stop it, that’s OK. What’s important is that you can be proud of the kick no matter what.”

    Kass kicked with her strong side, her right foot, to the left, as the words of her Little League coach, her mom, echoed in her mind. The goalkeeper anticipated it, but the ball had too much speed on it thanks to everything Kass put into it.


    The once quiet stadium exploded into noise. That was it. The regular season was over.

    And the Titans’ season was not over.

    Kass ran into the arms of her teammates as everyone jumped up and down, slapping each other on the back. Their celebration was beyond words. It was just noises of joy that bled into the general exuberance that surrounded them.

    Her mom had never won a Bak10 championship as a player.

    Her brother had won one Bak10 championship as a player.

    Now she had won two.

    In the midst of the celebration, of Atalanta students disregarding the security cordon and jumping down onto the field to surround their team, Kass felt like she was aware of everything at once.

    Coach Bolo hugging the sideline staff.

    Lex Ballord being lifted onto the shoulders of his fellow students.

    The Evenvale pep squad handing the rivalry trophy to their Atalanta counterparts.

    Lyndsey Cash running to an Evenvale hydration specialist and throwing herself into her arms before they kissed.

    Her father standing and applauding in the stands.

    What a day, what a season—and what a party lay ahead.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on yet another Victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the reigning Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Eight and is the pressure for a perfect season starting to build."

    "Yeah, you get to this point of the year, and just two games to go, and you start really thinking about it, Mecrs remain undefeated after they utterly dominated the Euceron Officers 25 to 2, their third shutdown this season for what has turned out to be a defense for the ages."

    "They have still given up just 47 points on the year, eight games into the season, that's just unheard of."

    "And coupled with the Pirates loss to the Miners it means the Mercs will host the Skywalker conference championship game here in a few weeks."

    "A game in which they will be up against those Pirates."

    "I hate those guys so much."

    "Though I suppose the Strugglers have a slight chance somehow grab that spot, but it's very slight."

    "Yeah no margin of error at all for the Strugglers there while the Mercs are also still the frontrunners to win their second commissioners trophy in a row, only losing the last two games of the season can prevent that now."

    "Miners have to win each of their final two games to make that happen too."

    "Well if the Mercs lose in the final game of the season, it follows that the Miners will win. They play each other."

    "And what a Coalition Memorial game that will be!"

    "Truce Day too!"

    "Oh man!"

    "But the Miners still have to win this week against the Hyperdrives.."

    "Totally doable, though not a guarantee."

    "...while the Mercs would have to lose to the Gangbusters to make that happen."

    "A team just officially eliminated form the playoffs, so they will have nothing to play for expect playing spoiler."

    "Yeah they will play tough, but Coach Kirt will have the Mercs ready to go."

    TAG: @jcgoble3
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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "College Bolo Ball tournamnet is underway as upsets dominated the headlines in the first round."


    "Number one University of Denon, Eastlake was almost the first as they went to OT against number 16 University of Kamino in the Beskar Bowl, presented by MandalMotors..."

    "UD Eastlake was in control all the way until those last few minutes of regulation when Kamino stormed back and tied it at 27 all."

    "In the overtime though the number one team's defense held strong allowing only a single bar point to Kamino while Kamino allowed UD Eastlake to ut two over the bar, University of Denon, Eastlake moving on to the next round with a 29 to 28 OT win."

    "That's a win that can propel a team like that straight on through to the championship, put the fear of losing in them and they scarpe by."

    "Yeah, good win, good win."

    "Of course number two Imperial College of Bastion wasn't as lucky in the Carnation Bowl, they dropped a 20 to 13 decision to number 15 University of Kuat."

    "Kuat looked pretty good there..."

    "They had a lot of pre season hype, and just didn't follow that up with a lot of success during the season."

    "The upsets continued in the Party Bowl as number 14 Atalanta University defeated number three Cloud City University, Bespin 24 to 16."

    "Titans dominated that match up, but will face what I think is an even tougher opponent next round."

    "University of Tatooine, Anchorhead righted the ship for the higher seeds, if just barely, holding on to a 25 to 24 win over number 13 Pirtolanda State University in the Sweetner Bowl."

    "They won't move on if they play like that again."

    "In the Nylonite Bowl number 12 Chiss Ascendancy University, Pesfavri joined the upset party defeating number five Chandrila A&M University 29 to 8..."

    "Rovers had a hard time getting going there in that one."

    "Over in the Jogan Bowl number six Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore) held serve against number 11 Wookiee Forrest Institute 24 to 15."

    "Yeah that game was never in doubt."

    "While fellow SEC team, number 10 Verpine Technical Institute (Roche Asteroids) defeated number seven The Ord Sabaok University 23 to 19 in the Republic Bowl."

    "Ugh....S16 had a rough weekend."

    "And in the Papa Palpatine Bowl, number nine Mos Eisley University, Tatooine won out over number eight University of Zeltros, Paradise 29 to 20."

    "Not sure if those nine over eight matchups are upsets or not....

    "I mean technically..."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: @Trieste

    303 GCAA College BoloBall Championship Playoffs: The Enduring Eight

    • Incom Bowl: #1 University of Denon, Eastlake vs. #9 Mos Eisley University, Tatooine
    • Bank of the Core Bowl: #15 University of Kuat vs. #10 Verpine Technical Institute (Roche Asteroids)
    • SoroSuub Bowl: #14 Atalanta University vs. #6 Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    • Mining Guild Bowl: #4 University of Tatooine, Anchorhead vs. #12 Chiss Ascendancy University, Pesfavri
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