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Star Wars OPEN Elite League Limmie

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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  1. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Logan Manx-Sandin

    It was finally the weekend, meaning no getting up and rushing Alex to school. Which gives me a chance to do the greatest thing in the world, sleep in. It is one of my many vices just laying in bed doing nothing more than just resting there looking at the ceiling. I like this but, too much of a good thing is well, too much. I do wonder if I can keep this up. It is nice but, there's a feeling I could be doing more, or that there was something that was missing.

    Mikia comes striding in a look of concentration on her face.

    "Hey babe." I say looking to her. She walks to the foot of the bed and begins pacing. Furrowing my brow I grab the pillow and set it up so I can sit up. Pulling my deadweight legs along I prop myself up. "What's up."

    "So, you know that thing we talked about a few weeks ago?"

    "Yeah, you said you were looking at going back to work."

    "Alright, I updated my CV."

    "Good start."

    "And posted it to my Professional page on the holo net."

    "Didn't know you had that but, cool."

    "And half an hour later I had a job offer."

    "That's surprising, saves you having to job hunt."

    "But, here's the thing, they want me to be a brand ambassador."

    "Ooo fancy." I say with a smile on my face, it sounded nice.

    "Babe, I'd be a glorified spokesbeing."

    "I mean, you do have experience, we did a lot of ads for local businesses." It came with the territory of being a popular sports team. Lots of local businesses wanted your endorsement. And that's on top of major interplanetary brands wanting to put you in their ads.

    "I know but, I'd be a trophy hire, you know. Something for this company to brag about, put on their Holo site and say 'we have Numfoilus award winner Mikia Sandin-Manx on our staff.' She put on an over exaggerated mascline business voice, making me chuckle just a bit. "I wouldn't be using my degree at all. I would just sit at a desk and schedule things and make calls."

    "Isn't that what business beings do anyway? Schedule meetings that go nowhere, and call random people and be all like 'Business Business Business…" I try to match her tone.

    She just shakes her head, with that smile that tells me I'm being silly, but she still loves me.

    "It's a lot more than that babe, but at this position I wouldn't be doing those other things."

    "Ok, so it seems this isn't the job for you."

    "But," she turned around continuing to wear a line in the floor. "They are offering a lot of money for what is a pretty simple job."

    "Uh huh, well…"

    "And it's more money that I would be making at other companies where I would use my degree."

    "And that matters?"

    "Of course it matters, it shows how much they think I'm worth, or it could mean a lot. College for Alex, you going back to school...if you want to."

    "Look I got my education, in what was it again...I have my degree somewhere…"

    "Physical Education…"

    "Yeah that," I smile again, "And to be honest, that doesn't really excite me. Uni was something I did to get noticed by the NCL, I wasn't really there to learn."

    "You still finished."

    "Because, my mom was a teacher and my dad was a union man, I worked the system. Took a lot of easy credit classes in high school, and then did the bare minimum in uni to pass. So don't worry about me. Didn't you say we were set? Didn't really need to work?"

    "I mean, technically but, what if Alex wants to go to a private school, or needs special classes to balance their limmie and schooling? Or needs coaches to help them with limmie?"

    "I think we got the coaching part handled babe, and the local youth team's got a pretty good coach, older guy McGuire."

    "There's a lot of things that we could need in the future and having that cushion would be nice."

    "I guess, but if you're going to hate the job, why take it? Why not try and find one you like?"

    "But it's a lot of money, like it's embarrassing."

    "Is the money worth being miserable? Limmie is rough and it took a lot out of us but, at the end of the day we loved it. It's what got us out of bed when our muscles hurt, when it hurt to move, because he loved the game. If you don't love your work, why do it? Even if the money is good."

    "So I should turn them down?"

    "I mean, you're not sounding too sure about it. And I don't want you to be unhappy. You've supported me on this sabbatical, I'll support you in your choices. I'm just looking out for you. Take the job if you want, but you're more than just a trophy hire...Besides, there's only room for one trophy person in this house and that's me." I give a beaming smile.

    My wife just shakes her head and comes closer running her fingers through my hair and giving me a kiss. One I enthusiastically return.

    "Love you," She says with a smile.

    "Love you too."

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  2. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential this week for Bakura, Carratos, and Mando'ade.

    HSN Headlines
    • Carratos Pirates and Ralltiir Starkillers secure remaining playoff spots.
      • In the event of a three-way tie between Euceron, Fondor, and Ralltiir, Starkillers will win based on perfect 4-0 record in the head-to-head-to-head tiebreak.
    • Mando'ade Mercs win Commissioner's Trophy for best overall record.
    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @JM_1977 @The Jedi in the Pumas @Vehn
  3. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
  4. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "The news from the ELL offices on Coruscant keeps on coming," the HSN anchor reported. "The League announced that they're ending their formal association with the SkimmerAde League as the ELL's development league. This means that the SkimmerAde championship will no longer be part of the Galactic Cup weekend festivities. While the League won't prevent teams from maintaining relationships with other teams, they'll be operated more independently from their ELL clubs.

    "The Premier League has said that they're ready to expand to accept the former SkimmerAde teams, further buttressing their claim to being the number two boloball league in the galaxy.

    "But the news doesn't stop there: the ELL has also said that they've decided that they're going to put a pause on handing out any postseason awards. That's right--for the first time in almost 70 years there won't be a Salbukk Award winner. Granted, in recent years the league paired back to just the Salbukk and the S'rily Award so it's probably a practice that's had its day.

    "We here at HSN say, bring it on! It gives our broadcasters more to debate every week. And something tells me a certain crew broadcasting from Mandalore is going to enjoy being able to endlessly debate the top players in the ELL week in and week out.

    "But it's not all bad news, limmie fans!" the anchor said. "Perhaps to soften the blow of Galactic Cup weekend narrowing to just the game--which is great in and of itself--they've announced a new event as part of the season kickoff. They're calling it LimmieCon and it's going to be the place to be for anyone who's following what's going in ELL. Hopefully we'll see you there at the HSN pavilion."

    OOC explanation: As part of the revamp of Elite League Limmie as a game, we will begin the season with LimmieCon, a kickoff event that will give our characters the opportunity to interact with each other. I will provide prompts to kick us off and then let everyone mingle, perhaps with nudges here and there.

    This leads me to the protocol for the new season. You must confirm you are returning for 304. If you do not, your team will be dropped. I will give a final call before I make the season schedule and lock in the teams. People who reply after this date will have the opportunity to rejoin the game by taking over an NPC team selected for that purpose.

    When you confirm you are in, please:

    • Tell me if you're reusing your 303 character.
      • If you are creating a new character, you must submit that character sheet before I make the schedule to have your team be included for 304.
    • Let me know how many weeks you'd like to devote to LimmieCon. I'm thinking of 2 or 3, but interested in what everyone wants since the idea is to have fun.
    Thanks as always!

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @JM_1977 @The Jedi in the Pumas @Vehn
  5. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    Party Bowl, 5 minutes to game start

    “I don’t need to tell y’all what the stakes are,” Coach Bolo said. “It’s a bigger stage than we’ve seen this season. And some of y’all have been here before, so I’m just gonna get outta their way and let them take the floor.”

    Kass felt everyone’s eyes turn to her. It made sense. She was captain and she’d played the Sweetner Bowl when the Titans had finished ranked #2 a couple years ago. It was a hard memory to bring to the front of her mind now.

    “One point,” Kass said. “We lost by one point the last time we were here. That’s what it comes down to in a bowl game. That’s how thin the margins are when you get to this level.

    “Yeah, we beat UBSD. There are no more UBSDs left. A team like UBSD would be a gift this time of year. But do you know what Atalanta means when you translate it from Kurtzen? Equal in weight. Just because they’ve got a better number in front of their name doesn’t mean they’re going to win today.

    “It means that if we play the best boloball we can—”

    “WHAT?!” Coach exclaimed, suddenly jumping forward. “Y’all renamed the sport after me? That’s just too kind!”

    “No, it’s one word. Boloball. Not Bolo Ball,” Lex explained. He used his hands to demonstrate the difference.

    “It’s actually what they usually call limmie in the Outer Rim. Limmie’s a very Core World thing,” Kass added.

    “And y’all have been hiding this from me for a whole season? Phew, how have I missed that one?” Coach said, scratching his head. “I feel like it should have come up before this…”

    “You know what?” Kass said. “Screw it. Let’s play some Bolo Ball. That’s why we’re here. Let’s play a game we’re proud of.”

    “Bolo Ball on three,” Lex said, calling the team to gather up. “One two three.”

    “BOLO BALL!”

    It wasn’t much of a surprise that the Titans were running the False Three again. It had given them their biggest wins of the season. Cloud City had clearly prepared for it, which meant Atalanta wasn’t going to get easy points off surprise. At 14-12 in the Titans’ favor, it was a tight one.

    Cloud City’s zone defense would show lanes and then take them away before you knew what was happening. That was why when Kass saw an opening before her as she held the ball, she didn’t seize it. She suspected it was a trap. Instead, she made the calculations in her head about distance and power. She wound up for a big kick and fired the boloball between the uprights.

    “One point,” Kass said to herself.

    One point could be the difference. She’d let the forwards go for the goals. She was going to take it to Cloud City, point-by-point.

    The red and blue confetti rained down on the field as Kass shook hands with the Cloud City players. She’d been there before: a high seed that fell in the first round. There was no worse feeling, that realization that such a promising season was suddenly over. But she didn’t spend much time sympathizing with them.

    She had just joined her mom and brother in the Kirt Family GCAA Playoff Winner Club. She’d have to remind her mom that she was the only one who needed to qualify thanks to a coaching win, but she’d do it with a smile. At the start of the season there’d been one thing that she wanted more than anything else, which was to see the second round of the playoffs.

    Now that she was here, it was everything she’d hoped it would be. The eyes of the galaxy upon her, a giant trophy in her hands, as she was measured as an equal to the rest of her family. When she found Coach Bolo, she hugged him hard.

    “Thank you, Coach,” she said as she squeezed him.

    “You did the hard bits,” he said. “Way to go, Kassandra. It’s going to get interesting now.”

    “You can say that again,” Kass agreed.

    Team shuttle, the next morning

    Everyone was clustered around the vid screen for the official announcement of the next round of bowl games.

    “And it’s going to be a real Bakura-Mandalore weekend. While the Miners and Mercs showdown in a conference leader clash, it’s going to be Bak10 vs SEC as Atalanta faces off with the Warriors in the SoroSuub Bowl,” the HSN anchor said.

    “There went my Truce Day plans,” Kass sighed.

    It looked like that family reunion was going to have to wait a little bit longer.

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  6. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Former Manager star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold and windy Victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the reigning Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Nine down, one to go!"

    "That's right, that's right, nine straight wins now for the Mercs as they go into the final week of the season undefeated following a dominant 24 to five win over the Geonosis Gangbusters, and wow what a week this is going to be."

    "Mercs once again with a defensive performance for the ages, though to be fair, the Gangbsuters do have the league's worst offense."

    "Mercs held them to a total of eight point in their two games played against Geonosis this season, though that plays a part there."

    "Well having allowed only 52 points on the year, the Mercs Defense will go down as the best defensive unit this year in the ELL."


    "I hate those guys."

    "...have the second best defense but have allowed 50 more points than the Mercs have."


    "I mean, yeah Gangbusters scored a total of eight over two games against the Mercs, but the Strugglers scored a combined 12 in their two games against the league's best defense, while those Pirates scored a total of only six in their two games."

    "That's all less than the 20 scored by the Starkillers in just their one game against the Mercs, the most points allowed by the defense all season long."

    "And the only time they have allowed more than six points all season long!"

    "Wait, six?"

    "Yeah, six."

    "I knew it was the only double digit performance the Mercs have allowed, but you're telling me in no other game they have allowed for more than six points?!?"

    "That's right."

    "Holy osik!"

    "Yeah, dominant doesn't even begin to describe this defensive unit, though they will face their toughest test of the season here in week 10, the best rated offense in the league; the Bakura Miners."

    "Last week of the season, undefeated season on the line and they play the league's best offense, in the Coalition Memorial Bowl, on Truce Day, and oh yeah, our head coach is Miner's legend Alana Kirt..."

    "The storylines write themselves sometimes."

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  7. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Former Manager star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Down now to four in the college boloball tournament, and oh what a surprising four it is..."

    "I'll say."

    "The biggest surprise being the defeat of number one University of Denon, Eastlake 16 to 10 by number nine Mos Eisley University, Tatooine in the Incom Bowl."

    "UD Eastlake was the number one ranked team for five out of nine polls this season, to see them go out in the second round is kind of shocking."

    "Perhaps not quite as shocking, but another upset nonetheless in the Bank of the Core Bowl as number 15 University of Kuat defeated number 10 Verpine Technical Institute (Roche Asteroids) 26 to 19."

    "Kuat started the pre season and even went through week one as the fourth ranked team before a series of defeats dropped them in the rankings, so maybe that shouldn't be as much of a surprise as it was."

    "Of course the big news here..."

    "And out on Bakura."

    "...was the win by 14th ranked Atalanta University over the sixth seeded Keldabe Military Institute Warriors 26 to 21 in the SoroSuub Bowl."

    "Titans played like they wanted it more, and they pulled off the upset..."

    "Sets up a crazy 14/15 matchup next round with Kuat."

    "Yeah, that's an odd matchup this late in the tournament, but with all the upsets this post season it seems appropriate."

    "And finally, the one team that managed to fend off an upset this weekend was number four University of Tatooine, Anchorhead who finally put away number 12 Chiss Ascendancy University, Pesfavri 26 to 20 in the Mining Guild Bowl."

    "Their next matchup is even more intriguing as they take on Mos Eisley University for Twin Suns bragging rights."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: @Trieste

    303 GCAA College BoloBall Championship Playoffs: The Fantastic Four

    • Sienar Bowl: #9 Mos Eisley University, Tatooine vs. #4 University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    • Skimmer Ade Bowl: #15 University of Kuat vs. #14 Atalanta University
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  8. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential for Bakura and Mando'ade for the final week of the regular season.

    Week 10 results
    Fondor Hyperdrives at Geonosis Gangbusters (25-29)
    Carratos Pirates at Ralltiir Starkillers (8-25)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Bakura Miners (2-27)
    Euceron Officers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (6-8)

    Skywalker Conference
    1. Mando'ade Mercs (9-1, conf. 6-0)
    2. Carratos Pirates (6-4, conf. 3-3)
    3. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (4-6, conf. 1-5)
    4. Geonosis Gangbusters (3-7, conf. 1-5)
    Solo Conference
    1. Bakura Miners (7-3, conf. 3-3)
    2. Ralltiir Starkillers (5-5, conf. 4-2)
    3. Fondor Hyperdrives (3-7, conf. 3-3)
    4. Euceron Officers (3-7, conf. 2-4)
    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Conference finals
    (2) Carratos Pirates at (1) Mando’ade Mercs
    (2) Ralltiir Starkillers at (1) Bakura Miners

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @JM_1977 @The Jedi in the Pumas @Vehn
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  9. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    CatChat holo updates from @TheBestBast

    "I'm just going to leave this here."


    "Happy playoffs everybody!"

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik (couldn't help myself after that weekend of scores. I know karma's going to get me for this one. [face_rofl])
  10. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    SoroSuub Bowl

    Oh that one was tough. Mandalorians. They just had to hit harder, didn’t they? No wonder her mom had brought home two Galactic Cups. Bakuran smarts and Mando brawn: how could she have gone wrong?

    But they’d gutted this one out, taking those hits, hanging in there to make their scores, getting some clutch stops. If limmie games were 70 minutes long maybe they wouldn’t have come out on top. Kass thanked her lucky stars that they’d held on to win this one.

    As she beamed in the jubilant haze of her second playoff win—surpassing her brother for the most GCAA playoff wins by a player named Kirt—she was grabbed by a reporter.

    “Kassandra—huge win. How are you going to celebrate this one?”

    “I mean, the Warriors lived up to their name today,” Kass said, running a hand over her hair pulled back by a hand band, “and there’s only one way to honor a hard-fought battle.”

    “Hello. I’m Kassassandra…Hello, I’m Kassannadra…Hello, I’m Kass Kirt and today we’re going to talk about the destruction of the first Death Star.” Kass raised her glass towards the camera before taking a sip, even though it was clear that she’d had more than a few sips prior to beginning the recording.

    “And I am—” Kelli said.


    “Not important!” Kass declared drunkenly, shoving her face into Kelli’s hand. “I am telling the story as we agreed upon when I decided it like four drinks ago.

    “OK, so it’s like -1 ABY…or 1 BBY…or 0 BBY.” Kassandra paused. “Maybe we need a different way of keeping track of years? This is hard.

    “So it’s like a long time ago. And these beings get the plans for the Death Star. But we don’t care about them because they died. It’s a bummer. I mean, we kind of care about them because they were cool and stuff. But not really. Also, this story isn’t about them.

    “But the dead beings get the plans to Princess Leia and Darth Vader says, ‘I want those plans.’ Which is weird because SPOILER ALERT HE’S HER DAD so he should be able to just ground her or something until she gives him the plans. But apparently nobody knows that because there weren’t birth certificates or anything back then.

    “Anyways, Leia’s like, ‘Oh, I have these plans. Lemme put them some place safe…like this droid that doesn’t speak Basic and I have zero history with.’ Because that’s what you do with really important things that can change the course of galactic history. You find the first robot you come to and you say, ‘Hey, can you hold onto these for me?’”

    Kass paused and looked at Kelli. “Wait. I think I remember where your extra set of access cards to your apartment are now.”

    “You do?”


    “Are they in a random droid?”

    “No.” Kass paused. “Maybe.” Kass thought. “Probably.” She tilted her head. “Yes.”

    “I think I need to change my locks now.”



    “So like they go to Tatooine and there’s this super whiny boy who lives on a farm and he gets upset because he can’t buy speeder parts. And guess what? His name is Luke! And he’s Leia’s brother! But SPOILER ALERT THEY DON’T KNOW THAT YET! And it’s going to make it weird when she kisses him later. Except it’s only weird in retrospective.

    “OK, so here’s something nobody talks about. Like freaking everybody’s related in this story and nobody knows it, except maybe Kenobi-Wan Obi…Kenobi. Kenobi-Wan. Obi-Ken. Obi-obi. Why does he have such a difficult name?” Kass groaned as she, contrary to the sensible decision, drank again. “Like 20% of Jedi have weird names like this.”

    “They have like three names,” Kelli confirmed.

    “Three names! Who needs three names?

    “Anyways, Luke’s dad-uncle buys the droid with the plans and they’re all beep-beep-boop-bop-squeak-boob-peeb-beep, which I guess means, ‘I have important plans everybody!’ And eventually Oki-wan helps them figure that out.

    “It’s pronounced—”

    “Meanwhile!” Kass shouted.


    “I’m just gonna skip this part about Hand Solo.”

    “Han Solo,” one of her teammates corrects.

    “That’s what I said. Han Solo.”

    “No, you said Hand Solo.”

    “I did not. Besides, who’s telling this story?” Kass said, gesturing with her glass, causing some of it to slosh over the side. “Oh shoot! I got some on the couch. Good thing this is a hotel room.

    “Anyyyyyyyyyways, so they get on the Aluminum Falcon—”

    “Millennium Falcon.”

    “That’s what I said. The Alumillennium Falcon. And they go to the Death Star to rescue Leia. And they go pew-pew-pew-pew.” Kass made a little finger blaster with the hand without the glass and pretended she was shooting.


    “And then Ovi-Wan and Darth Vader have this duel where Ovi goes, ‘You know what, I’m just not into this. You can kill me now,’ and Vader’s like, ‘I like easy stuff so,’ FWUM.” Kassandra paused. “That was the noise of his lightsaber cutting through Obi-Wen, except he’s not there anymore, so it’s kind of unclear if he cuts through anything. It’s a really confusing death, to be honest.

    “So they fly away from the Death Star to this place that’s like a jungle vacation resort or something. The Rebel Alliance is floating in the pool drinking these awesome drinks with little paper umbrellas in them—HEY! DO WE HAVE ANY UMBRELLAS FOR MY DRINK?”

    “Uhhh…no,” Kelli said.

    “Awwwww. Now I’m sad,” Kass said, slumping down on the couch. “How am I gonna do the story without an umbrella?”

    “You can do it. I believe in you.”

    “Can I have some of your drink?” Kass didn’t wait before bringing Kelli’s glass to her mouth.


    “So they all get in their X-Wings, except for Solo McSmartypants who’s like, ‘I got my money, I’m leaving now, which is really weird because usually rebellions don’t have a lot of money, so it’s kind of surprising you were actually able to pay me in the first place. Solo out.’ So Luke gets in his X-Wing, which he’s never flown before and then he’s all, ‘Weeeeeee! I’m the best pilot ever! Hey look a womp rat! I’m gonna shoot it!’ Except Hands Solo comes back right before the end and shoots a TIE Fighter, which totally does not crash into Darth Vader and send him spinning off into the galaxy. It just scares the other TIE Fighter, which crashes into Darth Vader.

    “And then the Death Star explodes and everybody dies except the beings who don’t and are, like, important to history after this.

    “The end.”

    Kass lay down on the couch. “I’m gonna go to sleep now. The end. Again. For real this time. I love history. The end.”

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  11. Trieste

    Trieste Chosen One star 6

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    “This is HSN breaking news,” the anchor said, breaking into their regular coverage. “ELL Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard has announced that they are ending the ELL Entry Draft. That’s right—no draft in 304, or for the foreseeable future.

    “It’s the latest in a string of huge changes for the ELL, part of what we’re told is called Project Connix in ELL offices. At this point, we can barely keep up with all of them: the end of season awards, the potential end of conferences, a major overhaul in League membership. This does make the decision to launch LimmieCon next season make more sense. The Draft was the place to see and be seen before the season kicked off. It sounds like LimmieCon will be the new place for this.

    “We’ll have in-depth analysis later, but this reporter’s snap reaction is that this is a huge win for the players. No word on whether this was a concession won by the players union, but this will likely improve player tenure by taking away the pipeline of rookies. This will also probably raise median league salaries since veterans usually command bigger contracts.

    “This will also put new emphasis on the role and success of general managers. On paper, you’d expect former scout Shay Dionne with the Miners to excel in finding new talent. But will Villy Pitt find quality players without the Draft putting them in front of him? And will this change anything for the go-locals on Carratos and Nar Shaddaa? For that matter, will any teams be able to get VCU or Carratos Juniors talent from now on or will the home teams have them locked down? Is the Bak10 now the province of the Miners? Is KMI the new Mercs' pipeline? Time will tell.

    “Finally, for all the kids watching: your actions matter. We’d probably still have the Draft if it wasn’t for a 19-year-old Tiarest University student’s term paper. Looks like she just got an A on that one.”

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @JM_1977 @The Jedi in the Pumas @Vehn
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  12. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Former Manager star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cloudy and cool Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the reigning Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Oh man, what an end to the season."

    "What an end indeed as the Mercs lose out to the Miners 27 to two in a game that the Mercs deemed destined to lose from the get go..."

    "Yeah Miners out Merced the Mercs in this one, with a stellar defensive effort, shutting down the Mercs while the Mercs themselves allowed a season high 27 points..."

    "It was a disappointing outcome no doubt, especially with an undefeated season on the line, but despite the result, the Mercs fought hard there until a few minutes into the second half."

    "Yeah, already trailing by double digits and with the offense not generating any sort of spark Coach Kirt started slowly pulling her starters to ensure no injuries going into the playoffs."

    "Not something she would have normally done, especially if the game had been within reach at that point, but I think under the circumstances it was the right thing to do."

    "For sure, for sure. Playoff seeding there was already assured..."

    "For both teams."

    " the loss didn't mean much aside from pride..."

    "And the try at history."

    "...but as soon as she realized it wasn't happening, preserving those players for the post season took priority and I think was the mark of an experienced head coach, in just her third year at the helm of the Mercs."

    "So now they go on to the playoffs."

    "To face the the Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "A team they beat 15 to five in week two and just two to one in week six."

    "Ten point margin of victory was actually one of their closer wins this season, and of course none were closer than the single point win there later in the season."

    "Yeah these two teams, they know each other so very well, it's going to be a strill fight to see who gets to represent the Skywalker in the Galactic Cup Finals on Fondor..."

    TAG: @Trieste @galactic-vagabond422 Good luck to the Player teams in the Playoffs!
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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Well the college Boloball finals are set..."

    "And what a matchup that will be!"

    "In the Sienar Bowl, two teams from Tatooine went at it not only for homeworld bragging rights but also a chance at a galactic title and the teams played like everything was on the line..."

    "It was."

    "...back and forth they went with six lead changes in the second half alone before number four University of Tatooine, Anchorhead finally put away number nine Mos Eisley University, Tatooine for good, 24 to 22..."

    "That was such a great game!"

    "Better than the other one."

    "In that Skimmer Ade Bowl number 14 Atalanta University put up a valiant effort but number 15 University of Kuat was just to much for them, downing the Titans 22 to 15 to secure the other spot in the title game."

    "Titans played hard but man that Kuat team was just too much."

    "Their low seeding come from some poor play during the season, but preseaon the pollsters were pretty high on them..."

    "Well they look to be clicking now."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: @Trieste

    303 GCAA College BoloBall Championship Game:

    • Dos Iziz Bowl: #4 University of Tatooine, Anchorhead vs. #15 University of Kuat
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM post

    Bonus potential for Bakura and Mando'ade for conference championships.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Conference finals
    (2) Carratos Pirates at (1) Mando’ade Mercs (10-27)
    (2) Ralltiir Starkillers at (1) Bakura Miners (24-2)

    147th Galactic Cup Final
    Starline Stadium, Fondor City, Fondor

    (2) Ralltiir Starkillers vs. (1) Mando’ade Mercs

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    SkimmerAde Bowl

    “Hey Kassandra, you got a sec?” Coach Bolo asked as the team scattered down the hotel hallway to their rooms. They’d just finished volunteering at a local food bank as part of the runup to the SkimmerAde Bowl. Kass liked that the bowl organizers included things like that in the program for the week.

    “Is this about that video on the HoloNet?” Kass Kirt’s drunk history of the Battle of Yavin had trended hard since one of her teammates uploaded it.

    “Nah, but that was hilarious,” Coach said appreciatively. “That part about Hand Solo—I’m nearly in stitches just thinkin’ about it! No, I wanted to ask if you saw the news.”

    “What news?” Kass asked.

    “Oh shoot. Guess that’s a no.” He took out his datapad and handed it to her. ELL ENDS DRAFT blared the headline from HSN.


    “Yeah, did not see that one coming,” Coach Bolo echoed. “I understand if you need a moment to process that, but I realize this might throw a hydrospanner into your plans. I don’t know what the role of coaches are in helping their players get scouted and all, but I’m really hopin’ this just didn’t make it more important because I’m a little behind the curve on this one.”

    “I think since we’re still playing, you’ve done enough,” Kass assured him. “Everyone who cares about limmie is watching us right now.”

    “True true true true,” Coach Bolo said, the words coming on top of each other. “Well, for what it’s worth, I don’t think you need a draft to get on an ELL team.”

    “Thanks, Coach,” Kass said, genuinely appreciative. “And for what it’s worth, you could make it on any ELL sideline.”

    “Now you’re just butterin’ me up!” Den waved one hand in a you’re-flattering-me gesture. “Hey, rest up. Those folks from Kuat have got upset on their minds.”

    “How is it that we’d be the ones upset this late in the season?” Kass asked, walking backwards toward her room with her arms extended.

    “I know, right?! Force, I love it!” Coach Bolo shouted after her.

    Kass bit her lower lip and looked at the scoreboard. 12-20 and there was more of the second half behind them than there was ahead of them. She signaled to the sideline that she wanted a timeout and Coach Bolo complied, grabbing the referee’s attention as early as he could.

    “Whata ya got, Kassandra?” Coach asked. “Because I am all out of good ideas, mediocre ideas, and most of my bad ideas. These Kuati have just handled everything we’ve thrown at them.” He removed his visor so he could run a hand through his hair as he blew his breath out. The rest of the team was getting hydrated, milling about at a slight distance, waiting for whatever came next.

    “You have to take me out, Coach,” Kass told him.

    “No.” The word shot out of Den Bolo’s mouth like a blaster bolt. “No. You are our best player out there right now. You’re the only thing keepin’ us goin’. I do that and there’s no way we win this one.”

    “I know,” Kass said. “Look, everybody knows all the games my Mom won. They don’t think about all the games she lost. And she lost a lot of games. She knew when a game was out of reach and she accepted it.”

    “Kassandra, you’re a Senior—”

    “—and I’m gonna be fine,” she interrupted. She steeled herself to barrel through Coach Bolo’s resistance.

    “No. No no no!” Coach Bolo said, getting upset. “We are so close! We are not givin’ up now! Not after everything we’ve come through this season!”


    “I don’t give up, Kassandra!” The words burst from him in a shout. “Den Bolo does not give up! I never have and I never will!”

    Kass reached out to put a hand on his arm. “You’re not giving up. You’re playing the long game, Coach. Rand’s a Sophomore. You give him play time in the GCAA Semifinal, you’re going to speed up his development as a player by an entire year, maybe more. When he’s a starting midfielder next year, everyone else in the Bak10’s going to look like they’re in Little League.

    “Coach Bolo, let me give this team just one more thing while I still can.”

    Den pursed his lips into a line and looked away. “Darn it, Kassandra. You shouldn’t have to do this.” He wiped at one eye with his hand.

    “That’s the thing about journeys. They’re usually not easy,” Kass said.

    “Shoot. Now you’re bringin’ it full circle. You are too much,” Den said, still trying to get rid of his nascent tears. The official blew her whistle to restart the game, which spurred him to action. “Hey ref! I got a substitution to make!”

    As he went to take care of business, Kassandra Kirt walked off a GCAA limmie field for the last time. Since she was already at the sideline, it was a short walk. That suited her just fine. She grabbed a jacket to protect her from the chill that would soon seep in as she sat on the bench.

    “No, you don’t. You don’t get to hide out there,” Coach Bolo said, returning and pulling her off the bench. “If you ain’t playin’ you’re gonna stand right next to me so everyone can see you.”

    Kass complied and as the game got underway, she heard something bubble up from the Atalanta ticket section behind her.


    “You mighta given Atalanta one last thing, but Atalanta’s got one last thing for you too,” Coach Bolo said.

    “Thanks, Coach.”

    “Thank you, Kassandra.”

    KA-SSAN-DRA!” echoed into the night.

    She might have walked off the GCAA field for the last, but she hadn’t walked alone.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: I will be stepping away from this game. It is my way of taking a creative break from one of the best games that I have ever participated. For the last eleven years, I have won championships, I have experienced humbling defeats, created characters that I shall always cherish and interacted with people I shall call friends for many years to come. Thank you all for making this game so wonderful. It has truly been a blessing.

    A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever. ~ Marylou Retton

    IC: An Ensemble of Characters
    New Vertica
    Nar Shaddaa
    304 ABY

    "So that's it then," Vera Grames, former owner of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, said as she finished packing up her office at New Vertica.

    "That's it," Addison Vehn, former general manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, replied as she looked out at Six Boroughs stadium.

    Both women, instrumental in keeping the Smugglers franchise going for years, sighed in unison as they each held their own private thoughts on the momentous decision that had been made months earlier in a private meeting room. The decision to shut down the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers as an entity in the Elite League.

    The two women had debated back and forth as to whether or not some iteration of the franchise should play on in the Premiere League. There were reasons for and against such a decision but ultimately what came to pass was that the franchise had too hallowed of a history to be discarded so casually. It was better to fold operations now than take additional losses, and risk riots, on Nar Shaddaa later.

    The official narrative for the folding of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers was finances and declining attendance. It was a reason to save face for the front office that had fought so hard to keep prices down for so long in the face of rising costs. It was a reason that the fans, known lovingly as 'The Crew', would come to slowly accept over time as they no longer looked to game day as their salvation in a week full of misery.

    Unofficially the pressure placed on the franchise by the changing nature of the Elite League prompted an adaptability and flexibility that made running the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers in its current form untenable. The league was evolving and Nar Shaddaa, for better or for worse, was unable to keep up. Ultimately it was decided that it was better to bow out after a series of down years and hold onto the memories of the glory days than change everything about what had once made the sport so great to play.

    Current players, following the conclusion of the 303 ABY season, had been parceled out to other teams or would retire altogether. Their salaries were considered paid in full and they were allowed to take uniforms and any merchandise they held dear to them home. Everyone had been preparing for this day for awhile now and so when the official announcement had gone out at the start of the 303 ABY season it was no huge shock to those who worked and played for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    The fans had struggled with the decision. Their hearts, after all, bled burgundy and black. No longer would there be lights at Six Boroughs indicating that a game was underway. No longer would there be a beacon for the masses of all socio-economic levels to rally around. Unity on Nar Shaddaa would come by other means. Means that had yet to be discovered, means by which the younger generations were determined to see succeed and get right.

    Vera Grames had struck a deal with the Elite League Hall of Fame office on Empress Teta that all Smugglers trophies from their 13 Galactic Cup championships be displayed in the newly developed wing built for all things Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. Game jerseys, balls, and other paraphernalia were to be displayed as well next to the marble busts of Kaitlyn Vehn, Rhia Grames, John Huntington, Meredith Chambers, and others.

    "I hope I never have to make a difficult decision like this one again," Vera admitted as she turned the lights off in her office and walked down the empty corridor with Addison Vehn.

    "Oh there will be other decisions in your life that will be just as difficult," Addison admitted, "but none that will tear at your heart as much as this one, perhaps."

    "What will you do now that you no longer run a professional team?" Vera asked.

    "Go home to Tesserone, my in laws estate, and continue to raise my family," Addison replied, "take care of my husband, Austin, who hasn't been quite the same."

    "What about you?" Addison asked.

    "I'm actually sliding over into a lead administrative position with the Valor Foundation," Vera said, "they had a spot for their non profit that opened up and its actually quite perfect. In some ways I'll be carrying on the legacy that the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers helped create. Helping disadvantaged families and youth get access to basic staples and higher education."

    "Sounds perfect for you," Addison admitted, "what happens to Six Boroughs?"

    "It'll be used for a variety of events now. A stadium that large will never go dark. Not completely," Vera said, "just won't see professional limmie underneath its lights. Not in this current form."

    "Well," Addison said as the pair found themselves outside the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers headquarters building, "I guess this is goodbye."

    Vera nodded, fought back a few tears, and embraced Addison.

    "Your grandmother, Rhia, would be proud of you," Addison whispered into Vera's ear, "so very proud."

    "I hope I did right by her," Vera replied as she gave Addison a tight squeeze.

    "You did," Addison said, "you did."

    Six Boroughs Stadium
    304 ABY

    The aging woman finished lacing up her cleats. She grunted as she made them nice and tight and then did a few leg exercises to keep limber. One final glance in the mirror confirmed all she needed to know: she was ready and the uniform still looked good.

    She jogged lightly out of the locker room and up the long tunnel out toward the pitch. Nearing the tunnel entrance she reached out with her hand, an instinctual gesture, toward the tattered Rhia Grames jersey still embedded into the tunnel wall.

    For you Rhia she thought as she took to the pitch and was overwhelmed to discover the stands were absolutely packed with Nar Shaddaa Smugglers fans.

    When they first caught sight of her they cheered, roared, whistled, and broke out into song. Huge flags bearing the brilliantly intimidating logo of the Smugglers waved back and forth and the air was thick and choking with the smoke lingering from fireworks.

    "Starting goalkeeper, three time Galactic Cup champion, Meredith Chamberrrssssss...!" Meredith held up a clenched fist as her name rang on the stadium's public announcement system once more.

    "Chambers! Chambers! Chambers!" The crowd screamed.

    Meredith realized she was the last one to arrive on the pitch as the other players, all Smuggler alumni, were waiting for her dressed in the Smuggler uniforms of their era. Half wore road uniforms and half wore home. All were bonded by their experiences playing for one of the greatest franchises to have ever played the beautiful game. All were determined to send the stadium off on a farewell game to be remembered.

    Meredith recognized other Smuggler greats who were on the pitch with her. Names that she would never forget. Shady Lerouex, Helen Ripley, Jade Enders, Niall Rian, Autumn Graves, Martia Paak, Erin Windreaver, Zelena Wiles, Mylessa McCloud, Tover Micjaa, Cally Thrace,and countless others.

    "Take your positions!" Kelly Telaam, the aging referee cried out as she put the whistle to her lips.

    Meredith jogged over to the goal, slapped the metal with both hands as was her custom, and settled into the famous stance that had made her a champion and Hall of Famer.

    The whistle blew. The limmie ball flew up into the air. The team merged and fought as the crowd roared witnessing the first, and most likely last, game to be played at Six Boroughs stadium.

    Chills slipped down Meredith's spine.

    Game on....

    Tesserone, Roon
    Some Time Later

    Addison Vehn watched from the kitchen window as her son Connor played with a limmie ball in the backyard. The window was pried open to let the breeze in and air out the house and she could barely keep a smile down as she heard him calling out his own game.

    "Vehn takes the ball, drives past his opponents, he goes left, then right, fires, SCORES!!"

    Connor erupted in celebration as his kick sliced cleanly above the bar for three points. He made crowd noises and chanted, "Vehn! Vehn! Vehn!" His fists were high in the air as he did a victory lap.

    Addison made her way out into the backyard as Connor drove the limmie ball toward her. She charged and challenged his momentum taking the ball away briefly as the pair engaged in a friendly family scrum. Connor scored again but in doing so knocked his mother to the ground.

    Addison laughed and embraced her son as he fell on top of her.

    "I love you," Addison said.

    "I love you too," Connor replied and then asked, "Hey Mom?"

    "Yeah?" Addison replied.

    "You played for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, right?"

    Addison shook her head, "I didn't play with them. I was in the front office managing contracts, drafts, and countless other tasks that go underappreciated by fans. I kept the team together through some really hard times and some really great times."

    "Ah," Connor replied, "well I bet you were a real hero for the team, weren't you?"

    Addison teared up slightly as she remembered her days with Nar Shaddaa. She shook her head slightly, "No, son, I served with a bunch of heroes."

    Tag: @Bardan_Jusik; @Trieste; @jcgoble3 (and anyone else I forgot who has been around the block)

    OOC: The following text document was started during the 262 ABY season and concludes at the end of the 303 ABY season. It contains 391,325 words as of this writing and spans eleven years of my life, May 31st 2010 to December 6th, 2021.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2021
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold, cloudy, victory..."

    "Playoff victory!"

    "... afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the reigning Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz over on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "One more game."

    "One more game, and this one is for the the whole endorian chicken as the Mercs defeat the hated Pirates 27 to ten to move to the Galactic Cup finals, their third trip in the last three years."

    "Amazing, just amazing."

    "So few teams even make it to back to back finals, to go to three in a row is truly astounding."

    "It is it it, and of course they will be facing a familiar foe, the Ralltiir Starkillers who beat the Miners in their own conference final matchup!"

    "Third year in a row for the Starkillers as well, though the previous two attempts against the Mercs haven't gone well for them."

    "Yeah Mercs have won each of the last two finals, by a score of 22 to three and then 38 to nothing as their defense has dominated..."

    "A trend that continues I should hope."

    "Well Mercs did have the best defense by far here this season, one that just held the Pirates to ten points, so I'd say they have a shot."

    "A shot at history, only one team has ever been a threepeat Galactic Cup Champion, that being the 284 through 286 Mando'ade Mercs, a win here would solidify this group as their equal, one of the greatest teams in ELL history."

    "And encase in carbonite Coach Alana Kirt as one of the greatest coaches in ELL history, all with just three season under her belt."

    "Should be a wild one."

    "So looking forward to this!"

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422
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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "All eyes were on the college boloball championship this weekend as number four University of Tatooine, Anchorhead took on number 15 University of Kuat in the Dos Iziz Bowl..."

    "Not a matchup i would have seen coming at the beginning fo this tournament."

    "Yeah, I could see UTA getting there, but Kuat coming in at the 15? Not something I would have predicted."

    "They were the fourth ranked team way back in the preseason though, they just fell on some hard times and took some untimely losses which saw their stock plummet."

    "Sure, sure the talent was obviously there."

    "Obviously only because..."

    "Because the Destroyers went on to double up University of Tatooine, Anchorhead beating them 26 to 13 to take the crown..."

    "Did not see that coming at all."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    • Congratulations to the 303 Galactic College Boloball champion University of Kuat Destroyers!
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kassandra Kirt
    Galactic Cup Final, Starline Stadium, Fondor City, Fondor

    “I know there’s been a lot of speculation about my future now that my college career is done,” Kassandra said, standing in front of the stadium that would soon host the Final in front of reporters and cameras, “and I thought I’d take care of all that right now.

    “First, I’m going to watch my mom and brother play in the Galactic Cup Final,” Kass said, “and I’m going to love every second of it.

    “Second, we’re all going to go on a much-needed family vacation during my winter break. It’ll be the first time in years that we’ll have taken one and I think we could really use it.”

    “Where are you going to go, Kass?”

    “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Kass smiled. “We’re gonna keep that one private.

    “Third, when I get back I’m going to take Den Bolo out for a nerf steak dinner to thank him for everything he’s done for me, for the team, and for all of Atalanta. He offered to be here to today, but I told him he needed to get back to Brentaal to be with some important beings who’d been waiting all season to see him again.

    “And since he isn’t here to stop me, I’ll say some things he’d hate because he doesn’t like to make it about him. Coach Bolo made me a better athlete. He’s a good being in the business of helping other beings be the best versions of themselves. No matter what we accomplished on the field, I’ll always be thankful for who he helped me become.

    “Fourth, I’m going to graduate, on time, from Atalanta this spring with my degree because I’m a student-athlete, not an athlete-student.

    “And fifth I’m going to go find a job.”

    “Are you going to play limmie?”

    “Are you going to pursue a career in computer science?”

    “Has anyone contacted you about an ELL contract?”

    “What position are you being recruited for?

    Kassandra waited for them to get their questions out of their systems.

    “I think you’ll all agree that it’s appropriate that I announce this last bit here, on the eve of the Galactic Cup, featuring one of the most dominant teams of my lifetime, coached by someone I love,” Kass said. “Yes, that’s right, it’s my pleasure and honor to announce that when the ELL signing window opens I’m going to sign with…

    “…the Bakura Miners where I hope to play midfield like my mom did because I’m coming for you, Mom!”

    All the reporters started shouting questions at the same time as Kass smiled.

    “Love you Mom. Good luck tomorrow. See you at the Gardens, everybody.”

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential for Mando'ade to close out the season.

    147th Galactic Cup Final
    Starline Stadium, Fondor City, Fondor

    (2) Ralltiir Starkillers vs. (1) Mando’ade Mercs (20-15)

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    Jul 11, 2009
    (OOC: Just a final post to wrap up my season.)
    IC Logan Manx-Sandin

    I woke up on Primeday morning like I do every morning. Checking the chrono I see that it's about time for Alex to get up. Heaving myself into my chair I make my way to my child's room.

    "Alex time to get up." There's some sound of movement so I know they are getting up. Satisfied I go about the morning routine, breakfast, check my messages and…there's one from the Pirates front office. I arch my brow and look through the message.

    Good morning, we would like to set up a meeting with you sometime before noon today, please send us the best times for you.

    We look forward to seeing you.

    The Pirates

    That isn't a lot to go on, but, I'm not even sure I should take it. I've spent a year just watching the team, my team from the couch, and to be honest I kinda liked that. Though I can't deny a little bit of loyalty. They have been my life since before adulthood, I can't just ignore the message.

    "Alex, come on!" I call out again, noticing that they hadn't left their room yet. A little later I hear their footsteps coming out and heading towards the kitchen. I look over the message again pulling my mouth to the side. Before noon, well, Alex would be at school, and I could have some time to take a meeting. Just as long as I got back before they got out.

    Were they going to try and hire me back? Put me in some front office position? My face noticeable soured thinking about it. I would make a terrible GM, or any sort of front office person. I'm a coach, though I'm not sure I want to be that anymore. Or maybe I do? I'd thought that part of my life was over…I should at least meet with them, I owe them at least that much.

    "Hey dad."

    "Hey kid, come on eat up I'll drive you to school."

    "Ok," Alex was old enough to make their own breakfast so I left her to it while I put on the one suit I own. A classic black and white, team colors. I even put on a silver skull and crossbones, the one piece of jewelry I own. I figure I might as well try, it was a meeting with higher ups after all.

    Mikia walks in toweling off after her workout.

    "You going somewhere?" She asks understandably.

    "Um…" I start a little concerned about telling her but, I know I can't lie to my wife, "I have a meeting with the Front Office, the Pirates' Front Office."

    "Now? After the season's over they want to chat?"

    "I know, but I should at least humor them right? I mean they have been a part of my life for a long time."

    "But, they did fire you without warning."

    "I know, I don't plan on just agreeing to whatever they request, but I think I should at least hear what they have to say."

    "Well, just make sure to do what is best for you and us, not the team. They lost that right when they fired you."

    "I will I promise."

    A deal made I take my kid to school. As we drive Alex turns to me.

    "Hey dad."

    "Yeah munchkin."

    "I'm thinking about joining the limmie league."

    "That's great kiddo, I mean if you want to try out, that's great. I'll do what I can to help."

    "I'm not sure but, I think I want to try."

    "Well you think about it and I'll be here to help you."

    We reach the school and I give Alex a hug, happier than I could possibly be. My kid wants to try Limmie.

    After sending them off with a hug before heading to a place I never thought I would return. Arcadia Colosseum, the home of the Pirates, my second home at least until last year.

    I find a parking space of the many available and make my way up to the office, having confirmed my meeting previously. I don't need directions, I know the way, it's burned into my mind. In the antechamber before Schnitt's office I notice Syrnola isn't there? Has she been replaced as well? A young Mirialan woman greeted me and directed me to sit down.

    I check my chrono not expecting to wait for too long.

    Then I lose track of time though it was longer than I expected, the receptionist guides me to a meeting room, an empty meeting room. Yet more of my time being wasted. I'm feeling a little less interested in what was going on, until a man in a bright flashy red suit with a high collar walks into the room.

    The human with amber skin and a winning smile enters the room, extending his hand. I take it and give it a shake. With his other hand the man hands me a business card, in embossed golden letters are the words

    Big Boss Tsu Shinjo

    "Big Boss huh? You the new owner?" I ask sitting down across from Tsu Shinjo.

    "No, no, I'm the General Manager."

    "Huh," I reply, "Didn't know we were looking for another GM. Thought Schnitt would keep the reins."

    "No, I was approached half way through the season. And negotiations took a bit. And I'd like you to keep it between us. The public doesn't know yet."

    "So, Big Boss huh?"

    "Yes Big Boss, General Manager is too, stiff and corporate. I like Big Boss."

    "So like a gang?"

    "This is Carratos." Tsu smiles leaning back into his chair.

    "So Big Boss, why have you called me in here?"

    "I won't beat around the bush then. I'd like to hire you back as head coach."

    "Uh huh, thought so."

    "Ah, knew already what I was going to ask. I'm prepared to hire you back right now, here's the contract." Tsu slides over a datapad for me to look over. My eyes nearly bug out of my skull. The money is outstanding, and guaranteed for several years, and at will afterwards. I blink my eyes trying to put them back into my head.

    "Um well, that's certainly a contract. But, I mean, I've had a year off and I like that, I've got a kid and a wife at home."

    "I'm sure it's lovely but, come on don't you want to coach this team? Maybe get another championship. Really cement your legacy?"

    "You're throwing around some big words." I look down thinking about those big words Legacy, Championships. I think about what Alex said. She wants to look into playing limmie, and what would be better than having a limmie coaching father to train her. And with the money, I could afford quite a lot, equipment, training, lots of other things. And yeah, getting to coach again would be amazing. Iris's words about the strife and discord in the team without me rang in my ears.

    "Ah…Yeah, um I could do with like an extra 50 thousand…"

    "Done…" My heart just drops. I should have asked for more. "Are you on the team?"

    "Uh, well, I should talk with my better half…"

    "Take your time, but I would like an answer before noon…"

    "Something happening Big Boss?"


    I leave the office heading home still questioning. The money was amazing, and I do still love Limmie but…Is it enough?

    I get home, head up to the apartment, finding Mikia cleaning up around the house.

    "Hey," She says meeting my gaze.

    "Hey." I reply rolling up and taking her hand. "Um, can we talk?"

    "Sure." She takes a seat on the couch and I smile still holding her hand.

    "Well, I had a meeting with the new GM of the Pirates."

    "Uh huh.."

    "And well, they offered me my old job back, for almost twice what I was making before."

    "That's great, really great, they're lucky to have you."

    "I know, I know but, I knida liked staying home with you and Alex."

    "Yeah, I understand, it's been nice to have you home. But, I might not be home for much longer."


    "Well, I was planning to tell you today so I'll tell you now, but, I've also gotten an offer from the Pirates."

    "What? What would you do? You're retired."

    "I'm not dead. I have other skills. I have a degree."

    "I know, I know, I just I'm curious is all."

    "They want me to be Assistant GM…"

    It took me a moment to really figure out the words. We'd both be working at the Pirates for the first time in a decade.

    "And, are they throwing gobs of money at you too?"


    "Well I think that sorts out a lot of problems…but, what about Alex?"

    "They're at school most of the day and you know we talked about this. You pick them up and bring them to practice. I think leaving them with a bunch of players on an open field is better than stuck in an office with a boring terminal."

    "That's fair, and they're starting to get into Limmie so, It could be worse."

    I nod my head remembering the conversations we had over the year. We had a plan in place. Well at least she had a plan, not so much me.

    "So we taking the jobs?"

    "Yeah…If you want to."

    "I…I do…"

    "You want to make the call?"

    "Let's make it together."

    I call the number setting it to speaker.

    "Yes?" the Big Boss answered.

    "Big Boss, I accept your contract." I reply.

    "And so do I." Mikia follows.

    There is a long, long pause.

    "Perfect, I will send the contracts through please sign and return."

    We sign the contacts and send them back. A few moments later we get a message.

    Please watch the Sports News at 1200 today.

    We look at each other then back to the message.

    Around lunch time we turn on the holo and wait.

    Then we see him, the Big Boss walking out onto the stage in a red suit, sunglasses and high collar.


    "Good afternoon." the Boss said taking a seat in front of all the reporters. "I'm Tsu Shinjo, the new General Manager for the Pirates. And I'm proud to announce that as part of this shake up I have hired Mikia Sandin-Manx to be my Assistant GM…" There is a burst of questions and murmurs, "...And I have rehired Logan Manx-Sandin…"

    The room really bursts with a few cheers heard over the holo.

    I look to Mikia.

    "We're a publicity stunt aren't we?"

    "Looks like…" Mikia nods.

    "Well, at least we got a lot of money for it…"

    "Yep lots of money…"

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    Elite League Limmie 304: New Horizons


    The halls are buzzing at the first-ever LimmieCon. Fans and team members from across the galaxy have packed the convention hall to rub elbows with each other, attend panels, and celebrate the start of the another year of the galaxy’s most popular field sport. As beings circulate through the exhibits, vendor stalls, and concourses, there’s no telling who they might run into. It could be a budding teenage athlete with dreams of greatness, an aspiring college athlete trying to attract the attention of a pro team, a scout looking for talent, or even an all-star player who gets beamed into quadrillions of homes across the galaxy every week.

    While LimmieCon celebrates every level of the sport, most of the conversation is about Elite League Limmie, the widely-acknowledged top-tier competition for the sport. For one thing, they award the Galactic Cup of Limmie, the most storied trophy in all of sports (at least if you ask the attendees of LimmieCon). The privilege to compete for the Cup is what brings the best players in the galaxy to the ELL.

    And the news about the Cup has been electric, traveling through the attendees by word-of-mouth.

    Everyone knew that Elite League Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard was going to make big changes for this season. There’d been a trickle of news coming out of the League offices at the end of 303, but no one thought he’d follow through on the biggest rumor.

    Specifically, the Commissioner had stated that a major revamp of the League membership would occur for the next season. “To keep the game fresh,” he’d said. The wily commish had even threatened that no one was safe.

    Indeed, the Kuat Hyperdrives were bounced after one lackluster season. The Geonosis Gangbusters, who failed to break through except for one Galactic Cup Final appearance, were out. The Euceron Officers continued their trend of on-and-off appearances in the league.

    But surely one team would be safe. Of course it would be. How could the Commissioner remove them? They were a lock for the next season.

    Except they weren’t.

    The Ralltiir Starkillers, the reigning Galactic Cup champions, would not be in the Elite League in 304. After three-straight Galctic Cup Finals, when they’d finally broken through to capture the greatest prize in sports, they were gone.

    For the first time in over half a century, there would be no championship defense in the ELL.

    The Galactic Cup was up for grabs—and it was on the lips of everyone at LimmieCon.

    Just three teams were coming back to Elite League Limmie this season. The Bakura Miners, the longest-tenured team in the League, with a history that stretched back centuries. The Carratos Pirates, who were followed everywhere by the dedicated fans of the Black Spot, who had one of the best on-planet player development pipelines. The Mando’ade Mercs, the fan-owned pride of Mandalore, who had racked up one of the greatest championship collections in a few short decades.

    But everyone knew more teams would be a part of Elite League Limmie this year. Odds were the announcement would be made at LimmieCon. Fans of pro limmie (not to mention their players) lived in suspense that their team would be one of the elect. And new blood had a way of making an impact right out of the gate, bringing innovative strategies and breakout talent to the attention of limmie fans around the galaxy. All you had to do was make it into the ELL and you had as good a shot at the Galactic Cup as anyone.

    304 was shaping up to be one of the most exciting seasons in the ELL in years. And it was all beginning at LimmieCon.
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    Name: Ayjae "Jay" Chu-ni

    Species: Pantoran

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Homeworld: Carratos

    Physical Appearance:5'7 with a lithe frame but, not completely without body fat. Her purple and blue hair is usually pulled back into a tail at the back of her head.

    Relationship to Team: Rookie player

    Bio: Jay wasn't born with much, a house with a leaky roof, a dad that got laid off and a mom that was working two jobs to try and keep said leaky roof over their head. But they had each other and an old holo projector that they watched what sports they could. Her love of limmie was started early sitting with her father on the couch watching Logan play under the coaching of Goeff Copin. As she grew up she read books about players and the sport at the library, which was heated better than her home and they didn't give her dirty looks when she spent hours inside. One day there was a limmie camp nearby and Jay begged her parents to let her go.

    Her parents agreed and did what they could to get her equipment. Things had been rough for them but, they wanted to do this for her. To make her happy. She showed up to the camp in third hand cleats, her mother's leggings and her father's oversized shirt. She might not have looked like much but, she had three things going for her, a pair of fast legs and a heart that wouldn't quit.

    When other kids were begging for a break or sitting on the sidelines Jay was always going, always looking for something else to do. This attitude drew the eye Coach Krass the Coach of the local limmie club. Seeing potential Krass took the young girl under her wing giving her encouragement, training and importantly a spot on the youth team.

    It was still hard with two kids at home, her younger brother Mech born two years after her, and dad doing day laborer jobs to help out, Jay made it her goal to provide, to make it to the ELL, to play for the Pirates. Everyone told her it was a long shot, that it wasn't possible. She was a poor kid from nowhere, she wouldn't get noticed.

    She continued on undaunted with Coach Krass behind her. In her teens she was on the fast track to be part of the Ot'tau Limmie Club team. There she met a boy Kin he lived across town from her (which wasn't that far in all honesty). They were on the same team and spent a lot of their time together when training and playing. He was fun and gave her a rare break from training or dealing with her home life.

    Through long days for work and a lot of luck, she finally made it. She got the call from the Pirates, they wanted her to sign for the team.

    It was a dream come true.

    Though now she had new problems to deal with.
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    Name: Harle Quinn
    Species: Zeltron
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 266 ABY
    Physical appearance: [​IMG]
    Homeworld: Bakura
    Relation to team: Player
    Brief biography: A three-time Galactic Cup champion, Harle’s played her entire limmie career on Bakura. The assistant captain is an institution on her homeworld, partially thanks to her outsized personality and history of activism on the field. As a non-Human on a world that’s over 90% Human, she’s used her profile to raise issues related to interspecies inequities.

    She also knows she’s only got so many more seasons in her. 304 will be her 17th year with the Miners. But that’s a problem for the future. For now Harle is happily married, glad to be playing limmie, and can’t wait to find out what 304 has in store for her.
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    LimmieCon, Coruscant

    As beings stream into the convention center, they find a variety of exhibits, booths, pop-up shops, and panels to attend. The program on their datapads is full of more things than they could possibly do. How are they supposed to choose between the Cosplay in limmie fashion show (with surprise special guests promised in the notes) and the History of the HeadBANDAID panel chronicling one of the key safety innovations in the sport of the last decade? Or what about spending times wandering the aisles of vendors when they could try to snag a seat in Hall H for the Comissioners panel, headlined by ELL Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard?

    For other beings, it's no contest. They head straight for the row of booths hosting player signing sessions. They clutch jerseys, t-shirts, caps, programs, ticket stubs, glossy images, and other assorted items for the heroes of the limmie field to sign. The organizers have decided to cover the spread, so to speak, with the players they've secured for the booths. They've got fan-favorites and up-and-coming players side-by-side at tables.

    One such table hosts the veteran Harle Quinn of the Bakura Miners elbow-to-elbow with Jay Chu-ni, recently signed to the Carratos Pirates. When the season starts they'll be on opposite ends of the field, but today they're both rookies in dealing with the chaos that is LimmieCon.

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