Saga Embers of a Dying Age: The Sabe Mabriee Saga (sequel to Oath)

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    I know I said I would begin tomorrow, but I needed some entertainment while I'm waiting for the meat to defrost. So, here's the opening of the story, one that you might have read on Allies, but oh well. The first chapter might come in tonight. Depends how busy I am (I become mom 2nite).

    Oh, and i don't think I'll get many of those crazy posting moods soon. I only have 3 chaps done and i didn't do anything today. Sorry!

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    Embers of a Dying Age: The Sabe Mabriee Saga (sequel to Oath)

    The cavernous chamber was vacant of life. Shadows darkened the corners, casting eerie movements in the stillness. No sound, not even a breath. The illumination banks of the Senate Chamber were at the lowest setting, only casting a small pool of dim light mere centimeters from the bank. The frozen light only succored the shadows to appear even more ominous.

    In the center of the chamber, high on the raised dais, a shadow in itself moved. The illumination banks and cornered shadows seemed to recoil from the slight figure. A smile split the wizened face and crinkles around the black eyes. The shadowed man still as still as stone, but he was observing everything around him. He knew all, felt all, and saw all. Everyone else was just merely a factor that had to be worked in or worked out of the equation.

    Some of those factors would prove most difficult, but Chancellor Palpatine enjoyed a fair challenge. And his greatest was soon to come, but it would be perhaps his most glorious. The sweet and ratifying taste of victory was at the tip of his blackened tongue, he only had to swallow it and let it settle in the darkened pits of his rotting bowels.

    Yes, soon. Very soon. He must be patient. Patience was what had brought him this far. Patience was the key. Another foul smile ventured across his lips. Patience was what would bring some down. Their patience was beyond duty, almost placid and careless. Oh, how they would pay. How sweet and glorifying it would feel as they withered in pain at his feet. They would fight it. But how could they fight something they had become ignorant of? They were blind and stupid.

    Not all. No. One was not blind to it. The Chosen One would be his. He would make the others see, but only at their deaths.
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    Chapter One

    Lightning streaked through the sky, turning the midnight blackness into flashes of white light and electricity. Wind whistled through trees, howling through passages. Rain prattled against roofs and windows. Thunder rolled over the mountainside and rivers churned in the valleys below.

    Sabe Mabriee awoke from her sleep as another clash of lightning split the sky. She closed her eyes against the blinding flash, listened for the distant roll of thunder, and then rubbed her eyes. She lifted her head from the antique wood desk she sat at. The office was swallowed in shadows, but the next lightning burst gave it the appearance of daylight. She sat up, her eyes falling to the datapads, cards, and flimsies scattered on the old desk. She had fallen asleep again.

    The young woman smiled softly as she stretched her arms out. It hadn?t been the first time and it was bound to not be the last. Queen Amidala had once told her that she should just set a cot up behind her desk. Sabe was inclined to agree. There were times she would just get so caught up her duties that she forgot to eat, sleep, or breathe.

    Another flash of lightning brought her attention back to the storm that had awakened her. The tall window was streaked with rain, the red velvet curtains open. It was late in Naboo?s fall. Winter would arrive soon, bringing cold rain. It only snowed at the poles of the planet, and even then it didn?t stay long. The end of winter was always a muddy but beautiful time. Many of the plants? leaves changed to purple and blue hues, giving the planet an exotic environment. What tourists did come to Naboo usually arrived at that time.

    And with the earthy bloom came fairs. Naboo had two harvest seasons and the end of winter was one of them. Fruit farmers would bring their prizes from the mountains down to the valleys and sell or barter. The women met and socialized, the children engrossed in active studies. It was one of the happiest and most peaceful times on Naboo.

    Sabe reached over to the lamp on her desk, touching it and watching as the light formed a pool over her documents. She picked up the letter directly under the light. The scrawled writing always brought a smile to her eyes. This letter she had read over and over, each time each word was like a fresh breath of light. Even if many of the paragraphs were contained necessary formality and gloomy details. It was the only way her love could verify communication with her and the Naboo.

    But, oh, those words that were meant for her only would sometimes send shivers of delight up her spine. Sometimes she would grow warm all over as Obi-Wan Kenobi proclaimed his love for her. The letters were far and few, for a General had no time on his hands when at war. But when they did come, she devoured every curve of the written words, savoring the thought of his hands touching the very flimsy she now held in her hands. It was the only way they could communicate on an intimate level while he was at war.

    At war. The term was strange, never used with a Jedi Knight. She supposed that if the entire galaxy was at war that even Jedi took the offensive. Even if her love insisted they were merely defending the innocent. How could a General be a mere defender? Sabe smirked and shook her head. Desperate times call for desperate measures, she amended. If she had twenty thousand armed clones bearing down on her, she might feel the need to attack. Especially when those clones had been taught since their creation to destroy you.

    Sabe shuddered and closed her eyes. No one could tell her she didn?t conceive the extent of the danger. She had suffered from the beginnings of this war. Had come at the mercy of weapons and had nearly died. Except that her clone?her clone!?had saved her. The memories still haunted her, but she had moved on as duty need be. While she did not fight on the front lines, she did help with keeping supplies and communications going through the system of Naboo.

    The thought of seeing cloned Naboo, peopl
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    Hey Amidolee!! :) I see we got the sequal to the sequal up. Perfect timing if I do say so myself, just in time for the new site!! Very good so far. Keep it up, can't wait for more.
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    Okay, ONE more post. The child will be explained later, okay?


    ?Your Highness!?

    The shrill voice echoed through the cavernous throne room, bouncing off the marble walls and repeating itself. Queen Amidala of the Naboo swiveled her head around, brown eyes darting towards the source of the shout. A handmaiden in crimson came rushing forward, not bothering with etiquette or the frowns of scrutiny from the Advisory Council. Underneath the hood, a young smile revealed a white grin.

    ?Handmaiden,? Amidala spoke calmly, although the curiosity was not lost in her deep tone. ?What is cause for this alarm??

    Kyly came to an abrupt halt, her eyes finding the stares of the others. She caught the handmaiden on Amidala?s right and blushed. Sabe tried her best to suppress a smirk at the younger women. ?Your Highness,? Kyly bowed, still breathless. ?We have word from the Chancellor! He couldn?t send us a direct transmission, but instead sent this out to all of the systems of the Republic.?

    Amidala?s painted face revealed nothing, her white and red lips twitched, though. ?And what is the news from Palpatine??

    ?The war is over!? Kyly beamed from underneath her hood. A cheer went up from the advisors and even Amidala smiled.

    ?Details, handmaiden.?

    ?Of course, Your Highness.? Kyly withdrew a datacard from her robe pocket and stepped to the command console in front of the throne. A hologram of the readings scrolled through the air for all to read.

    ?Sabe,? Amidala spoke quietly. ?Have contact from the Jedi yet??

    ?Not yet, Your Highness,? Sabe said, her eyes on the hologram. She felt her heart sink. Chancellor Palpatine was using some of the military for clean-up, finishing off the last resistance. Listed under those still in command was General Kenobi.

    The Queen turned her eyes away and gave her handmaiden a sympathetic look. Then she quickly turned her attention back to the scrolling. Apparently the clones had been wiped out, the Republic seizing the cloning Spaarti cylinders and killing the rest of the clones. There would still be small skirmishes no doubt, but the enemy was defeated. The Queen frowned a bit. Palpatine was proclaiming that he would have more control of the military. The Chancellor believed that peace would come quicker and last longer if the Head of the Senate had direct control over the Republic?s forces. An odd move from a chancellor.

    ?Our army will return to us soon,? Amidala said, realizing her silence was making the others nervous. She should be delighted that the war was over, not mulling over political dilemmas. At least, not right now. She smiled. ?And we will welcome them home. The Naboo will celebrate peace once more.?

    Another cheer went up through the advisors. Sabe wanted to join in, but her heart was lagged down by the news Obi-Wan wouldn?t be returning right away. And she had also caught the Queen?s surprise at the Chancellor?s move for military control. Queen Amidala dismissed her advisors, saying that they would be called-upon when there was more news. She turned her head to Sabe, the beads from her headdress clicking softly. ?I am sorry, dear friend.?

    ?It?s all right,? Sabe said, forcing a weak smile to her lips. ?If he is still commanding it means he is alive.?

    Something clouded in the Queen?s eyes. She folded her delicate hands in her lap. ?They did not mention anything about Anakin.?

    Sabe sobered even more. ?Maybe it means he is coming home??

    ?Not if Kenobi isn?t,? Amidala said. ?He isn?t a Knight yet.?

    Kyly shifted in her seat, the farthest one on the left. Yane turned her head and frowned at her. Sache and Rabe sat silently, listening quietly. Sabe glanced around the throne room. Then she glanced down at her hand, where a ring shined softly in the light. It was of fine silver, blue etchings of the Kenobi clan symbol around the band. No jewel or elaborate decoration, just a simple sign of love.

    Amidala followed her gaze and smiled. ?Time will pass qui
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    lol... thanks for the indulgence. I *was* kidding on the whole being impatient thing, you know. :) Waiting's one of the few things I'm actualy good at. As to the dark side, it's probably a teensy bit late for that. *evil grin*

    My keyboard, however, is relieved. :)

    It's great to see Sabé's story continuing. This series is some of the best-written Sabé/Obi fic I've ever read.
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    :Gives about 1300 cheers to see this one finally up and in action:


    You have no idea how glad I am to see this story...I love this saga!

    Awesome start, Amidolee!
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    Another Post.

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    Alderaan was abuzz with the news of peace. It was all that people talked about. Cali-Ana Angli shook her head as she hurried through the busy spaceport of Alderaan City. The Clone Wars had placed her out of work for so long. No one had wanted to wholesome entertainment, it was better to complain about all of the supply shortages the war had caused. No one had wanted to see a play or forget their troubles for an evening. The actress/screenwriter had taken up a job helping refugees from their devastated homes. It was a far cry from the glamorous life she had once lived, but it had been a very fulfilling duty.

    Now she was home and reclaiming that stalled part of her life. Surely people would be wanting entertainment now. Her experience with the refugees would prove useful for another screenplay to write.

    She would take up temporary residence with a friend she had met during the war. Claras Antilles was a very dedicated a strong woman. Claras was an aristocrat by blood, but a commoner by soul. She had been Cali?s closest friend during the darkest of times. The woman had been injured and sent home, but not before promising Cali refuge in her home.

    Home. She couldn?t wait to get there.

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    Sabe watched from beside Amidala as the returning Naboo militia paraded forward. The Queen had given a welcome home speech, then had sat back down in her throne. She could feel the queen?s disappointment at not having Anakin return. Sabe shared her frustration. Why of all people did Obi-Wan have to be stuck doing the military?s job? He should be here with her, not running on a chancellor?s whim. Anger at Palpatine boiled in her and she reached out to the Force, seeking its soothing presence.

    ?Your Highness,? Panaka, now de-void of rank said, coming up and bowing before Amidala. ?Chancellor Palpatine is arriving.?

    Sabe turned her eyes towards the Celebration Hall?s heavy oak doors. They were opened, revealing a contingent of Senate guard filing down the corridor. She could make out the older man?s blue robe as he made his way to the Hall. The Naboo cleared to one side to let the Chancellor of the Republic came forward. Amidala rose from her throne, face impassive, her handmaidens flanking her. Palpatine came forward and bowed.

    ?Your Highness,? he said. ?What an honor it is to be in your presence once again.?

    Amidala inclined her head, then sat herself back down. ?Chancellor,? she greeted in her deep voice. ?Congratulations on the Republic?s victory.?

    ?Thank you, Your Majesty, but the Republic?s success lies within its people.? Sabe thought the chancellor spoke almost sarcastically. She frowned. Palpatine?s dark eyes landed on her for a brief moment, then returned to the Queen. She fought back the icy chill that tingled her spine. ?There are still concerns in regards to the galaxy?s safety,? Palpatine continued. ?Might I arrange a meeting between us??

    ?Certainly, Chancellor,? Amidala agreed. She rose from the throne. ?In my office.? The contingent of guards and handmaidens followed them from the Celebration Hall. Panaka also followed, keeping an eye out for trouble. Amidala entered the office, Palpatine, Panaka, and the handmaidens following.

    Palpatine eyed the handmaidens and Panaka. ?With all due respect, Your Majesty, I would prefer this meeting to be private.?

    ?If it is secrecy you wish, Chancellor,? Amidala said evenly. ?My handmaidens will not breathe a word.?

    Panaka nodded his agreement. Palpatine shot him a dark look, then his eyes fell once again to Sabe. She stared right back, watching those steely eyes. Something was dark about this man, more than just random politics. The chancellor almost smiled at her, then turned back to Amidala. ?One handmaiden may remain, Amidala of the Naboo.?

    Amidala?s eyes flashed with annoyance, but she nodded her agreement. All four but Sabe filed out, two muttering to themselves. Palpatine didn?t give them a second glance. ?Now, Chancellor,? Amidala spoke. ?What is
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    Just boosting it up incase someone didn't know I've got the sequel going. :)
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    I have another story I am working on, too. It's a SW meets fantasy Earth. Earth will be in like the medieval times, sorta like all of those fantasy stories with magic and dragons and such. Should I begin posting it, too, or wait until the sequel is finished?

    I hate to say it, but I've got more progress on the SW/earth fic than the sequel. But now they are about even.

    I'll have to be careful, because some of my posts are 5 pages long on the WP.
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    I decided to post the other story. "SW Meets Fantasy Earth." Check it out please! :)
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    A catfight? Hmm, so this Cali's an old... 'friend' of Obi-Wan's, I take it? Hmmm...

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    Ouch. Sorry to hear about your neck, Miana! :(
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    A new Sabe Obi story from the talented typing of Amidolee!

    ANd including his teenage love? Awww.

    CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!
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    Obi-Wan Kenobi gave an exasperated sigh and shifted his position, his keen eyes following Anakin Skywalker?s movements. The young man?s brow dripped in sweat and his blue eyes took on a fierce light. The red lightsaber held in his hand hummed, as if waiting patiently for its owner to command it. The Padawan pursed his lips, his muscles tensing as he watched his Master shift. He blinked, trying to bat away the sting of sweat. His back ached and his mind refused to concentrate. The Force kept slipping away from him and he was having trouble anticipating the other?s movements.

    ?You should not be having trouble with this exercise, Padawan,? Obi-Wan said, deactivating his blue blade. He straightened and gazed at Anakin.

    ?I?m sorry, Master,? Anakin said, switching his blade off.

    ?No,? Obi-Wan said quietly. ?You are not.? His arms folded across his chest and he gave the apprentice a stern look. ?If you were sorry you would correct your fault. Instead, you begin to feel pity upon yourself and continue making the same mistake again and again.?

    Anakin bowed his head, then lifted his chin defensively. ?The Force is slipping. It won?t come to me.?

    ?You haven?t been meditating, have you?? Obi-Wan said, an eyebrow raised. ?Your lack of attention may be inhibiting your potential.? He hooked his lightsaber onto his belt. ?You have let your studies go.?

    ?I didn?t have time, Master,? Anakin cried, eyes flashing. ?The war??

    Obi-Wan held up a hand. ?That is not an excuse, Anakin, and you know it.? He hated being harsh, but if his Padawan?s focus was slipping . . . and especially at this stage . . . He shook his head. ?We will meditate now. On the Force and on your lack of focus.?

    Anakin looked ready to retort, but then he nodded. ?Yes, Master,? he said, folding his legs up under him. Obi-Wan joined him, reaching out to the Force and drawing it around him. It took Anakin a few tries before he latched on and held it. In the past, Obi-Wan would help him by sending his own connection to the boy, but not now. This exercise was one of the simplest. If Anakin was so out of practice that he couldn?t even reach out to it, then he should figure it out on his own. That was part of the lesson. If the boy was going to drift away from the Force, how could he expect to become a Knight?

    Obi-Wan let his thoughts run out of him and centered himself with the Unifying Force. He smiled to himself, knowing that somewhere, Qui-Gon Jinn would be clicking his tongue and telling him to concentrate on the Living Force. Perhaps he should, but Obi-Wan need to center himself before dealing with Anakin. That was something he had also learned within the first three years of being the Master. Along with about a billion countless other things.

    It took longer than he would have liked, but Anakin was soon in deep meditation and Obi-Wan was able to connect with him. He left himself open and was only mildly surprised that Anakin had left a few barriers up inside of him. Obi-Wan had once been the same way, trying to hide some of his deepest secrets and emotions from his Master. It had been an insecurity that he had grown out of by the time Knighthood had been bestowed upon him. The Jedi Knight was certain that under one of those barriers was memories of the Queen of Naboo. Anakin?s feelings for her had first come off him in waves until Obi-Wan had commented that perhaps he shouldn?t be that open with him. It had been a tad embarrassing to stumble across the young man?s fantasy.

    That almost brought a laugh to Obi-Wan and he quickly cleared his throat. The talk he had had with the boy later on had just about killed him. The Knight still wasn?t sure who was more embarrassed, him or Anakin. He had given him the full talk, face flushed and words stumbling. Anakin had rolled his eyes and replied, ?I know all about that, Master.? It had been enough to shut Obi-Wan up.

    This time he couldn?t suppress a smile and his concentration broke. Yes, Anakin could really but him in his boots at times. Even
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    Another good one, Amidolee! I've enjoyed all of your work.

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    Chapter Two

    ?What?? Obi-Wan asked Anakin a few hours later. The boy kept grinning at him and shaking his head.

    ?Nothing,? Anakin said, turning his eyes towards the viewport. Kilometers below them, the Nubian mountain range?s rolling peaks reached out to the starship. In the distant, nestled into the Great Plateau, was the city of Theed. Illumination banks lit up the gardens at night, giving the city a romantic feel.

    The boy stole another glance at his Master, a small chuckle rising in his throat.

    ?What are you laughing about?? Obi-Wan demanded, keeping his voice low. The Republic pilots glanced at each other from at the control station.

    ?You,? Anakin said, shaking his head. ?You keep rubbing your chin and have this lost look in your eyes when you find out that your beard?s gone.?

    ?So? It?s habit,? Obi-Wan said, a little defensively.

    ?If you liked it so much, then why did you shave it off??

    Obi-Wan shrugged. ?It?s hard maintenance.?

    Anakin stifled a laugh. Obi-Wan gave him an indignant look. The starship swooped lower, coming in at its approach vector to the Royal Hangar. It was perhaps and hour past midnight. The Palace would be asleep and they would have to quiet, not that that was a challenge. They both had immediate access to certain chambers and the royal guard paid them no mind.

    They disembarked and the starship soon returned to space. The guard stationed at the Palace entrance from the hangar nodded to them and accessed the door for them. The name Kenobi and Skywalker were now legend in Naboo, and Obi-Wan wasn?t sure how he felt about that. The halls were well lit. Anakin commented that the guards seemed more attentive than last time.

    ?It is either from the war or from one of Sache?s schemes,? Obi-Wan mused thoughtfully. ?Or Sabe decided to rile them up.?

    ?Or Amidala tried to escape,? Anakin suggested with an affectionate tone.

    Obi-Wan gave him a sideways glance. ?I don?t think ?kidnapping? the Queen last time had been very wise.?

    Anakin gave him a sheepish nod. ?I will ask permission next time, Master.?

    They entered the Royal Quarters. Anakin had a private chamber that was always reserved for him at the end of the hall. The boy gave a wistful glance at the well-guarded Queen?s Chamber, then disappeared inside the room. Obi-Wan continued down the corridor to one of the far suites. He accessed the door silently and stepped in, not surprised to see it dark and quiet.

    With a boyish impishness, he left himself shielded, knowing Sabe would awaken the moment she sensed him. He did not want to wake her and it was always fun to surprise her. Well, mostly. There was that time she had thought him an attacker and had nearly knocked him cold. He might give her some forewarning.

    Quiet as a mouse, Obi-Wan settled his small bag on the couch and shed his robe and boots. He opened the door to the bedroom and peeked in, half-expecting the bed to be empty. That had happened before. He had found her asleep in her office. Sabe lay asleep, her hair spilling out over the white pillow, and arm draped across and the other tucked under her head. He shut the door and crossed the room, silent and shielded. The moonlight showed in over the bed, causing the windowpane pattern to dapple over her skin.

    He smiled and knelt down beside the bed, running his hand down her face and arm. She moaned softly and stirred. ?You?re still beautiful, love,? he said softly.

    Her golden brown eyes flew open. ?Obi-Wan!? she gasped, propping her elbow up, then flinging her arms around him. She showered his face with little, frantic kisses, causing Obi-Wan to laugh softly. He pushed her away so he could look into her eyes, then kissed her full and deeply on the mouth. He?d almost forgotten how sweet her lips felt and tasted. He made a special note to never get involved in a war again.

    He finally pulled away, just so he could look at her once more. ?You didn?t miss me or anything?? he teased.

    ?Beyond what you could possibly imagine,?
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    The late morning sun was shining into the window and across the room by the time Sabe awoke. She moaned and closed her eyes, snuggling back into the covers and Obi-Wan. He muttered some curse to sun and pulled her closer. The laid quietly for a few moments, drifting back to sleep.

    Then the door chime rang.

    Sabe groaned and lifted her head. ?Go away!? Obi-Wan grunted his agreement.

    The door chimed again in two short dings. It was signal and Sabe sighed. ?I have to get up, love. Duty calls.?

    Obi-Wan opened his eyes and smiled softly at her. ?You don?t really have to.?

    ?Why not??

    He propped his elbows up and leaned over her, looking down at her pretty face. ?We can pretend that we didn?t hear. Or,? he grinned. ?I could kidnap you and take off with you to one of the Gungan villages.?

    ?Anakin already tried that with Ami,? Sabe reminded him, one hand trailing down his arm. ?I don?t think it will work.?

    ?Then we will lock the doors and stay here for the rest of our lives,? Obi-Wan concluded.

    Sabe giggled and reached up to brush the hair that had fallen in front of his eyes. ?And what? Ignore them as they shout and scream and try to blow a hole in the wall??

    Obi-Wan shrugged. ?I?m game. It?s worth a shot.?

    She reached up behind his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Their lips and bodies stayed locked until another chime signaled the impatience of those waiting. Obi-Wan sighed and let her go, knowing he couldn?t keep her away from her duties. Sabe gave him a quick kiss of apology, then quickly donned her robes. Obi-Wan was a little slower at rising, but he soon joined her, pulling on fresh tunics.

    Sabe fastened her robe, then turned to look at him. She touched his cheek and grinned impishly. ?Definitely a shadow now.?

    Obi-Wan reached out and pulled her in for one more kiss. She started to protest, but her words quickly faded.

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    It wasn?t until mid-afternoon before Sabe was relieved of her duties. Amidala was also shirking a bit, steeling herself away to be with Anakin. The two had disguised themselves as civilians and were taking a walk through the city?s streets. Of course, Rabe and Yane were following at a close distance. Sabe found Obi-Wan meditating when she came in. He was quick to come out of the trance and cuddle her. She then suggested they take a walk through the gardens and he had agreed.

    Of course, one of the gardens was a royal burial ground. Sabe had chosen this garden to walk in because it was one of the only times she could look upon the grave of her child with Obi-Wan beside her. She rested her head against his chest and he put and arm around her waist. The only marking of the infant was a small stone marking with white roses blooming around it.

    As Obi-Wan held her, Sabe remembered the joys of pregnancy, of her defiance to the doctors. They had all warned her that she could not carry a child past three months. The wounds she had suffered from the first clone battle had weakened her stomach and womb. A child would only rupture her already tender interior more. She had carried the child past the warning and had thought it was clear sailing. At six months, her body could not take it, even though she had stayed in bed after four months. She had miscarried. A girl. She had had a baby girl.

    Sabe closed her eyes, blinking back moistened eyes. She could never carry another child. The pain then and afterwards had been too much. Sabe had wanted children more than anything, and it had once almost cost her Obi-Wan. And even now, almost five years later, her stomach would still have bouts of pain. The medics said that interior damage was always permanent and hard to reconstruct.

    Obi-Wan rested a hand over her womb, the warmt
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    I like these crazy posting moods. A lot. :D

    Great, fantastic, wonderful. This story is such a joy to read.

    Oh, but the baby?! So sad...why'd she have to die? :bursts into tears:

    I have absolutly no problem with mush. None at all. :need smilies...need smilies!:
  23. Amidolee

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    Jan 8, 2000
    I was going to go off that they have Mara as their child, like Alderaan suggested, but she's younger than luke, and their kid would have been born before.

    I feel terrible because poor Obi's lost 2 kids now.
  24. light_sabe_r

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    PLease! Another posting mood soon?

    :Where have all the smilies gone:

    And font cahnging... Anyone figured that out yet?
  25. RogueJai

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    Amidolee, you know how I feel about mush!!! :)