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    Super use of the prompts & great teasing
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    Thanks for putting the love wedding of Breha and Bail in!
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    firefighters are used to teasing and this....
    that was nice but this...

    Entry 12

    I have been very busy and had no time to record anything in my diary. But today I met the most disgusting creature on Alderaan.

    We had just completed an exercise in the evening. I was readying the BA-gear with El Morten, one of the volunteers, when Roel and Wedge hopped in the truck and Lee Colda and Willy Meij joined us in the back. We were called for assistance to the industrial district.

    A wood-processing factory was on fire. This one was near the river, which was overflowing and muddy because of the melting snow. Units from the space-port were pouring water over the burning wood and the grass surrounding the factory had been turned into mud. I was ordered by Roel to man one of the hoses with El. We had donned BA-gear, put on our masks and went to the indicated place near the river. Because we had to keep our distance from the crumbling walls of the factory were were standing knee deep in that river. Soon something was slithering inside my trousers. It had me uttering a curse.

    El began to grumble too when the same something entered his boots.

    Our relief came when our BA-gear indicated that we had to head back to our truck. Coming there El sat down and upended one of his boots. And there they were; Alderanian slimy slugs. We had been standing in water teeming with the critters.

    Roel ordered us to doff our gear to get rid of the critters. And there we were; two wet firefighters covered with a blanket and sitting shivering in the back of the truck until Lee and Willy came back. They had been manning a hose at another place but they were covered with mud. Roel reported to dispatch that his crew needed to be replaced. Dispatch ordered to get back to station because units from other villages were coming and we did. One of the laundry-machines was filled with muddy and slimy fatigues, uniforms, underwear and blankets. And four men were taking a very long shower to get rid of the mud and slime. Wrapped in my towel I headed upstairs to my room to get clean underwear and blues and to record this entry.
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    Whew! :eek: That was nasty :p
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    I felt even muddy after reading that, bird! Good job! Excellent description of a sticky situation.
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    No slugs for me but mud and water were my share during some of the emergencies.
    In the next 2 entries more is revealed about Jedi. Why is Ivano afraid?

    Entry 13

    The diary was again 'lost' because it had slithered behind the backboard of my bunk after the slimy slug event. I found it today when I was ordered to take the rest of the day to relax. That is a requirement after a physical. Not being that tired from the twenty minute run up and down the stairs wearing full BA-gear I began to clean my room and was moving the bunk when I heard the thunk. That was the diary and now I can use it again.

    I have completed part three of the study to become a fire-investigator. And now I am quite busy with part four. Exams in two weeks.

    Entry 14

    Two days ago I almost met a Jedi-master. And yesterday he and his padawan with very strong powers came to visit the station.

    I will tell what happened.

    My evening-shift was about to begin when dispatch gave a rescue alert. I ran down the stairs to the station-hall. Cas Norup had been talking to chief Robi and a group of volunteers after an exercise. Cas and chief hopped in the truck with four volunteers and sped away, followed by the rescue-unit that had been readied after the exercise by Wedge Lassen and Bail Verlane.

    A man – Jedi-knight Obi-Wan Kenobi – was pinned down under a truck. He had tried to rescue an old woman. Chief Robi and Bail headed the next day to the hospital to inform about the man and woman. The doctor told them that the man was released from their care but that the woman had died of complications after the successful surgery to repair her broken hip. An unknown aneurysm in her aorta burst 5 hours after the surgery. The doctor wanted to come to the station to brief the crews about their work having nothing to do with the death of the woman. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were in the hall waiting for a taxi to take them back to their hotel. They heard about the briefing and wanted to come too to give their support.

    Bail told me all about the accident and the three men coming to our station when he returned with chief Robi. Bail asked me if I could help with the drinks.

    I said that I had some studying to do.

    Bail let me go. He knows about the exam.

    I went to my room, reflecting on what I had written in entry 6 and put my shields up. Yes, as a Dunai elder I have learned to shield when I was in kindergarten and on primary school. No Jedi will ever draft me into their service.

    And there is more about shields. I remember my meetings with Tarhin Engaron, another guy who had explored the galaxy before returning to Noranan. He is a police officer working as chief special ops in Noranan.

    Tarhin came to visit Halfir in the hospital after his accident where he crashed his speeder. I had been on the rescue and Tarhin had to question me too and that's when he told me this; 'some exploring will benefit me. I want to become chief special ops.'

    That was more than 230 years ago. He was back on Moniron after 90 years of exploring and is now chief. I have worked often with him but he didn't reveal that much about his travels. Only one warning came before we left. He was there in the hospital questioning me when Halfir and I revealed our plans. He said before his pager had him running away 'Stay clear of Jedi. I was on Boreas helping with an investigation and had my shield up when I met three Jedi Masters from the Jedi-temple on Coruscant; Gios, Kriss and Mann. Master Gios tried to break my shield.'
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    Exciting events with Obi-Wan and Anakin and great tie-in back to Tarhin's adventures.
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    "I went to my room, reflecting on what I had written in entry 6 and put my shields up. Yes, as a Dunai elder I have learned to shield when I was in kindergarten and on primary school. No Jedi will ever draft me into their service."

    Wow, within the galaxy there is certain some resentment against the Jedi Order.
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    and there will be more
    Tarhin warned him

    Entry 15

    I have been very busy and had no time at all to record anything in my diary.

    Yesterday chief Robi came with news about his son Luciano. If you want to learn more about fighting big incidents Coruscant is the place to go. Very vividly were his descriptions of the big industrial fires in the Dacho district. He has done duty on various station in the Senate district and is now working in the district where the famous Jedi-temple is. He wants to join the group working in the Jedi-temple but first he has to become familiar with the district and all the stations. No trouble for Luciano. He can work in the Jedi-temple. Jedi won't draft him into service because has no Force-powers.

    Big industrial fires are very intriguing for me. More than 26 years ago I left my home-planet with Halfir Majeski to explore the galaxy. I can sense that he is alright with his ore-hauling business going to many planets. I haven't done that much exploring of the galaxy by staying on Alderaan. I can continue with my human disguise, about to retire after a few years. Coruscant sounds nice as the next place to go. Maybe another planet after Coruscant but I can go home too after my legal retirement on my 65th birthday. I will go back to Moniron and can join again the Noranan fire-department for many more years. Dunai elder working for the government usually retire when they are 800. I am a Dunai elder and have been a fully graduated firefighter for almost 300 years after being a rookie for 2 years under my mentor Erdin Felaron. He is keeping care of my cottage in Noranan until I return. And for him – living in a city-apartment – that is real nice when he wants to go to the beach. When I left with Halfir he said 'pittin pup, you know when it is time to return. You will gain a lot of knowledge. And I hope you won't run into trouble.'

    I discussed Coruscant with chief Robi and Roel Ammer.

    'On Coruscant they have a lot of experience on fire-safety of buildings.'

    'You have finished part four of your study at the Republic Fire Academy to become a fully qualified fire-investigator. Part five is about big industrial incidents. They are teaching that on Coruscant in a station in the Senate district.'

    'My son wrote me that Senate fire-department 9 can always use new pro's.'

    'You are 56 and 9 years away from legal retirement.'

    'After your retirement you can join a private company as an fire-investigator on any republic world you like to settle.'

    'Go to Coruscant and have some fun.'

    'I will and that?'

    'I have been getting that. Sign it and you can be on your way to Coruscant. Tomorrow we will write a letter of recommendation.'

    I signed my letter of resignation now lying on chief Robi's desk. And I was told that I can keep my uniform and coat. But not that constricting dress-suit; that will be left here for another to wear.

    'You have no civilian clothes anymore after all those years here on the station.'
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    Ooh, a career change. [face_thinking]
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    Being send to Coruscant. I do hope that this is a safe and sound choice!

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    He will learn more

    Entry 16

    I am now in a cabin in the transport bound for Coruscant.

    A letter of recommendation to the Senate fire-department 9 is in my trousers. Yesterday I had my going away party and it was big. I am still feeling fully stuffed with all the delicacies the crews had made.

    I was in the terminal of the public transport when a Zabrak – recognizing me as a member of the fire-station – approached me. I had to put my shields up. He was a Jedi from the agristation.

    'I am Fikri Rinuon and know that you are a fire-fighter from Alladea. Can you help me with the designs for my new stable? Here is the drawing on my tablet.'

    I told Fikri that I was leaving Alderaan. We discussed the drawing after he got a hard-copy. He can send me a message to the Senate fire-department on Coruscant. I will give him the safety-measures for a stable. I walked to the ground-transport bound for Aldera when I sensed that the boy coming towards me was a Dunai elder. He was accompanied by an old man who was very strong in the Force. They passed me and walked to Fikri Rinuon.

    I heard this before boarding.

    'I am Mack Brin and he is my nephew Algren Kite.'

    'Follow me, I have a transport waiting for you.'

    Entry 17

    The first thing I did after leaving the spaceport was finding a public transport that had me headed to the Senate district. Senate fire-department 9 was easy to find and an interview with Joe Calistro – the chief on duty for green shift – soon followed. He was impressed by the letter of recommendation recalling the years of service in Alladea and my papers showing that I had finished four parts of my study to become a Republic fire-investigator. He showed me the big fire-ship with big rescue-equipment and hoses, aerials and hover-pads and the smaller fire-ships with a pump, hoses and rescue-tools for traffic-incidents, hazmat and EMT-work.

    I told him that I had been a firefighter for 2 years as rookie, 5 years as full member of Noranan fire house 2 and the 26 years at the Alladea fire-department.

    Chief Calistro had a holo-conversation with a member from the recruiting office and ended with 'You have the job as the new member of green shift. By the way. Do you have a place to stay. I can recommend the Golden leaf hotel next door. It's a cheap but clean hotel. Or even cheaper; you can stay here in one of the rooms of the station.'

    'Chief Calistro; I accept the room here in the station.'

    And after signing my contract and getting fatigues, gear and station-uniform and introducing me to his crew chief Calistro showed me the small room with bunk and fresher.

    'And we use only our given names when we are here in the station and relaxing. So it is now Joe for you Ivano.'

    Quite a difference from the Alladea fire-department but I was used to it in Noranan.

    I moved my things and will make it my new home.

    After putting the sheets on my bunk I went to the ready-room to get something to drink from the galley.

    Four crew-members were having lunch and I sat down for some small talk. And with my diary on record some of it is in this entry.

    'Dean you sure had fun last week.' (Steven Budianski)

    'Ah yes. I have been to the slam-ball event with Corinne to celebrate my 44th birthday.'

    'Great pass time grey guy.' (Katleen Fafard)

    'Grey guy. I had already grey hair when I was a youth of 25.' (Dean Rivas)

    'And you Ivano. You must be a young guy with that brown crew-cut' (Katleen)

    'I am 56.' (me)

    'And no black smudges yet, but they will come after your first mission.' (Dean)

    'Even for me as driver of Senate 902 I will be dirty. But Jaime and my kids Sean and Jari love it when I come back with thrilling stories. but hubbie doesn't like my smoky odor.' (Katleen)

    'What was your station?' (Greg Budianski)

    'Alladea village on Alderaan.' (me)

    'Ah another farm-boy like our twins Greg and Steven.' (Katleen)

    'We were born 48 years ago in Oriko-village in the Varakino lake district on Naboo. 'We came to Coruscant two years ago and are the guys to man the ladder.' (Greg)

    'Farm boys. It is a big fire-ship with call-sign Senate 902 rescue.' (Katleen)

    'Yes Coruscant city girl with your big engine.' (Steven)

    'It's a fire-ship with call-sign Senate 902.' (Katleen)

    'Yes little one.' (Greg)

    And the discussion about ladders continued for some time.
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    I enjoyed meeting Green shift ;)
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    more to follow in these entries

    Entry 18

    Three days on the job and I was already involved in a big factory fire in the Dacho district. That was four days ago and I sent as soon as I returned a holotape of the big fire and my whereabouts. Chief Robi could now contact Fikri Rinuon and he must have done that immediately.

    Yesterday was a day of recuperation after using 5 bottles of BA-air during another emergency, this time in our district. And there was a message from the Alladea agristation with a new drawing for the stable.

    Today I went through the archives of the department to search for safety-measures for a stable and have found them. I have added my comments on the drawing and sent it and the archive-copies to the Alladea agristation.

    I am with green shift and the other two are blue and yellow shift. Sleeping cubicles with freshers are available for each member during their shift. Chiefs have a bunk in their office.

    I have started with part five of the RFA-study.

    By the way; I don't like the boots we are wearing. They are government issued standard firefighter boots made out of synthrubber and durasteel. And the BA-masks coming from the same government are trouble too. They leave sticky smudges on your face, are leaking and can leave you with a bad case of smoke-inhalation. Positive pressure BA-gear leaves the bad air out. But no, the government doesn't supply us with that.

    Entry 19

    A lot of work and studying kept me from seeing the diary. But this; those holonet-reporters are sometimes a pain in the posterior.

    After an emergency where a reporter made remarks about the funny accent Joe was using he told us about his past. I had the diary on record and have included this;

    'I was born on Anaxes and had a happy youth with my dad being a firefighter. But a big hotel-fire happened when I was 13. Dad was almost killed but pushed away by a Jedi. The Jedi was injured and taken to a hospital. Dad visited the Jedi in the hospital and heard about Coruscant needing able firefighters.

    We moved and dad had again a job as a firefighter on Coruscant. He retired when he turned 65 and we moved back to Anaxes where I followed in the footsteps of my father becoming a firefighter in the capital. I met Marina when I was having a haircut and fell in love and married her. We bought a farm in one of the suburbs and had two meari's, a crossbreed of husans from Moniron and the native e-esins. Our girls Nicole and Josie were born there. They entered a local school. Marina wanted a better education for the girls and began her search. It ended 5 years ago with her getting a job as a hair-stylist at Cora-haircare on Coruscant and finding an apartment near her job. We went to Coruscant. Cora-haircare was in the senate-district. In that district I visited fire-department number 9 being nearest to our apartment. They needed a new chief and I got the job as chief of green shift. Nicole and Josie went to their schools. They are teased at school because of their Anaxes accent. Uh by the way you have your physical tomorrow. You can go with Katleen. She will be here to get you at 9.00.'
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    These diary pages really get enriched by your RL fire brigade experiences. [:D]
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    and more RL will come

    Entry 20

    Katleen Fafard was there with her fast air-speeder to pick me up from the station. She – the pilot of our fire-ship – usually calls me Alladea nerfherder or big oaf. Yeah I am big with 1.98 m length and she is the little one with only 1.61 m. After the physical she commented on my youthful looks and my great endurance at the physical. We had been on the treadmills in the exercise-room and she had to stop 5 minutes before I was ordered by the droid-doc to stop.

    Entry 21

    The big fires in the Dacho district, also know as the Works, and the Fobosi district kept us quite busy. I had no time to record anything in my diary.

    I have been studying. That took a lot of time too but I have now finished part 5 and am a fully qualified fire-investigator.

    But Joe told me when he gave me the certificate that I had to have connections. I lacked those so I am just part of the crew fighting whatever comes my way.

    After taking a shower and getting a clean shirt and trousers I went to the galley because some delicious smell was wafting up my nose.

    Chief Calistro was busy. He has quite a reputation as a cook and he is usually the one to make his delicacies for us and the other two shifts. He develops delicacies and exchanges them with the cooks from famous restaurants and is getting recipes in return.

    I had my diary in my trouser-pocket and set on record.

    'Hey Ivano following your nose again?'

    'What's on the menu Joe?'

    'Green-bean-burgers for the veggies like you and sausages for the meat lovers.'


    'You have to wait. Hey what's that on your neck?'

    'It is a medical tag. I am quite allergic to Bacta, Kolto and whatever gooey substance is floating in those medical tanks. I am the human enduring the long way of healing. It was discovered when I was in primary school and had taken a fall giving me a bruise that was treated with a bacta-patch. The bruise became a big rash that had to be treated for weeks with bandages.'

    'Ah that's why you are always using gloves when you are busy with bacta-patches. The sausages are almost ready. Can you ready the table?'

    'Yes Joe.'

    The green-bean-burgers were delicious and it was with a satisfied feeling in my stomach when I retired to my room and took my diary.

    Entry 22

    Again very busy but today something has happened that has me wondering what the galaxy will become. Coming back from a fire-alert in the Senate district we saw star-cruisers of a new design filling up with identical white clad soldiers and their vehicles. Many vehicles were new to us.

    On the holonews was supreme chancellor Palpatine declaring that the wars between the republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems have started. That Palpatine; he is evil. He has never shown any interest in the plans of a development bureau for the Dacho district.
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    I enjoyed the chat in #21 and ominous news in #22. Ivano is absolutely right about the Chancellor.
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    as you will see in the next entries with one with the virus

    Entry 23

    This war, raging on many planets, is horrible. Even on Coruscant we are seeing the results; we are called for assistance when a Star-destroyer comes in for a landing on one of the big spaceports in the Senate-district. They are always damaged. And helping during one of those emergencies we could closely observe the white clad soldiers. Joe was thanked for the assistance by a general and could ask about the soldiers.

    Those soldiers are clones, bred on Kamino and reaching maturity in 10 years. And they are fighting against seperatist-droids. Clones against droids; who is the mastermind behind this?

    I saw that creep Palpatine today (from a distance and having my shields up) when he was inspecting his 'Chancellor Palpatine Reconstruction Center' and basking in the attention given to him by the reporters. Supreme chancellor, even the formal title chancellor isn't enough for that man craving for absolute power.

    We were returning from a fire-alert in the Dacho-district. Fires there and in the Senate district are keeping us busy. And keeping me from recording something in my diary. For instance about the last physical, now going with Katleen and Dean Rivas going to the droid-doc and the comments from her and Dean.

    Dratted masks. There; I am again sporting black smudges all over my face and in my mustache. Joe's blonde mustache smudged with black had me commenting on the masks weeks ago and telling him about the masks worn by me on Alderaan and cleaned with a detergent that doesn't make them dirty, sticky and icky. And these masks are neutral pressure ones requiring a perfect seal between face and mask. But they are always leaking air and making smoke inhalation a certainty. I have to contact Erdin Felaron in Noranan or Chief Ammer (chief Robi has retired) in Alladea about the positive pressure masks and equipment. But that's not possible with this war.

    Entry 24

    The war is keeping us very busy. What they are doing to the people; sometimes it's horrible. Testing chemical and biological weapons and wiping out the entire population of a moon. That happened on Ohma-D'un, a moon of Naboo. And a bio-weapon wiped out two thirds of the Sonim-colony.

    All things on Coruscant are big. There was the lock-down in the Senate district in a huge apartment-building housing 19.078 beings. A kind of flu had been raging there, killing 57 beings before the government put the building in lock-down and began to inoculate the beings. During the inoculation-campaign we went to that building for an automatic alert and had to go for the inoculation too before we were even allowed to leave the building. Chief Calistro contacted Senate district central command about our situation. We could go first but that had us meeting muttering beings standing in line for the nurses. They had to wait longer and couldn't visit their loved ones. Children couldn't go to school. Shopping and going to a restaurant was not allowed.
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    Superb slice of life :p
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    Sounds a bit like a certain pandemic here in RL. Well, met, dear bird. [face_whistling]
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    and a bit of RL
    sure with all the lockdowns here

    Entry 25

    Today I have been celebrating my 35 years of service. Green shift was on duty.

    Members from all shifts came because they knew who was making the delicacies. Joe had been doing the cooking.

    Families came too. Children were having fun because of the guided tours to the fire-ships. I had agreed to help Greg and Steven Budianski after the formalities.

    I had my diary on record.

    The district chief gave a very long speech, quite impersonal and fitting for almost all of us. He was the first to leave. I deleted those speeches. But some of the recording was interesting.


    'Coming Greg but first my juice.'

    'Ah sorry Katleen.'

    'See what you are doing big oaf.'

    'My fault little one and it's only smudged hair.'

    'Smudged hair huh. That was big trouble.'

    'Marina shh. Tell me why you were fired.'

    'Senator Nee Alavar was coming with a new request. I did my best and what did I get? Cora told me;There is the door Miss Calistro. I have been working for Cora for seven years.'

    'There are more jobs Marina'

    'Yes Katleen but.'

    'You will find a new job.'

    'I know but.'

    'It's only 37 days after you...'

    'Ivano are you now coming or not?'


    'Who wants to see the fire-ship?'

    That was followed by a lot of exited talk by the children. We visited the fire-ship until one of them asked about the big fire-ship. We followed Greg and Steven to 'their' ship.

    'I am the pilot.'

    'This is called a ladder by us on Naboo.'

    'Dad had a ladder on Anaxes.'

    'For use on his farm? I can hear it. You are an Anaxes farmer.'

    'No I am not.'

    'Yeah you and your sister are nerfherders.'

    'Barry is teasing us.'

    'Come to Naboo and the Varakino district. Children there don't tease you because of your Anaxes accent.'

    'Senate unit nine zero two respond'

    'Senate unit nine zero two rescue respond'

    That had us busy with a traffic accident. After our return I began with my diary.

    Entry 26

    Again busy but this was interesting. Two days ago we had an emergency at the Coruscant University Med Centre. Green shift could save the files and equipment of professor Vanrood and got an invitation from him to attend the celebration of 20 years of Coruscant donor.

    The celebration was today and I had to put my shields up because there were Jedi present. One was a Dunai elder; Jedi-healer Aaqu Maerhin. And I heard the name Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was standing next to me and was the Jedi I could avoid on Alderaan. I spotted Luciano Robi in the distance and was headed to meet him when professor Vanrood came to thank me again for saving his files. I got into a discussion with him because a childhood friend – Jihan Eled-Non – had died when there was no cure for him. We were attending the Monir firefighting school when he became ill and died. I revealed more about my ancestry and home-planet. He offered me to accompany him after the war to my home-planet and we had ended our discussion before coming at the counter where Chief Calistro, Greg and Steven Budianski were complimenting the cooks. I put my diary on record and this was interesting.

    'Can you ready boxes with this and that for the crew of nine oh two.'

    'Yes professor.'

    'Here use this pass-key when you are in the neighborhood with your crew.'

    'Arvedai we don't accept this'

    'We are government, you are and the financial things will end up on the large republic heap.'

    'Alright and can you show me how it works?'

    'Come with me and take those.'

    'There is enough for all your shifts.'

    And that had us headed to our fire-ship and rescue-ship with our entire crew carrying boxes with delicacies.
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    Nice mix of banter and action
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    Indeed, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha. This is what the bird does best. Hilarious banter and action sequences that are loosely based on her own fire fighter experiences.
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    and more of that coming before ....
    sure, most of it was fun

    Entry 27

    Celebrating my 59th birthday was great fun for me and the entire shift.

    Joe had done the cooking of course and had made a big birthday-cake that was enough for all three shifts.

    Roland Kadecek joined our shift today as our new rookie. Roland ate two slices after he had inhaled the contents of an enormous plate loaded with all the delicacies Joe had produced.

    We made of course comments on his voracious appetite and the smudges from the cream decorating his red mustache Red hair had him with comments too. And coming from Corellia there were questions about the beds because of his big posture. Corellians are usually small. Roland had to order a custom made bed when he joined the fire-department in Cor Sanol.

    Corellia as my next assignment? No. I am big too. Maybe Anaxes, Joe's home-planet.

    Entry 28

    Rookie Roland Kadecek had his first big fire today. And that had him enduring our prank. A bucket filled to the brim with water was placed on a beam above the door to the ready room. And what happened? He caught it without spilling a drop and placed it on the table and pointed to the sink. 'Who is the first to empty it there without spilling a drop?'

    We all tried.
    Chief Calistro won. He spilled only two drops.

    And no more comments on his voracious appetite. Roland demonstrated an enormous strength.

    Entry 29

    We are back from a visit to the Coruscant University Med Centre to have our diner-break in one of the restaurants. It has been two months since our visit to the university for that celebration. The Budianski twins had fun discussing the 'ladder' with our driver Katleen calling them and me 'farm-boys' and I had fun when Chief Calistro's blonde mustache became smudged with cream.

    Calistro isn't a Force sensitive but he asked me if I had dirty thoughts about our BA-masks leaving us with black smudges after wearing them. I cannot contact Roel because of the war and I grumbled 'dratted war.' That had Dean Rivas commenting on an article about the destruction wrought on a mid-rim planet and Terry Chanin telling that her folks lived there. She has joined green shift two days ago.

    Roland Kadecek asked Steve and Greg Budiansky where they came from. And that had the twins again mentioning their ladder used in the Varakino district on Naboo before chief Calistro ended the ladder-discussion and headed to the counter to collect boxes.

    We loaded the fire-ship (engine) with boxes filled with delicacies for blue and yellow shift and headed back.

    I will spend the evening reading that real paper book I have purchased in an antiques shop. It has nice pictures and is in the Dunai elder language. Some parts are in other languages.

    I have to stop. My bunk needs new sheets and I have to bring them and my dirty clothes to the laundry.
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    Nice meeting Roland and details on exciting and relaxing moments