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    and Roland will help

    Entry 30

    First this; Jedi don't draft Force sensitives into their service. They don't try to break your shield. They are nice and caring and have saved my life.

    I am in the healers' ward of the Jedi-temple after the so called Sonim disaster. I am now staying in room number 9. Before that I was for 8 days in the IC-ward. I was mostly unconscious and unable to record anything when I was conscious, being connected to thingies and a respirator.

    The Sonim-bacteria had been present in containers in the Glyvos-factory. It had been used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems on a planet with colonists. Two thirds of the colonists were killed before the republic came with an antidote and transported the survivors to another planet.

    I will record what has happened the past 9 days.

    After coming back from the University I had recorded entry 29 in my diary. I was going to the laundry when we were called to give assistance at the Glyvos factory in the Dacho district. The abandoned factory was known for use as a sleeping place by tramps. Units 902 and 902 rescue responded. We were directed by district chief Sebeler to the landing platform on the 7th floor of the south tower. It was one floor beneath the roof of the building. I was hearing strange sounds like electrical discharges after I had entered the building with Roland. We had searched the floor for living beings with our thermal imaging-cam and were returning to our fire-ship when I saw cracks appearing in the ceiling. That's trouble.

    I ran with Roland to one of the elevator-shafts. The walls are built of duracrete and will remain standing when a roof collapses. I was ducking with Roland under a duracrete beam when a large part of the ceiling came down peppering us with chunks and pieces. I felt something but got distracted when I heard a girl calling for help. She was trapped in the rubble and another woman was trying to extricate her with a strange cutting-device when two beige beings dropped down wielding the same cutting-devices. Roland said that the four were Jedi-knights wielding light-sabers. All four were on a mission. We ran to the trapped girl but were Force-pushed away. Using their light-sabers the Jedi cut droids into scrap and managed to free the girl. The two having a bond took a giant leap towards the roof. Recognizing one of those two I put my shields up. And we began – hacking and couching because of the dratted leaking masks – making our way to the girl and woman. We were now thanks to that Force-push 20 meters away from the exit and had to hurry because our air was depleting. I ordered Roland to take the woman. I took the girl and found out that she was in cardiac-arrest. By the time I was at the exit and getting the girl on a hutt-sized hover stretcher to begin CPR the woman had recovered and joined me doing the breaths. She ordered the medevac to take us to the Jedi-temple. Using my powers I concentrated on saving the girl and was at one moment ordered to stop and lie down on a stretcher. My right leg refused to cooperate when I tried to get away. And that stretcher was taking me to an OT where I didn't like an air-show at all and hit the sleep-doc before losing consciousness. I have to stop. A nurse is coming to wash me.
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    Incredible rescue and a critical injury
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    and now we know who the Jedi is

    Entry 31

    Clean and here is the next entry. Coming out of the sedation I learned more about Jedi and why I was in the IC. I could do mind-talk with healer Kaagi Adin. He is a Dunai elder and was the one to get hit by me. He told me that I wouldn't become a Jedi and that he will keep my real ancestry a secret. I must have told him a lot about my jobs and even telling him that I am now 329 years old, young for a Dunai elder. Due to shielding and using my powers I had dead engwa eiaala or what the Jedi call midichlorians giving me a fever and a treatment to get rid of them. I needed the hazmat suit uh thermal sheets because of the fever. I had thanks to that Force-push bruised lungs and heard why I was on a respirator and life-support. Smoke-inhalation you see. And of course sedation to keep me unaware of more visits to the OT.

    I had a serious infected wound in my thigh because of a piece of metal that was infested with the Sonim-bacteria. More procedures were planned to fight the infection with locally administered antibiotics in devices designed by Jeki Eki, a Jedi of the Intel department. They are treating me now for the infection in my innards caused by remains of the Sonim bacterium. Nurse Hubert Utliani discovered the infection and knows all about the treatment. He had been on the team treating the survivors of the Sonim-colony.

    Another piece of metal had messed with my foot due to those boots that don't protect you that much. Orthopedic surgeon Alco Bel Kais has put my foot and ankle-bones together with metal thingies. Today Alco removed the sutures and encased the lower leg in an orange colored brace. That will have the guys commenting.

    The IC ward has large windows giving you a look at a beautiful garden. The garden has a roof that can be opened to let the elements in and it had been snowing. I saw Jedi having fun in that garden and a green elf doing acrobatics.

    Hubert Utliani will get a shirt from the fire-department after a betting competition with me on a snowball-fight between the Jedi in the garden. He lost and I won a brown Jedi-cloak. Alco came in during our betting and will ask Joe for the delivery of the shirts.

    Kaagi told me all about the four Jedi in the factory. Jedi-knight Kowal and her padawan Setiquiyak – the girl I had saved – were away on a mission but Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi would be at the Jedi-temple to celebrate their birthdays. I asked Kaagi to give Siri Tachi nephril-flowers for her birthday.

    The last air-show was yesterday and I could get rid of the respirator. Kaagi helped me with his Dunai elder language and dreams.

    Today I could leave the IC and was installed in room number 9, also with a view into the garden. On the nightstand was my book and in a corner my big bag with personal things and my diary.

    Master Yoda was the first one to visit me and he must have sensed that I had called him a green elf. He saw my book and told me about his visit to my home-planet Moniron 393 years and 260 days ago. An earthquake had left Fay and her brother Jasir Ere-Dun as orphans. Jasir told Yoda to take her to be trained by the Jedi.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi had heard that when he came in and said that Master Fay gave her life to save him on Queyta. He thanked me for saving padawan Setiquiyak.

    Siri Tachi came with Obi-Wan and she thanked me for the flowers.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi have a bond and they have very similar adegan crystals in their light-sabers.

    I was allowed to hold the light-sabers after Obi-Wan and Siri demonstrated them.

    I will be going on 14 welona to Lingala with a group of Jedi-trainees. I sure will be following Obi-Wan's advise to visit the husans of Kesh Gonara when I am recovered.

    I have to stop. Kaagi is coming with my lunch.
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    I always enjoy Obi-wan and Siri. :)
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    and they will be there when he leaves

    Entry 32

    This morning Joe Calistro came to visit me with Roland Kadecek and the Budianski twins. They had all the time in the world because they have resigned. They came in when healer Enga Mariss – she has icky cold hands – was cleaning my face. And they got of course the shivers when Enga shook hands with them.

    Joe explained that he had visited district chief Sebeler to deliver his rapport about the Sonim disaster and had scared the living daylights out of Sebeler's assistant. He was summoned by Sebeler and had surprised him with his resignation papers. Roland, Greg and Steven presented their resignation papers.

    Terry, Katleen and Dean are the only remaining members of green shift and they are meeting new colleagues today.

    Joe had a bag filled with shirts.

    Kaagi came in with a hover-chair for me and was recognized immediately by Joe.

    Kaagi recognized Joe too. He had been involved in a fire in the Galaxy hotel on Anaxes. He had to stay in a hospital after saving a civilian and two fire-fighters.

    Joe thanked him for saving his father Jon. His mother and he had seen Kaagi and his Jedi-friends leaving for Coruscant.

    Kaagi put me in the hover-chair and the inevitable happened. The guys saw my orange brace and used markers to scribble things. A duck and duck's nest were among the scribbles.

    Roland, Joe and his family will go with Alco Bel Kais and his fiancée Larana Hovar to Corellia. They can use a diplomatic transport. Joe explained all about Corellian Jedi. They can marry and get children.

    All Jedi should be like this.

    Greg and Steven are going back to Naboo.

    Before Joe, Roland, Greg and Steven left we visited the restaurant.

    Coming back from the restaurant Kaagi guided me through the garden of a thousand fountains. The Jedi-temple fire-department had responded to an emergency in the garden and was stowing their gear in the hover-cart. Luciano Robi recognized me immediately and he followed us with his chief.

    Chief Tad Henny heard from me about going to Lingala and will contact his brother Dylan. He is a fire-chief in Ingal and will give me a job. And his parents can offer me a stay on their farm. They have a large stable where teachers and initiates from the Jedi-temple stay during their fieldtrip.

    In the afternoon I gave Enga and Hubert a shirt. Kaagi guided me in my hover-chair to Jeki Eki. The old Jedi was busy with new masks. Fun. I will have presents for the guys.

    I am eager to hear the comments and have to stop.
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    Fun and friendly farewells ;)
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    I click into these and I have no idea who your characters are except for the obvious ones... lead on, Earlybird. Lead on. :)
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    and more
    They are my Moniron characters interacting with the Jedi from various ages.

    Entry 33

    In the morning Kaagi took me on a tour to the sports-facilities and a dojo where I saw a Jedi-master sparring with her padawan. Looking up during a difficult move the boy saw me and stopped. Kaagi told me 'Depa Billaba is a member of the high council and she has recently chosen Caleb Dume as her padawan. He has a lot to learn and will receive a long lecture. No more activities. Let's head back.'

    We left and headed back to the healer's ward.

    During the treatment for my infection in my innards I felt that Jeki Eki became one with the eternity. I asked Kaagi if I could be there for the ceremony to celebrate his life.

    Kaagi agreed of course.

    Entry 34

    I was one of three civilians attending the ceremony. Chief Tad Henny and Luciano Robi were the others. They had been his friends and had helped him often when he came to the fire-station in the Jedi-temple to use some of their big tools.

    Jeki Eki's chief Jedi-knight L'lacielo Sageon set fire to the pyre.

    Master Yoda was one of the 12 Jedi surrounding the pyre.

    They ignited their sabers.

    And this is what I recorded.

    'There is no emotion, there is peace'

    'There is no ignorance, there is knowledge'

    'There is no passion, there is serenity'

    'There is no death, there is the Force'

    'You and I will meet again'

    'And all will turn to silver light'

    'A light that will ignite the stars'

    'All souls pass into the light'

    'That is'

    'The Force'
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    Marvelously moving.
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    and more meetings with...

    Entry 35

    First stop for Kaagi and me was for lunch at Serinka's restaurant. After that visit we came again in the garden of a thousand fountains. Initiates were having fun with one of the fountains. Crèche-master Rian Solma indicated the group of meditating initiates that are going with me to Lingala. Timo Herefa said that he couldn't go because he is too young and he was sad that he didn't receive a syringe to play with. Kaagi told him that we will deliver syringes to the crèche. I wonder if Timo is related to the Herefa's living on Moniron.

    Our next stop was the dojo where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were sparring with their light-sabers. They sure were having fun.

    Fun was the visit to the crèche. A water-fight with syringes had me with still wet hair when I returned to my room.

    Alco Bel Kais came with his fiancée Larana Hovar to say goodbye. Alco wants to visit Lingala.

    Joe, Roland, Greg and Steven came in when Alco mentioned Lingala.

    Larana told all about her family living in the capital Ligano and her grandfather being a retired fire-chief. 'He is still searching for new colleagues.'

    Kaagi had my presents ready.

    Alco got a translation of my book and Larana's present was already in the transport. It is a potted nephril-bush.

    The four colleagues each got a bag with an orange BA-mask and the specifics to make a positive pressure BA-set.

    Alco got a message that the transport was ready with Joe's family already on board.

    I said goodbye and maybe I will see Alco, Larana and Joe and his family again.

    Entry 36

    I have to use my hands to move my wheelchair. Kaagi has put me in one because it is giving me more exercises.

    Kaagi and Aaqu guided me to one of the big hangars where the Jedi-transport was.

    There were more transports called Larties being filled with clone-troopers. A woman dressed in a flight-suit was directing them and a brown cloaked man came to her to say goodbye.

    I recognized Obi-Wan and Siri immediately.

    Obi-Wan told me about doctor Horrin and the nurses Julioni and Akki giving him the shivers.

    Siri took the bars of my wheelchair and guided me inside the transport.

    She left with Obi-Wan, Kaagi and Aaqu after I was installed in a cabin.

    Jedi-knight Nas Aena, the teacher, told me that the Jedi will be staying at the farm of Don and Tara Henny before he headed to the cockpit.

    The transport landed near Ingal general hospital.

    Doctor Lew Horrin and nurse Julioni came to take me to my room where I met nurse Akki.

    The two nurses helped me in a bed. Brr both have cold hands. Just like Obi-Wan warned me.

    The room is real nice with a breath-taking view on the azure ocean where Lingalans are playing. They resemble the Falgans of Moniron and must be related.
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    Great interactions and a lovely serene setting with the ocean.
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    it will do him good

    Entry 37

    It's been 14 days since I got injured.

    Lew Horrin visited me today with Kim Keluta. They had to inspect my innards after the last treatment but the lower-life-support-thingy has to stay.

    Kim is a young doctor. I have seen her in the past days coming as an assistant doctor with Lew. She has recently graduated from Ligano university. She is a Dunai.

    I have revealed that I am a Dunai elder when I discovered that Lingala was colonized by Dunai elder and Dunai coming from Moniron. Dunai elder can have children with humanoid species. Their offspring are called Dunai.

    Jay Dalair – one of the nurses helping me with the therapy – is also a Dunai. He is married to Ana, a human.

    Entry 38

    Yesterday-morning the thingy was removed by Lew and Kim. They helped me to stand on both feet for the first time after my injury. And that standing was repeated in the afternoon and evening. Lew asked me to take a step. But I couldn't.

    Today I have taken my first steps encouraged by Lew. He promised me that he would call fire-chief Dylan Henny when I did.

    Coping with the pain I did take the few steps to my wheelchair.

    Dylan Henny came and took me to the Ingal-spaceport where the Fire-bird patrol has a base. I met the pilots. Dunai and humans.

    'You can join us. Use crutches and you can pilot a patrol.'

    Now I am eager to get walking, using crutches.

    I have to stop. Jay is coming for therapy.
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    Steady progress in healing with a goal to aim for.
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    and more healing and meetings

    Entry 39

    Three days ago I took my first steps.

    Yesterday I was piloting a Fire-bird after joining the Ingal fire-department. René Dalara was my co-pilot. He is a member of the Ingal fire-department and has to take his turns at the fire-bird station because he is studying to become a fire-chief. He is a young Dunai and engaged with Glenda Sonara, a ranger in Ifaan national park. He invited me to the marriage-party.

    Lew Horrin released me today from his care.

    I was guided by Dylan to the farm of his parents to say goodbye to Jedi-knight Nas Aena and his charges.

    Don and Tara Henny invited me to stay. I have a new home.

    They entertain me with their stories. They had been farmers on Moniron and decided to go away with their children after a drought decimated their stock. After a short stay on Coruscant they settled on Lingala. Sam – the twin brother of Tad – helps on the farm. Dylan joined the Ingal fire-department and has a nice house near the station. He and his wife Gema have two children. And Dylan is sure that the two will take over the farm in the future.

    I have met the chickens and nerfs and will try to help with the farming-business.

    Entry 40

    The orange brace has its benefits. Don, Tara and Sam helped me to don a wet-suit We went for a swim with the Lingalans.

    They can speak to you using mind-talk I heard some of their oral history. And their chief told me to wait for a signal to go back to Moniron.

    Don and Tara helped me to doff the wet-suit.

    I told them that the Lingalans are an old species related to the Falgans of Moniron and I could reveal that I am a Dunai elder with a home in Noranan on Moniron.

    Entry 41

    Two days ago Don and Tara took me to the husan-farm of Kesh Gonara. I have been riding on Nephril, one of the stallions.

    And now I am back from a visit to the hospital-restaurant to celebrate new years eve and seeing the Sheir-Irel visiting the Lingalans.

    Kevin Kaol – one of my colleagues in the fire-department – had told me about the Sheir-Irel. 'I am a Dunai like my wife and can see the Sheir-Irel and you too. You too have the power of the engwa eiaala.'

    The Sheir-Irel; luminous beings after their home-planet Irellion was destroyed by a man craving for power. They keep their offspring safe.

    I got a message from Joe Calistro. He is now on Lingala with his family and has joined the fire-department in the capital Ligano. And he is very busy but will make plans to visit me. Or I, when I am fully recovered I will visit him. But that will take more months.
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    Wonderful new friends and a great serene setting.
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    and a loss of a friend

    Entry 42

    The work at the Fire-bird station kept me from seeing my diary.

    Two days ago René Dalara and Glenda Sonara were married on the beach. It was a beautiful ceremony with the two riding on husans from Kesh Gonara and meeting chief Dylan Henny, who had them speaking the vows.

    Piloting the fire-bird had me experiencing a new kind of firefighting. You can locate wildfires and direct the ground-crews and fire-ships to the incident area. It had me quite busy and distracted from the fact that I am still wearing the brace and have to use crutches.

    The work yesterday had me coming home early and getting tears in my eyes when Tara was serving dinner.

    I explained that I had felt Siri Tachi becoming one with the eternity.

    Kevin Kaol sensed my mood today when he joined me in the Fire-bird.

    I told him about the death of Siri and he said 'come with me for a ceremony on the beach on 10 telona. We have a tradition. Two months after the death of a friend you can honor her life by placing a paper candle in the waves. The Lingalans will come and guide it away.'

    Entry 43

    Work kept me busy with no time to record in my diary.

    Yesterday a wildfire had me working with the Ligano fire-department where I had a meeting with Joe Calistro during the refueling of the fire-bird. He is happy and his wife and children too. They have a nice home in the outskirts of Ligano near a farm. He has two husans stabled there. Tomorrow I have the ceremony for Siri. I have to go.
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    A tragic loss and keeping busy with work
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    and going ...

    Entry 44

    That was my pager. I had to fly a control flight over the burned area.

    The ceremony for Siri Tachi was today and I had the diary on record when I walked with Kevin to the beach in the afternoon. The sun was setting when we arrived. I dropped my crutches in the sand and headed to the surf where Kevin had lit the candle.

    'Here is your paper candle and there is a Lingalan. He has spotted us.'

    'He wants me to come.'

    'Go Ivano.'

    'But my clothes and brace.'

    'Will get wet. Go he is waiting for you. I have some towels in this bag when you return. And a shower and the laundry-machine in the hospital will take care of the sand.'

    'Alright. But this has to stay dry.' I doffed my jacket with the diary and gave that to Kevin and joined the Lingalan who was pushing the paper candle. I took his fin and when I placed my other hand near his head he mind-talked to me. He guided me back to the beach.

    'Here is your jacket and a towel. And what did he tell you?'

    'Now you have come. Now is the time. Go home Ivano Arvedai. Your friends are waiting for you.'

    'I will help you. First thing shower, dry clothes and getting you home.'

    Tara and Don heard my story when I came home. And it was Tara who tucked me in and said 'You have been a great help on the farm. But farming and flying the Fire-bird-patrol is not your destiny. Go and help your friends on Moniron.'

    Now being dry and warm in my bed I had time to record all in my diary.

    Entry 45

    I don't need my crutches anymore. Doctor Horrin examined my foot 5 days ago and told me to keep the brace. 'You can use it when you are getting tired.'

    I had to search for a transport, sturdy and able enough to reach Moniron. René offered to help me the day after the ceremony for Siri. He is quite an expert on hyperdrive capable transports. And Kevin and Dylan helped me too. The three contacted me two days ago. They had found one in Ligano.

    I went with René to the Ligano transport company and could buy the transport with the earned credits from my work in Alladea, Coruscant and Ingal.

    I could quit and had a big party yesterday.

    I thanked the Henny-family for their great care and Kevin came to drive me to the space-port.

    We entered the transport and my diary is again on record.

    'I have programmed the jumps. The first stop is a 10 hour trip to nowhere.'

    'What's nowhere?'

    'Just that. Some simple coordinates in empty space and from nowhere it is 10 hours to the Moniron-nebula.'

    'I hope to get through.'

    'You will. This ship has good shields and a sturdy engine. Once through the nebula you have one in system jump and you are in Moniron space and on approach to Noranan air- and spaceport.'

    And more was said but his last words were when he left my transport was 'Goodbye Ivano.'

    I have to stop. There is the nebula.
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    Sweet farewell to friends and new beginnings
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    and getting advise from his mentor in

    Entry 46

    It was no surprise for me when I entered Moniron space to hear a familiar voice directing me to Noranan-air and -spaceport. The controller was a Dunai elder and guided me to one of the hangars where – no surprise at all – my mentor Erdin Felaron was waiting for me with his red ground-speeder.

    Erdin saw me limping and brought me to my cottage where he went to the kitchen to make tea.

    I sat down on my couch with my diary on record and had to tell him everything and show him the Republic basic firefighter and rescue license and the Republic fire-investigator license. It had him muttering about the Republic and rules this and that and connections needed.

    He told me that Matt Kulmaro had replaced old chief commander Conny Cardolar.

    This is included in the diary.

    'C-four has retired thirty years ago.'

    'Conny Cardolar, yeah he was old and grumpy when I left. And who is now leading the Noranan fire-department as the chief commander?'

    'Matt Kulmaro, he has been leading Haradan central for 200 years and is a very nice man. The industrial district has grown. Because of the many incidents we have now four battalion commanders. With Tess Nandor gone to Rondor a month ago we are searching for a new battalion commander.'

    'Never met Tess Nandor.'

    'Be glad. She was always complaining about her looks after an incident. But by the way Alladea, Coruscant and Ingal were nice learning experiences for you. Except for that.'


    'Yes pittin pup, you are limping. Get those nuts and bolts away. I need you because I am short one very good commander.'

    'Yes but you know I don't like.'

    'Hospitals. I know Ivano but you have to go. I will come tomorrow to take you to a very nice doctor.'

    'No arguments left.'

    'See you.'

    Entry 47

    I woke up this morning with a nice smell wafting up my nose. I dressed and went to the living-room where Erdin – he will keep the spare-key to my home – was making eggs and toast. Tea was ready and a delicious porridge had me remembering the porridge Joe Calistro often made. Joe was always in the station before our shift began.

    Erdin was of course there to make sure that I went with him to see a doctor in Noranan general hospital.

    And yes we went.

    When Erdin parked our ground-speeder we met Halfir's father. Despite his age (he celebrated his 971th birthday a month ago) he is still active in his transportation-company. He asked me about Halfir and I could show him my diary with the letter from Halfir. He said; 'Halla will know more. She is working as a nurse here at pediatrics. Visit her Ivano or are you still scared entering a hospital?'

    Hano knows about our aversion to hospitals and Halla too. Visiting Halla? No way.

    Jaril Er-Denal sure is a very nice doctor. He examined my foot and will remove the thingies during a very short procedure. He assured me that I can leave the hospital on the same day as the procedure.

    But that assurance came only after I promised him that I wouldn't use my foot at all for the week it would take to get rid of the stitches.

    Erdin will help me keeping that promise. He will do the cooking and cleaning.
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    Entry 48

    I, Erdin Felaron am recording this in Ivano's diary. This way he will know what has happened after he had his arguments with Cedrick Arovan and Jaril Er-Denal.

    This morning I brought a very hungry Ivano to the hospital and heard that I could come in the afternoon to take him home. An uneasy feeling had me going as soon as my shift ended to the hospital where Jasaran Arovan explained that Ivano had to deal with fever caused by Ine Setima, an incompetent anesthetist and her 2-1B's. She had used bacta to sterilize and that's a disaster causing rashes and fever-dreams for Dunai elder. Jasaran's son Cedrick guided Ivano out of the sedation and explained why he had to stay in the IC-ward. Ivano gave an detailed account of Setima's rude behavior. More evidence was uncovered and she was fired and left Moniron. No way to prosecute her.

    I dressed in a hazmat-suit (yeah for visiting the IC you have to don isolating robes) and went with Jasaran to see Cedrick. He is caring for Ivano and trying to keep bad dreams away. A really scary dream had Cedrick waking Ivano up and comforting him and guiding him into a dreamless sleep. The dream had been about the Sith. Are the Sith on the rise? Is Palpatine a Sith in disguise?

    I will help Cedrick with Ivano-sitting.

    Entry 49

    Ivano-sitting huh. For the past week I have been in a hospital-bed. Erdin has set up office in my room and kept me busy with enough reports from recent incidents for me to make comments on those.

    And when Erdin has to leave to get new reports for us Cedrick came in for the Ivano-sitting. He had news from the Majeski family.

    Halfir is now stationed on Tatooine as an independent merchant and hauling ore and more stuff for Jabba the Hutt. Hano Majeski got the contract from the Noranan Construction Company to haul the materials for building the new hospital wing.

    This morning Jaril removed the stitches and was very pleased when Erdin came in with special boots that will keep my foot comfortable.

    And he released me.

    Now I can help Erdin with the big incidents. Before heading to my home Erdin took me in his ground-speeder on a tour of the city with many stops to show the new developments.

    Noranan has grown since I left the place. It is now a very big city with three shopping centers in the central area where the high-rises are. Another high-rise area is being developed with a fourth shopping center The old fishing harbor is still used by fishermen and yachts. It has a station for our fire-boats where we had a short stop before driving towards old harbor. That is the domain for larger ships serving the industries. South harbor is expanding and near the Air- and spaceport where new hangars are under construction. Lots of building activities and work for us to inspect the buildings when they are in use.

    The air-port is unchanged since I left with the same three air-service companies having Noranan as their home. All have regular services to the big towns on the four continents Rhova, Monira, Aarga and Harada. On Rhova is the famous healers-academy run by Eled-Hir. They use private transports.

    Noranan has seven fire-stations in the city. Some stations are manned by pro's and others have volunteers and pro's.

    Our last stop was Noranan central at Park avenue. It is a sprawling complex of buildings near the air- and spaceport. Building Park Avenue 10 is the main station for support and logistics and dispatch for all services. And the offices of the fire-department are located here. A large open space with some buildings at the edge is used for training. There is a shooting range and driving range. The buildings can be used by firefighters and police for realistic exercises.

    Erdin introduced me to chief-commander Matt Kulmaro, a nice guy who wanted to know all about my previous jobs. And when I began the second time with Chief-commander Kulmaro he interrupted me and said 'among colleagues it is Matt. Chief commander Kulmaro is for the public.'

    Erdin showed me my desk in our office and my locker with the fatigues and gave me the keys to a red air-speeder and a pager. And an invitation to go to the dress-maker for a formal dress uniform.

    Entry 50

    My first day at work and Erdin took me to visit more of our colleagues and of course a visit to dispatch located on the second floor of Noranan police station 1. It is next to our station on Park avenue 12 and shares the training facilities and dispatch. MDC (Medevac Dispatch Center) in the hospital controls the special rescue-craft and medevacs. They are in a hangar of the hospital.

    Chief of police Dick Kerebuy met us at the reception desk and said with a big smile on his face 'the pittin pup is back.'

    Pittin pup, yes that's what Erdin has been calling me since he took me under his wings to mentor me. And it has been my nickname for more colleagues.

    Bret Chedokin joined us and was pleased to see me again. He had been the man to help me with his colleague Pat Huling when I was injured in a incident with a truck with hazardous materials. I had some bad cuts and shards embedded in my left thigh. Jago Amaral kept me sedated and Koranar Er-Quin patched me up. It earned me a long stay in the hospital with Halfir keeping me there and deciding after my release to do some exploring. Halfir had help from police officers. They kept us from making escape-plans. Pat Huling was very entertaining with his stories about the Jedi-knights but Tarhin Engaron convinced me that I had to stay clear of them. Yes, all is described in the entries about Alderaan and Coruscant.

    Of course I had to tell the two all about my adventures. And telling about my stay in the Jedi-temple had Bret asking me if I had seen Anakin Skywalker. I had. Yeah Bret loves fast airspeeders. And he thinks he will be a match for General Skywalker in driving a fast speeder. He has seen Skywalker on the holo-news doing some fancy flying in a yellow starfighter.

    It is nice to be working with Bret and Dick again when we are getting involved in a big incident.

    Before we left we met chief Tarhin Engaron coming out of his office. He is leading the special ops-team. I will meet him tomorrow. He wants to know more about my adventures with Halfir exploring the galaxy.
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    Entry 51

    I met Tarhin in his nice house on South beachroad 9 and told him about Alderaan, Coruscant and Lingala. And I let him read my diary before putting it on record.

    This is included.

    'Not that much news from Halfir.'

    'You can visit his sister.'


    'Ah you don't like them either.'

    'No. And you had your share of them. You ended up in the Jeditemple under the care of Jedi-healers after that incident in the Glyvos-factory using your shields?'

    'Yes, but they were not necessary anymore when Kaagi Adin told me all about the Jedi.'

    'Jedi from the Jedi-temple were trouble for me. Stay clear of Jedi was what I told you.'

    'But the healers and nurses saved me and during my stay I met many Jedi. Master Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his great love Siri Tachi were the first to visit me.'

    'Jedi in love hmm. I saw Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann during that incident on Boreas. They were clearly showing their friendship. And their friend Master Stellan Gios was trouble for me trying to break my shield. I wanted the evidence – a holocron – secured in the vault for the legal duration. Coming near to it had given me a creepy feeling. I put it in a bag without touching it and held the bag by its string. Stellan Gios used his powers on the bag and the holcron was picked up by Elzar Mann. He and Avar Kriss voiced their doubts about my ancestry sensing my species to be the same as Master Fay Ere-Dun. Chief Gulian didn't want to work anymore with me, a scary Dunai elder. I got fired and had to leave Boreas immediately.'

    'No arguments?'

    I was speechless and suffering from a bad head-ache thanks to that Jedi-knight when chief Gulian drove me to my home. She stuffed a bag with my belongings, ordered me to don civilian garb, told me that she would get credits for Arana, my meari and drove me to the spaceport and had me boarding a transport after getting a very expensive ticket that had me stranded on Varanko.'

    'Mearis? I have seen them on Alderaan. Joe Calistro – my chief on Coruscant – had two mearis before he moved to Coruscant with his family. They come from Anaxes and are a crossbreed from native e-esins and husans.'

    'You can see mearis on many planets. Arana was beloved by me and nice to ride. I enjoy the rides on husans here again and have found a nice stable on South Beachroad 8. It's near my home. Dan Menanzin owns and breeds husans. A husan that choses a master will be sold by him to that master. Dan feels the bond forming between the rider and husan.'

    'I rode a beautiful stallion on Lingala during my recovery and like to go again on a ride with you. Erdin has never been on a husan but maybe I will ask him. But what came after Boreas?'

    'Varanko. I had to leave the transport at Kiran city harbour, air- and spaceport and was welcomed by a friendly Varankonin and a Ceitan sensing my distress. Chief Han Waarriis came with doc Han Han, heard what had happened and asked me if I liked to join his police-department. I did and had a new job in Kiran city, a small harbor-town.'

    'No trouble there?'

    'Not at all. The two native species Varankonin and Ceitans are all Force-users. I stayed there for 60 years and wanted to see one more planet before going home. I moved to my next job on Corellia as an instructor. And before you ask, there are Corellian Jedi but they don't give trouble trying to break your shield. I have worked with them at CorSec. After Corellia I returned home and became chief special ops.'

    'Tomorrow for a ride?'

    'Yes after your and my shift ends.'

    I am looking forward to tomorrow.
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    Entry 52

    Dan Menanzin, the owner of the farm on South beachroad 8 welcomed us. He owns 10 adult husans and 5 young ones. There are more husans on the farm but they are the chosen ones. Dan explained to me that when a rider gets chosen by a husan and forms a bond he sells the husan to the rider. Tarhin still waits for a husan to chose him and he likes all of Dan's husans. No husan chose me. Tarhin got a stallion named Nejan and I got a mare Arina. We rode to the beach.

    We saw the Falgans playing in the ocean.

    And that had me recording some more for the diary after we had brought the husans back.

    'On Varanko at the Kiran-city police department I had Varankonin and Ceitan colleagues. Ceitans are direct descendants from the Sheir-Irel cross-breeding with the native Varankonin.'

    'I have seen the Sheir-Irel on Lingala playing with the Lingalans in the water. They were ghostlike, living in the eternity and will protect their offspring.'

    'Falgans are descended too from the Sheir-Irel.'

    'The Sheir-Irel returned home to Irellion and became one with the enternity before Irellion was destroyed by a Sithly figure.'

    'Count Dooku?'

    'Maybe. We should go swimming next day with the Falgans. Do you have a wet-suit?'

    'No but I can get one.'

    'I have a new one after the last one I had used on Varanko was too old to wear. My first wet-suit was given to me by my chief Han Waarriis, a Varankonin. It was used to go with my new colleague Bul Kevin to his home. Ceitans live in a beautiful cave that can be reached by swimming underwater to a moon-pool. I met more Ceitans with the funny surnames like Bul, Van, Dan, Gan, followed by their given name.'

    'And your first day on the job?'

    'That began with watching the Boreas News Station show 'Baudol investigates' revealing more about the murder on Boreas. Chief Gulian was the main star with the three Jedi-knights. The three Jedi-knights were honest in what they said. Chief Gulian not. The day continued after the show with a tour of the city and the caves where I had to don that wet-suit and gear. Kevin showed me his home. And I had many more meetings in the caves during the 60 years I stayed in Kiran city. I toured the entire planet giving police departments lessons in special ops.'

    Giving you more and more experience and...'

    'Tarhin, your pager.'

    That was Dan Menanzin. Tarhin sped away and I headed to my cottage, tired but very satisfied.
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    Great details of encounters with a new colleague and getting settled at work and exchanging stories with Tarhin
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    Okay, I'm caught up Early. I'm really enjoying these new characters.