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    Draxin is definitely a health hazard! :eek: Lots of necessary cleaning.
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    It is dangerous and cleaning, there are worse things to do.

    and now

    Entry 352

    Entry 352? Yeah this diary has a delete-button and what did I do? I must have entered the wrong command and entries 64 – 351 are gone.

    I will press the button 'new entry' and what pops up on the screen.

    Entry 64

    Ah whatever a new start with number 64.

    First some events from the lost entries.

    Writing in entries about colleagues coming and leaving and leading to nice parties. Or the dunking of a new colleague after his first incident.

    One dunking was funny when Neil Mosely came to our station after Shirin Gannely left and had his first incident as battalion commander. He was able to run away from us when we were about to grab him for a dunk in the pool. He told us with a big smile on his face that he had been the running champion of the university team. 'But with three Dunai elder I will be the permanent rookie.'

    Yup, I am now the ex-rookie battalion commander.

    Neil told me that Errin Sebin has become an fire-inspector in Monir and is studying to become a battalion commander.

    Numerous incidents of course.

    Working with Tarhin Engaron, Bret Chedokin and Dick Kerebuy and their colleagues on big incidents.

    Dealing with coroner Baxter and his grumpy nature claiming all the lab-workers. Bret has even a nick-name for him; inglorious sleemo.

    Rides with Tarhin. His husan Ariane died but he has a new friend in Jaran, a new husan on the farm of Dan Menanzin. I take the husan offered by Dan. They all like me but no bonds yet.

    Writing about the new rescue-craft used by Noranan general hospital. They have now two awesome flying craft both with hover capabilities and can help us. One is called the Beast and has rescue-tools and many grapplers giving it the appearance of a many-legged insect. One leg is a probe for refuelling. The other is the Big fish. It has intechangable modules, is easy to fly and very stable in all weather conditions, is fast with a cruising speed of 800 k and can be used for rescues at sea.

    A big incident had various rescue-craft of the hospital busy in the darrin valley near the lake and mount Moniron on 15 helona.

    Yesterday I was the batallion commander for an old harbor factory incident and talking to Tarhin when I saw rescue-craft from the hospital headed out to an incident at sea. Noranan news reporter Lena Stanton revealed that they had collected the mineral eiaa that was a counteragent for draxinon. And she hoped that Jedi-knight Aden involved in the dive for the mineral would be able to be on the show in his X-wing. Is that Kaagi Adin?

    Yes there was a show because Noranan general hospital was built 100 years ago and that is something to celebrate. Erdin was about to dress in his uniform when Noranan central dispatch came with a message. Erdin took that call and became the incident commander at a big garbage-processing facility that had caught fire. He has not come back yet. And I was getting my uniform from my locker when dispatch had a truck with hazardous stuff keeping me busy leading the hazmat-teams in – no guesses – a hazmat-suit. Standing there at the command-post I could see four X-wings performing their stunts for the visitors of the hospital.

    I am back, recording this in my diary and get a...

    I have to stop. Another emergency.
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    [face_laugh] A lot of deletions :oops: Many changes, comings and goings
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    and the beginning of more trouble with this

    Entry 65

    Incident-commanders are kept very busy. I found my diary in my locker where it must have slipped behind spare socks and shirts.

    Sitting on my bed I have to record what happened today.

    It began as a normal day with a desk filled with incident-reports for me to review. More and more began to clutter my desk during the morning and when I came back from lunch with Erdin there were more. During the lunch Erdin offered to be my driver for the next big incident. 'I have been the incident-commander on that hazmat incident and you will be today and with a storm coming you will never know what heads your way.'

    There was one report of pancakes meeting a crispy end and being attended by the volunteer crew of the hospital and a report of a sea-rescue giving work to the units stationed at the hospital-hangar. More reports about smaller incidents needed my review too but first came the large traffic accident of this morning. Youths had been showing their speeder. Two drivers were admitted to the hospital after being extricated by the crews of fire-station 2 and 4. All those incidents had to wait when dispatch came with an alarm that Jadaki Plastworks was on fire.

    That had Erdin and me muttering. Plastbins are large containers made of clearplast with a metal wire-cage and are usually filled with lots of combustible materials. With a storm coming the plastbin fire could become a danger to DB-wood and it did.

    Arriving I saw that the fire had started at Jadaki plastworks. The thermal imaging cam showed one point of origin. DB-wood was engulfed in flames because stacks of wood were near the fence separating Jadaki from DB. I made it a red seven incident to protect Shea-quin metal and the forest surrounding the factories. I ordered unit seven, two crash-units from the space-port and Fireboat one and a mobile command and chow-box to come. The chow-box is a trailer with a table, benches to relax and two experts making hot meals and giving you drinks. Florian Buwalda and Fred Macoly are famous for their spicy burgers.

    I became very concerned when I saw a sedated man being guided into a medevac. The man had dieing midichlorians due to a large dose of the Force-suppressing medicine draxinon. He would be without the Force with no way to regain it. He had me remembering my accident on Coruscant. I want to help him.

    I met chief Dargis of engine six and praised her for making it a red four accident and ordered to put ladder six near Shea Quin to soak it with water. I didn't want a forest-fire complicating things with that storm raging. The buildings in the north district are not that far away when the fire jumps Central road.

    Chief Dargis told me that she had six children – all rescued by the man now going to the hospital – secured in her truck.

    I ordered Lionel Keranan to follow me to the truck. He had been using his powers to help the man and was exhausted.

    When the chow-box arrived we took the children to it for refreshments and waited for the parents.

    In the chow-box I heard more. Wayne Sukenik – the father of one of the rescued children – is responsible for the shaped charges. He is leading the demolition of Jadaki Plastworks. He will send me schematics and his schedule.

    Inspector Bret Chedokin and chief of police Dick Kerebuy were there and involved in the accident because shaped charges had detonated, children had gained access to a secured area and a man was injured. I will meet them tomorrow.

    I ordered Lionel Keranan and Anwar Baldavin to go home but no; they wanted to wait for the rest of their crew. Leaving together and coming back together is important for a crew.

    Crew-members coming for refreshments were discussing the cause of the fire. I heard about Jehna Er-San crying desperate about big explosions when he was helped by medics and Lionel. That's for me to investigate tomorrow.

    Erdin came to the chow-box after his run-in with reporter Lena Stanton and accompanied me to mobile command.

    It was late in the evening when Tobe Amauta took over. The fire was under control and Erdin flew me back to the station. We placed our fatigues in the cleaning-unit and headed home. Erdin in his red ground-speeder and I in one of the air-speeders

    Now bedtime. Erdin will expect me to arrive at the station at caf-time.
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    Entry 66

    Quite rested I arrived rather late at the station where I headed to the garage. Erdin was already there with of course black caf for me and fatigues and BA-gear ready in large bags. Erdin took his ground-speeder and I loaded my gear in the air-speeder We arrived at the same time at the scene. I parked my air-speeder, donned my fatigues, grabbed the BA-set and started to the entrance of DB-wood where volunteers were busy with the big hoses. Spectators – probably employees of DB – were watching. And the conversation between Endel Maffei and another man and a well dressed man – being Mr Bargony – calling him to go had me intrigued. There had been a troublesome sawing-machine. That's something to investigate.

    I walked to Erdin who was discussing the deployment of new crews with Neil Mosely. A big incident at a wood-factory can have pockets where the fire can rekindle.

    Bret Chedokin and Dick Kerebuy – also in fatigues and lugging BA-sets – joined us for the investigation that began after a stop at the chow-box where Chef Buwalda was busy making new nerfburgers and bean-burgers for the veggie lovers.

    Because I had made it an incident red seven some members of the Central Incident Management Bureau (CIMB) will come. Bret called them the Monir desk-huggers. And Dick was expecting one of his men to return with a government permit to close the terrain. And he was muttering about the paperwork in triplicate and all the departments it had to pass.

    Picking up a shovel and big bags I went with Erdin to the place where the fire had started and began to shift through the rubble. Pieces from exploded plastbins went into the bag and we had our devious fun when we saw Direux and his lawyer Mogvitch and assistant observing us like hawkbats. We were in a deep puddle filled with water and mud. Erdin said rather loudly that he had found the culprit starting the fire. I asked him to bring our collected evidence to the speeder and to return with a load-lifter. The assistant clambered to where I was standing. I asked him if he was immunized against toxic gases and sludge. He hurried back.

    Bret and Dick appreciated my immunize trick to get rid of the snoopy beings. They had found the remains of the slide used by Jehna Er-San to rescue the children. And sending Erdin away with an exploded metal container and some evidence that wasn't at all important pleased Bret and Dick. Sukenik will come with his precise documents and he will be able to prove that his shaped charges didn't start the fire.

    Dick grumbled that lawyer Mogvitch has won every case and will have the desk-huggers following him down the easy path.

    Erdin had a run-in with chief commissioner Judd Oksi from the CIMB who has taken the unimportant evidence. He announced a hearing at 1600.

    I remember Oksi from the Avana investigation where he had been trying to prove that DB had deliberately egged a worker to neglect a machine. Oksi lost and now he is trying to win the case for DB. Hmm a machine!

    We recovered twenty primer-connect plates attached to remains of shaped charges and 24 primers in a strongbox. The remains of plastbins gave us evidence of volatile liquids reaching a temperature that had them exploding.

    Dick has made the incident an explosives hazard and will conduct a very thorough research of the remains.

    And I will delay my report. I have to visit the crews of station 6 and 7 and even more important Jehna Er-San.

    Oksi's impatience to finish the case will be taxed to the extreme.
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    Entry 67

    New plans from DB arrived on my desk today. They involve the building of a new factory on the terrain of DB and Jadaki. Sneaky and suspect. And I had that exploded metal container on my desk when Erdin came in with two cups of caf.

    I was explaining that something had pierced the container creating the jagged edges when an incident at the highway had us busy until the late afternoon. This time Erdin was the incident commander and I his driver. A leaking container on a truck had to be emptied under control of the hazmat team.

    We headed immediately – after putting our fatigues in the cleaner – to fire-station six to interview the crew about the Jadaki and DB disaster. And we were quite hungry and came in when the crew was busy preparing evening-meal.

    Lionel Keranan saw us and dropped the dishes he was placing on the table. He had been visiting Jehna Er-San who wanted to see him after coming out of the sedation. Jehna had recognized two explosions from shaped charges before he entered the Jadaki building to rescue the children. And a detonation followed when he was about to leave the building. He became trapped in the rubble. Jehna has instructor Elenion as colleague and friend.

    Hm I have seen many reports from instructor Elenion but have never met him personally. He is a volunteer at station 7.

    Lionel went to contact the hospital and returned saying that we can visit Jehna tomorrow. And he told us that Injanin, a husan owned by him and his father, will be the one to help Jehna. Injanin will soon have a new home on Beachroad 8 where Jehna's young stallion Andar is staying.

    Tomorrow I will know more.
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    Nice details about Jehna =D= I do like the husans. :cool:
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    and he will get one and meet 'old' friends

    Entry 68

    Surprise reunions for me today.

    I went with Lionel to the hospital and met surgeon and instructor Alwin Elenion, know to me as Algren Kite when I saw him at the public transport terminal in Alladea. Alwin led the way to the IC-ward telling us about why he left Coruscant with Magin Bhik, a Jedi-spy. We dressed in isolation suits and entered Jehna's room where we met Aaqu Maerhin and Aradan Mirdees. They were watching the Monir memorial run.

    Mindtalking to Jehna with Aaqu had me explaining to Alwin, Jehna and Lionel that I had been in the Jedi-temple after the Sonim-disaster. And the anguish I felt when Jedi were exterminated.

    Jehna had been too young to shield and was helped by master Eled-Hir and told me about the horrible dream that had him rescuing the children and fighting his rescuers. He could give a precise account of what he had heard, being familiar with tales about fighting fires from Alwin.

    I told him that I will return with the results from my investigation and will be meeting Alwin and Aaqu again to hear about their adventures.

    And that had Aaqu telling me that I will meet Kaagi. He is also working here in the hospital.

    Shortly before I left the IC with Alwin I saw Timo Herefa winning in his category, an initiate in the Jeditemple and now a grown man, also ending up here in Noranan.

    From Alwin I heard more about how he became a fire-fighter and surgeon and ended up on Moniron with Luciano Robi at Eled-Hir's academy. And how he was united with his real parents. As a baby he had been abducted from the hospital by slavers. The nurse – an accomplice of the slaver – had told his parents that he had died at birth. He was rescued by the Jedi when the slavers visited Coruscant. And being not that strong in the Force he had followed Magin Bhik to Alladea.

    After that meeting I headed to DB to secure more evidence with Erdin, Bret and Dick.

    We found an activated timer and a second piece and secured them in clearplast bags and called Lionel, Sukenik and his explosives expert to meet us.

    Azaua Dupree – the explosives expert – was very precise in her explanations. She could convince us that her boss wasn't responsible because the timer was identified by her as coming from a man studying with her. She told me that Griff Lerox would be devastated if he heard about the injuries caused by his shaped charges.

    It had me again remembering Sonim and the destroyed evidence. Dick sent his officers to Endel Mafei. A faulty sawing-machine had to be destroyed by a fire.

    After the meeting I visited the hospital again with Lionel to tell Jehna the good news and met Kaagi Adin and Aaqu.

    Kaagi had Jehna smiling when he told him about the stubborn firefighter he had to sedate and keep in the IC-ward. Me.

    I told Jehna about the experience and the sleazy sleep-doctor I met here in Noranan.

    I will help Jehna to get on his feet and Lionel and his husans will sure help.

    I went with Lionel to his father for a ride and met a beautiful stallion called Farhan. He is fierce but very gentle with me and will be my ride. He chose me. I will contact Tarhin about my new friend Farhan. And of course Dan Menanzin to thank him for the nice rides and to tell him that Farhan is my new ride.

    And coming back to the office after my ride I heard from Erdin that I had missed Oksi. Nice.
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    Entry 69

    Before going to my work I visited Dan Menanzin and told him about Farhan. He was very pleased that I have found my husan-friend on the Keranan-farm. I had the diary on ecord and included this;

    'Aidan Keranan came to me when he wanted to help his son Lionel. I helped him getting 5 husans in Rondor. I know he bought Ashar when he was a foal and I have seen young Farhan. My husans and those of Aidan are closely related, coming from Rondor stables. For new blood I will have to visit a farm on Rhova or Aarga.'

    My next visit was Tarhin. I told him about Farhan and the big incident that's keeping me busy.

    'I know. I saw Bret and Dick hurrying away. I was dealing with the next alarm concerning sleazy lawyers and hooligan kids. I have been quite busy with that.'

    'Related to the accident at DB? Kyle Metfor was saved from drowning by Glen Baldwin.'

    'Yes and his mother – employed by a sleazy lawyer – died at sea when she was seducing her next victim. That victim survived. The hooligan kids have injured a police-officer and were responsible for pushing the boy in the lake. That boy is now united with his father. Felix Metfor has a new job here at the air- and spaceport and they have a new home, given to them by inspector Rimac.'

    'The home is on Ghin road 24, next to that of Grady and Glen Baldwin and was readied by the crews from firestation six. Grady is one of their volunteers.'

    I went to my office and the first call was the town-hall. I asked Robert Korda of the housing and urban development bureau to have architect Grady Baldwin meeting me in the afternoon. Korda was all ears when I revealed more. He would keep Baldwin busy with reviewing the plans for the sports-facilities in Noranan south.

    Bret and Dick came with evidence pointing at the inferior sawing-machine. It was a machine coming from the Serconi-factory and useless for sawing Lionellan wood. A picture of the plating was sent to me. The Direux-factory destroyed in Avana had a Serconi sawing-machine.

    I visited again the hospital with Lionel to borrow a cloak from Kaagi Adin that had Lionel asking me all about my incident on Coruscant.

    At the end of the day our desks were filled with empty caf-cups. Erdin was about to leave when Oksi and his men came in.

    I had the diary on record and this was fun.

    'Battalion chief Arvedai, battalion chief Felaron, one of my men has seen you busy with the police investigators at the site of Jadaki plastworks. And that was only in the morning. The rest of the day you had no emergencies coming your way at all. I want your report now.'

    'No chief commissioner Judd Oksi. I have been busy yesterday at the site but I still have to finish my report.'

    'Tomorrow I will go with Direux, Bargony and their lawyer to the town-hall to get the removal permit and if your report isn't there, I will proceed without it. For me the case is closed.'

    The desk-huggers left and we are looking forward to tomorrow.
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    Entry 70

    Today we had fun.

    My first stop before going to the town-hall was the cottage of Aaqu and Lynne. I met their husans, using a large shed and meadow. Aaqu joined me in my airspeeder and told me about the disaster in the darrin-valley. He had been with Marhin in a transport coming to Noranan when it crashed in the lake. They were the two victims to be rescued by the Beast and Big fish. They lost their Force-powers and are still regaining their powers after a cure was found. After parking my speeder I met Erdin and together we went to the offices and archives of the housing and urban development bureau.

    I had my formal dress uniform hidden beneath the Jedi-cloak and waited for Direux, Bargony, Mogvitch and Oksi to meet with Grady Baldwin.

    Grady played his part by placing the remains on the counter. Bargony began to accuse Griff Lerox. Movitch tried to stop him.

    Oksi began to examine a piece and muttered about unknown evidence. That was the moment for Dick and Bret to join Grady. They had been hiding in the office.

    Aaqu, Erdin and I came forward.

    I shed the cloak like I had seen Obi-Wan Kenobi doing that all those years ago when he was fighting against Siri Tachi in the dojo. And I revealed all.

    Judd Oksi will now reopen the Avana investigation and ordered Dick and Bret to book Bargony and Direux. And he congratulated me and was gone.

    I brought Aaqu back to the hospital and during the ride he told me how he came to work in Noranan. He had to go on duty but will tell me more when I come to visit Jehna. And I have to go to his cottage to help Jehna with husan-therapy. Injanin will be the therapist.

    I gave Kaagi his cloak. And I heard how he ended up on Moniron and in the valley of Eled-Hir.

    Kaagi told me why he is wearing a brace and uses a wheelchair. I became emotional when he told me that he had saved a young boy in Monir with his gift and had to endure a long recovery because a devious Jedi-healer had been messing with him when he was a senior padawan, injured during a mission to Hamalk. He began to tell me about how he settled in Noranan when his pager began to beep. He sped away in his wheelchair.

    I left the hospital to go to my home.
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    Entry 71

    DB dominated the news for days. Oksi was gleaming when Direux senior and junior and Bargony were sentenced to five years of work for the Avana community. Senior now only has his new factory in Harada and has to sell the ones in Monira and Aarga to satisfy his insurance company.

    Jehna Er-San's father has donated midichlorians to replace the dead ones. The midichlorians will multiply. Jehna will regain the Force.

    Yesterday I was just one of the guys helping to make the bachelor-party for Jim Kerebuy's fiancée Akina Meader and Dian Genin and her fiancée Aradan Mirdees at the farm of Aidan Keranan a success. Aradan is now the rider of Injanin after bonding with the stallion.

    Lionel and his father had planned all. Children needing therapy came to ride on husans and watch a movie.

    Aradan was dressed as a wizard and his clothes had to stay for the next part of the party.

    Aradan, Lionel and I waited for Alan and his son Jason Guyet to come. We saddled our husans. Alan got Zunia and Jason met Ashar, the father of my ride Farhan and like him a red-brown with golden manes. Ashar chose Jason who had never been on a husan.

    We rode to the beach where men from hospital and fire-stations were being entertained by Florian Buwalda and his cooking.

    After a swim I was sitting next to Alan Guyet who asked why I was limping. Jason joined us. I saw Kaagi and Aaqu coming our way and told Alan and Jason that they and Alco Bel-Kais had cared for me in the Jedi-temple.

    I found out that professor Bel-Kais and his wife Larana Hovar had their long and happy life on Lingala after they became stranded on that planet when Sidious rose to power.

    Today began with the marriage of Aradan and Dian on the lawn before the main entrance of the hospital. Jim and Akina were married on a ship provided by Jadaki and a party in the hospital for all ended the day.
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    Nice wrap up of the case and followed by a marriage ceremony
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    and now recovering for Jehna and memories for Ivano

    Entry 72

    Today I went with Lionel to the hospital to visit Jehna Er-San.

    Jehna is recovering slowly and confined to his bed.

    Marhin and Aaqu are still regaining their Force powers after that big accident in the darrin-valley. They were in Jehna's room when we came in.

    Aaqu had his light-saber to demonstrate and with Lionel and me giving comments Jehna asked me why I was smiling.

    I told him about my injury and the days staying in the Jedi-temple. The first light-saber that I had seen was used by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi to scrap droids in the Glyvos-factory on Coruscant. Attached to many thingies in the IC I saw them again. Siri was celebrating her birthday. I had given her a potted plant with Nephril flowers in bloom. They were having fun in the garden with initiates in a snowball fight. They came to visit me when I could leave the IC and were there when I left to go to Lingala. Obi-Wan and Siri, now one with the Force; soul mates.
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    Entry 73

    Jehna, Aaqu and Marhin are writing in a diary called 'students'.

    Today I was visiting Jehna when he showed me the diary.

    I read the entries and could tell more about my stay in the Jedi-temple and the book I had found in an antiques-shop.

    Mentioning the title had Jehna recognising it immediately. His teacher Eled-Hir had used it to teach him all about the Dunai elder.

    When I left the hospital Aaqu asked me to come back to help him with Jehna on 10 relona. Be early. We want Jehna on his feet taking his first steps.

    I know it is my birthday but I never celebrate them at home. At the office I give the colleagues a briku-fruitpie to share with their caf.

    When I left the hospital I met a man who was the spitting image of a man I had met on Lingala. He was Kevin Kaol – the son of Kevin and Katja – coming for his shift. He told me about his parents. He came to Noranan with his son Dagnir after his wife Angie – the sister of Jay Dalair – died after a wrecking disease and wanting to give birth to her son. He left with his son, the Guyet family, Mick and Jim Kerebuy, Jeffrey Harmon and Jay Dalair jr. After landing on the lawn before the hospital they became immediately engaged in a rescue; the rescue of Marhin and Aaqu.

    During my recovery on Lingala I have met the parents of Kevin and Jay.
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    Entry 74

    After my breakfast I went to the hospital where Aaqu was waiting for me at the reception.

    Aaqu guided me to Jehna's room where Aradan Mirdees had been caring for Jehna.

    Marhin Adin came in telling us that he was ordered to go to Jehna's room. Why him with Aradan and Aaqu present?

    Kaagi came in. And the four healers encouraged Jehna to stand.

    Marhin took Jehna's right arm when Aradan and Aaqu slipped away to get a wheelchair. I helped too using my powers and holding Jehna's left arm.

    And on that wheelchair were two packages for Marhin and me containing saddle-blankets.

    We took the packages and Jehna sat down in the wheelchair.

    Lionel came in and had a saddle-blanket for Jehna. 'Get walking Jehna and you will be able very soon to ride with me. Injanin is waiting for you at his place.' He indicated Aaqu and he congratulated me with my birthday. And Marhin too. We are both born on 10 relona.
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    Entry 75

    Incidents kept me busy but free time was even more busy helping Jehna to recover.

    Therapy began with going to the Keranan stable. I used my new saddle-blanket on Farhan and went with Lionel for a ride to the cottage of Aaqu and Lynne. They have stables and a large meadow, home for their husans and those of Marhin and Erenya. Andar and Injanin have their stable there. We helped Jehna mounting Injanin. Riding on the beach had us often headed to Dan Menanzin, a great stop to feed and water the husans. And when Tarhin was there he joined us.

    Jehna is now fully recovered and staying in the old cottage of Aradan and Dian. That way he is near to his husan Andar and Injanin, Aradan's friend.

    And what's keeping me concerned is this.

    We have been quite busy getting support from Bret Chedokin to convince the politicians and desk-huggers that the Noranan air- and spaceport should be for passengers only with enough place to land air- or spacecraft declaring an emergency. Hangar after hangar is built to accommodate the companies with factories and offices on the new business park and industrial area. Split the airport and build a new one on the newly created land near the harbor. But no.

    Matt often asks one of us to accompany him to the town-hall.

    Tomorrow Erdin is going with him to see the building plans for hangar 57.
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    Great about Jehna but frustrating about expanding the port
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    and frustrating buildings and ...

    Entry 76

    Today I have been visiting the building-site of hangar 57. It is near the passenger-terminal because the owner Charlene Wismer has an air-freighter for plastbin transport parked in one of the hangars.

    Plastbins; trouble! We will inspect the hangar as soon as it is in use.

    Entry 77

    I have been very busy the past months. Incidents of course but also the inspection of new buildings.

    Hangar 57, yes that one, is very troublesome. It was completed on 22 selona. But Wismer is sloppy with rules concerning safety and stashes plastbins with volatile liquids in standard compartments. We are busy with a warrant to close down her hangar but you know; government rules and paper-work don't know the word speed at all.

    On another note. The Jedi are leaving Coruscant after Daala rose to power. The Galactic alliance is blaming the Jedi for the destruction on Coruscant after the Sith came to the planet.

    I am back from a ride on Farhan. It was very funny with Aaqu, Kaagi and Jehna, who was riding on Injanin and guiding young Andar along. We all ended in the surf when our husans began to swim and we had some husan-cleaning to do.

    The remaining sand is now taken care by the shower and I have to pack my bag for tomorrow.

    For what? A trip to Monir to be a supervisor for the Fire-fighting games. Grr. The new formal dress uniform isn't very comfortable and I have to wear that.
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  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Frustrating about Hangar 57. Mystifying how Daala ever got elected :p ... Fun riding on the beach. :)
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  20. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    more fun before the action starts

    Entry 78

    I have found my diary again stuffed in my formal dress uniform and have taken it to the office.

    Yesterday I rode Farhan to Dan Menanzin's farm where I met Tarhin. He told me that Steve Magaron has joined the department. Steve has bought the old cottage of his grandfather Ker Magaron and is busy to make it his home. Steve here in Noranan! I have to visit him. I know where that cottage is. As a youth I have been there with Steve visting grandfather Ker.

    Dispatch came with news that the first collecting of draxin in the darrin lake was finished. A small hangar of the hospital was used to decontaminate the airspeeder and the two doctors. It was a difficult expedition for the two doctors involved. Kaagi Adin and Soron Adameh had to don fully isolating suits and had to follow a decon procedure after coming back to the hangar in the hospital. Collecting the draxin in the lake using a suit is a great improvement because it shortens the stay in the valley. The fully isolating suits (a kind of three layered space-suits made from synthrubber) were a result from the eiaa ore collecting by Kaagi Adin mentioned in entry 64.

    Erdin had the last message concerning hangar 57 on his desk and had a smile on his face with eyebrows beetled up.

    I put the diary on record.

    'The paper-work has been approved by the first desk-hugger, now two to go and we can get those plastbins.'

    'In due time. Tobe is very pleased that he is the incident commander tomorrow having a very nice inspection to a restaurant.'

    'Tobe and his obsession with sweet things. Figures.'

    'I am the back-up incident commander tomorrow but you have a day to relax. And that comes to this. Do you want to go for a ride on a husan from Aidan Keranan?'

    'I never have been on a husan but seeing you coming to begin your shift relaxed and refreshed after a ride I want to do uh try.'

    'Try Erdin?'

    'Do pittin pup Yoda Arvedai.'

    'At the farm of Aidan Keranan see you. Do or don't. Not try. Ride husan you can.'

    'And may the Force be with me. Be there I will. Go Ivano.'

    I left the office with a big smile on my face. We could act silly after an emergency or just before with me doing Yoda-talk and Erdin egging me to do that with his try.
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  21. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Nice bit of teasing
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    Aug 21, 2006
    leading to a ...

    Entry 79

    A very eventful day had me rescuing Halfir Majeski and Jesin Fialka and meeting Steve Magaron in the police-station nursing a bruise on his right cheek.

    The YT-1300 freighter Kerebuy Hawk – piloted by Halfir and Jesin – crashed because a truck piloted by an old trade-federation droid – filled to the brim with plastbins with volatile products – was on an intercept-course. The exploding truck and plastbins set hangar 57 filed with more plastbins from various owners on fire.

    The day began with a ride.

    I was riding Farhan and Erdin was on Zunia. He had borrowed riding-pants and riding-boots from Aidan.

    I was the back-up commander. My comlink was in a waterproof cover in my cargopants and alerting me when we were on the beach. Tobe Amauta – the incident commander on duty – was busy with a hazmat incident in a restaurant. We hurried to the cottage of Aaqu and Lynne Maerhin, the shortest way to have someone caring for our animals. She took our husans and we jumped into the arriving red and white Zakin works mark four airspeeder with Bret Chedokin at the controls. He had two bags with fatigues and BA-gear in the back-seat and flew us to the space- and airport. The fire was threatening the main passenger-building. Erdin was the incident commander to deal with a plastbin emergency in hangar 57. And you should have heard his complaints when he was getting rid of his riding-boots.

    I donned the gear and jumped from the airspeeder when we were near the Kerebuy Hawk, my incident to deal with after some Yoda-talk between the three of us.

    Bret was very pleased driving the brand new speeder with an opening roof to accommodate jumping fire-chiefs.

    Near the crash-truck I met the crew of medevac one. We headed to engine six and ladder six. Lionel and Jack helped three members of the medevac to don helmets and BA-gear. Chief Dargis told us that Chief Arian Culnan was in the forward cargo hold of the freighter. We were headed to the cockpit when medevac 2 arrived. I ordered Lionel to lead the three medics – Marhin Adin, Beran Daranon and Jason Guyet – to chief Culnan. And Jack and Anwar had to keep us supplied with BA-air and tools.

    I stayed in the cockpit with Halfir who was lucid and awake thanks to rookie Kyle Tuska. And telling him about Aaqu and Jago Amaral coming to us had Halfir muttering about the peedunky droid that steered the karking truck towards the doom of the Kerebuy Hawk and of course muttering to Jago, his sleepdoctor from long ago. Halfir had to be sedated before the extrication could begin.

    Halfir asked me to take care of his and Jesin's stuff secured in the cargo-pants when Aaqu began to rip open the left sleeve.

    I promised him to bring new cargo-pants for him and Jesin and to salvage the Kerebuy Hawk.

    Jago and Aaqu had Halfir sedated.

    With Mick Kerebuy – telling us to be gentle with his namesake Kerebuy Hawk – helping me to handle the covers to protect Halfir, chief Dargis and her team managed to get Halfir out using the extrication tools. We helped the medics to get Halfir stable and on a stretcher and in the medevac. Orange vacsplints had me remembering my brace. The medevac with Mick at the controls was going away when the medics with Jesin on a litter came out of the cockpit.

    I helped to secure the BA-sets and asked for a thermal imaging cam and told Jesin that all his stuff and the droid Messy will be saved and brought to the hospital. With the medevac going I heard a screeching noise. Trudy said with a smile 'Garnits and Magaron.' And I saw my childhood friend Steve Magaron running after Charlene Wismer. He was soon followed by Erdin and Bret Chedokin.

    Arian, Trudy and rookie Kyle Tuska accompanied me into the Kerebuy Hawk. First Jesin's box was secured. And coming back to the cockpit I had to search for the remains of the trade-federation droid. Trudy directed her crew with the extrication tools needed to get the pieces of the droid. But no brain. The memory-chip was missing.

    Trudy, Arian and Kyle accompanied me to the chow-box where the zakin speeder was.

    Arian had commanded the droid Messy to get in that speeder and Trudy had placed Jesin's box next to the droid when Bret and Erdin came out of the chow-box.

    I explained Bret all about the remains and he agreed to give us a ride to the hospital and police station 1.

    Bret Chedokin could give us a ride in his speeder. The back-seat with Arian and Kyle was a bit cramped with Messy in between but I didn't have much more space either with the big bag with evidence and a handbag tossed onto that.

    The first stop was the hospital where we delivered Messy and Jesin's stuff. I recognised receptionist Karoun from previous visits. He told me to behave when I told him that I would do some Halfir- and Jesin-sitting. Yeah that incident that had us deciding to go for some exploring. Halfir guided my bed along towards the swimming-pool in an hilarious bed-race. And it was police officer Tony Kehoe who came to get us back.

    The second stop was police station 1 where we delivered the droid-parts to lab-technician Reed. And I saw Steve Magaron. He had tangled with Charlene Wismer and told us what happened. Wismer died. Baxter has claimed all the tech-workers to assist him in the autopsy. Only Reed is available for the droid-examination.

    Steve had to go to the hospital and when I mentioned teacher Fringo to keep him there he complied.

    Bret ordered Steve's partner Melko Garnits to take Steve in the fast Zakin airspeeder to the hospital. He drove us back in their speeder to the chowbox. And teacher Fringo and fresher-decorating became the topic when I mentioned it to Erdin.

    The fire in the hangar is under control. Work for us tomorrow to look for identifying marks on the plastbin-remains. Erdin will soon be relieved by Neil Mosely.

    And Bret – being relieved by Jago Calran – took me to the hospital after receiving a message that more droid-parts were recovered from Halfir's wounds.

    I went with Aaqu to his home to get Farhan and Zunia back to the Keranan stable and heard all about Halfir's injuries. If plan A fails (Jesin keeping Halfir in his bed) I will be plan B in Majeski-sitting. That's what I promised Aaqu.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Entry 80

    Hangar 57 was a collection of rubble and plastbin remains when I returned to the incident with Erdin.

    Owners of plastbins and their lawyers were trying to enter the rubble. They were invited by the airport authorities to attend a meeting in one of the conference rooms of the air- and spaceport.

    I donned my BA-gear and used my immunize trick to get them away.

    We were busy with the remains when Bret contacted Erdin.

    Erdin confirmed that some of the plastbins had marks from the Slojuk factory.

    Bret came with Danil Reed and helped us.

    Bret told us that Steve and Melko were headed to the Slojuk factory. A powerful organisation led by Amos and Ira Slojuk had helped Charlene Wismer to plan the demise of her hangar. The approacting freighter declaring an emergency was convenient to start the demise.

    We were busy when Danil shouted that they had an officer down and that a large truck was headed this way.

    And that had me following Danil, Bret and two SWAT officers towards the airport-buildings.

    Bret split forces when Slojuk was absent from the conference-room.

    Danil went with the two officers to the parking.

    I headed with Bret to the control-room.

    Bret told me that the SWAT-team had crashed their speeder when they protected a school-bus. The truck didn't collide with the bus but was headed to the airport.

    We were unable to stop the culprits getting away in their Corellian corvette.

    Bret told me that he was going first to the Slojuk factory and second to the hospital to get news about his officer.

    I headed back to Erdin.

    We could identify more remains of plastbins belonging to several owners and will include that in our report.
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  24. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Entry 81

    Today I was headed with my part of the report to Dick Kerebuy when I met Tarhin.

    He told me first about the interview that Dick Kerebuy had given about the Kerebuy Hawk case. Slojuk had planned the demise of hangar 57 with Wismer. He wanted her to build a new hangar for him only to make it easy for his smuggling business that was going on in a secret part of his factory. But he had a back-up plan if the droid at the controls of the truck that collided with the Kerebuy Hawk could be traced back to him and if Wismer got arrested and had to call her lawyer. Slojuk and friends had Wismer infested with nano-droids and her lawyer too. Lawyer and Wismer meeting had Wismer dieing of a heart-attack. The autopsy revealed the nano-droids causing this. Steve and Melko going to the Slojuk factory set the back-up plan in working. Slojuk and cronies escaped.

    But there is some good news too. The pilot of the Corellian corvette is identified. Jono Bel-Hana – Steve often worked with him in Monir – had taken his accumulated two and a half months of leave. We now know why. He was investigating the murder of his parents identifying Slojuk as the murderer. He became a pilot for Slojuk and repaired the corvette, knowing that he could bring Slojuk to justice somewhere. He will sure deliver the gang to the authorities on Corellia.

    The bad news is that the officer down at the Slojuk factory is Steve Magaron. Melko stayed with Steve during the flight to the hospital and was there to inform Bret.

    Steve is in the hospital after being treated for multiple gun-shot wounds. I will add the Magaron-sitting to my Majeski-sitting. MM-sitting for short. Steve is – like Halfir – an escape-artist.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Entry 82

    Four days ago I have visited Steve and Halfir and Jesin. And that one; he is a one man talking waterfall keeping Steve and Halfir entertained. Due to their injuries they are forming units with their beds. Jesin not. He can move using a wheelchair and complains afbout the orange-color of the brace. Orange; something I have mentioned during the rescue? Sure.

    Steve is now very sure that Slojuk and his cronies are in prison on Corellia after he heard who piloted the corvette.

    Today I found Jesin missing from the room when I came in. I couldn't help the boys to get to the swimming pool. Halla Majeski came in telling that my plan B had failed. She had seen me entering through the doors of the restaurant and had followed me. But visiting hour was soon and Melko, his wife Nora and daughter Nelly came to entertain us with Steelman-stories. Now I know all about the children's program Steelman and friends.

    Jesin came back in the evening, smelly and smiling. He has a new friend, a husan named Kyran and he has been involved in the bachelor party for Jason Guyet.
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