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Before - Legends Engaron against Gios, a tale of the high republic era for the OC fight challenge

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Engaron against Gios, a tale of the high republic era for the OC fight challenge

    Author: Earlybird-obi-wan

    Time-frame: legends
    Character: OC Tarhin Engaron,
    Genre: short story, OC fight challenge
    Summary: OC Tarhin Engaron fighting against Stellan Gios for a holocron

    It was evil. I recognized immediately the dark powers coming from the pyramidal object. It was an unknown object and it had been used to kill the guard now lying in a puddle of blood on the floor.

    “Inspector Engaron, get that in a bag. With that and the recording of the security-cams catching the murderer will be a piece of pie.”

    'Shields, listen to your engwa eiaala, that's what my teacher told me. Use them when there is something you don't trust.' I had my shields up and took a clearplast bag from one of the pockets of my uniform and walked to the object.

    “Leave that alone officer.”

    I saw a woman and two men headed to where I was kneeling. They were identically dressed in beige clothes and dark brown boots. A flowing mantle and a belt with a strange object hanging from it completed their outfit. 'I have felt beings using engwa eiaala to put up shields on Serindian but this; I have to use all I have learned. They are very strong. That woman is listening to the engwa eiaala songs and sharing a strong bond with the man using them as an endless ocean' I ignored the command and knelt down and folded the clearplast bag around the object, careful to not touch it with my gloved hands and pulled on the string, closing the bag.

    “Thank you officer, I am Jedi-knight Stellan Gios. Give it to me or one of my companions, Jedi-knights Elzar Mann and Avar Kriss.”

    'A Jedi-knight and he is using his powers but my shields are holding. Hey mister Gios. This is all I can give. Don't you dare!'

    “Your officer is hiding something.”

    “What? He has been here yesterday to visit the exhibition but no. He has nothing to do with murder.”

    “No, there is no darkness at all in him but he is able to shield. He is resisting me, a trained Jedi-knight. And judging how he is holding that bag by the string only he must have some knowledge about holocrons.”

    'Keep talking to my chief, that way you are diverting your powers. I am holding on.'

    “He is a being of light. No evil at all in him and the holocron must have scared him.”

    “What are holocrons?”

    “Objects to be studied by us and by us alone. We saw the catalog with the pictures of the new exhibition and recognized the holocron immediately and headed this way. The holocron should be given to us. The Force is singing to me and it isn't in harmony. And for you Elzar?”

    'Yes ask him, he is in love with you. You are forming a pair.'

    “Deep unfathomable oceans, darkness. For your officer to resist Jedi-knight Gios and be able to be near the holocron he must be strong in the Force. And I suspect he isn't human at all. He is showing great age and knowledge, quite unusual for one appearing as a young human.”

    “I sense a relationship to Master Fay. She was found on Moniron and brought by Master Yoda to Coruscant.”

    “I remember her. Master Fay Ere-Dun, she was celebrating her 160th birthday with us in the crèche.”

    'And I know when she was born. We had celebrations when Jasin and Faya showed their daughter to the reporter. And she was two when she was found by Master Yoda in the rubble of her home after an earthquake. Her brother Jasir gave her to those Jedi.'

    “Give the holocron to me officer. It can harm you.”

    “It's evidence and will be kept by us for the legal duration.” I was holding on to the string. Stellan Gios couldn't pry it from my hands. 'What is he doing? Using that. Hey. It's an evidence bag and not that strong.' I saw the string breaking and the holocron was falling down. Elzar Mann had it in his hands.

    “Trench deep. This is evil.”

    “Time to move it to a safe place. And we will examine it and contact you about the murderer.”

    “That's in our evidence-vault.” I walked to Jedi-knight Elzar Mann. My shields were barely holding on. Gios was still trying to break them.

    “With me officer Engaron or who-ever you are. You have some explaining to do. Back to our speeder. Move!”

    That command from my chief and with a head-ache coming I dropped my shields. I followed her, slowly and very tired. That fight with Gios had cost me.

    “See, he is of the same species as Master Fay and even older.”

    “The ocean of the Force is in him, quiet and stable murmuring. Clear and benign. Weeping for the dead midichlorians. Guiding them away.”

    “Yes Elzar, a song of healing. He is tired. He will heal. And can you hold on to that holocron?”

    “The ocean is providing me with a layer of water turned into air that isolates it from my hands.”

    “A song of water will help you.”

    “Sing to me Avar.”

    I slowed down. I had dead engwa eiaala. The fight had cost me. My head-ache was increasing. 'Dead midi-whats. They are having trouble too. Their bond will help.' Nursing my head in my hands with fingers in my ears I kept out the noise and walked slowly towards the exit.

    'There; the holocron and the Jedi. I have to get past that object of evil. They are going to help her. That holocron couldn't have harmed me if I had given it directly to the lab-technician for the collecting of evidence. Shields.'

    “He is shielding again.”

    “Leave him alone. He is of no importance for the case.”

    “No harm will come to him. He is a being of light and uses the Force in that way only. If he had been found by us, we could have trained him.”

    'No way. You were hurting me.'

    “Officer Engaron, passenger seat!”

    With watering eyes I took my protection vest from the driver-seat, rounded the speeder and started to don it.

    “No need for that. Give it to me and sit down.”

    I did as told.

    She tossed the protection vest on the back-seat and turned to me. “You are a Dunai elder with for me scary abilities. You have midichlorians and use the Force. You could have harmed us all holding on to that holocron. You are dangerous for us. You could resist a famous Jedi-knight, a guardian of the galaxy. I have great respect for the Jedi-knights. I am unable to work with you anymore. You are fired. I will drive you to your home where you can collect your personal belongings.”

    I couldn't reply and with a bad head-ache I dropped my head in my hands and knew no more.
  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Nice POV from Tarhin. The struggle and shielding tired him out. =D=
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Wow, I did not see that ending comming!

    * makes mental note to really start with that new SW area from Disney at one point