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Star Wars CLOSED Epitaph Between Prologue

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    It was one year to the day since the Master had handed the First Masters their Forcesabers. Apparently. He’d given the five of them their final instructions to prepare themselves for moving into the Greater World as True Protectors.

    But, the Master was not present today; nor were the Protectors.

    Instead, there stood five newcomers, who had been instructed to meet in the clock tower, in the training area at the centre of the only habitable level of the tower. Ten rooms, as ever, and on inspection of them they would find that five rooms were vacant, empty, ready for them. The other five were in various states of personality and disrepair.

    Five new apprentices, the Master had told them, for five Protectors. Fanfare was certainly his style, but instead of a grand proclamation of their rise to be Masters, he had instead, as suggested would happen one day, just left. A multi-faceted Holocron sat on the desk, surrounded by vials, glasses, books and a part-completed Holocron.


    A red skinned Sith pureblood was first present, sitting on the floor but clearly attempting to stay sat, his agitation evident. The young man eyed the other apprentices. He spoke, “Um, the Master told me to come here to be chosen as an apprentice.”


    He stepped forward. “I’m Sek'nos Rath, and I’m Force sensitive. I found out when I did this,” he gestured two hands down, and suddenly began to float off the ground. “To avoid someone from attacking me.” He dropped heavily to the floor.

    The five students would be aware that the workbench had five lightsabers on it, behind them, emitter down. One for each student, once again. Not Forcesabers, though. Each had the same design as before - short, silver and gold. Was this a do-over?


    The cycle was repeating but the Master was nowhere to be seen. Try as they might, the Force would never reveal him to them, and previously it had been impossible not to sense him.

    Rath looked from the apprentice to apprentices, bidding them to reply.

    Oh no.

    Another part of the story. I have a lot of plans to keep the Light safe, it’s hardly my fault that the future told me what it did. Oh, this is a flash-forward in the OP. So this is what will happen at some point or other.

    Either way. This is the sheet (again).

    Species: Nonhumans are, again, accepted with GM approval.
    Personal effects: Not a Holocron, that’s for sure!
    Appearance: We do need to see how you look, remember.
    Bio: You’ve only just became a Protector apprentice, but everything else, that’s down to you.

    Even simpler the second time around, no?

    Ohhhh. Between Epitaphs: Prologue is required reading, too. Pretty please. It’ll save me having to explain it to you.

    Sheets up with your first posts, apprentices!


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  2. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    GM Approved

    Name: Sheel Ix
    Age: 34
    Species: Togruta
    Gender: Female
    Personal effects: Hunting bow, quiver, knife, headdress
    Bio: "They do not trust what they can't explain. They fear what they do not understand."

    At one with nature. Has an untrained natural affinity to the Force. Huntress by trade. The local children call her the 'Demon hunter'. Part due to her appearance with the red pigmentation of her skin and shape of her montrals and lekku. The other due to the 'scary' game she brings to the village from time to time to trade and sell for supplies.

    Orphaned at a very young age, lost in the jungle. Someone found her and brought her back to survive. Her species are not known to those at the village and in so, she had difficulty fitting in with society. Her village had shunned her because of her differences and because of her natural abilities. Someone took her in, raised her on the outskirts though they had been considered an outcast from the village.

    Taught to have a strict sense of justice. They guided her on the path she finds herself now before they passed away due to a hunting incident. Sees herself as a watchful guardian, patrols the jungles and to ward of threats and trespassers, guide those who are lost back to civilisation.

    There has been some friction from the villagers as time went on and blame for misfortunes been pinned on her. Some hold superstition that she is a maleficent force and believe her deeds as works of evil. ​
  3. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    Sheel Ix
    Location: Pala Que - Nouane

    "…some call you an angel… some call you a demon… Which are you?"

    Sheel Ix said nothing as Ymir prattled on. The short, stocky, pungent man was strangely cagy this morning, talking faster and faster than usual as he paced about before her. It was perplexing to observe the nervous tick about his eye, constantly twitching whenever he gazed at her. Like a wombara knowing it is being hunted by a silent predator and the predator is not her this time… curious.

    "It matters not to me what they think." She answered curtly. She glanced out the window of the dimly lit store. A few of the village children were prodding at the carcasses in her cart, jumping back and squealing as though they expected the creatures to magically wake up and pounce at them. She frowned at the positioning of the light and shadows, the sun was climbing higher in the sky and the heat will soon make her goods spoil. She had planned on being out of here by mid morning.

    "Of course you don't. However, reputation is everything in all places civilised..."

    Sheel Ix looked back to him and furrowed her brow. What was he implying?

    "…yours has soured in the eyes of the people. There are stories of ill repute spreading with you as the cause of calamities that have befallen them." Yimr continued. "Livestock has been going missing-"

    "They should know better than to encroach their paddocks past the boundaries of the jungle."

    "The disappearance of those visitors-"

    "Poachers!" She spat.

    "Business men." He placed his fingertips together as he frowned at her. "Well off business men that went missing. Money was paid to search for them and all that remains is their destroyed camp."

    "It's a natural cycle." She stated, matter-of-factly. "They trespassed and the jungle demands sacrifice to the great Xibalba. They were chosen that day by Na-waul."

    "Their friends believe you did them in."

    She bared her teeth a fraction at the accusation though kept her composure. There was no point in dignifying that with a response. Like that would do anything when their minds have been made up. What is the point of explaining to any of them?

    The talk of profits and the calamities of the village made no sense. It was their problems, not hers. Why were they dragging her into it? The people were becoming ignorant, wasting what they have, looking for blame for their worries rather than correcting to fix the issues. First the outsiders with their big noisy mechanical beasts, then the drought, then the harvest, trouble with live stock going missing or turning up mutilated… then poachers receiving poetic justice by their own prey. For some perplexing reason, her name was being dragged through this. For what, for why… she did not know. Fewer and fewer now would believe anything she would say. Coming in today was a waste of time. Why was Ymir telling her these things?

    "Are you taking the game or not? They will spoil if left-"

    "Tut tut tut." He silenced her. "Of course I will. You bring me goods and I give you what you deserve and you spend that on what you need. THAT is a natural cycle. Not this savage way of life. We both have a profitable relationship. However," He held up a finger to emphasise the point. "There is room for more profits-ah, benefits. I have a favour to ask of you."

    A cry outside drew her gaze to the window. She drew a deep breath and held it as she observed a father pulling his daughter away from the cart. More people were gathering about, talking and pointing to Ymir's store. Whisperers… gossipers… the village was growing restless. A swirl of anxiety was gathering… fear and hatred. She had lingered too long.

    She exhaled and took a step away from Ymir. The cluttered walls felt oppressing, the stifling air felt smothering. The sound of the malfunctioning air conditioning system.

    It would be better if she never came here but she needed the supplies. The jungle was sick, no longer was capable of providing what she needed and she hated being dependent on coming to the village. Ymir was the only outfitter that seemed to flourish under these distressing times and had the means to get what she needed. He had always complied... even if she felt he was cheating her somehow. Now it felt as though she was trapped.

    "I'm not in the business of granting wishes." Sheel Ix crinkled her nose in disgust.

    "It would solve all your troubles. Besides," Ymir shrugged his shoulders, "who else will buy from you? I am the only one left."

    She glanced down and growled softly to herself then folded her arms in front of her chest. She raised her shin as she looked to him. "Speak what this favour is and I'll consider it."

    "There is an important visitor in the region… they have taken an interested in your… handiwork… rather than have them make the trip to here, I want to present you to them-"

    "As a criminal?" She glared at him. "I've done nothing wrong!"

    "No no! As a guest and gesture of friendship…" He hurriedly said. "I swear that I have heard they are sympathetic to your plight. If they come here, what would the others say? They would taint your image."

    She stared at his twitching eyes, beads of sweat rolled off his bald cranium. What game was he playing at? This talk of reputation. Was he hiding something?

    "A maybe…" She glared. "But you better pay me for the goods now otherwise it be your fault if they go rotten."

    He gave her a toothy grin, gold tooth glinted. "Don't worry about it… the favour is all part of your payment."

    "It better be worth my time." There was a warning in her tone.

    Sheel Ix stopped outside of Ymir's store to collect her gear. She picked up her quiver and bow and brought the strap over her head and shoulder and tied her sheath onto her belt. Ymir probably felt safer with the no weapons inside policy though who could blame anyone wanting to bring them in each time they deal with him. At least her gear was all in one piece.

    She glanced up, she watched the crowd that had gathered start to disperse. Smirking, she shook her head and started to her cart. Lifting the handles up, the carcasses of the beasts rolled off and piled over the top of each other by the side of the entrance. She was glad to be rid of them. Half payment was made and the bulk of the supplies will be given once she turns up for that favour… whatever that was all about. She still didn't trust him.

    She turned and took the handles of the cart and pulled it behind her as she left for her journey out to her home. The sooner the better. Her eyes watchful as she made her way through the village, the last thing she wanted was more friction today.

    Sheel Ix almost breathed a sigh of relief to see the main gate arch and the wilderness beyond. No incident so far - She 'felt' something approach… a low whine sound from the jungle. She stopped and peered from the column. Leaves scattered and rustling as one of those funny beasts burst from the underbrush - those funny mechanised beasts that can carry people in the hollow of its back. Strange beast without legs that move by gliding low over the ground. There's a funny smell about them that makes her nose tingle.

    The people riding in its back were making a bit of commotion about their gear as it came to a halt outside.

    Sheel Ix rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath. More fools. She pulled the handles of the cart close and continued past them. She overheard them talking aloud about a fragmented map, point of origin, possible clues… searching for something…

    Most people came here to get lost, not found. Sheel Ix mused to herself while the darkness of the jungle surrounded her. No doubt in time they'll be long lost themselves and never be seen again.

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  4. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    GM Approved

    Name: Lagertha Atreus
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Personal effects: sword, shield


    Lagertha was born in the Northern part of the Nouane. A cold and inhospitable place. Unlike the Southern parts where people were more concerned with art, science and philosophy. The people of the North are harsh, but honest and hardworking. A place where strength and the will to live are revered. It is a harsh life, but rewarding.

    Born in a regular family Lagertha was intended to become a Protector. She received training and she excelled in swordfighting. She grew up with a warrior spirit. She had flashes, some extra senses during training helping her “see” what her opponent was going to do. Her parents imbued her with a sense of purpose. It was to protect the weak and help the helpless. Fight for justice...
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  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Name: Sek'nos Rath
    Age: Teens
    Species: Pureblood Sith
    Gender: Male
    Personal effects: Datapad, a sword, but its more for showing off than physical fighting.
    Appearance: Dashing. Oh, what, you needed a photo?

    Bio: From the southern most part of the City, the Sith species has long been placed at the almost-unsafe part of the capital. The Legends say the Sith were a species which had fought with the Old Ones, but that was sixty-five-odd millennia ago. But, most of the species of the southern quadrant had claimed their parts of the City so long ago so who knows. But once upon a time, the Sith tribes on Nouane were driven away from the City, but the borders have spread over the years, and the Sith were instrumental in calming these parts of the wilderness. A disproportionate amount of Sith serve in the Nouane military, but they are usually deployed to the south, though rarely they are anything else but an associate of the military, not officially serving.

    Sek'nos Rath is one of those such serving,crossing paths with those who have refused to be city goers in the distance, or the occasional creature or herd straying too close to the City and outermost villages.

    But one day, something else happened.
  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004

    IC: The Master
    Quite a few months ago, lets say... eleven-odd?

    When a man turns up in the middle of nowhere in a black robe, with his hood up, shadows such that his face is always completely hidden, you would not be unfair to assume that he was up to no good. Of course, the Master was anything but busy doing something so banal. Purpose brought him here, indeed, anywhere. All this travelling to the outer villages was taking up more time than he would have liked, and he only had two weeks to do all the necessary.

    Already, his first cohort was causing events to turn and change, and an adjustment was required.

    But of course, he already known as much.

    He only had a month left, and then he would need to get things quite sorted. In his absence, someone else would have to manage the shop. It would not be long before it was entirely moot, of course. Of course. And so, the cloaked man put out word that he wished to speak to Sheel Ix. Not that she would trust Ymiir, but in the past the scurrilous rogue had done him a good turn or two, and indeed the Master had turned aside the authorities from his more... illegal work. All in anticipation of this meeting.

    As such, as Sheel trudged through the jungle, she would suddenly find this... man standing in the road through the jungle, hands tucked behind his back and standing upright. The shadows of the moon draped across him and the trees, but the insects and creatures seemed to pay him no heed. He was no hunter, nor hunted. He exuded confidence in himself and his plan... and in her.

    But for now, he was completely silent, allowing the Togruta her first impression without intending to influence her, or the moment. He even shut himself off from the Force, in-case she had a slight ability to sense him using it. Probably, knowing what he knew about her.

    It was in such interactions that a persons true nature was exposed, after all.

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider
    A few days thereafter, in the northern highlands

    The self-same cloaked form strode with purpose through the northern region. He already knew that he had been spotted. That his speeder had disturbed the natural balance of the region, and that he would not be welcome. But here, among these tribes, the Protectors were not an ancient myth, but an anticipated adventure, though no Protectors had selected for centuries. They did not purview the past - they lived it. The tales of the Old Ones fighting the Protectors at Nilbremah, at Shatuun, at Caulus Tertius, at Kesh, at the mythical world of Coruscant - they were stories they told every year, and the Master had learned much from them.

    As such, when a Force user arose, they were trained, prepared, and given purpose, should a Master come, and request that they Protect.

    Lagertha was such a Force user.

    As such, she was more progressed than any student he had yet to seek out, and that was why he had not sought her for the first cohort. He needed to be able to mould the first class to his exact specifications. He could hardly have told Lagertha to take a portion of his soul on a trip so he could complete the Holocron of Prophecies, could he? She would have refused, considered it an insult to honour - probably. The Master had not yet met her.

    But now, as the snow assailed his robes, but of course, did not dislodge his raised hood or pierce the shadow veil he drew across his face, the Master sought her out.

    To arrive so, with technology at his beck and call, it was deemed offensive, the Master had little doubt.

    But he was here to misbehave. Instead of hiding himself in the Force - which Lagertha would notice, he instead projected himself like a shout, spreading out his presence across the snowy glade, across the acre, silencing the presence of disturbed animals and wildlife that she would be able to track him with.

    "I call for the Protector of the Atreus tribe!" The Force augmented his voice to a boom, shaking snow free from the trees and scaring all manner of creature away.

    His amusement echoed into the Force.

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  7. Corellian_Outrider

    Corellian_Outrider Admin FF | Curator: Art&RPF | Oceania RSA | CR NSW star 6 Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    Sheel Ix
    Location: Jungle - Pala Que - Nouane

    The song of birds and rays of sunlight pierced through the gaps in the canopy. Smaller plants compete with each other for the prime spots to soak up the light in order to grow and develop. With the sun approaching the zenith of its arc across the great sky, the sticky wet humidity was becoming unpleasant. Sweat collected and trickle down, if there was a breeze it would certainly cool her down however there wasn't much of one in the thick of the jungle and just an old path as her guide.

    Sheel Ix stopped by the large fallen, moss covered tree and took a canteen from her pouch. She took a sip as she gazed at the hollowed out section of the trunk, it was almost as high as she was and it was rotting away. Nothing is wasted in nature, there is a cycle where all returns and life comes from it. Fungus sprouting in places… she'll have to come back to test the quality of them… hopefully the growth is pure…

    She sensed the movement to her left before she heard it. Rustling and a low warbling of one of the jungle creatures. A large, brown, furry quadruped waddled and sniff the air. Then tentatively approach her.

    "No… not today…" Sheel Ix wearily shook her head. "Shoo…"

    It grunted and sniffed along the ground and the damp leaves as it lumbered towards her.

    "Oh… fine." She poured some of her water out onto the near by shrubs and the wombara went over and lapped at the leaves. A long tongue came out of and curled around and pulled part of the branch into its mouth. Making a noisy crunching, slurping sound.

    "Don't make me find you tomorrow."

    She clipped the canteen back to her belt and looked to her cart… She really did not feel like lugging it all the way back at this time. She silently curse Ymir for keeping her back too late and with the heat becoming a hinderance… Probably best to leave it till the afternoon air has cooled things down. No one really goes this way anyway.

    "You aren't going to steal my cart, will you?" She mused to the wombara.

    It snorted and its snout had moved onto the next branch of the shrub, none the wiser to what she was saying.

    Smirking to herself, she gave the cart one last look and left it behind.

    She continued along the path to where she called home. It won't be long before she'll come to the stone pillars. She wondered who had once came before… their crumbling cities and personal effects left behind for the jungle and creatures to take over and make a home for themselves. Where did they all go? How long ago did that happen?

    Perched from the branch of a tree, Sheel peered out and surveyed the jungle under the low light of the dusking sky. She closed her eyes and swayed with the movement of the branch and heard the nearby stream gurgle, the rustled of leaves, the low hooting noises, soft growls and the drone of insects. Everything comes alive once the sun goes down.

    To the right!

    Something crashed through the foliage. A high pitched panicked squeal nearby accompanied by a cackle cry of a predator.

    She opened her eyes, tracking the movement. Taking a few silent steps along the branch. There it was! What to do… allow nature to take its course… or to join the hunt.

    She stepped down to the branch of the next tree and moved along to the trunk and pass around to the far side to bring herself closer. Using her senses… her eyes and hearing attuned to her surroundings, picking upon the small movements around her… small pressures, visualising spaces between spaces… movements…

    She mimicked the cry of the predator.

    There was a shift of the chase, the prey was driven to her direction. She drew her dagger from the sheath then tapped the tip against her thigh as she counted down… several breaths… the distance closing… about to pass underneath…

    She took a step and dropped off the branch.

    A brief moment of weightlessness before striking onto the back of something heavy, warm and dark- and she went for the throat. The creature slowed, a wheezing sound from its chest as it laboured a few steps then faltered, keeling over. She caught the glint in its eye conveyed a range of emotions flicked over and closed.

    She let go of her hold of the panther's throat then eased away. In the distance could hear crashing of leaves fading and the squealing as the panicked prey ran off into the jungle. No doubt a swine.

    Her heart pounding, she checked her dagger… she had not used it this time… Sheel moved back to the fallen panther, there was a raspy breath she checked the pulse, it was still alive. She had captured her prey. Some vines were cut and used to bound the panther so it couldn't move and then heft it onto her shoulders.

    It weighed a fair bit though her home was not far. Raising her head, shifting the sleeping predator into a better position and trudged through the jungle.

    Shadows take a life of their own in the dark. Moon light plays tricks on you and she knew not to trust her eyes too much. Yet, she glanced ahead and saw a dark shape on the path.

    Slowing her pace, she narrowed her eyes… a robed figure in black… motionless… arms behind their back. Placing the panther gently down, she cautiously glanced about, reaching out to sense if there was anyone more… was this an ambush? She moistened her lips and resisted the urge to spit as she tasted the gritty mud that must gotten onto her face. She circled slowly as she approached.

    Curiosity… She couldn't really sense an intention… nor the figure there at all… but she concentrated… assessing the threat level… nothing obvious though she didn't know for sure what might be hiding underneath. Focusing on key points of the form, she had picked up on the subtle movements in the chest… breathing… heart beat… the pulse… So whatever, whoever… it is, there's something living underneath the robes…

    "The night is not the safest time to trek the jungles alone…" There was a hint of feline to her gait as she moved lightly on her feet, muscle wound up ready to pounce or flee at any moment. "…unless you've come to hunt certain prey." She tilted her head, her eyes never left the figure as she paced, not daring to move less than two metres from them. Whoever it was, they didn't look injured judging by the quality of the robes and there was no clear scent of blood nor sickness. "Why are you here?"

    TAG: The Master
  8. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Northern Highlands, Nouane

    It was cold outside… as usual. Here in the Northern Highlands there were only two types of weather cold and freezing. It was a land which brought strong but harsh people. Unlike those soft and pampered ones in the big cities or in the South. Warriors and true Protectors were being born there. It was the land of myths and legends.

    Snow flurries danced around and the sky was overcast. Heavy grey clouds covered the heavens. It was going to snow… heavily tonight. Smoke rose from the smokestacks of the huts of the small village. It was an early morning so it was still gloomy, but people were coming out to do their daily tasks. Not that there was much to be done, but still they had to eat. Hunters prepared their weapons, the hounds were barking ready to be sent after a prey.

    Lagertha put her fur cloak. She had a rough night, full of strange dreams and visions. It had been going on for some time and she was not sure why it was so. Could it mean that she was ready? She did not know, but something drew her to the wild. As if all those years of training had come to this moment. Maybe that was it?

    She nodded to her parents, who understood. They were both worried for her and proud of her. They knew that this moment would come… someday… But it had been looking so distant, as if it would never happen… but yet… it happened… today. She got her sword and shield. Lagertha was not sure whether she would need them, but better to come prepared.

    Her brother and sister stood there watching her. She had been their protector, but now they were going to have to fend for themselves. There were no tears, in this harsh land crying was a luxury. Besides they will see each other again… someday. This was not an ending, but a beginning.

    Lagertha sensed a presence, an unfamiliar one, just outside her village. It was a man, a powerful one at that. Could that be the Master they had been waiting for? Were all of these stories true. She pursed her lips in determination. A Force augmented shout came to the village. He was looking for her.

    The occupants of the huts exit looking at her. They all knew. Some were envious, others supported her but a curt nod. No words were being wasted. There was nothing to be said. She wrapped the cloak around her. The shield hanging on her back and the sword dangling on her hip.

    The snow crunched as she stepped on it. There was a small path leading outside of the village. She could see a cloaked figure waiting. Behind it there was a speeder. Lagertha grunted in derision. Those soft Southerners…

    ”I am the Protector of the Atreus Tribe.” she said as she approached the man, her steely grey eyes trying to pierce through the shadow of the hood, but was unable to discern the man’s features. ”Who is calling me?”

    TAG: @Sinrebirth
  9. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master
    Some eleven months ago, the Jungle - Pala Que - Nouane

    "Why is a good question," the hooded man said, absently walking to the left, and then, as he reached the edge of the way - it was not quite a road, nor a path, what with this being a jungle and all - he turned, heading back to the other side. In essence, he was pacing, thinking aloud, and generally agitating over it all. Sheel Ix was listening with the Force, a natural extension of her own hunting skills, and he felt his heartbeat picked up in her straining, as much as a ripple in water, when it hits something, ripples back.

    "But I would answer your first, to start - I am indeed hunting, but I would not call them prey," he grinned, the emotion bubbling into the Force for her to sense. "Insofar as much as I put word out that I wanted to meet Sheel Ix, and," he lazily gestured, slowly, so as not to convey a negative intent, "so you are here."

    He paused his pacing, back where he started. "I am the Master."

    For the briefest of moments, he allowed the enormity of his power to leak into the Force, to see if she would detect it, and, if so, how she would react. As much as he was not interested in making a negative first impression, she had already began pacing him and her edge needed to be understood.

    Was she all guardian? Was she more than her origins? Or was she exacting in who she was already. This was not the City, which encouraged a certain softness to those that inhabited the same. This was the wilds, the jungle, the forests - the edge.

    Orphans, after all, often changed the world.

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider
    IC: The Master

    A few days later, the northern highlands, Nouane

    "Who, this time, eh?" The Master allowed himself to smile, though it would not be apparent to Atreus. "Not why?"

    Interesting how one potential student responds, and how another does. He could not quite remember how he had recruited his first students, but this second class, they were already intriguing. Which one would ask what, and which one would ask how. Would one ask when?

    The black cloaked man realised he had allowed the moment to extend ever so slight. Dutifully, he drew his Force presence back to his cloak, meeting her gaze evenly. Ceremony had to be observed, first. This was a Protector, born and bred for this sole goal. For this war. He drew himself to his impressive height, a good head taller than the woman.

    "Prove to me that you are the Protector, Lagertha Atreus." He swept his hands out, holding the gloved fingers splayed. "Prove it so I might see the power of the Atreus Tribe. To see that they have remembered their pledge to the Master."

    He was not so much offending her as proving his right to speak to her.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
  10. TheAdmiral

    TheAdmiral Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Northern Highlands, Nouane

    A Master!? Here!? So the time had come! For the first time in some time she hesitated. It was not very “Protectory” of her. The stories were a bit vague of how she was to prove that she was who she claimed she was. Maybe that was the point? It was an individual thing. No Protector was like the other.

    She closed her eyes for a moment. She plunged deep into the ocean that was the Force. The Protector had to trust it and let it guide her actions. Lagertha could feel it coursing through her. It was running wild in her veins. She still needed training, that was the point of waiting for a Master. He or she had to complete her training.

    Her instinct told her to attack, so she had restrain it. The person had not done anything to her to warrant such a reaction. The Protector’s job was to defend, though sometimes it must be done by a preemptive strike. But not this time. A thin smile appeared on her lips. A thought of using some fancy tricks crossed her mind, but she dismissed it. She was not a conjurer of cheap tricks after all. Lagertha opened her eyes, she could feel her own raw power burning inside her.

    ”The Protector must do everything to avoid confrontation. I am here to protect life, but if my tribe and for that matter the innocent are in danger I will not hesitate.” She did not make any move to draw her sword out, she let her stance speak for itself. It radiated a silent threat and a warning.

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  11. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master
    Northern Highlands, Nouane

    Poised, sure, and well positioned to defend herself, but not responding in any way which implied that she would begin the fight. Lagertha Atreus had been trained well by her people. The Master had no views of the relative definitions of civilised, and even if those in Nouane City might scorn the highlanders as country bumpkins, he didn't. Indeed, some of the Protectors he was now training in the City may even look down their noses at a woman glad in furs and affecting the appearance of a warrior. Which was fine, because the two classes of Protectors served entirely separate roles in the grand scheme of things.

    This was merely a introduction.

    But her response required him to speak, and so he would.

    "A riddle from the Master." He held out his hand, palm upward and fingers splayed. "You see another tribe gathering their strength. They have dominated some of your neighbours, but steered away from the territory of your tribe. But they are simply picking upon smaller tribes while they grow. Eventually they will grow stronger than your tribe, and more and more warriors are being amassed between your territory and theirs."

    "Do you strike early, before they have chance to build anymore strength, without any evidence of proposed aggression against you, nor any proof that innocents are being mishandled - only the soldiers and nobles who fight them are killed in their conflicts."

    He raised his second hand to her. "Your tribe could be in danger. What do you do?"

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~OOC~ Special thanks to Sinrebirth for collaborating on this post :)

    Sheel Ix + The Master
    Location: Jungle - Pala Que - Nouane

    "Opi'a…" The huntress breathed.

    Sheel Ix was reminded of an old folklore she had heard from the Tipani tribe, that resides towards the coast and the islands beyond. The Tipani were an odd type, more curious than cautious for her liking but they understood very well the dangers that lie within nature and the respect it deserves. As demonstrated in their parables, passed on generation to generation to educate them. They spoke of faceless spirits. 'Nightwalkers'. That imitate the forms of the living… a seducer, taking those who dare wander alone in the darkness. She understood now that there are different forms it could take. The spirits were always communicating and was just a matter of how to listen. It was never wise to discount the them.

    Now, before her, was this faceless 'nightwalker'. She wasn't sure if it was an Opi'a… There was a pulse, breathing… so it was alive… yet the aura of the living was absent. The smell was different. Behaviour different. This all was different from what she knew. Then she felt something… a pressure… the presence, aura, emerging and surrounding beyond the form as it moved and spoke to her.

    It puzzled her and made her cautious, her movements slowed as she considered whether it was trying to lull her into a false sense of security before striking.

    When a stranger enters her protectorate, they usually are naïve and oblivious. They find their way out or shown out. Then there are those that come intentionally to cause harm. A display of dominance… to make a mark, take over and kill… This Master was not like the behaviour of the others. What are its intentions? Actions and tone were non threatening… Was it the one who Ymir described as 'sympathetic'? Was it like her? There was some doubt as the merchant's words about reputation made her question why she was being sought out and whether there was another reason.

    'I am indeed hunting, but I would not call them prey' - She considered those words… A Master… who wishes to hunt… in order to meet Sheel Ix… A Master of what? A hunter who doesn't hunt prey… it was a riddle. A gatherer? A collector? Did he need her to collect something? Or was she it's prize?

    There was a twitch, powerful muscles flexing… her focus divided before it narrowed in on the source of movement: The Panther. The rhythmic breathing, soft purring, was consistent… still unconscious but that won't last long and she still had work to do. Maybe… the animal could be a key to unlocking the mysterious intentions of this… shadow stalker.

    "You seek Sheel Ix." She eyed the Master as she nimbly navigated the uneven terrain, circling around, all while she monitored the movement and pattern of the panther's breathing. "Though, who is Sheel Ix to you?"

    The Master smiled, or, rather, seemed to smile, in senses otherworldly to her. She was being drawn into the penumbra of a world all too different to her own, yet one she had always known, and been apart of. The empathy, the energy, the pre-eminence of life.

    "I hope for her to be a student, and, eventually, a Protector of all that surrounds us, and binds us," his hands, palms up, encompassed the forest, and then indicated himself, and her. "The air, the wind, the space between you and I." His hands came together. "Everything."

    He paused.

    "Even that panther."

    Sheel Ix froze. The words unexpectedly struck a chord. She felt as though she had been transported back in time, a time of childhood. Words somewhat different yet the delivery and meaning was all too familiar. Acknowledging… recognition… a balance... an opportunity to live up to her name. She squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head to focus. Was this him? Reborn? Or the Opi'a had claimed his form-

    She pursed her lips, ignoring the distaste of mud, as she glanced down. Focus… think. She looked to the panther and back to the Master. Too much to hope? Too much to risk? She needed to think.

    "Then I must tend to the panther before it wakes." She stated and kept her eyes on the Master as her lithe form skipped over to the great cat.

    "You wish for Sheel Ix to learn… to be a protector of life." She soothingly spoke as she knelt down and felt for the pulse and counted under her breath. A soft mew came out and she placed her hand gently on its warm neck to calm the animal. Or was it more to calm herself? "… and if I am the one you seek, what is expected in turn?"

    The Master nodded as she skipped over to the feline. A flow of calmness went from Ix to the animal, and the Master nodded to himself when he sensed it. A natural, at least in terms of her relationship with animals.

    "I expect you to be open to the possibility. To listen. Not necessarily to agree, or even disagree. Whatever strikes a chord with you, of course, embrace, or, rather," Another offhand gesture. "Whatever feels natural to you."

    He had sensed a small turmoil within her, but now it was all calm. Had it been hope, or fear? Or a bit of both, eternally co-mingled. The Master nodded to himself.

    "I will leave you, and, soon enough, another will come. With the knowledge that I suggest. The new world will be created by what he says..." The Master seemed bemused. "He is a little book-ish, but not terribly so. What he tells you, some of it may even feel like heresy, but," a liquid shrug. "All knowledge is born of nature, one way of another. Sentience purely seeks to categorise us, to distinguish the differences between us," a gloved hand touched his heart again, "and them," he took in the panther.

    "But labels do not change the Truth's between us, as much as sentience seeks to divide us all."

    He went to go, and looked back. "They will tell you what will happen after the war to come. The one caused by sentience..." The Master turned away, stepping slowly away. "... and our very natures."

    Sheel Ix watched as the robed shadow figure disappeared into the night…it took a moment for the movements to be lost to the noise of life and motion of the jungle, as though the Master was never there.

    A deep breath.

    Someone else will come… This 'he' that was spoken of as a knowledgeable being. Who was it really that wanted her? She wanted to believe but yet… it was all unnatural to her. Was this a rouse to get her out of the way… or… were the spirits really speaking with her? Was she chosen to be one of them? Her mind raced to process all that had happened and it made her head spin.

    "Your curiosity is going to get the better of you." She reprimanded herself as she rose to her feet and hefted the panther up and onto her shoulder. She gave one final look about the clearing before carrying the panther back to her camp.

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  13. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Northern Highlands, Nouane

    Lagertha tried to cover her doubts. The Master struck her right in the weak spot. The problem that he had posed was similar to the one which one of the elders talked about. It was an issue every Protector will have to face eventually. Maybe not the exact scenario, but the meaning behind it.

    There was no ready answer, no obvious solution. On one hand if she was to attack that growing tribe it might create a self fulfilling prophecy. Also a pre-emptive strike might not succeed and that too could lead to war. On the other hand given that tribe’s activities could indicate that they have aggressive intentions towards hers…

    Another issue that she had to deal with is who exactly was she serving. If it is only the elite who will suffer and the regular people would survive and won’t be punished. They may even thrive in a greater society.

    These were the dilemmas that she had to face. Lagertha closed her eyes for a second then opened them and fixed the Master with a steely gaze. ”The Protector must immerse themselves in the Force and allow it to guide them, follow its will.”

    That was not much of an answer, but it was the same she gave the elders. It was good enough then, hopefully it will be good enough now.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Unknown
    Probably a month after

    As it went, the everyday life of Atreus and Sheel persisted after that meeting with the enrobed Master. It did, also, for three others.

    Life continued.

    Atreus continued to protect her tribe, far in the north, and Sheel eked out her existence in the south. They were diametrically opposed to each other. The rest, however, they were spread among the City itself, concealed from sight by the Master. It would not do for them to be detected and interfere with the interplay between the Master Protectors - between Joren, Vydra, Dunkeel and Vale - though whether they were or were not watched by Zas’tel, that was difficult to say, for he stepped off the edge of the story, as the Master had intended.

    But about month later, shortly after the fourth and final Great Lesson of the Master, events occurred and the first layer of protection between them and a specific Protector became exposed. A connection had been formed without their knowledge, arguably without their consent - the Master was want to bind people together to ensure a specific goal.

    Such a chain now linked Vydra to the Force users who would become his secret students. On the first day, it revealed the location of Vydra to Sheel, and vice-versa. He would be required to head to the south, as much as Sheel would be tugged north.

    The day after, Vydra would be tugged to the north of the City, insofar as much as Atreus was tugged to south. They would meet on the far outskirts of the City, out of sight, but their respective distances to the city shaped where they met.

    Firstly, Sheel and Vydra would be tugged to a small market square to the south of the City. Secondly, Atreus and Vydra would be tugged to the hills north of the City. They might be suspicious; they might be cheered that their time has come.

    Vydra had done this once before - he would meet them, hand over to them something important which would continue their guidance until the time was right, and then they would be called to the clock-tower and their lightsabers would be waiting for them. Now you and I know that this won’t be for another ten months odd, but they didn’t, and they don’t.

    Also; because they do not have a Holocron’s of Prophecy; they won’t. Not until too late, anyway.

    TAG: @Jerjerrod-Lennox, @Corellian_Outrider, @TheAdmiral

    OOC: With special thanks to Lennox for her cameo as Vydra, for his special scene.

    Please treat your replies to Jerjerrod as separate events on separate days. Sheel meets Vydra, then Atreus meets Vydra. No overlap save for in this tag.

    Have fun...

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    Mar 9, 2005

    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Wandering…..Nouane

    It was time for challenge number two.

    Vydra had been drawn to the southern half of the city to a market square, busy as usual with business.

    This female he knew felt like a hunter, felt like she had a sense of justice. An attunement to the Force that surpassed his when he had joined the Protectors. She seemed a bit prickly in the Force but Vydra sensed there was something else underneath.

    He hoped because he was in the South that Vale would not notice him. He was on a secret mission as it were and if the others knew, all would be lost, no matter how much Vydra wanted to tell them what would happen.

    It would be up to these five now to protect the future, protect the Protectors legacy. And also perhaps learn some useful stuff from him.

    He spotted the red skinned female and walked over to her to introduce himself. He also had something to give over as he did the first time.

    Hopefully this time it would be a little easier. His worry was masked by a confidence which he projected as he stood in front of the female.

    “My name is Vydra Delomeux, and I am to be your new Master” his face was deadly serious, no amount of smiles would work on this one he sensed “The Master has entrusted me with training you and teaching you in the ways of the Force, for you to become a Protector. To Protect the Light and the future, to protect the galaxy and lead it into a new era. I am to help prepare you for the journey you are about to embark on”

    He pulled the second Holocron of Heresies out from his bag, a pyramidal Holocron.

    “I can sense that you are all business so I shall come straight to the point. I don’t know what the Master has told you, if anything at all. But this Holocron will tell you what is to come and what you must do to prepare yourself. When the time comes you will be summoned and you and four others will form the new class, the new Protectors. Where you will also receive the weapon of a Protector, your lightsaber. A symbol of who you are.”

    Now for the important bit.

    “There will be challenges ahead and you must face them and be ready for when the time comes when you will be counted on to protect what is most important.” he held the Holocron out “If you accept this challenge the take this Holocron and know that I will teach you and guide you as best that I can”

    “Are you up for it Apprentice?”

    TAG: @Corellian_Outrider

    The next day…..

    Vydra was now in the North, and it was cold.

    Luckily he had a jacket on over his shirt and waistcoat but he could not help but shiver in the wind as he was drawn to his third apprentice. The woman warrior.

    A warrior, a hunter and a teenager, quite an eclectic mix here….

    The blonde haired woman dressed in fur caught his attention and he wandered over still shivering but still projecting confidence over his usual worries.

    “My name is Vydra Delomeux, and I am to be your new Master” he said, and this was becoming sort of like a mantra to him, he was the new Master whether he liked it or not “The Master has entrusted me with training you and teaching you in the ways of the Force, for you to become a Protector. To Protect the Light and the future, to protect the galaxy and lead it into a new era. I am to help prepare you for the journey you are about to embark on”

    He was repeating what he had said to his second apprentice, but to be honest what he was saying was true and he had to make every word count.

    “I can feel you are a warrior, a woman that takes no nonsense and is not afraid to attack, but also to defend what is right, justice, equality, everything that is good in this world. And you can continue to do that as a Protector. To protect not just the world, but the galaxy”

    He pulled the third pyramidal Holocron of Heresies out “I don’t know what the Master has told you, if anything at all. But this Holocron will tell you what is to come and what you must do to prepare yourself. When the time comes you will be summoned and you and four others will form the new class, the new Protectors. Where you will also receive the weapon of a Protector, your lightsaber. A symbol of who you are.”

    He smiled a little “And it might be a slight improvement on your sword there”

    “There will be challenges ahead and you must face them and be ready for when the time comes when you will be counted on to protect what is most important.” he held the Holocron out “If you accept this challenge the take this Holocron and know that I will teach you and guide you as best that I can”

    He was once again repeating himself but it was the best way to drive home how important joining the Protectors was and what lay in store for them all.

    Hopefully this woman would accept as well.

    “Are you up for the challenge Apprentice?”

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    Mar 9, 2002

    Sheel Ix
    Location: On a journey - Nouane

    Something… unexplainable…

    Almost a dream…

    That was what Sheel Ix kept telling herself as she trudged through the thick jungle. It was still dark, the sun had yet to wake. Her mind was mulling over this… this… disruption of senses. Something almost out of a dream had compelled her to journey northward… a pull… drawing her to something or someone or somewhere. Yet, she did not know how, what or why. It was very much unlike her to act upon a dream but ever since that night she had encountered the 'Master', it felt as though something had awaken within herself. It felt important she did this, even if she did not quite understand it all just yet.

    The foliage thinned as she neared the source of rushing waters. From her vantage point, she saw first light had touched the sky over the foliage before casting her eyes to the great river. It snakes through many lands and necessary for the life around them. Adjusting the position of her bow and quiver, she climbed down the slope to the edge of the water to follow along the banks. The water flowed swift and surely in the direction she needed to go. If only her canoe had not been destroyed in the last monsoon as it would have been perfect to use here.

    The great snaking river threaded through the jungle until it widened up to the delta. She had only ventured here once before, many years ago. She caught herself frowning at the changes she saw; the trees receded back, series of bridges connecting the islets, agriculture along the banks and the waterways busy with boats… travel, commerce and fishing.

    Her cloak wrapped about herself, the veil shrouded the lower half of her face, enough to hopefully avoid drawing unwanted attention to herself. With how things have been closer to home, she felt uneasy being near a larger settlement, let alone leaving the protection of the jungle. Yet, she needed to continued on… to wherever it was that was drawing her to.

    The sun had climbed higher and she found out why there were more boats in the water than traffic on the land as the bridges were more of a hinderance. In the end, and with some difficulty, she was fortunate to barter passage on one of the smaller boats… a skiff. It had cost her an hour and a few arrows to hunt some of the local vermin. That wasn't too bad… even though she was making better time and distance on the water, she was doubting it was worth the effort as the owner kept talking the whole. While she ignored it for the most part, she eventually felt that it was the person's way of trying to make her comfortable… or maybe she unnerved them?

    Time was easy to lose track of with the warmth of the sun bearing down them. She had stood at the bow, her hand signalling the direction as she closed her eyes and concentrated on their heading. The pull was stronger now, more like a beacon guiding her. A compass. The closer she got to it, the stronger it grew… and she thought she noticed the positioning had changed… as though it was travelling too.

    Their speed had slowed, she blinked open her eyes to the most beautiful turquoise blue which stretched out to deeper waters that dominated the horizon, dotted by green capped islands.

    "I'm afraid we cannot go further out." The owner apologised as the skiff turned.

    "Where are we?" Sheel Ix breathed in awe as she held onto the mast. She had never seen blue like that before. "Why are we turning around?"

    "It's where the fresh water flows into the sea." The skiff owner said. "This skiff isn't designed to traverse open water. We'd be lucky to make it halfway to that island before we sink..."

    Sheel Ix reluctantly turned from the ocean and gazed upon the coastline. Her her cloak billowed as the wind buffered against them, her hand held the hood in place. She missed what was being said but saw the skiff owner point to a coastal town in the distance.

    "Take me there!" She called above the wind.

    Whatever the name was, she did not quite catch it and it certainly wasn't small to her. It would have been at least twice… three times the size of the main one at Pala Que. Berthed at the docks, where she was dropped off, there ships unlike ones she has even seen before were. She wandered amongst the workers, ignoring some of the odd looks in her direction as she observed the bustle.

    It was an assault to the senses. The smells, sights and sounds… She was surrounded by different types of beings she had not seen before and languages… it made her feel a bit more comfortable that she wasn't the only 'stranger' here and her earlier misgivings momentarily forgotten. The smell of fish. The catch of unknown species separated out and into containers. Large cranes moved as cargo was transferred between ships and loading zones… She could spend all afternoon here watching life going about their business if not for the urgency at the back of her mind, the reason why she was here. Pushing the awestruck from her system, she set her mind back onto the hunt.

    That 'beacon' was stronger, it was 'magnetic'. It had to be here! Was it luck or fate? Her feet moved on their own accord as the 'pull' lead her closer. Passing streets, she caught herself a few times looking wide eyed at the tall buildings, the colourful signage, strange fashion… then it opened up to a public space, stalls of vendors, selling all sorts of things at the markets. Somewhere here was whatever it was that had compelled her on this unknown journey and she intend to find out.

    Cautiously moving through the crowds and stalls, she kept her head turning slowly back and forth. Her eyes seeking, her senses alert… she knew it was coming closer… just where and what...

    A prickle at the back of her neck, she turned locked eyes with a man looking directly at her. He was dressed in attire of fine material, did not appear to be the usual type of ruffian to cause trouble… but this was a strange place and she dare not take her chances. She dipped her chin, her eyes flicked left and right for an opening… a possible escape vector, before settling back on him as he started his approach. Her earlier concerns came to mind. She drew her cloak close about herself, her hand hidden underneath, resting on the hilt of her dagger...

    “My name is Vydra Delomeux, and I am to be your new Master” The man introduced himself as he stood before her.

    Sheel Ix sized him up. Picking up on the unmistakeable pulse, breathing… signs of flesh and blood. Even though his aura felt heightened compared to those around them, it was no spectre. She let go of a breath she did not realise she had held as he continued speaking.

    “The Master has entrusted me with training you and teaching you in the ways of the Force, for you to become a Protector. To Protect the Light and the future, to protect the galaxy and lead it into a new era. I am to help prepare you for the journey you are about to embark on.”

    She pursed her lips as she watched with curiosity as Vydra removed an object from his bag. There were some words said in which she had not heard of before though she felt she understood the core.

    “I can sense that you are all business so I shall come straight to the point. I don’t know what the Master has told you, if anything at all. But this Holocron will tell you what is to come and what you must do to prepare yourself. When the time comes you will be summoned and you and four others will form the new class, the new Protectors. Where you will also receive the weapon of a Protector, your lightsaber. A symbol of who you are.”

    She nodded, her eyes on the holocron. It was an unusual object, the material unlike anything she had seen before. She felt the significance even though she did not quite understand what it was. Her gaze flicker back to Vydra's eyes, searching his pupils… picking up on the beat of his pulse. He seemed genuine and in turn she relaxed a little more, her hand left the hilt. There are four more who are approached as well? That was curious.

    “There will be challenges ahead and you must face them and be ready for when the time comes when you will be counted on to protect what is most important.” he held the Holocron out. “If you accept this challenge then take this Holocron and know that I will teach you and guide you as best that I can… Are you up for it Apprentice?”

    The huntress tilted her head to her left a fraction as she regarded him. "Thank you for being direct, Vydra… Delomeux…" She said his name slowly, making sure she was pronouncing it as he had. "Your forwardness is appreciated and you may call me Sheel Ix."

    The cloak slid back as she folded her arms in front of her chest.

    "If I understand correctly, and clarify if I am wrong, my purpose is to protect life." She regarded the holocron that was in his offered hand. She brought her hand close… it felt like the source of the 'pull'… or was this his doing? She was tempted to touch but in doing so would it bind her in an agreement? Was this a test? Now was the time to be sure of everything before taking the plunge.

    "To be trained in methods and given means to effectively and properly carry out said role. It is in preparation…" Her gaze went back to his and arch a brow questioningly. "…for some impending but somehow, expected…" her other hand gesture to the air as though grasping the right words. "…opposition? Cataclysm?" She furrowed her brow and shrugged as though it mattered not the word but the meaning. "End to such way of life as we know it. When said time comes, I am expected to fulfil my duty and play my part regardless of opposition. To protect life. Yes?"

    It didn't sound too bad, if she had it all correct. "If we are of like minds, then all I have to do claim this…" She flashed a smile. Whether he saw it through the veil was another thing. "However…" She lifted her chin as her hand moved away from the holocron. "If there is something you are not telling me, now is the time…"

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Northern Hills, Nouane

    Some time had passed since her meeting with the mysterious figure that claimed to be the “Master”. Lagertha was confused as to what was its purpose. Did she fail the test? Or was that all just an elaborate sham. Her people were as confused as her. A nasty rumour started circulating that she was not worthy and that they need to find a suitable replacement. The tribe’s Elders decided against it as otherwise they had to admit to making a mistake in the first place, so they all tried to convince the people that she simply was not ready yet.

    One day it changed. She sensed something… Something that drew her Southward. At first she wanted to resist the temptation… But then decided to share it with the Elders and ask for permission. They had a brief consultation among themselves and reached a decision that it must the Master who was calling her. Lagertha packed her things, but only the bare minimum. Where she was going there was no need for too many possessions, besides she didn’t have much. Some clothes, it was hard to find lighter ones for the warmer climate down South. Probably will need to buy some, but that was a problem that will need solving later.

    Lagertha put her belongings on the back of her trusty Fathier, Agatha. It was a large, dark brown creature. Its fur was suitable for the harsh environment. The speed with which it could run made it perfect for charging enemy positions or scouting. Lagertha hoped she will find Agatha a suitable stable. Of course she could have taken a speeder from the nearby town, but she decided against it. Technology is a crutch that weakens the Protector.


    The journey South was not that long. It was tiresome but manageable. She had attracted some attention and a bit of ridicule when passing small towns and villages, but that was to be expected. It was a defensive reaction when facing something they did not understand. It did not matter to Lagertha as the Protector must be humble and not protect their own ego.

    Though there were people who respected the past and helped her, provided her with shelter and food. Upon reaching her destination she found a farm. The owners were good people. They had some relatives in the North and agreed to take care of Agatha for her. Lagertha told them that she would visit them and that she will repay them for their kindness. The farmers tried to say that it was not needed, but Lagertha insisted.

    Now she was walking among the hills. The place was rich in the Force. There were some ancient burial grounds under some of the hills. A sacred ground. The citizens had forgotten too much of their own history. She closed her eyes for a moment to feel the history and the lingering energies. Then felt a new presence… It was somehow familiar… A man… approached her. She raised an eyebrow.

    He presented himself to her. She stifled a snicker at the name. In the old language of her people Vydra meant “an otter”. Hopefully she won’t have to bring him to her people as they could be very direct about such things. So he was to be her teacher. He didn’t seem like a warrior, more of a scholar. Hmmmm… Lagertha said nothing and listened to his tirade. Maybe that was another test? Or he was to help her overcome some of the deficiencies of her own training. She had a limited grasp on the philosophical aspect of being a Protector. Her people viewed things as black and white and dealt with simpler terms. Lagertha knew that there were holes in her knowledge, holes that needed filling in order for her to excel. Though she felt a bit old to start all over again, but one must be ready to do anything for self improvement.

    Lagertha bit a retort about her sword. It was not a simple weapon as people thought. It had its own history… its own spirit of sorts. It was engraved with ancient runes. Its name was “Shadowcutter” and was forged in the Atalan mountains many generations ago. It was not to be drawn for conquest or murder for pleasure. It was to be used only as a protection of the weak and the innocent.

    “A Protector is always ready.” she said matter-of-factly “I am Lagertha of the clan Atreus, from the Northern Highlands. I will be honored to continue my training and one day become a full Protector.”

    She reached for the holocron. A device from myths and legends. It contained knowledge coming from the past. She had heard stories of an oracle and a sorcerer who had such a thing. Maybe the shadowy figure she had met earlier was that “wizard”? Who knows?

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    Mar 9, 2005
    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Southern and Northern Nouane

    It seemed this Sheel Ix had been told more than he thought.

    This hunter seemed to be someone who seemed intelligent, who was no nonsense and had an inkling of what was going on. And it seemed she wanted everything told to her straight. Which he preferred too he hated having more questions than answers. But he had been told to keep most of it secret and let the Holocrons do the rest. It would be difficult with this one he mused.

    “It seems you have hit the nail on the head Apprentice Ix” he said with a slight smile “Yes something will happen that will change the galaxy to know it, to end it. My job as I mentioned is to prepare you for that and the Holocron you will hopefully take will tell you more and explain more than I ever could. You are to prepare yourself for what is to come for you will possibly lose everything you hold dear and I am to lead you on to a better future a future free of death, destruction and chaos”

    His face turned serious “If you do choose to become my apprentice you are not to reveal yourself to anyone or I will consider your apprenticeship null and void. You will stay quiet until I call for you and then you and the others will become the new class, hopefully you may meet the other Protectors who were part of my class and they may continue your training who knows”

    “The life of a Protector will be all that you know, it will be your past, your present and your future. To protect the Light and all that it stands for. To represent justice and peace in the galaxy”

    “So Apprentice Ix, I will ask you now. Are you willing to become my apprentice?”

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    The warrior woman had given him a simple answer compared to Sheel Ix the day before.

    No questions asked she was going for it, but what worried Vydra was she ready for this? Was she aware of what she was getting into? Time for a reality check.

    “Apprentice Atreus” he said his face remaining serious and withholding the Holocron from her for just a moment “Something is about to happen that will change the very fabric of the galaxy, a cataclysm if you will that will bring about the end of the galaxy as we know it. This Holocron will tell you more and explain more than I can but it will prepare you for what is to come and what will happen after. You may lose all that you hold dear and you need to be aware that it may never come back.”

    He smiled slightly, “You are a warrior, a woman who is always ready for battle and no doubt there will be many battles ahead. The life of a Protector will be your past, your present and your future, to protect the Light and all that it stands for. To become a beacon for peace and justice in the galaxy and to create a future free of death destruction and chaos”

    He turned serious again “If you do choose to become my apprentice you are not to reveal yourself to anyone or I will consider your apprenticeship null and void. You will stay quiet until I call for you and then you and the others will become the new class, hopefully you may meet the other Protectors who were part of my class and they may continue your training who knows”

    He held the Holocron out again “So Lagetha Atreus, are you willing to become my apprentice?”

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: Apologies for the double post, this is a comno between myself and @Sinrebirth , authorized to go up here :)

    IC: Rath Sek’nos, Vydra Delomeux
    Location: City centre, after the Fourth Great Lesson


    It was a great communion of people’s, and Rath loved it. The energy of a hundred different species all in the heat of their daily routine. Human, Rodian, Wookiee, Chistori, Gungan, Twi’lek, Devaronian, Arkanian, Janguine, Sluissi, Herglic, Taung, Ho’Din, Killik - he even spied a Gree, of all things.

    He was the only red skinned Sith here, but that didn’t bother him. Usually this made him feel isolated, for there was a very small Sith community on Nouane, but now, in the weeks since he had met the Master, he felt special, as if part of a greater whole. It’s because of the Force, which has been opened to him and he’d been able to sense so much because of it.

    The Master had made him feel that.

    But now the Master was gone... but someone else, he could now feel. The first secret student of Vydra was revealed along a finely tuned Force bond, designed to reveal him to the librarian and only him. Rath filled that part of him with his gratitude, and his anticipation for teaching.

    It had been good to be home.

    Sophie and Pierre Delomeux had been happy to see their son home and luckily he had avoided a telling of from from the both of them for not coming home sooner. And also thankfully no arguments either. Luckily Venezia had escaped an ear bashing as well which Vydra was glad about.

    It was strange being back in his own bed again but it didn't take him long to drop off. The passing of the Master was still a sad moment but he had to move on and do his job properly, not just for the Protectors but for the wider galaxy as a whole.

    His mother’s cooking was still as delicious as ever and better than the food he got at the Clock Temple sometimes, a veritable feast of the senses. This time there was no chat about what he was doing as a Protector, it was more focused on the rest of the family, what they were doing, what had been happening and so forth. Vydra made no mention of the Masters passing, they would hear about it sooner or later and it was something he did not really want to be discussed at this present time.

    Routine however took over, his mother going grocery shopping, his father heading to his important meeting and Venezia off to get presents for a Life Day party with some helpful tips provided by Vydra. well he thought so anyway. He was left to his own devices at home, so he decided to help out by doing some cleaning around the house and seeing if he needed anything from his room to take back with him to the Clock Temple. Other than that he spent most of the time meditating. He felt better than he had before, his thoughts now in less of a spin. He knew that what would come next would shape the future and that if he was not ready emotionally for the task he might as well pack up and stay home.

    The others however would have no clue of what had happened, that he had come home to be with his family. They had their own problems to sort out. What mattered now was that they work together to cary on the Master’s work. He didn't know if he was still good enough to do it, but he would have to be. He would have to make sure his concentration was on the job at hand, nothing else could enter his mind until the job was done and the future was secure.

    He had said goodbye to his family once again as he explained that his patrol duties would be starting. Venezia gave him a big hug once again and his mother and father both wished him luck. Vydra hoped it was not the last time he would see them. They could not understand what was about to happen but he hoped at least he would get to say one last goodbye. It was time to get back to business at hand.

    It was a tug in the Force that sent him on his way…..

    As Vydra had some free time as it were from his patrol duties he had decided to enjoy a stroll around towards the city centre where the weekly market happened and the fountain, the centerpiece of Nouane City brought people together to admire it and meet up.

    Since the Master had accepted Vydra as the new leader and teacher of these apprentices Vydra had been on the lookout and keeping his Force senses attuned as to whether they would come to them or vice versa. And one day, the Force sang to him with the call of his first student.

    Well, here goes nothing….

    Gratitude and anticipation greeted Vydra through the bond and now the pressure was really on. He had to hope thanks to the guidance from the Holocron that he would live up to expectations and be able to teach these five students. Not just in the ways of the Force but to prepare them for what was to come and to prepare for after the End.

    For a new future, perhaps with the other Protectors too. But these five would become the new Protectors, to carry on the legacy and teach their own apprentices someday.

    But first things first, time to reveal himself and begin the journey.

    He spotted the red skinned man and approached with a little bit of caution and apprehension but he also projected confidence as well. To show a student any weak sign when you first met them was not a good idea.

    “My name is Vydra Delomeux” he said his face remaining serious even though he wanted to crack a little bit of a smile “And I shall be your Master. As you well know, the Master has left and he has entrusted me to teach you and others the ways of the Force and to prepare you for the journey ahead. It will not be easy, but hopefully it will be rewarding in the end”

    “Are you up for the challenge?”

    Rath blinked. After the black cloaked mystery of the Master, this man was positively ordinary looking - but he felt like an ocean of power in the Force, and Rath was awed. “You’re my... new...”

    A surge of emotion filled the young Sith, and he was overjoyed.

    “Master?” He went down on one knee before the man, head dropped. “Master Delomeux. I pledge myself to your teachings.”

    Members of the milking crowd noticed the scene, and frowned, tittered, wondered, and, it course. A handsome, strapping man, bowing to... a tawdry librarian? There were whispers, and a Gree eyed the pair with some absent curiosity.

    Well this is rather embarrassing…

    Vydra had to give a smile to the crowd as if to say “Nothing to see here, just ignore us” and stretched out in the Force to try and nudge the crowd along as if this a normal conversation here. He hadn't expected the red skinned male to actually drop down on one knee before him his excitement clear to see and in the Force it felt like he was positively jumping up and down.

    He might not be feeling like that later on.

    He waved the young man up “Rise young apprentice” his smile he had on had faded into seriousness again “Thank you for accepting my offer. You may feel excitement now but what will come will be a serious test of your mind and body and whether you will be ready both in body and spirit for what is to come. For something is coming that will change the very fate of the galaxy at large, and you must be ready to accept the new future”

    He nodded and relaxed a little “So what is your name young apprentice, and why do you wish to join the Protectors?”

    “Rath Sek’nos,” he said, standing, his hue even redder than usual out of sudden embarrassment. He had entirely forgotten where he was.

    “I want to serve, and Protect, Master.” He squeezed his palms into fists. “More than anything, that’s what I want.”

    Well that is short and to the point.

    "You sound just like me" Vydra said with a chuckle and a slight smile "That was always my mantra to protect and to serve. And so you shall. You are the first of the five students I have to find and no doubt you will all be different in philosophies, levels of your Force abilities and personalities"

    He turned serious again and worry entered his thoughts. This was the important bit, if any of this was revealed or a student dissented to anything it would all be shot. And the legacy of the Protectors would fall. He pulled one of the five pyramidal Holocron of Heresies out of his bag and presented it to Rath.

    "Apprentice Rath this is called the Holocron of Heresies. This will give you information about what is to come in the future and to prepare you for the time when you will all need to come together and create something new, to protect the future. When the time is right you will be summoned to the Clock Temple to meet with the rest and to collect your lightsbaer, a symbol that you are a Protector"

    He narrowed his eyes " You must not seek others out not reveal yourself as an apprentice. If you do I will consider your apprenticeship null and void. That Holocron is yours to keep and you must not reveal what it holds to any one. You will continue on your normal life until you are summoned"

    That was one of the hard parts done, time to see what Rath thought.

    Rath looked both excited and baffled. A Holocron of Heresies. That didn’t really sound safe. “The Master gave you this to give to me? But in secret?”

    He was struggling to get through his emotions but it was inevitable he would settle on suspicion, and then shame, for being concerned about Vydra,. “I don’t understand, sir. Why can I not seek out the other Protectors? Masters Graal or Sera? Or Dunkeel?”

    The four of them had been announced as publicly assigned to the quarters. So, Rath knew their names, and had been looking forward to meeting them all. “And shouldn’t it be... a Holocron of Prophecy? The Master mentioned one...”

    And it was now going to hell in a handbasket. Were they all going to be like this?.

    Anxiety gnawed at him and he tried not to show it on his face. Had the Master set him up?. Was he about to be ensnared in a trap?But if he was, why would the Master think of such a thing?. Perhaps because Vydra was the novice. Take out the runt of the litter. But then again why would the Master entrust him with this important task only to then throw him to the wolves?

    Stay calm Vydra, tell him the truth. Well not all of it…

    "Indeed he asked me to give you this Holocron in secret. He felt that it was important for me to pass it on to you as it contains all the knowledge you need to know"

    "As to the Holocron of Prophecies I have heard of it too. But that Holocron only pertains to what must happen, it does not reveal what happens after. Perhaps you may receive a Holocron of Prophecies too, who knows. But the most important thing is to prepare yourself for what happens after the Prophecy, when you and the others will be called upon to protect and serve"

    He smiled slightly "As to the other Protectors you won't meet them yet, someday you may do if all goes well" and Vydra hoped so too.

    Rath nodded. He understood that, and the Force did not suggest he worry. Vydra was clearly an honest sort, but he needed to ask. At the end of the day, some mysterious cloaked guy convinces you of your fate, shows you the wonder of the Force, and then warns you that he has to leave and you must trust someone else.

    As much as the Masters took what the Master said and trusted it, trusting someone else after that fact was likely to raise some alarm bells. But Rath had something any other person didn’t; the Force, and it didn’t warn him about Vydra.

    So he took his faith in the Master and handed it to Vydra. “Thank you for humouring me Master - this is so... so overwhelming.”

    In some ways, what was occurring now was a microcosm for every single time the Master had told Vydra and the others something seemingly impossible. Vydra would have to learn to handle the curiosity verging on suspicion of his motives. Rath was young, and relatively innocent in-spite of the censure he received from society for being a Sith.

    But Atreus, or Sheel, who were harder to life? Let alone the others? Who knew how that would go.

    Vydra released the internal breath he was holding, so Rath had chosen wisely and had put his faith in him. It seemed stupid to question the Masters motives but sometimes situations like this made Vydra question everything. It seemed his destiny in life to always ask question but you didn't expect any less from a librarian.

    Vydra nodded to Rath’s response “It is overwhelming but trust me it will all be worth it in the end. Sadly I cannot tell you what will happen as this is a rather public place so it will be best if you study your Holocron in private because no doubt what you will see and hear will be overwhelming to you. When I first started out everything was overwhelming but I have learned to accept my duties and teachings and do my duty. I have been given a mission, a mission that you five students will continue and you must be resolved and ready to do your duty as I do mine”

    He smiled a broader one this time, the smile he had for people who ever needed help in the library the one that said “trust me, i’ll find what you are looking for.''

    “I hope you will trust me to guide you and to make sure you all are safe and hopefully not stray too far. But I will trust you all to stay safe and not reveal anything to anyone, to do so could jeopardize not just the future, but the galaxy as a whole”

    He could feel another connection being made, it looked like another link was being made to the second person and future apprentice.

    He bowed his head in respect to his first apprentice “I have told you what I can and given you what you need to start off. It will be goodbye for now, but when the time comes you will find me again and I shall lead you all on to a brighter future, to Protect what is most important”

    Rath could feel his uncertainty, but that didn’t my stop him from nodding, resolute in his determination. “Thank you, Master.”

    He accepted the Holocron from Vydra. “I promise that I will honour the trust that you and the Master have placed in me. When the time is right, I shall be ready to Protect, and step up to defend what must be.”

    The Sith then remembered what he has been told to say. “But before I forget, sir.” He placed a hand to his chest.

    “May the Force be with you.”

    Vydra remembered the Master saying the exact same thing to him many moons ago. A phrase that would echo through the ages. A phrase that was the Masters way of giving his students a hug.

    And he would keep that going to his students.

    "May the Force be with you apprentice Rath. Stay safe and well and I shall see you again soon"

    He gave his first apprentice a bow of respect before turning to leave. That was hard but he knew it was just the beginning.

    One down, four more to go.

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  20. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Northern Hills, Nouane

    Lagertha blinked. Was he serious or the city-folk did not know about the Protectors? To be fair she knew that there were holes in her knowledge, ones that she wanted to fill in, to complete her training. Most of the information that she had came from tales and myths. There were songs too. The Elders had told her that there was much more to be known and that more will be revealed to her.

    Lagertha realized that it was natural. Things needed to be uncovered one by one. To gather all the pieces of the puzzle. To see the big picture. But first she needed to be ready. She was physically ready and knew some of the basics of the Protector philosophy. The esoteric aspect of it all worried her. Lagertha was a grounded person. Her people were like that, the immaterial scared them. They liked things that can be seen or touched.

    Also there was a lot of superstition. Which was inevitable given how much time had passed and a lot of the information got skewered. She hoped that she wouldn’t bring shame to her tribe by appearing so ignorant about these things. But that was part of the training. After all she needed to learn… probably during that process she needed to unlearn some of what she knew.

    All of these considerations made her head hurt and a bit ashamed. She was getting a bit more self conscious. Maybe she was a bit more barbaric after all? Lagertha stifled a groan, it was not the time to show hesitancy.

    “I don’t know how much the Master had told you about me, but my tribe had been preparing me for the role of a Protector. I may not have a fancy education like you city-folk, but I know a thing or two.” she said evenly “I am ready and willing to become your apprentice and I accept your terms.”

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    Sheel Ix
    Location: Market place - in a strange city in southern Nouane (north of Pala Que)

    “It seems you have hit the nail on the head Apprentice Ix” Vydra had said with a slight smile.

    Was that deliberate? The corner of Sheel Ix’s lips twitched, as did the tips of her lekku. She had not agreed to anything yet.

    “Yes something will happen that will change the galaxy to know it, to end it.” Vydra continued. “My job as I mentioned is to prepare you for that and the Holocron you will hopefully take will tell you more and explain more than I ever could. You are to prepare yourself for what is to come for you will possibly lose everything you hold dear and I am to lead you on to a better future a future free of death, destruction and chaos”

    That was disappointing. She was expecting substantially more than a reinterpretation of what she had surmised. It might be the language barrier and he was reconfirming what she had said, however, the future he painted was one that was illogical to her. His story was falling apart and becoming murky.

    “If you do choose to become my apprentice you are not to reveal yourself to anyone or I will consider your apprenticeship null and void.” Vydra’s expression changed. “You will stay quiet until I call for you and then you and the others will become the new class, hopefully you may meet the other Protectors who were part of my class and they may continue your training who knows.”

    Sheel Ix double blinked, her brow furrowed. From the end of the ‘galaxy’ to... revealing one’s self? The consequences given straight up, but what was the reason why? Reveal in what context? Her name? Her presence? Identity? The only thing she could connect it with was the Qha'guré, a tribe where the critical ritualistic customs celebrating the gods, where too sacred to be expressed through the individual but only through the use of ornate ceremonial masks? Besides, who was there to tell? To reveal herself to? Who would believe her anyway?

    “The life of a Protector will be all that you know, it will be your past, your present and your future. To protect the Light and all that it stands for. To represent justice and peace in the galaxy.”
    So Apprentice Ix, I will ask you now. Are you willing to become my apprentice?”

    Sheel Ix eyes slimmed and she dipped her chin a fraction as he called her 'Apprentice Ix' yet again! The first time might have been a slip but the second as he offered the apprenticeship again… Was he overplaying his hand? Eager? Or it was more a case of urgency? She tried to put herself in his shoes. She knew nothing of him, what did he know of her? She was beginning to have her doubts.

    However, they came to her for assistance… at least the ‘Master’ did and that is what she took the meaning to be. They needed her help to protect life as the Master had indicated, “a Protector of all that surrounds us, and binds us...The air, the wind, the space between you and I. Everything." In order to do so, she was offered a means to be more effective at doing so… however, given what was being played out here before her…what was meant by ‘protect’ exactly? She was beginning to feel that the word ‘protect’ and ‘protectors’ was held entirely differently to what she believed it to be. To protect what? A galaxy. Whatever that was.

    She presumed this 'galaxy' was something of value to Vydra. Was it a place? An artefact? His homeland? She had never encountered such a word before. He wanted to preserve whatever it was… to keep the same... but if it was something living, then it would be futile doing so for obvious reasons. A contradiction. This was starting to feel more like a trap up. This was all to lure her out… and then what? Silence her? Take over and exploit her home?

    Her lips pursed. They probably sized her up as an easy mark when she left the dock. This was all a hustle. She had no currency on her… unless this was to take her as a slave? There simply were too many conflicting views in a foreign place far from home.

    "Vydra Delomeux…" She gently spoke, her eyes met his. "…I believe that some things are lost in translation. You seem eager, but in your haste to bind me to you, you haven't given me much at all as to why I should be bound. When someone comes up to you and claims to be your new Master… offers a trinket in exchange for servitude, one questions what is going on."

    She sighed softly. "Instead, you have given promises for a possible future. One which, to my knowledge, cannot possibly be ensured…" She paused. Had she interpreted what he said about a better future wrong? Was this another test? She gave a small chuckle, her tone shifted lightheartedly. "I mean, I could ask if you are a deity. Are you one that is capable of such grand feats?"

    Her fingers gently touched his shoulder, just to make sure he was really there. Noting the texture and material of his clothing. They were strange, not very practical for the wilderness. "Are you intending to claim the other deities influences and tributes for your own power? How does one respond to that?" She pursed her lips. "Does that sound preposterous? Maybe we both can laugh… hmmm…"

    She looked past his shoulder to the people in the market. They were going about their lives, intermingling yet ignorant of each other. She didn’t see anyone else taking an interest in them. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he was alone. "But then again, by asking might cause insult. I could easily end up as a sacrifice upon the altar of the gods. My blood a river, staining the streets crimson."

    Her gaze returned to him as she started to pace around him. "What do we know of each other? Here we are, strangers from different realms drawn to a single place and no more wiser than we were before we met." She looped her arm through his as she stepped beside him. Her grip firm as she looked him in the eyes. "I have some questions for you and you are not leaving until I have answers. Shall we go for a walk?” Sheel Ix said with a gesture.

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    IC: Vydra Delomeux
    Location: Southern and Northern Nouane

    Unfortunately it wasn't going as well as Vydra hoped. Sheel Ix was having none of it.

    She wasn't calling hi Master yet which was fine by him but if she was going to be his apprentice that would have to change. But she wasn't essentially signing the contract just yet.

    Basically she was explaining that she could not be bound to him basically because he was a stranger to her and was offering the Holocron of Heresies without giving much information. Promises of a future which could not be ensured. And then basically asked if he was a God and then started spouting off about deities and sacrifice. He was used to the religious cults in the North of the city speaking about gods and deities and potentially sacrificing themselves but this woman seemed not to be part of a cult she believed this on her own.

    And then an ultimatum, go for a walk and answer my questions or else.

    It potentially looked like Vydra was about to endure his first failure because he could not reveal all, to reveal all would potentially mean people dying and everything being revealed too early. And it wasn't for him to reveal it was for them to find out about and then make the decision as to whether they wanted to come along for the ride or not. He had resolved himself not to fail, he could not fail but he could not stop others failing for him.

    He narrowed his eyes “First things first, you do not give me ultimatums. If I am to be your Master you need to treat me with more respect, the respect a Master deserves” this woman seemed stubborn which was fine but in with the other apprentices it would not do. "I am happy however to negotiate with you. Negotiations are better than threats"

    “Second of all, I cannot reveal all, to do so would have catastrophic consequences. So I may not be able to answer all of your questions, some answers you will need to find out for yourself and those answers are contained in the Holocron I was about to give you. It is up to you to take my word for it and it is up to you whether you wish to go down the path I have given you. If you however choose not to follow that path then you will not become a Protector, simple as that and you can go back to your life. The Master gave me a mission, I cannot force you to join. All I can say is that the Master asked me to find you and bring you into the fold of the Protectors and to bring you what will happen in the future. Do you wish to go against the Master's wishes?”

    He focused his gaze on her “Of course I am a stranger and I do not expect you to trust me straight off. Bit

    He nodded though “I will perhaps take a walk but it cannot be for long, I must return soon back to my duties or I will be missed and that would create…..complications” he said simply.

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    This meeting however was going a lot better.

    Vydra gave his apprentice a smile, she had accepted all that he had had to say. No mess, no fuss but she looked and sounded like she meant business. A tribal warrior ready to take on the darkness and face it with the light to protect the future at all costs.

    The “fancy education” line nearly made him chuckle. Of course his apprentices would come in all shapes and sizes, from all different backgrounds and personalities. And if her tribe had prepared her for what was to come in regards to being a Protector then she would have a good head start.
    “Apprentice Atreus” he said “I welcome you then to your training” he still ha the Holocron held out to her “You will need to study this Holocron in private, it is for your eyes and ears only, no-one elses. To reveal anything stored in the Holocron could jeopardize the galaxy as a whole. This will also give you the training you need in the Force When the time is right I will call for you, and I hope you will answer that call” he kept the smile on his face “Something tells me that you hopefully will”

    “When I first became an apprentice to the Master it was overwhelming, particularly for a novice like myself. But over time I knew what I had to do, complete the training and be ready and accept the responsibility of what is to come and the mission as a whole. Some things will be overwhelming to you, some will not, but what counts is that you stay true to yourself, never forget who you are and what lies ahead. And know that the galaxy will be safe when all this is done”

    “I hope you trust me to guide you and I hope that you will keep safe and not stray too far. I have told you what I can and given you what you need to start off. It will be goodbye for now, but when the time comes you will find me again and I shall lead you all on to a brighter future, to Protect what is most important”

    He gave a bow to his apprentice and he was about to give her the equivalent of a mental hug “May the Force be with you Apprentice Atreus. Stay safe and well and I shall see you again soon”

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Holocron of Heresies
    Afterwards, Northern Hills, Nouane

    The meeting had not gone unnoticed.

    Lagertha would shortly after sense the attention of another, but it was curious, and childish. Ah yes, it was a twelve-year-old from the Tribe. Praer. So named due to the prayers which had carried her from her mothers womb before she passed, Praer had been adopted by the tribe in it's entirety, and she was very often at a loose end, between the families which had agreed to care for her.

    "Hiiiii!" She knew Lagertha would sense her long before she arrived, so the little blonde girl merely waved as she approached.

    "What are you doing this far south?" She trotted up, peering down at the City. "Ew. It smells horrible."

    If the voraciously curious child saw the Holocron, she would never cease to talk about it.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    Sheel Ix
    Location: Market place - in a strange city in southern Nouane (north of Pala Que)

    He didn’t smite her down. Yay! Not even unto the lost ages. That bit of levity was lost.

    Obviously, he is not a deity mingling with the commoners. However, it was clear to her that Vydra was feeling indignant. Sheel Ix gave a sideways glance, her left eyebrow arched as she met his gaze. She bit the side of her cheek to stop herself from interrupting. He took this as a threat? The way he carried himself said it all and it would be best to let it run its course than to correct.

    Maybe it was a cultural thing?

    He then spouted the same routine again. That he doesn’t know anything, the holocron will do the work… Were her words lost on him? Or this was just to fob her off? Flustered that she was not blindly binding herself to a stranger for who knows what? For someone sent to enlist her aide, he certain doesn’t seem to care- Maybe he doesn’t and is stuck with a script, while not prepared for anything beyond delivering the script and trinket, and be on his way. Disappointment… this was all a ruse-

    She did a double take. Did she hear him right? He admitted that they were strangers and he didn’t expect her to trust him straight off. Was that a shift of perspective? Acknowledging one of the things which concerned her…? Maybe…a tiny bit, but it was something. Some indication that what she was saying was not in vain, even though the impression she felt was that he wanted to be rid of her. At least he agreed to go for a walk.

    She waited a few moments to make sure he had finished speaking. Then, she gently tugged and lead him away and into the crowded marketplace.

    “Certainly don’t want to create complications for you, Vydra Delomeux…” She leaned her head a fraction to her shoulder as she gauged his expression. “That is the name you presented to me, just as Sheel Ix was presented to you. You say you are happy for negotiations? A trade?” She started, her head turned, eyes scanning the faces in the crowds, the different textiles of the stalls. She kept alert for whatever danger there might be here. She still wasn’t sure if Vydra was ensnaring her. “Fine. I’ll ask a question, then you ask one and so forth… we both answer to the best of our abilities, no misleading...”

    The aroma of food grew stronger. “ what would you say if I asked where you come from?” Her pace slowed as she appraised what was on offer by the vendors as they walked past. “I mean, who are your people?”

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  25. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Northern Hills, Nouane

    Lagertha nodded solemnly. The instruction was a bit vague though. How was she supposed to access the holocron. The legends did not give any instruction as to this to be done. Maybe it was part of her training? She frowned slightly at him telling her not to show it to anyone or talk about it. So that meant that Lagertha could not consult the elders about it. If only she was good with these sorts of things…

    It was a mystery that only she had to solve… on her own. Lagertha did not pay much attention to what the man said next. He sounded reassuringly, but her mind was preoccupied with the mysterious object that she was holding. She could sense its power, or maybe it was her superstitious mind playing tricks?

    Her new “teacher” bid her farewell. Lagertha managed to regain some focus and bowed back in response. What he did next made her flinch. He did something with the Force, something that almost made her jump. ‘How dare he!?’ she was getting angry at this “hug”, but said nothing out loud.

    Lagertha nodded to him and turned walking towards the hills. This place of death was a good place to start with her meditations. Burial grounds made you think of the transience of life. Maybe it could help her unlock at least part of the secrets of the holocron. Next thing she needed was to find a place where to camp. She couldn’t go back to the farm where her Fathier was as the risk of the farmers finding out about the artifact was too great. Which reminded her to put it in the sack that she was carrying.

    The nearby woods could be good, provided that there are not many hikers or guardsmen patrolling. Hopefully she would be able to find a secluded place where to stay for now. Lagertha did not trust the people of the city so she decided against going there and rent a room.

    A familiar presence brought her back to reality. It was of a… child? Lagertha narrowed her eyes. Had she been followed? The warrior woman walked slowly towards that presence. It did not take much time to see who it was… Praer. ‘What the blazes she was doing here!?’ Legartha was shocked to see her. The girl was trouble. She had inexhaustible energy and endless curiosity. “Praer, what are you doing here? How did you get here and where are your guardians?”

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