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Star Wars CLOSED Epitaph Between Prologue

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Jun 16, 2019.

  1. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Location: Sith Quarters

    The family was screaming in terror as the wall was ripped off revealing them to Caedus. Lagertha saw the speeder approaching. A tired and bloody grin formed on her lips, but that was a short lived elation. A stream of lightning struck it, disintegrating the vehicle.

    She managed a hoarse “NO!” but did not feel any deaths, only surprise and pain. Lagertha faced new problems. Tiles were hurled towards her and the family. Using the Force she managed to push away some of them and using her saber she cut most of them down. At least the ones that were flying towards the innocents. The rest peppered the floor and smashed the remaining furniture. Some of the others added new sets of bruises and cuts to her body.

    Lagertha heard N’tael’s call, but could not respond. “Run away...” she turned to the Sith family and headed towards the ruined wall seeing that the warrior monk had engaged Caedus. Maybe she could land a blow and kill him at last?

    She jumped down, her muscles screamed from the pain. Lagertha was blinded from it for a second. Gritting her teeth and spitting blood on the ground she headed towards the fight, looking for an opening.

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  2. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Caedus and Darkness
    Sith Quarter

    The Dark Lord grinned, fatigued, but still powerful, for he was a Skywalker by blood, though a Solo by name.

    It rhymed, in it's own way, as he knew others such; his mother, his sister, his late brother... even Darth Vader.

    There was a synchronicity to it. A duality, even.

    Anakin and Vader... Luke and Leia... Jacen and Jaina... Anakin and...

    Caedus grimaced, and refocused.

    His lax moment had been more of a recovery one, as he watched, slowly, but surely, the three Protectors that stood before him, using the Force to slightly dilate matters, lowering his lightsaber and clipping it to his belt.

    He had thought his strategic goals fulfilled, but the warrior-monk was a problematic one.

    Of course he would be.

    As N'Tael slid down a wall, leaving a bloody patch, Jin Long went for the direct assault, blasting through the attack and likely drawing a shield upon his front. Caedus didn't move a muscle, instead regarding with his peripheral awareness Atreus, wondering to himself. One direct assault, two support roles.


    Darkness, if you would?

    The moment before Jin slammed into his position he leapt up, touching the Force to speed him up, slamming his doubled-fist into the back of the monk and with the Force sent him flying through a building, but before Caedus had landed, Ben Solo was there, drawing the Force into the palm of his hand to send Caedus crashing away, soaring through the space N'Tael had just been occupying -

    Caedus winced, further from Atreus than any of the others, and he roared, a Force wave which sent an unprepared Ben flying back and ripped up the street and hurled Ben at her. The hundred dozen bruises and scratches and wounds that Caedus had taken nipped at him, and he plucked his lightsaber from his belt anew and looked for N'Tael -

    A street over

    There was a rustle of robes, and suddenly Jin was surrounded by fabric, which had not arms but merely shape.

    There was a pressure upon him.

    A word at the tip of a Force shard into his mind.

    Whether his battering would leave him open -

    Whether he was surprised -

    Whether he was unprepared -

    The word at the tip was a simple one.


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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC N’Tael
    Chaos and Blood

    Raising a bubble of force energy around himself as the rubble fell, N’Tael kept his eyes out for the Sith, he’d called himself, for some odd reason. And then he saw the monk go flying by, to attack the man. Only to have his slit pupiled eyes widen as the man blurred and suddenly was behind the monk, punching him so hard he was thrown into a nearby building.

    He reached out one three clawed hand to slow the monk's flight after Caedus had thrown him. Even as he attempted to do so his senses screamed in outrage. Dropping his stance quickly his eyes flicked over and saw as Ben’s attack threw the Darksider directly at him. He raced to one side and up the side of one of the buildings a few steps before turning.

    Springing off the wall he came to his feet again. He had to dodge again very quickly as first Ben and then large chunks of the street went careening past. Once again he tried to slow the man’s flight as the stripes on his hide began to turn a deep purple with all the use of the Force.

    A snap and a hiss sounded in the opposite direction from Ben and his snout swung in that direction. It seemed he was the only one on his feet to be able to face the man, for the moment. ”So be it.” he muttered.

    Brushing himself off, he held out one hand, feeling the Forcesaber leap from his belt. Closing his eyes for a moment, he tried to calm himself. His eyes snapped open, the color matching his scales and the saber as it flared into life. Taking a two handed grip he slid one haunch forward and hissed at their foe.

    ”Thissss insssanity mussst end. You mussst not dessstroy thissss placccce.”

    And a roar leaped forth from his maw and he surged forward, saber hilt gripped lightly, ready to swing, as he broke into a run at Caedus.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Sheel Ix
    Location: Nouveau city - some time ago

    “Sheel, are we gonna find Mummy?”

    “We will find her, Shayla.” Sheel whispered an assurance. She did not want to spook the girl about the presences she sensed.

    She heard them before they came into view.

    “You really need to let go, y’know? You have come to your own answer and can’t possibly think outside the box?”

    For a heartbeat Sheel Ix froze. Had she been lured to collect Shayla to make themselves more of a target? She felt like snarling when she saw the two men that came around the corner though she knew that would not help... yet. Her eyes darted for potential paths to escape... there was an awning along the side... she could kick off the wall and climb up. If this was Pala Que, this would not have happened... she would have already gone to the tree tops and out of sight... or disable them and move on. Here was different. There was the child to consider and the missing mother.

    She place a protective arm around Shayla while her other hand resting on her hip. If she needed to, she can unsheathe her dagger quickly though she rather not turn to violence. She focused on the breathing techniques she had learnt from the instructions given by the holocron. Calming her mind.

    “Why would two...” Sheel Ix said carefully, lifting her heels as she half turned to face them, shielding Shayla while keeping her free hand from their sight.
    “ outstanding as you...” the tips of her lekku curled against her form, “...want to take time out of your day for us?”

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  5. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jin Long
    Sith Quarter

    His protections held, even as he experienced a moment of surprise. This Dark Lord was both fast and powerful. Evading him by mere millimeters, then slamming down at him with a devastating double fisted counter attack. Had this Dark Lord studied the Art of Combat along warrior-monks as well?

    His opponent had even sent him flying toward a building for good measure. He felt himself slowed as he crashed, his senses revealing that his benefactor had been N’Tael.

    Jin Long was on his feet in an instant, having spent more time in ‘flight’ than anything else. The monk’s conductive tattoos glowed with increasing intensity as they turned completely white, reflecting his focus.

    His gaze searched out, seeking the Dark Lord to re-engage, when he was caught completely by surprise by a cloth covering which effectively obstructed his view. There had been no force warning whatsoever.


    A sudden burst of mental pressure hit him, as a mind-affecting attack took place. Indeed, he was surprised by it. His mental defenses were immediately raised!! but would they be enough? Had he acted in time?

    There was no asking who or what, there was only defense!!

    The mind shard detonated in his mind with stellar brilliance, its powerful command bearing down upon his consciousness!


    Jin Long summoned his considerable will and focus to rebuff the attack. To lose consciousness now would prove disastrous! But truth be told, he had never experienced a mental attack of this level. How much of his will power would he need to succeed?

    A moan escaped the powerful monk’s lips as he took a knee despite his best efforts. His eyes felt heavy and his body seemed sluggish just then, yet still, he could not allow himself to falter.


    He could still feel the encompassing cloth all about him, even as his vantage point changed, his head lowering. With one powerful arm he sought to prop himself up, just enough to keep from falling to the floor. With the other, he reached up with the intent of ripping off the cloth that had descended upon him.

    Certainly, that was the source of his troubles! He only had this single chance, before slumber took him.

    Grabbing a fistful of material, Jin Long closed his hand, then pulled as hard as he could.

    But, would it be enough?

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Location: Sith Quarters

    Lagertha should have anticipated that the Sith Lord was going to try something like that, but the blast caught her unawares. The newcomer, Ben, was hurled at her and that physical contact sent waves of pain throughout her body. Lagertha was aware that she was pushing the limit of her endurance. The battle must end soon or she was just going to collapse there.

    Her robes torn in different places, revealing portions of her milky pale flesh all bruised up and scraped. Her robes were wet from the rain, the sweat and her blood. All in all she was a mess.

    “Get off me...” she said hoarsely and pushed Ben off her “N’tael, NO!” she screamed as she tried to get up. You can’t defeat him with blind rage, she needed to reach him. They were to attack him together, only then they would stand a chance…

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Caedus

    The objective had been fulfilled, and he was starting to wane.

    This was hardly as strenuous as his fight with Mara, or even Luke, but it was getting to him. These five were innately powerful Force users, and when the nonhuman roared and rushed at him, and the woman he had been fighting shouted out his name - N'Tael - Caedus drew his weapon arm back, and with a tweak of the Force from his free hand, nudged aside the nonhumans blade and impaled his own through his chest.

    It burst out his back -

    Satisfied that the wound would at least cause a commotion, he deactivated his blade and touched the Force to his feet so he could leap up and away, heading the opposite direction that Darkness and Jin had fallen. Ben, shoved off Lagertha, looked from N'Tael to Caedus, and back again, rushing to the former with the Force gathered around his hands.

    "Leave him, Lagertha!" Ben shouted, to stop her chasing after Caedus. Sek'nos, looking battered, was coming up too, a trickle of blood running down his forehead. There were Sith across many of the area looking out their devastated homes, peering at the Protectors. Sirens sounded in the distance; officers of the law coming to the disaster.

    Sek'nos looked from N'Tael to Lagertha and moved to support her, but grew awkward as he closed with her as he didn't want to offend her warriors pride -

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    A street over

    The sleep was fought hard, fought off, fought away -

    Darkness huffed. There was a swirl in the Force, and Caedus became more distant in the Force, and Jin would seem to lose consciousness for the merest instance, his resistance cutting through the shadow.

    There was a shuffle, and as Jin's eyes opened, he would see a wizened old Sith peering down at him. She prodded him with her walking stick. "You're not dead are you, Protector? That Destructor needs putting down, after all."

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    Nearly a year ago

    The two Black-Coats, one tall, one short, turned to look at Sheel, and the taller of them fluttered a hand at the shorter. "Let me sort this; you go shadow something, sure." The shorter one turned away, looking back at the Togruta for a moment, and then walking down a street. The taller, the Master, he peered down at Shayla, and then back at Sheel. "Well we're not supposed to bump into each other again, until, well, after."

    He cocked his head. "I guess you sensed something or other?"

    "And adopted a stray along the way?" His voice was as smooth as it was when they first met, all those weeks and months ago. It truly was him, mannerisms and all. His voice cooled slightly and he almost whispered.

    "Keeping that Holocron safe, right?"

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  8. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC N’Tael

    N’Tael vaguely heard the warrior woman’s cry as he charged forward. Knowing they had to work together was one thing but when you were the only one still standing you had to do what you could to ensure the others could get back on their feet and join the battle.

    His fluid run toward the Dark Lord came to an abrupt halt. His confused for a moment eyes saw his blade out of line and then he felt something pressed to his chest. His snout dipped and he saw the hilt of their foe’s saber against his scales. A cough and blood welled up his throat and dripped from his maw.

    Lifting his head again he saw the determination on their foe’s face even as his eyes began to dim. And then he dropped, as the saber deactivated. His head bounced on the cobbles of the street and then lay full length upon the ground. Letting his mind delve into his physical body, he tried to determine how bad the damage was.

    His senses felt one being approaching and the touch of the Force in their hands, heard a seemingly distant warning to another as they pounded forward. He tried to raise his head but it felt as though it weighed a ton.

    His eyes flickered for a moment, changing colors before they settled back to their usual purple as he tried to see who was there. ”Isss...isss...he...gone?”

    He coughed and laid his head back on the street, feeling chill. Closing his eyes he could feel the racial memories almost screaming at him to stay awake but sleep seemed to beckon more and more.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jin Long
    Lessons from a Dark Lord

    He felt himself blink as time seemed to slow as he did so. It’d been a long an languid moment; time seemed to stretch for an eternity. But then, the fog which had pressed against his consciousness was lifted, and his eyes did open with singular urgency.

    Jin Long let out a breath as the flow of time seemed to rush back in place. His full awareness returned instantly. He was down on one knee, looking up at an old sith woman.

    "You're not dead are you, Protector? That Destructor needs putting down, after all."

    He blinked once, half listening to her as he stretched out, feeling, sensing with the Force. He could hardly feel the Dark Lord’s presence, but Lagertha seemed to be focused on something, both Sek’nos and Ben, the stranger, were near by, however…..there was also pain.


    The old woman would get no answer. There was only the snapping sound of the monk, moving at unnatural speeds as he literally shot himself toward his fellow Protector’s location. N’tael had been wounded in combat.

    The monk fell on his knees and skidded to a halt beside his fallen comrade.

    “I’m here….I’m here…..” he said, remaining calm, his conductive tattoos holding a steady white glow, even as he placed his hands over N’tael’s wound.

    “Stay with me, listen to my voice…..”

    Jin long closed his eyes and softly began to chant. He opened himself completely to the force as he sought to cause N’tael’s own physiology to mend itself, at least enough for him to survive until they could get him medical assistance from his people.

    The Dark Lord would have this round, their collective pride would be bruised. Their focus now should be to live, in order to fight another day.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Sheel Ix
    Location: Nouveau city - some time ago

    Sheel Ix paused. Her heart skipped a beat and took a moment to process the scene. The Protectors... she had been caught by them instead of the culprits. Were the Protectors hunting her? It... didn’t seem that was the case.

    Her stance relaxed a fraction as the shorter one left though she still held Shayla protectively.

    The Master asked if she was keeping the holocron safe.

    “Of course.” She glanced to Shayla and then back. “I am merely passing through...” she explained him, her tone more gentle. “There was a ‘beacon’... a darkness that needed investigating. Along the way I came upon this lil one who was separated from her mater. I seek to reunited them. Nobody likes to be separated from family.”

    She glanced to Shayla again, making sure the child was distracted now by the toy. She stepped closer, her voice a whisper. “It appears that something is preying upon the people here. I understand I must not cross paths with the others until called upon... but will they see to this?”

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Location: Sith Quarters

    Seeing Sek’nos stopped her in her tracks. Ben’s warning went over her head. Lagertha felt a pang of guilt when she saw the red-skinned Sith. The image of his grandfather impaled flashed in her mind. “I am sorry, I could not save him...” she wiped the corner of her left eye and sniffed.

    Seeing N’tael gave her a sense of relief. He was still alive and the bald monk was taking care of him. They all took a serious beating. She gritted her teeth to contain her anger. They would need to work together. But first heal, then a discussion and start training together. They needed to learn. She would probably need to teach them a thing or two about being a warrior...

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: The Master
    A year ago...

    Of course, we all need to do our bit," the Master said thoughtfully as he watched the younger Togruta.

    “It appears that something is preying upon the people here. I understand I must not cross paths with the others until called upon... but will they see to this?”

    The Master looked back, pausing for a long moment. A longer moment than not, as if he was distracted by something that he was seeing. His gaze, though hidden, definitely seemed to be elsewhere, from the way he held still. "Of course they will. The divisions here... they're what the Masters are focused upon at present."

    "This beacon you say... you'll need to catch up to it sooner rather than later, I bet." The Master turned aside, tucking his hands behind his back. "Goodbye, Sheel." He didn't end with his typical statement - the phrase he had coined May the Force be with you, and he began to walk off, his head bowed in thought.

    "Coming through!" There was a cry out, and Shayla squeezed her eyes shut in panic as a man nearly fell over her, skidding to a halt. He was a muscular red nonhuman, a Sith, and he winced. "Sorry about that!" He nearly tripped over his own feet -

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    IC: Ben Solo

    One year later

    Drawing upon the techniques Rey had performed on him was, well, it was difficult. She was a natural, and though he could pick up a degree of she knew through their Dyad, as much as she had absorbed many of his skills, especially with a lightsaber, he wasn't nearly as open as her to the Force and she was in another timeline.

    An aged Sith woman, the Matriarch, she had helped Jin to the others, using a small Force presence to help him, and Sek'nos winced as he saw her, rushing over. "Grandmother, you shouldn't be up."

    She snorted, almost snarled, actually. "When my husband dies, I will be up -"

    "Up?" Sek'nos felt his stomach drop. "Grandfather?"

    He looked at Lagertha again, understanding, horrified, and the Force seemed to rumble with his upset. Ben held N'Tael, his hand atop the wound, as he concentrated. Why wasn't it working?

    He peered in the Force, hard, seeing interconnectivity between N'Tael, Jin, Lagertha, Sek'nos -

    It stank of the dark side.

    He fell back, surprised, ceasing the healing, and the Matriarch tsked, pushing Sek'nos aside and taking Jin's hand in hers placing it upon the wound, then Lagertha's, and finally she glared at Sek'nos, who joined them.

    "Will him better, Protectors. Your bond, a power, it is. Make it so, or die, he will." She tapped her stick on the ground for emphasis.

    Sek'nos' emotions were boiling with fear, with anguish, as if the Force itself had betrayed him -

    The Matriarch didn't intervene; it was not her place - they would need to do this together, or not at all, saving each other, as much as the ones obviously wounded. The aged Sith woman simply turned away and peered at Ben Solo.

    "I suspect you need to tell me your story, young man."

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    IC: Darth Caedus


    In an alleyway strewn with debris and detritus, they regrouped. One, a floating cloak, and the other, a Dark Lord of the Sith as he huffed, and released all manner of energy to just stand upright, bowed over. That had been exhausting. "Did you get it?"

    "No," Darkness said softly, and Caedus stood upright, fury eclipsing his face.

    "Why not? I did my bit, distracted them, added to the tinderbox of fear here -"

    "It's not the right time."

    Caedus seethed, and the rubbish beside them became animated by his rage.

    "They'll find us."

    He released it with a breath out, and Caedus stepped forward, looming over Darkness.

    "I think it's about time we had a chat."

    Darkness paused, sounding thoughtful. "I suppose it is."

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Sheel Ix
    Location: Nouveau city - some time ago

    “Goodbye, Master.” Sheel Ix softly bid farewell.

    The Master had left her was a series of perplexing thoughts. So the Protectors are focused upon these divisions at present. There was also that disturbance she needed to seek out and resolve...

    She looked down to the child she was carrying. She had to return Shayla to her mater-

    The sounds of running on the pavement alerted her of an inbound presence. She glanced back to see someone charging along.

    “Coming through!” A man yelled

    Sheel sharply pivoted around, bringing Shayla out of harms way as a man of red pigmentation came blundering through and almost collided into them.

    “Sorry about that!” The man apologised.

    Sheel Ix’s eyes glanced over his form. She had not seen one quite like him before. Upon the awkward display, she surmised that the being had not intentionally came at them nor meant to be a threat.

    “No harm was done.” There was a subtle purr to Sheel Ix tone, her arms protectively held the young Togruta. “Impact was avoided.”
    She gave him a quizzical look, there was something about him she couldn’t quite place. “You seem... off centre.”

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  14. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sek'nos Rath
    A year ago, Nouane City

    The Sith man paused, glancing back at the Togruta. "Off centre?"

    He narrowed his eyes, taking in Sheel and the child. "My apologies," he grinned uncertainly. "I was pursuing a pair of men in Black-Coats, did you perchance see them?" He cocked his head slightly. "Or sense him?"

    "My name is Sek'nos Rath," the younger man said, stepping forward to offer his hand, even as Shayla shied back, behind Sheel's leg. "Have you been summoned to the City for a greater reason?" He was woefully cheerful, completely and utterly so, spilling enquiries as they filled his head -

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    The Long Dreams of N'Tael

    Blood-loss robbed one of consciousness, and in sleep, one often stepped upon the divide of Life and Death.

    It was an inevitable element of events.

    A Black-Coat similar to that of the Master's stood, a shorter man, a human chin evident as he peered.

    "I was told to watch, and not to interfere... and yet here I am, noticed, it would seem..."

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  15. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    IC N’tael and the Black-Coat by @Sinrebirth
    Dreams and Not Dreams

    N’tael opened his eyes, grunting as he felt the dull ache where he’d been run through. Letting his senses out, he could feel that he was in that twilight land between Life and Death. He stood and faced the Black-Coat that stood before him.

    A grunting, coughing laugh echoed from his maw. ”Why am I not sssurprissssed to sssee you here? And, of anyone, why are you ssssurprissssed I can ssssee you? After if you don’t know why then I will not sssspoil the sssurprissse.”

    He laughed again, ”The fact we both ssstand here tellsss me my companionsss have had their own isssssuesss trying to reach or heal me after the attack.”

    His eyes shifted from the purple they had turned to a silvery grey before returning to purple, ”Ssso ssshall we make the bessst of thisss, while we both are here, Watcher.” The last showing he knew more than he ought to about who stood before him.

    "I know," the Black-Coat said, drily. "I've been piqued, for I cannot interfere, but you know that."

    He amended. "Knew, perhaps."

    "The girl - the woman; she passes from memory whenever I try to remember her... but I am sure I have met her... have you? Do you know her?"

    He was referencing the so-called No Name, of course.

    N’Tael gave another coughing laugh. ”Sssshe had hidden herssself well from memory, but you would be ssssurprisssed what dying doesss for your memory, or almossst dying whichever it issss now.” His eyes shifted to grey once more, his snout shook from side to side.

    ”Thisss me, thisss body, never knew her but the more eternal me, yesss I do recall her now, and pity her in a way, ssshattered asss ssshe isss.” His snout dipped, a sense of sadness rose in a wave around him.

    "But you have met her," he said, even more confused, as the memory cleared up for N'Tael. "The No Name woman, and the one who desperately struck at you, they're one and the same, you see..." There was a moment of wonder. "The two elements of Braata Danlos, now we know they have two names... not that they were supposed to."

    There was a frown.

    "What the Masters original intentions, and what has happened... they don't match, do they?"

    N’tael had to, couldn’t stop himself from another coughing laugh. This time his eyes stayed grey as he spoke, the sibilants suddenly disappearing from his speech, ”You misunderstand, Watcher. This body truly never met the one who No Name came from. But you and I have, which you should know.”

    Somehow, even with the reptilian form, his posture changed, seemed somewhat different as the grey eyes stared at the Black-Coat, ”That the one who attacked is the other half now makes sense. As to intentions and what has happened, how do you know that this is not what the Truth was of his intentions?”

    His eyes faded back into the purple they were since the joining with his Forcesaber, ”Now do you sssee, brother of mine, of a sssort?”

    "I do," he chuckled softly. "So if we exist in the unintended consequences... what next? Who is the true enemy of the Master, and if so, are they the enemy of us - and the new Protectors?"

    That was the question.

    What was the Master of Masters?

    Benevolent, or malevolent?

    There were all manner of discussions between the Shadow and the Master to name their foe as the Darkness

    N’Tael attempted what he’d heard was called an enigmatic smile but with his snout it looked more pained than enigmatic. A sigh, some things weren’t fair and having a reptilian snout that could only appear threatening or closed was one. ”I believe what isss mossst important isss the sssurvival of the galaxy, whether that meansss assssisssting the Light or the Dark when it isss needed. I have ssseen, my people have, the apathy that can resssult when there isss too much Light. And the Darknessss encroachesss everywhere and mussst be accccepted to exisst but not allowed to win either.”

    He tilted his head, watching his ‘brother’, ”I remember many of the disssscusssionsss with the Massster, and I have a sssenssse of hisss plansss but I do not know that he meanssss the galaxy or the Protectorssss well. I musssst sssurvive to be able to asssissst them in breaking the ccccycle of reverencccce of him sssso they can truly Protect.”

    "Then we are in agreement, N'Tael." The moment began to pass, and fade.

    "You must survive," his gloved hand held out to take an appendage in his. "So we all survive."

    "So we can find out what happened to Sheel Ix."

    N’tael lifted one three fingered hand to the Black-Coats grasp. ”Yesss, the firssst quessstion isss whether my companionsss will sssave me, usss, or not.”

    He rose to as full a standing position as he could, ”Asss to the other, that isss a myssstery that mussst be sssolved asss well, asss even I do not know what happened, and assside from you, Watcher, I ssshould know.”

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    Mar 28, 2004
    IC: Lagertha Atreus
    Location: Sith Quarters

    Lagertha was still feeling guilty about Sek’nos’ grandfather, so she looked away. This was not the time and the place to focus on these things. She was aware of the cynicism of that, but they had more pressing issues.

    Like their wounded friend.

    Her whole body ached, but managed to move to where N’Tael was lying. She let the old Sith lady pull her hand over the wound. Lagertha gritted her teeth in an effort to focus and pour as much energy as she could, given how much she had exhausted already.

    Come on N’Tael, come back to us…

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    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 6

    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jin Long
    Accept what is given

    “Will him better, Protectors. Your bond, a power, it is. Make it so, or die, he will.”

    Jin’s conductive tattoos glowed gently, yet with increasing intensity, as he spoke softly. It was not a rebuke he issued, but a reaffirmation.

    “There is no death, there’s the Force.”

    The monk closed his eyes as his own hand joined his fellow Protector Lagertha, and Ben, even as they tended to N’tael’s wound. Jin Long took a centering breath and opened himself up to the force.

    Inside a moment, he could feel it flowing. Through him, through them all, indeed, all around them. Through the Sith Quarter, every nearby resident and beyond.

    “Clear your minds of doubts, clear your hearts of heaviness. Focus on our brother, connect with him and share with him that which we’ve been freely given….”

    Jin could feel the ties that bound them, he could sense that in this instance, when he felt at peace, he could direct his own energy with surprising clarity and accuracy.

    “Join me…unite your intentions with mine…”

    Images associated with Lagertha, which he did not readily recognize, flowed between them, yet he kept his focus on N’tael. Similar images corresponded to Ben, chiefly that of a woman, he acknowledged them respectfully, as he sought to heal his fellow Protector.

    “Petition the Force itself, which is greater than us combined, to lend us strength for this task, to restore our brother….to mend his wounds and return lost vitality….”

    Come on N’Tael, come back to us…

    Jin Long smiled softly at 'hearing' these words.

    And so, the monk continued on, opening himself even further to the boundless ocean of the Force, and uniting his will to any who would see their fallen comrade restored.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darkness

    Darkness stood with Darth Caedus looking over the City. "Basically, this isn't the real Nouane."

    "What do you mean?" He said angrily. It was here where he'd 'fallen' into this reality, shortly followed, apparently, by another Solo.

    "The Master planned for people inevitably travelling back to investigate ," the Darkness said drily. "So he fiddled with their perception. It's exceedingly hard to find a way back, after all, so you need to focus upon where you're going. So everyone comes back to Nouane, because Dwartii is a dead, barren world, and everyone knows the Sage of Dwartii originate from Nouane."

    "I follow," Caedus said with some uncertainty. "It's a bait and switch."

    "Unintended consequences, but basically," Darkness said. "Nouane was destroyed, and renamed Dwartii. A New Nouane was set up to balance things out, though nobody realises as much... and, well, eventually even the 'New' in a world's name fades away even if it was known."


    "Well, because there was a Change."

    The Sith Lord looked at Darkness blankly. It was difficult to maintain frustration with Darkness when he was answering his questions... even if in a roundabout manner. Because, after all...

    Jacen Solo had wanted to Change something.

    "You're teaching me how to do that."


    TAG: No-One
    IC: The Matriarch

    Nouane, Sith Quarter, and then...

    The wound was complete healed; miraculously so.

    would come to in the Clock-Temple, and they had a chance to regroup and recover.

    The Matriarch came with them, and Ben was holding her hand. The Sith woman was interested in his story.

    About his insecurities, about how the voices had preyed upon them. Snoke, Vader, and, eventually, Palpatine... or, rather, always Palpatine. He had spoken of Rey, and his connection to her, how they were each half of the same person, a dyad, a phrase which caused the Matriarch's eyes to widen slightly. His father, his uncle, and his mother, all gone. He spoke at length, and Lagertha and Jin would hear it all.

    "So it sounds like," the old Sith said. "You wanted to change things... and here you are."

    They were around the impromptu bed for N'Tael in the main room, where they all found their 'sabers. The Matriarch looked to each of them, her wizened eyes taking them in. Jin, Lagertha, Sek'nos, N'Tael. "Makes me wonder if that man, that 'Darth Caedus', he has the same intention..."

    "A Dyad, he mentions," the Matriarch took in Ben. "Two halves; Ben Solo and Darth Caedus; light and dark."

    "This knowledge of changing things, it's second-hand, it seems... Ben coming here, Caedus coming here. For different reasons, they're both here..." the Matriarch looked at them each pointedly. "It strikes me that you're supposed to be Protecting the future, no?"

    Ben started - "You should not be here, and you know it, my boy."

    The Sith woman looked at them. "Whoever seeks to make Changes, they are the enemy of the Protectors. We shall return Ben to his time, and then return Caedus to his..." Her eyes lidded, and she leaned with two hands upon her walking stick.

    "Perhaps then, your true enemy will be revealed."

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    as an update
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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Sheel Ix
    Location: Nouveau city - some time ago

    “I.. ah...” Sheel Ix double blinked and eyes widen as she tried to process the rapid fire enquires. Sek’nos Rath exuberance made it a bit overwhelming to understand and to respond. She held up her hand gently to indicate to slow down and gave an awkward smile.

    “You certainly have energy. Forgive me, I am not from around these parts... I try my best to answer. When you say ‘greater reasons’...” she gestured to the sky above. “ depends on what you believe in, or lack there of... I mean, we all are here for a reason. Are we not?.” She gave a chuckle. “If not, then it be of amusement to someone?”

    She tilted her head a fraction as she eyed his outstretched hand. Was it an offering? Was she to do the same or there was something else needed? She outstretched her hand like he did and clasped his forearm firmly and shook - as she had seen Captain Andreas and his crew do so before in greeting.

    “Sek’noss Rath.” She said carefully around the foreign name to pronounce it as properly as she could though her accent dragged out the ‘s’ making it sound like a purr. She then pointed to her chest. “You may call me Sheel Ix. It seems we both are hunting but for different things. Though, you are having difficulty, no? From one hunter to another, I find that if you are constantly chasing, sometimes it helps to take a moment to pause and a new path may come to you.”

    She glanced down to Shayla. The child’s behaviour... was she shy? Or frightened of the man? Her desire for her mater’s return would be the likely case. Sheel Ix glanced back to the man and flashed a smile. “I’ve probably prolonged too long from my own hunt.”

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  20. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sek'nos Rath
    A year odd ago

    He looked at the Togruta, and mused on Sheel's last words.

    "Though, you are having difficulty, no? From one hunter to another, I find that if you are constantly chasing, sometimes it helps to take a moment to pause and a new path may come to you.”

    Sek'nos titled his head. "Maybe," he said as if he wasn't entirely convinced; he was a teenager, and often followed impulses as if unable to think. The Sith nodded slowly. "I mean, you have the Force, don't you?"

    "The Force...?" Shayla said, confused. The Sith caught a sense of her thoughts of the Black-Coat's, and where they had gone. He glanced that way, his thoughts following hers. He hadn't dipped into the child's mind, she was just loud, and untempered.

    "The Master and his Gazing Eye know everything, so I've no doubts you're one of the Protectors too, but..." He looked back the way. "I need to speak to him again, and you seem on your own quest." Sek'nos took one more glance at Sheel, enfolding the Togruta in the warmth of his comradeship, and smiled.

    "May the Force be with you, Sheel Ix."

    At that, he took off, chasing after the Black-Coat's.

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    IC: Darkness


    "So the Change, it occurs when someone pushes against the Force's flow," Caedus said slowly.

    "It has to be more than a minor change," Darkness illuminated. "Some no-name dying in a different manner is hardly going to send a large enough ripple; the Force will simply adjust."

    "So if I, say, wanted to become the Dark Man?"

    "Well, yes, that would be a sufficiently large thing," the spirit said carefully. "Is that what you truly want? To become the next great Traitor?"

    Caedus snorted. "I've already killed my aunt, and tried to murder my entire family. I imagine I qualify for that already."

    Darkness floated there. "So this is why you flow-walked here?"

    "I wanted to be sure... but... the Changes, they appear to be followed by some kind of... correction."

    "You do realise you'll forget most of this when you return to your time?" Darkness said, drily.

    "You do realise I'm the grandchild of the Chosen One... I'll remember a lot more than you want."

    Darkness bobbed there for a long moment.


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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: A fun combo with @greyjedi125, @TheAdmiral, and @Sinrebirth

    IC N’Tael, Jing Long, Lagertha, Sek’nos, Ben
    Clock Tower

    N’Tael listened, letting himself relax in the bed, as much as he could. He had to shift from time to time, as his tail wouldn’t let him get comfortable in such a bed. He knew much of what the Matriarch was saying, could feel it in the Kwa memories, and the senses he had at his disposal. Sadly, he couldn’t reveal all to his fellow Protectors, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t try to keep them all alive and rid Nouane of the dark half of the dyad. Of them all, he knew exactly who their foe was…

    He coughed, sitting up slightly, ”I don’t want to sssseem rude, Ma’am, but perhapssss a reversssal of that thought isss more appropriate. Sssending Caedusss back firssst and then Ben, asss he could asssissst in the removal of Caedusss might be a better ssstrategy. That isss jussst my thought.”

    Sek'nos nodded. "The sooner Caedus is gone, the better." He regarded the Matriarch. "But how do we know if we're doing the right thing?"

    The old woman cast her gaze to N'Tael. "We'll know..." It passed on to Jin and Lagertha. "We shall need to fine-tune our warriors, though; much to learn we have about fighting Sith Lords."

    "I'm a warrior!" Sek'nos objected.

    "A waif, you are, discipline, you need," she said without even looking at him.

    Sek'nos pursed his lips and silenced himself.

    He'd show her.

    Jin Long had been silent, considering all that was being said. He was inwardly relieved that the Force graced them by returning N'Tael to the Protectors. Each one of them had a critical role to play, moreover, they balanced each other seamlessly. The challenge now was finding the escaped Sith Lord.

    The concept of a 'Force Dyad' mirrored some of his early monastic teachings, yet there was more he needed to understand in a deeper sense. But what was clear to him, was the fact that both Ben and Caedus needed to return from whence they had come. The longer they remained, the more contention they created, the more the balance was unsettled. For a brief second, Jin's mind took him back to his meeting of the masked Lord and Ladies of the City.

    The monk gently shook his head before he spoke.

    "I agree with N'Tael." he announced, glancing briefly to the Kwa and offering him a respectful nod.

    "...and with you Matriarch." He added.

    "The threat that Caedus represents must be stopped. If Ben has a connection to this 'Sith Lord', then he can help us find him. Cadeus must be returned to his place of origin before he can cause irreparable damage, once that's accomplished, then Ben can be returned to his companion."

    Jin maintained a calm demeanor despite not having all the answers, but by the Force, they would get them.

    Lagertha was leaning on the wall, her body still ached from the fight, but the biggest pain was in her mind and soul. All her years of training and preparations, she could not protect the innocents. She needed to be better, faster and stronger... Next time she was going to finish Caedus or whatever his name was.

    "I agree, sending him back first should be our priority." hopefully no one saw the gleam in her eyes, the gleam that meant that she wanted blood. Oh she was going to send Caedus back, just not in one piece.

    "How, is the first question."

    Ben answered her. "There is some kind of tear atop the hill, overlooking the planet. We can reopen it, I'm sure."

    At that, the Sith woman nodded. "But the question is, bait, no?" She raised a claw at Jin Long. "Separated from us, you were. Why? Is there a special reason why you were?"

    Sek'nos frowned. That was true; he'd been diverted from them... the younger Sith glanced at the monk.

    Jin Long was pondering, his hand holding his chin.

    So there was a doorway of some kind. Now they had a location. Having the key that would open it was a different concern. He would get back around to that, however.

    "The timing of your arrival...." He began, thinking back. "It seemed fortuitous. Then, there was something else...some kind of connection with her?" He said now, referring to 'No Name'.

    "Is she somehow connected to you? or Him?"

    The Sith woman shook her head. "During the fight, Master Long," she said. "You were taken to another alleyway, yes?" A poke in his chest. "Are you special?"

    Her question cut across his.

    Jin Long blushed, because she sounded like one of the village Elders when he was young and she had reminded him of one of their many moments together.

    "We are all the same, Matriarch. Our actions and choices makes us distinct." He answered easily.

    "Yes, I was." He spoke, responding her question directly. "What do you wish to know?"

    The monk realized the questioning had turned to him, but he was more than willing to be scrutinized, for he had nothing to hide, as he was beholden unto the Force itself.

    "If you have been singled out, then bait, you are," the Matriarch glanced to the others.

    "We have a place, and we have bait..." Her eyes took in Lagertha. "Do we have the skill?" Another glance N'Tael. "The power?" Then Ben. "The will?" Her eyes cut back to Jin, but everyone was able to answer, and contribute.

    N’Tael sat bolt upright in bed, eyes blazing a purple light, the tiger stripes on his hide also blazing, for a moment, ”…” he began before his snout clomped shut, eyes widening as he realized he’d spoken that aloud.

    His head turned, seeking out Ben, then the Matriarch, trying, imploring them to think of another way without saying words. He couldn’t say more without revealing how or why he knew what of they spoke.

    The brightness of his eyes and stripes dimmed as he sat back, the residual pain in his chest making him wince. ”We may, overall, be young and not asss powerful as we must be but I know we will coordinate and remove thisss threat.” he stated more calmly and quietly.

    Lagertha nodded silently then realized that they could not see her as she was still leaning on the wall "Yes, next time we will work together and end the threat." then added "One way or another..."

    Sek'nos narrowed his eyes slightly at N'Tael, but Ben pushed on. "It sounds like a good idea. If Jin is the target, then some of us need to head to the rift and see if we can get our head around it... and some of us need to stay with Jin and keep him secure."

    He wasn't taking charge, he was just acknowledging what the Matriarch was suggesting. He was a little rueful; to think, the Protectors were being led by a Sith. Strange times. As if divining his thoughts, she spoke up. "I intend to stay in the Clock-Temple, as you ruffians destroyed my homestead. I would speak to this young lady with no name you allude to, as well. She sounds very curious."

    Her eyes glanced to them, to see how they would proceed. Ben started. "Well I need to go to the rift, I guess."

    N’Tael shifted in the bed one three fingered hand lifting the covers from him, legs turning and paws settling on the floor. As he tested his weight and strength his other hand reached out and pulled his robe to him, wrapping it around and over him. He checked his harness to ensure his Forcesaber was in place, then looked up.

    ”I can, I will, asssissst. The sssoulsss of my ancccessstorsss warn me of the rift ssso I will begin thisss battle with Jin Long. Perhapssss, in that time, I can learn why it troublesss me ssso.” He said, with barely a wobble in his step.

    He moved up alongside the monk, reaching out to clasp him on the shoulder, ”Bessssidesss no one believesss bait that goesss down easssily and with how he and I fought together the firsssst time, we held Caedussss until everyone wasss in possssition. Sssso it would be more believable.”

    Lagertha was not sure what to decide. On one hand she needed to gather more information, on the other she wanted to be there when... if an attack comes. She pursed her lips and closed her eyes for a moment "I will go to the rift..." she said after a moment's deliberation. Maybe the straightforward approach of fighting him directly was not the right way, maybe she needed to find another angle.

    Besides, someone should keep an eye on Ben…

    Sek’nos nodded. “I’ll tag along with you two, then. N’Tael and Jin are enough, and the Clock-Tower is our fortress; our keep. We can defend it better than we can investigate a rift...”

    He looked back at the Matriarch and nodded. “If that’s alright, of course.”

    She waved him off. “I’ll keep watch of these two, don’t you worry. And the No Name...” with a turn, she went to go. “But I think I’ll lie down now... it is late. We can strike in the morning.”

    N’Tael sighed, he was torn but he knew that Jin wouldn’t have a chance on his own, or even with the Matriarch alongside, against Caedus. So he would stick with the monk. He hoped that he’d be there when they closed on the rift as he needed to ensure that Darkness alone didn’t enter it or the future would be in even more trouble.

    Nodding, he returned to the bed, pulling up the covers, leaning back in a sitting position, ”Yessss, I do believe ressst will be mossst helpful for usss all.”

    His returned the gesture of confidence to N'Tael, before he regarded his fellow Protectors, his gaze finally falling on the Sith Matriarch.

    "I am ready." He said with conviction.

    "We are ready." He added. "The Force guides us, our enemy cannot elude us for long." The monk declared.

    "I also agree that we should work in-tandem. Everything is connected." He spared a glance to Ben.

    The Master didn't mention that their challenges would be this intricate, and now he understood why. This too was a test of their personal resolve, their trust in each other, and their faith in the Force.

    Lagertha felt a pang of guilt, she was hoping that Sek'Nos would not be coming with them, given how she failed to protect his grandfather. She wondered whether he blamed her for that? She could not bear to face him, he was her first real failure. And that stung, stung a lot.

    "So let's get going then." she stated flatly.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Sek'nos Rath
    Heading to the Hilltop

    Ben led Sek'nos and Lagertha towards the edge of the City and up the hill, keeping his mind focused on the task at hand.

    In short order, they were peering across the City, which was lit by light - as they had advanced, and with the short prep beforehand, night had fallen again on Nouane...

    The flickering light of flame rose from the Sith quarter, and Sek'nos looked at it unhappily. "This isn't going to do us any good," he muttered.

    Glancing down, Ben pursed his lips. "We need to concentrate on this."

    Irritation flared within the young man, but there was suddenly an energy above them, and Sek'nos looked up. There was a kind of warping to the night sky, the colour of the starry sky becoming clear and white.

    There was a coated figure drifting down.

    The coat was white.

    The White-Coat drifted down, and landed.

    Sek'nos ignited his Forcesaber, and the White-Coat held out a hand.

    Silent, expecting.

    Ben glanced a Sek'nos, and he looked at Lagertha, yielding to her to speak.

    TAG: @TheAdmiral
    IC: The Matriarch

    The Clock-Temple, No Name's room

    The woman was unconscious, that much was clear.

    The Matriarch tried to rouse her, and settled into placing a hand on her forehead, using the Force to try and read her.

    She frowned as she tried to push through the haze, and pick out the memories from her without asking.

    It was an invasion, yes, but there was a mystery which involved a Dark Lord of the Sith, and the flow of the Force itself.

    The balance, she thought, especially.

    No Name...

    A blade of red...

    A blade before that of purple...

    A split...

    Rage, and love.

    The Matriarch shuddered.

    Someone had forcibly removed those inclinations from a person, so as to purify the original host.

    She frowned, as she recognised what she sensed.


    TAG: @no-one, mention for @QueenSabe7

    The Clock-Tower itself, Twilight

    The Matriarch had insisted she be left alone while she consulted with the mystery woman.

    They were evenly split between the rift and the Clock-Tower, prepared and anticipated.

    As much as they did whatever they would to centre themselves, to meditate to heal, and so on, the night was coming and someone would need to take the first watch.

    But there was something... more afoot.

    The two, Jin and N'Tael, they would feel a weaving forming between them now they were alone. The others, they had masked the connection by their natural existence, obscuring a latent connection that was different to the others.

    A resonance of sorts, running from his point forward beyond them.

    With the Force in flux, they came to realise that they would know each other in the future.

    One of burning... one of grey...

    It didn't make an amount of sense, but they would each feel it.

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    ~IC~ Sheel Ix
    Location: Nouveau city - some time ago

    "The Master and his Gazing Eye know everything, so I've no doubts you're one of the Protectors too, but... I need to speak to him again, and you seem on your own quest." Sek'nos had spoken.

    What surprised Sheel Ix was his acceptance of her and the warm regard he gave in welcoming. She should have said more? Yet her response came out automatically to his farewell with:

    "May the Force be with you, Sek’noss Rath."

    A somewhat sinking feeling was starting to form in her gut as she watched him disappear. She then look to Shayla.

    “Alright sweetness, lets find your mater. I just need to reorientate myself....”

    She took a breath and knelt to one knee. Her eyes close as she placed her hand on the pavement. She tapped back into the flow of the Force, seeking that scent... that trail of darkness from earlier... that sense of shared kinship with Shayla...

    Sheel Ix lolled her head then sharply faced the direction she sensed the trail.

    “Okay, I have to carry you as we will be moving fast. Hold onto me now.” She whispered to Shayla as she picked the lil Togruta up.

    Sheel Ix felt the lil arms slide under her lekku and wrap about her neck as she used the straps of her gear as a harness to secure Shayla against her chest.

    “All snug?” She tilted her head to see Shayla’s face. “Okay, here we go.”

    Like that, Sheel Ix ran at the opposite wall. She stepped up and kicked off the surface and about turn in mid air to catching the awning. Using her momentum, she gracefully swung up and onto the next awning and then bounded up to the rooftop.

    She took a moment to note her surroundings and the path to take before continuing. She ran and leapt to the next rooftop and scaled up higher and up to the next. Trusting her instincts, where to step, to jump, to climb. Sheel Ix felt more in her element, with the wind in her face and the freedom of movement, she can traverse more uninhibited than with the maze of busy streets below.

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  24. TheAdmiral

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    Mar 28, 2004
    OOC: This is a combo between me and @Sinrebirth Thank you for that!

    IC: White Coat, Lagertha, Sek’Nos and Ben

    She hovered above Lagertha, Sek'nos and Ben.

    The Sith could only frown, feeling something about her.

    “I am not here to harm you unless you intend to do towards me.” A soft voice purred melodically. “You... you seem familiar... yet I cannot place from where... I feel you have forgotten how to shine...” confusion inflected in her tone, laced with sorrow. “Cold fingers burn with every touch of darkness- I fear... I’ve been set upon the path to Xibalba.” The voice became a whisper, speaking to herself. “They’ve taken so much from me.”

    “I once carried something of value, entrusted to protect... yet, the holocron was taken from me... is there anyone who can take on this burden of mine?”

    Sek'nos opened his mouth, once, and then twice, unsure what to say. He looked at Ben, who was frowning. He was sure that wasn't Rey... and she didn't have a holocron...

    Lagertha might pick up on the significance of the statement. That she'd had a holocron...a Holocron of Heresy, like the rest of them? And someone had...

    Taken it?

    The whole situation happened so fast that there was no time to react. This white clad figure was very powerful and Lagertha had to resist the urge to lunge with her saber. Nevertheless she held the hilt in her hand and stepped forward. What the figure was saying sounded odd and she could not understand, her mind was wired on combat and not philosophy or esoteric musings.

    "I am not sure I understand." Lagertha said "What holocron?" though in the back of her mind she had a nagging feeling that she should have known the answer.

    Sek'nos pulled a face. "Our Holocrons, Lagertha? The one that the Master of Master's gave us? Before all this?"

    "Do you mean someone stole yours?" He said, speaking to the White Coat. The woman was merely gazing at Lagertha.

    Lagertha glared at him, she knew of them "She did not say that she was looking for them." Lagertha said gruffly and waited for the White Coat to reply.
    "... this burden of mine," she repeated, lamenting.

    There was a flash, and a memory took them.

    There was a shadow, enrobed, the woman's perspective from the wooden floor.

    Darkness. "Good. Now pick it up."

    Her gaze shifted to the Holocron, lying on the floor askance between her and the shadows of the room. Her head couldn't lift, not through the pain, blood pooling beneath her face. The Holocron was indeed a duplicate of the one that Lagertha, N'Tael, Sek'nos and No Name had.

    The Holocron was caught in a Force grip, and lifted away, out of sight.

    "Good. It is time to head to the Clock-Tower, my friend."

    The vision ended, and Sek'nos squeezed his fists. Ben looked from one of them to the other. "What does it mean?"

    Lagertha was puzzled, she was not sure what it all meant. But it had something to do with the holocron they had used. Was their teacher involved in all of this? "We should finish our mission." she turned to the Sith. "Then we should head back to the tower."

    The White-Coat swam out of sight, and Sek'nos was beginning to wonder himself. Ben answered. "It means someone killed her and took her holocron."

    "But there were as many lightsabers as there were Holocrons out in the Clock-Tower when we arrived," Sek'nos replied as they trudged forward, looking up at the sky for the breach Ben had mentioned.

    Ben pointed at a slither of a wrinkle in the sky; it appeared as if a crack. "There. That's where I fell." He paused. "So if there were as many Holocrons as there were lightsabers, doesn't that mean whoever killed her, they were there?"

    He looked at them both. Sek'nos looked at Lagertha.

    This whole situation was causing a major headache. These Force mysteries were mind-boggling, maybe she should have stayed in the Tower. "Let's head out there..." she said simply and started walking.

    Sek’nos narrowed his eyes. He had his lightsaber in his hand. “Are you the one who killed her?”

    A shadow of a memory took him. A Togruta he’d met who had the Force. How had he forgotten her? Ben looked at Lagertha, and back at the Sith.

    “Calm yourself, Rath.”

    The other Protector ignited his blade. “Where did you meet the Master of Masters?” His Force senses stretched out, to see if she spoke the truth.

    Lagertha frowned at the sudden turn of events. Normally she would jump into a good fight but this time it was different "Sek'nos..." she said cautionaryly "Let us not turn this into a brawl." she raised her hand then turned to Ben "That means that you should reply to his question too." she fixed him with a gaze.

    "My question. He met me in the City," Sek'nos bit back, taking a step forward and preparing his footwork. He was still a Sith warrior, even if he hadn't had the life that Lagertha did. "Your answer."

    "And what about the Protector Master - the librarian, Vydra Delameoux?" He snarled. "What item did he give you."

    That was a test, indeed it was, of something so long ago now.

    Ah yes, Vydra, Lagertha had forgotten about him, she wondered what had happened to the man. She had not met him since then. "Yes, do answer us." she looked at Ben, but was still trying to follow Sek'nos' movements.

    Ben cleared his throat. "Sek'nos is asking you, Lagertha. I'd like to hear the answer, myself." He was confused, but also concerned, working through the motions of the problem - the mystery the White Coat had implied.

    Lagertha's eyes widened, "He gave me a holocron." she stated simply, not sure whether or not she was to keep that a secret or not, but it was better to say the truth than to lie.

    “He gave me a Holocron too,” Sek’nos added. He paced her, blade ignited. Ben looked at her. “Your question, Lagertha?”

    Lagertha raised an eyebrow, her hand reaching for the hilt of her saber. She decided not to ignite it just yet, but kept her thumb on the ignition switch. "So, each of us got a holocron." she shrugged "Please, if you want to accuse me of something say it to my face." she gave him an icy glare.

    "What she said was true," Sek'nos said, ready for her. "I felt it in the Force. I recognized her..." He frowned. "I met her, before all this, before we were called. She felt like us - a Togruta, I think, and I am sure I could sense the Holocron on her. It's hard to remember..."

    The Sith deactivated his weapon. "There's an imposter among us, is what I'm worried about."

    He scowled. "If it's not you, and it's not me..."

    Lagertha was still frowning, what was going on!? A Togruta, what was he talking about!? Who was he referring to? If it was some tactic to get her confused and lower her guard it was working. She blinked and shook her head slightly, trying to focus on "Impostor?" she tilted her head "What do you mean?" she narrowed her eyes "I doubt it is Ben, whoever did it was probably smart enough to know that we will be suspicious of him."

    Ben looked concerned. “I mean, I don’t think whoever did this expected a White Coat to turn up and tell us...”

    He glanced up at the sky, at the fractures running through it. “We want to deal with this, don’t we?”

    Lagertha nodded slowly to Ben, still being ready to jump at the first sign of an attack. This standoff and the poison of doubt was making things difficult. Sek'nos suffered a personal tragedy and that clouded his judgement. Also the Master was absent and they were mostly left alone to make things up as they went. "Yes, let us deal with it, maybe we'll find something out."

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    IC: Ben Solo

    The wrinkle was just that; a wrinkle.

    The Force was complex here, and Ben was concerned he'd damaged it as he fell from Exegol, but clearly he had slipped through an existing crack.

    For Lagertha and Sek'nos, their lightsabers would resonate with them - and from the void would emerge four pods - small, starfighter-sized dipyramids. Miniature versions of the great Mortis monolith of the future; Tho Yor's.

    Their Holocrons activated.

    It was the Master of Masters.

    "Looks like you found the Ark! Congrats!"

    He clapped in his way.

    "This is the last lesson, so you might want to listen up, my Protector friends. Not all of you will have made it here, sadly, but it is what it is. The Holocron of Prophecy, well, that's where it is. That one copy I left laying around for my chosen successor to pick up. I'm sure you know who you are, anyway.."

    The Master shrugged.

    "So, anyway. There are five pods here, to be used to escape this world when the Darkness makes his move. The Balance needs to be kept, and if we're lucky, well, you'll manage to catch it it here!"

    He sounded excited.

    "That's the plan, you see. To make a good ole fashioned trap, and make sure that no big-bad flow-walking Sith Lords can head back to the real Nouane and interfere with my Grand Design," he lowered his voice into a dark tone. "Because as soon as all five - yes, I said five Tho Yor's starfighters are taken, then you'll all be whisked off into the nice and safe future. They're very useful for putting things where they are supposed to be - it's their mechanism."

    He held his hands out broadly.

    "Planting new and powerful Lights in the future. That way, when the Dark Man comes, we can finally defeat him."

    He threaded his fingers.

    "How's that sound?"

    Sek'nos looked at Lagertha, surprised - and ready to state the obvious.

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