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    I must have been very tired when I posted it, indeed. [face_blush] Thanks to you I changed the post now! :*
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    For some reason, I'm reminded of Shakespeare:

    "I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him."

    Great read!
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    *hides* YOU FOUND ME HERE. I THOUGHT PEOPLE DON'T READ SIGS. *ahem* Thank you. I juggle with strange ideas.

    Thanks, now I can see what it was supposed to mean and thank you - you're kind. :)
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    Most people don't read forum signatures... but I am not most people. I'm just myself.
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    This is great, I didn't realise until reading the comments who it was about, but once I did it made perfect sense! I love Artoo fics. I particularly loved these lines:

    "Someday I am going to lose it. Someday I am really going to lose it. When everybody around you is, to some degree, an idiot, that is what eventually happens."

    I sympathise greatly!!
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    I'll get back to "Nuv" when I'm done re-reading "Snowed In", but I want to comment on "She's gone" straight away. Awww, Artoo... [face_love] Poor little Artoo! And what is more, Artoo reflecting on the meaning of "life", and then heroically confronting the battle droids without losing his trademark wit in his description of Threepio ("kriffslider"? seriously [face_laugh]) Artoo and Arfour are a ship that I officially approve of, even if it must have such a tragic end!
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    Fun posts and great responses to challenges. I love your writing
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    I am sorry for taking so long to respond to these comments, I did not think that finishing my OC challenge entry would take it until the very last day to finish.

    Thank you. :)

    Who wouldn't? The poor little one is surrounded by angsty, weird, dumb and whatnot. And well, once he eventually loses it, it's a whole new story. That said, since you like Artoo fics, look at the first post in this thread - it's the aftermath of when Artoo loses it in ROTJ. A fic about butthurt. Literal butthurt.

    Thank you. :)

    I need to fix a couple of errors in "Nuv", so I'm actually glad you left it for later. :D

    I'm glad you approve of the ship. [face_love] They look like they could've been involved, totally...but instead of that, we got..



    Artoo, IMHO, knows more about life than actual living creatures do. Perhaps because he's seen so many of them at their worst. And yes, kriffslider: I tried to come up with a nonsense insult that's gross at the same time, so I scrolled down the page of GFFA-terms and decided to combine whatever my cursor lands on with "kriff". I believe this is far more vulgar than anything else that could've been, so...Artoo has got to be very, very angry with Threepio. :p

    You're more than welcome to use that word if you ever need something gross beyond gross in a story.

    Thank you. :) While that comment doesn't say much (and I would like to know what you liked), I hope you'll like the other things I'm writing...and, yeah, I need to have a look your stuff, too.
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    About a Boy
    This is my response to Bring Back the OC Revolution -- challenge 'Family'. I have decided to write a backstory for the character I made up to be Teebo and Latara's adopted son, as I already wrote about their biological daughter, in a story where Yehan appears only briefly as a teenager and mostly complains. This is miles away from the said appearance.

    Genre: Family, OC Backstory
    • Yehan (referred to as "the boy" throughout), a bunch of Yuzzums, Teebo, Latara, Kneesaa, Wicket W. Warrick, Paploo, Gwig, Malani, unnamed journalists
    • Non-speaking appearances of my other next generation Ewoks - Luufi, Theesa, Grael and Talthuk
    • A mention of Yilda Lami Jr, a reporter for a pretty vile tabloid
    • An indirect mention of one of my main Human OCs, not telling which one just yet
    Timeframe: 14 ABY
    Rating: PG-13 (some violence, nudity in non-sexual context, unpleasant)
    Summary: A day in life of a six snows old wokling, who is a slave to a colony of Yuzzum traders near the Happy Grove; followed by an Ewok artist reflecting on his and his wife's adoption of a feral child.

    A/N: My OCs are here and this story will be incorporated into an epic named The Blind Chart the Stars, which is itself a sequel both to The Black Star and The Other Moon (the story following Snowed In). You can read about the continuity in my stories here.

    An enormous thanks goes to Findswoman for her incredibly detailed and professional list of errors and corrections; and to glitteryboots who is my biggest cheerleader as much as I'm hers.

    Fair warning: The first part of the story is gross, gross, gross!

    Somewhere on the Forest Moon of Endor, 14 ABY

    Another morning dawned upon him. Another morning where he was not sure if he was happy for having survived, or if the very fact of his survival was the pinnacle of his misery. Another morning that he woke up in his own dirt, but this time he could not tell it from the mud that the soil around him had turned into, as it had been raining.

    The night was a blur, so he didn't even know when it happened, but his cold belly was a clear sign that he was in pain again. The night was long. The night was loud. He could hear the boar-wolves howl in the distance, the cackling of small nocturnal rodents, and the rustling of leaves in which they hunted their prey. It was unbearable to him, as he had not slept for two nights before that. He figured out that he must have fallen asleep before it started raining, otherwise he would have moved from what was now a mud puddle.

    If only the Master hadn't punished him for stealing a shank of meat. If only! He could have slept in his usual place – in the larger cave that served as the colony's stable, with the rakazzak beasts. Even though they made constant rattling sounds, he would have been in a much warmer place, able to cover himself with hay and sleep until sunlight kissed his fur with its comforting warmth, – the only pleasant touch he ever knew.

    Exhausted from belly ache and still half-asleep, he crawled to the nearby stream and drank some water. It was colder than the night, colder than his belly and making him dizzy on empty stomach. He lay down on the cold pebbles, holding his head, squeaking. For a couple of moments, everything was spinning around him and he was close to screaming. Eventually, it all settled and he got on his knees and looked at his reflection in the stream.

    That brown-furred, black-eyed fuzzy creature never spoke to him, but he was still his best friend. He never hurt him, hit him, whipped him, forced him to eat something that he didn't like or make him lift stones and large chunks of wood. And he did not look like his owners either. They were tall, with oval bodies, thin long limbs and gigantic mouths. He was small and stubby, with bright eyes and a tiny nose, and he could tell his head from the rest of his body. He had fur growing on his arms and legs as well. His best friend, in short, looked just like him. If nothing else, it made his life as an ugly, abnormal creature that did not look like everyone else around him, a bit better. Perhaps there were more fuzzy ones like him in the plains and forests he would often look at from the top of the cliff.

    A small fish pranced in the stream. He first reached for it, but then he remembered eating raw fish some time ago and crying from pain in cold sweat for a couple of nights. He also remembered almost choking on a fish bone that one time the Master roasted some on the campfire. No fish after a night of soiling himself in his sleep - he just did not want to be in any more pain.

    He waved at the brown-furred creature and went back to what used to be the campfire, to see if the remains of his most recent meal were still edible. As he approached his wooden bowl, he noticed an unusually large rugger licking its edges. He growled and jumped. The animal hissed and soon, they were rolling in the mud, biting and scratching each other. The rugger delivered a painful cut to his left leg, causing him to bite it on the neck. Its blood went straight into his eyes and mouth, and the rugger stopped moving. The boy spat out the blood, smearing it on his face and tossed the animal aside. He saved his meal and he had the right to enjoy it. Moreover, he knew that the Master and his wives liked rugger meat, so maybe he would be rewarded for killing it.

    With his leg still bleeding, he sat down to slurp the remains of the thick greyish-yellow paste. A couple of drops of the rugger’s blood made his first bites taste metallic, but he was so hungry that he didn’t even mind that. His upset belly was now making the sounds it usually made when he hadn’t eaten for a while. He licked the bowl clean and, for a couple of moments, he was more than pleased. The morning sun was peeking from the clouds and he was finally feeling warm.

    Sadly, this was not his day, just like most other days weren't, and his next troubles were about to hit him, the same way the Master’s cubs would when they would catch him nibbling on their fruit.

    The water he had drunk earlier was causing him pressure in his groin. He went to a nearby tree, as the Master’s oldest wife hated it when he would relieve himself closer to their cave. He was hoping that they would not be able to smell it from this far.

    Once he was done, he noticed something was wrong. He was able to pull back some skin, which he had never seen his owners doing, not to mention that they were relieving themselves through what looked like a plain hole in their fur. He tried to push the skin he thought was falling apart, which caused him almost as much pain as drinking cold water on an empty stomach and the rugger bite. Something seemed to be stuck. He squeaked out loud, grabbing his crotch and seconds later, he was wallowing in the mud for the third time that morning. This was the last straw.

    And then, he blacked out.

    Once he came round, he was in the rakazzak stable again and his owners were standing behind him – the Master, his three wives and seven cubs.

    "You woke us up again, boy."

    “Aaaae eeeye aaaaayyaaaa” he managed to mutter, pointing to his throat, the wound on his leg, his belly and his groin.

    “What have you done to yourself?”

    With more vocalisations, gesticulations and only an occasional word, he tried to explain how he soiled himself, drank too much cold water, fought an imposter and hurt himself. The Yuzzums’ mouths, full of razor-sharp teeth, were making him even more anxious. There was always the fear of his owners eventually eating him, though he never had proof of their doing so.

    “Did you kill this?” The second of the Master’s wives lifted up the dead rugger and threw it in the hay.


    She shrugged, knelt next to him on her long legs and pulled a grimace again. “I guess you can have a meat shank over dinner, then. A small one, of course.”

    “He had one ten days ago!” One of the cubs protested. “Less for him, more for us!”

    “Shut up, Kiddft’wdfvu!” The father of the family tapped his feet against the stable floor, causing the rakazzak beasts to roar. “Don’t you see that he is an animal? He bit the rugger and maybe he even sucked its blood! We need to give him food, or he may attack one of you. Whose idea was not to keep him fed when he does something wrong?”

    “Yours, Yertwwzzwg.”

    “One of you must have talked me into it. From this day on, we will keep him fed. Maybe he should be overfed for the first couple of days, so he develops a dislike for certain foods if he vomits them more than once. That way, we can make sure he does not sneak into out hole to steal food.”

    “That’s brilliant!” Kiddft’wdfvu pulled the same grimace as one of his mothers had earlier and nudged the cub next to him. All seven of them clapped.

    "He is a chore, the boy." Yertwwzzwg waved his hands. "Give him the diarrhea remedy, Atywxwwha. And if you’ve not had your morning meal yet, clean his wound and see what’s wrong with his groin. We want him to father some more Ewok slaves someday if we manage to raise a female. We don’t want to end up having to cut that off him.”

    As the largest female Yuzzum held him up with her gnarly hands, “the boy” started screaming. The remedy had an awful taste and he had not taken it well the last time.

    She hit him and looked at him angrily. “You want to live, don’t you?”

    He calmed down and swallowed the remedy. Once the Mistress’ gnarly hand pulled the stuck skin on his groin and placed a piece of hot cloth soaked in healing potion on his wound; he passed out again.

    “Oh, great.” Atywxwwha was fuming. “He is playing dead again. I still don’t understand why we took him in the first place. Why would anybody want to own an Ewok cub?”

    “It’s revenge, my dear meatlump. Revenge. The Ewoks have beaten us so many times, they control most of the sources of water and they’re better hunters than us. If all goes well with the boy, we can groom a whole new bunch of Ewok slaves, by kidnapping more of them. The less they’re exposed to their species, the more helpless they will be.”

    As Yertwwzzwg was nearly drooling from excitement, telling his family of his plans, the boy opened one eye. He could tell the word “Ewok” meant something important.

    “Ewok…Ewok…” he whispered to himself.

    Bright Tree Village, a month later

    Yertwwzzwg was approaching an Ewok village, dragging the boy on a leash and accompanied by a group of his tribesmen. They hated dealing with their enemies, but after the news had spread that the furballs were eager to trade food for whatever they could find lying around that belonged to Offworlders, the Yuzzums’ greed had prevailed.

    "Halt! What do you want?" A brown Ewok wearing a blue hood extended his spear to Yertwwzzwg’s face. “And why does everything happen only when I’m standing guard?” he quietly sobbed to himself.

    "We have some things to trade." the Yuzzum leader exclaimed, showing a cart full of metal scraps, machine parts and human clothes.

    The scout shrugged and showed his guard mate to stay there, as he led the Yuzzums to the treetops. Once they were on the platforms, the boy, who had kept quiet ever since he woke up that morning, was overwhelmed. Some little beings were playing near him and they looked just like his friend from the stream. The adults looked fairly similar to the little ones, too, except that their heads, necks and often upper backs were covered in fabric and leather. He started squeaking. A couple of little beings turned around, but got away when his Master pulled the leash. The guard put both hands on his mouth.

    “What are you doing with that wokling?”

    "Where is your Chieftess?" Yertwwzzwg asked, ignoring the question.

    "She is with her best friend who is mourning the loss of her father, so here are…Master…Chieftess and his two friends. Meet Wicket, Paploo and Teebo."

    “What did you just call me, Gwig?” a short Ewok wearing a red-orange hood with a large bib asked the guard, who just shrugged, and smiled awkwardly.

    “Sorry, Master Wicket. I did not mean to, Master Wicket. I am going back to guard the village now, Master Wicket.” With that, he ran off.

    The trio approached the Yuzzums. While "Master Chieftess" was only a little taller than the boy, the other two were quite big. Not as big as the Leader, but one of them was quite tall and the other quite wide.

    Yertwwzzwg did not like the vibe he got from the tall one. He could swear that had seen those eyes before, long ago, and they were making him uncomfortable.

    “Does he have to be here?” he asked the short Ewok, who just shrugged and gave him a blank stare. The one he didn't like spoke again.

    “Sorry, but I do. Wicket and Paploo don’t speak the Yuzzum trade language and our protoc …err, our new God stopped working some days ago, when a drunken village elder stabbed him.”

    As Wicket and Paploo roamed rummaged through the Yuzzum cart, Teebo noticed the boy. He quickly signaled to his friends to be quiet and then he addressed the Yuzzum trader.

    "Why is this wokling on a leash? Where did you get him from?" he snarled.

    "That is none of your business, Ewok."

    "It is." The snarl turned into a calm expression, accompanied by a tone of voice Yertwwzzwg did not expect from what seemed to be an intimidating creature…for an Ewok. His green eyes were looking straight into the Yuzzum’s yellow ones. "So, is the wokling for sale as well?"

    "Y-yes. As long as you can trade us something valuable in exchange for him, he is all yours." Yertwwzzwg could not believe his own words.

    The other Yuzzums were confused. No matter how many times they had told their clan leader to dispose of the Ewok cub or roast him on a stick above the fire for all of them to enjoy, he did not listen. What was causing this change? And what was the strange thing the Ewok just took off his shoulder and presented him with?

    Ten minutes later, the traders were on their way down to the forest floor. Wicket and Paploo did not seem interested in the scrap metal they got in exchange for some honey melons and sausage. They approached the wokling.

    “Just wait until Kneesaa hears about this. Slavery has been banned after the Great Battle and ten snows later, look what happens!”

    The cinnamon-coloured Ewok calmed down his diminutive friend, as the large one with an animal skull on top of his head took a deep breath and started explaining the problem using the words his friends still had trouble getting used to.

    “Wicket, you know it’s not that simple and it has never been. We’re a melting cauldron of past, present and future on Endor, and we have no representative in the Senate because those screaming creatures are the dominant species in the Moddell sector and they don’t like dealing with us.”

    “And that is precisely the loophole that allows the Yuzzums and other free-roaming, non-aligned beings to do what they want. Is that what you wanted to say, Teebo?”

    “Chak, Paploo. And until we can solve that, we have just freed another innocent wokling from slavery and abuse. Hey…that hurts. Calm down!”

    The boy was clinging to Teebo's leg, scratching him. And then, all of the sudden, he collapsed.

    “Go get Kneesaa and Latara, quick! I know Latara said that she does not want to be disturbed while she’s mourning, but tell her I called.”

    Not used to taking orders from his friend, who had only returned to Endor a couple of days ago, Wicket was confused for a moment. And then, realizing that sometimes even the Chieftesses’ husbands take orders, he ran as quick as his little legs could carry him.

    Ovise III, six standard weeks later

    Long ago, my wife asked me where I see myself ten years from now.

    I misunderstood her question, just like every other thing she said that night. She too misunderstood me. Back then, we were young. We had spent a couple of years awkwardly trying to get each other's attention and each new brush with the real person as opposed to the ideal, lustful dream of who each of us thought the other would open a new wound, start a new conflict. One could say that the way we saw each other before our relationship was very similar to the way an audience sees actors, musicians, athletes, even royalty.

    At the end of one of the most important days of my life, and I am sure many others' lives, I could not grasp the extent of the changes ahead. I knew that what happened was important and I needed some time to think about it, as I was sore from one of the biggest battles in history and the sound of my own drumming was causing this strange noise in my ears.

    Before I knew it, the two of us were being smuggled away from Endor by somebody we barely knew.

    I should be taking a lot of these things more lightly now. From what I learnt over the course of the past ten years, your species considers that to be the age when people are reliable, when they make amends and do not take offense like they used to in their youth. But we do not see youth the way you do. We do not have schools, we still don’t have any form of personal identification, and we don’t have the law as you know it. And that may have been the reason we have always been under tight scrutiny – as near-animals who somehow ended up in the civilized world. And chak, that was an actual description of us by somebody called Yilda Lami, Jr.

    Once we first met the world and the world met us, we were frightened beyond belief. We did not speak the language; we needed a personal assistant for almost every other everyday thing, we were frowned upon for our lack of formal education. On top of that, we were too small compared to most.

    Sorry for this lengthy introduction and more on my life than you ever wanted to know. I will get to the point now.

    Some weeks ago, I bought a feral wokling out of slavery. He had spent the past six years or so as a slave to some Yuzzum traders. I traded my most precious instrument for him. He cannot speak anything besides a handful of words in the Yuzzum trade language; he mostly screams and giggles instead. He does not have the grooming habits we are used to. He is not quite sure of what he is or what is going to happen to him. He cannot remember having a name.

    My wife and I saw some of ourselves in him. You see, it took us nearly a decade to get to where we are now. We never truly blended in with the world that was, so we were told, thousands or years ahead of the one we grew up in. Now that I can speak and write in this universal language fluently, I am told that I have “a singsong accent”. Now that she can operate a speeder, she is called cute and adorable for being only 95 cm tall and operating a vehicle. Seemingly, I often get asked how come I am not cute, when all members of our species are supposed to be cute. We are told that we display affection in childish ways, that our voices are high-pitched and that we are fluffy. People ask about what we eat all the time, expecting to be told something outrageous, as if Endorian chicken wasn’t now being cultivated pretty much everywhere.

    The way we saw the world beyond Endor is the way this precious wokling sees us. He is frightened, his words have no meaning, normal life in an Ewok village is just too much for him to take and his recovery will be slow.

    Taking him with us would make his life even worse. He is so scared of anything artificial that the first time he saw a droid he screamed until he passed out. He is still not refresher-trained. He tried to bite our daughter at first and luckily, she lay on her back like a playful pet and let him know she was not going to hurt him. This is all too much for us – and yet, at the same time, we feel responsible to make that boy a proper Ewok and give him all the love he never had.

    Yes, we are going to be taking a break. It could be months. It could be years. I hope you understand that this was a joint decision and that our friends and associates support us. We are hereby cancelling the remaining seven performances on our tour and heading back to our homeworld to dedicate all of our time to this boy.

    We are truly grateful for everybody who supported us. Latara would like to thank you as well; she did not feel like facing the lot of you after that most recent offensive article.

    Half an hour later, press room

    "Why did he choose to address the press and not her? Is she pregnant again?"

    “Yeah, I thought she was the face of the band, not him.”

    "I heard that her father passed away days before they found that gross feral youngling. That said, what did he mean by 'feral'?"

    "Is she avoiding criticism for having breastfed her baby...I mean, their real youngling...wokling...during interviews?"

    "Did he say that he traded his most precious instrument for him? Is it the gee-om horn? How does he still have it, then?"

    "Isn't Joh Yowza a Yuzzum? They seem like noble creatures! What kind of nonsense is this?"

    "Maybe they are both addicted to rokna blue and afraid to admit it? Sure one trip home is enough to get into it, now that it's a thing!"

    "If their tribe wasn't under scrutiny, they would never get famous. She's arrogant beyond belief, he's just plain ugly and mean.”

    Bright Tree Village, one week later

    The boy was standing in the middle of the Council hut, as the large table usually taking that place had been moved towards the window. This was the first time since his arrival to the village that he was not scared of being looked at, and at the same time, his first time in a crowd. There were at least one hundred Ewoks present. His adoptive parents were standing close to him, with his aunt holding two fellow woklings, the slightly younger girls that he grew to like during the two moons of life as an Ewok.

    A white-furred female wearing a bejewelled pink hood and carrying a ruling staff approached the group and singled out the one whom the boy was told to call “mother”.

    "Latara, I forgot something! - I have to address him somehow during the ceremony! I know you don’t know what the Yuzzums named him, but are there any of our words that he likes?”

    Latara turned to her friend. She completely forgot about having to name the boy, and, naturally, the thought didn’t even occur to Teebo, who was staring at the hood in a wooden box. As his wife nudged him, he almost lost balance.

    “Honeydrop, we didn’t talk about the boy’s name! Kneesaa is asking for his name.”

    “I…I don’t know. Is that really necessary at the moment?”

    “K’vark, now I remember why it took so long for you to notice me. Malani, do you have an idea? You have spent quite a lot of time watching over the boy.”

    Malani smiled. She never thought somebody would ask her for anything more than taking care of little Luufi and Theesa during the ceremony.

    “He likes the word yehan; it’s the one he picked up as I told him stories of the Big Battle. It would be an interesting name, if the two of you agree…and, of course, if Kneesaa agrees.”

    “Yehan and Luufi. Yehan and Luufi. It sounds green, like the trees and that’s always good.” Teebo hugged his sister. “I did notice him repeating that word, but…chak.”

    “Is this your final decision? Latara?” Kneesaa addressed her friend who just nodded her head.

    The wise Chieftess took the wooden box from the table and walked up to the boy. He looked into her eyes, his mouth wide open, and let out a couple of unintelligible sounds.

    "This young wokling has had a life harder than most of us and he is only about six snows old. He was used for hard labour by a notorious Yuzzum trader and crook, he was not well-fed, nor taught how to take proper care of himself. This is not the way to treat a cub, nor should anybody on Endor ever be treated that way. While we cannot determine what tribe his parents were from, we doubt that they were left alive after he was kidnapped, for Yuzzum raids are bloody and violent. Our friends Latara and Teebo, who have originally planned to spend a moon or two with their families, have decided to adopt this wokling and stay at home, after ten snows of travelling around. Since they came back to the Bright Tree Village with a little girl of their own, I believe that they have all it takes to help this boy become a respectable young Ewok in his own right.”

    Kneesaa looked at her friends standing by and smiled. They smiled back. Suddenly, the years they spent apart did not matter at all. As the crowd was waiting, she put the red hood with trinkets over the boy’s head and helped him set it right. His face lit up, as he managed to speak his first full sentence in proper Ewokese.


    “Yehan, from this point on, you are a member of our tribe. Tomorrow morning, we will plant a soul tree for you. I wish there was a way for you not to feel the pain for everything you went through, but we hope that our love will make up for it." As everybody clapped their hands, she hugged the boy and whispered to him. "You’re a brave little one.”

    The crowd cheered for the newly-hooded wokling. Luufi and Theesa jumped to congratulate him, followed by Grael and Talthuk, then a bunch of other bare-headed children. The celebrations continued until deep in the night and, for the first time since the Big Battle, the friends who had been separated for so long, were bonding again – all thanks to the unexpected visitor the Light Spirit had sent their way.


    Boar-wolf is a large animal indigenous to Endor.

    Yuzzums are the other prominent sentient species on Endor. You may know them from ROTJ, where you can see Wam "Blam" Lufba and Joh Yowza.

    All the Yuzzums' names in this story are the result of typing with my eyes closed, then comparing the result with Joh Yowza's birth name (J'ywz'gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et'nrmdndlcvtbrx). I imagine their language to be far more complicated than the "Yuzzum trade language" which C-3PO uses to communicate with the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. On the contrary, it's got to be something so saturated with consonants that it's no wonder that "the boy" cannot grasp its basics. After all, Ewoks are humanoids and their language makes sense.

    Yuzzum polygamy is my fanon, so is dwelling in caves and having separate caves as stables for their rakazak beasts.

    Rakazzak beasts are used by Yuzzums in the same way Ewoks use bordoks. You can see these creatures in two Ewoks episodes, The Cries of the Trees and Rampage of the Phlogs; as well as the book The Adventures of Teebo: A Tale of Magic and Suspense.

    As gross as this may be, yes, the poor boy had his foreskin stuck. I saw that on one of my aunt's young dogs and the poor thing cried, didn't let my aunt close and needed to be taken to a vet to help him. Yuzzums are likely not mammals, their genitalia is likely internal, they have cloacas and they have no idea how to take care of a mammal.

    Ruggers are fluffy things that Yuzzums actually hunt and eat. I can imagine that a wokling would not be much bigger than a rugger, hence the boy's battle with one such creature.

    Gee-om is an Endorian goat. I used the name from a model cel for the Ewoks cartoon. Later in the story, I am implying that Teebo's precious relic, The Sacred Horn of the Soul Trees was made from one such animal's horn.

    Do Yuzzums eat woklings? Some say yes, some say no.

    "Meatlump" as a Yuzzum endearment is my fanon, as a contrast to Ewoks' "honeydrop" or, for example, Duloks' "swamp bunny".

    Why would Ewoks need scrap metal? I assume they may be trying to grasp it, or they value it highly for whatever reason.

    Gwig, otherwise a background character from the first season of the Ewoks cartoon, is a fan-favourite in Snowed In; so I thought I would give him a cameo here. Just like in Snowed In, even though he's twelve years older (likely about 20 in human age), he's still managing to be present on guard duty on the weirdest days possible. Hard luck!

    Yertwwzzwg is not able to know that Teebo will pull what essentially is a Jedi mind trick on him; but he may have been present when a bunch of his tribesmen were chasing him as a wokling. Even with Teebo not looking one bit the same, I assume that green eyes on an Ewok can be memorable to a Yuzzum.

    Before you ask: Teebo is capable of a mind trick by nature. He is doing this kind of stuff in the Ewoks cartoon, he does that to Baga the bordok in The Cries of the Trees.

    Wicket, Paploo and Teebo are discussing the fact that the Moddell sector is dominated by the Ayrou.

    The Great Battle and The Big Battle are references to the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY (the one in Return of the Jedi, obviously).

    I am indeed implying that Lumat, Latara's father died shortly before the boy's arrival to the village.

    Ovise III is an industrial, civilised planet in the Moddell sector, relatively close to Endor.

    At the beginning of his address to the press, Teebo is referring to this particular scene.

    "Somebody I barely knew" - Hmm, this is a mystery? WHO took Teebo and Latara away from their homeworld and why? You'll have to read the sequels to Snowed In to will make sense, I promise.

    Yilda Lami Jr? Who is she? And was her mother an annoying journalist, too? Stay tuned.

    Latara and Teebo were on a...tour? What even? Once again, stay tuned.

    Rokna blue is a VERY powerful narcotic derived from the rokna fungus commonly found on some trees on Endor. In the cartoon episode To Save Deej Wicket's father, Deej Warrick, almost dies from a rokna fungus cut on his shoulder. Whoever is using that as a spice must be totally mad, but yes, the journalists are very quick to assume parents of a small child who have just adopted another would be addicted to it.

    The boy had his own ceremony indoors, as opposed to the outdoor ceremony Gwig, Mookiee and Malani have in The Cries of the Trees. Perhaps it's because he's the only one to receive a hood, perhaps because he does not have a soul tree that was planted when he was born.

    Yehan means peace in Ewokese. His sister, Teebo and Latara's biological daughter, is Luufi, which means flower. Damn hippies, they are everywhere!

    A quick one, since I am yet to remove spoilers from my OC index thread: Grael and Talthuk would be Kneesaa and Wicket's children, Theesa is Teebo and Malani's much, much younger sister, because, yeah, it happens.
  10. glitteryboots

    glitteryboots Jedi Knight

    Feb 18, 2015
    I have an urge to Photoshop us into cheerleader outfits involving goats now. Anyway...

    I love this. :D Great opening paragraph, it really draws the reader in and makes them immediately feel for Yehan, which is important if unpleasant content is going to follow. That said, the "unpleasant" stuff is visceral and perfectly written. I'm very impressed at how you've managed to make the story and characters interesting in such an honest but uncommon setting.

    Teebo's part is just how I imagine an older Teebo speaking and behaving. And you already know, but I love this description: One could say that the way we saw each other before our relationship was very similar to the way an audience sees actors, musicians, athletes, even royalty.
    I also really like that his part ends up being an announcement - works really well and easily tells us more about what Teebo and Latara have been up to.

    The ending is lovely, too. :) Not too much at all, it definitely feels deserved for Yehan and that's also how I imagine an older Kneesaa behaving.
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  11. Kahara

    Kahara Force Ghost star 4

    Mar 3, 2001
    True enough that there are some "gross" bits early in the story, but it's a very effective description of just how grim life would tend to be for a youngling with no medical care and no means of getting socialized and taught in basics (such as toilet training.)
    The Ewok cub's sense of total isolation is conveyed really well -- he observes his Yuzzum slave-owners and can even apparently understand a bit of their speech, but there's such a barrier between them that they may as well be in different star systems. The emptiness of not knowing what he is and whether there are others seems as much of an ordeal in its way as the more obvious and deliberate cruelty of his treatment.

    Liked how Yertwwzzwg and his family have a combination of really alien biology, with recognizable "human" motivations -- greed, revenge, and the tendency to reduce others to things as a way of achieving those ambitions. Those things create so many of the plagues of our species as well. It makes for a nice tie into how the Ewoks are also used to echo real-world human problems in Snowed In.
    [face_laugh] Noticed in the notes that this is Gwig the wokling from your other story. He still can't catch a break after all these years? Poor Gwig!
    Wow, I can only imagine how disturbing that must be from the Bright Tree Ewoks' perspective. I like how the use of Yehan's perspective leaves you to figure that out from visible reactions, rather than telling us outright. It makes it a lot more powerful.
    Oh, Gwig. :p I love the "Master Chieftess" slip of the tongue, poor Gwig. But it's an interesting and kind of heartwarming indication of how things are between Wicket and Kneesaa if they are considered that connected in the back of Gwig's mind. Reminds me of the traditional childhood embarrassment of kids accidentally calling teachers "Mom" by reflex at school. [face_laugh]

    Liked that there was something disconcerting about Teebo. I can imagine there would be, even if Yertwwzzwg didn't have that possible memory of events long past. Reminds me of how you can see a change in Luke in ROTJ just by the way he acts at Jabba's palace -- there's something that gets a little different in the aura of a Force-user who is confident in their abilities. And in some cases it would be wise to clear out while one can! ;) Luckily for all concerned, Yertwwzzwg isn't so hard to influence.

    Intriguing references to what's going on with the Moddell sector and the government (or lack of) on Endor. Establishing anything centralized would be a tricky proposition there, and I could see the suspicion of the various groups towards each other becoming a huge problem. But then there are cases like Yehan's, where the lack of any law that can reach outside of a particular group's territory leaves vulnerable beings in a lot of trouble. [face_thinking]
    This is a really insightful take on how Teebo might interpret the situations of his earlier life in hindsight. It shows how much he's changed over the years (and big changes, as his and Latara's offworld career suggests.) His thoughts on how the Ewoks are perceived outside of Endor are interesting and show both frustration and the maturity to handle it well. The way that Teebo and Latara recognize their own difficulty in adapting to galactic society in Yehan is wonderful. And I believe they are right in thinking that leaving Endor would overwhelm the kid at this point.

    The press room comments are both hilarious and awful. Reminds me of the horrible celebrity gossip that seems to be a feature on every radio station here. It's so often mean-spirited and taken all from the surface, and you captured that very well.
    Aww! That's incredibly sweet. And I like that Malani the little one from the cartoon and Snowed In gets to be such a vital, compassionate character here. (Also, ROFL at the "hippy names" comment in your notes. :p) The acceptance and celebration of the tribe's newest member at the end here is a really nice emotional counterpoint to the starkness of the beginning. Yehan has come a long way in just a short time, but he has a good family and community that loves him. So we're left with the reassuring sense that he'll be alright. =D=
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  12. whiskers

    whiskers Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 19, 2005
    Great work on the descriptions. I particularly loved the end of the first scene, when he finally learned what he actually is compared to his owners. I'm happy that he finally got a family and I laughed my butt off at what the press was whispering to themselves after the press conference.
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  13. Chyntuck

    Chyntuck Force Ghost star 5

    Jul 11, 2014
    Okay, well, Kahara's already been here, so it's not like I'm left with much to say that hasn't already been said... ;)

    I thought that the "gross" part was a very powerful piece of writing, especially the moment when Yehan sees his reflection in the water and comments on how this silent stranger who looks like him is his best friend -- I can't think of a better/stronger way to convey the fact that the boy is in an environment so hostile that he has no friends other than himself.

    The second part of the story (Teebo's speech and the lol comments in the press room :p ) piqued my curiosity about what will be happening in the sequel to Snowed In -- sign me up to read that one! (Of course, I'm at least two chapters behind on Snowed In, but don't tell anyone.)

    Last, I was delighted!!! to see poor Gwig and grown-up Malani. They must be my fave secondary characters in your main fic.

    Great job!
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  14. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    LOL on the "She's Gone" entry. And the latest one. =D= =D= Fantastic! You write with such attention to detail and depth of feeling for the characters. :cool: I love Latara and Teebo adopting the wobling and him feeling part of a family and safe. :) :)
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  15. Findswoman

    Findswoman The Fanfic Mod in Pink star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 27, 2014
    Seconded, thirded, fourthed, and nine-hundred-seventy-eighthed. :D

    So as soon as the OC "family" challenge was announced, I thought to myself, "Oh, this challenge was just made for Ewok Poet ! She's going to work wonders with this!" And, indeed, you didn't disappoint. (But when do you ever? :) )

    This is one of your most powerful pieces so far. =D= You really took this "family" theme to the elevens and you bring it into the story on multiple levels. There's the cruel, violent Yuzzum family who enslaves Yehan and treats him as little more than a beast. There's their horrid plot to eventually acquire a female Ewok and force the two of them to mate and create a family of more slaves. There's the compassionate, loving Ewok family that so selflessly takes Yehan in, canceling their galactic performance tour to do so. There's the whole communal family of Bright Tree Village, who by way of that beautiful hood ceremony welcome this newcomer to a new lease on life. And there's the even bigger galactic family to which the post-Endor generation of Ewoks now belongs. All portrayed with true EP panache. :cool:
    Indeed, I love the way Teebo, in his very eloquent and in-character Ovise III speech, draws the analogy between those last two, through the viewpoint of his newly adopted son: "The way we saw the world beyond Endor is the way this precious wokling sees us." His speech is the core, the heart of this story. And he deftly addresses the in-universe prejudice against his species while he's at it. Even out-of-universe, this should required reading for anyone who still thinks the Ewoks are just silly comic relief!

    And then what a powerful contrast with the ridiculously catty reactions of the press room denizens. When will they ever learn?!

    I find none of the "gross" bits in the first section to be unnecessary of gratuitous at all. Indeed, without that kind of detail, how would we feel so much for Yehan and his plight? It's all part and parcel of the incredibly detailed and sensitive tableau you paint of his enslavement and mistreatment, which naturally is going to involve his increasing awareness of the anatomical differences between him and his owners. I love it when fanfic stories find interesting and relevant ways to bring in details of alien biology—reminds us that these aren't just humans in suits, or with extra fur, etc.

    And finally, what a wonderful added treat to see how the cast of Snowed In have grown since the events of that story while still maintaining the traits that make them them. From poor put-upon Gwig to cocky Master Ch—I mean Wicket—to the dignified but kindly Chieftess Kneesaa (love that final hug) to dear Aunt Malani as namegiver, getting the chance to be more than just the tagalong little sister. Makes me really excited to read more about them both in the sequel to Snowed In and in future short stories like this one.

    Bravissima! =D=
  16. JadeLotus

    JadeLotus Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 27, 2005
    The first part of the fic with Yehan's horrible existence is very affecting - I agree with what others have said that the passage of his reflection being his best friend was very well done. It was gratifying to see that he was accepted as a member of the tribe at the end.
  17. leiamoody

    leiamoody Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 8, 2005
    K'vark, indeed. Yehan's entire life until he gets adopted...there are like a million words that can be used to describe his earliest years (brutal, insanely brutal, horrible, terrible, nightmarish), but somehow the original Ewokese epithet seems like the best way to describe it from his perspective. From what I sort of remember, the curse word can either be mild or the Ewokese equivalent to "frak" from BSG. I'm going with "frak" in this case. (Of course I'm most likely wrong about this. My memory of the Ewoks cartoon is vague, and looking up on the Wook doesn't indicate the severity of the curse word. Your fanon probably encompasses both meanings, if I gauge how you view things correctly).

    Yes, you also nailed the "family" concept perfectly. It's not the traditional meaning, but the family you find is often more important and vital to your development as a living being than the family you are born into. Yehan is a lucky wokling to be adopted into such a loving family.

    Oh, you're the only writer I've ever read who truly makes the Ewok society come alive. They are generally considered comic relief by most viewers, or irritating merchandising. (Not by me, though. This is an Ewok loving household :D). But they are a living, complex society, and you're like the galactic anthropologist who's come to Endor and dedicates her life to chronicling their daily existence so others will understand. Fantastic work, EP. :)
  18. Rau_Fang

    Rau_Fang Jedi Master star 2

    Mar 28, 2005
    As opposed to leiamoody mine was not an ewok loving household... until I read this. This is a revelation! I think back on RotJ and I realize that I should have seen it there all along: Endor is grimy and wild and dangerous. The battle of Endor isn't just clutter in a slightly busy movie (It was pushing the limits on how many plot lines a movie should (in my humble opinion) have concurrently) - it's a look into the deepest depths of the Star Wars universe.

    Your living breathing Ewok society grew out of that terrifying Endor environment and it's evident in your grt prose. You do a great job of adding another layer of "otherness" to the Star Wars universe that I hadn't realized was there. A separation between species long belonging to the galactic community and the Ewoks - viewing the community with fresh eyes and trying to find their way in it.

    I'm looking forward to reading more. about Ewoks! Who knew!
  19. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Awesome fic, all of it.

    The amount of detail conveyed, the points of view considered, such as Teebo and Latara's experiences in the wider galaxy, which for me, new to your universe, popped in out of left field, felt very authentic.

    Grig's feeling of why everything happened when he was on shift, resonated personally with me, even down to the words!

    Loved everything about it, and thoroughly deserving of the challenge win.
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  20. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    Thank you all for incredible comments and thanks for voting for me. :) I could not have gotten back to you all earlier, been sick (I'm OK now...I think). I am splitting replies in two posts, so this thread doesn't someday fall victim to too much markup.

    By the look of things, we're going to need a Gwig fanclub sometime soon.



    Diarrhea in one's sleep due to a stomach bug and probably a poor state of muscles in general is the best way to get new readers. Now I know the secret and I am not going to share it with anybody...oh, wait!

    Thank you. And thanks for supporting me when I told you about the idea. <3

    That speech was written before the rest of the story, before the challenge was even announced. I write bits for the future fics whenever I get an idea and after I wrote this, I thought it's a shame that, with my current tempo, Episode VIII will come out before that part of the story. :p The challenge jumped at me out of nowhere and I thought it was only fair to include this in it.

    Also, the speech was inspired by you-know-who's departure letter from December 2009 in terms of relatively cultured tone, but not more than that. The description you like is probably a logical consequence of the trauma from running a celebrity fansite for more than a decade...and more. ;)

    Glad it was right. :D

    That bunch of journos is the worst kind of scum, beating anything that could be seen in the Mos Eisley cantina or at the Jabba's palace. They're comedy and cruelty at the same time.

    There is always something. :)

    This makes me think: how would others interpret the same feeling? I went with aversion of a trope/famous myth, somebody else could have done something else. I think it would make for an interesting discussion topic at some point; maybe even a challenge. The idea of a character not having friends, that is, not an analysis of that paragraph.

    I explained this to you in a message, to a certain extent and I believe two more people may know what's happening; but since it's weird to begin with

    "That one" is not the sequel to Snowed In, it's a sequel to the sequel of Snowed In AND a sequel to The Black Star. The actual sequel to Snowed In, which I named The Other Moon (a really easy title to figure out, I think) is still happening before ROTJ, the summer after Snowed In. It's going to be a good story -- slightly more dramatic, slightly more brutal, with more focus and there will be some things I never explored in fiction before. I cannot reveal more at this point, but I hope to have it online by July...being stuck in the next chapter of Snowed In and all.

    The one you're referring to would probably come early next year, perhaps in February or March, maybe even April.

    They won't be present much in the above mentioned, but I have already planned what I will be doing with them in the sequel to the sequel. :D

    I hereby welcome you to my universe. :)
    I can also assure you that this popped in out of left field for everybody else, too; as my main fic takes place before Return of the Jedi, so this was a fast forward.

    Now I wonder what kind of a RL experience is an equivalent of to share? :D Come to think, we all probably had our Gwig moments, too.

    Hmmm, I do disappoint. :p Nuv is not the best story ever because of all that unnecessary secrecy and I need to rewrite it, as now I can freely reveal characters' names.

    And I thought the same re: me and this challenge, minus the wonders part. :D

    I did not realise that the Yuzzums were a family who wanted to breed families and that the said horror fits into the family theme too; so now that you're pointing out, I assume it came naturally.

    I see Teebo as the type who does not really have performance anxiety until after he performs, in whatever way. I can imagine he was pretty freaked out after he said all this; but since Latara was obviously offended and stressed, and I cannot imagine her speeches would be diplomatic to begin with, he had to take the baton here. :p

    I do not mind showing it to people who still think that. :D

    It's more than just catty - there is latent racism and some sort of an equivalent to the first world privilege throughout. But yes, cattyness (is this a word?) is pervasive.

    Yuzzum cloacas and the species' inability to understand a mammal/humanoid male member and precocious development thereof - the fanon thread topic for June 2015, perhaps? :eek:

    Just like I said to Chyntuck - there is a lot in store with those two. Their arcs in Snowed In are not over until the very last chapter and they will have quite a role in the sequel-to-the-sequel, as well as anything that may come after that. Poor Gwig has never been addressed by his name in the cartoon and he's so irrelevant that there are instances of him appearing twice in the same crowd

    And yeah, Master Ch—I mean Wicket [face_whistling] has remained a bit cocky, as that's a part of his character, but if he managed to father two boys and see beyond his own ambitions, then something has got to have happened to make him grow up and take a backseat role that does not equal being the actual ruler.

    Hehe. ;)

    Remember, Artoo has a taser. If we don't respect his feelings, he may pull a Teebo on any of us, more or less. [face_whistling]

    While some people focus on exterior/interior, some on romance, some on action, some on battles...yes, to me feelings matter the most and I am glad it comes across. :)
  21. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014

    I never saw BSG, so at this point I am not sure if what you're recommending is the original version or the early 2000s (?) remake (prequel? sequel?); so I would need a clarification on that.

    A lot of the Wook articles on the cartoon have been written in an odd manner (e.g. when this Brazilian man obsessed with Kneesaa tackless them, you can tell they will be written from a certain point of view); so if you're planning to watch everything again and something makes no sense, I am here. :) I need to start writing episode summaries on there, but most of the Sunstar vs. Shadowstone and Shadows of Endor articles is my work. Oh, yeah, as expected, Teebo's biography is, too. I need to finish that. :p

    I was not aware that the whole story was spot-on until I read Findswoman 's comment (see the above reply); as I did not see that the Yuzzum concepts of their own polygamic family and what they wanted to create - an artificially bred bunch of helpless Ewok slaves - were spin-offs of the actual idea of a "normal" family, too.

    I fully approve of Ewok loving households. :D Mine was an Ewok-neutral household. When the cartoon was showing here from October to December 1990, grandma and I were fans, my parents didn't care a single bit.

    Complex society is one of the things that's, IMHO, been sticking since day one. No other society that wasn't primarly composed out of humous got such a level of depth in the OT itself, as the original Marvel comics explored it further, to a certain extent. The young reader books and the sheer horror that is The Adventures of Teebo: A Tale of Magic and Suspense established it all further, cartoon took it to a level where it literally became a sandbox for anybody willing to play.

    Since you know more than I do, I was wondering if there were Ewoks stories in the fanzines you were reading as a teen/young adult, or if nobody really tackled this stuff before err, November 2014. If the latter is the case, I am really confused.

    And I wish I had the time to study something like anthropology, so your comment really means a lot in that sense - I read stuff, talk to anthropologists (who rank from those who shame me for not having a degree to those who even explained me why my favourite character is my favourite character) and I am happy that it doesn't just get tucked in a random greymatter drawer.

    Wow, thank you. [face_blush]

    I always had a little dream of "converting" somebody; but in past I have "converted" people into becoming fans of one whiny, strange manchild; so nowadays, I see that sort of stuff as a huge responsibility. Ewoks cannot randomly decide to leave the Star Wars universe, do spice, come back and then leave it again, r-right? *looks around nervously*

    And this was inevitable - remaining long forgotten or even exploited after the Battle of Endor, the culture turning into a mishmash of very old and very new, a total chaos on the planetoid and nobody willing to solve anything, as it's not in anybody's interests and there is nothing to be gained from it.

    If you really mean that, feel free to start here. The story still has 4-5 more chapters to go and, though it starts out with an entitled, emo Wicket complaining about his birthday presents and some melodramatic flirting between the adoptive parents you see in this very story -- then two teenagers one of whom is very horny and the other is very confused -- it turns into some "creepypasta" pretty fast. :) I am looking forward to your opinion on it. :)

    There is a ~2K story in this very topic as well, but I need to fix it up a bit, as characters' names are not included and so on. I plan to ping everybody who read this once once I fixed that...if you don't mind, that it's the happy, what-even counterpart to this hard piece.

    Once again, I am glad that the opposite-of-Narcissus scene had such an impact.

    And nice to see you comment on an Ewok story, too. :D Didn't expect it, actually.

    One minor correction: he is toilet-trained by Yuzzum standards, but his stomach is so bad that he poops in his sleep. For Ewok standards, however, he is not.

    And they want it that way. The less he knows, the more submissive he can be. :(

    K'vark, such is life! :D

    They have likely seen a lot of it and Asha was semi-feral when she returned to the village many years prior to that; but Yehan was a far different matter.

    The road to such closeness will be...a pretty peculiar one. Either way, you'll see.

    And the said "mom" reflex may have inspired it, yup. :)

    You're reading my mind! :) There are a couple of such moments in the first season of the cartoon (most notably, here, from 3:25) and perhaps, while such an aura was known to Yertwwzzwg from somewhere, he was too confident in his own obnoxiousness to back off before the mind trick started working.

    With Endor being a savage world, many other planets in the sector being populated by pirates, marauders and various other outlaws; the folks who proclaimed themselves a big deal are likely not working on changing much for the others. This is not to say that things won't change in the future.

    And yes, while somebody is making a political career from it, beings such as Yehan are going through hell. :(

    The said difficulty will be a major plot point of an upcoming fic, so look out for that. It will take them a long time to be even capable of handling things without some sort of a guardian, a guide; let alone act like this.

    Yeah, bloody hippies are everywhere and they give their children hippie names...unless the children do it themselves. :D

    I hint Malani's involvement in future fics in one of the replies above.

    And something that started so unbelievably dark had to end up reasonably light. :)
  22. leiamoody

    leiamoody Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 8, 2005
    I'm recommending the 2003 "reboot" (which is really just a fancy way of saying "remake"). But the word "frak" originally appeared in the 70's version...which I don't recommend watching unless you', drugs don't help. It's even more pathetically cheesy than the SW Holiday Special...and that's hard to beat in terms of "Oh, God, my eyes are burning! My brain cells are dying! HELP ME!!!!!!!!" :p

    The fanzines I was involved with never wrote about the Ewoks. I was considered a bit weird when I wrote a piece about a star-crossed romance between a Quarren and a Mon Cal. (No, really). Most of the print zines weren't too interested in the Ewoks, except for one story that explained how Leia got that dress (short version: Cindel used to wear it...and was still wearing it...and she was dead). You are really the first writer I've seen really dive into the Ewok society and write about them as three-dimensional beings.

    Basically, I think this is your calling in the fanfic world, and you're doing a fantastic job. :D
  23. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    I guess I will go for the new one, then. With people comparing the Holiday Special, which was never aired here* to the two classic animated shows from the 1980s, I tried to watch it...after 11 minutes, I was angry that anybody would dare to compare Ewoks and Droids to...WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT, ANYWAY? WHYYYYYY?

    * yet, in that very decade of WTF, we had this - a song that includes lines such as "Otto went ottoing" and "the cat is crying for its kitten".

    Thank you. [face_blush] It feels odd to be the first only.

    And that idea with Cindel, I assume she was...eaten? Talking about latent racism or, as my psychologist said, dismissing savages who don't fit the "noble savage" narrative...ugh.



    I am working on a vignette. Let's see if I manage to complete it.
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  24. Cushing's Admirer

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    Jun 8, 2006
    Just finished, About a Boy. :) I am glad he has love and a home now. :)
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  25. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014

    Thank you. =D= I'm sorry if it was a particularly painful read in any way.[face_blush]

    Something coming soon - if I get the permission to post it. It may come as a surprise.
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