EU Works You Hate But Everybody Else Likes

Discussion in 'EU Community' started by SithOverlord101, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. SithOverlord101

    SithOverlord101 Jedi Knight star 4

    Sep 1, 2018
    Like a previous thread but reversed.

    I've never really been a fan of Luke Skywalker and the Shadow of Mindor myself.
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  2. Esh-kha

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    Aug 16, 2018
    I did not care for the meta stuff about violence in that book but erveryone seemed to be into that.
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  3. spicer

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    Nov 14, 2012
    Hate is not the word I'd use, but a story that most like and I feel indifferent to is Dark Empire. Just not my cup of tea, although I can see the appeal.
  4. SpecForce Trooper

    SpecForce Trooper Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 19, 2016
    I don't hate it, but I think Shattered Empire is extremely mediocre.
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  5. Psychenous

    Psychenous Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 13, 2017
    I really did not like Dark Empire at all. I found Luke turning to the Dark Side degrading to the ending to Return of the Jedi. The scene in RotJ where Luke says, "I am a Jedi like my father before me" and tosses his lightsaber aside is my absolute favourite moment in all of Star Wars and I thought DE was a slap in the face to it.
    I also feel like the Tales of the Jedi comics were pretty mediocre. I liked the Ulic Qel-Droma story and I liked the story of Nomi Sunrider and Redemption was excellent. The rest was either mediocre or complete crap.
    I can't stand the Jedi Academy trilogy, but I am not sure if that counts since there are a lot of fans who dislike KJA.
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  6. Jedi Knight88

    Jedi Knight88 Jedi Knight star 3

    Sep 4, 2018
    Luke Skywalker and the shadow of Mindor
  7. RK_Striker_JK_5

    RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 2, 2003
    Traitor. Dear lord I loathe that book.
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  8. RolandofGilead

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    Jan 17, 2001
    Timothy Zahn.

    I still think a lot of the praise for his work comes mostly because we were in the middle of our first real Star Wars drought at the time. We were desperate for something/anything Star Wars and he came through. But this was also the start of the saga Mary and Gary Stues who all had to be better smugglers, better Jedi, better pilots, better everything than the OT characters that has been carried into the Sequel Trilogy.
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  9. SkyJade114

    SkyJade114 Jedi Knight

    Nov 4, 2016
    Am I the only one who really doesn’t like this book? It craps on the Jedi and makes Palpatine look justified for building the Death Star.
  10. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Thread merge
  11. LAJ_FETT

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    May 25, 2002
    Did not care for SW: Knight Errant. Kerra Holt just came across as 'Super Jedi' to me. Didn't quite throw the book across the room (hardcovers can do damage) but by the time I'd finished it I felt like it.
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  12. Grievousdude

    Grievousdude Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 27, 2013
    Dark Empire. Not really sure why this one gets so much praise. I find the art to be strange and the concept of Palpatine returning from death cheapens Anakin's redemption. Also Luke turning to the dark side just feels wrong. Sure people complain about Luke's portrayal in TLJ but I find hermit Luke much more realistic than evil Luke.

    Also while I wouldn't say I hate it, I didn't enjoy Twilight Company as much as people in Lit did. I wouldn't say it's bad but I didn't care about any of the characters by the book's end.
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  13. SkyJade114

    SkyJade114 Jedi Knight

    Nov 4, 2016
    BTW, the book I was referring to was Outbound Flight
  14. RandySolo

    RandySolo Jedi Padawan

    Jun 12, 2018
    The New Jedi Order.

    And while I didn't hate it, I DID think it was about twice as long as it needed to be. I waited to read it until I had all 19 books on my shelf (as I do with any series), and I remember I started it the week Revenge of the Sith hit theaters in 2005, and (finally!) finished it the week The Clone Wars hit theaters in 2008.

    Three years.......

    I am a voracious reader. It never takes me three years to read ANYTHING. That should have been a 19 week read.
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  15. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 6

    Oct 4, 1998
    I slogged through the first 3 or 4 books of NJO before I gave up on SW books completely. Also Bounty Hunter Wars, I read the first one and had no interest in finishing the series.
  16. Esh-kha

    Esh-kha Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 16, 2018
    There is something for everyoone in the EU even after the NJO was published.
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  17. Jedi Knight88

    Jedi Knight88 Jedi Knight star 3

    Sep 4, 2018
  18. Xammer

    Xammer Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 31, 2009
    1) Mindor - because it's a story about nothing that goes nowhere
    2) Shatterpoint - because it's not a Clone Wars story, it's about some local war that somehow gets absorbed into the Clone Wars
    3) Thrawn Trilogy - because it's OT-lite and feels like an anticlimax (compared to Dark Empire which actually raises the stakes)
    4) the X-wing series - I could never get into any, they just don't feel compelling
    5) Darth Plagueis - I don't hate it per se, I just find it is way too hyped and it doesn't reveal any interesting lore
  19. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Will say I never liked the Thrawn trilogy that much, its really relies on the suspention of disbelieve and our heroes win each time(or in case of DFR don´t loose as badly) because of sheer convenience and luck:

    In HttE they only win because the mole miners happen to be Lando´s.
    In DFR they only survive and save a sizable part of the Katana fleet because the ship they boards first happens to be the flagship.
    In LC they only win because the Noghri worship Vader as their saviour, the normally brilliant Thrawn didn´t realize that Leia and Chewie where on Honoghr the book before, and that´s nothing to say of Luuke Skywalker providing a handy excuse for Mara to get rid of her urge to kill Luke.
  20. PCCViking

    PCCViking Chosen One star 10

    Jun 12, 2014
    Thrawn wasn't completely omniscient. He himself failed to realize that Han and Lando would go to New Cov, instead of another system he had intended for them to go. Even he acknowledges his error. As for him not realizing Leia and Chewie being on Honoghr, it was only some clever manuevering on Chewie's part and Leia's Noghri friend's willpower to resist the initial interrogation that kept their location a secret. And again, when the Empire discovered Chewie's hair on the Noghri ship, he came to a different conclusion than the truth.

    It showed that Thrawn could be fallible at times. It happens to even the "best" villains and best military commanders.
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  21. Ackbar's Fishsticks

    Ackbar's Fishsticks Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 25, 2013
    I'm really not big on the Legacy comics. Not a fan of Sith villains in general after Return of the Jedi, not a fan of Edgy Bad Boy Skywalker, and not a fan that oh God why is it that a hundred years later the fate of the galaxy is still revolving around a Skywalker?

    I'm also not big on the Black Fleet Crisis. Leia takes a firm grip on the Idiot Ball and refuses to relinquish it for far too long, and books one and two seem like a lot of spinning their wheels while waiting for book three to wrap it up.
  22. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    There is plenty of EU that never felt right to me, like Dark Empire- comics and even Thrawn trilogy, while they generally had good ideas, I like character of Thrawn for example and Dark Empire has plenty of nice stuff in it, something just felt wrong in most EU-material after ROTJ.

    Some especially bad experiences were Children of the Jedi -novel. It just didn't feel like Star Wars to me at all. Same with Yuuzhan Vong stuff.

    When Sequels started I was honestly happy to get rid of all that and see a fresh start, but I was disappointed to how Disney's sequel trilogy messed itself up and did same thing as Dark Empire did, but being actually worse with the same Emperor's clone idea executed poorly in the last minute.

    Some other things in EU I hate are how so many jedi lived through order 66 all the way to Legacy era (Darth Krayt and all that stuff), and in Thrawn trilogy and other material clones were used in a very weird manner. They had tendency to be mad or replace the original person in weird ways not even having own identity.... in canon they are just clones, they share the DNA but not memories or any of that BS. EU used to mystify clones in a manner that feels forced. We need to retcon this thing or have a bad guy but we lack character, let's clone this person and we have both bad guy and good guy..... Like Luuke Skywalker.... just no... and Thrawn-trilogy is some of the best EU and it has such a stupid plot-twist....
  23. Lord Sith Harloxzz

    Lord Sith Harloxzz Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 27, 2016
    Star Wars Legacy had a lot of potential but the the protagonist was unlikeable and Darth Krayt is a dumb villain imo the story would have been better if Ania Solo was the protagonist and Darth Talon the villain
  24. imperial scum

    imperial scum Jedi Padawan star 1

    Sep 7, 2020
    Revenge of the Sith novelization, i don't get what the fuzz is all about. It's treated as the best EU novel but all it adds to the RoS script is Anakin blinking a lot.
    I rather watch the movie.
  25. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Aussie Queen star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    Dark Nest Trilogy, was like reading winter I fell asleep every time I picked it up, never finished it.
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