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Saga - ST Every Me, Every You - Character Bites/Drabbles (not UDC)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Ewok Poet, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    Title: Every Me, Every You
    Author: Ewok Poet
    Characters: See individual drablems
    Timeframe: All over the place
    Rating: From G to PG-13
    Genre: Character study, poetry, drabble, whatever may creep in..
    Canonicity: Canon and Legends, depending on what I decide to write

    Summary: They told me drabbles are limited by 100 words. So, I wrote some to test myself because I'm typically writing these 2K-5K story chapters. What happened was some mix up between drabbles and poetry, in form of character studies.

    A/N: I will be posting these in the order I write them. Whenever I feel like it. :p

    I also have another, competitive drabble thread for Ultimate Drabble Challenge VIII.
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  2. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014

    Click on the spoiler to see which characters I covered in the drable set.

    The Force Awakens

    Post 01 - March 10th, 2017
    Captain Phasma, Ben Solo/Kylo Ren, Rey, Finn, R2-D2

    Post 02 - March 18th, 2017 *should've been 17th [face_blush]*
    Han Solo, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Poe Dameron, Armitage Hux

    Post 3 - March 24th, 2017
    Maz Kanata, Chewbacca, BB-8, C-3PO, Unkar Plutt

    Post 4 - March 19th, 2018 *leftovers from one year ago*
    Lor San Tekka, the Millenium Falcon, Supreme Leader Snoke, Constable Zuvio, Sarco Plank
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  3. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    01 Helmet

    Stormtroopers. New Order’s Soldiers. Most of them in plain white with black accents, only selected few with a red pauldron signifying their ranking.

    And then, there she is, with her shiny, darksilver armour.

    So many soldiers doubt that there, in fact, was a woman behind that helmet. There had been this rumour that she was, in fact, a droid, or that somebody had used a synthetic voice for a man in order to confuse the underlings that the First Order had been more accepting of female soldiers.

    But the woman behind the helmet has the power none of them do.


    02 Mask

    His most prized possession. He was never sure about its authenticity and if there was anything below a layer of melted plastoid and remains of a breathing apparatus.

    But he wanted to believe.

    He had to believe in something – his mother was too busy with the betrayal of her former allies, his father secretly yearned for the freedom of his past, his uncle searched the stars for clues to an order brutally destroyed.

    All wrestling the ghosts of the past. Nobody to turn to.

    He ended up battling the fiercest of all ghosts.

    And disfigured mask formed a disfigured picture.


    03 Green

    The colour she had only seen in an alien or two and heard about from the kind of spacers not coming to Jakku all that often, it was now surrounding her.

    Giving her monochrome life a new meaning.

    Making her realise how young she actually was, something she often kept forgetting.

    Showing her the kind of a vibrant world that she could only see in her dreams.

    But it was only when she rushed down the cobble stone stairway that she began to realise that this was not a dream.

    And green stood for lives that she was to save.


    04 Leather

    He knew that animals were stripped off their fur and leather once killed. Such was the cruel, bloody world, where he had previously been a mere product himself.

    He had nobody to tell him fairy-tales and comfort him by telling him that there had been so many cursed maidens, princes and foundlings saved once somebody had given them new clothing.

    Walking towards the scattered tents, he was convinced he had lost the only life he knew and the stranger he had just saved.

    But he had gained an identity beyond just a number and garment not produced for cannon fodder.


    05 Hibernation

    Tucked away in a dark corner, he dreamed of the world where he would be awoken again, like the ruins of a town lost to time, like a story a refugee forgot to bring along, holding onto dear life.

    He used to save the day. He bore many battlescars and they were all there, no polish could have ever removed them. He was often the only sane man – in lack of a better term – of the bunch. And then he withdrew.

    But he was not gone.

    He was waiting for the day he was going to chart the stars again.
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  4. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    A lovely, concise, and poetic group of prose-poems from the Poet herself! And there's just the perfect amount of hints and motifs here, so that I can tell EXACTLY who each character is here even before checking under the spoiler cut above. The last one took me slightly longer—I for some reason was at first trying to think of someone who had been in actual hibernation, carbonite-fashion—but how could I not figure it out ultimately, especially when the "charting the stars" motif comes in at the end? (Hint: this is the same character who has to make many A ROUGH TRADE along his way.)

    All of these were striking, but the "leather" motif for Finn was especially so, with the parallel you drew between his own situation and the way leather is stripped from dead animals. And I love that you gave Phasma her due, too, given that the film doesn't really—with one thing and another that's someone I've been growing kind of partial to! :)

    Looking forward to more of these poetic gems, Poet! =D=
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  5. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    Really? I didn't respond to this? :oops:

    Well, of course I loved these. Loved them. They were almost like haiku, sketching personalities in a few short words. Especially agree with Findswoman:
    She is still a cipher, in so many ways.

    I liked the one for Kylo Ren as well; that he is desperately searching for something, someone to anchor him, to act as a mentor or an exemplar. All he has is the mask, on to which he can project whatever he wants, since he has no way of learning any other truth.

    I hope you do more, Ewok Poet!
  6. Raissa Baiard

    Raissa Baiard FFoF Artist Extraordinaire star 4 VIP - Game Host

    Nov 22, 1999
    Bravo on your first set of drabbles!=D= They're a string of beautifully polished little gems. You do a fabulous job of capturing the essence of each character in a short space; they're almost like haikus in the way the length restriction strip the story down into its purest form. I could also tell exactly who each drabble represents without checking the spoiler.

    I loved this line from "Mask":
    It just sums up Kylo's[/quote] entire worldview so concisely. Like the mask, his picture of Vader is twisted and warped, and either none of those absent figures bothers to correct it, or he stubbornly holds on to it as solid and real as the mask in their absence. Very sad, either way.

    Lovely how you've given a sense of humanity--for lack of a better word --to R2-D2. You've given him such a sense of yearning, which is perfectly in keeping with his sense of loyalty to Luke in his absence
    And he will!

    It just struck me that there is a sense of yearning and absence running through all of these little gems; some, like Finn and Rey find what they have been longing for and fill the void, while some do not, but all these little sketches are beautiful. Again, bravo. Looking forward to seeing the next batch of drabbles!
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  7. Findswoman

    Findswoman Fanfic and Pancakes and Waffles Mod (in Pink) star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh gosh, you're totally right! I had been completely stumped about who this one was about—and of course that's who it's about! OhwhatagooseIam. :p
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  8. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    These are beautiful; concise and exquisite. They are like those little papercut designs that are so very intricate and yet fit into your hand. Poetry. =D==D=

    Helmet is a perfect shorthand for Captain Phasma, the head of the unit, the one with the voice that is different from the others. She literally stands taller than the rest, and her “shiny, darksilver armor” lends an even greater sense of separate but still part of the whole. She is the leader, regardless of whatever anyone should think of her because of her gender or her isolation.

    Mask is a vivid insight into Kylo Ren. He has been abandoned by those who have turned to chasing ghosts, and he winds up chasing ghosts himself because it’s all he has been taught. With nothing but ghosts and chaos to instruct him, it’s no wonder that he idolizes the most chaotic ghost of all.

    I like the double meaning of Green: both as a term meaning “new” and the color itself. Rey is untrained and untried, she is a green girl from a world of gray and beige set in a red-black galaxy. She is hope. She is the new beginning, the start of Spring. She has never seen such vivid color before, but then again the galaxy has never seen her before, either. Beautiful!

    Leather is such an interesting approach to Finn. He re-images and re-imagines himself in that jacket. He knows it comes from pain (the animal who died to produce the leather, the newly-found friend who gave it to him before disappearing) but as he literally sheds his old carapace of the Stormtrooper armor, he adopts the jacket to become an individual, not a common soldier; a man, not “cannon fodder.” All from an item of clothing that wasn’t his to begin with.

    At first I thought Hibernation was about Luke, but peeking under your spoiler tag I see it’s really Artoo, which makes such sense. This is such lyrical writing: “he dreamed of the world where he would be awoken again, like the ruins of a town lost to time, like a story a refugee forgot to bring along.” Just gorgeous writing there. Artoo is the keeper of the legend, and most literally, since he carries it inside him. He was there from the very beginning and he holds the key to the future.

    These are all so exquisite that it’s hard to pick just one to be my favorite, but I would have to say Green. You really captured the character’s essence and optimism in that one.
  9. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    I could never pick one. Not gonna try! (But I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that Ewok Poet gives us a few more!!! Prettyprettypretty please?)
  10. Ewok Poet

    Ewok Poet Force Ghost star 6

    Jul 31, 2014
    Will do, and then come back to respond. STUPID ADHD SOMETIMES, E.G. NOW.

    I saw that it took harder to get and I apologise. But since you eventually got it, yay. :)

    That was a weird pattern, but I am glad that it didn't come out awkward. *sigh of relief*

    Me too. She is awesome!

    "I'm living the life of a poet...I'm a jetster in the ancient court..."

    You did, but it took me until now to respond to your response to this. XD

    MORE OF HER, I say. :)

    There's such a thing as an "emotional anchor", which can even be a place. But it's kind of advanced for him, it's for the more emotionally mature folk - he's only capable of classic projections.

    WOW. :D :D [face_blush]

    His Vader can be whatever he wants him to be. His Vader is a blank canvas. :(

    Literally. :D

    They filled the void inside of each other and then drifted off into the void...

    Whatsounddogeesemake? :eek:

    That last word is the biggest compliment ever and U KNOWZ IT1!!!!!!1

    They might not be smart enough to think at all. :p

    Perfectly said. It could...almost become a poem on its own. =((=D=

    Green girl...that's perfect, too. She is a tree in the desert that is NOT an illusion. SHE is the vivid colour.

    The scene where he gazes into the camera wearing it is all of that, and more. Isn't it?

    Do androids dream of electric sheep? [face_thinking]

    Because she is the light of hope. And thank you. @};-
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  11. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    06 Wrinkles #1

    He was more likely to notice hers than she was to notice his.

    In reality, he had been a decade older and had lead a far rougher life. There must have been things that she never found about, or wanted to, in the first place.

    But had she asked him, perhaps she could have finally cracked that hard nut, locked him open and found out that each wrinkle represented a yearning for a life she never had to live, or a worry for the one they could not save.

    The last time she held him, she could see only his crow’s feet.


    07 Wrinkles #2

    He had memorized every wrinkle on her face – from the first that had appeared when she smiled in that chilly passage, to the deepest one upon their son’s betrayal, the one he could not even see, for her had not been blessed by the gift she had, but he still knew that it had been there.

    These wrinkles used to be something to tease her about, alongside comments that he had had far less of them. But once the mysterious girl brought them together again, her wrinkles were more beautiful than ever. And it was like their embrace flattened them.


    08 Silver

    With silver in his hair came stories of times less idealistic than he had previously thought. Cracks in silverware of the old system’s perfection. The silverscreen of how things used to be and what the heroes were like, ripping apart before his eyes.

    It became clear to him that those whose honour he fought to restore, those he almost gave his life to avenge were nowhere near as idealistic. They had been creatures of habit, driven by rules and frightening shackles discipline narrowing their views.

    If only there had been a balance between their hard ways and his soft touch.


    09 Mother

    She would not have approved of his you-only-live-once attitude. That much he knew and each time he had way too much fun, she had been on his mind. She would have probably said that it was so obvious that he had been raised by his father, silently denying her own mischievous strike from back in the days.

    But that night, running through the maze of evil, he felt her pulse in his veins, her heart beating inside of his own, her fighter’s engine pushing him forward.

    She would have been proud of the son she could not be there for.


    10 The Foil

    Balancing on a thin line between the holographic blue and jet black, he could feel his reds fade, but he had never been the one to show his weaknesses to anybody. The rules were simple – there were none and his life was like walking on a wire, with fire underneath his feet.

    How does one give orders to masses when an embodiment of chaos controls you and a distorted figure controls both of you from a safe, faraway place?

    He took a deep breath, stepped into the open and raised his hand. The masses, after all, couldn’t sense his struggles.
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  12. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Another beautiful group. :) It took me a bit, but I am pretty sure I know who the subjects of "Wrinkles #1" and "Wrinkles #2" are; love how the "wrinkles" theme dovetails from the whole issue of seeing beloved stars in their older years that surrounded the appearance of these two characters in TFA (and especially Carrie Fisher, who I know got a big pile of grief about, well, looking like a woman her natural age). Their reunion—brought about by that Certain Girl—brings back into focus all those beloved details that they used to study and even admire in earlier days. (And crows' feet, of course, are the kind of wrinkle that happen when one smiles!)

    "Silver," too, explores that dynamic of aging on a different dimension, and I love the contrast of the grayed-out colorless hair (and I do know whose...) with the dazzle of all those other silvers of the past—silvers now tarnished. And the contrast of the "hard ways" and the "soft touch," besides being oh so true to the character, reminds us that pure silver—silver unalloyed with anything else—is one of the softest of metals.

    I have to admit that I'm not totally sure who the subject of "Mother" is. Originally I'd guessed Kylo, thinking of Leia, though the more I thought about it it just seemed too unlikely for the character. Looking at it again and taking note of the "fighter's engine" image, I am starting to think that it's more likely to be Poe, thinking of his own mom, Shara Bey. I agree that she would have taken great pride in him. :)

    And finally... it took me a read or two to figure out the subject of "The Foil," but now that I realize who that is, I have to say it gives me a new perspective on the character—for all his pretty-boy dictator act, how autonomous can he really be with people like Kylo and Snoke holding the reins? How can he not feel uneasy and afraid pretty much always? And yet those assembled masses are counting on him to be their demagogue... they're assembled out there on that beak, gray, snow-dotted plaza (!) just for him. An intriguing sort of sideways take on the "uneasy lies the head..." motif. :cool:

    Keep 'em coming! And I can only agree with everyone else who's remarked on how difficult it is to pick favorites, because I just want to pick 'em all! :D
  13. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    Wow! Another wonderful grouping of drabbletry! I loved both of the Wrinkles, but at first had trouble telling one from the other...then I decided it didn't matter. Silver had me very puzzled for a while, but I think I figured out that it's Luke, pondering whether the old Jedi Order knew something about training that he didn't. I loved the one for Poe, I like the idea that he was thinking of his mother when he went up against Starkiller. And Hux actually seemed a little sympathetic (although I totally want him dead by the end of Ep IX!)
  14. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    =D= Wow, you really have a gift for writing these! I had to peek for "Mother," because I'm not very familiar with that character's backstory, but the others were once again instantly recognizable. "Wrinkles 1 & 2" are a lovely tribute to Han and Leia. They remind me a bit of the story from the OTP thread's "elderly love" challenge. They see past the wrinkles, and at the same time see all those wrinkles as precious because they represent all the good and bad times they've been through together. Their love is strong, despite those bad times and all the things that have driven them apart. Their embrace is so bittersweet in light of what we know will happen next.

    I think my favorite of this batch is "The Foil", because as Findswoman and Mistress_Renata note, it's a fascinating peek into the mind of a character who seems very determined and unyielding on the outside. It could not be easy to deal with that pair of towering egos and still stay composed. I love your use of colors as metaphors for the characters:
    ^:)^Awesome imagery!

    Great job, and keep 'em coming!
  15. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Thanks for your comments, everybody. :) Third batch coming right up, so I can show how I can do the "S" thing right! :eek:

    Beloved stars? That can be read two ways...and I love that.

    As for the rest...this song inspired me. I've loved it ever since I was 11. This band is marvellous in so many ways - they have a music video where a pudding becomes a rock star. So prophetic!

    As you might have noticed, this was a partial inspiration for a vignette on a subject that does not exist in this continuity.

    Correct. I love that character and I'm annoyed that they killed her off already!

    He's evil. But they're creepy and unpredictable. He's just a henchman to them...


    Agree on the last thing - that's about as sympathetic as I got. "Aww...YOU CAN DIE AT THE VERY END."

    Now, that's inspiring. If somebody picks up on that plot bunny and runs away with it, I won't mind. :)

    Nothing to add, already responded to the other two commenters, given how intriguing that particular bit was, so I'm just sitting here and nodding. [face_peace]

    More coming, r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-right up.
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  16. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    11 Calling

    She had seen it all, to the point where no being other than herself could impress her, ever, to the point where her own eyes no longer mattered. After all, she had to close them to crowds of swindlers, lowlifes, ladies of the night and those who only dwelt underground.

    But a girl so simple, whose look in her deep brown eyes made her believe that she was in love with the world, reminded her of what she was there for. Suddenly, her senses were elevated. Everything that mattered was the light calling to the next to carry the torch.


    12 Rage

    He knew that this had nothing to do with him. Although he made them all members of his family, Humans were ground-dwellers and thus further away from the stars and unable to grasp the idea of him being a member of their family. He could have intervened. He could have protected his savior and mentor with his own venerable body, but it had been too late. The platform was narrow and one had to fall – the one he swore to protect.

    Traitors were not to be a part of his family. His rage had the power of thousands of stars.


    13 Roll

    Roll. Though he had never been a gambler.

    Roll. Though he had never been the one to wander around mindlessly.

    Roll. Roll. Roll. At some point, there had to be a creature worthy of carrying his message, capable of engaging in the horrors he had seen without losing that thing they referred to as life.

    Net. Temporary immobility. Destination unknown. Undetermined location. Safety threatened.

    And then, there she was. As lonely as he had been, lost in the desert, with no signs of her Masters.

    Mission was to be accomplished. They just had to keep on rolling, rolling, rolling.


    14 Bystander

    Bystander, even if he was rarely ever on standby.

    A stuntman, even though he was not a man.

    Anxious, even though anxiety was not a part of the official package.

    That is what happens when you’re an advanced universe’s equivalent of a wooden doll that has come alive, but will never become a real boy.

    Still, he senses – in a very broad sense of that word – that this time, he is not going to be close to action. But he wants to leave his mark.

    That may mean interrupting, being where you are not wanted and panic. And more panic.


    15 The Brute

    He devotes his greymatter to rationing grey matter to those less fortunate than him. Eyes so small that one can never know what he thinks. Presence quite frightening. Demeanor of a brute. Manners of a slaughterer.

    He is standing between the beggars on what used to be a beach of gold and the little that they need to survive. He is making sure that they will depend on him and never want to leave, though there might be a true beach of gold waiting for them somewhere.

    Nobody’s fate should be in his hands. But he starved everybody into submission.
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  17. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    So, once again, I'm really sorry I missed this update from almost exactly nine months ago now, especially since I enjoyed the first few installments of this so much—you do a great job with these "guess who" drablets (drablems? drabble poems?). Here, incidentally, are my guesses for this group:

    1. Calling: Maz Kanata! [face_dancing] Love what you do with the motif of eyes here, given Maz's goggles and what they may and may not be able to do. She does have that jaded, "honey, I've seen it all" vibe to her—but Rey's wide-eyedness does have a noticeable effect on her, and does open her eyes—goggles and all—in a different way. Wonderful take on the meeting of those two very different but very strong women.

    2. Rage: Chewbacca, without a doubt. And this is perhaps my favorite of this bunch, as we never get any sort of idea in TFA of how Chewbacca reacts to the death of his faithful friend and companion for so many years—though he certainly must have reacted somehow! (And we don't really get to see in TLJ either, though Chewie undoubtedly at very least misses Han deeply.) I have absolutely no doubt that he would have interposed himself between Han and Kylo given the chance, and that that scrawny Vader wannabe would not have had much of a chance. Ah, what might have been... :(

    3. Roll: How much of a dope am I that I originally guessed this was Finn? :p OF COURSE it's BB-8—the hint is right there in the drabble title! :p Plus, the reference to the message he carries, the "destination unknown" messages, and the fact that he's only halfway certain what "life" actually is, being a droid and all. It all fits. And then he finds her and knows, somehow, someway, that the information he carries is in good hands. A perceptive little spheroid! :D

    4. Bystander: I'm going to guess C-3PO, mainly on the basis of the "wooden doll"/"real boy" comparison—plus the anxiety, and panic and the tendency of ending up where you're not wanted, of course. :p And indeed he really wasn't treated as much more than a bystander in TFA, thrown in just to have some continuity with the previous saga (or at least that is how it felt to me). So I appreciate your giving us his viewpoint!

    5. The Brute: Unkar Plutt, of course, with his rations and generally brutish demeanor. It is interesting to think of that bleak Jakku landscape once having been akin to something like "beach of gold" (which in turn reminds me of a RL place you've told me about...). And an interesting take on this character that he depends on that beach of gold never coming back, because then the scavengers who come to him won't depend on him anymore. Well, sorry to break it to you, Unkar honey, but I know one scavenger who's going to leave you behind for different, better beaches in pretty short order. (Ultimately for a beach of red, as we know.)

    Another quick thought on the beach motif: it creates an interesting sort of link back to Rogue One and invites us to consider the parallels, if any, between this film and that one. [face_thinking] (And no, I don't yet know what they are myself. Still considering. :p )

    Great to revisit these—and it would be wonderful, of course, to see what you would do along these lines with the characters and scenes of TLJ! =D=
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  18. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Straight to the point, never a word too much. Full of emotions.

    Yes, I do like your drabbles.
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  19. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Comment blah blah someday soon. Thanks. <3 The last set of TFA stuff coming up and that's all I have. The next was supposed to be Rogue One, but I might as well do TLJ. I need to rewatch both, so I dunno.
  20. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    16 Search

    His life had been a tangled web of interspersed searches, eventually becoming a single search.

    His search was over long ago, when he found like-minded people and settled down.

    The young man’s search was over when he first saw a glimpse his white beard.

    The evil ones’ search was over the moment they set their foot on the sand.

    A terrified young man’s search was over the moment he saw blood smeared on his helmet.

    And he was gone. His purpose had been fulfilled – everybody found what they were looking for.

    Somebody else’s search was yet to begin. Without him.

    17 Bird

    So many years. Hunting. Being hunted. There were the times when it was a bird of prey, there were the times when it was prey. Most of all, there were the times when it was both.

    Not all lost birds return to the beastmaster. This one does, and the circumstances resemble one of those spacer tales told after one drink too many. Make that ten drinks.

    Old bird of prey. Old beastmaster. Together, one last time. From the eggshell of safety, to the belly of the raven.

    The bird makes it.

    The beastmaster does not.

    The torch is passed on.

    18 Plans

    He always had plans. The most sinister of them.

    There just had to be the right time to put them to action and the right people to serve them to.

    Each new beginning presents multiple ends. Each new beginning makes comparisons for how things used to be inevitable. And the fragile protoplanetary disk of peace may start falling apart before there is an actual planet orbiting the young star. Some wreckage just fails to materialise into a solid structure that would not be vulnerable to sudden impact.

    And that was his chance. He gathered his people and ran with it.

    19 Order

    The problem with the lawless worlds is that somebody ends up calling themselves law, after all. For, if you position yourself as the iron hand of law, you shall gain authority. And he knew this.

    The problem with the fellow sentients, or one of many problems, had always been that cursed, pervasive need for structure. And you had to give them what they wanted, right – give them their ration-pack and let them eat it.

    In some way, this planet belonged to him. He controlled who comes, who goes. He controlled who could get away with it and who could not.

    20 Scavenger Avenger

    The blind leading the sighted, to their death. The non-breather one leading the breathers to their ultimate suffocation. Present wherever trouble could brew, nowhere to be found where failure was an option.

    Why Jakku?

    It was the only place where he had not made an enemy…yet. It was the only place matching the level of despair that he was so keen to feed on.

    But he made one small change – at this point in life, it was more interesting to watch the troublemakers eliminate one another. After he had provided them with the tools of the trade of killing, naturally.
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  21. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Wonderfully insightful of the major and minor characters. Their dreams, fears, weak spots, and strengths all come to life eloquently. =D=
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