Saga Fallin' a Valentine's Day Songfic Roulette Challenge. Obi-Wan, Satine...bittersweet

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  1. Valairy Scot

    Valairy Scot Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 16, 2005
    Title: Fallin' (by Alicia Keyes)
    Author(s): Valairy_Scot
    Timeframe: Clone Wars
    Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Duchess Satine, Anakin Skywalker, Tal Merrick
    Genre: Bittersweet
    Keywords: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Satine, romance,
    Summary: Some romances are just fated not to be
    Notes: This song just did not fit into a mushy, sweet, Valentine's day romance and as soon as I studied the lyrics, I knew how I had to write this, not the sweet, lovely story I had wished to. The plot is based on TCW's Voyage of Temptation episode.


    I keep on fallin'... in and out of love with you
    Sometimes I love ya, uhh, sometimes you make me blue
    Sometimes I feel good, At times I feel used
    Lovin' you darlin', makes me so confused

    Obi-Wan glowered. ?Satine,? he muttered under his breath.

    Even after all these years, the woman had the same effect on him she had had all those many years ago. How could a man be so drawn to her while so frustrated with her? The urge to take her in his arms and shake her warred with the desire to take her into his arms and kiss her ?

    Kiss her! Where had that thought come from?

    ?Oh, Force,? Obi-Wan groaned, dropping his head into his hands. The way they?d hurled insults at each other was just another sign of how they had once cared ? and tried to pretend they didn?t. Her introduction of him to her Senators as that ?Collection of Half-Truths and Hyperbole known as Obi-Wan Kenobi,? had taken it to a new height. ?You are too kind,? were the words his mouth uttered; ?I love you, too, woman,? his mind had replied.

    Only he didn?t love her.

    Never had.

    Only thought he had.

    Had, or had not, it had all been left in the past. And now ? now he lived in the present. The love that never had been ? and had always been ? now battled for life, a life he could not then nor could not now indulge.

    He was a Jedi.

    And she a Duchess.

    He was a warrior, battling for peace.

    She was a leader, dedicated to the preservation of peace.

    He took life.

    She revered life.

    He was a man of strong, if hidden passions, a man who felt deeply and showed none of it if he could help it.

    She was a woman of strong and visible passions, a woman who felt deeply and was not afraid to show it.

    The divide between them was too great ? unbridgeable ? a chasm of personality tenuously bridged by something too ephemeral to hold them both at one time. So it was bridged by fiery words and sideways glances.

    Theirs was a relationship built on unspoken words and unacknowledged feelings because to indulge in words and feelings would have been a betrayal of all else that each had held dear.

    I keep on fallin', in and out of love with you
    I never loved someone the way that i'm lovin' you

    ?Obi-Wan, there?s assassin probes down here. One made it up the lift??

    ?Quickly, secure the lifts,? Obi-Wan quickly ordered in response to Anakin?s comcall, igniting his lightsaber as he hurried to set up a defensive perimeter. Before Satine?s guards were in place, the probe droid burst into the dining cabin, throwing them aside. It scuttled towards Satine, ignoring the Senators who sprang back from the table. Obi-Wan arched into the air, springing off the droid?s back to flip onto his feet and spear the droid.

    Relief overtook the Senators, replaced by horror as miniature assassin probe droids erupted from the larger, deactivated droid and skittered towards Satine. They would have to go through the Jedi first, his stance made clear. To his surprise, Satine pulled out a pocket-size deactivator and joined the fray. For a pacifist, she was an excellent marksman, Obi-Wan observed as he glanced at her - and she smiled. He smiled back as they stood back to back, united in purpose.

    Together and separate, yet in harmony.

    Perhaps there was room after all, to share affection and not call it love. To let it live without it consuming one.

    I keep on fallin', in and out of lov
  2. obimom

    obimom Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 31, 2010
    Yay, first comment![face_dancing]

    I loved it, Val. I never saw the episode this is based on, but I take it it went more or less the way you wrote it, except with your take on it. I liked your take on it, and I liked that you at least mentioned Siri, because you're right, this was not a song for a Siriwan.

    I loved what you did with it. =D=
  3. Raxacoricofallapatorius

    Raxacoricofallapatorius Jedi Knight star 1

    Sep 20, 2010
    I remember watching the Mandalore Trilogy open-mouthed in shock because I hadn't known about Satine and Obi-Wan. I'm glad you decided to write something about that. =D=
    I love how you make him think of the man and Jedi sides of him. Being torn in two between what he would like to do and what he should do is... :_|
  4. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    This was very good! =D=

    And it sounded very real.
  5. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Chosen One star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    Perfect and yes his real love is Siri
  6. Icecruncher_Amidala

    Icecruncher_Amidala Jedi Master star 2

    Sep 27, 2007
    awwww! I've never heard of Satine before, this was very good.

  7. Luna_Nightshade

    Luna_Nightshade Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 25, 2006
    I really enjoyed this. I always picture Obi-Wan with Siri, but you really worked this angle well. I love how you played up their back and forth, and during the hostage situation you could almost believe what was being said was really what they meant. You gave Satine a very Padme/Leia-like quality and I really liked seeing Obi-Wan wrestle with that. And of course lovely language on top of it. Awesome songfic.
  8. serendipityaey

    serendipityaey Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 24, 2004
    Great writing, as always, and great pairing for the song! I'm so happy to see some fic with Obi-Wan and Satine, there's much to be explored there and I really like the way you've used it to fill out the ep. Very sad, in a way, makes being a Jedi seem very lonely; those were tough times to be going it alone :(

    [blockquote]?All right; had you said the word, I would have left the Jedi Order.? The man?s eyes were focused on Satine while the Jedi?s eyes were focused on Merrick. Would he have? He didn?t know. But there was admission of his feelings underneath the words, if Satine cared to hear them.[/blockquote]

    A perfect possible interpretation.

    [blockquote]This is why a Jedi does not know love, Obi-Wan realized. This is why?this Jedi cannot love.[/blockquote]

    Good writing, but double:(

  9. ForceForGood

    ForceForGood Jedi Knight star 1

    Jan 17, 2010
    Great story! I like how you filled out the plot of the episode with your own interpretations of what Obi-Wan was thinking and the bitter-sweetness of seeing Satine again. =D=
  10. anakin_girl

    anakin_girl Jedi Knight star 6

    Oct 8, 2000
    I loved that episode of TCW and I love the way you've written it here, getting into Obi-Wan's head, his inner conflict, his summation of how different they are and how it would never work. I also like the way you explained the difference between what an ordinary man is allowed and what a Jedi is allowed, and why.

    It was never love, he told himself. One doesn?t let love walk away.

    Unless one fools oneself, and calls it something else. Because he understood all too well.

    Yes, Obi-Wan, I think you do. I am reminded of the scene in Clone Wara Gambit: Siege when Anakin finds out about the Jedi that Obi-Wan had loved, the one whom he had remained friends with. Anakin was floored that Obi-Wan was genuinely OK with that.

    OTOH, Satine--I like bearded Obi better than shaven Obi. *ducks*

    Well done. :)
  11. Valairy Scot

    Valairy Scot Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 16, 2005
    Obimom: the actions and the dialogue are all from the episode, I just made the interpretation fit the lyrics.

    Cade_Cryocharger: Obi-Wan found a way to reconcile the man and the Jedi ? rename what he?s feeling so it?s acceptable. Very Obi-Wan

    Hazel: Thanks.:)

    earlybird-Obi-Wan: Yes, I did have to sneak some Siriwan in there.

    Icecruncher_Amidala: Glad you enjoyed it.

    Luna_Nightshade: Ah, perhaps they DID mean what they said. [face_thinking] We?ll never know.

    Serendipityaey: More Satine-Obi desired? Perhaps?

    ForceForGood: Seeing Satine so many years later had to be a bit of a shock. It was quite the shock for those who watch TCW: Wahttt! Obi has an old flame?!:eek:

    Anakin_girl: I [face_love] that episode, too. Loved Anakin?s ?This may not be the best time to ask, but were you and Satine ever ?? followed by Obi-Wan?s:eek: , ?Anakin!?

    :D I wonder if Anakin ever got his answer. He was dying of curiosity.

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