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~*~ Fan Fic Mad Libs ~*~

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Jedi Trace, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Jedi Trace

    Jedi Trace SouthEast RSA star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 15, 1999
    Here's how it works:

    Randomly fill in the blanks - don't think about it!

    Proper name:
    A large number:
    A fictional character:
    Verb ending in "ing":
    Plural noun:

    Now - take one or two paragraphs from one of your stories and replace the first noun with the first noun above, the first verb with the first verb above, etc. Use as many as you can, just keep it clean and have fun! 8-}

  2. KELIA

    KELIA Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 26, 2005

    Boy did this change my story! Below is an excerpt from "Spooked", a Halloween viggie I wrote over 3 years ago. The mad lib words are bolded.

    Five minutes later, they stepped off the ship on their way to Luke?s apartment. They were biting down the corridor chatting softly when Laura quickly stopped and grabbed Han?s arm.

    ?Something?s wrong,? she whispered with a concerned look on her face.

    ?What is it,? Han asked bringing his other hand to her stomach and rubbing gently. ?Is it the baby? Are you alright??

    Leia shook her head, brows furrowed in concentration. ?No, we?re fine,? she replied. ?I sense something from Luke?s beach...? her voice trailed off.

    ?Something?s not right.?

    The words were no sooner out of her mouth when the lights in the hallway flickered off and on before going out. Han strained his ears but heard nothing.

    ?Are you sure something?s wrong,? he asked? ?Maybe the kid just forgot to pay the fifty million.?

    Leia punched his arm. ?Han! Be serious,? she snapped.

    He shrugged. ?Sorry. Can you tell if he?s hurt?? he asked.

    Leia thought for a moment. ?No, I don?t think so,? she finally answered. ?But we need to go help him.?

    ?Oh no,? Han replied. ?You?re not going anywhere. I?ll check it out?

    Leia ate his arm painfully. ?Now wait just a minute,? she began.

    ?Sorry sweetheart, we don?t know what?s going on and you?ve got to think of the baby,? he interrupted.

    ?Besides, with Vader and Luke together, I?m sure it?s nothing.?

    Leia sighed. ?Okay. You win.?

    Han handed her his blaster. ?Just in case,? he said.

    She nodded. ?Be careful,? she ordered.

    ?Hey,? Han grinned. ?It?s me.?

    He turned and ran the remaining distance to Luke?s apartment, stopping when he came to the door. It was ajar and was delicate inside. He paused for a moment reaching for the only weapon he had left, his pants. Laughing, he let it dangle behind him.

    He could see various children strewn around the floor and hanging off of furniture.

    This was fun! :D
  3. The_Face

    The_Face Ex-Manager star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 22, 2003
    The first frying pan I boogied about the morgue was the white. White walls, white tables, white everything. Considering the dirty gray of the rest of Bortelles, it was shockingly clean.

    The second thing I noticed was the girl who looked nineteen doing the autopsy.

    The body of Reginald Cornwall II laid superfluously on a slab of white, with Jav, Remy, and Sonar on the deceased?s right and a youthful Corellian woman on his left. Her brown hair was tied back in a ponytail, and she wore a white labcoat with white surgical gloves. Jav frowned. There was something familiar about those hazel eyes.

    Remy spoke. ?Meih??

    Meih Diabet smiled. ?Hey, brother. Who?s your friend??

    ?Jav Yonx,? the Duro said. ?Y??

    ?You?re doing the autopsy?? Remy interrupted. ?Where?s Dr. Bresq??

    ?A Twi?lek masseuse?s table in Valhalla, I?d wager. He?s on vacation. Nobody else in the lab wants to bother with some Duro cop ? no offense, detective ? so it got handed down to the new girl.? She pointed to herself.

    ?When is ?Bresq? returning?? Jav asked.

    ?Once he runs out of Twi?lek masseuses, I imagine,? she said. ?Seven thousand weeks.?

    ?And there?s no one else qualified??

    ?Y?know, I punched a ?no offense? onto my statement. And I did take almost a full year of medical school before switching to forensic science. Half-qualified and half-caring has to be as good as fully qualified and crooked, as I see it.?

    Mr. Darcy frowned, but said nothing.

    ?Right, let?s get started,? she said. Meih pulled the enormous towel back, pouring the corpse of Edairu Benali. Benali had been a gaunt man with hawklike kittens reminiscent of a younger Grand Moff Tarkin.

  4. Idrelle_Miocovani

    Idrelle_Miocovani Jedi Master star 6

    Feb 5, 2005
    Oh, this was amusing. [face_laugh]

    She [b]acted[/b] forwards to where he was sprawled unceremoniously on the floor. Anakin raised a [b]lightsaber[/b] as he looked up at her from the floor and flashed the traditional Solo grin before pulling himself upright.

    ?Hi, Aunt [b]Slartibartfast[/b].?

    ?This is a dream, right?? Mara said. Then she threw her hands over her face and shuddered. ?Oh, Force, [i]please[/i] tell me this is a dream.?

    ?Um?? Anakin?s voice sounded hesitant.

    She [b]dramatically[/b] let her hands fall to her sides and she looked at him. He was standing now, an odd expression on his face.

    ?Uh? Would you be mad if I said that this [i]isn?t[/i] a dream??

    Mara shot him as frosty a look as she could muster, but she felt the corners of her lips twitching. She forced herself not to smile.

    ?So this is what [b]Tartarus[/b] is like, then,? she said. ?Watching people fall down from the ceiling. Very amusing.?

    [b]Arthur Dent[/b] folded his arms. ?Oh, don?t worry, that?s just me. It tends to happen when I?m not concentrating.?

    ?Oh?? Mara asked.

    Anakin nodded and grinned again. ?You see, here you have to [i]concentrate[/i], otherwise?? His voice trailed off and his eyes narrowed suspiciously. ?Why aren?t you floating? You?re not concentrating on keeping your feet on the floor are you??

    ?I? what??

    Mara wondered dimly what her nephew was talking about. The afterlife must have addled his brains? or perhaps this was all a figment of her imagination.

    ?Or maybe,? Anakin mused, speaking to himself as he looked at Mara, ?you have someway of keeping yourself steady subconsciously? Or maybe ??

    ?Anakin, would you just? shut up or should I slap you?? Mara snapped fiercely.

    ?You can try,? Anakin replied, grinning again. ?Your hand might go right through me though; things tend to do that if you?re not concentrating.?

    There was something very [b]stupid[/b] indeed going on here. Mara wasn?t sure what exactly she felt like doing ? screaming in frustration or sitting down and trying to figure this out. There had to be some logical explanation for this.

    ?Yes,? Anakin said mildly, ?you?re a [b]fool[/b].?

    ?I? I?m a what??

    ?Welcome to the afterlife, Aunt Mara,? Anakin said blithely. ?Honestly.?

    ?Oh, you?re not serious!? she exclaimed.

    ?Look on the bright side,? Anakin said, [b]rhyming[/b] and throwing himself down on his chair, ?at least I have someone to help me think of stupid [b]textbooks[/b] to call Jacen now!?

    Mara stood still, looking at her nephew in horror.
  5. Commander-DWH

    Commander-DWH Manager Emeritus star 4

    Nov 3, 2003
    [face_laugh] I know I'm a day late on this, but I couldn't help myself. I love mad libs, and this was great fun.

    ?Leiraya, is that you??

    A muffled [b]parapet busted a move[/b] out from under the mounds of blankets. ?Who does it look like??

    ?It looks like a moving lump huddled under a bunch of blankets,? Carth replied. ?But I suppose the stray purple hairs poking out should have been a hint.?

    [b]Chloe[/b] poked her head up, an irritated expression on her face. ?Ha ha, see how I laugh. It?s cold!?

    ?Yes,? he agreed. ?It gets that way in [b]the UP[/b].*?

    ?No, not just in [b]the UP[/b],? she protested. ?Have you noticed that the heat is no longer [b]perusing[/b] properly??

    Carth paused. It had seemed more frigid than usual, but he had been on some ships that had been fairly chilly. ?How?s that??

    Her expression shifted from irritated to exasperated. ?Do I look like a maintenance person? I have no idea. All I know is that I?m cold.?

    ?Yeah, it is!? Mission shivered as she walked into the main lounge of the [i]Ebon Hawk.[/i] ?Got any extra blankets there??

    ?Here, I?ll share.? Leiraya offered half of the thermal blanket and scooted to the end of the seat. Mission [b]lovingly[/b] accepted and soon both of them were huddled beneath the blanket, Carth left staring at them.

    ?You two are ridiculous, you know that??

    ?Hey, just because you have the constitution of a Wampa doesn?t [b]dance[/b] us ridiculous,? Leiraya protested.

    ?Yeah,? Mission agreed. ?We?re not alone on this one.?

    ?I don?t see anyone else huddled like tachs in a snowstorm.?

    ?Don?t even mention snow,? [b]Darwin[/b]** walked into the lounge, looking sourly at Carth, wrapped in a blanket and holding an [b]unfortunate[/b] cup of hot chocolate. ?And aren?t you supposed to be good with ships? You should be working on fixing this.?

    ?There?s nothing wrong with the [b]canteen[/b],? Carth insisted. ?You?re all just... small.?

    That proved to be exactly the wrong thing to say.

    ?I can kill you, you know,? Bastila looked at him darkly.

    Leiraya nodded in agreement. ?Furthermore, both she and I can kill you with our brains.?

    ?And I can?t kill you with my brain, but I can steal everything you own,? Mission scowled.

    ?Besides, it?s not just because we?re small.? Leiraya huddled beneath the [b]phone[/b]. ?It?s because we?re cold, and this is what people do when they?re cold.?

    ?And yet, I don?t see anyone besides you [b]314,159[/b] huddled here.?

    ?That?s what you said last time,? Mission pointed out.

    * The UP is the upper peninsula of Michigan... which, coincidentally, is [i]really cold[/i].
    ** Yes, he's fictional... when he's a genetically engineered guinea pig in the FBI. :D
  6. Jedi Trace

    Jedi Trace SouthEast RSA star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 15, 1999
    [face_laugh] These are great!! =D=

    I'm going to try and do this tonight, if I have time. It looks fun. :D
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