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    Re-posting so that the html works

    <font size=1><b> Last Update: 10 January 2005</b></font>

    If any of these threads are locked, please PM any of your friendly neighborhood fan fic mods to get it unlocked. :)

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    <center><font size=4>[b]Quick Reference Links[/b]</font></center>

    <img src=> [link=]The Fan Fiction [color=midnightblue][b]FAQ[/color][/b] [/link]
    [i]Fan Fiction Rules and Guidelines[/i]

    <img src=> [link=][color=midnightblue][b]Before the Saga[/color][/b] Forum[/link]
    [i]For the posting of stories that take place before the events of[/i] The Phantom Menace.

    <img src=> [link=]The [color=midnightblue][b]Saga[/color][/b] Forum[/link]
    [i]For stories that take place between the evens of[/i] The Phantom Menace[i] and the end of[/i] Return of the Jedi.

    <img src=> [link=][color=midnightblue][b]Beyond the Saga[/color][/b] Forum[/link]
    [i]For the posting of stories that takes place after the events of [/i] Return of the Jedi.

    <img src=> [link=]Getting to Know You...[/link]
    [i]A fun thread to introduce yourself to other board members[/i]

    <img src=> [link=]The Completely Unofficial [color=midnightblue][b]Star Wars Encyclopedia[/color][/b][/link]
    [i]A great resource for finding out just about anything about the Star Wars universe[/i]

    <img src=> [link=] Invaluable Sites[/link]
    [i]Links to off board websites with helpful information for writers[/i]

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    <center><font size=4>[b]Helpful Threads[/b]</font></center>

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