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ON fan film S.E.E.D looking for help

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by mander, May 2, 2005.

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  1. mander

    mander Jedi Youngling

    May 1, 2005
    Hello everyone i am new to this forum but seemed to be the right place to join.

    My Name is Pete mander An artist from ontario canada and wanna be film maker fx guy.

    I wanted to take this moment to show a quick test video of a film we are working on in the summer and fall.. we need people to help out and you dont need any experiance just some dedication and a desire to learn new things and have a good time .

    We are looking for help in ontario canada for a fan film being shot in the fall.

    Its a 3-4 day shoot for the main climax of this film and have a few comming from the US but the main part is filling the costumes. and of couse once everyone is in costume who is left to help the camera guys or other guys running around the background keeping things in order?

    I have a very quickteaser trailer i did in the backyard for a few hours just so people can see the quality of work even though the stuff in the finshed movie will be better and about 20 more of them.. I am new to posting vids online so you will need to email for the video. or use the link below.

    This will be a free film for the internet. a low budget as we make all the costumes props camera eqipment animatronics etc etc. all we can ofer is a lession in the process of film making and who knows maby we'll meed some people who can help us too. everyone is credided in the film gets a poster a dvd and a prop or two from the sets.

    there is too much to explain here so ill leave my email and phone number with some pics ( sometime picture speak louder then words)

    email or
    Studio number 905 688-8915

    one last thing..this is not a AVP fan film its a predator against predator film with the bugs in the middle..some secret service military guys and big guns with some very new surpises.

    heres the link to the teaser tralier:

    thanks for your time and look forward to meeting some of you

    Pete mander
    artist and director
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