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    Current Drabble Count: 101!

    Post #1 - Insanity, Asylum, Suspicious, Deranged, Child
    Post #2 - Bonkers, Sane, Hope, Love, Faith
    Post #3 - Joy, Temperance, Sneeze, Cough, Blink
    Post #4 - Hiccup, Fart, Feather, Fur, Tail
    Post #5 - Tooth, Claw, Homestead, Ranch, Farm
    Post #6 - Pasture, Vineyard, Pack, Luggage, Move
    Post #7 - Travel, Explore, Flame, Consume, Ash
    Post #8 - Regard, Dislike, Tolerate, Respect, Adore
    Post #9 - Gods, Breathe, Lost, Underground, Brontide
    Post #10 - Numb, Shake, Healer, Stumble, Anomaly
    Post #11 - Calm, Restless, Root, Lacuna, Black
    Post #12 - Same, Tide, Spark, Red, Blue
    Post #13 - Salt, Trouble, Kindle, Ancient, Sapling
    Pöst #14 - Quadruple, Mustache, Branch, Grey, Sister, Team, Save, Lashes, Eyebrows, Flannel, Heart
    Post #15 - White, Height, Lace, Entity, Own
    Post #16 - Far, Abject, Master, Warden, Magic
    Post #17 - Tough, Blood, Delicate, Up, Redeem
    Post #18 - Arrow, Rise, Hidden, Birthday, Blank
    Post #19 - Plea, Hate, Broken, Pain, Fall


    The Sith woman sat alone on the hard floor, her legs crossed. In front of her lie her apprentice, a grin pasted on her face from ear to ear. She laughed uncontrollably, no sight or sound stopping her .

    It would have alarmed any one else to see someone with a broken mind lying before them, but not this woman. For her, insanity was a trial. Like anything else. It was a part of life. Either her apprentices would survive, or they were too weak to continue.

    She continued to watch, judging as the seconds ticked by. Waiting for the verdict.


    The small chamber was cramped, without light. The walls were thick. The sounds above were muffled through the many layers of duracrete. Barriss held the whimpering young ones close still, trying to soothe them. She knew their cuts and burns stung from the planet's acidic fog. But any sound could alert their enemies to their presence.

    She rested a hand on one child's leg, remembering Luminara's teachings. Energy pulsed faintly from her hand into his wound, the raw flesh somehow looking less ragged.

    She exhaled softly. The circumstances weren't ideal, but at least they had found asylum beneath the surface.


    Grand Moff Tarkin sat across from the Moff Grathis, holding a datapad in his hand.

    "For what reason do you require such assistance?" Tarkin asked, not bothering to look up.

    "Well, these terrorist groups have halted the construction of the citadel."

    "And you believe it necessary to have fourteen IFT-T tanks stationed in your sector?"

    "Yes, sir," The man looked hesitantly at Tarkin, as though it were a trick question.

    "Considering that citadel project was discontinued months ago, Grathis, you understand why I am suspicious."

    "Well...I..." He stammered and stood suddenly.

    "Please, stay. We really must discuss your future."


    Malgus peered down at the man's arm, trapped between his boot and the hard duracrete underfoot. A twisted glimmer flit in his eyes as the man's face continued to contort.

    "I'll tell you anything!"

    "Where is she?"

    "I don't know who you mean!"

    Malgus dug his heel down further, savouring the crush of bone and the rush of pain that rippled through the man.

    "400 block," the man grimaced, clawing for his limb, "Second level. 23."

    Malgus didn't release him, instead he drew his lightsaber.

    "You're mad! Insane! Deranged!"

    "Am I?" The Sith questioned, "Or am I just truly alive?"


    Breha put her hand on Bail's, twining her fingers into his. The Alderaani sun was only just rising, casting pastel shades of pink and gold across the mountains of Aldera. It reminded her of sweet starblossom icing.

    It had been only one night since Bail had brought Leia home to her. They were both still grieving over Padmé and the Galaxy, but they had spent every moment they could with Leia.

    Through the loss and the crumbling Galaxy, they still had one thing to hold onto. Something they had wished for, suffered for.

    A child. A beautiful child to love.
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    Whew! These were all wonderfully intense, but I have to say that my favourites were Barriss in Asylum and Breha in Child. The latter, especially, brought such a smile to my face. [face_love]
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    More on the way after this. :p


    “I’m bonkers? You’re bonkers!”

    “So what if I am? But you are too.”

    “Will you stop? You both got us into this mess,” Leia yelled from across the corridor, a spark flying at her head.

    "And I'm going to get us out," Han said, grabbing a blaster and heading for a door at the end of the hall.

    "Sure you are," Luke replied, unclipping his 'saber and following.

    Leia sighed and rolled her eyes. They must've been insane, trying to blast their way out. She flicked a switch and the door opened.

    "Neither of you are," she called, "I am."


    Lendar stared at the Hutt with bulbous red eyes and tried to ignore the trail of sticky drool that dripped from his mouth.

    "Ulwan Lendar, hi chunkee fa goota?"

    He waited until the pink-skinned Twi'lek looked his way to speak.

    "I am offering two speeders and Orthol M'gai. For 5000 credits."

    The Twi'lek translated quickly.

    "Orthol?" The Hutt chuckled and grabbed a paddyfrog, slurping it down. "Loca. Hagwa ap-xmasi. Bargon wah chee kospah."

    "I am quite sane. The deal stands. Unless he's not that important anymore..."

    "Eniki." The Hutt narrowed his eyes and growled softly, his assistant moving forward. "Bargon."

    "Ulwan Lendar, hi chunkee fa goota?" - Smuggler Lendar, what's your final offer?
    "Orthol? Loca. Hagwa ap-xmasi. Bargon wah chee kospah." - Orthol? Insane. You won't get him. There's no deal.
    "Eniki...Bargon" - Fine, you have a deal.


    Padmé stepped onto the balcony, gazing over the war-torn remains of Theed. Mere weeks ago it had been full of life, plants and buildings almost glowing in the warm Naboo sunlight. Now smoke billowed from fractured, crumbling domes and citizens didn't dare roam the streets. This wasn't what she had imagined when she'd pledged to protect her home. She had not envisioned it being reduced to rubble before her eyes. The calls she had sent for help had remained unanswered, up until that morning.

    Finally, someone had offered their assistance. Someone had offered them hope.

    But it was too late.


    Jar-Jar tapped his foot on the ground, waiting for the bongo to surface. He had been waiting hours now. Another ship burst through the surface. He jumped up and ran up to it, only to see that it was someone else. The someone stared at him confusedly, scooting to the other side of the bongo. Jar-Jar sighed and turned around, back towards the bench.

    "Hidoe, Jar-Jar!" The bell-like voice cut through the dock's clamour.

    Jar-Jar perked up, scanning the crowd. Just ahead of him was his love, beaming a smile at him. He clopped forward and embraced her.

    "Hidoe, Tolli."


    Luke sat cross-legged on the floor, focussing on the movements of his son. They were far from fluid. He chopped at the remote as it floated around him. He managed to dodge almost every tiny bolt, but that was not the goal. The goal was to reflect them. He could feel his son's exasperation and imagined his determined blue eyes beneath the helmet's shield. He swung again, missing the bolt entirely. The boy yanked off his helmet and huffed as he sat down. His strawberry blonde hair ruffled.

    "Have faith," Luke said.

    "I'm trying," his son replied.

    "Don't try - do."
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    Even more coming... :p


    "Max," his mother called, somewhere in the house. Maximilian set down the datapad he was studying and followed the sound of her voice.

    "Yes, mother?" He asked, finding her in front of the comm.

    "It's for you, a message from the Academy admissions officer."

    "Thank you," he replied, stepping forward and opening the message.

    An older man, gruff but full of pride began to speak. Maximilian watched intently, waiting for the news. After a few minutes, it came.

    "Due to your high examination scores, you have been accepted into Raithal's Academy."

    He turned to his mother, eyes brimming with joy.


    Aden Nomante looked to his mates, who all laughed drunkenly. His partner hadn't been happy about him going out, but he had promised this time he'd stay sober. After the last fiasco, he didn't argue. Stopping a break-in after 7 Green Galaxies wasn't exactly easy.

    "C'mon, Nomante," Bendak urged, sliding a ne'tra gal towards him.

    "No, thanks," he replied, making a point to sip his Fizzyglug.

    "Why not?"

    "I'm practising temperance," he replied.

    "You practising your vocabulary too?"

    A sudden blaster shot rang out. They turned to see a drunken brawl forming. This time, he was glad he was sober.


    Obi-Wan and Anakin held their breath, listening for the sound of droids following them. The corridors were thinly walled, and dotted with transparisteel. It was a wonder they found the alcove hidden in shadow.

    "Master, shouldn't we be running?" Anakin whispered, peering expectantly down one branch of the hall.

    "No, we should be quiet," Obi-Wan said, before pressing a finger to his lips.

    Anakin leaned against the wall, suddenly feeling the dust of the planet tickling his nose. It only worsened with every breath. Suddenly, the sneeze rocketed out.

    The sound of droids arming echoed.

    "Now we run," Obi-Wan said.


    Natalya Zhel leaned forward and pressed a medscanner to the lieutenant's chest, trying to avoid touching the oddly shaped red spots that had pervaded his tan skin.

    "Cough for me," she instructed, her expression puzzled. He obliged. The scanner began to beep shrilly, like a screeching shyrack. She pulled it away quickly and turned to the medical officers. Somewhere in the jungle, an animal returned the scanner's call.

    "Get him to the base, right away. Arrange transport to Coruscant."

    She placed a hand on his jacket shoulder and tried to smile at him, knowing he was worried.

    "You'll be fine."


    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Jar-Jar screamed, running out of the room flailing.

    "Jar-Jar!" Qui-Gon called, trying futilely to grab the Gungan's arm. "Stop it!"

    Obi-Wan ran after them, trying not to chuckle at the comical scene.

    Jar-Jar ran to a fountain, sticking his head into the cool water. It didn't help. His eye still burned from the synthoil he'd splattered everywhere.

    "Mesa gonna die! MESA GONNA DIIIEEEE!" Jar-Jar wailed, clutching his eyestalk with both hands.

    "Jar-Jar, just blink. You'll be fine," Qui-Gon said, unamused.

    Jar-Jar blinked, now realising the oil dissolved with saline.

    "Ohhh. Tank yu, Qui."

    Qui-Gon shook his head. Obi-Wan snickered.
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    Still going. :p


    The shuttle lifted off, the Ithorian captain welcoming everyone aboard. The passengers looked at him anxiously, the diverse crowd all refugees. He knew they were afraid of capture.

    "We'll arrive safely," he assured them, adjusting the throttle ever so slightly. He had made this flight hundreds upon hundreds of times. As they reached the outer layer of the ecumonopolis' atmosphere, he prepared for the transition to sub-light.

    The ship lurched suddenly as they transitioned into the vacuum of space. Someone cried out, but quickly muffled it.

    "Don't worry, it's just a hiccup," he said, waving to them, "We're all safe."


    The teacher pointed to the holo-diagram of a volcano.
    "A sudden release of built up pressure in an explosive manner is called...anyone?" She scanned the room, hoping that one of them would provide the answer. She thought they were bright young miners. They had just gone over the lecture. If they couldn't answer this, she was tempted to resign. 30 years she had been through this.

    A group of Rodians giggled in the background.

    "You sirs seem enlightened. Please, tell us the answer."

    One of them sniggered into his jacket.

    "A fart!" Another called.

    The room erupted in laughter.


    "Tyeht danti?" Teebo asked.

    "The Sunstar has gone missing," Kneesaa revealed to the group.

    She looked back towards the hut. Logray waved his staff as he spoke to Chief Chirpa, the feather dancing with the movement.

    "Was it Morag?"

    "Morag's gone."

    "She brought the Kreegon back."

    "I don't think it was the witch. They said a strange creature was here last night."


    "Green and tall, with scales! And huge feet!"

    They looked at each other.

    Wicket pointed at the ground, two huge footprints in the foliage. "Like that?"

    Teebo leaned into a tree, listening before pointing ahead. "This way!"


    Atelia Vandron picked up the fur shawl from the dresser. Shocked by its softness and leathery backing, she dropped it.

    "Elix!" she yelled, the vein in her forehead threatening to rupture. Not once had she ever asked for real fur, not once had she ever wanted it. The killing of sentients - Selonians - for fur was beyond repulsive.

    Elix rushed into the room, his hands covered in some sort of grime. She pointed to the fur that lie on the floor, an icy glare on her face.

    "Why is there real fur on the premises?"

    "The was fake."


    Tiaan set the last of his luggage down and crossed the room to the couch. His datapad buzzed, but he had no reason to answer it. He was off-duty. Home. Away from the stresses of work for the first time in months. He clicked on the HoloNet and relaxed into the soft cushions, waiting for the holo to flicker to life.

    A soft trill came from his feet. He peered down to see two enormous ears and a swishing tail. With a smile he patted the seat beside him.

    "Hello, Patches," he said, petting the black and white splotched tooka.
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    AWW! Child was so sweet, but Bonkers was my absolute favourite. So like Leia. Faith was really cute as well, I love Luke teaching as a father. And somehow, I knew Sneeze was coming! Great drabbles so far!
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    So, far, Feather and Love are my favourites.

    Giddy about the fact that in the past week or so, my favourite SW character ever made it to two fics that aren't even mine. Teebo. [face_love] Listening to the trees. EVERYBODY, YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID!

    And Love is just wonderful. Jar Jar and Tolli. :)

    I'll do my best to comment on all. I just don't want to break your flow here.
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    "I've found the answer to your dilemma," Talos Drellik turned around, clutching a tiny off white piece in his hand. It was pointed ever so slightly. A smile was plastered across his face.

    "A rock?" The general raised an eyebrow.

    "A tooth!" Talos corrected, examining it further, "An ancient species of yozusk, I believe. Though it's been years since I've seen one, and never this well preserved."

    "What does that have to do with anything?"

    "Well the answer's quite clear," he replied, still grinning, "Not a wonder the area is riddled with petrified bones. This is a yozusk burial ground."


    Aayla gripped her 'sabers, attention glued to the Acklay straight ahead. The Clone Troopers around her crouched, ready to fire at a moment's notice. Her lekku quivered in anticipation. It hadn't seen them yet, but it would. Acklay were notoriously good hunters. She readjusted her hands, feeling the buzzing of the blades - one blue, one green. Suddenly it turned towards them.

    "Ready, men," she said, eyeing the creature as it jabbed it's claws into the ground repeatedly. It was about to charge.

    Just as she expected, it bolted forward and screeched loudly. She let out a yell and sprinted forward.


    Aeris and Thoth returned to the homestead, their clothes caked with dirt and the dust on their faces streaked with sweat.

    "It's good to be home," Aeris remarked, collapsing onto the couch and ignoring the fact the inside of their hovel was coated with grime. It had been weeks since they had been able to come home, between the constant fighting and their pledge to defend Aravis III.

    Thoth sat beside her, laying his legs across hers and sending a cloud of dust in the air.

    "Thoth!" She said, acting offended.

    "It's not like they were clean!" He replied, smirking.


    Luke picked up a slice of quiraadish, dripping with a bluish-white sauce. "What is it?"

    "I think they call it ranch," Leia replied, eating a piece of her own meal.

    "That's a stupid name. Ranches are always disgusting, all the banthas and their poodoo."

    "Well, it's made from bantha milk."

    "They don't have it on Tatooine."

    "It'd probably curdle," Leia replied, "Just eat it."

    Their host walked back in with another plate of vegetables ready to serve. The twins looked at her with a smile, trying to feign excitement. In reality, they were both regretting every second of this meeting.


    "Back on the farm, we caught Sleen with our bare hands," the lieutenant said, gripping his blaster rifle.

    The rest of the group rolled their eyes. He had everything on his family farm, even species exclusively on Kaas. What a surprise.

    "Lieutenant," Commander Drogas held up a gloved hand, "Cut it out."


    "You know exactly what. Now, I don't care if you had Nuknog on your farm. I don't want to hear another word about it. Do you understand?"

    "Don't blame me if you fail the mission, then."

    Drogas rolled his eyes and waved them forward, into the jungle.
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    The pastures of Kinyan shimmered with the frosted green goatgrass as they sped by on the landspeeder.

    "Wow, it's beautiful," Viera said. She was enjoying the wind as it ruffled through her blonde hair. The air was clean and pure, a far cry from her homeplanet, where factories polluted the sky with thick, acidic clouds.

    "And it tastes excellent," her Gran friend, Mawhus said, his eyes gazing across the fields.

    "You should see it in the light of the moons," Brast'cham'irosar - T'chami - said. His bluish lips curled up in a smirk.

    "Of course," she replied, winking, "That would be...exhilarating."


    Padmé giggled as she hid behind a wall of grapes, their vibrant green leaves hiding her from view.

    "Padmé, where are you?" Anakin called, sounding exasperated. She almost felt bad, but this was payback for the last time. She'd spent nearly an hour trudging through the meadow looking for him, until he had popped up behind a shaak laughing hysterically.

    The wall shook behind her. Nice try, she thought, crouching down.

    "Found you!" Anakin shouted, simultaneously pulling her close. She screamed in surprise, then laughed along with him.

    "Hiding from a Jedi is no fun," she teased, poking his shoulder.


    Theala walked down the staircase, inspecting her bags as she approached the group waiting for her.

    "When I said pack, I didn't mean your entire wardrobe," Atelia replied, yet again frustrated with her sister.

    "It is not even a quarter of it. What do you think I'm going to wear for a week?" Theala asked, offended by the idea of bringing anything less.

    "This is why our family is falling in favour. You lavish yourself while others starve. At least act humble."

    "I do, dear sister, I do. I've even given up Mehlanese food."

    "Yet you have 13 suitcases packed."


    The customs officer pulled a square piece of luggage from the starship's cargo hold. It was heavy, unusually so. He motioned to his coworker, who stepped over quickly.


    "Scan this."

    His coworked unclipped a portable scanner from his belt and swept it over the case. It blinked green and pinged softly.

    "It's clear," he said, flashing the screen.

    "Who knows what they packed then."

    A soft meow floated through the hangar.

    "Did you hear that?"

    The officer nodded. "Sure did. We've got to open that case."

    They knelt down and popped it open. Four Loth cats looked up, chirping.


    "What's in there?"

    "Nothing," the Duros woman replied, smiling, "You're just not allowed inside."

    The Devaronian scowled. "Why not? I'm loyal, I tip your bartender well..."

    "Nobody except the owner, bantha-breath. This isn't some flarghouse. We're on the surface levels of Coruscant."

    He wrapped his fingers around the blaster by his side.

    "Don't even try it," she replied, drawing hers more quickly than he could blink.

    "I need credits," he pleaded, pointing to a table, "I bought too many Deathsticks last week."

    "Not my problem."

    "Could you at least let me out the back?"

    "If you give me the blaster."
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    "Query: Our route isn't consistent with your intended destination, Master. Have you altered it?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Statement: Reaching the settlement requires travel in the opposite direction. Amused commentary: If we continue walking, however, we will eventually reach it."

    "How long have we been travelling the wrong direction?"


    Statement: 2 hours, Master."

    "Not a word from you that entire time."

    "Observation: You did not ask for my direction. Statement: I was unaware of your idiocy."


    "Confirmation: Yes, Master. Idiocy."

    "Let's go. We don't have any more time to spare."

    "Statement: Master, that is also the wrong direction."


    "Winter!" Leia called from behind a towering tree, her outfit covered in mud.

    Winter looked up from the plaza curiously. Leia waved her over, a grin on her 7-year-old face. She looked down. She was wearing one of her new dresses, and at 9 she really wasn't supposed to be causing mischief any longer. Still, she wanted to know what Leia had found this time. Checking the balconies to be sure her parents weren't watching, she stood. She took her gown in her hands and ran forward.

    "What is it?" She asked Leia, breathing heavily.

    "I found something! Let's explore!"


    Luke held the torch in one hand, the firelight glimmering off his father's black armour. He hadn't even known him, he had only seen him twice. Yet here he was, laying him to rest.

    He stepped forward and put the torch to the pyre, waiting until the fire took hold in the dry branches. Still gripping the lit branch, he took a step back and watched. The flame quickly devoured the wood before it began to lick at the armour voraciously.

    Perhaps is is at peace now, Luke thought as the flames danced in his eyes, far from the darkness.


    Obi-Wan sat in the cockpit of Padmé's skiff, looking out at the rivers of lava. He tried not to vividly imagine Anakin's flesh alight, or his screams of agony. Despite his efforts, they still rang out in the sterile white room. He placed his head in his hands, hoping Threepio would take off before the planet had anymore of a chance to haunt him.

    He rose from the chair and headed for the small medbay, hoping that Padmé was at least alright. Though the Dark Side had consumed Anakin, he hoped it would not consume the rest of the Galaxy.


    Padmé sat up on the landing platform, still dizzy from the lack of oxygen. She was alone. She couldn't see Anakin, nor Obi-Wan, but in her heart she knew what was happening. They were fighting, somewhere in the enormous facility. A tear escaped her eye. She wiped it away, scorning the hot, sulfuric air.

    "Anakin!" She called, running into the building, ignoring her screaming throat. "Obi-Wan!"

    Her feet slid on piles of ash, disturbed by the feet of the Jedi who had preceded her. She ran into another room, and saw them straight across.

    "Stop!" She called. They both turned.
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    Emiliana Volshe tapped her fingers against the table. This meeting was not going well.

    The Senior Minister smacked his fist down. "I will not have any fleet interfering with my operations. I have just managed to secure their integrity."

    "Admiral?" The Vizier looked at her, ignoring the sudden outburst.

    "With all due respect," she began, straightening her uniform, "I hold you in the highest regard, but relocating my fleet to Dalchon will do more harm than good."

    "And why is that?"

    "The Minister's trade network is fragile, vital to Dalchon's survival. Increasing military power will destroy it, not protect it."


    "What about this one?" Althea asked, bringing up a holo of a man posing dramatically with a mirror.

    "It's accurate, I'll give you that," Kya replied, turning up her nose.

    "Fine, this one is my favourite," Althea said. She clicked another one and it flickered up. It was a headshot. He was smirking, but it just looked creepy. Though, Kya admitted she probably was projecting that on him.


    "How can you dislike him?"

    "He's entitled and a complete sleemo."

    "But his music is amaaaazing! And look how handsome!"

    "I dunno...not my type."

    Althea pouted and found another photo.


    "I do not tolerate such insolence!" Ozzel said, slamming down the datapad, "Captain Piett!"

    Piett and Veers both looked at each other from the opposite sides of the bridge. Piett made his way over to where Ozzel stood, curious to see what had gone wrong this time.

    "Yes, sir?"

    "I need all fleets in the system alerted to the escape of the Rebel ship."

    "The SoroSuub-1200?"

    "Yes, Captain."


    "Presumably Corellia," Ozzel said, looking up to the doors to the bridge. Piett looked as well. Lord Vader was going to return any moment, and they were short one important ship.


    "Chancellor, do you even respect the hard-working citizens of the Galaxy? I don't believe you do."

    "I assure you, I do," he smiled nervously.

    "Your biases are obvious. Your lack of equality is throwing the Republic into turmoil. You must give everyone a voice."

    "You are just speaker," he replied, "You certainly don't understand the complexities of my position. I am far from biased"

    "I hear everything, Chancellor. I see everything. The outer rim is not being heard. A rebellion is brewing, and you must be aware of it."

    "I am perfectly aware. The only rebellion forming is against democracy."


    Padmé stepped onto the balcony beside Anakin, his black armour glinting in the bright sunlight. Below, crowds cheered, waving flags of crimson and onyx. They adored her, trusted her.

    She tried to smile at them, but truthfully, she was uneasy. She waved wistfully. It had been years since she'd stood in front of such a crowd, and never had she imagined doing it as Empress. The word still felt foreign to her, unwelcome. After everything she had been through, she had hoped to be stepping out as a mother and a former Senator, not taking the reigns of the Galaxy.
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    The two Jedi joined hands with the circle, their cloaks blowing in the wind. The pillar at the centre started to glow, the wind picking up as though they were in a violent storm. It was more than a swirling wind, it became a wall. Impenetrable.

    The pillar shone in a bright violet, casting the light on every one of the humanoids. Their white eyes were now vibrantly prismatic. The entire patch of forest around them hummed with energy.

    They opened their mouths, before speaking melodically.

    "Gods of the forest, hear us. Preserve us. Bring us victory. Protect our home."


    The small child curled against Valyn, the gash on her forehead oozing blood into her uniform. She pulled her closer and dabbed at the wound with a piece of haemosponge. The girl whimpered and clutched at her stomach.

    "It hurts," she whispered, wiping away a tear, "I'm scared."

    "I know," Valyn smiled, "But it will be okay. Just breathe. I'm going to take care of you, pateesa."

    "They took my mommy with them, the snake people."

    "The good soldiers will find her, and you will see her again. I promise." Valyn rubbed her head, soothingly, "You will both be safe."


    Anakin turned the datapad every which way and held the scanner up towards the sun, shimmering through the canopy of violet trees.

    "We were supposed to be back at the camp by now," Anakin grumbled, "Master Yoda's going to put us on night watch."

    "Well whose fault is that?" Obi-Wan retorted, studying the ground for some semblance of a path.

    "You told me to set the coordinates for 45'72" North and 13'25" East," Anakin said.

    "I did not. I said 13'72" North, 45'25" East."

    Anakin pressed a button. Obi-Wan's voice played. "45'72" North, 13'25" East."

    "Well then. We're still lost."


    Miko caught the helmet and slid it on her head, over her cropped black hair. Jarrick nodded his head at her from the other end of the transport.

    "Nice catch."

    She rolled her eyes and turned back towards the viewports. They were right on the lip of a giant sinkhole. city lights dancing in every crevice below.

    "Where are we going?" She asked, recalling their mission. There had been nothing about going underground. They were just supposed to find some criminal who was running a spice ring.

    "The Exchange's sector. Hence the new helmets. Can't let them know we're Imperials."


    Kerra stood at the edge of the crater, the wind blowing through her hair. Brontide rolled across the cratered plains. It was usually a warning sign of an earthquake, the plates kind enough to give the citizens advanced notice. The shudders this ground released were not from below, however. They were a product of war.

    Ahead of her, miles ahead, there were vivid explosions and the sounds of blasters. The planet was ravaged by war.

    She was here to save it.

    The rumbling earth brought a voice, one she remembered well.

    "Might and mercy, Kerra. It's part of the job."
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    Leia stared ahead into the now empty space. Seconds ago, it had been marble swirled with whites and blues, peaceful and familiar. One bolt of green had sent that to oblivion. She could not even see the remains of her beloved home.

    Moments earlier, she had felt anger, frustration, sadness. She had felt hopeless and hopeful, all at the same time. She had been determined to fight Tarkin's tyranny. The Empire's tyranny. Now, she felt numb. Her home was gone, reduced to dust. Her family and friends, murdered. She cast her eyes downward, hoping to awake from the cruel nightmare.


    The gunner caught a single glance of the viewscreen. It was empty. Force, it was empty. There was nothing. He looked again. And again.

    He couldn't think. He couldn't breathe. His gloved hand burned, as though the ignition switch had been coated in acid.

    What had he done?

    He turned to his cohort, whose head was bowed. He hoped someone would say something. He needed someone to break the silence. It was devouring him, his own soul was devouring him. He began to shake. His trembling hands reached for the ignition, shutting it off.

    His hands were covered in blood.


    Jos carefully plucked the last piece of shrapnel from the soldier and grasped the pressor generator. The tiny piece of metal had gone deeper than he liked.

    "How's he doing?"

    "Stable right now, barely," Tolk replied.

    Jos looked up briefly, Barriss across from him. He could use her help about now, the excellent healer she was.

    "After this, we're playing a nice long round of Sabaac," Jos said, inspecting the artery. It still oozed, crimson dribbling into the man's chest cavity. He reapplied the pressor.

    He nodded to her. The other wounds needed tending, something he couldn't do just yet.


    Luke closed his eyes, following Master Yoda's instructions. He wondered just what any of this would accomplish. He had already made the run a hundred times, leaping expertly from tree to tree, not failing once. Even with Yoda on his back.

    Running it blind was something else entirely. Dagobah was filled with creatures who moved faster than he could blink, and thick vines could catch him at any time.

    He ran forward, tripping almost instantly.

    "If trust your instincts you do, stumble you will not. Again, you must try."

    Luke brushed himself off and sighed, before breaking into a run.


    Admiral Piett looked at the readout, puzzled by the results. It said they were in the Unknown Regions, quite far from any known sector.

    "Recalibrate, Altair," he instructed the crewman. If the gyroscopic calibration was even the slightest bit off, it would no doubt cause such bizarre results.

    "Admiral?" Vader's booming voice came from behind.

    "Excuse the confusion, my Lord. It seems we have an anomaly in our Galactic Positioning."

    "An anomaly?"

    Piett swallowed. "Yes, it says we're in the Unknown Regions. We are recalibrating everything."

    Vader peered down at the the display, bemused as it flashed the same result.
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    The young Jedi clambered to where Master Yoda stood, grins on their faces. They had just come from the courtyard. He noticed every tear and splotch of dirt, making a mental note on who seemed to be the most trouble.
    They stood expectantly around the room, with training 'sabers in hand.

    "Your training sabers, away you put," Yoda instructed, waiting for the younglings to set them aside, "Learn peace, you will. Very important it is. In danger, be calm you must."

    The students nodded, a few of them looked puzzled.

    "Your eyes, close them," Yoda said, "Then, start we will."


    Luke paced across his room. He'd been trying to sleep for over an hour, but he was restless. His mind kept racing, thinking about the R2. The message it had played sounded important. A feeling deep in his gut told him it was important. He picked up a small shuttle model and wiped away dust from the wings. The message wasn't the only problem. He couldn't believe Owen's refusal to let him go to the Academy. It had been all he wanted for the past 2 seasons. Instead he was going to be stuck here, surrounded by sand and nothingness.


    Luke sipped the stew, his lips puckering as a piece of...something slipped into his mouth. It was sour, bitter, and slimy. Not exactly the meal he'd been hoping for. He set it down and looked around for some of the seeds he'd been eating before. They were pleasantly sweet, not like almost everything else he'd been eating. He didn't know how Yoda could survive on such horrible food.

    "Good for you, the bitter-root is. Eat, eat!" Yoda said, pointing to the bowl with his gimer stick.

    Luke stared at the wooden bowl, before smiling politely and picking it up.


    The trooper crouched behind a holosign and looked across the cityscape. It was certainly unusual. The entire planet was a giant waxcomb, golden hexagonical buildings separated by speeder lanes. He watched the traffic speed by, glancing up occasionally to check the position of his team.

    "There," Lilit said, pointing straight ahead. A grey speeder emerged from the thin lanes between buildings into the central lacuna. Grey wasn't usually a stand-out colour, but on a planet bathed in gold, it wasn't difficult to spot.

    "We ready?" he asked, heading for his rooftop speeder and strapping himself in, "Because it's go time."


    Firmus leaned against the rooftop balcony and looked out at the Axxilan skyline. Buildings of black and grey stretched as far as the eye could see, their towering frames speckled with light. The sky was violet, twinkling stars shining through. The stars had always dazzled him.

    "Firmus?" a warm soprano called. He turned.

    "You've just missed Admiral Barvin's tales from the Outer Rim," Valyn said, sauntering up to him.

    "I'm not sure I can forgive myself," Firmus replied, taking her hands in his. Her skin glowed in the city lights. She looked entirely ethereal, even more beautiful than any star.
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    I like doing dialogue only drabbles, they're...different. I'm wondering if anyone can guess which characters are involved in Tide and Travel.


    Adi Gallia knelt down, holding out a hand to the furred child. Its paws were tiny, the size of a credit. Hundreds of them had gathered around her. Young and old, watching. She smiled at them as the child rest its paw in her hand.

    They all gasped and chattered. She pressed the translator on her belt and began to speak.

    "You see, though on the outside we are different, our hearts are the same. We can be allies and friends."

    The translator chattered. The crowd stood silent for a moment before holding their paws out in acceptance, chirping warmly.


    "You've never been swimming before?"

    "Not unless floating in bacta counts."

    "No, it doesn't...I can't believe it. I've never met anyone who hasn't been swimming at least once!"

    "I'm from a desert planet. I'd bet the HoloNet would tell you what desert means."

    "You're ridiculous."

    "Then why do you like me so much?"

    "Hmm...I'm having trouble with that. Maybe the HoloNet can tell you that, too."

    "Very funny."

    "Stop rolling your eyes and get in the water. The tide is going to be rising soon."

    "If you insist..."

    "If you don't hurry up, I'll drag you in myself."


    "Chewie!" Han ducked as a huge spark flew out from the panel, "I thought I told you to shut off the power to the ion cannons!"

    Chewbacca barked from down the hall, where he was working on repairing yet another blown coupling.

    "That means both cannons! Not just one!"

    Chewbacca lumbered over and pointed to the panel, showing the power was off.

    "Well how long since you've checked the indicator lights?"

    The Wookiee grumbled.

    "What do you mean my job? I fixed the coolant lines instead!"

    Chewbacca shook his head, picking up a new diode and heading to the panel.


    The sensors beeped, the proximity alert blinking red. Ras pulled up and checked his scanners, trying to figure what exactly was behind him. It was too small to be a starfighter.

    "Fury 2, we've picked up a missile on your six."

    Blast, he thought, that could mean anything.

    He pulled up on the yoke. If it was homing, it would follow him. If not, well, one less missile to worry about.

    The Interceptor hummed beneath him as it rocketed upwards. The proximity alarm silenced, but only momentarily. He cursed under his breath.

    He was going to have to get creative.


    Luke crept down the darkened corridor, through the shadows cast by the enormous pillars. The building was immense. An intersection was ahead. As he reached it, he turned right. A soaring atrium greeted him.

    A man in a cloak of black walked towards him, pulling down his hood as he approached. Luke wanted to run, but his feet were frozen in place.

    The man continued forward, his wavy blonde hair dancing in the moonlight. He held a lightsaber. Luke recognized it - the same one he now owned.

    The man stopped before him and their eyes locked, the same sparkling blue.
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    What a plethora of amazing goodness! Full of humor, intensity, and action! Great characterizations, reflecting canon and AU themes/events. :cool:
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    Dislike is one of the funniest things ever. :D :D :D
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    oooh Anomaly is interesting. I thought of Star trek Voyager. I can see this turning into a bigger story.
    Asylum was another interesting too
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    Thank you everyone! :D [face_love]


    Maul tumbled to the ground, his arm stinging from the 'sabers slash. He gripped his saberstaff and crouched, feigning defeat. The Nautolan Jedi gripped his own lightsaber in defence and approached slowly.

    Maul licked his lips, tasting the tang of salt. He could feel the sweat pouring down his tattooed face. He savoured the burning wound on his arm and used the pain as fuel.

    Anger, passion, fury, strength.

    The Jedi stepped too close. Maul sprung up, igniting his 'saber. His opponent leaped back. Closing the distance in a single bound, he swung his blades around. Their blades clashed, sparking.


    Leia heard the giggling again, echoing through the apartment. She walked in and clutched one of the twins' blankets in her hand. It was splotched with the sticky neon blue of plasmaberry almost every other room was.

    She laughed incredulously, looking around the room. Even the ceiling had patches of it, dripping to the floor below. How they'd managed this, she didn't know. Raising Force-sensitive children was certainly a challenge she'd never expected.

    "You had better both come here," she called, trying to pinpoint them by their laughter, "Or you're going to be in a lot of trouble."


    The medical droid floated forward carrying a bundle in a blanket. Leia reached her arms out and took the bundle, instantly pulling it against her chest. Beneath the warm, fuzzy folds of the blanket was a tiny face and arms, glowing with life. The face of her son. He opened his deep brown eyes and met hers. Leia's exhaustion waned. Seeing his face kindled joy deep in her heart. She beamed.

    "He's beautiful," she whispered, tilting him up so Han could see his face. Han grinned and leaned forward, taking one of his hands between two fingers.

    "He sure is."


    Jocasta picked up the ancient tablet in her hand, holding it carefully beneath the light. It was written in an ancient Basic, something that must have been thousands of years old. Some of the letters had faded, but it was remarkably well preserved. The sand-coloured stone almost seemed to shimmer in the light as she inspected it. She could make out a few words, but they provided no hint to its origins. One broken sentence caught her eye, "the order of light... created." Intrigued, she set it down briefly and grabbed some flimsiplast from nearby, hoping to translate the rest.


    "Leia, c'mon," Winter called, looking back to see her distracted by yet something else in the Alderaan forests.

    Leia had knelt down, seeing a tiny green sapling trying to grow in the darkness. She could feel it struggling. She frowned and sat next to it, ignoring the fact the ground beneath her was muddy from rain.

    "What are you doing?" Winter trudged over, "We're going to be late for supper."

    "I'm helping it."

    "You're not, Leia, you don't have any of those powers. Nobody does anymore. The books about the Jedi said that."

    "I am!" Leia insisted, crossing her arms.
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    Loved Blue AV. You're my muse for this week's competition
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    BIG post! :D

    I was inspired by Chyntuck and her continuous story, so I tried one too. Yours is amazing, Chyn so I hope mine lives up to at least some of it! :D

    And I think thanks to Findswoman for the clavipian (correct me if I am wrong!)

    Also thanks to Robot Chicken...for obvious reasons. :p


    Admiral Ackbar flashed onto the holoprojector, holding a box in his hand. The children leaned forward. Their eyes widened as a jingle started to play, tinkling bells and clavipian ringing through the room.

    "What's filled with flavour and good for you?" a voiceover asked, the holo flashing to a clip of diverse children eating bowls of colourful cereal. They all smiled. "What now has quadruple the marshmallows? Made from real mallow?"

    "Admiral Ackbar cereal!" the children cheered loudly along with the commercial.

    "Don't worry Galactic parents," the voice continued, "It's made with natural ingredients!"

    "Mom! Can we get some? Pleaaaaase?"



    The officer blinked as the chair spun around and looked in the mirror. His eyes widened in shock. Just above his lip was something horrifying. He had asked the droid for a trim, not for this.

    "What have you done?" he asked, brushing what was left of his moustache. Nobody would take him seriously if he looked like this. Getting rid of it completely would make him look ridiculous as well. Like one of the young, inexperienced crew. He leaned his head in his hand.

    "I'm sorry, sir," the droid warbled, "I thought you said thin."

    "I said a trim!"


    Branch, Grey, Sister, Team, Save, Lashes, Eyebrows, Flannel, Heart

    Zevulon ran around the park, only occasionally glancing back to his parents under the awning. His clothing was soaked through from the fat drops of rain and his dark blonde hair stuck to his forehead. He grinned and picked up a branch that one of the perlote trees had lost in the wind, bearing it like a sword and hitting the raindrops.

    "Daddy! I'm like you! I'm protecting the planet!" He smiled proudly, blinking the rain from his eyes.

    Maximilian smiled, "You are doing a great job, Zev."

    Beaming even more brightly from his father's praise, he continued his adventure.


    The sky was getting more grey, the sun barely shining through the dark clouds, but it didn't seem to bother Zevulon in the slightest. He was only 4, yet unafraid of anything. Very much like his father.

    Alisia gazed beyond the grassy hills to the slate grey buildings, their golden lights just beginning to flicker to life. Denon certainly wasn't where she had expected to end up, but she was the happiest she had ever been. She finally had a true family and a safe place to call home. It was so much more than she could have asked for.


    Zevulon circled back around, now wielding another branch. He waved at his mother excitedly after successfully chasing away a stray tooka. She placed a hand on her stomach and turned to Maximilian.

    "When should we tell him about his sister?" She whispered, though Zevulon was far out of earshot.

    "I think on the holiday," Maximilian replied, "I'm sure it would make it even better for him."

    "That's a good idea," Alisia nodded. Zevulon had been excited for months, and they would have a cabin to themselves for the 8 day trip. It would be absolutely perfect. "He'll be so happy."


    Zevulon ran up to them. By now he was absolutely drenched. "Can you come help?" He asked, holding out sticks for them.

    Alisia looked at him and then looked at Maximilian, who had already taken one.

    "What are we facing, general?" He asked while saluting to Zevulon, who looked at him sheepishly.

    "Bug people! But they're invisible!" Zevulon replied, pushing the second stick towards his mother, "Here! You need it."

    Alisia took it, the damp and mossy wood nearly slipping out of her hands.

    "Invisible bug people, that's quite the threat," she remarked.

    Zevulon nodded. "But we are a team!"


    "Are you afraid of them, mummy?" Zevulon asked, Alisia still standing under the protection of the awning.

    She shook her head and laughed. Maximilian held out his other hand to her, raindrops spattered across his palm.

    "We've got a planet to save."

    She reached out and took it, taking a step onto the muddy ground.

    "This way," Zevulon ordered. He pointed to a small grove of trees. "They're in here!"

    He bolted forward, stopping just outside to wave them forward. He began to swing his stick at the vines and trees. Hand in hand, Maximilian and Alisia followed behind him.


    The rain had stopped and night was falling. Zevulon had fallen asleep on the rain glazed bench beside Alisia, still clutching his branch. Alisia laughed as Maximilian yet again mimicked the Coruscanti Opera's strange dances with two vines. Someone passed them on the path, and he dropped them.

    "Are you afraid of looking like a fool?" she asked as he approached and sat beside her.

    "Of course not," he replied, smiling warmly, "My arms were just tired."

    He studied her face. The drops of rain shimmered on her pale skin and dotted her lashes like crystals.

    "Likely story," she replied.


    "Would I lie to you?" He asked, taking her hands in his and feeling the droplets of rain meld together in their palms. He watched her eyes as they danced back and forth, catching the light.

    "You might," she teased, a sly grin appearing on her lips as he continued to stare, "Are you getting lost in my eyes again, Major Veers?"

    "I wouldn't say lost. I know them well," he replied softly, noticing she was shivering slightly. "Should we go inside?"

    She shook her head. "It's alright. I'm only a little chilled."

    He raised his eyebrows. "Are you sure?"


    She nodded. "I'm positive. With your work keeping you so far away, I'd rather be out here with you for once."

    He released her hands and unclasped his jacket. He slid it off and adjusted the long sleeved shirt underneath, before putting it around her shoulders. She snuggled into the warm flannel and inhaled. "Thanks, but I don't want you to be cold."

    "I'll be fine," he said, taking her hands again.

    "Don't tell the ISB but..." he trailed off. She rolled her eyes playfully as he leaned in. She squeezed his hand and he kissed her, softly at first.


    It grew more passionate until they simultaneously broke apart, smiling.

    "You're going to steal a kiss?" Alisia finished, slightly breathless. She chuckled as she had the first hundred times he'd tried it. "You try that almost every time."

    "But it works," he smirked, "Otherwise I wouldn't try it."

    "I know, you're much smarter than that," she said, leaning her head against his shoulder. She could just barely hear the beat of his heart, something she had missed. She closed her eyes, savouring the breeze tousling her hair and the faint tingling of her lips.

    "This is perfect," she whispered blissfully.
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    Great job with these!

    My favorites so far have been Asylum, Explore, Gods and Numb. Lots of emotion in such a short amount of words!
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    Thank you, Mav! :D [:D]


    Luke patted his tauntaun on the back. It chirruped and stepped in place.

    "Easy girl, I won't be long," he said, clipping on his extra supply belt. The belt boxes clinked together as he walked to the edge of the ridge.

    Below him were plains of white, stretching as far as he could see. Blue ice streaked through the snowy hills and sparkled in the sunlight. He turned around to face back towards the base. The sun shone on the snow, causing him to squint. He had never seen anything like it. Such a beautiful wasteland of ice and snow.


    Obi-Wan and Anakin jumped down from the ledge synchronously. They rolled as they hit the floor, using the Force to lessen the impact. As soon as they stood up, Obi-Wan started to backpedal towards the door gripping his lightsaber. Anakin craned his neck and looked down the corridors. They were empty.

    "Are you alright, Master?" Anakin asked, confused but smirking, "Did you hit your head?"

    He was half-serious. It was quite the height, but it shouldn't have caused Obi-Wan any trouble. Of course, he was acting strangely.

    Obi-Wan rolled his eyes and motioned upwards with his head. "Anakin, look up."


    Padmé stepped out of the dressing room and walked towards her bedroom. One of her handmaidens followed behind her, watching the train of her dress. She stopped in front of the mirror and gasped. The gown was more beautiful than she could have imagined. The lace veil cascaded perfectly over her brown curls, intricately beaded in a floral pattern. The gown was the same white lace, dotted with tiny pearls that caught the light. It flowed to the floor.

    The sun's warm beams fell over her and gently dusted her with gold. She couldn't help but smile. It was perfect.

    Entity (continuation of Anomaly)

    Admiral Piett watched the Galactic Positioning screen closely, still not seeing any change in the results.

    "Sir," an ensign handed him a datapad just as the lights flickered. They both looked up bemusedly.

    "What is this, Ensign Zatane?"

    "The cargo hold Aurek-457 gave off these readings."

    Piett examined the datapad. He rechecked the numbers twice, startled by their result.

    "A lifeform? In there? That shouldn't be possible," he said.

    "Not exactly. It doesn't pass our identifying scans. There is an entity, but it isn't exactly alive."

    "Get a scan team down there immediately," he ordered, "Find the source of this."


    Luke hopped off the landspeeder and put a hand up to shield his eyes from the blazing Tatooine suns. The hovel was a few metres away. The moisture evaporator he had once seen daily, just outside the entrance, was rusted and covered in dust. The building was peeling and crumbling.

    He was regretting coming on his own. It was eerie to see the place he had grown up in such disarray. But he wanted to say goodbye this time. He hadn't gotten that chance before. He truly did miss Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. They had been his only family.
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    LOL for "Trouble" and big fat SQUEE for "Kindle." Aww over "Own" and wow for "Lace." :cool: These are all fantabulous! [:D]
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    It was only across the quarter. That was as far as she needed to go. Viera gripped the blaster and ducked into the shadows, hiding from the glaring lights around her. Nar Shaddaa was a planet filled with scum. That was the only way they all flourished. Without the web of crime to hide in, the flashing neon signs and holos would give them all away in moments. She hoped it wouldn't give her away.

    Unlike them, she wasn't here to lavish in credits and bounties, nor to gamble and steal her life away. She was here for her revenge.


    Valyn shook her head as the transport swooped past the villages. They were crumbling and destroyed by the years of conflict. Wars that refused to end ripped the towns to shreds. Children reached out for them, eyes filled with tears. She turned away from the abject poverty, trying to quell the nausea she felt. Beside her, Latham was buried in his datapad. Twenty years her senior, he had learned long ago to close his eyes.

    She did not want to just turn away. They needed help. But there was nothing she could do. She was only a medic, nothing more.


    "Anakin, you can't do that," Obi-Wan said, taking back his lightsaber from the young boy.

    "I wasn't using it, it was turned off!" Anakin whined. All he wanted was to be like his Master.

    "It's not difficult to turn it on," Obi-Wan said, "I told you about Allie Fisto, didn't I?"

    "She doesn't exist. She didn't exist."

    "Yes, she does. She doesn't have an arm anymore, though."

    "I asked Master Nu. She said that she doesn't exist."

    Obi-Wan tried his best not to sigh loudly.

    "Well, I'm your Master, and I'm telling you that you shouldn't play with real lightsabers."


    The warden crossed the threshold again, into the maximum security section. Most of the cells were empty, which made her job easier. The only prisoner she had to watch was a Jedi, and she sat unmoving in the centre of her cell. In the last three days she had not moved once. Even the surveillance showed her sitting completely still, behind the shimmering blue energy field.

    The warden turned the corner and stopped to check behind her. Satisfied, she continued forward. Up ahead, the energy shield was gone. The warden sprinted forward, panicked. The cell was empty. She was gone.


    "I'm telling you, mum, she's good at this," Winter insisted, waiting for Breha to glide over.

    "What is it?"

    "Leia! She's got these magic tricks. Like the people in the plaza on Centaxday!"

    Leia beamed and held out a mittful of chance cards. "Pick one, and write it down. Then put it back!"

    Winter obliged and pulled out one. She set down the card, scribbled something on a piece of flimsi and flipped it before handing Leia back the card. Leia shuffled the deck deftly.

    "Seven of Zenda!" Leia exclaimed, pulling it from the stack with ease.

    "How?" Winter squealed.
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