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    Hello all! :) After a brief conversation with mavjade, I have created this new thread wherein you can post trailers for your stories.

    You can post a trailer for a completed story, a current one or even an upcoming one. It's a great way to advertise your story and it's loads of fun! :p

    Here is the link for the original FanFic Trailer thread. Most of them are cut off due to truncation, and the stories cannot be read for the same reason. However, even with incomplete trailers, you can get some ideas.

    So, have some fun and lets see those trailers! :D


    The Fox Logo appears then fades. The Lucasfilm Logo appears then fades. The Force Theme plays softly in the background as an image of the majestic Jedi Temple flashes across the screen with spoken words.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: Two men, brothers in all but blood…

    Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi are seen walking down a long hallway, chatting quietly and laughing.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: Will be separated by death.

    Screen fades into a shot of Padme’s office interior.

    (Bail Organa) There’s been a fatality.

    (Padme Skywalker) Who was it? Which one of them was it?

    (Bail Organa) We don’t know.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: Goodbyes will be said.

    The Force Theme fades in the gentle tones of Funeral Pyre for a Jedi.

    Fade to a shot of Yoda resting his hand on Obi-Wan’s chest.

    (Yoda): Sleep well, youngling.

    Black covers the screen before morphing into a scene of Padme leaning down and softly kissing Obi-Wan’s cheek.

    (Padme): Rest well, my friend.

    Cut to a scene of Anakin standing in a doorway looking back at Obi-Wan’s still body.

    (Anakin): It is in dying we awake to eternal life. I’ll miss you.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: Decisions will be made.

    Funeral pyre for a Jedi gives way abruptly to Anakin’s Theme.

    The screen closes in on the Jedi Council chambers where Anakin is standing before the Council.

    (Anakin): I’ve decided to leave the Jedi Order.

    (Yoda): Too upset you are to make this decision.

    (Anakin): I failed in my most basic duty. I may not have still been his padawan, but it was still my responsibility as his friend to be there. I wasn’t and because of that I have no right to call myself a Jedi.

    (Yoda): The Chosen One, you are!

    (Anakin): You don’t trust me. You never have.

    (Yoda): Trust you, I do.

    The screen closes tightly on Anakin’s face.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: Secrets will be revealed.

    Anakin’s Theme fades as Across the Stars begins to build.

    (Anakin): Senator Amidala...Padme and I were married almost four years ago. She now carries my child.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: As one man begins his manipulation.

    Across the Stars shifts effortlessly into the Emperor’s Theme.

    The scene shifts and we see the interior of Palpatine’s office.

    (Palpatine): If you allow yourself to develop your powers to their true potential, you can learn the secret to manipulating life itself.

    (Anakin): It doesn’t matter. I can’t bring back Obi-Wan or my mother.

    (Palpatine): No, but you can keep from losing anyone else.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: A friend will return.

    Anakin is seen sitting alone in a grassy field, eyes closed as he meditates.

    The Emperor’s Theme fades and we again hear the Force Theme.

    (Obi-Wan): Anakin.

    (Anakin): Master! But…how? Where?

    (Obi-Wan): I’ve come to help you with your future.

    (Anakin): I’m not worthy of being a Jedi anymore. I failed you.

    The music abruptly stops.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: A loved one will disappear.

    Screen rapidly shifts to the villa the Skywalker’s are staying in.

    (Palpatine): Good afternoon, Padme. I’m here to speak with Anakin if he’s available.

    (Padme): He’s not here right now. Would you like to come in and wait?

    (Palpatine): I’ve become aware of a plot to overthrow me as Chancellor.

    (Padme): By whom?

    (Palpatine): I'm not sure exactly, but I believe several senators may be involved and I could use your help in exposing them.

    (Padme): I’m sorry, Chancellor.

    The Emperor’s Theme begins again.

    Cut to a close-up shot of a sneering Palpatine.

    (Palpatine): No, but you will be.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: A web of lies will be spun.

    Screen shows the interior of the villa.

    (Palpatine): Oh Anakin, thank goodness you’re here.

    (Mace Windu): What happened here?

    (Palpatine): Several men clad in black broke down the door and grabbed Padme.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: A battle will begin.

    (Palpatine): Anakin, I know I’m your best chance at finding Padme before she’s harmed.

    (Yoda): All lies you have told. Know where Senator Skywalker is you do.

    (Palpatine):’t...believe...It’s a mistake, Anakin. I don’t know where Padme is.

    (Mace): Anakin, search your feelings and you’ll know who’s telling the truth.

    Music fades into Yoda’s Theme.

    Cut to Anakin meditating alone in a grassy field as visions begin assaulting his senses. We see Padme struggling with Palpatine.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: A choice will be made.

    (Anakin): I need your help, Masters. I can't rescue Padme and go after Chancellor Palpatine.

    (Yoda): Let go of your fear you must. Help your wife you cannot, if calm you are not.

    Yoda’s Theme blends into the Force Theme.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: A bond is renewed.

    Scene shift to the interior of a ship in the darkness of space.

    (Obi-Wan): Are you ready to begin your training?

    (Anakin): What kind of training?

    (Obi-Wan): The kind that will strengthen your mental shielding and help you to control your emotions.

    Scenes flow across the screen. We see Anakin in deep meditation before the screen shows Anakin in the midst of complicated katas and simulated lightsaber combat.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: As destiny and fate collide.

    (Palpatine): Give in to your anger.

    Once again we here the Emperor’s Theme.

    (Obi-Wan): Trust the Force.

    (Palpatine): Trust me.

    We see Anakin breathing heavily, his eyes focused on Palpatine as he hears Obi-Wan’s words.

    (Anakin): Yes, my Master.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: In an explosion that will forever change the galaxy as we know it.

    (Palpatine): The Jedi won't save her.

    We see Anakin jump to his feet, hand outstretched.

    (Anakin): I find your lack of faith in the Jedi Order disturbing, Your Excellency.

    (Palpatine): You fool! I offered unlimited power!

    The music stops, the screen fades to black and we hear the unmistakable snap-hiss of a lightsaber as a blue glow is seen.

    (Anakin): I don't need unlimited power; I have enough of my own. It ends here Chancellor, or should I call you Lord Sidious?

    Another snap-hiss is heard in the dark and a red hue joins the blue glow of Anakin’s lightsaber.

    (Palpatine): You won't defeat me, Anakin.

    Anakin and Palpatine are fighting furiously. Anakin is seen pressing his height advantage, pushing Palpatine back.

    (Palpatine): That's…it Anakin. Use your…anger…your hate.

    (Anakin): This ends now, Lord Sidious.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: When all is said and done…

    Yoda’s Theme begins to play.

    Anakin comes in to view, standing with Padme before a ship as Yoda approaches.

    (Yoda): Going to say goodbye, were you?

    (Anakin): I didn't think I could, Master. It hurts to leave; to say the words.

    (Yoda): Not goodbye then; May the Force be with you, Youngling.

    We see Anakin and Padme board the ship as Yoda looks on with a sad look on his face. The ship lifts off and is quickly out of Yoda’s sight.

    (Yoda): Goodbye, Youngling.

    Announcer [Voiceover]: The will of the Force cannot be denied.

    Music shifts into Across the Stars.

    The scene is Naboo. Anakin is standing on the balcony. Newborn twins, Luke and Leia are in his arms as he stares off into the distance. The scene shifts to Anakin’s point of view and we see the shimmering images of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon come into view.

    (Anakin): Masters.

    Anakin holds up his children and sees his mentors smile and nod before fading from view. Anakin smiles to himself before he turns and walks back inside the villa to a waiting Padme.

    Scene fades on a shot of Anakin and Padme smiling as each hold a baby.

    It was the Will of the Force.

    Story complete and available for reading in the Saga.
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    Thanks for bringing this thread concept back! :)

    And now for my story:

    Announcer: There comes a time when evil rears its ugly head.

    Rain is falling in sheets on a Coruscanti street, with the screen in monochrome. Calo Mornd, blaster in hand, is shown from the front as he preaches to the mass of people further up the road.

    Mornd (with a sneer): I’ve held up my end of the bargain. It’s time to uphold yours.

    Camera shows a black and orange-suited Bothan being wrestled to the ground by several thugs in the pouring rain. Mornd then reaches down and yanks the mask off the man’s face, revealing Gark S’rily, also known as “Superbothan”, the masked vigilante.

    Announcer: There comes a time when friendship and camaraderie means little.

    (Screen changes, to inside a home. A Twi’lek woman is yelling at Gark)

    Me’lin: Stop lying to me! That’s all you’ve been doing to me for the past few months!”

    (Screen changes, to a landing pad. Shows Me’lin, completely shell-shocked, standing next to another man, Ondal.)

    Me’lin: So you’re abandoning us, then.

    (Shot shows a Bith, Zeke Barbosa, ready to walk away.)

    Zeke: You could say that.

    (Shot shows Gark at a hospital window, his eyes glued to the glass. He has placed one of his hands on the glass, but his expression is unwavering as he watches in complete shock)

    Announcer: There comes a time when light must fall.

    Mornd: And now it’s time to meet your doom.

    Audio overlay here, scenes change underneath above dialogue

    Screen changes, to a mine shaft. Two figures, Gark, the other Me’lin, both dressed in miner’s outfits, staring down the barrel of a blaster held by a man, Mortellus

    Screen changes, two Bith, one Zeke, the other Ciscerian, standing against each other in the moments before a deathmatch.

    Screen goes back to Gark, who is on his knees in the pouring rain.

    Gark: It’s over, Calo.

    Mornd: So it is.

    Screen goes dark. Then, a blaster shot echoes in the darkness, and the thump of a body is heard.

    Announcer: There comes a time for remembrance, for honoring those long gone.

    (Screen shows a dream sequence of sorts, where Gark is silhouetted against a stark white background.)

    Gark: Dad, I . . . I want you to know that I won that last Galactic Cup for you and Mom.

    Gark’s Father: Take care of yourself, son. Goodbye.

    (Screen shot shows Gark looking down at a burn hole in his superhero suit, mouth agape)

    Screen shows a funeral procession of thousands, a casket prominently featured. Then the screen goes inside a large Limmie stadium, the casket being buried on the sideline. Faces of people are shown on the screen, some of the Coruscant Senators Limmie franchise. There is a hymn going on quietly in the background. Several seconds pause on the memorial site.

    Screen then changes to show Mornd and his troops taking over the Senate chambers. A Senator is shot on the ground by Mornd’s hand, and the faces of Gark’s fellow commandos are seen as they react negatively to this incident.

    Shot of Me’lin sitting on her bed, head in a pillow, sobbing

    (Shot then goes to an apartment, where Zeke is talking to his girlfriend)

    Jenna: Was he alive?

    Zeke: (darkly) No.

    (Fade to Black)

    Announcer: But there also comes a time for light to rise . . . and a time for action.

    Shot shows a foot come down with Mornd in a wide shot, only the foot visible.

    Voice: Ya know, Calo, for being a supervillain and all, you certainly have a peculiar taste in master plans. (Shot shows a medium front view of Gark in his superhero suit sans the mask. Calo then lets out a yell of rage and charges forward, while Gark braces himself for impact.)

    (Screen cut to the mine shaft, where Gark and Me’lin round up some enslaved ore miners in a room full of molten hot ore)

    (Screen shows Zeke hitting Ciscerian in the face with a haymaker punch)

    (Screen changes to Senate roof. Rain is still pouring, and Gark in down face-first in the slop, struggling to get up. In the background Calo is visible, taunting the Bothan as he struggles to get up)

    Mornd: Why, Mr. S’rily? Why? Why. Why do you do it? Why, why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting FOR something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom, or truth, perhaps peace, could it be for love? Illusions, Mr.S’rily, vagueries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose, and all of them as artificial as your concepts of hope, justice, love....

    (During the dialogue, the screen changes to show Gark kissing Me’lin in the rain, shows a snippet of Gark fighting some armed guards, shot of Gark being sent down into a carbon freeze chamber pit as steam rises to the top. Screen changes to a shot of Gark and Me’lin in front of a royal court of hundreds of eloquently dressed people, both wearing dirty miners’ outfits. Me’lin, despite being filthy, gives Gark a smile, slow motion on this action. Shot then shows their son, Galin, who is revealed by a sheet being pulled from over his head to reveal his face as a newborn baby, and then a shot of the two parents knowing that things could have been a lot worse in a hospital room. Shot shows Gark being lonely as he sits alone in a cabin room next to a large passed-out drunk on the floor in the dark. Shot of Me’lin sitting in a hospital bed, feeling drained as she is surrounded by medical droids and assistants. Shot then shows Galin being left inside a cellar and the doors being jammed with a metal bar)

    (Shot goes back to Gark, who stands up in the slop.)

    Gark: Because I choose to. (Lunges forward with a roar)

    (Screen changes to Gark driving a speeder in a wild chase scene, Zeke sitting next to him in the passenger’s seat.)

    (Screen changes to some fighting on the Senate roof. Both Mornd and Gark land some punches on the other)

    (Screen changes to a fight in a hotel room, where Gark is held down by two thugs who want to kill him)

    (Screen changes to show Gark’s commando team doing their jobs on a mission, blowing things up, kicking enemies down, and hacking into a database. Meanwhile, there is constant blaster fire in these shots.)

    Announcer: Heroes will rise, and their stories will be told throughout the ages.

    Woman in Police Precinct HQ: Who are you supposed to be, exactly?

    (Screen shows Gark in suit)

    Gark (shrugs): Uh . . . Superbothan.

    (Screen changes to show Gark and Zeke sitting in a living room. Gark sighs)

    Gark: It’s hard for me to say this . . . but Superbothan is on the job.

    (Shot changes to show Polis Vayne, Limmie captain, talking to his teammates)

    Polis: This is our time! That field out there, even in enemy territory, will be our stage! We will play until that last horn sounds and we know our fate for this season. What shall we play for? Ourselves, for Coach M, for the fans . . . for Coach! This game will be our finest hour!


    Polis: Hoist the colors.

    (Shot shows the Senators spilling onto the field from their team tunnel, dressed in their black and orange home uniforms, the team being preceded by a team flag)

    (Shots shows Gark, stabbed in the chest with dagger, trying to move up a wall with his back as he struggles to stand. Screen then shows Prince Daraza give him an amused look)

    Daraza: Incredible. Are you still trying to win?

    (Shot shows Gark beating Daraza down and threatening him)

    Gark: You sithspitting frakker. (Stabs Daraza, then screen goes to black momentarily)

    Announcer: These are the Continuing Adventures of Superbothan

    (Shot shows Gark giving off a smile in his suit, Zeke looking relieved as he pants for air, Ondal beating a thug down with his hands, Me’lin kicking a foe down with a nice shot to the face, Gark’s commandos wreaking havoc everywhere)

    (Shot then changes to show Gark and Me’lin’s wedding, and focuses on a shot of both of them as they kiss in front of the cheering crowd)

    (Shot then shows Gark slap someone on the shoulder)

    Gark: Time to suit up.

    (Shows Superbothan and his commandos attacking a squad of thugs)

    (Shot changes to show a Shistavanen punching a bolo-ball over a Limmie crossbar)

    (Shot changes to Gark moving aside rubble in the mine)

    (Shot changes to Gark and Mornd tangled up on top of the Senate roof. The two then plunge down in the rain towards the dark street below)

    Dun Dun (one of Gark’s commandos): This is where the fun begins.

    (Screen fades to black)

    The Continuing Adventures of Superbothan: Now Playing in a FanFiction section near you!

    Story is ongoing as of now. Look for updates soon.
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    The screen is blackness punctuated by the sounds of battle, the whine of blasterfire and the occasional crump of a far-off explosion mingling with armored soldiers on the move.

    On the ground or in mighty warships, the Marines of the Republic fight for civilization.

    In a flash, the green world of Onderon appears, speeding toward the camera. Expanding as the zoom-in slows to show its only city, the walled fortress of Iziz can be seen, wreathed in smoke and the orange tinge of naked flame. From this top-down angle, starfighters and assault ships can be seen streaking through the sky.

    On the Outer Rim world of Onderon, one Marine's journey will come to an end...

    A vertical wipe replaces the hawkeye view with a scene of armored soldiers as they march forward, then brace behind cover. There they check themselves over while the camera focuses on one in particular, whose collar bears an officer's rank insignia.

    "Come on, just around the bend!"

    A lightfight breaks out; the armored soldiers have begun to exchange shots with a group of enemies also clad in armor, distinctive with their T-visor helmets. One of them, shot through the chest, lets loose a small sphere of destruction toward the officer, which explodes. The scene fades to black.

    ...and a new one will begin.

    A fluorescent light, diffuse at first as it barely penetrates the gloom, ignites. The ceiling of an operating room resolves itself, as the sounds of deep breathing and of medical monitoring equipment play an ambient duet. Accompanied by rubbery snapping sounds, he POV shifts slightly as if from within a person's head as they take in the surroundings, then halts. A green-skinned Twi'lek, his face warm and welcoming, eases into view.

    "Welcome back, Commander."

    A classic story from a bygone age, Star Wars explores Death and Life
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    The Kerebuy Hawk flies again and is on a mission to the beautiful planet Naboo

    Two young men are seen visiting a burial ground
    One man pales when he sees a dark figure kneeling

    A few scenes later
    The young man is in a hospital, right arm supported by a colourful scarf, when he hears a mechanical voice and the replies of a woman

    “… is coming. Get the Force sensitive patient transported tomorrow lieutenant Setima.”

    “I will test him and I will see you on the Exactor.”

    “Lord Vader, your presence is required.”

    “Yes admiral I will come immediately.”

    A dark man is seen leaving

    The next short story

    After days at the famous races in Mos Espa Jesin and Halfir want to visit their friend Tonia, who is working at the medical facility of the arena.
    Jesin is nearing the examination room when a man in a worn brown cloak has him raising his shields. He has recognised ....

    More is revealed and will come in

    [link=]The odyssey of the Kerebuy hawk[/link]
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    This is not my fanfic, but worth sharing:

    Duel of the Fates plays in the background. Camera pans over the abandoned wreckage of several Clone Wars battlegrounds.

    As the fast part of the song begins, cut to Anakin's speeder flying towards the Chancellor's office.

    Cut to Mace Windu and Sidious dueling in the Chancellor's office.

    Cut to Black

    Prepare To

    Cut to Clone Troopers fighting Droids on Coruscant.


    Shot of Droid Bombers strafing Thead


    Cut to Obi-Wan and Anakin standing over a computer terminal

    Anakin: Order 66?

    Obi-Wan: What was he planning?

    You've Ever

    Pan over rioting in the Galactic Senate Hall


    Music cuts out. Cut to Yoda and Anakin.

    Yoda: Always in motion, the future is.

    Music picks up, faster than before. Rapid cuts of Han Solo piloting an unfamiliar bomber, Galen Marek jumping out of an exploding dropship, Yoda dueling General Grivious, ARC troopers fighting in the Death Star corridor, and civilians running in terror on Correllia.

    Point of Divergence

    Cut to Luke Skywalker

    Luke: I'll never join you! The Jedi killed my father!

    Anakin: No, Luke-

    Cut to Black

    Star Wars: Point of Divergenc
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    (Palpatine's Teachings begins)
    (from p.269 of Dark Tide II: Ruin)
    Anakin: I will never be as good a servant as you or Chewie.
    Daeshara'cor: You already are, Anakin, and will be greater. As you heal, you will be stronger than anyone can imagine.


    (Yuuzhan Vong and New Republic fleets battle over Coruscant)


    (Anakin Solo battles Yuuzhan Vong at Baanu Rass, immersed in the Force and glowing)


    Anakin: I can sense them. The Yuuzhan Vong, their tech, I can sense it all.

    (cut to image of Jacen with Vergere, voiceover of a Force ghost conversing with Anakin)
    Force ghost: She's a Sith.
    (image cuts to Anakin's reply)
    Anakin: I can only think of two reasons why she has him, and I don't like either of them.

    (audio cuts to 1:40 of Duel of Fates)
    (cut to image of Anakin and Ganner Rhysode cutting down Yuuzhan Vong)

    (cut to Tahiri running into Anakin's arms)

    (cut to Jacen speaking with Luke)
    Jacen: She used the memory of Anakin against me.


    (cut to Shamed Ones rising up against the Yuuzhan Vong)

    (cut to Supreme Overlord Shimrra ordering his subjects)
    Shimrra: BRING ME ANAKIN SOLO!!!

    (cut to Anakin leading a company of Shamed Ones into Shimrra's palace)
    Jaina: (voice) He's gonna be the key to this. The galaxy's fate is up to him.

    (cut to Anakin with Force ghost)
    Force ghost: When the time comes, you will know. Will you be ready?
    Anakin: I will.

    (cut to Anakin and Shimrra battling, Anakin's lightsaber and Shimrra's scepter cross, then black)
    Anakin: (voice) This isn't over.

    The New Jedi Order:
    Solo Destiny -
    Solo Hope
    Vengeance of the Vong
    Redemption of the Shamed

    Solo Hope is currently out, I've only posted 2 chapters but I've received great feedback from everyone that's read it so far.
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    Drumbeat -

    An Imperator-II Class Star Destroyer floats motionless in space, a planet distant in the background.

    Gruff sounding male Narrator: I once believed myself the greatest illusionist in the Galaxy.

    The elegant bow of a Nebula Class Star Destroyer enters the screen from the bottom as it approaches.

    Narrator: But it seems the Galaxy has done me one better.

    Another Drumbeat

    Screen cuts to an angled shot of the Nebula-Class, flanked to either side by a pair of Immobilizer 418 Cruisers and a host of smaller vessels. Each with the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances insignia emblazoned proudly upon their hulls.

    Static Voice: This is Admiral Terious Duluhat of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet.

    Close up of the side of a woman's cheek, showing the beginnings of wrinkling, before smiling mischievously. Camera pans out to show a darkly lit Imperator II Bridge with a woman standing proudly on the central platform.

    Narrator: I lurked in the shadows, and witnessed the wars as each came in turn...

    Scene cuts to view of the Nebula Class Bridge as the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet Admiral stood at the front, looking out the forward-most of the viewports, with the flagship's supporting vessels visible in viewports along the sides of the bridge. Camera pans around the Admiral until the Imperator-II comes into view, revealing additional Galactic Alliance vessels closing on it.

    Narrator: And I realized as I watched you struggle through previously unimaginable strife... that I had been living a lie.

    Admiral Terious Duluhat: By the Authority of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances... I hereby place you under arrest.

    Zoomed out view of the Nebula bridge, camera near level with the ground as a boot steps into view.

    Admiral Terious Duluhat: On the charges of Murder... Treason... Piracy... and Crimes Against Civilizations. Have you any words in your defense.

    A red robed man with metallic spaulders casually walks towards the Admiral from behind, his hood pulled down over his head. For a brief flash, dark robed figures can be seen descending into the crewman pits as red lightsabers ignited in their hands, and then in another flash, everything seems as normal once more, save for the red robed man.

    Narrator: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever conceive the possibility that the whole of the Galaxy could be convinced of the greatest lie of all.

    Camera cuts back to the Imperator Bridge, now from a frontal view of the woman, her uniform a gray Imperial Navy uniform, her Rank Insignia denoting her as Admiral. Her hair cut shoulder length and her eyes violet.

    Female Admiral: I'd apologize for the crimes that brought you here... but you'd never accept it...

    Close up of Admiral Terious' face as his brows furled in anger. The sound of a lightsaber igniting is suddenly heard, his eyes widen in shock as his jaw drops and a red glow illuminates his face. Then the sound of the Lightsaber's blade retracting into the hilt is heard as the red glow fades before Terious falls to his knees, the hooded figured becoming visible once more, just behind where the Admiral previously stood. Red lightsabers could be seen receding as the last of the crew in the crew pits collapse lifelessly to the floor.

    The woman's hologram stood over him, looking down upon him, her eyes an unmerciful expression as he struggled to breath.

    Female Admiral: ...And I never apologize.

    The dying Terious looks around, through the viewports, he could see an immobilizer exploding brilliantly as a pair of Venator Class Star Destroyers cruised passed it and switched their turbolaser batteries on other Alliance vessels. He turned his head to look forward to see that most of his fleet was being dismantled by many other ships he never noticed before... and cruising off the port side of the Imperator-II is a Harrower-Class Star Destroyer as it lent its firepower to the unfolding battle, tearing into the Hull of an Alliance MC80B with its portside battery.

    As he gasped in disbelief as he collapsed, rolling over to stare blankly at the ceiling.

    Admiral Terious: Leonia Tavira... how...

    The hooded figure looked down, his own face showing signs of his advanced age. His eyes unyielding as stared down. Terious' vision fades to black.

    Narrator: But I shall perpetuate this illusion, nurturing it for as long as it suits my designs.

    Admiral Leonia's hologram smiled wickedly as the hooded figure made his way to the viewports, taking in the carnage that unfolded before him.

    Admiral Leona Tavira: Ren'Vhan, I'd say this little trip has been an astounding success. My technicians report that no signal was sent reporting hostile action.... the Galaxy will be none-the-wiser that myself and the Invidious was involved.

    The red clad man lowers his hood and looks at Leonia's hologram, revealing his short grey hair

    Ren'Vhan on-screen: Signal your pirate allies, they are to be quick in collecting their spoils and then split off to their respective bases. I'll be taking my fleet and my new ship back to the Beacon.

    With a bow, the hologram vanished as Ren'Vhan turned around, his eyes intense and his smile sinister as he walks under the camera as the Imperator and Harrower began to turn to starboard in the viewport.

    Drumbeat as screen turns black

    Ren'Vhan Narrating: This conflict will unfold away from prying eyes. And so you won't know this... but your precious peace... is a lie.
    It's currently in its 8th chapter... Set in 54 ABY including Jensaarai, Leonia Tavira and a host of original characters as the central focus of the story and splitting time between the heroes and the villains.​

    Wrote this whilst listening to the second half of
    Vogel im Käfig from the Attack on Titan soundtrack, from 3:10 onward.
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  8. JediMaster_Jen

    JediMaster_Jen Force Ghost star 4

    Jun 3, 2002
    Giver Of Light-Book II: Sons in Shadow

    Fox logo appears then fades

    Lucasfilm logo appears the fades

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

    V.O: One man caught between love…

    Fade to a scene between Obi-Wan and his wife.

    (Obi-Wan): I love you more than my own life. I would surrender everything that I have, everything that I am, for you.

    V.O: …lust…

    Fade to a shot of Obi-Wan and Siri Tachi just pulling out of a passionate kiss.

    (Siri): We can’t keep doing this. We’re betraying everything and everyone we know.

    (Obi-Wan): Something that feels this right cannot possibly be wrong, Siri.

    V.O: …honor…

    Fade to Obi-Wan and Senator Palpatine in his office.

    (Obi-Wan): Of course, Senator. You have my word as a Jedi Knight.

    V.O: …duty…

    Fade to a scene of Obi-Wan on a battlefield.

    (Obi-Wan): I have to protect them. It is my duty as a Jedi.

    V.O: …light…

    Fade to a scene of Obi-Wan and Count Dooku locked in a lightsaber battle.

    (Obi-Wan): You’re going to answer for all the Jedi you killed here today, Dooku.

    V.O: …and dark.

    Fade to a shot of Obi-Wan and Garen Muln fighting.

    (Garen): Obi-Wan, don’t do this! I know you, you’re better than this!

    (Obi-Wan): You know nothing about me! We are nothing to each other now!

    Screen once again goes black. Sabers clashing and blaster fire can be heard in the distance.

    V.O: One man must battle his wife…

    Fade to a scene of Anakin and Padme standing together on a balcony.

    (Padme): Don’t go. You could be killed.

    (Anakin): I have to go. He’s my family, the only brother I’ll ever have.

    (Padme): He’s no family of yours anymore Anakin! He never was! You share no blood.

    (Anakin): Blood doesn’t matter.

    V.O: …the only father he’s ever known…

    Fade to a shot of Anakin and Xanatos standing toe to toe in a garden.

    (Xanatos): I forbid it, Anakin.

    (Anakin): I am no longer your Padawan. You don’t control me.

    V.O: …and his own inner darkness…

    Fade to a scene of Anakin destroying a village of Sand People using the Force.

    (Anakin): I hate you! All of you!

    V.O: …to save the best friend and brother he loves.

    Screen fades to black. Lightsabers are heard clashing in the darkness.

    V.O: One man will decide the fate of another and together they will decide the fate of the galaxy.

    Screen morphs into a scene of Obi-Wan and Anakin furiously battling one another surrounded by an erupting volcano.

    V.O: (Xanatos): They’re both my sons. I won’t let them destroy one another. They are supposed to save us all.

    Screen fades to a shot of a black-robed figure approaching an exhausted Obi-Wan.

    V.O: (Darth Sidious): You’ve done well, my apprentice. Kneel before me.

    Fade to a shot of Obi-Wan kneeling in front of the Sith Master.

    (Obi-Wan): What is thy bidding, my Master?

    (Sidious): Rise, Lord Vader.

    (Anakin): I have to follow him into the darkness if I’m to save him.

    (Padme): He’s supposed to save you.

    (Xanatos): I’m losing them both.

    (Yoda): Hide the children, we must.

    (Qui-Gon): We’ll all be destroyed.

    V.O: Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Together they are…Sons in Shadow

    Resuming soon in the Fan Fiction Forum.
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  9. JediMaster_Jen

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    Jun 3, 2002
    Giver of Light-Book 3: A Father’s Sacrifice Trailer
    By JediMaster_Jen

    <Fox logo appears>

    <Lucasfilm logo appears>

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

    V.O: The galaxy is changing…

    Fade to a shot of Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Xanatos Renashaii walking together through the Jedi Temple.

    (Xanatos): I don’t know what to do. I’ve lost them both.

    (Mace): What are you willing to sacrifice to save them?

    V.O: …and two men are at the center of the storm.

    Fade to a shot of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker locked in an intense lightsaber battle, their eyes glowing yellow.

    <Duel of the Fates starts low and slowly builds>

    (Obi-Wan): You won’t defeat me, Anakin. I’ve always been stronger than you.

    (Anakin): Not this time, my old friend. I have you now.

    The screen fades to black.

    <Duel of the Fates begins to fade and eases into the haunting tones of Padme’s Ruminations>

    (Padme): He’s out there somewhere, Siri. He’s lost and I can’t help him find his way back.

    (Siri): He has to find his own way back. They both do.

    V.O: One man will go beyond his limits to save the sons he loves.

    Fade to a shot of Xanatos, bathed in sweat as he expertly wields his saber against Anakin, his body glowing with Force energy.

    <Battle of the Heroes begins at a frantic pace>

    Screen fades to black as the sound of lightsabers clashing together can be heard with the music in the background.

    <Battle of the Heroes fades>

    V.O: One child will learn what it means to be afraid…

    (Obi-Wan): He is my son and I will take him where I please.

    (Jaek): No! Mama, help me!

    V.O: …while three others are taken into hiding…

    (Yoda): Come younglings. Our escape, we must make.

    Fade to a shot of ten year-olds Luke and Leia Skywalker and eleven year-old Ben Kenobi racing through the underworld of Coruscant, trailing behind Yoda.

    V.O: …so that they might live to fight another day.

    Fade to a shot of a funeral pyre burning brightly.

    (Garen): He gave his life and it meant nothing.

    (Anakin): It meant everything, Garen. I’m standing here now.

    V.O: Is a father destined to only save one?

    (Xanatos): Take my hand, Anakin. I want you to know that I have always loved you. I always will. You are my son.

    (Anakin): I am your son. I love you, Father.

    V.O: …or will his sacrifice bring salvation to both?

    See the exciting conclusion in the upcoming third book of the Giver of Light trilogy, Giver of Light-Book 3: A Father’s Sacrifice

    Coming soon to a Fan Fiction board near you.
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    Nov 7, 2010
    I completely forgot this thread existed. I wish it would be more active. I'll have to remember this for future use. [face_mischief]
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  11. Darth_Furio

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    Apr 17, 2008
    I got the song in mind, now I need the visuals and VO. So basically all of it.
  12. MartyAvidianus

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    May 14, 2017
    Giant Green Letters In the centre of screen: MUCASHOLONET LTD a la LUCASFILM LTD.

    Fanfare a la 20th century FOX for five seconds, gradually fades.

    A Martyavidianus holo


    Starfield as the tune to I wish I were in Dixieland starts.

    Starring Mark Hamill, Cate Blanchett, Adam Driver, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Stone.

    A superstardestroyer that looks suspiciously like the Executor comes into the screen. There is extensive damage to the superstructure. However, it keeps firing, destroying two golan defense platforms. TIE fighters and X-Wings swarm around it in dogfights, a single brownish attackship drop into hyperspace. The planet below reveals itself to be Coruscant, as an Imperial landing craft make landfall. I wish I were in Dixieland fades.

    And Guest Starring Quvenzhane Wallis as Wynette Nierre

    Cut to somekind of Jedi Academy. Music to Binary Sunset. In an auditorium there is a dozen or so younglings surrounded by hundreds of Roger Roger B1 battle droids, while an 60ish Luke Skywalker battles to close the distance to get to his students (He was on a podium), decapitating droids every second, but there are too many of them. A lone Magnaguard with his Force pike activated advances on a tall, slim, 15ish girl with full lips and skin the colour of latte. The girl has in her hand a long orange saber (a la Gantoris). She is shaking. Fades

    Music to “Pistol Packing Mama” starts (Music only, no singing). Ben Skywalker is resting in a lounge, drowsing. A 15-17 looking ish Tahiri Veila comes into the room, and starts taking off her blouse, followed by slowly taking off her robe, seductively saying “Am I pretty enough for you, Benny?, . Ben stops her. “No, not again! Don’t!” But before the 15-17ish Tahiri can get any closer to Ben, a 30ish looking Tahiri in a green tunic, with scars on her head runs in with her lightsaber activated, and shouts: Get away from him!” Fades.

    Imperial March starts. Kylo Ren is fighting a 15-17 looking ish Tahiri Veila in some sort of spacious quarter in a ship. The ground is full of sand. Kylo has Tahiri in a Force freeze, Tahiri croaks out “My name is Tah” before dropping to the floor. fades.

    Duel of fate slowly starts, a Mon Calamari cruiser that looks like Home One crashes into the engine of Executor looking Superstardestroyer. Huge explosion. Fades.

    30ish Tahiri in a bounty hunter office, looking at her handheld datapad. Oh Susannah starts, but immediately fades.

    Currently playing on a Fanfic Board Near You


    Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
    Cate Blanchett as Natasi Daala
    Adam Driver as Kylo Ren
    Saoirse Ronan as Tahiri Veila aged 17
    Emma Stone as Tahiri Veila aged 30
    Quvenzhane Wallis as Wynette Nierre

    Casting by Mu Tryles Galactic CSA
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  13. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Jabba the Hutt's theme begins playing as Slave I flies across the backdrop of deep space.

    Aurra Sing voice over: "All you ever wanted was a mentor. Someone to guide you along the way."

    Cut to Mustafar, Clone troopers shoot at a figure descending down the volcanic slope. Boba Fett is seen hovering with his jet pack above the black sand, launches flamethrower at Commander Cody's men.

    Aurra Sing: "You seek belonging. In your heart of hearts, you're nothing but a lonely little boy.

    Cut to Jabba's palace

    Jabba laughs on his throne as Boba bows to him, the body of a Black Sun Falleen flung over his shoulder.

    Endor's speeder chase theme plays as Bossk pursues Boba on a speeder through the Dune Sea. Boba shoots at the speeder and knocks it off course.

    Aurra Sing: "you fail to realize, nobody will be there for you. You will never have a friend, or a protector."

    Boba Fett's theme plays as he walks through a Mos Eisley alleyway.

    Cut to Slave I hovering over Cato Neimodia, in a dogfight with Trade Federation battle ships.

    Boba Fett voice over: "I am my own protector."

    Boba Fett stands before Vader in the rain on Kamino. Vader is flanked by 501st Legion troopers. Imperial march plays slowly.

    Aurra Sing is shown in the old Geonosis arena, rifle raised and grinning. Boba Fett is standing in front of her in full armor, in a stand off.

    Title: Boba Fett: A Bounty Hunter Rises

    Daniel Logan as Boba Fett
    Jaime King as Aurra Sing
    Kevin Michael Richardson as Jabba the Hutt (voice)
    Spencer Wilding as Darth Vader
    James Earl Jones as Darth Vader (voice)
    Temuera Morrison as Cody and other clones
    Alan Harris as Bossk
    Simon Pegg as Dengar
    Clare Grant as Latts Razzi
  14. Emperor Ferus

    Emperor Ferus Chosen One star 7

    Jul 29, 2016
    Edit: accidental double post
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  15. Nehru_Amidala

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    Oct 3, 2016
    I will start writing trailers immediately.
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  16. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    I know my Fett story kind of fizzled out, I promise I will get to it eventually. My trailer for my newest fic.

    Cut to First Order fleet armada, melancholy version of Kylo's theme plays.

    Kylo sits on throne in castle, cuts to Knights of Ren with activated lightsabers

    Rey in voice over: "I've learned that it doesn't matter what's behind me, or where I came from."

    Cut to Rey wielding her white bladed lightsaber, robotic hand, Rey's theme playing.

    "What matters now is what is ahead of me, and where I will go next."

    Force theme plays as Resistance fighters engage TIE Fighters in battle, Poe shouts, "May the Force be with us all!"
    Chewie, Finn and Rose are seen piloting the Falcon.

    Rey, to Maz Kanata, "It's up to me now, to carry on the Jedi legacy. I am the future of the Jedi."


    Kylo's theme plays as Kylo kneels in Jedi Temple.

    Palpatine; voice over. "The task is yours to carry on the dark side teachings, young apprentice. The dark and the light cannot coexist."

    Kylo, "I am the Skywalker legacy. I will finish what my grandfather could not."

    This Christmas

    On the planet Mandalore, Boba Fett walks into view with his gun, Force theme resumes

    Luke's ghost, "The light cannot exist without darkness, the two must balance each other out."

    Rey, voice over; "I could not save Kylo Ren. He must be destroyed in order to bring balance."

    Imperial March plays as Hux marches with stormtroopers aboard Star Destroyer, "FIRE!"

    Cuts to Kylo standing on steps of Yavin 4 Temple, wielding black lightsaber.

    "It's time to finish what we started!"

    Rey floats out into the vacuum of space, unconscious
    Star Wars: The Heir Ascending

    December 20, 2019
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  17. madman007

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    Aug 22, 2007

    Voiceover: How does one begin to unlearn what has been already taught?

    Rey: “You don’t understand, Finn. I have to teach them what it means to be a Jedi. Why? Because I’m the only one left. Me. Alone. After Leia passed, I’m the only Jedi.” She paused. “Sort of.”
    Finn: "And you can never understand that you are not alone. Not anymore."

    V/O: Rey has continued her search for Force users in the galaxy. A search she started with General Leia Solo.

    Close up of a holonet message from the new Resistance President.

    “We received an anonymous message from the Vapos system. It seems there is another Force user for you to meet. The problem is, he or she is a laborer in a mining compound.”

    Finn: “I know that compound. It’s First Order owned but they have a magistrate running it. He’s a bit crazy, too, I heard.”

    Rey: So this isn’t going to be a normal meet and greet the Force user this time. This sounds more like a rescue.”

    President: Yes. It’s dangerous. But we owe it. To Leia and Luke.”

    V/O: Rey has read the Jedi Journals. Can she now apply their old codes? Or will she create her own?

    Rey stands over a male on the ground. She calls his lightsaber to her hand.

    Rey: How did I defeat you? Simple. I used the Force.

    V/O: Sometimes the best way to teach is by example.

    Rey is using her new yellow lightsaber to fend off a group of stormtroopers amidst blaster fire. She blocks their shots back at them. A young female is watching Rey fight and she is in awe of her abilities. She is inspired.

    “She’s taking them all out? By herself?”

    Finn (casually): “Yeah, she does that.

    V/O: Confidence can come through abilities used during challenges. One only has to trust in themselves.

    Rey is on a metal grated floor shouting to someone off camera. “You can do this! I believe in you!”

    V/O: Some challenges will test strength of will through newly found passion. They will be faced with those who have a different kind of passion.

    An image appears of a middle-aged balding man shouting at a female strapped in a torture device.

    “You will tell me who this Force user is or I swear I will make your pain last forever!”

    V/O: Rey has learned that knowing the mysteries of the Force isn’t enough to master it. One needs to experience the Force themselves in order for them to understand it. Is Rey following an ancient Jedi mantra in order to teach her new students?

    Rey: “No. I plan to do something new.”

    From the proficient author, Madman007, comes an adventure of how a woman who has just begun to learn the ways of the Force will pass on what she has learned, along with how she deals with the pressure that comes with that task. It is about following the principles of the Jedi, but not necessarily through the same lessons.

    Currently in the Saga ST, comes an ongoing epic of new lessons in the Force learned by an adventure. It is time to know:

    What You Have Learned

    Rey (chuckles): “Interesting. Everything each one of you said about the wrong.”

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  18. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Emperor Ferus’s version)

    Opens on Ahch To, Luke’s island
    Cue Rey’s theme, light

    Luke says: “Rey. I’ve been waiting for you.”

    Rey: “I know this place.”

    Rey reaches out with the Force as Luke stands over her.

    A dark cave appears below the hill, whispering.

    Fade to black.

    The Resistance theme begins as the Raddus dodges fire from the First Order fleet.

    Kylo Ren pilots his TIE Silencer through the crossfire

    Voice over: “The Jedi’s compassion was always their downfall. Peace is always doomed.”

    Lucasfilm logo

    Cut to elevator where Kylo smashes his helmet.

    Return to space battle.

    Kylo’s finger moves to the trigger of his fighter.

    Cut to Leia, standing inside the command ship.

    Kylo, back to Leia.


    Music resumes.

    Cut to a long shot of Vader’s abandoned castle on Mustafar.

    On the surface of Crait, Poe looks up to the sky as he stands by his wrecked X Wing, BB8 at his side.

    On Mustafar, Chewbacca roars in anger and raises his bowcaster to fire.

    The restrained Rey is brought face to face with General Hux aboard the Finalizer.

    Luke speaks as a voice over as the First Order Walkers march towards the Resistance base on Crait’s surface.

    “I know everything about Kylo Ren. He’s the reason I can’t go back.”

    Rey speaks in voice over form as the scene cuts to Kylo standing in a burnt forest, while Rey stands on a rock surrounded by water deep inside the cave.

    “You’re Luke Skywalker. You’re the only one who can beat the First Order.”

    Cut to Finn charging at Phasma with
    a red saber-pike the two of them clash weapons.

    A melancholy version of Battle of the Heroes plays as Luke wields his green bladed lightsaber and charges.

    Kylo raises his red blade and prepares for attack.

    In the cavernous hangar of the Resistance base on Crait, Leia raises a blaster and fires at invading stormtroopers.

    Poe, voice over: “The First Order is still a major threat, but we all need to work together to stop it. We are the spark that will ignite the fire to burn the First Order down.”

    Rey clashes with an unseen figure with a red blade, using the Skywalker lightsaber.

    Snoke rises from his throne and releases a bolt of lightning.

    Luke absorbs a blast of Force lightning into his hand.

    Wedge Antilles leads a squad of Republic troopers, who advance and raise their weapons.

    Accompanied by Lieutenant Connix and Admiral Ackbar, Finn bangs his fist on the wall of a cell.

    Kylo clashes blades with Snoke.

    “This is only the beginning,” Snoke says.

    Fade to black:

    Bleak version of the Star Wars theme plays,

    Cut to Rey attacking Luke with her lightsaber, he Force-pushes her out of the way and she falls to the ground.

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    (Emperor Ferus’ version)

    Kylo Ren’s theme plays sullenly as the scene opens with Snoke in his throne room on the Supremacy flanked by several dark side users (Knights of Ren).

    Luke in voice over: “The dark side always seeks greater power. It can never be satisfied. That is why we, the last of the Jedi, must contain it.”

    Cut to Rey and Kylo entering an ancient Sith library on Moraband.


    The Emperor’s theme plays quietly in the background.

    Cut to the Knights of Ren igniting their red lightsabers.

    Kylo charges his fellow dark side warrior and they clash.

    This Christmas

    The Force theme plays, with a tone of hope and optimism

    Rey: “I’m ready to do whatever it takes to bring down Snoke. Even if it means embracing the dark side.

    Cut to Finn piloting the Millennium Falcon, assisted by Poe and Chewbacca.

    Cut to Poe in the jungle, leading a squadron of Resistance troopers as they open fire.

    Cut to outer space, where the Supremacy opens fire and blows up a Republic cruiser

    Firing his blaster, General Hux runs away as he is chased by Poe Dameron

    Maz Kanata, voice over:

    “You cannot do this alone, Rey. You need your friends. You need the Resistance.”

    The saga comes to an end

    Obi-Wan, voice over as Luke and Finn deflect blaster bolts from red-armored Sith troopers.

    “The Force will be there to guide you even in your darkest hour.”

    In the ancient Sith temple, Kylo holds in his hand a glowing Holocron

    “The galaxy is ours to command now.”

    Maz Kanata dodges an explosion as the masked Knights of Ren attack her cantina on Takodana.

    Rey sits besides Lando as he pilots his freighter, shooting down advancing TIE Fighters.

    Luke clashes blades with a figure facing to the back.

    Cut to Luke fighting several Knights of Ren and once.

    Rey and Finn kiss.

    Lando affectionately strokes the rim of the Falcon with his hand.

    Cut to black.

    Rey: “Time to end this.”

    A Jedi’s Fury plays as the scene returns to outer space

    Aboard the Finalizer, Hux points his finger, ordering the crewmen to fire on the Supremacy.
    Seated on his throne, Kylo braces himself for the explosion.

    A younger Luke walks through the forest with the pre-adolescent Rey, holding her hand.

    A glowing hand touches the unconcious Rey’s forehead the ghost’s face unseen.

    Poe and Hux engage in a fistfight.

    Kylo bows to a blue ghostly figure.

    Luke faces the adult Rey and bows his head in shame.

    Rey and Kylo begin to duel inside the Sith Temple.

    Fade to black.

    The Emperor’s theme returns as Palpatine speaks.

    “At last.....I have returned to take what is mine.”

    Cut to a black, hooded figure with glowing red-and-yellow Sith eyes.

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
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  19. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    A Republic consular ship flies towards Nal Hutta as the Force theme begins playing

    Cut to the campsite of the Freedom Coalition, the Hunter stands before the human Snoke

    Kira Solo holds the lightsaber of her brother Ben.

    "Being a Jedi isn't about fighting. It's about keeping harmony and peace in the galaxy," Ben says.

    Kira says, "Everybody in my family is out in the field. I want to help."

    Cut to Kira piloting a StealthX fighter out of the Corellian system

    Luke Skywalker silently steps out of his Jedi Temple on Ossus, accompanied by Artoo Deetoo

    "Something's not right. The Coalition's on the move."

    The Millennium Falcon appears in space as Han, Leia and Chewbacca fly it through a space battle with Hutt Cartel vessels

    Leia: "I'm scared for our children."

    "Me too," Han replies

    In a small, empty hangar, a young Ben Solo activates his lightsaber in response to a threat as he emerges from the Millennium Falcon

    The Saga Continues

    An slow, triumphant version of the main Star Wars theme plays

    Cut to Snoke and a company of Coalition guards storming the streets of Taris

    "When the galaxy sees this, they will realize the weakness of the failed Republic."

    Republic troopers battle against Hutt Cartel thugs inside their headquarters on Nal Hutta, as the Jedi Hunter enters and activates his blades.

    A female Mandalorian bounty hunter pilots her Firespray ship over the planet Ilum.

    A gloved hand grips a small, red Sith Holocron as the Hunter says, "I've been waiting for a Jedi kill. The dark side is at my service"

    Leia faces the Jedi Hunter.

    "You know where Luke Skywalker is keeping the rest of the Jedi."

    Leia engages the Hunter in lightsaber combat.

    Cut to a scene of Lando leading a Republic fleet into a battle.

    Sam Fel pilots his Interceptor over the surface of Nal Hutta, evading fire from Sycks.

    On the surface, he asks Kira, "What are you doing here?"

    "I'm here to rescue my parents."

    Kira runs through an icy cave on Ilum as the Hunter pursues with his blades ignited.

    "You can't hide from me."

    Yoda voice over: "Guide you, the Force will."

    Inside a ship, Ben says, "It can't be him"

    The Hunter pilots his freighter through a battle scene, glowering.

    A New Generation

    The Imperial March plays as Sam Fel engages in combat with a gang of bounty hunters on Nal Hutta

    The Jedi Hunter stands before the Hutt Council.

    "Now our plan is further in motion," says Snoke. "We are on the brink of open war.

    Luke Skywalker and Artoo Deetoo sneak into a desolate building, while Threepio is with Chewbacca on the Falcon.

    A green lightsaber clashes against two red blades on a narrow walkway.

    "We've never dealt with something like this," Leia says.

    Kira runs through a crowd on Nal Hutta as Ben says through voice over: "I know you want to help Kira, but right now, your place is here."

    Kira fires at an unseen enemy with her blaster.

    The Falcon flies through the city, dodging fire from the enemy.

    (Transition to Yoda's theme)

    Threepio affectionately touches Artoo's domed head.

    Han says, "We stand together, and they don't have a chance" as the heroes of the original trilogy embrace one another.

    Luke, Han, Leia and Artoo appear at the edge of a hillside together, ready for action.

    Anakin voice over: "Trust your instincts, Kira. Trust the Force."

    Kira reaches out and closes her eyes.

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Bloodline Heir

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  20. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Slow, ominous music begins as the scene cuts to a fleet of Coalition vessels over the planet Ord Mantell

    Cut to an older Kira Solo running through the vegetation of Ossus, leaping into the air with her saber ignited

    Luke Skywalker watches his niece and pupil train

    “Another war is upon us. Soon your training will be put to the test.”

    Cut to a wide shot of the planet Coruscant. The infrastructures have been upgraded and the buildings look far more futuristic.

    Leia Organa Solo stands in her pod in the old Republic Senate building, frowning intently

    Music quickens in pace as Lando says via voice-over: “Our entire forces are spread across the galaxy. The Coalition will not relent.”

    The Jedi At War

    Cut to a Dor’bulla rebuffed by a swarm of New Republic Interceptors over Ord Mantell

    Luke and Ben stand side by side on the battle field of Ord Mantell, lightsabers ignited.

    “The dark side will not rest until it has consumed everything,” Luke says, “That is why the Jedi’s mission to keep balance never ends.”

    Emperor Palpatine’s theme begins

    A Sith Infiltrator appears on the planet Dantooine's surface and two dark warriors exit.

    Skyler says via voice-over, “The Jedi have not yet seen our true strength.”

    The Darkness Rises

    Cut to castle on Had Abaddon, he sits on a sinister throne speaking to a hologram of a red female Twilek.

    “We will complete the job our predecessors began!”

    In an alleyway on Ord Mantell, Kira runs into battle side by side with another girl her age named Tahiri Veila

    The two girls engage in combat with two dark side apprentices

    “I will not back down,” Kira says, “I will prove myself as a Jedi.”

    The music changes to a motif of Duel of the Fates

    Han Solo and Chewbacca rush out of the Millennium Falcon, weapons raised to fire.

    Within the underbelly of Coruscant, Luke and Leia stand side by side, blades ignited as four cloaked warriors approach them wielding red blades

    “He’s bringing back the Sith,” Luke says.

    Tahiri leaps off of a tree branch on Ossus, her lightsaber ignited

    Sam flies over the planet Dantooine in a small command shuttle, opening fire on the Syck fighters nearby

    Below him, a group of armed warriors raise their weapons to prepare for battle

    The music briefly stops before turning into A Jedi’s Fury

    Several Jedi inside Luke’s Jedi Academy on Ossus ignite their lightsabers, preparing for battle

    Kira is heard shouting,
    “NO!” as Tahiri is seen on Had Abaddon, facing down Skyler

    Ben runs through the Jedi Academy, preparing for battle

    The cloaked Skyler marches down the field towards the Jedi Academy, his red blade activated

    “The dark side calls to you,” he says

    Inside a corridor of the Academy, Kira charges Skyler in a fit of rage as A Jedi’s Fury turns into The Emperor’s Theme and the two warriors clash blades

    On Coruscant Luke raises his hand and Force-pushes a Sith warrior back

    Republic and Coalition ships exchange fire

    Back to Ossus where Kira and Tahiri stand side by side

    “The real battle has just begun.”

    Star Wars Episode VIII: Siege of the Republic
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    Nov 27, 2013
    How did I miss this thread?!?! Looks like fun! :D tagging @AzureAngel2 for interest

    Trailer music used for this to follow along to:

    The Lucasfilm Logo appears then fades. A cat meows.

    A tiny, orange kitten with a pink bow sits alone in the middle of a war zone on an unknown planet. The wind blows softly as her big, brown eyes sparkle in anticipation.

    Announcer (SNOKE): When I found you, I saw raw, feline power and…..

    Cut to the kitten’s big eyes staring at the audience in a cute but deadly way as she suddenly bears her tiny fangs and hisses.

    Announcer (SNOKE): …..something truly special.

    The screen fades to black.

    RANDOM STORMTROOPER: Millicent rules!

    Music at 0:30. Cut to, aboard the Finalizer where General Hux is attending a meeting with the High Command.

    HUX: I’d like to make an announcement: I now have a cat. Her name is Millicent and she has a hat. She’s very cute.

    RANDOM OFFICER: General, what does this have to do with the malfunctioning ion cannons?

    CAPTAIN EDRISON PEAVEY: *literally just sits in the background rolling his eyes, counting down the days to retirement*

    HUX: *turns to the audience* I have already signed her up for various extracurricular activities to sharpen her skills….

    HUX: Ice skating!

    Cut to, Millicent performing a perfect “figure 8” at a First Order ice skating rink aboard Starkiller Base, shaving ice away as she skates to the other side. Stormtroopers hold up large signs, giving her scores of 10, except one stormtrooper who holds up a 6 sign, but he gets smacked upside the helmet and the score turns into a “9”.

    HUX: Volleyball!

    Cut to, Millicent springing into the air in slow motion, smacking a volleyball with her paw. POW! A random stormtrooper gets knocked unconscious.

    HUX: .....Junior officer!

    Cut to, Millicent rolling around the control panels and then rolling off into the hallway. An officer trips over her, joining the mountain of stormtroopers and officers having already tripped over her. They lay in a heap complaining.

    Cut to, the First Order Triumvirate of Power consisting of Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, and General Hux striding in unison with Kylo in the middle. Kylo has a black kitten on his helmet, Hux holds Millicent, and Phasma has a silver, armored kitten sitting on her shoulder.

    ROSE: Are you KIDDING ME!? Now they ALL have cats?

    Cut to, Kylo Ren stepping into some cat poodoo with his shoe.

    KYLO REN: I don’t like the sound or smell of that…

    Music at 1:25. A Resistance X-Wing zooms into view, carrying Poe and a small black kitten wearing a tiny pilot’s helmet.

    POE: Yeah! Let’s go, Blackie!

    ROSE: Excuse me. Why is there a small kitten piloting an X-Wing!? This makes no sense and I'm very confused.

    FINN: It’s complicated.

    Cut to, General Leia Organa sending off a small package with air holes at the local post office on D'Qar.

    LEIA: We're going to send Blackie to the First Order disguised as a birthday present to Kylo Ren.....

    Cut to, Kylo putting a cape and a small helmet mimicking his own helmet on Blackie to match his emo style.

    LEIA: Blackie will be our spy.....

    Cut to, Blackie adjusting his radio collar in the cafeteria filled with stormtroopers having a food fight as he sends information to the Resistance.

    LEIA: ….and he's our only hope!

    LUKE: This is not going to go….

    Cut to, the Finalizer decorated with orange cat ears.

    LUKE: ….the way….

    Cut to, Finn and Millicent battling aboard Starkiller Base. As she charges at him with unsheathed claws, he charges at her with a janitor's broom. A clash of exciting thunder strikes behind them in a dramatic theatrical performance.

    LUKE: ….you think!

    REY: I think this story is going to go exactly like the sequel trilogy but there’s going to be cats and people stepping into poodoo. Maybe a few things that will make people raise their eyebrows.

    LUKE: …………

    LUKE: Okay. Then it’s going to go exactly the way….. you….think!

    Cut to, Millicent leading a stormtrooper army wearing her merchandise. Her figure appears above the Galaxy as she sinks her claws into its many planets in a metaphorical way to represent her complete conquest.

    The screen fades to black. Leia stands outside the Resistance base of D’Qar and looks hopefully, but with concern, into the stars.

    LEIA: Only you can bring my son back to the Light, Blackie.

    The stars in the sky form various cat shapes.

    Text appears in orange.

    ...........Something in Kylo Ren's Shoe: A Millicent the Cat story.

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    Jun 14, 2005
    I will go to bed now in far away Europe, but I will keep my poor husband awake with my ludicrous laughter... [face_laugh][face_rofl]@};-
  23. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    I’ve just made some heavy story edits to the fix I’m doing now.

    Slow, ominous music begins as the scene cuts to a small group of Coalition vessels over the planet Ord Mantell

    Cut to an older Kira Solo running through the vegetation of Ossus, leaping into the air with her saber ignited.

    Luke Skywalker watches his niece and pupil train

    “The Jedi have always been duty bound to the Republic,” a human voice says, “We cannot hope to conquer the Coalition without the Jedi’s active participation in our military.”

    Cut to a wide shot of the planet Coruscant. The infrastructures have been upgraded and the buildings look far more futuristic.

    Leia Organa Solo stands in her rectangular booth in the old Republic Senate building, frowning intently, before the next shot shows Chief Fey’lya and Supreme Commander Cal Omas

    “We are not a military body,” Leia replies, “It goes against our very nature .”

    Music quickens in pace as a new voice, Fey’lya’s, says via voice-over: “The Dark Master has trained a group of elite warriors to lead the terrorist Coalition. Only the Jedi can hope to bring the Republic to victory.”

    Cut to Luke and a group of Jedi Masters in the Jedi Academy conference chamber, speaking to a hologram, and then two ships piloted by a female Twi’lek, Darth Talon, and a male Nagai Nihl, and finally, five warriors with red lightsabers in the depths of Coruscant

    The Jedi At War

    A Dor’bulla rebuffed by a swarm of New Republic Interceptors over Ord Mantell, before the Millennium Falcon leads a group of Interceptors on the surface.

    Luke and a female Jedi Master named Tionne stand side by side on the battlefield of Ord Mantell, lightsabers ignited.

    “The Jedi are here to protect the people of the galaxy,” Luke says, “I do not intend on fighting another war.”

    Emperor Palpatine’s theme begins

    A Sith Infiltrator appears on a red planet surface and Talon appears in the street of an outpost on the planet, called Metacorn

    Skyler says via voice-over, “The Jedi have not yet seen our true strength.”

    The Darkness Rises

    Cut to castle on acid world Had Abaddon, he sits on a sinister throne, and then is seen exiting his new SuperStealther fighter on Ord Mantell.

    “We will complete the mission that our predecessors began!”

    In an alleyway on Ord Mantell, Kira runs into battle side by side with another girl her age named Tahiri Veila

    “I want to make sure Kira is ready,” Luke’s voice explains, “She is very eager to prove herself .”

    The two girls engage in combat with two dark side apprentices, Talon and Nihl

    “This is the real thing,” Tahiri says to Kira, “Not like at the Jedi Academy.”

    On Ord Mantell, Kira and Tahiri climb into their StealthXs, preparing for battle.

    Standing with Han and Chewie, Leia says, “Stay close to Uncle Luke.”

    The music changes to a motif of Duel of the Fates, as Kira is seen running through the hangar of the Had Abaddon castle, battling black-armored troopers.

    Han Solo and Chewbacca rush out of the Millennium Falcon on Coruscant, weapons raised to fire

    Within the underbelly of Coruscant, Luke and Leia stand side by side, blades ignited as four cloaked warriors approach them wielding red blades- Luke is then seen faltering while battling three lightsaber-wielding opponents, clearly feeling a disturbance

    “You don’t have to follow the path you started” Luke says through voice-over, “You still have the chance to accept your fate peacefully.”

    Skyler is heard laughing as he storms through the Jedi Academy, and then is seen speaking with the Hutt Council via hologram.

    “That is the problem with love and friendship, they always lead to tragedy.”

    Tahiri leaps off of a tree branch on Ossus, her lightsaber ignited

    Sam flies over a volcano on the planet Metacorn in a small command shuttle, while Ben Solo opens fire on Skyler’s fighter from his StealthX

    On a green, fungal planet called Nimban, Kira and Sam flee from a towering, metallic bounty hunter named Durge, then flee in the Republic shuttle through an asteroid field

    “It’s all my fault,” Kira says, on her knees in agony, “Everybody is in danger because of me now.”
    The music briefly stops before turning into A Jedi’s Fury

    Several Jedi inside Luke’s Jedi Academy on Ossus ignite their lightsabers, preparing for battle

    Kira is heard shouting,
    “NO!” as Tahiri is seen in a cell in Skyler’s castle Had Abaddon, being tortured

    Ben runs through the Jedi Academy, preparing for battle with his green lightsaber drawn

    The cloaked Skyler marches down the field towards the Jedi Academy, his red blades activated, accompanied by Talon

    “The dark side calls to you,” he says, “If you give me what I need, I can return the favor.”

    Kira stands menacingly with her lightsaber posies to deliver a lethal strike on Metacorn

    Skyler’s ship hovers over Sam’s on the volcano, threatening to open fire.

    Inside a corridor of the Academy, Kira charges Skyler in a fit of rage as A Jedi’s Fury turns into The Emperor’s Theme and the two warriors clash blades

    “Your weakness is replaced by strength, drawn from raw hatred,” Ultor observes.

    On Coruscant Luke raises his hand and Force-pushes a Sith warrior back, and then is seen standing side by side with Leia with both of their lightsabers drawn

    Republic and Coalition ships exchange fire over Ord Mantell, and then within Coruscant’s underworld

    Kira battles an unseen enemy inside the Had Abaddon castle, who wields a red saber blade

    “I don’t know where to go from here,” she says through voice-over,

    Sam climbs into a Black Sun skyhook with a thermal detonator,

    Threepio pilots a landspeeder through the traffic of Coruscant with the help of Artoo Deetoo,

    The Millenium Falcon launches from Coruscant into the sky, preparing to jump to lightspeed.

    Back to Ossus where Kira and Tahiri stand side by side, before returning to the fast-paced duel between Kira and Skyler, surrounded by the burning Academy

    “The real battle has just begun.”

    Star Wars Episode VIII: Siege of the Republic
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    May 11, 2016
    This trailer is more for my entire "Eriaduan Saga" than just one single story in it.

    Ulrika: "You know, we never had the best of relationships..."
    Ilona: "...even if it started promising...."
    Shots of the Summer Camp, Ilona, Ulrika and Kat together, enjoying themselves.
    Ulrika: " quickly turned sour..."
    The night of the raid, Tobin tackling Ulrika, her hitting him with a fallen tree branch, Ilona finding the bleeding boy.
    Ilona: "...we both made mistakes that day..."
    Young Ulrika gloating, Ilona punching her.... Followed by Kat and Ilona sitting silently in front of their tent while a crying Ulrika punches a tree until her hand is bloody.
    Ulrika: "...not just then..."
    Shot of Ilona in prison, alone and broken. Ulrika in a Peace Brigade Uniform shaking the hand of a Vong officer.
    Ulrika: " has never been too kind to soldiers like us..."
    Ulrika crying in the memorial basilica. Ilona lighting a candle in the same hall.
    Ilona: "...war wasn´t what the stories told us..."
    Ilona running through a dark forest, a shadowy creature behind her. Ulrika crashing through a transparisteel window, cutting her face open.
    Ulrika: "...lead us to strange places..."
    A ritual side, containing a wicker man, surrounded by torch holding cultists, than a slave market, a scantily clad Ulrika being pulled on a leash by a Falleen woman.
    Ilona: "...and even stranger allies..."
    Ulrika gripping wrists to wrists with a black haired imperial officer. Ilona fighting alongside an old man wielding a red lightsaber. Then a shot of a large Karkarodon woman tearing enemies apart.
    Ulrika: "...our enemies showing neither mercy nor weakness..."
    Ilona being thrown like a ragdoll by a force using woman. Ulrika getting her butt handed to her by a Nagai in a swordfight. ORSF soldiers being ambushed in a forest by pirates.
    Ilona: "...and yet we still walk down this path..."
    Ulrika and her squad running through a forest, chased by Vulture Droids. Ilona stepping out of the shadows, her blaster raised, illuminated by torchlight.
    Ulrika: "...and we are not alone..."
    A shot of an Umbaran General standing next to a Human Woman wearing a Rebellion Uniform. A freckled Redhead alongside a group of escaped slaves. A young human noblewoman at a fancy party.
    Ilona: "...we stand with our friends..."
    Ilona and Kat laughing and joking together. Ulrika holding the hand of one of her soldiers as she is treated in a makeshift hospital.
    Ulrika: "... lovers..."
    Ilona and Tobin standing on a balcony together, her resting her head on his shoulder. Ulrika embracing a masculine, blue haired woman.
    Ilona: "...soldiers..."
    Shots of ORSF soldiers preparing for battle.
    Ulrika: "...fighting for what is just..."
    ORSF soldiers escorting freed slaves through a deserted town. A tavern filled with laughing people.
    A series of flashes follows, of battle, landscapes, characters. Then darkness.
    Ilona: "And you know what? There is no one I would rather have at my side during this."
    Shot of Ulrika laying a hand on Ilona´s shoulder, than one of Ilona hugging Ulrika in the basilica.
    Ulrika: "Me neither."
    Final shot having the two women fight side by side inside a pirate fortress.
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    @amidalachick @AzureAngel2

    Coming soon to a fanfic forum near you.....

    From the author who gave you "Something in Kylo Ren's Shoe: A Millicent the Cat story" and other wacky cat stories...comes the tale of a man who is very confused about life and has a tiny cat that lives in his helmet for some reason......

    *Right after the events of the Mandalorian*

    *Cut to, a ship slowly approaches the planet of Mandalore....*

    ....Comes something equally ridiculous that is guaranteed to make you wonder how many hallucinogenic mushrooms @gizkaspice ingests on a daily basis...

    Mando: Wait. We need to turn back to Tatooine. The telling me we need to go there. *Just then, a very very tiny black kitten slithers out from under his helmet, shifts his eyes suspiciously, and then hides back inside*

    Koska Reeves: Freakin' weirdo!

    Bo Katan: We're not turning back.

    Mando: You have to listen to me! I have the darksaber! I'm the Mand'alor now. Or...something.

    Bo Katan: *sighs*

    Koska Reeves: You should have just taken the darksaber when he wanted to give it to you! He literally has no idea what he is doing.

    Bo Katan: *sighs again in agreement, quietly, shaking her head* Yeah, I know.

    *Cut to Tatoonine, Mando walks across the streets of Mos Eisley and heads towards Boba Fett's throne room*

    Mando: I've heard you're the boss around here.

    Cut to...

    Boba Fett, sitting on his throne: I intend to rule with respect.

    Fennec Shand: And with cats. Also, FYI, I just stepped in a hairball 5 minutes ago.

    Boba Fett: Well, what can you do? Such is the way of cats.

    Fennec Shand: Clean it up!? Freakin' cats.

    Mando: *sighs* I feel totally unprepared coming here....yet....I should have anticipated this.

    Cut to...Cats wandering around everywhere in Jabba's former palace.

    Mando: I have a very small cat that lives in my helmet. I think....I heard him say.....that he belongs to you.

    Boba Fett: What's wrong with a small cat living in one's helmet? Many things live in my helmet. I even once had a lizard up my nose.

    Fennec Shand: I feel like I didn't need to know any of this.

    Mando: Yeah, this is definitely gonna span at least a few chapters and someone will probably call me a mango again....

    *Cut to....a man in black, igniting a cross guard, red lightsaber, against the twin suns of Tatootine*

    Kylo Ren: MANGO!

    *Cut to...Mando finding out where Luke is somewhere and watching him with binoculars in the nearby bushes to make sure he's taking care of Grogu correctly*

    Luke: Um....I know you're in there. Do you just want to come out and say hi to Grogu already?

    *Cut to...Boba Fett ordering a boba drink at the local bubble tea shop in Mos Eisley*

    Barista: I'm sorry Boba lord sir, but due to the recent blockage of the Evergreen container, we didn't get our shipment of tapioca.

    Boba Fett: Highly disappointing.

    Fennec Shand: *takes out phone and starts typing* I'm giving this place zero stars.

    The Book of Boba's Cat

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