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    Apr 28, 2007
    Whee, I've been meaning to write something like this for awhile. Twas really fun! :D


    Music: [link=] The Day After Tomorrow Theme [/link]

    A galaxy of darkness growing darker by the day...


    A green and blue planet looms on screen


    Centered around one planet...


    A young woman with shoulder length red hair and a long Padawan braid, Cleaya stands watching a group of young children playing.


    One person.


    A tall woman with long brown hair, Evia, walks down a long hallway and speaks to the dark eyed man beside her. "I trust Cleaya, it's just that I do not want to burden her with knowledge that she does not need to know."


    Everything changes.


    Evia hands Cleaya a small package. "A Jedi has no possessions, Cleaya, but we are entitled to thoughts and memories. If we write them down, they can be shared with others still in the far future."

    Cut to Cleaya lying on her stomach, writing in pale moonlight.

    Cleaya's VO: Cleaya, I know that you are worried about me, but have courage.

    Cut to a field of flowers swaying in a breeze before suddenly being engulfed by flames.

    Cleaya's VO: Dark times are fast approaching, and we must be ready to face them together.

    Cut to a golden lightsaber blade locked with a crimson blade.

    Cleaya's VO: Fear can have no place in our minds.

    Cut to a man hidden in a black robe standing before a group of identically dressed beings. "They will fear us, and we will conquer!"

    Cleaya's VO: Rely on the Force body and mind for strength.

    Cut to Cleaya standing on a boulder overlooking a dark valley filled with orange torchlights, and using the Force to bring up a fierce wind, blowing out each light one by one.

    Cleaya's VO: Be careful, my Padawan, for nothing is as it seems.

    Cut to Cleaya sitting on a metal floor, holding a letter in her hand. "For as I said before, Dark times are fast approaching."

    Trials of a Jedi Padawan


    Cleaya's VO: Master!

    Written for the Dear Diary Challenge 2008, [link=]now playing.[/link]

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    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  3. Trika_Kenobi

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    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  4. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  5. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  6. Trika_Kenobi

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    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
  7. Trika_Kenobi

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    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers this February 25, 2008. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
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    Nov 4, 1999

    Hide your valuables. Arm your family. Alert the authorities.

    Grab your cans of Spam and ljutefisk.

    The Talons are back.

    Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers TOMORROW. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning!
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    Nov 4, 1999
    The Eagle
    by James Gates Percival

    Bird of the broad and sweeping wing
    Thy home is high in heaven,
    Where wide the storms their banners fling,
    And the tempest clouds are driven.
    Thy throne is on the mountain top;
    Thy fields---the boundless air;
    And hoary peaks that proudly prop
    The skies, thy dwellings are.

    And where was then thy fearless flight?
    "O'er the dark, mysterious sea,
    To lands that caught the setting light,
    The cradle of liberty.
    There on the silent and lonely shore,
    For ages I watched alone,
    And the world, in its darkness, asked no more
    Where the glorious bird had flown.

    "But then came a bold and hardy few,
    And they breasted the unknown wave;
    I caught afar the wandering crew,
    And I knew they were high and brave.
    I wheeled around the welcome bark,
    As it sought the desolate shore;
    And up to heaven, like a joyous lark,
    My quivering pinions bore.

    "And now that bold and hardy few
    Are a nation wide and strong;
    And danger and doubt I have led them through,
    And they worship me in song;
    And over their bright and glancing arms
    On field, and lake, and sea,
    With an eye that fires, and a spell that charms,
    I guide them to victory."


    Hide your valuables. Arm your family. Alert the authorities.

    Grab your cans of Spam and ljutefisk.

    The Talons are back!

    [link=]Talon Intelligence Squadron, the longest-running, legendary JC fanfic is returning for new readers TODAY. Catch all of the action and drama from the beginning![/link]
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    Aug 15, 2006
    Coming this spring...

    Black Screen

    For four?hundred years I slept
    waiting to see something new birthed in you and Tahiri.

    Fade in:
    [Anakin and Tahiri playing and laughing as small children on Yavin IV]

    Fade out to black

    Together, you two were stronger than the sum of your parts.

    Fade in:
    [A teenage Anakin and Tahiri back to back lightsabers drawn, surrounded by Vong]

    Fade to Black

    Remember Anakin, together; that is the important part.

    [Flashes- Tahiri lying in a dark wet cell, battered & bruised.]

    Black Screen

    Help me please!

    [Flash- Jaina standing at attention in front of Gen.Wedge Antilles]
    WEDGE: You?ve been assigned to a special ops mission Colonel Solo.

    [Flash ? Tahiri holding her baby to her chest, humming softly]
    TIONNE: She looks more like her daddy everyday.

    [Flash- Anakin Solo grizzled, and dressed in Jedi robes sitting at fire in the Tatooine wilderness, glances up as a hooded figure approaches.]
    KYP: You?re a hard man to find.

    [Flash ? Leia frowning slightly as she speaks to her husband.]
    LEIA: I don?t think we have any choice but to trust them.

    [Flash ? Lumiya?s back as she looks down on Anakin from a small precipice.]
    LUMIYA laughing: You?re a fool Solo, if you think you can save her now.

    [Flash ? Jag dragging a hysterical Jaina back towards the Falcon.]

    [Flash- Tahiri throws herself in front of Anakin, taking a hit of force lightening meant for him.
    TAHIRI screams: ANAKIN NO!

    Black Screen

    [Sound of a heart monitor beeping slowly...]

    SHATTER POINT, Reconciled's long awaited sequel coming this spring to the Beyond the Saga Boards.
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    Jul 8, 2005
    <20th Century Fox theme>

    <Star wars Theme>

    <Scroll text:

    I knew this set up.
    By heart.

    </Scroll text>

    But it was not our third floor. Except, if the exhibition about numbers had been cancelled last minute and substituted by a really life like imitation of a Star Destroyer.

    It hadn't.

    Or has it? What if it did? How to react? What would YOU do in the galaxy far, far away?

    I turned back and made a lunge for the elevator doors. Even made it, but as it is with elevators, you have to wait forever until they arrive. The guards were a lot faster. All in those tasty uniforms, I could have drooled. Only that my shop was without supervision and I was high on some kind of drug, hallucinating good looking Imperial officers, and guards, and, I squinted, probably Captain Pellaeon. I was tempted to stay and see if my mind came up with a yummy kind of Thrawn.

    Would you believe? Or would you doubt?

    I just wondered why my brain kept insisting I was far, far away. Maybe it was, but there was no way my body could follow. Except if I could travel through time and space. In which case a closed door should be no problem at all. I got up and walked into the door. Not a wall. What if there was but space behind it? The metal gave a nice solid bang and my head swam from the impact.

    And how long would you doubt?

    I stared. I stared some more, then shook my head. "Sorry, but I seem to have hearlucinations, too, now." I whacked my ears. "I think I need some medication. And if somebody could inform my family and-"


    "This is ridiculous."

    "So being in Imperial detention is ridiculous?"

    "No, believing to be in Imperial detention, that is ridiculous."


    A second later, I was cupping my hurting cheek. The Imperial had chosen a rather physical way to ascertain reality. Too bad, it seemed to be his and not mine.

    "Do you need any other help finding out about reality, or will that suffice for now?" His tone was as monotone as ever.

    "Enough," I snuffled. "But I have no other story, I could tell you, and if I am really as fuddled with drugs as you said, you should know."

    So where is that yummy version of -ah, here he is. :oops:

    The horror. Red-eyed, puffy-faced, and wearing a shirt with a stupid-looking fat dormouse, I was going to see the Grand Admiral.


    It was not a clandestine dinner or something to that effect, but unlike most fangirls, I had the original Thrawn right there in front of me. Regarding me intently. Remembering the other fans, there was a way to find out, if I was the only one that had ended up in such a predicament.

    "Say, do you know fudge ripple?"

    Yes, sad but true, that's I what I ask the Grand Admiral of Grand Admirals, the gorgeous guy with the glowing eyes. I sure have his attention. :oops:

    "So, how does the story end?"

    If that is what you are wondering, you can find out. Pay a visit to [link=] The Reason I didn't update here?[/link] on your friendly Beyond Board.
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    Apr 13, 2003
    Fox Logo appears and fades. Lucasfilm Logo appears, then cuts to a black screen.

    [The screen is black, and all to be heard is a woman breathing heavily, gasping. She moans, frightened. Tension builds, there are panicked whimpers. Small terrified cries. A final panting sob, and suddenly Padme?s face flares up on the screen, wrapped in shadows, as she screams]

    Padme: ANAKIN!!!

    [Cut back to a black screen. Padme?s Ruminations begins to play softly. The screen fades into a picture of Leia. She?s in a ship, in robes of state. Cloud City can be seen out a window. Suddenly she ship lurches violently, and the screen cuts back to black with only the sound of Leia?s scream.]

    Luke(voiceover): Leia. She?s hurt, and in danger.
    Leia is shoved to her knees in front of an alien in a white uniform. Her gaze is defiant.

    Han and Luke meet Leia in the hangar of a strange ship, aliens all around. They embrace.

    Han: How do we get you out of here?

    Leia: You can leave whenever you want.

    Luke: Leia, what?s going on? Why are you talking like this? Let?s go while we have the chance.

    Leia: I?m not going back with you.

    Cuts to an imagine of Mara, angry, facing Borsk Fey?lya.

    Mara: First, Leia isn?t dead, but she is in the custody of whoever destroyed Bespin. Second, that same group numbers in the high thousands, and all of them are Force-sensitive

    Borsk(surprised): Rogue Jedi?

    Cuts to Mara, Jacen, and Anakin speaking with Belindi Kalenda, Iella Antilles, and Ellasar Targon.

    Ellasar: My fear is that he plans to sell out whole portions of the galaxy for some extravagant price that benefits either his own wallet or the Bothawui system By the time we knew about it they could have already decimated the entire Outer Rim and taken it under their control. Or we might never know it was his doing at all. He could just conveniently have our fleets positioned elsewhere.

    Jacen(suddenly): The fleets. You all just said it yourself; the position of the fleets is everything. If we controlled the military, we control the decisions.

    Cuts to an image of Jaina climbing a high rock face with Jag Fel. Then Jaina and Jag standing in front of an old woman.

    Jaina: I'm sorry to tell you this lady, but Anakin Skywalker is dead. Has been for over twenty years.

    Padme: I know. He would have been so proud of you.

    Jaina: How would you ever know that?

    Padme: Because I was married to him.

    Music changes to the anxious theme, Battle of the Heroes

    Leia curled into a fetal position, inside a cell, weeping.

    Unknown male (voiceover): If we had been able to train someone like her from birth they would be utterly invincible. What I wouldn't give to harness that sort of power

    Mara and an alien woman in a heated lightsaber battle in a desert

    Mara(pointing at sabre): Where did you get that?

    Woman (evil smile): I made it.

    Images in rapid succession

    Leia raining Force lightning down on an alien man, incensed

    Luke charging into battle ahead of hundreds of soldiers

    Jaina and Jag kiss passionately

    Han and Leia embrace, weeping

    Leia in an arena, surrounded by thousands cheering, lightsaber at the ready

    Wedge Antilles in an X-wing in the heat of battle

    Luke embracing Padme

    Music fades to the sad melody Anakin?s Betrayal

    Black screen, then an image of Leia in an arena, standing in utter silence over a dead body. She extinguishes her lightsaber, and the screen again goes dark.

    Han(voiceover): Do you love him?

    Leia: No. No. I hate him.

    TEXT: [link=]HERITAGE[/link]

    Now playing on the Beyond Boards

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    Dec 14, 2005


    Corran Horn grew up believing he knew his family?s history. Then he discovered that what he knew was a lie. The man he thought was his grandfather wasn?t, and a man, a Jedi Master, he only heard about in guarded whispers was the real patriarch of his line.

    This is the story that they never told Corran?

    Nejaa Halcyon was a good-natured Jedi Master on the trail of a stolen Alderaanian painting, which he followed to his home planet of Corellia. There he met and was paired with CorSec Lieutenant Rostek Horn. They immediately hit it off, and Ros never hesitated at introducing the Jedi to a woman he considered as close as a sister. What he never expected was that the Jedi and Scerra Mallane would fall in love, or that in his desire to protect his friends, he would be embroiled in an elaborate lie that would span 25 years. Nor did he ever expect that his pretending to be her husband and her son?s father would have to become a reality to save their lives.

    This is the story of three friends and the ruse that put them on a collision course that would test their friendship, fidelity, love and honor?


    ?Nejaa caught her expression and grinned. She was feeling left out. Many couples were out dancing on the wood floor, but no one dared approach her while she sat with a cop and a Jedi. After downing what was left in his ale bottle, he stood and held out his hand. ?May I have this dance??

    She graced him with one of her radiant smiles as she placed her hand in his. ?Yes, you may. I was beginning to wonder if either one of you were going to get the message.? She pulled him out onto the floor and easily slid into his embrace with her arms around his neck. She then winked as she began to sway to the music. ?Now, the question is, can the Jedi Master dance??

    He chuckled and swung her around. ?A little late to wonder that, isn?t it??


    ??Now you know why I said I?d do the talking, CorSec.?

    As Ros looked back at the gatehouse, he followed the Jedi through the open gate and again shook his head. ?You?d never do that to me, would you? You know, mind tricks??

    ?Ros, you should know better. I?m an honorable Jedi Master, after all.?

    ?That?s good to know."

    He patted his taller man on the shoulder as they moved along the drive. ?Oh, c?mon. You?ll get to see how a Jedi does things.?

    ?Yeah, that?s what?s worrying me. None of this plan is legal, you know.?

    ?I know.? Then he grinned and added, ?But if we?re caught, you can always claim I used Jedi mind tricks on you. No one would ever be the wiser.?


    ?She left and Scerra thought she was free of the questions, until Adelyn turned and asked, ?This new friend of yours, what exactly does he do? You said he was consulting with CorSec.?

    ?Mother, he?s only a friend. In fact, nothing can come of whatever you are thinking. He?s a Jedi.?

    Adelyn?s green eyes widened in surprise, but fortunately the door slid shut before she could say anything. Scerra leaned against the closed door, shut her eyes, and whispered, ?He?s perfect, but he?s a Jedi.?


    Check out this missing chapter in the Halcyon/Horn story on the Saga Board...

    [blockquote][link=]Going Beyond Friendship[/link][/blockquote]
    [blockquote] By Flowerlady @};-[/blockquote]

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    May 30, 2004
    Date Posted: 9:27pm Subject: Lil' teaser for my ''rebirth'' fic. - Date Edited: 9:39pm (1 edits total) Edited By: The_Face
    I had started it long ago, but life got in the way....

    The storyline open, sort off, with a bang.

    A frigate is in hyperespace. Her commander, a Imperial gal in her very early twins (much more likely to be a Rebel than an Imperial) have been sent, as a reward for her conduct, to deliver a message to the Emperor.

    The said message being a slop bucket. Containing what could be gathered as vaguely organic materials for the wreckage of the Vorknixx corvette by Grand Amiral Thrawn : those are the ''remains'' of Grand Admiral Zaarin.

    Alas, the timetable is a bit off, as the frigate ''Blue Ruin'' emerge from hypersace just in time to see the Death Star II blow up.

    The Imperial gal, who is quite ressourceful, as well as having a very peculiar background, will have a LOT on her hands....

    Dramatis Personae (Teaser)

    Admiral Jan Darvatti

    Dead for about two years at the ''present'' storyline, Admiral Darvatti was a respected men along it's peers. He lead the First Jaerquian Volonteers Division in the Clone War, especially at the Battle of Sarapin. Darvatii is not a very impressive commander, but he is a very good organizer. He is notably known for it's skills in convoy defense. Admiral Darvatti was not too keen on many aspects of the Empire, and was probably in the most liberal percentiles when it came to talking about non-Humans and females. However, he is very on phase with the Emperor on one point : hatred of the Jedi Order.

    Naval Frigate Captain Mira Darvatti

    Mira come from the best of the best of Imperial society. Apparently just a ''daddy's girl'' (with a obscenely rich father, who is at her knees). As the story come back and for from the present to her past, it's unclear about how she ended from confortable sinecures to being competent enough to be rewarded by Thrawn. (As this aint Marie Sue, there is a reason why Thrawn is very interested into her)

    Naval Lieutenant Lucia Walters

    Lucia Walters, a very quiet, almost mute officer. Her and Myra were the only survivor of an early incident involving the Blue Ruin. For what Myra know, Lucia got major trouble with the Intelligence after the said incident. Mira is worried about Lucia being brainwashed or tortured-it's worth however to note that Lucia and Mira are very close friends, even with their...widely...diferrent backgrounds.

    (Her name being an hommage to Lucy in Elfen Lied, you will have an hell out of an..interesting..young lady...)
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    Mar 3, 2003
    (The voice over is quasi-cinematic, the sort you?d hear on a standard movie trailer. If you like, you can imagine the music from Pulp Fiction)

    Shot of Vos Gesal Street, panning slowly through the crowds.

    Voice over: You met Jali in The Seventh Star

    Quick shot of Jali

    Shot of the bar, the Seventh Star

    Shot of Tira with a gun

    Shot of Nuada Vekstar holding Jali by the neck

    Nuada: I see we can work together nicely.

    Shot of Jali walking through a dark corridor

    Voice over: Now he?s back?

    Shot of Jali turning around with a gun in his hand

    Voice over: ?and he?s a private eye!

    Shot of Jali and another character (Xhen Rinner) with a female client (Elya Vertey)

    Elya: It?s about my husband? I don?t know where he is

    Shot of a Duro, W?kar Fenn

    Fenn: If you see him, tell him from me that he?s fired

    Jali: I wouldn?t ask questions if I didn?t need answers

    Several shots of Jali in a bar, Jali watching to a conversation between two characters, Jali and some other characters walking into a morgue.

    Voice over: Some new characters?

    Shot of a tall guy with red hair walking next to Jali.

    Jali: This is Xhen Rinner.

    Shot of a blonde female Jedi with a green lightsaber (Antiene Laras)

    Jali (voice over): Well, well, if it isn?t the lovely Master Laras.

    Shot of a dark haired woman in Security Force uniform, Pallavi Dashiell

    Pallavi: I?ve been hearing things about this case

    Voice over:?and some old.

    Quick shot of Tira Sengel, then Nuada Vekstar

    Shot of Captain Vantel looking angry

    Vantel: Dawler, do I have to tell you again to stay out of this?

    Jali shrugs

    Jali: I'm doing what I do best

    Quick flash of scenes to fast music

    Jali and Xhen walking through a dark corridor
    Shot of Jali diving to the ground as someone is shot with a blaster bolt and people around him ducking and screaming
    Shot of Jali standing in the middle of bright lights with his hands above his head.
    Jali pulling back a sheet to see a dead body on a gurney

    Jali: It?s just there?s something?not right.

    Xhen: What do you mean?

    Jali: I?m not so sure.

    Voice over:?The White Twi?lek

    Text: The White Twi?lek

    Shot of a white-skinned Twi'lek sitting in an armchair talking to Jali, he is sitting on a couch.

    Twi'lek: Trust me, as much as I?d like to, you?re probably not worth it.

    Jali: Nuada might disagree.

    Twi?lek: Nuada?s not the one calling the shots this time.

    Fade to black
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    Mar 26, 2008
    Studying all of the movie posters from the Star Wars (Prequel) saga, I have tried to mimic the style of it by making the characters on the poster appear to be more "arty" and "painted/drawn" like characters from the prequels appeared to be on the movie posters for the films, to make a film-like poster for my fan fic.


    A destroyed home.
    An orphan child.
    An evil empire.
    An unknown universe waiting to be discovered.
    A galaxy far, far away...

    Old legends will make themselves known.
    Legends of heroism...
    ...and cynicism...

    The fate of a child.
    The journey of a boy.
    The destiny of a man.

    The legacy of a Jedi...
  17. Klimt_Of_Tornesdal

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    Dec 8, 1999
    Okay folks, heres a little look at my latest project. Oh, and if you have the music, play it as you read - it adds a little something to it. ;)


    20th Century Fox logo, Lucasfilm logo.

    A black screen. Then words begin to appear:

    (Binary Sunset theme begins to play)

    <0:01> We know them.

    <0:04> We see the Myrkr strike team, battling with Yuuzhan Vong.

    <0:09> We know their choices.

    <0:13> Close up of Tahiri and Anakin. As she pulls away from him, we hear her voice: ?No. For that you have to come back.?

    <0:22> We know their legacy

    <0:26> Slow motion footage of Anakin?s funeral. Many faces are seen through the smoke.

    <0:37> But what if what we thought we knew?

    <0:43> ?never happened?

    <0:47> We see Jacen spin and drop down on one knee, his arms out parallel to the floor. In his right hand is a lit lightsaber.

    ?I should have known it would be you. I should have at least suspected it!?

    The camera pulls back and we see the edge of a black floor length cloak. The camera moves up until we see a black gloved hand emerging from the sleeve, and a voice speaks.

    ?Yes. You should have.?

    A button is pressed, the lightsaber springs to life. The black robed figure moves toward him.

    <1:03> Would different choices make things better?

    <1:10> ? or worse?

    <1:13> Corran is shown standing next to a funeral bier, a lit torch in his hand.

    ?We are here today to mourn the passing of a person who has meant so much to so many.?

    We see Wedge shaking hands with Jag.

    ?A leader.?

    We see Han embracing Jaina.

    ?A father.?

    We see Luke looking across a fire at Mara and smiling softly.

    ?A husband.?

    We see Lando behind the controls of his ship, a grim look on his face.

    ?A friend.?

    <1:40> It is said if you cannot recognise the person in the mirror, it is time to step back and see when you stopped being yourself.

    <1:53> Music ends, replaced by sound of heavy breathing. We see a close up of the right side of Tahiri?s face.

    But what if going back?

    Tahiri?s eye slowly closes, and the screen goes black. Breathing stops.

    ? means going too far?

    Star Wars: Legacy Of Love

    An AU New Jedi Order story

    Coming soon.
  18. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    A haunting picture [link=]Obi-Wan oh my what have you done this time[/link]


    Now on the saga board. Temple of Doom
  19. Team_EbonHawk

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    Mar 1, 2008
    *Coming soon*

    *Luke's theme from Episode IV begisn to play*

    *A voiceover begins, the voice of a female heroine*

    "Nine years ago, Reven devastated the galaxy, then in what seemed to be so fast and sudden, he became its savior.

    He left after the Jedi Civil War, left to find the dark threat that existed in the most darkest corners of our galaxy.

    I am Khaylia Vand. I am the last hope. And I must find this threat before it tears the Republic apart."

    *Duel of Fates begins playing*

    <The Ebon Hawk zooms across the screen, turrets ablazing>

    <We see Mira and Carth, battling Mandalorians among a ruined mining tunnel>

    <On Coruscant, a young male draws his blaster alongside T3-M4 and Khaylia>

    <We see the Selkath of Manaan at war>

    <The Ebon Hawk lands on Naboo>

    <A whole party, full of Khaylia's companions stands tall together, ready to face a Sith Lord>

    <We see Coruscant under attack by a Sith fleet, and as a Republic vessel explodes, the screen cuts to black>

    *A lone voice echoes in the darkness*

    "The True Sith are among us."

    *The grandiose opening crawl theme of Star Wars play*


    Coming soon.

    Visit the pre-production thread [link=]here[/link]

  20. ImperialSolo

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    Feb 1, 2008
    AUDIO: The Imperial March (ESB soundtrack)

    EXT. SPACE: An Imperial STAR DESTROYER is cruising against a starry backdrop.

    Suddenly, the mighty warship is eclipsed by the massive shadow of a much larger ship.

    ANGLE ON: a SUPER STAR DESTROYER, dominating the other battleships of a large Imperial fleet.

    INT. BRIEFING ROOM: A man in Imperial uniform is staring out the viewports at the stars. He turns, revealing himself as JACEN, with a cold smirk on his lips, and a hint of gold in his dark eyes.

    "Lord Skywalker?"

    INT. STAR DESTROYER CORRIDOR: A blond girl in a black Imperial uniform leads a squad of stormtroopers, marching smartly. We realize it's TAHIRI VEILA.

    INT. BRIEFING ROOM: Tahiri stands to attention in front of Jacen.

    "Lieutenant Veila."

    ANGLE ON: a hologram image of a young man with blue eyes, untidy hair, and a lopsided grin.

    "Anakin Solo."

    INT. CANTINA: a close shot of ANAKIN SOLO himself, looking handsome and roguish in a leather jacket.

    INT. BRIEFING ROOM: Tahiri looks back at Jacen.

    "And you're going to kidnap him."

    INT. STAR DESTROYER CORRIDOR: Anakin draws his blaster, and shoots at some stormroopers. He retreats a few steps, then throws a grenade, which detonates among the stormtroopers in an impressive explosion.

    EXT. MILLENNIUM FALCON: The old freighter flies through a blast, and dodges the pursuing TIEs.

    INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON: Anakin sits at the controls, flying his father's ship as if it was his own.

    EXT. TATOOINE ALLEYWAY: A young woman is walking down the sunlit street, seen from behind. She has blond hair, and looks confident, but carefree.


    EXT. TATOOINE ALLEYWAY: She freezes.

    ANGLE ON: Tahiri's face. Anakin stands behind her. She looks really surprised and worried.

    INT. STAR DESTROYER?CONFERENCE ROOM: Another woman in Imperial uniform is standing in front of Jacen: his sister JAINA.

    "How could you do this to her?!"

    INT. REBEL HANGAR BAY: Tahiri, no longer in uniform, is fighting KYLE KATARN in hand-to hand combat, watched by a group of Rebels.

    INT. CORRIDOR: Tahiri ignites a red-bladed lightsaber, and attacks an unseen enemy. Her blade clashes with a green one.

    INT. PERSONAL QUARTERS: Tahiri raises a blaster pistol, aiming at someone, with a focused look on her face.

    JACEN (V/O, smirking voice):
    "Tahiri will remain loyal to me,
    whatever happens. I know it."

    INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON?MAIN HOLD: Tahiri and Anakin stand in each other's arms, gazing into each other's eyes, about to kiss. Tahiri looks up at him, he leans in closer and slides his hand up to the back of her neck.

    EXT. SPACE?FLEET BATTLE: The Super Star Destroyer stands at the center of a massive fleet of Imperial warships and TIE fighters.

    JACEN (V/O):
    "Today, the Rebellion will

    EXT. SPACE?FLEET BATTLE: Ahead of the Imperial ships is a seemingly defenseless planet, but Rebel starfighters rush up to meet them.

    INT. X-WING?COCKPIT: at the controls is WEDGE ANTILLES.

    EXT. DANTOOINE?REBEL LANDING FIELD: as pilots rush to their fighters, LANDO CALRISSIAN stands with his cape billowing around his uniform, issuing orders to his troops.

    EXT. SPACE?FLEET BATTLE: more fighting...

    INT. STAR DESTROYER?COMMUNICATIONS ROOM: Jacen kneels before a hologram stage. A massive blue-glowing hologram flickers into view in front of him.

    ANGLE ON: LEIA, EMPRESS SKYWALKER looks down at her kneeling son.

    "Jaina is in trouble, mother?."

    EXT. SPACE?STARS: A lone TIE Fighter is drifting, perhaps damaged.

    INT. TIE FIGHTER?COCKPIT: Jaina is the pilot. She is breathing heavily, scared.

    EXT. SPACE?TIE FIGHTER: The MILLENNIUM FALCON approaches. Its guns aim at the Imperial fighter, and fire a warning shot.

    INT. MILLENNIUM FALCON?COCKPIT: Han and Chewie are at the controls.

    "Imperial pilot. This is Han
    Solo. Surrender? and don't
    try on any funny stuff."

    INT. TIE FIGHTER?COCKPIT: Jaina looks alarmed, insecure.


  21. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    [begin travel log for Captain Kevin Ski, CO]
    [logged in real time as per NRI Instruction 87.52 for summons]
    [please maintain pre-screened codes for "Reason," as per NRI Instruction 90.12]

    Time Left: 0946
    Location: The Nest, Talon Intelligence Squadron Headquarters
    Reason: intelligence liaison summons; summons received from Major Devoe Rosche this morning upon return from training... mission... training/******* fake mission that nearly killed people

    Time Arrived: 1000
    Location: Intelligence High Council Building, Third Floor Intelligence Liaison's Office


    Time Left: 1013
    Location: Intelligence High Council Building, Third Floor Intelligence Liaison's Office
    Reason: If I had stayed longer, Major Rosche might have thought better of our meeting and called security. Leaving as soon as the meeting was over was probably the best thing for everyone, and plus, who wants to be in the IHC building for more than they need to, anyway? They're just a bunch of pompous ******.

    Time Arrived: 1027
    Location: The Nest, Talon Intelligence Squadron Headquarters

    [end travel log for Captain Kevin Ski, CO]
    [electronic signature attached for log... sending to IHC]
    [You have not filled out this travel log in proper format. Please correct using specified "Reason" codes and re-submit.]
    [You have entered two words blocked by this network. They have been logged and will be routed to the Intelligence High Council for future review.]
    They've been set-up.
    They've been betrayed.
    No one's very happy about it, and it's only the beginning.
    Talon Intelligence Squadron is back![/b]
    The second book in the exciting series gets released [i]today[/i]. Catch the adventure of the JC's longest-running, largest fanfic from start to finish in its newly-revamped format.

    [link=]Talon Intelligence Squadron Official Website[/link]
    [link=]The Talon Intelligence Squadron Restoration Project[/link]
    [link=]Talon Intelligence Squadron: Not Always as They Seem (Book One) - Completed 05 May 2008[/link]
    [link=]Talon Intelligence Squadron: Not Always Fair (Book Two)[/link]>
  22. DarthIshtar

    DarthIshtar Chosen One star 9

    Mar 26, 2001
    Two trailers for your enjoyment:

    Black screen.

    20th Century Fox logo.

    A skeletal, broken woman stands before a cracked mirror, staring into a face she once recognized.

    The same woman sits in emaciated elegance in a chair before a man in the shadows.

    Man: Do you think he will come for you today?

    Close-up of that woman, eighteen years younger and in her prime, dressing for a special occasion.

    Shot of her entering a private office to find Senator Palpatine waiting for her. He stands and kisses her hand.

    Palpatine (VO): My father told me something once. He said, ?Court the noble in spirit as you would a beautiful woman for you may someday want them to lead you. Court a beautiful woman as you would a noble spirit, because more often than not she will be one and you will one day want her to guide your children.?

    Shot of Palpatine and his lady kissing in his opera box.

    Shot of the young woman once more in her dressing room, with her mother and younger sister.

    Amne: I care for him and I believe in his principles. I believe that it will become love someday.

    Vali: Fine. Marry him then.

    On a blood-red background, white letters appear.


    Shot of Amne, Palpatine and Fang Zar in the lobby of the Naboo Senate box.

    Zar: What do you think, milady?

    Palpatine looks sharply at her as if in warning.

    Amne: I will support him if he chooses to be Chancellor. The Republic could elect no greater champion of justice at this time.


    Close-up of them alone in that same room. Palpatine touches her cheek affectionately. Amne pulls away.

    Amne: I do not want to oppose you on a regular basis. I will never make my disagreements with you a public matter, but if this sort of thing happens again, I will not support it.

    Amne is pinned to a wall by her throat and is struggling against an assailant.

    Shots of the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo, the Senate and Palpatine's face during the vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum.

    Assailant (VO): Are you proud of yourself? You're marrying a man who gives even less of a damn about you than he does about his planet. He'll pretend to love you while all of us die for his blindness.

    Shot of Palpatine and Amne, hand in hand, turning to face the Senate together.

    Shot of Palpatine at the Chancellor's podium, Amne standing behind him.

    Palpatine: I will not let this Republic be deprived of the justice which it richly deserves. I will do nothing in my power unless it is for the good of the trillions whom we serve.

    Closeup of him kissing her hand as she smiles proudly.

    Palpatine: I love you, milady.

    Fade to black.


    Presented by DarthIshtar[/link]
    Black screen.

    20th Century Fox logo.

    Shot of Leia standing on the Ewok village's bridge in the early morning light of Endor.

    Han approaches from behind, his expression wary.

    Leia: I'm not going back.

    Han: I know.

    Han moves to sit on the railing and stares out into the forest.

    Han: Where do you think he is?

    Leia looks away, obviously distraught.

    Leia: I don't know. He's in the forest...

    Han grins.

    Shot of an Imperial shuttle in a clearing.

    Han: Well, that narrows it down.

    Leia looks back to him.

    Leia: He hasn't betrayed us. You have to make them realize...

    Han: I know. I just need your help in figuring out how to make them.

    She wraps her arms around herself and her gaze becomes unfocused. Han sighs and stands.

    Han: I know that he left to go head-to-head with Vader...

    Leia shakes her head.

    Leia: Turn him back.

    Han just stares for a moment.

    Han: Is the kid delusional?

    Leia: Possibly.

    Leia and Luke approach the shuttle and she goes
  23. Rigil_Kent

    Rigil_Kent Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 24, 2004
    FADE IN:

    Through the mist and trees of Dagobah, two figures appear, somersaulting in perfect harmony over a fallen tree as they run through the mist. As they land, we can identify them: LUKE SKYWALKER and MARA JADE. Both are dressed for exercise and training, and both have lightsabers at their waists. Mara appears winded but Luke does not.


    Text scrolls across the black screen:


    FADE TO:

    It's a spectacular lightfight. X-Wings, A-Wings and B-Wings face off against TIE Interceptors against the backdrop of an immense capital ship battle. Two Executor-class dreadnoughts face off, their turbolaser batteries savaging one another. Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari cruisers pound one another. We pursue one of the X-Wings - it's Rogue Leader WEDGE ANTILLES - as he blasts apart a TIE...

    Jedi uniform torn and burned, LUKE stands alone on the edge of a massive sky platform, his emerald saber in his left hand and a red saber in his right. He is surrounded by four figures wielding scarlet lightsabers. The city looks like Coruscant, only a dying, decayed version. We PULL BACK without revealing the identities of his foes...

    LANDO CALRISSIAN dives for cover as a squad of stormtroopers spray the area around him with blaster fire. He rolls, ducks for cover, then bounces a grenade off the wall toward the troopers and leaps in the opposite direction, his own blaster barking...

    Racing through an impossibly large canyon, a trio of New Republic gunships begin taking fire from a far distant location. A number of X-Wings race overhead, cannons spitting fire even as a squadron of TIE Fighters and Interceptors race to meet them. With TIEs twisting away in all directions to avoid ramming the insane flight path of the lead gunship, we do a stomach lurching drop and pursue as it dives toward a walled military installation?


    Text scrolls across the black screen:


    FADE TO:

    Sitting on a fallen tree, LUKE SKYWALKER watches sadly as MARA enters the cave on Dagobah. The moment she disappears, he exhales and closes his eyes, as if praying?

    Wearing a hooded robe that conceals her identity, LEIA is in a senatorial pod in the Great Chamber of the Senate. She steps forward, pushing the hood back to reveal her identity. There is a sudden gasp that races through the building...

    His left leg wrapped up, CORRAN HORN sits upon a hospital bed, staring at two objects before him: a Rogue Squadron patch and a lightsaber?

    HAN SOLO stares at his reflection in a tall mirror as he adjusts the New Republic uniform he is now wearing. At his color is Admiral rank?


    Text scrolls across the black screen:


    FADE TO:

    LUKE is dueling with a black-armored foe inside an oddly shaped room filled with rows of sleeping or cloning tubes. Behind them, MARA is facing off against a trio of foes, but that engagement is too indistinct to identify the identity of her enemies. Beyond them all, we can make out massive viewports and what appears to be an ongoing void duel between Republic and Imperial forces...

    Upon the command deck of a Star Destroyer, HAN SOLO stares through the viewport and the massive fleet beyond. CHEWBACCA is at his side, arms crossed and a fierce expression on his face?

    TALON KARRDE comes sliding under a closing blast door while blaster bolts pepper it ? he is firing a blaster John Woo style toward the camera. Crouching at the bottom of the door is CORRAN and LANDO, both firing weapons at the unseen enemy?

    Surrounded by Noghri and blue-robed Senatorial Guardsmen, LEIA strides toward the camera; her expression one of grim resolve. A lightsaber hangs from her belt?


    Text scrolls across the black screen:


    FADE TO:

    A hologram of a uniformed HAN SOLO is speaking to an asse
  24. sidious618

    sidious618 Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 20, 2003
    A Multi Author Series

    Fade In:
    Coruscant but one still battling between city and nature.

    Fade Out:

    V.O. Chancellor Benig: I?ll need plausible deniability.

    V.O. Director of Intel Konin: If this goes bad, I?ll have someone else take the fall.

    V.O. Benig, again: Oh, no, my friend. You will take the fall.

    Fade In:
    Office of the Chancellor. An old man sits behind a desk, his head lifted upwards. Behind him it rains.

    Black Screen. Text appears and reads: A Fledgingly Republic Sees A New Order Rising

    Fade In:
    A man in his forties, Jorus Viernin, looks about the office of Director of Intelligence Konin.

    Jorus: What exactly will I do? Give me specifics.

    Konin: Well, your group would teach each other things and perhaps become a sort of peace force for the Republic. You would be able to serve the Republic in a positive way. Perhaps your group would be able to save hundreds of lives one day. You will not be warriors, I promise you that.

    Jorus: Government promises; excuse me if I?m a little wary.

    Fade Out. A black screen appears again and text reads: Force Users Are Brought Together For The First Time In The History Of The Republic

    Fade In:
    A man, Zach, sits in a dark room surrounded by two men both holding guns.

    Man 1: Imagine the fear that people will feel when they hear that a man just walked into a bar, lifted his hand and lightening came out of it.

    Fade Out. More black screen. Test reads: The Force Users Are Feared By The Public

    Fade In:
    Jorus sticks his hand out and sends a man flying into a wall.

    V.O. Jorus: Listen, we?re all going to be in this together, so can we just give this a shot?

    Star Wars

    Black Screen. Text reads: The Jedi Order Begins...

    Fade In:
    A Dark Jedi raises his lightsaber above her head on a corridor aboard a Corellian cruiser. Outside ships eagerly fire at one another.

    Fade Out:
    Text reads: On Friday...

    Fade In:
    Jorus stands before us.

    Jorus: I don't want the responsibilty!

    Off screen man: Well, you have it! Now its time to see what you can really do.

    Fade Out:
    Text reads: June 6th.

    Fade In:
    Corellian President Sal Groga stands before a viewscreen.

    Groga: With your help we can be able to strike at the Republic from both within and without.

    Black Screen.
    Text: A new chapter every Friday for thirteen weeks. Witness the Jedi Order commence from the very beginning. Watch it rise, watch it succeed, watch it inspire...

    ...and watch it cause irreperable damage on the Republic.

    Konin V.O.: They will be military assests. Whether they wish it or not.

    Bam! Black Screen.
    Text reads: And So It Begins
  25. mrjop2

    mrjop2 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 6, 2007
    Black screen with Red Text
    A year ago?The Chosen One arrived and brought balance to the Force?

    Fade into final scene of Rise of the Chosen One(Jacina talking to the Ghosts of Luke and Mara Skywalker)
    ?I love you,? Jacina cried out to her mother and father.

    ?I love you, Jacina. Always remember that your father and I are proud of you.?

    ?You two have done well,? Luke nodded to both Gideon and his daughter. ?Now go and rebuild the Jedi and reestablish peace to this broken galaxy. Train a new generation of Jedi Knights as peacekeepers of the galaxy.?

    ?We will,? Gideon replied. ?You have our word.?

    Both parents smiled in returned as they turned to face each other. Luke reach both hands out and took his wife?s hands into his own, staring into each other?s eyes. Together, the faded out.

    Fade into a scene with Jaina Solo visiting Jacina at the Jedi Temple

    ?I?m sorry for keeping you,? Jaina?s cousin slowly came wabbling up to her, seemingly out of nowhere. ?As you can see, it takes me a little while to get to where I want to go.? Jacina placed bother her hands on her bulging belly.

    Black screen with Red Text
    Now, the trial of the Chosen One will begin!

    Fade into a scene with Jacen on New Alderaan ambushed by a Jedi Hunter in a hanger
    With a shrug of his shoulders, his Jedi cloak dropped to the ground. It only proved to be added weight that was only hindering him. He took a super leap up, nearly able to touch the top of the hanger, as the device opened and threw hundreds of pin-sized saber darts. The pin-sized saber darts, originally meant for him, flew past underneath him harmlessly. The first Jedi Hunter quickly raised his blaster rifle up and fired at him still in mid air.

    Moving his blue blade until it was nothing more than blur, deflected each and every shot until he was able to land gently on his feet. The original hunter continued his attack on Jacen not letting his finger up from the trigger.

    Fade into a scene with Jacina, Gideon, Titinya, and Anakin united and meeting together.
    ?Sithious, in our final duel, was convinced that I was going to kill him,? Jacina did not look at anyone as she made that comment. She was clearly trying to put the puzzle together in her head. ?If you were as powerful as Sithious was and knew your time was short, what would you do??

    ?That?s easy,? Ti responded quickly, wanting to make a contribution to this investigation. ?I would want to find a way to keep the world in chaos after I am gone.?

    ?Okay, at risk of sounding unintelligent, what does that have to do with?? Gideon started to ask.

    Jacina?s eyes revealed immediately that she had just solved the puzzle. It also appeared on her face that she felt unintelligent herself for not having solved this any sooner. ?All of the Sith under him died the moment he died, and he knew that would happen from the very start.?

    The light went on for Anakin as well. ?He created them to survive after his death and try to continue his reign of terror.?


    Fade into a scene with Jacina in the middle of a duel with a mystery opponent.

    ?Go ahead and use your new powers to kill me, Chosen One!? His voice was like poison and his grin was more sinister than she had ever imagined possible. ?It?s the only way you can kill me. You have the full knowledge and understanding of the Force. With a single thought, you could end my threat here and now, but that would make you no better than Sithious himself. You would become that which you have nearly given your life for to kill. What would your children think of you abusing your powers??

    Jacina could see in her mind?s eye her twins older than they were know; just old enough to understand right and wrong. She could see the heartache that she would cause them, and that tore her up deeply.

    He laughed as he walked around the distracted Jedi. ?Yes, your two children are very much on your mind. You now have a choice to make: Use your powers, kill me, and complete yo
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