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  1. Sticks

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    Jan 27, 2001
    Fic: Mine, currently in progress

    {FADE IN to a drab grey room, as seen from an upper corner. The image flickers as if it's a holorecording. At one side of a small table sits JAINA SOLO, wearing the uniform of a prisoner. Across from her is ANSON REVICTO, an Imperial interrogator.}

    (REVICTO) I want to know everything.

    {FLASH TO: wide shot of a crowded plaza on Coruscant. The attention of the masses is directed up at one balcony where two figures stand. As the shot fades out, two blaster shots can be heard, and the crowd begins to scream. CUT TO the same room.}

    (REVICTO) Your father...

    {FLASH TO: a corridor in the Millennium Falcon. Ten-year-old Jaina crouches in a shadow, listening to HAN SOLO argue with CHEWBACCA. CUT TO the interrogation room once more.}

    (REVICTO) Your brother...

    {FLASH TO: a darkened forest on Bakura, drenched by rain. JACEN SOLO, also still a child, cries out for Jaina as a black-clad hand pulls him into the trees. Jaina, in tears, holds onto ANAKIN SOLO while WINTER fires a blaster rifle into the shadows. CUT TO the interrogator's face, feigning compassion.}

    (REVICTO) You were twice orphaned.

    {FLASH TO: the Millennium Falcon's cockpit, lit by Tatooine's suns. Twenty-one-year-old Jaina watches a holorecording of Winter, who looks disproportionately aged compared to when we last saw her. CUT TO the interrogation room.}

    (REVICTO) All these events that led to you being here...

    {FLASH TO: the Millennium Falcon flying low over a Corellian mountain range, pursued by a squadron of TIE Interceptors. The dorsal quad laser cannons fire at the TIEs, eliminating two as the Falcon weaves madly between obstacles.}

    (REVICTO)(v.o.) All the people you've met...

    {FLASH TO: Corran Horn gazing skyward from a valley, with Revicto standing behind him. CUT TO four Jedi--KYP DURRON, CALLISTA, WURTH SKIDDER, and GANNER RHYSODE--with their lightsabers activated, facing a garrison of stormtroopers in Treasure Ship Row. CUT TO Jaina holding a glass of Corellian whisky and clinking it in a toast against a glass held by JAGGED FEL. CUT TO the interrogation room once more.}

    (REVICTO) All for nothing. {He smiles.} I really do think there's something you're just aching to tell me.

    {Jaina stares him down for a long moment. Her eyes smolder with hatred. Suddenly, the table FLIES BACKWARD with a explosive sound, taking the interrogator with it. FLASH TO: montage, set to "Duel of the Fates". Jaina punches Fel in the jaw; Ganner ignites his lightsaber and moves to attack BRAKISS as Jacen looks on; Anakin curses as he fires the Falcon's quads at the TIE interceptors; Han holds a blaster to SOONTIR FEL's head as he backs toward the Falcon; Jaina and Anakin run through darkened hallways, their path lit only by the emerald glow of the lightsaber Anakin holds. CUT TO Anakin, lying prone on the sleeping pallet in his cell, his gaze on the ceiling.}

    (ANAKIN) Do you think there are other universes?

    {CUT TO Jaina in her own cell, her gaze distant.}

    (JAINA) Could be. And maybe there's one where our life is even worse.

    FLASH TO: Title screen.

    (MR. VOICE) Now playing.
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    Mar 6, 2008
    Fic: Coming Soon

    Lucas Films logo glimmers into a bronze-gold color.

    Screen goes back, then comes to a pure white screen.

    A black-robed figure walks across it, then falls into nothing, screaming slightly as it does so. Camera tilts downwards and moves backwards, relative to its orientation, to look down at where the figure fell. Shown is a canyon of jagged rock formations, with black lettering formed by the rock.

    Unseen Multimedia

    Screen fades to black.

    [Binary Sunset Theme plays, softly]

    VO - EVA: There is no Emotion; Only Peace

    Screen flashes to Eva, a young, and rather attractive, female Jedi, meditating in the Temple Gardens, then the screen fades to black.

    VO - EVA: There is no Ignorance; Only Knowledge

    Screen flashes to Eva looking remorsefully at a holo of a cold world, Csilla, in the Jedi Archives, then the screen fades to black.

    VO - EVA: There is no Passion; Only Serenity

    Screen flashes to Eva watching a starship, a Naboo Transport, takeoff from what looks like a high balcony on Coruscant at dusk, then the screen fades to black.

    VO - EVA: There is no Death; Only the Force

    Screen flashes to a ceremony at a burning funeral pyre. Eva looks on from the side, sadly, then the screen fades to black.

    [Binary Sunset Theme fades out. No sound is heard.]

    Screen shows a close-up of Eva?s lips, showing her face from the middle of the bridge of her nose, down the several centimeters just below her bottom lip.

    VO - EVA (In sync with the screen/Whispering Audibly): If only it were so?

    Screen fades to black. For a split second, there is an air of uncertainty?

    [Duel of Fates plays mid-song, closing in on the climax]

    Screen flashes, quickly. several images:
    - Camera quickly semi-circling two robed figures, starting from Eva?s master, Vay?feyla, (The closer figure, back turned to the camera) offset right, stopping at her far offset left. The scene depicts both figures activating their lightsabers. Vay?feyla?s lightsaber?s color is Viridian. The hooded figure?s (Who is obviously a Sith) lightsaber?s color is a dark crimson.
    - Two armies, one armored in red and white suits and the other armored in violet-purple and black armor, fighting, obviously on the streets of Coruscant. Three sleek starfighters can be seen passing over, laser cannons firing at an unseen enemy.
    - Eva and a robed figure, the same from before, battling with lightsabers in the midst of fires, debris, and dead bodies from both sides, even civilians.

    EVA (Yelling/Panting from Exhaustion): I? I will never turn to the dark side!

    FIGURE (Disgusted/Vehemence emphasized on ?Jedi?): So be it, Jedi.

    Screen flashes to a space battle, obviously above Coruscant, then flashes to bridge of the Galactic Republic?s Home Fleet flagship. A view of the battle can be seen from there. A red-and-white clothed officer, Admiral of the Home Fleet, is rocked by explosions from enemy fire. She quickly taps in a command on her console.

    ADMIRAL: Pull back! Pull back! All ships pull back!

    [Music softens, then fades into Binary Sunset Theme once more]

    A Jedi Master, Master Jet, a Chiss, looks saddened, but manages to look at Eva, who keeps her head looking down.

    MASTER JET: I am gathering my people to return to the solitude of Csilla. Can I trust you to delete all records of us from Jedi and Republic records?

    EVA (Hesitating, Sorrowful, but Determined): Yes?

    Master Jet places his hand on her shoulder as he walks away. She doesn?t look back up.

    Screen fades to black.

    VO - EVA (Whispering Audibly): If only it were so?

    [Very ending of Duel of Fates plays, soft and mellow. It quickly finishes before the following]

    Screen flashes, then text accompanied by Eva?s voice appears on Screen:

    VO - EVA (Whispering Audibly, Slowly): A Time Forgotten.


    Coming Soon, to BEFORE THE SAGA, sometime this Summer of ?08.

    Text is cut in half by a crimson blade. Immediately after, the screen flashes white, then fades back to black as the trailer ends.>
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A woman is stashing reports in a crate grumbling about the silly text

    A man is walking towards a supply room

    Conversation between the man and woman starts

    They walk towards an apartment, guiding a gonk carrier

    They start discussing.

    the man is remembering a talk with Yoda


    Now on the Saga board [link=]Healing[/link]

  4. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Fic: Mine
    Title: Crash and Burn

    (VO) All friendships start at Square 1. (VO)
    Shot shows Crash watching Miko by fountain
    (C) Crash. Crash Stokes.
    (M) Miko. Miko Reglita.
    Shot shows them shaking hands.
    (VO) He is the newbie
    Shows Miko looking down at the fllor.
    (VO) He is the Flying Ace.
    Shows Crash flying around in his training fighter, grin on his face
    (VO) They will go to many new worlds and discover many new things.
    Show the two digging around in a heap of machinery.
    (C) I found something! Holds the piece of metal up.
    (VO) But will they be ready for the true test? (VO)
    (C) We can do this is we believe in ourselves.
    Both ignite lightsabers, camera showing the hilts as sabers ignite. Cut to long shot behind the blacked-out leg of an enemy.
    (VO) They will find that life is not all fun and games.
    (Enemy) You will not escape, boys. Your time is UP!
    (M) I don't think so.
    (E) Give up or die, Jedi!
    (C) Maybe we should do what he says...NOT!!
    Camera shows them charging forward. They yell. Fade out.

    Crash And Burn

    The Action Unfolds Today...
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    May 20, 2008
    (Gunship Limited Logo flashes on screen)
    Shot shows Fil Kreuger on screen, asleep in his chair. He snores.
    (VO) This is Fil. (VO)
    Shot of Fil falling out of chair.
    (VO) He is a smuggler. *Shows Fil getting up, rubbing his back* However, there is something special about him. (VO)
    (F) Stully! I fell out of my chair again!
    (S) Figures. Stully moves away from camera.
    (VO) However, when he needs to get out of a jam...(VO)
    Shows Fil piloting around asteroids.
    (F) We're going to make it!
    Shows Fil being shot at by guards.
    (F) Stop shooting at me!
    (G) Die!
    (F) Well that's not nice.
    Guards run as Fil brandishes blaster.
    (F) That's better.
    Shows him looking at cargo.
    (F) Wow, this must be terribly valuable.
    (S) Probably is.
    (F) Don't stand there, droid. Move!
    Shows mad scramble for exit of cavern. They are being followed by indingenous creatures.
    (VO) But will he be able to pull off the heist of his life?(VO)
    Shot shows Fil trapped by energy bindings.
    (Enemy): Get out of this one, smuggler.
    Foot shown kicking enemy; loud crash is heard.
    (F) Let's get out of here!
    Shows flying while being shot at. Large explosion behind his ship.
    (F) Woo-hoo!!

    Coming Soon
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    May 22, 2008
    900 Years after the Battle of Endor...

    (Voiceover) [Veran Dawnherald]: "Avida's fury will shatter our order."

    Avida Dawnherald, a young woman in her early twenties runs through a dark jungle, lightsaber drawn, speaking into a comlink.

    [Avida]: "If that stupid prophecy of my mother's comes true - when I bring down the Jedi Order, I'm starting with you."
    [Nestren Hath'lyr] (through comlink): "Such things should not be the subject of jokes, young one."


    A white-furred Bothan and a Wookiee stand together in the Jedi Council chambers.

    [Solen Fel'dra]: "Darth Secutis was and is a far greater threat than that Force-blind girl."
    [Athlwarrl:] (Wookiee): "You would use a death gambit as your opening move?"


    A viscous substance wraps itself around the frame of a skeletal droid body, resolving into the inhuman-looking features of a woman's flesh. A human military officer watches with disgusted curiosity.

    [Darth Secutis]: "You need to crush this little group of thugs, General."
    [General Praevic]: "My troops are not a police force, my Lady. Keeping Coruscant under control is your job."
    Secutis slams Praevic against a wall and lifts him into the air with the Force.
    [Praevic] (calm): "Vacuous threats of violence only work on those who have a reason to live, my Lady."


    (Voiceover) [Veran Dawnherald]: "Kayven's light will be a scourge upon the Sith."

    Kayven Dawnherald, a man near thirty, stands before the Jedi Council.

    [Kayven]: "The galaxy is in ruins and this Council does nothing but contemplate the movements of Avida and Secutis."
    [Fel'dra]: "Would you have us support the corporations in overrunning the Core, or would you have us ally with the Sith to prop up a failing Republic that does not want our aid?"
    [Kayven]: "You know what side we have to choose - inaction is no longer an option."
    [Fel'dra]: "I knew your sister's actions would tear apart the Order, but I would never have imagined that you would be first to break away."
    [Kayven]: "I'll fight alone if I have to."
    [Fel'dra]: "It may well come to that. And so our Champion falls."


    (Voiceover) [Veran Dawnherald]: "Darkness claims the coming Conqueror."

    Avida kneels on the ground, clutching her head. Darcel Baterin, Avida's father, stands near her. A hologram watches them, emanating from an ancient Sith holocron.

    [Avida]: "I don't understand... what... what's happening to me?"
    [Darcel]: "It will claim your sanity as it did your mother. And then, it will destroy you."
    Avida lashes out at him, screaming.
    [Avida]: "What have you done to me?!?"
    [Sith Hologram]: "He has set you free."


    Kayven looks at Master Hath'lyr.

    [Kayven]: "My sister's power waxes strong - she may be more powerful than me."
    [Hath'lyr]: "Athlwarrl was right - her claws will be savage, indeed."
    [Kayven]: "Is there any hope for her?"
    [Hath'lyr]: "Destiny has been held at bay and tampered with for much too long. Now it will crush the Core Worlds like a judge's gavel."
    Kayven lowers his head.
    [Kayven]: "Avida is that gavel."


    Kayven is on his knees, Darth Secutis approaches him from behind with her red lightsaber ready.

    [Secutis:] "You've seen your last sunrise, Champion."
    [Kayven:] (Weakly) "Avida..."
    [Secutis:] "She's mine now."
    Veran Dawnherald appears to Kayven.
    [Veran]: "Your part in this is not yet finished, my son. Take my hand. Destiny awaits."


    Avida stands over Darcel, a Force storm swirling around her uncontrollably. The hologram projected by the Sith Holocron laughs with glee.

    [Darcel]: "Avie... no..."
    [Holocron]: "Embrace your destiny!"
    [Avida]: "Darkness lays claim to its Conqueror."


    Hath'lyr turns to Fel'dra, a somber look on both their faces.

    [Hath'lyr]: "The Conqueror comes... where is your Champion?"


    A space battle wages over Coruscant. Aboard a capital ship, General Praevic turns to Master Hath'lyr.

    [Praevic]: "You and your
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    Aug 22, 2007
    20th Century Fox




    An new story from Madman007

    [black screen]

    Voice over: There comes a time in anyone?s life when they have to ask themselves a question.

    [Cut to scene of Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker circa pre Clone Wars sitting on a lounge sofa facing the screen speaking to someone off camera]

    Obi Wan: You must understand. You can never come back here. You can never be who you once were. All of your names and identities will be erased. We would not be able to protect you forever.

    [shift scene to see a couple sitting hand in hand - the husband a dark brown-haired man and the wife a beautiful blonde]

    Husband: What will they do if we stay on Coruscant?

    Obi Wan: [clears throat] I could not speculate?

    Anakin: [interrupts] They will certainly kill your whole family.

    Wife: Is that a threat?

    Anakin: (sadly) It?s a promise.

    [Fade to black]

    Voice over: The question of who they are.

    [Cut to scene with several nefarious aliens in a dark alley for a clandestine meeting.]

    Rodian: Do you have the spice?

    WeeQuay: Do you have correct money?

    Rodian: We?ll see. Open your case and I?ll open mine.

    [We hear the sound of a small piece of metal hitting the ground]

    Rodian: What was that?

    [They all look down at the metal. CLOSE UP on the symbol engraved on the metal. The Black Sun insignia. We have silence for a few moments as they all look around in anticipation. Then....the sound of a lightsaber blade. We see the WeeQuay standing still...until his torso falls away. Sliced in half.]

    [Fade to black]

    [We hear the combination of a lightsaber blade in action and cries of pain]

    [Open to scene with a white blade coming from viewers POV pointed at the Rodian on the ground. The Rodian is facing the unknown assailant in the viewer's direction.]

    Rodian: Who the kriff are you?

    Voice of unknown origin off camera: I am your doom.

    [Fade to black]

    Voice over: For some, there is another question to ask of themselves.

    [Cut to scene with Luke and Mara conversing]

    Mara: Look, Skywalker, I am not going to stop what I?m doing to go traipsing around the galaxy to investigate the death of scum bags on Nal Hutta.

    Luke: Mara, we have a vigilante making his own justice.

    Good for him.

    Luke: And he?s using a lightsaber. A Jedi needs to investigate this.

    Mara: Isn?t that your job? Why not ask Corran Horn? He?s used to investigating.

    Luke: So are you.

    Mara: Why me?

    Luke: Because I already have a lead. Skarce Voxen.

    Mara: (after a beat, then seriously) When do we leave?

    [Fade to black]

    Voice over: It is the question that many fear to answer.

    [Cut to scene with Luke and a mysterious figure in a red and black outfit with cape sparring with lightsabers The enemy is fast and persistent. There is a lull in their duel and Luke questions him]

    Luke: I don?t understand. You have no Force abilities, yet you wield a lightsaber like an experienced Jedi.

    Mysterious figure: I have many other skills that do not require the Force. I was disillusioned by a Jedi.

    Luke: Whatever happened to you, I?m ready to listen.

    [The figure spins unbelievably fast with cape flowing behind so that Luke cannot react quick. Suddenly, we see Luke turn and block the figure?s attack. Still under the obscure hood, the figure almost whispers to Luke]

    Mysterious figure: No. You are not ready.

    [Fade to black]

    Voice over: The question of ?Why am I??

    [Cut to a scene with Mara speaking on a comlink]

    Mara: I know who you are. Your father was a legend.

    [CLOSE UP on the comlink
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    May 20, 2008
    Now Playing . . .

    (VO) They all come from different backgrounds . . . (VO)
    Shot shows Han, Luke, Vader and Lando
    (VO) They have different habits. (VO)
    Shot shows Vader walking around, Luke Force-lifting a rock, Lando playing a game of chance and Han piloting.
    (VO) They have their own unique stories. (VO)
    (VO) However, this will all change. (VO)
    Screen Shows "Rock Band" up on TV screen.
    (L) I got one!
    (H) Great, kid; don't get cocky!
    (V) Nooooo!
    Shot shows fingers playing guitars, Han shown playing drums.
    (VO) They have to learn to get along . . . (VO)
    (L) Cheat codes!
    (H) No!
    (In order to be a group. (VO)

    Star Wars: "Rock Legends"

    Now Playing . . .

    THE EVIL CLIFFIE Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 11, 2008
    Fic: WIP

    Black screen.


    A Chiss conference room, set out much like the Jedi council chambers. a man stands in the centre of a semicircle of seated Chiss, another man behind his right shoulder.


    CHISS VOICE: Do You Beleive the Sith survived after Palpatine and Vader's Death?

    A platoon of red-armoured troopers march along a starship corridor.

    A SITH CRUISER hangs in space above Ossus, bombarding the planet.

    Without sound, JACEN SOLO half-carries two children out of the JEDI ACADEMY. There is a flash, and Jacen is thown forward, as if by an explosion.

    Voice: "Well,"

    The STAR FORGE, above an unidentified sun. a cord of energy connects the two.

    The man inthe council room. we realise the man is REVAN.
    REVAN: "Anything's possible"

    Cut To Black.
    Title Fades into veiw


    Sith Happens This Fall

  10. Danaan

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Fic: My first, coming soon.

    FADE IN-


    A great auditorium filled with SENATORS and ADMINISTRATORS in session, as well as SUPPORT DRIODS of all kinds. They are all looking towards the centre where CHANCELLOR VALORUM presides as chairman, flanked by two BUREAUCRATS. Valorum stands, quiets the bustle of the room with a raised hand, and speaks into an amplifier that makes his voice BOOM across the room.

    The chair recognizes the chairman of the Defence Committee, Senator Palpatine, who will refer motion TX-181 regarding the recent developments on Alderaan.



    An airy but statesmanlike boardroom. A u-shaped table dominates. Standing beside the table, in Jedi robes, OBI-WAN KENOBI (early 40s) - blondish, stroking his well trimmed beard.



    A plain corridor. AIDEs scurry to and fro on official business. One door has Commander insignia on it. ANAKIN SKYWALKER approaches, wearing pilot gear. He is furious.




    The old and wrinkled Senator PALPATINE (early 70s) clad in his robes-of-station sits at his Chairman seat, across stands MACE WINDU (late 40s).

    ---For surely, you?re not suggesting that the Jedi Order would interfere into Senate matters?

    Regal and spactious but functional office. A large table dominates the centre, a high-backed chair behind it. On the side, smaller tables with controls, holo-maps and monitors.

    DART MAUL kneels in front of the holo-image of DARTH SIDIOUS.

    The Jedi will soon arrive on Alderaan.

    I shall destroy them, my master.

    Beautifully decorated luxurious corridors. Kenobi and and the blue Twi'lek TEYA'NEN (early 20s) make their way through.

    Teya?Nen stops.

    Wait! Can you feel it?

    Kenobi stops too. Teya?Nen gasps.

    The Dark side---it?s so strong with him!

    A small, but comfortable area for food and games. It has a cupboard, a small, table, and four chairs, all sparkly white fresh out of the factory. OWEN LARS (mid 20s), BERU WHITESUN (mid 20s), Anakin, Teya'Nen and Kenobi are there. Anakin is sitting by the table.

    This is serious. Only those trained in the ways of the Force can defeat this man.

    We?ll see---


    A crashed luxury cruiser in the middle of a stony slope. Debris is littered all over. In the distance sits a freighter. A pitched battle RAGES. Groups of MERCENARIES make their way towards the cruiser, using the debris for cover as they go. Around the cruiser, the ROYAL GUARDS occupy a make-shift defence line built from debris and furniture.

    The beautiful LIEUTENANT PADMÉ AMIDALA (early 20s), face partially obscured by a helmet, stands behind the barricade. Anakin steers a speeder - Teya'Nen and Kenobi stands on its front hood PARRYING BLASTS with their blue and silver lightsabers - close past the defence line.

    Jedi! Oh, no! Blast them!

    F: SPACE

    A DROID fighter closes on Anakin's fighter pod---Closes, closes, FIRES---

    MISS---Anakin?s pod ROLLS up, around and down behind the droid.

    Gold three, get back in formation! That?s an order!

    Anakin?s guns BLAST --- BOOM goes the droid---


  11. DarthJainaSolo

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    Jul 8, 2007

    [It is noontime, at a port in Naboo. A man, KADEN RAETHOR, is walking away from three people: a woman, a little girl, and a toddler boy, to a consular ship. Before entering the ship, he turns to them and waves goodbye, a smile on his face.]

    KADEN (V.O.)
    Few people know who I am.

    [The scene changes. This time we?re in a ballroom, where the New Republic President, LEIA ORGANA SOLO, is making a speech behind a glass podium.]

    KADEN (V.O.)
    I?ve been entrusted with the lives of the leaders of a vulnerable New Republic.

    [We pan down, to where KADEN is walking around, examining the room as if looking for threats.]

    KADEN (V.O.)
    I have a job to do.

    [The POV of the scene changes, and we see through the target of a sniper rifle?and LEIA is at the center of it.]

    KADEN (V.O.)
    The most important job you?ve never heard of.

    [Suddenly, two bodyguards collapse on LEIA, tackling her as a shot is fired from the rifle we are looking out of. The screen goes black, but we can hear the screams from the people in the ballroom.]

    [The screams stop very suddenly, followed by a second of complete silence and blankness. And then, the beeping of a commlink.]

    [Then, Kaden appears, in his Coruscant condominium, late in the evening. He answers the voice-only commlink, but does not say hello.]

    Kaden Raethor. Good job today.

    Who are you?

    I?m the man sitting across from your family.

    [Close-up of KADEN?s face. His jaw tightens in fear and rage.]

    [We go to the other end of the commlink, but we can only see the back of the man?s head, and behind that, Kaden?s wife, RHIANNON, six-year-old daughter, LISELE, and two-year-old son, HEATON.]

    You?ll want to do what I say from now on, Kaden.

    [We switch scenes, this time to a day-time landscape, where we can see a cloud of smoke in the sky. We pan down to a burning building.]

    [We go to an indoor conference, where an angry HAN SOLO is rushing KADEN as security guards hold him back.]

    Where were you? Where the kriff were you?!

    We arrived too late!

    [We go to a medcenter. A medic approaches KADEN.]

    I?m so sorry.

    [We go back to the building we saw before, only it is evening and the fire is gone. Now, there is a pile of rubble. KADEN surveys the scene, alone.]

    KADEN (V.O.)
    I?ve failed.

    [The scene switched to a room overlooking Coruscant. KADEN stares down, and HAN stands right beside him.]

    What would you do?

    The same thing you?re thinking about doing.

    [We go to a lit hallway. KADEN forcefully grabs an ion blaster from a case on the wall, and then walks down the hall with a purpose.]

    HAN (V.O.)
    But you?re not like me.

    [We go back to the room with HAN and KADEN. KADEN turns to HAN and regards him seriously.]

    You really think so?

    [Outside, on a street, LISELE runs up to KADEN and the two embrace like it has been years since they last saw each other.]

    [We go back to the hallway. KADEN is walking away, blaster in hand, his back turned to us. The lights turn off and the screen goes black.]

    [White block letters fade in on the screen.]


    [Smaller letters fade in underneath the word.]


    [link=]Now Playing[/link]

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    Nov 4, 1999

    Don't bother running. You won't get far enough.

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's third book goes live 11 AUG 2008.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
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    Dec 14, 1999
    Fic: Mine
    Title: Flashpoint


    FADE IN:

    The following text fades onto the black screen:

    It is a time of rebuilding in the galaxy?

    The words fade out to a black screen.

    FADE IN:

    We see the planet Corellia from space. Several transports are seen flying between its many orbiting space stations and the planet.


    Over the black screen, the following text fades in:

    It is a time of healing ?

    The words fade out to a black screen.

    FADE IN:

    We see Jaina Solo in an embrace with her mother and father near the entrance to an unfamiliar space craft. It is shaped like the Millennium Falcon, but is definitely different.


    Over the black screen, the following text fades in:

    It is time for new heroes?

    The words fade out to a black screen . The screen stays darker for a moment longer than the previous two times. Suddenly, the classic Star Wars theme sounds in.


    We see a mysterious man who seems familiar pull lightsabers out of the hands of Jaina Solo, Zekk and Ben Skywalker.


    We several troops who are very reminiscent of the old Empire firing on a room full of women and children.


    We see Jaina and the mysterious man battling each other with lightsabers.


    We Chief of State Daala standing at her desk, berating a very old Luke Skywalker.


    We see a man dressed as Boba Fett walking out of the Chief of State?s office, blaster in hand. He is not wearing his helmet. As he turns to the Chief of State, the music crescendos. Fett smiles.

    BOBA FETT: I?m going to enjoy this.

    CUT TO:

    The mysterious man we?ve seen previously standing in a room with Jaina Solo, Ben Skywalker, Zekk and Jag Fel.

    AIDEN RAZA: Do you have men just scattered all through this galaxy?

    CUT TO:

    Jaina Solo and Aiden Raza fighting off a team of death squad members. Jaina is wielding her lightsaber and Aiden is utilizing
    a large blaster.

    JAINA SOLO: We?ve got to get to the bunker!

    The music crescendos again and:


    Jaina disrupts a blaster bolt.


    Aiden, tied to a chair is punched hard from an unseen gloved hand.


    Ben Skywalker throws his lightsaber at a death squad trooper and then runs after it to pull it out of the dead man.


    Aiden and Jaina move in to kiss.


    The screen goes black and the title:

    FLASHPOINT is thrown up on the screen.


    Aiden is standing in a starship.

    AIDEN RAZA: You?re not the only one in the room with a famous grandfather kid.


    The music comes to an end and the following text zooms onto the screen

    NOW PLAYING [link=]CLICK HERE[/link]

  14. UrbanJedi

    UrbanJedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Dec 14, 1999
    Just curious. Has this helped anyone garner more readers? I think it's a cool idea, just wondering if it works.
  15. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    I'm not really sure if anything the Talons have put up here has led to a reader on its own, but the cumulative effort for getting the name out there has worked, definitely. So, while a trailer might not do it, the Talon name in our signatures, our trailers, our website, and everything in between definitely gets readers and eventually, new Talons. [face_mischief]
  16. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Don't bother running. You won't get far enough.

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's third book goes live 11 AUG 2008.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
  17. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Don't bother running. You won't get far enough.

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's third book goes live TOMORROW.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
  18. Jedi_Liz

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    Apr 24, 2000
    Coming SOON to the SAGA Boards......

    A BELOVED CLASSIC........... Gets a new Twist

    <Zoom in on Obi-Wan Kenobi in speeder going to spaceport>

    A YOUNG GIRL gets a new home

    <Zoom in on a young Mara Jade, staring in awe at her new home>

    And a small Chandrilan village is changed FOREVER........

    <Slow zoom in on various townspeople's faces>


  19. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
  20. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    A wreck, it is towed in the grips of a tractor beam towards one of the orbital shipyards of Nar Shadda

    She is almost circular with two sharp prongs at the front. A ball-shaped cockpit is on her right. She is mostly white with steel-blue parts indicating where the hull has extra strength added.

    A faded picture with three Falcons is on her hull next to the ramp


    Now playing on the saga boards

    [link=]DNA I.D. a CorSec mystery[/link]

    a saga for the NaNoWriMo
  21. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
  22. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
  23. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
  24. Kidan

    Kidan TFN EU Staff star 5 VIP

    Jul 20, 2003
    Fox Logo appears and fades. Lucasfilm Logo appears, and then cuts to a black screen.

    [fade in]
    A young child sits on his bed, hunched over. It is Anakin Solo and it is obvious that he is working on something with a feverish intensity.
    [fade out to black]

    <vo (deep, masculine & regal): What is reality?>

    [fade in]
    Anakin Solo climbs down from his bed, backing away from a cube that begins to spill out a bright, white light.
    [fade out to black]

    <vo (deep, masculine & regal): Is it this chair? This book? Or is it something more? Is it merely what we, all the collective intelligences of this universe, decide it is?">

    [fade in]
    The cube is cracking, even more light pouring out of it, harsh and brilliant.
    [fade out to black]

    <vo (deep, masculine & regal): If it is that last one. What happens if someone, somewhere, changes their mind? And what if that person has the power to change everyone's?>

    [Scene Switch]
    Luke Skywalker, dressed in full Jedi garb, stands before an Elf king. He was deep in thought, frowning slightly as if considering something the king had said. Finally, he looked up and spoke, saying, "But who? Who could have such power? Recreating reality itself? it's beyond anything I've ever heard of, and from what I understand it's even beyond the abilities of you Fey."

    The king nodded his head. "This is true. But our legends tell of one who does weld such power. He was our greatest king and our legends say that he will be so again. His name is Airgetlám, and within his silver hand he holds the power of creation? and destruction."

    Luke looked down at his droid hand for a moment, the frown on his face shifting to a scowl. "But that doesn't answer my question of who could have done this?"

    "Search yourself; I believe you already know the answer. You just fear it and what it means."

    [Scene Switch]
    Jaina Solo is riding on horseback, casting occasional glances over her shoulder; a look between terror and consternation painted on her face. The camera shifts and reveals that she's being pursued by a horde of dark creatures. She tosses a glance over at a young man riding on the horse beside him. "We cannot allow these fell beasts to catch us. What we know is too important."

    The man nods his head, and whips his reigns against the horses back driving it faster.

    [Scene Switch]
    Jacen Solo stands on a balcony, Tenel Ka beside him, as a legion of soldiers march in the street beneath them. He glances towards Tenel Ka. "If we are to conquer our world, then we must find this Airgetlám which the elves fear so much."

    [Scene Switch]
    Han Solo stands on the deck of the Millennium Falcon, but it is not a starship, but an airship; resembling a cross between a schooner and an airplane. Princess Leia walks up to him and grabs his hand. "I've talked to Luke."

    Han nods his head slowly. "What's the kid got to say this time?"

    "He? he thinks Anakin might still be alive."

    Han's head snaps toward his wife as his eyes widen in shock.

    [Scene Switch]
    Tahiri Viela stands in the deep desert, her face exposed to the wind, blond hair streaming out behind her, and her hand resting against the side of her bantha as she stared towards the north. A shudder raced through her thin frame, visible even from within the cloth wraps indicative of her tribe.

    Glancing again at her bantha, she begins to speak hesitantly. "I? I think it's time for me to leave the tribe. Something out there is calling me. I know it."

    She turns away, pulling her face mask back on as she does so.

    [Scene switch]
    The mountains of Kessel stretch out, the camera zooms in on the highest peak. Someone is standing there, wearing a brown cloak which hides all his features. A silver hand, etched with Celtic glyphs rises and pulls back the cowl, revealing a young man with tussled brown hair and haunted, ice-blue eyes.

    [scene fades and an Endless Knot appears]
  25. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

    [link=][/link] | [link=]Talon Headquarters[/link]
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