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    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

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    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

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    Nov 4, 1999

    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

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    Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, goes live 17 NOV 2008.

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    [link=]Talon Intelligence Squadron's fourth book, The Pursuit of All That Is Evil, is officially live![/link]

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    twentieth century fox logo
    Lucasfilm logo
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

    shot of hyperspace, the camera turns 180 degrees to reveal Ben Skywalker kissing Seha Dorvald, they are on Ship, the Sith Meditation Sphere. (music: love pledge)

    Black screen
    dwindling "Imperial March" a la Darth Vader's death scene.

    A little girl's voice (while screen is still black)
    Mommy, I had a bad dream.

    black screen fade in to show (music: Leia's theme)

    A dark room, a small figure sits up in a giant bed. She scrambles out from the covers, to reach for a brown pyramidal object, which apparently functions as a nightlight. The girl has auburn hair.

    simultaneously, Luke Skywalker's voice
    You hate me that much?

    scene fades, shows a scene reminiscent of Beggar's canyon on Taatooine. (music: Binary sunset)
    the camera pans off of a flat mesa to show the tiny river at the bottom of the valley. The water is transparent, at a particular turn in the river one can scarcely catch a sight of the twisted remains of a black metal cylinder.
    A young woman's voice
    My work and my life are done, Jacen. I'd really welcome a rest

    scene fades, and show a young woman with dark hair with a lightsaber dueling a wizened Sith Lord, a pause in the intense fighting. (music: Throne Room)
    Palpatine's voice
    Jedi girl, you're not strong enough to save lives. You're not strong enough
    scene abruptly ends, frames and sounds of a massive explosion
    black palpatine's voice
    to sacrifice one to save many.

    scene reveals itself as the duel on a flat mesa, Luke Skywalker learned to breathe again, having just cut off Lumiya's head. (music: Anakin's dark deeds)
    scene fade to black
    Luke's voice
    You killed my Mara...

    An auditorium (music: Watto's deal)
    Auctioneer: We have a Galactic Civil War Era Spaarti cylinder, going for 100 creds, do I have a 100 cred, 150, do I have a 200...."
    Sold to the lady in wookiee fur coat for --" fade to black
    Luke Skywalker's voice
    "Oh, sweet heart..."

    Scene (Music, duel of the fates)
    Ben Skywalker is dueling an unknown assassin, it looks like he has the upper hand when suddenly branches of the lightwhip curls around his neck
    abrupt utter blackness. (music cease in mid note)
    a young woman's voice
    Oaths matter, Luke, they are the only things you have in the end.

    Ben's voice and the little girl's voice simultaneously
    MOM!, MOM!


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    [blockquote]RETURN TO BOLIS ISLAND

    Teaser Trailer

    The Fox Logo appears and fades. The Lucasfilm Logo appears and fades. The haunting theme ?Across the Stars? begins as a series of images appears simultaneously with spoken words.

    Anakin Skywalker (voiceover): From the moment I met you, all those years ago?

    In The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide: Ruin, Jagged Fel, dressed in a crisp black Imperial uniform with red piping, steps off the dais of the Tafanda Bay?s reception hall. The crowd parts before him, and he bows respectfully to the young Jedi Knight Jaina Solo. He offers a greeting. She blinks, then smiles.

    Anakin Skywalker (voiceover): ? not a day has gone by when I haven?t thought of you.

    In The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force, Jaina waits on a frozen plain as a clawcraft spirals down for a textbook-perfect landing. As Jag climbs from the cockpit, she fidgets impatiently. Once his feet hit the ground, the young couple hold each other?s gazes. She grins before sprinting into his waiting arms.

    Padmé Amidala (voiceover): I can?t. We can?t. It?s just not possible.

    In Dark Nest: The Swarm War, a pair of Stealth-X starfighters pursue a clawcraft through the upper atmosphere above the clouds of the planet Tenupe. When the Jedi craft open fire, the Chiss fighter plummets into the Clawcraft Spin, a deadly whirling torrent of cannonfire.

    Anakin Skywalker (voiceover): And now that I?m with you again, I?m in agony.

    In Legacy of the Force: Exile, Jaina enters the main corridor of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. A taller figure shrouded in a dark cloak approaches from the opposite direction. They pass, then stop. Jaina turns, but the cloaked man does not. A moment later, he vanishes outside into the night.

    Anakin Skywalker (voiceover): The thought of not being with you ? I can?t breathe.

    In Legacy of the Force: Invincible, bloodied and battered, Jaina cradles the corpse of Darth Caedus in her lap in the disposal pit of the Anakin Solo. Jag rushes over to her and drops to kneeling, hurriedly injecting her with a stimshot. He takes her hand, and after a moment she looks up at him.

    The music transitions into the love ballad ?Han Solo and the Princess.?

    Announcer (voiceover): This winter, join the co-authors of The Courtship of Jagged Fel ?

    Her back pressed flat against a stone wall, Jaina leans out and peers around the corner, then jerks backs to her hiding place. A few seconds later a tall, vicious man walks by, unaware of her presence. Her elbow slashes upward, crashing into his jaw; his body slumps, unconscious before he hits the ground.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? T?Keira Lea and Darth Lex ?

    With Threepio and Artoo behind him, Jag stands in front of a drab gray counter, shouting and gesturing wildly. Opposite him is a droid, which only stares at him impassively. Finally Jag balls his fists and slams them down on the counter as hard as he can.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? for a new short story ?

    The camera races across the rolling vista of a calm cerulean sea. In the distance a small island becomes visible, its pristine white beaches sloping lazily to the surf. Only a forty-story resort tower rises above the island, stretching toward a cloudless sky lit by the warm glow of dawn.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? of love and sacrifice ?

    The camera angle is tight, focused only on the faces of Jaina and Jag as they look into each other?s eyes. A single bead of perspiration emerges from Jaina?s hairline and races down her brow. When Jag raises an eyebrow, she flashes him the trademark Solo smirk ? and he smiles, too.

    Announcer (voiceover): ? adversity and triumph ?

    A tall human man with short spiky hair and a goatee, all shocking white, and dressed in flamboyant, multicolored clothes, flings open t
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    [link=]The Face of a Warrior[/link]


    [The music ?Victory Celebration? begins to play.]

    Announcer (voiceover): Ten years ago, after the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong, the galaxy believed that they were finally at peace?

    [The camera shows Zonoma Sekot entering hyperspace.]

    Announcer (voiceover): ?but time has shown over and over again that peace rarely lasts, and few of them realize that a new threat is already rising?

    [The music transitions to ?Anakin?s Theme? as Wedge speaks.]

    Wedge (voiceover): The pressures that have brought this war into being are unambiguous, easy to identify. But there?s additional string-pulling going on that is harder to bring into focus. (1)

    Announcer (voiceover): ?both in the Galactic Alliance?

    [The scene fades to show Vergere standing next to another Fosh.]

    Vergere: Sister, I leave the legacy to you. When I am gone, it will be yours to continue.

    [The scene switches to a small room in Corellia. Delphin and Teppler sit in two chairs, slouching and staring fixedly at the floor.]

    Delphin: And what else can we do with errant Jedi?

    Teppler [sarcastically]: Assassinate them?

    [The camera zooms in from behind to show Aulani swathed in a flowing blue dress, and standing in front of a hanger where twelve X-wings spiral down to land in a triangular formation. The pilot from lead ship hops out and walks towards her, saluting on the way.]

    Pilot: You may not wish us in this battle, Your Highness, but Hearts Squadron is ready to serve our people. We are ready to fight.

    Announcer (voiceover): ?in the Imperial Remnant?

    [The scene switches to the bridge of a different ship, with technicians and soldiers swarming all over. Gilad Pellaeon stands at the front, wearing his white uniform and gazing out the transparisteel. A young Lieutenant approaches him.]

    Lieutenant: The Death Star is now operational, sir.

    Pellaeon: Excellent.

    Announcer (voiceover): ?and in the Unknown Regions.

    [The scene switches to show a clawcraft blowing up with a grey moon silhouetted in the background. After a moment, a scream is heard.]


    [The scene zooms in to show Syal?s face, then switches to a view of Soontir in a formal garden, standing next to a uniformed Chiss.]

    Thillay: Have you made a decision, then?

    Soontir: We are ready, now. Commence operation Cem.

    Thillay: I will let Graff known. The first attack will commence at 0200 hours.

    [The camera view moves quickly over a lush planet covered with Vong, stopping outside a small hut with two Yuuzhan Vong standing outside.]

    Nas Choka: We are ready to return to the known galaxy.

    [The music switches to ?Imperial March.?]

    Announcer (voiceover): A new war is already beginning?

    [The scene shows Luke Skywalker looking at a holo of Formbi on the screen in front of him.]

    Formbi: You will withdraw your Jedi from Akaith. Immediately.

    [Jacen Solo stands dressed in a GAG uniform and a black cape on a stage. In front of him, a huge crown, all of whom are wearing black GAG uniforms save for the holoreporters, stands and applauds.]

    Announcer (voiceover): ?it has already been over three decades since a full Sith Lord has been given free reign over the galaxy?

    [The screen turns black. There is a flash that shows a red lightsaber, and then two glowing eyes.]

    Announcer (voiceover):?but three powerful forces are already battling amongst themselves for the position.

    [The music switches to ?Luke and Leia.?]

    Announcer (voiceover): This war will be a war between families?

    Myri Antilles (voiceover): But if you look at family ties, one minute you all together, and then, boom, you were scattered across the galaxy. (1)

    Announcer (voiceover): ?every family in the galaxy will be torn apart? the Solos?

    [Jaina and Jacen are facing each other in a dark room, their lightsabers crossed.]

    Announcer (voiceover): ?the Skywalkers?

    [In L
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    Teaser Trailer

    To a silent audio track, the Fox Logo appears and fades. The Lucasfilm Logo appears and fades. The screen remains dark, still without music or voiceover. In the silence, one-second images flash between two seconds of blackness.

    In space above the planet Bastion, a lone, matte-black Stealth-X starfighter weaves its way through the fleet of Star Destroyers and smaller warships standing guard above the Imperial capital.

    Dressed in formal civilian attire, all in black, Jagged Fel stands tall. His pose confident, his bearing regal, he turns to the face the camera and offers a subtle, almost invisible grin.

    In a richly appointed room draped in the darkness of night, Jaina Solo suddenly bolts upright in bed.

    The camera flies over the cityscape of Coruscant, darkening in the gloomy hues of sunset, until it focuses upon a severe structure in the distance.

    In a narrow gray corridor, Jaina wields her lightsaber in dazzling swaths of light. Despite the speed of her defense, she barely manages to deflect away the incoming blasterfire from three YVH droids advancing on her.

    The skies of Coruscant are shrouded by thick, gray clouds as the camera pans through a wide view of the towering spires of the Jedi Temple.

    Jedi Master Corran Horn, his hands held patiently in his lap, sits in a prison cell. He wears his usual Jedi robes, and his lightsaber and blaster pistol hang from his belt.

    Images continue to flash at the same intervals; now each is accompanied by sound.

    Audio: The booted feet of stormtroopers running down a corridor.
    Chief of State Natasi Daala spins on a heel and stalks away from Master Kenth Hamner. Then she stops and turns back over her shoulder to make one last remark.

    Audio: A vicious exchange of blasterfire by numerous shooters on both sides.
    A matte-black Special Forces infiltration vessel slashes downward through a planetary upper atmosphere, leaving no contrails despite its rapid descent.

    Audio: The distinctive screeching flyby of TIE fighters.
    Surrounded on one side by Galactic Alliance soldiers and the other by Imperial stormtroopers, Daala stands toe-to-toe with Jag, himself dressed in Imperial armor.

    Audio: A starfighter?s blaster cannons opening fire.
    With a small number of Jedi a short distance behind him, Hamner steps forward with a sad, solemn expression on his face. The man he approaches, Jag, offers only malice in return.

    Audio: The distinctive snap-hiss of a lightsaber igniting.
    Jaina looks up at Jag, confusion in her eyes. He leans in close and speaks to her. She nods, then smiles tentatively as she reaches out to place her hands in his.

    Abruptly ?The Imperial March? blares while two-second images flash in sequence, no longer intercut with blackness.

    Two massive fleets, each comprised of multiple Star Destroyers, warships, and swarms of TIE fighters, wage a fierce, fiery battle against a brilliant starscape.

    Jag?s eyes widened as he looks at Corran. Then Jag?s mouth curls into a thoughtful frown, and he nods. In response, Corran simply tips his head in a bow of respect.

    Side by side, Jaina and Jag run headlong down a narrow gray corridor. Her lightsaber blazes in her grip, and he holds his blaster pistol at the ready.

    The camera plummets at incredible speed past the highest stories of Coruscant?s skyscrapers. Ahead and to the sides a half-dozen soldiers in military dropsuits plunge downward at the same velocity.

    In a closeup camera angle, Jag turns abruptly to face Han and Leia Solo, who look at him with anxious, determined expressions written across their faces.

    Jaina rises on her toes into Jag?s embrace, pressing herself tightly against him. He leans down and kisses her passionately.

    As ?The Imperial March? smashes to its conclusion, red text on a black background appears.

    [hl=silver]STAR WARS:
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    Star Wars: Vengeance of the Dream Catcher

    From the hounds of hell came a being so malicious that his name was not spoken. The dreams brought terror and unimaginable horrors to life; he was a tyrant of Dreams in his day. He was the stuff nightmares were made of.

    Since then, his victims have forgotten the terror that he reigned onto them, and he was defeated. But this is not the end; he has been searching for somewhere outside his home, somewhere that has seen evil before, but not like this. Not even in their dreams have the seen what?s coming their way, but he will show them.

    The young Jedi of the Academy know of the dark side, but this time their unknown enemy IS the dark side. The enemy they face is beyond their comprehension, beyond anything the galaxy has faced. Their enemy is merciless. Will they be able to fight something that isn?t even in the force, something that has been carved from the hands of the devil himself? Only time will tell.

    He is the Dream Catcher, the Master of Dreams.

    One, two.

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    Unlocked and bumped per request.
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    Madman Productions presents...

    The Star Wars saga has given many interpretations of the dark side

    The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be?unnatural. - Palpatine

    A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware the dark side.
    Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side of the Force are they.
    - Yoda

    You don't know the power of the dark side! - Darth Vader

    On a mission of peace just before the chaos of the Vong War, Mara Jade Skywalker and her new Jedi apprentice, Jaina Solo, will discover a new definition of the dark side

    Mara Jade Skywalker: The Mahra Pirates. They were once a violent nuisance to the Empire back in the day. Now it seems they've turned over a new leaf. They're on Quilura.

    Jaina Solo: I thought the Gurlanins didn't allow humans on their turf.

    Mara: The Mahra have a mix of different species. For some reason, the Gurlanins allow them to share a specific space.

    Jaina: So, we're going into the hostile environment of one species to sign a peace treaty of another formerly hostile group of pirates. Where do I sign up?

    Mara: We already did.

    They will question the difference between what they see and what they believe.

    Mahra leader: We are no longer what we were. Violence is not an answer. We now seek peace.

    Mara: I'll believe that when I see it.

    They will see a mix of cultures coming together in harmony. It is a life that neither has experienced before.

    For Jaina, it is the chance to gain back her sense of childhood

    Jaina: Everybody loved my lightsaber. They were so in awe. They're so calm and happy here.

    Mara: Glad your using your Jedi skills as a circus act.

    Jaina: But it's fun!

    For Mara, it means a life that she doesn't believe she is ready for yet

    A mother holding a baby: Someday, you could be a mother.

    Mara: I don't think so.

    Mother: Oh, yes. You will be a good mother.

    Mara: I'm not so sure.

    Everything seemed to be perfect


    [Jaina wakes up suddenly]: I saw...a young girl walking in a forest. She was screaming for help.

    Mara: Was it a vision?

    Jaina: No. It...didn't feel like the Force.

    Mara: What did it feel like?


    There are some things that can seem perfect

    Mara: There is so much that we don't know about the Mahra.

    Some secrets should stay a secret

    Mara [seeing a far away island within a large lake]: What is that out there?

    Mahra leader: That is Neekro island. We do not speak of it. It is forbidden.

    Some places should stay a mystery

    A woman drawing on the ceiling: No! You have to cancel the factors! They're not coming for dinner. Too crowded. Ahhh, so pretty the domes of their heads.

    Jaina: What's wrong with her?

    Mahra clansman: She has never been the same since she came back.

    Jaina: Came back from where?

    Mahra clansman: Neekro island.

    When secrets do escape, panic takes over

    Mahra leader: The Jedi girl. She saw her in a vision and survived. You know what this means? We have to fulfill the prophecy.

    And with panic comes a darkness that the Jedi have not known.

    [scene of a pale young girl walking alone at night in a forest. She screams in silence.]

    Jaina [screaming]: Get out of my head!!

    From the author of the Mary Jane Skyler Trilogy, and Traits Of Descent, comes a story that proves...

    Luke Skywalker: I think we've disturbed something that wasn't meant to be disturbed.

    Lando Calrissian: Not another Sith spirit.

    Luke: No.

    ...the dark side does not always involve the Force

    Luke: Something worse

    Coming soon just in time for Halloween

    From Madman007

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    The Emperor is dead.

    The Empire is crumbling.

    Only two people can hold it together.

    ?You can be honest,? Thrawn hissed. ?Madame Director, you are clearly planning to take the Empire for yourself and eliminate such threats as myself.?

    ?Why would I ever consider such a thing?? Isard responded with a predatory smile, her unsuccessful attempt to look innocent. ?I?d appreciate your assistance in keeping the Empire together. It is quite a bit of work for one person.?

    If they succeed, they are unstoppable.

    If they fail...

    Mara Jade enters Isard's office. "What do you want from me?"

    Isard glares. "You were the late Emperor's personal assassin. Find the Rebels on Imperial Center and bring them to me, alive."

    Will the Rebels have a chance, at all?

    ?You're Luke Skywalker,? Jade hissed, her voice dropping an octave. ?How in hell did you get here? I'm planning to kill you.?

    Find out. [link=]Unexpected Heirs[/link], now playing on Beyond the Saga.
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    Mar 26, 2001
    Backlit shot of twelve people in various types of clothes, standing on a stage before an empty auditorium. Sound of cameras clicking.

    NARRATOR: Seventeen will stand. Only twelve will remain.

    Shot of a young woman sobbing pathetically in a corner.

    Shot of a young man banging his head against his computer desk.

    NARRATOR: From DarthIshtar, the acclaimed and twisted mind behind "Totally My Squadron" and "Beauty and the Brained."

    Quick shots of all seventeen characters, all looking either horrified or terrified.

    NARRAOTR: From the muse that co-wrote "Fanfiction: The Musical" comes a story like no other.

    Frontal shot of the seventeen characters, still looking horrified. The true reason for this is revealed: They're at their computers, typing feverishly as a diabolical figure--the Collective Muse--prowls in the background.

    CHORUS (singing):
    Force, I hope I get it!
    I hope I get it!
    How many writers does she need?

    The previously sobbing young woman struts across the stage, swinging a laptop case.

    Mush 10
    Angst 3
    And I'm still called just a newbie
    Beggars really can't be choosy
    "That ain't it, kid,
    That ain't it, kid"

    Shot of her post history with a plethora of angstfics.

    Fixed my stories
    "How do you do?"
    Life turned into an
    endless medley of
    "God, your muse must love you!"

    RK_STRIKER_JK_5 appears, clutching a cardboard box of action figures from every fandom imaginable. He may have been 'voted off.'

    Kiss Star Trek goodbye
    Transformers goes tomorrow
    Wish them luck,
    the same to you
    But I won't regret
    What I did for mush
    What I did for mush

    Various action shots of characters typing in a choreographed manner and doing victory dances once their chapters are posted. Eventually, they congregate behind their computers for some synchronized typing.

    Great collaboration
    Every little post we make
    Thrilling combination
    Every gold Yoda we take!

    The screen goes black as a lone laptop displays the title.

    NARRATOR: "A ROUND ROBIN." Coming to your plot bunny thread in January 2011.
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    Jan 21, 2010
    A galaxy is in pieces . . .

    ?Seventeen more systems have reported they are breaking off from the Rebublic? ? Windu
    ?Seventeen? That means more than half of those remaining in the Republic has been lost in the last month!? - Obi-Wan

    Rules have been broken,

    ?The Galactic Senate finds Empress Naberrie, guilty on four counts of treason.? - Organa

    Codes forgotten,

    ?Always two there are, no more, no less. A master, and an apprentice.? - Yoda
    ?Well I guess they have chosen to forgo that.? - Obi-Wan

    Friends betrayed,

    ?You were my sister! I loved you!? - Obi-Wan
    ?And I hate you.? - Bant

    And all hope seems lost.

    ?Bothan spies report completion of a planet size space station off of one of the moons of Endor. It is still unknown to whom this station belongs? - Windu

    - Pan out to black space where a ship appears on the ?horizon? ?

    Until one day

    - Black boots walk quickly/smoothly/gently clanging across a silver surface and we hear a respirator breathing sound-

    The fate of the galaxy

    ?Well then you are lost!? - Obi-Wan

    Inadvertently falls

    ?You most learn to follow the Force, if you are ever to find a way home? - Obi-Wan

    Into the hands

    ?It is the most elegant weapon? - Obi-Wan

    Of three outsiders.

    - Flash three faces ?

    And they will stop at nothing

    ?I give up.? ? Yiia
    ?You give up? We?ve only just begun!? - Quint

    To find a way to save the galaxy,

    ?Why us?? ? Wex
    ?Because you were chosen? - Obi-Wan

    And find a way home

    ?I don?t want to stay here Obi-Wan.? ? Yiia
    ?I know? - Obi-Wan
    ?I want to go home.? - Yiia


    ?We don?t belong here.?- Wex

    - fade to black -

    Star Wars: Reasons To Survive
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    Aug 21, 2006
    A flashback is playing.

    Four crystals and one globule have come together.
    Count Dooku smiles.
    He has seen the ultimate weapon.

    He has to flee the planet.
    But he takes the secret with him to Geonosis.

    An expanding nebula.


    Sheir-Irel have come together for a reunion.
    Their planet was destroyed.


    They will save more.

    Now playing [link=]Reunion[/link]

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    In a galaxy where Rogue Squadron can vape any enemy at any time?

    In a galaxy where Corran Horn thinks he?s a sex god?

    In a galaxy where Hobbie Klivian is a [LINK=]woobie[/link]?

    In a galaxy where Wedge Antilles is given a headache the size of the Corellian system...

    In a galaxy where Wes Janson can't stop giggling...

    In a galaxy where Talon Karrde knows all?

    In a galaxy where the fate of the New Republic (not really) rests on a Jedi delegation and their negotiations with the ridiculously named planet of Plooma (or as Janson calls it, Plooooooooma)?

    In a galaxy where Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade are forced to pretend that they are married for two very, very, very long weeks?


    Join JediMara77 and Lane_Winree for a new X-Wing series adventure set between the Corellian Trilogy and Hand of Thrawn Duology --


    Luke Skywalker!
    Mara Jade!
    Wedge Antilles!
    Corran Horn!
    Hobbie Klivian!
    Tycho Celchu!
    Wes Janson!
    Talon Karrde!
    the rest of Rogue Squadron!

    and Introducing:
    Jon Gemar, Ploomian ambassador to the New Republic!
    Valara Lissiri, Director of the Ploomian Security Force! (or as Corran Horn calls it, PloSec)
    Murray Dyartes, young and eager PloSec intern with a thing for redheads!
    Fiolla Flotto, crazy Jedi historian and wannabe!

    You will laugh (we promise)!

    You will laugh some more (we hope)!

    You will yell at Luke and Mara to stop being idiots and just jump in the sack already (most definitely)!


    (as soon as the authors start writing it)
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    Jun 9, 2011
    Is there a thread to post fanfic trailers for non SW works?
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