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FanForce Rules - PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'Archive: Midlands and Wales' started by Spike2002, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Spike2002

    Spike2002 Former FF-UK RSA and Arena Manager star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 4, 2002
    Ok peeps, the RSAs and GSAs have been working for over a month now to update and clarify the "rules" for a FF chapter, and this is what has been agreed on. It may look daunting, but 90% of it is common sense and is stuff that us lot in the UK do as a matter of course anyway. A lot of this is a result of problems with meets in other chapters, and is here to protect the FF, but mostly to protect the membership. Please use this thread to ask any questions, or offer any comments :)

    1) Club Membership

    FanForce is open to every Star Wars fan with very few exceptions. General club membership cannot be denied for a lack of costume or a lack of money for dues. costumes are NOT REQUIRED to join any FanForce. Membership also cannot be denied based on a person's gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or age (for people over 18). All official FanForce events need to be open to all ages, and family friendly.

    The membership must use and maintain the forum provided by TFN to keep their official status as a FanForce. Also, there must be at least three members for the chapter to be official.

    2) Becoming an Official Chapter

    The first step to becoming an official FanForce Chapter is getting a chapter forum. There need to be three separate people from the same area interested in the chapter before a forum will be created. After a forum has been created, the club members need to have three meetings (with at least three members each) within a year. These meetings need to be announced on the chapter forum to be considered toward the three required, and they should be announced on the TFN main page if possible. After or during the third meeting, the first annual Chapter Rep election should be held (see the rule on Chapter Reps). Also, so stay official, a club must continue to have at least three meetings per twelve month period.

    3) FanForce is not a costuming group

    Fan Force is intended to be primarily a social group. While costumers can be a part of any Fan Force, costumes are not, nor will they ever be, required to join a FanForce or hold an officer position in the club. There are other groups where having a movie accurate costume is a requirement for official membership. This is not the case in Fan Force. Anyone is welcome, costume or not.

    Some successful and active FFs around the globe have active costume aspects of their group, but do maintain a balance of events. Also, if a FF attends a costumed event, non-costumed fans and members must be allowed to attend and participate.

    4) Distance between Chapters

    It is generally best to have a chapter centered around a particular city. The rule of thumb on the minimum distance between chapters is fifty miles, give or take. This is subject to population density. Areas that are more densely populated could have chapters that are closer together, while more sparsely populated areas may have chapters farther apart. Special circumstances can be considered.

    5) Meetings

    All official FanForce meetings and events must be open to all ages and be family friendly. All members must be welcome at all events (unless removed from the group with GSA and RSA approval). Some meetings should be in public places to help new potential members feel more at ease. Meetings need to be announced on the chapter forum at least 1-2 weeks prior to the meeting, and should be announced on the TFN main page as well.

    Alcohol is allowed to be consumed and served at meetings, but all laws concerning alcohol consumption must be followed. If a chapter is found to have knowingly served alcohol to a minor, they may lose their status as a FanForce and legal action will be taken.

    Meetings cannot all be costumed events, and even costumed events should be welcoming to those members without costumes.

    6) Chapter Forums

    Chapters need to use their TFN forum often for event postings, chapter updates, and some
    socialization to draw in new members. The forum is the chapters main connection with FanForce. If a chapter only uses their f
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