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Discussion in 'Croatia' started by Obi Anne , Jul 3, 2009.

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    Here's an update on what's going on around the globe with different FanForce chapters. Be inspired by all the fun that's taking place!

    Comic-Con International is coming up soon in San Diego. Be sure to swing by the Fan Force booth upstairs if you're going!

    Reading PA is talking again! A noob walked in looking for someone to talk to and made a friend. We're hoping they continue discussions and revive the chapter.

    Buffalo, NY
    1. Participated in the Camp Good Days & Special Times Annual Gala June 20. Costumed characters posed for pictures and added to the "A New Hope" theme for the evening. Camoers were treated to goodie bags from the characters. Members of Garrison Excelsior were on hand to help as well.

    2. North Ridge members also participated in the Buffalo Bisons 2nd Annual Star Wars Night at the Ballpark. Members signed autographs, posed for pictures, and participated in on-field promotions during the game. Darth Vader announced the starting lineups and lead the ballpark in signing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Once again, members of Garrison Excelior were on hand as well as Garrison Carida.

    3. The North Ridge held a meeting June 27 to greet new members. Ten new members were introduced to the group and welcomed with a special raffle. Go kart racing followed the meeting with Bobachris12 edging StoyBoy720 bu the slimest of margins.

    Pittsburgh continues to discuss Star Wars and get together for fun.

    Binghamton, NY is working on a new website to promote the group and has several events planned for the summer.
    Des Moines is have a BBQ on the 3rd at Hothie's and my house. We're planning on miniatures, Wii, and probably watching Star Wars.

    Kansas City is having their annual Bantha BBQ next weekend.

    Puerto Rico got an invitation to a parade on July 4 in San Juan.
    Also on July 23 2009 they helped some study moms by spending some time with some kids in a Day Care.

    Panama Saturday August 8 ATLAPA Anime 2009. More details later.
    Esperamos que sigan confirmando y anotandose voluntarios para estar en nuestro stand. Gracias.

    VicFF arranging a viewing together of FanBoys,.
    NZFF is moving along
    WA members are discussing the SupaNova Con there soon.
    NSWFF had Supanova last weekend.
    SAFF has a BBQ planned, and are organising CiJ with about 14 attending.

    FanForce Updates like this have been posted in the FanForce Communications forum during the spring. Since few read those I've taken it to posting it all over the Europe region. As you see information about Europe is severly lacking. Have you had a meeting, have you had a particularly great/funny/memorable discussion, or do you just want to make people aware of what's going on in your forum. Please tell me and I'm going to make sure that it gets mentioned in the updates.

    Johanna, Regional Support Administrator - FanForce Europe
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    Thanks for posting updates! :)
    We've been extremely dead in here lately, but if anything happens, we'll be sure to let you know. :)
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    Like so? :p
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