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Beyond - Legends Fate (35 A.B.Y, Luke,Han,Leia,Mara, much more)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by BSlykeSWFan, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Sep 6, 2012
    Hey everyone this may be surprising but I have created some interesting characters. Children of the Skywalker's and Solo's in fact. Instead of using Ben, Jaina, Jacen. I have created my own, this is odd but it's just my take. This is a AU fanfic, I have a big storlyine planned for this and know where I want to take it, that way I can finish this fan fiction unlike my other ones I have attempted to write.

    Title: Fate

    Author: BSkykeSWFan

    Timeline: 35 A.B.Y

    Genre: Action/Adventure

    Dramatic Persona
    Luke Skywalker, Jedi Grand Master (human male)

    Leia Organa Solo, Prime Minister of Corellia (human female)

    Han Solo, Director of Corellian Security (human male)

    Thrackan Sal-Solo, Minister of War of Corellia (human male)

    Sa’boo Ackbar, Chief of State (Mon Calamari female)

    Yuka Noon, Ambassador of Sarka (Sarkan male)

    Wedge Antilles, Federal Republic Alliance Naval Admiral (human male)

    Mara Jade Skywalker, Jedi Master (human female)

    Mae Skywalker, Jedi Knight (human male) **Luke & Mara’s daughter, 15**

    Sam Solo, Jedi Knight (human male) **Han & Leia’s son, 17**

    Chet Solo, Jedi Master (human male) **Han & Leia’s son, 21**

    Zane Komar, Jedi Knight (Chiss male)

    Boron Backlun, Jedi Knight (human male)

    Chewbacca, Solo/Skywalker friend (Wookie male)

    C-3PO, Protocol Droid

    R2-D2, Astromech Droid

    It has been a time of total peace for nearly 10 years. After the death of the Emperor, the Federal Republic Alliance was formed. A new governing power that was fair and balanced. They hunted out the remains of the Empire, as well as absorbed those who surrendered freely. In the 35 years after the fall of the Emperor, the Jedi played a prominent role in reformation. Luke Skywalker took on the task of reforming the Jedi Order, and accomplished the goal within 15 years.

    In the time after that the Jedi helped majorly in government affairs, at times commanding the military, as well as having representation on the senate. However many planets became upset with the power the Jedi possessed. They were skeptical, and thought that the Jedi should only help keep peace and not make government decisions. However Luke defended the honor of the Jedi and assured the galaxy that they had the best intentions. And as long as the government approved of their involvement, their stay should be warmly welcomed. But still some disagreed, and this caused civil unrest. And war was closely approaching.

    Ontop of the accusations Luke was faced with another issue. A disturbance in the force, something more powerful than he ever felt. It wasn’t just a disturbance; it was a rupture, something that would change the course of history. Something that could cause death and suffering, but it needed to be investigated, it needed to be discovered. It was the fate of the whole galaxy, and it could not be stopped.
  2. BSlykeSWFan

    BSlykeSWFan Jedi Youngling

    Sep 6, 2012
    Restarting this fan fic. Like the storyline, but I can write better.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Hi and welcome!!! Very intriguing start! =D= All the canon characters feel true to themselves :cool: And Kyp Solo? I like! that! LOL ;) I love AUs that go in totally unique paths and keep Mara right where she belongs :p @};-
  4. BSlykeSWFan

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    Sep 6, 2012
    Prologue: New Threat

    Federal Republic Alliance Headquarters, Coruscant

    Luke Skywalker swiftly entered a conference room of the FRA Defense Force Headquarters, his Jedi robes just barely sweeping the marble floor as he entered. Luke searched the faces in the room, all of them smiling towards him, but he knew there were serious matters that needed attention. Seated around the large circular table in cushioned chairs were Chief of State Sa’boo Ackbar, Sa’boo was a strong willed Mon Calamarian and the niece of the late Admiral Gial Ackbar. Next to her to the left was the Chief of War Cal Omas, the older gray man from Alderaan. And on opposite sides of each other were Admiral Wedge Antilles, who since the last time Luke had saw had aged, and across from him Admiral Qaun Coome, a middle aged man from Naboo that Luke didn’t know much about. Luke took a seat next to Wedge and shook hands with his old friend upon sitting down.

    “Welcome Master Skywalker.” Sa’boo greeted Luke warmly.

    “Hello, I not only bring a greeting from me personally, but the rest of the Jedi Council sends their well wishes.” Luke greeted back.

    “Very well, now that we are all here I would like to turn our attention to the matters at hand. Since he is the acting Chief of War, Cal Omas well now inform you of what he told me late last night.” Sa’boo paused and glanced toward Cal, “begin.”

    Wedge relaxed in his chair, no time was being wasted to start the meeting, and he was told it was urgent, although he had his doubts. For a moment before Cal began to speak though, just by the look on his face, Wedge could tell Cal felt uncomfortable about saying what he was about to. And that began to worry Wedge.

    “Last night,” Cal rose from his chair and reached into a pocket of his vest. He pulled out a small hologram device, and set it in the center of the table, “my office received three messages. Two of them were calls for help from the planets Tralus and Talus. The third was from Ambassador Yuka Noon of Sarka.”

    “Sarka, their relatively a quiet planet.” Wedge stated.

    “I’m not concerned about that message; I’m more interested in these distress calls.” Added Admiral Coome.

    “I’m afraid the messages are related.” Cal took control of the conversation again. “It appears to my office as well as madam Ackbar’s office that the FRA is at war.”

    “What do you mean?” Questioned Luke, “I thought were in an era of peace.”

    “So did we, but these messages disprove that belief.” Cal sighed deeply. “The messages from Tralus and Talus stated that both planets were being invaded. At the time the messages were recorded the invaders had not been identified, but they were presumed to be allies and members of the FRA.”

    “You said those messages were related to the from Ambassador Noon, that means.” Wedge began but was interrupted by Coome.

    “Sarka has started a war with their allies?” Coome wondered.

    “Exactly!” Sa’boo confirmed.

    “I will now play you the message that we received from Ambassador Noon.” Cal reached toward the hologram device and pressed a rectangular red button. Suddenly a blue tinted image was projected from the device. The image was of Ambassador Noon, a Sarkan with green skin and the traditional long snout of the species. He began to speak.

    “Greetings members of the Federal Republic Alliance, as you know I’m Ambassador Yuka Noon of Sarka. I’m sincerely sorry to announce that the Sarka Guard has successfully invaded Tralus and its sister planet Talus. But no need to worry, they surrendered without violence. These actions may surprise you, but they are rightfully justified. In the eyes of me and my administration, the FRA is corrupt. Your ranks are plagued with an unconstitutional committee that you refer to as the FRA Advisory Council. The idea of the council is intelligent, but the lackadaisical respect of rules is the rue of the discrepancies that Sarka has toward the FRA. We are disgusted with the fact that the Jedi Order has five out of the twelve members on the Advisory Council. It is to my understanding that the role of the Jedi was to provide protection to the galaxy, not be involved with the government. The Jedi are the cause of our anger, and as long as they possess the power of influence that they do in FRA affairs we will continue to aggress. Our next target, Corellia, time is running out. And mark my words; Sarka is not the only planet that shares the same ideology as me. Many others have heard my plead for justice to be served, and I promise other planets well join me if nothing is changed. This is a call; no this is a demand for reformation. We want the Jedi out of the Advisory Council. But until they are not omitted, war is inevitable.”

    The image of Noon disappeared and everyone in the room sat for moments contemplating the message.

    “Now Master Skywalker, you and I both know that the original role of the Jedi was to be peacekeepers. However times have changed. We are in an era of peace, but the only reason we got here was because of you and the Jedi. You have helped restore balance, and it’s only fair for the Order to be rewarded with membership on the Advisory Council. It’s not an act of injustice in any meaning of the word.” Sa’boo was mainly speaking to Luke, but her last sentence was directed to the rest of the group as well.

    And me and you have personally discussed this matter in the past and we have a mutual feeling on the Order’s doings.” Luke replied.

    “And I doubt anyone in this room, or any in your administration madam Ackbar would disagree with the two of you.” Wedge jumped in.

    “Personally,” Cal spoke up, “I have no issues with the Order having members on the Advisory Council. But we are met with a difficult decision. Before there were only mumbles of complaints on this matter, but now the problem has escalated. Were faced with a civil war, our own allies have committed terrorism against us. Maybe change is the only way.”

    “No, we will not just bow down to Ambassador Noon that easily. Nor will we retaliate with violence. At least not until the Sarka Guard does something to truly aggravate acts of war. By standards were at war, but no need for bloodshed yet.” Sa’boo spoke confidently.

    “Yet.” Wedge remarked.

    “Exactly, eventually a skirmish will break out.” Coome agreed.

    “That may be, but I would like to at least request a meeting with the Ambassador and possibly make an agreement. But if not then I will not shy away from using our forces to regain Tralus and Talus.”

    “What about Corellia?” Luke asked, “you heard what he said, Corellia is their next target.”

    “I will notify Prime Minister Solo, and her Chief of War, Thrackan Sal-Solo, and inform her on this matter. I will also be in contact with government officials of Drall. And I’m requesting patrol and security for both Drall and Corellia.” Sa’boo answered.

    “That’s where I come in!” Wedge smirked.

    You as well as Admiral Coome.” Sa’boo glanced at both Admirals. “Admiral Antilles you will command your fleet and orbit Corellia. Admiral Coome take your fleet and orbit Drall.”

    “What about ground forces?” Coome asked.

    “We already have a FRA Army Defense Force stationed on Drall, and the commanding officer will be notified. And as for any ground troops for Corellia, well Director Han Solo of CorSec will have that under control.”

    “Han is always ready for a fight!” Wedge joked about his friend.

    “That he is.” Sa’boo returned a smile. “At this point I have nothing further. Admiral Antilles, Admiral Coome. Prepare your fleets tonight, Cal’s office will give you leave orders by mid-day tomorrow.” Sa’boo rose from her chair, “until then I wish you all well.”

    “May the force be with all of us!” Luke concluded.

    “And were going to need it.” Wedge’s comment brought a smile to everyone’s face.

    The meeting was finished, but the battle had just begun…
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Things are intensifying [face_thinking] Looks like the FRA are handling it efficiently and reacting swiftly not in panic =D=
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    FYI: When I say two weeks later, two days later, and one day later. I mean two weeks after the invasion of Tralus and Talus, and ect... ect... Anyway here is the first chapter of Fate!!!!

    Chapter 1: Ambition

    Skywalker’s Quarters, Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    Two weeks later…

    “But dad!” Mae Skywalker whined.

    No means no Mae!” Luke was firm in his response.

    “But Chet is going!”

    “That’s because your cousin is a seasoned Jedi. Considering the fact he is your master.”
    Luke said to his daughter.

    Luke looked at his daughter, she had the facial features of Mara but her hair was long, curvy, and blonde, the color of his. She was beautiful, and he loved her with all her heart. But she was young, just recently turned fifteen, being trained by her older cousin Chet Solo. And although she was promising, she was young. And traveling Tatooine and getting involved with Hutts was a dangerous task for a fifteen year old, and Luke would not put his own daughter at risk.

    “Please dad!” She begged.

    “I’m sorry Mae, I just won’t allow it. Someday you will understand.” Luke put his arm on his daughter’s shoulder who immediately tugged away.

    “Your father is right Mae. And he is only doing this out of love.” Mara added.

    “How many times have I heard that before?” Mae asked rhetorically, “when are you going to start letting me grow up?”

    Luke and Mara fell silent.

    “No answer, that’s what I expected!” Mae stormed out of her parent’s quarters.

    Silence fell between Luke and Mara for moments after their daughter’s parting.

    “She’s right you know.” Mara finally spoke up as she sat down on the bed.

    “I know she is,” Luke made his way over and also sat on the bed. “But you have to see my point of view to. I grew up on Tatooine I know the planet. And regardless of generally neutral in all FRA affairs, The Hutt’s are a dangerous crowd. And at this point we have reason to believe they have ties with Sarka.”

    “You’re running off assumptions!” Mara exclaimed.

    “And we won’t have hard evidence until we investigate, and I just can’t allow Mae to go. She isn't prepared for something like this.”

    “Then when will she be?” Mara questioned, “she is so ambitious.”

    “That’s what I fear.” Luke sighed.

    “What, ambition?”

    “Yes! How do you think my father was! Obi-Wan told me about my father. He always had to be the hero, always had chase trouble, he was very ambitious. And look where he ended up.” Luke rose from the bed and began pacing back and forth.

    “Your father ended up being a great man… He helped you restore peace.” Mara approached her husband.

    Then why is the FRA in the situation we are now! We are on the brink of a civil war! That isn't peace” Luke raised his voice.

    “Calm… please. This stress isn’t good for you, especially since you’re about to leave for one of your crazy adventures.”

    “I know… I just… I just… I don’t know.” Luke was so unsure of himself, so unsure of the galaxy, of the Jedi, of the force, and he had never felt that way. Not once in his whole life.

    “You need some rest.” Mara said softly, but Luke could detect that his wife wasn’t just suggesting sleep, she was ordering sleep. And that drew a smile to his face.

    “And I’m going to get some sleep.” Luke flopped onto the bed.

    “I’m going to go talk to Mae, see if I can’t get through to her. She must be hanging out with her uncle Han too much, she’s becoming stubborn!” Luke joked.

    “Stop it!” Mara half-heartedly pointed her finger at her husband before exiting the room, the automatic door closing behind her.

    Luke then closed his eyes and shortly fell into a deep sleep…

    Luke’s Dream
    Luke awoke… floating? Floating where? In the middle of space… He felt weightless… He felt paralyzed… He could move any part of his body in the slightest way… It’s like he was imprisoned by his own dream… In the distance pasted on the sky with the millions of stars was a lone planet, its exterior a harsh red and gold. The planet was unfamiliar to Luke. He could not identify it as any known world. Must be in Wild Space… Suddenly Luke began to feel a pull to the planet. Not only an emotional connection, but also physical. The planet began to move closer to Luke. Or am I moving closer to the planet? Soon Luke and the planet were only inches apart. Then something strange began to happen, the planet began to change shape, transform. It began to shape into a face. Whose face? Suddenly the transformation halted, it was finished. Mae… It’s Mae…

    Skywalker’s Quarters, Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    Luke awoke in a sweat. He glanced around his surroundings. He was no longer in dream land, it was his quarters. Two work spaces one for him and one for Mara appeared the same as they did before Luke fell asleep. And the rest of the room was in order as well. The floor rug was straight, the comm system’s power light blinked green, signifying proper connection to the comm network, and the datapads that were scattered around Mara’s night stand before were still their… Everything was fine… Except that Luke had no idea what his dream meant… But he was determined to find out…

    Prime Minister’s Room, Capitol Building, Coronet, Corellia
    “Any word from Admiral Antilles?” Prime Minister Leia Organa-Solo asked her family member and Chief of War.

    “Nothing yet madam, however he said he would notify my office if anything out of the normal occurred.” Thrackan replied.

    “Very well.”

    “Am I dismissed?” Thrackan questioned.

    “You are.” Leia nodded.

    Thrackan rose from his cushioned seat that was separated from Leia’s by her organized desk. He made his way toward the double door entrance, that had traditional Corellian engravings in it.

    “Thrackan!” Leia stopped the man who was near mirror image of her husband.

    “Yes madam.” He stopped and glanced back.

    “Thank you, for everything.” She smiled.

    “You are very welcome madam.” Thrackan left the room. Regardless of being family, he always called her madam, except at a family gathering.

    Leia rose from her chair and made her way to the large triangular, transparisteel viewport that overlooked the breath taking city of Coronet. The architecture was far more flawless and beautiful than any other place in all of Corellia. And that’s why it was the Capitol. She got lost for minutes in awe. Past all of the beautiful buildings, were hills. The beautiful Corellian hills, whose tops were lightly dusted in snow.

    Deep in the valley rested Leia’s home. A place she hadn’t seen in a while. Lately Leia had been living at the Capitol Building, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary considering there was living quarters. And her job was calling for it. And despite the love of her home, she loved serving people more. She always had. She was raised in royalty, but she was always humble. Humbleness was something her adoptive father knew very well. And she always credited the late, great, Bail Organa for teaching her to be humble.

    But despite being in such a powerful position, Leia enjoyed life. She was happy with the way things turned out. The first fifteen years after the death of her real father were rough, hunting down the Imperial Remnant, giving birth to her first son Chet. And even after things settled down, just a few short years later she had another son, Sam. Han’s pride and joy, the snarky, cocky, adventurous child. Leia loved Sam and knew his heart was in the right place, but he would always get himself into trouble, just like his father. Whereas Chet was a much calmer child, he took after her. She loved Chet also, his infinite wisdom always astounded her, and she could hold a conversation for days with him. And both were Jedi, Chet a master at the young age of twenty one. And Sam a promising Jedi Knight at seventeen. Life was good, except for the fact that a war could break out any moment, but Leia was thankful for the little things…

    Briefing Room, Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    Two days later…

    Chet Solo crossed his arms as he leaned back in his, waiting for his uncle who was sitting in front of him, to explain their mission. Chet glanced around the briefing room. It was very bare and plain. It had a few chairs and a desk. The walls were black, the floors red. No viewports, just plain. But that wasn’t surprising. Chet began to feel an urge to sleep, so he rubbed his eyes in an attempt to stay awake. And with a new mission only just days away, his sleepiness would get worse. And the bad thing was it that he was going to be on Tatooine, Chet was in fear of hallucinations.

    “The FRA has received information from multiple different sources on this matter, and we have a lead.” Luke began.

    “Which is?” Chet asked.

    “Sources say that the Sarkan Guard might be receiving funding from The Hutts.” Luke answered.

    “The Hutts? Why would anyone want to get involved with them?”

    “It is a risky business dealing with Hutts. But besides the fact that Sarka is home to a large supply center for the FRA, their economy is poor. And their military needs money to modernize and grow. So in that sense The Hutts would be an obvious choice to run to for money, they tend to help anyone who opposes the FRA.”

    “What else do we have?” Chet continued with questions.

    “Sources also say that The Hutts are rallying outer rim territories to join Sarka. No planet has openly declared allegiance with Sarka, but the FRA doesn’t expect it to be too long until Sarka does gain followers, and at that point Tralus and Talus well be the least of our worries.”

    “So what’s our job?”

    “We,” Luke took a breath, “will travel to Coruscant posing as mercenaries. There we will get inside the Hutt Palace, requesting work shelter from Bagoola The Hutt. And from that point we receive any information that we can from the inside, without overstaying when were no longer welcome.”

    “Seems like a solid plan.” Chet decided.

    “It should work fine, and if worse comes to worse. I never shy away from aggressive negotiations.” Luke smirked.

    “The Hutts are hard to bargain with.” Chet laughed.

    Mae Skywalker’s Quarters, Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    One day later…

    Mae sat in the center of her quarters, as silent as could be. The lights were off; her shades were pulled down, blocking the light from the viewports. The only noise she made was deep breaths, a part of meditation. Mae didn’t meditate offend, but her father told her to do it when she felt anger, and anger was what she was feeling. And toward her father ironically. She didn’t understand his decision to not take her along to Tatooine. Her own cousin and master was going, but not her. And she had never seen Tatooine, in the fifteen years she had been alive, not once had she ever seen her father’s home world. Of course he always told her, “There’s not much to see, just miles of sand.” But that wasn’t convincing enough for Mae.

    She wanted to travel the galaxy. She wanted to see different worlds, meet different people. And most of all she wanted more from being a Jedi. To her being a Jedi wasn’t as rewarding as she expected it to be. When she was a young, young child before her serious training began she looked up to Jedi. Held them in a high esteem, they were revered as such amazing beings. But now that she was one, it wasn’t at all what she dreamed of. And that was disappointing. But she would never tell that to her father. She may get frequently mad at Luke, but never would she tell him that being a Jedi was a bore for her.

    But one day… One day things would be different… She would get what she wanted from life… Live it the way she wanted…

    Sometimes she wondered what it would be like if she wasn’t a Jedi… But she didn’t mean not using the force in anyway… She meant becoming a Sith… And every time that thought crossed her mind; something would take control of her. It was more than just her conscious. It was something more severely powerful and influential than her conscious… It would take over her whole thought process, and for minutes she be a completely different person. But despite the fact that she knew it was wrong, what she felt was pleasing. The power she sensed was something she wanted.

    But then… She would shake those thoughts… Knowing it didn’t seem right… But who’s to say it wasn’t…
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    Great post showing your OCs =D= :)