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    Welcome to FanForce Community!

    Here you can find a small but fine community. Don't hesitate to jump in and start posting. To give you an easier start, I've listed the most active threads below and some older ones as well. Take a look!

    Meetings & Info Threads:

    Meetings for The Force Awakens
    Here you can find a list of meetings for the movie premiere all over the world! Join one of them!

    Unofficial SW Cruise 2016
    You are looking for an interesting journey for your next holidays? How about joining some SW fans?

    Social Chat Threads:

    The Social Party - Version 3
    This is the general and main social thread. Come in and say 'hi' (preferred with a little introduction).

    Rogue Wing Headquarters
    You like to meet someone from the Squadrons or become a member? Here's there place when they find time to lay back and chat a bit. Sadly, a lot of the old crew members are really busy with RL. Maybe a new squadron for getting them back is needed?

    Game Threads:

    Do you like rather easy games with a mainly short duration? Then you have found your home!

    Social Fun Threads:

    The Game of Why
    This game remembers a bit of a three year old kid with his/her endless ability of asking.

    How is your weather today?

    You know you're just a big kid when...
    " find yourself watching The Disney Channel even if there are not kids in the room." But there are more indicators. Find out!

    Help! I'm feeling so bored!

    Random Thought of the Day

    Ban the user above you!
    Did you ever wanted to ban a user or even a RSA? Here you have the chance, but only, if you are quick enough to be the next poster!

    What are you watching today/tonight?

    Discussion Threads:

    Tatoo ideas
    Some people enjoy the idea of getting a tatoo and ask for ideas! Fotos included.

    Forum Archaeology:

    Of course, these threads above aren't all threads of FFC. So it's worth to take a look at the older threads, especially if you enjoy forum archaeology. Most of them are locked at the moment, but that can changed rather easily. Just send me (Skiara) a private message and I open it. Here are some of the old social threads:

    The FFC Restaurant & Bar at the Galaxy far far away
    From 1000+ to 1850+... A modern tale flooded with SushiBeer
    Lightside FFC temple (v.4)
    The Dark Lords Of The FFC
    the jtc temmple
    and, of course, The Empire of Socks! can't be left out.

    Now, some self-explaining topics:

    What are you listening to now / What was the last CD you bought?

    Post a picture of yourself!

    The Wall Staring Thread V.2

    Pillow Fight of FFC

    Of course, there are more good topic within the FFC. This gives you a short overview and if you like, what you see, you are more then welcome to join and/or to dig deeper in the FFC-Archaeology! :D