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NSWRPF Archive [Final RPF Summer Challenge / Halloween Mini-RPG] The Demon Room

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Imperial_Hammer , Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    Welcome to...

    The Demon Room


    ?Hell is empty and all the devils are here.?
    -- William Shakespeare, The Tempest, 1.2

    [color=red][i][u]A Tale of Terror[/u][/i][/color]

    You wake up.

    You find yourself in a room like the one pictured above. It has old, dirty walls, with strange stains on them. There is solitary lightbulb in the middle of the room. The windows also are locked and shuttered. A dark, cold, wooden floor is below you, and there is a small old television set in one corner.

    There are other people in this room that are also starting to wake up.

    There is also something very evil and very non-human in the room. You can't see this beast, but he is there, watching you. Maybe you can sense him. Maybe you can't. But he is there.

    There is one door in or out of this room, and it is soundly locked. There is no physical way out. But maybe... there are other ways to escape.

    That's it.

    Good luck.

    [color=red][i][u]Lets play a game[/u][/i][/color]

    This game serves two purposes. It is the final challenge for the RPF Summer Challenge. It also is something that can serve as a Halloween game for the RPF. This game will go for one week, maybe two, and then it will close. The game is purposefully designed to focus on the player. The GM's role is purposefully minimized to maintain this focus.

    Oh yes, and there's a little twist to this game. There's a demon in this room. And he seeks to destroy all of its occupants, in body or in soul. Throughout the week, he will systematically possess characters in this game. It could be anyone, at any time. Yes, there is a very good possibility at some point in the game, you will lose control of your character. I don't know what might happen to him or her. Could be anything really.

    This demon is not a nice guy. I'd make two character sheets if you want to play through the whole game. Because I just don't know who might live or die here. If your primary character dies, your secondary might give you some more time to play the game.

    [color=red][i][u]The Purpose[/u][/i][/color]

    Why this game for the final Summer Challenge?

    Because it tests alot of things. The things that I'll be looking at include:

    1.) Character Sheet (especially in creating normal characters from scratch)
    2.) Post Quality (includes character development and scene-setting)
    3.) How one handles constrained RPing situations
    4.) Banter and interaction with other players
    5.) Credibly RPing situations of great emotional stress
    6.) How one handles unconventional RPing situations
    7.) The willingness to realistically accept damage
    8.) The ability to self-sustain an RPG and foster vibrant game propulsion (this is a proxy-way of judging GM skills)
    9.) The ability to work without a strong GM presence

    And there could be some more stuff in there. This game is open to everyone, and only people interested in being considered for the Summer Challenge need to worry about the above 9 points.

    [color=red][i][u]The Sheet[/u][/i][/color]

    The sheet is up to you. This is a part of the challenge. Only two elements are necessary in each sheet. [b][u]1.) Please put in your sheet if you are playing this game for the Summer Challenge or simply for pleasure.[/u][/b] That will make my process of judging much easier, as I'll know which players I have to evaluate. And 2.) All characters must be human. No Jedi, No Elves, No Superheros, No Child Wizards. Just normal folks. Lando Calrissian = Yes. Luke Skywalker = No.

    [color=red][i][u]The Rules[/u][/i][/color]

    1.) GM is God (and maybe Satan also)
    2.) No Out of Game Comments
    3.) Respect the Rules, as always
    4.) No Godmoding
    5.) Characters may be controlled and killed. If your character/s is/are killed, you're out for good.
    6.) No OOGs or OOCs. They will be removed if posted. Any questions are to be PMed to the GM.
    7.) Players are allowed two characters, which they can play at any level of activity they wish
    8.) The game starts immediately. Sheets don't have to b>
  2. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    Hammer Approved!

    This looks like fun!

    Name: Logan Stevenson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    -Physical: Caucasian skin tone, short cut Black hair, dark blue eyes, somewhat broad-shouldered and a few inches above average height.
    -Clothes: Green "Choose you weapon"(dice from d4 to d20 lined up from left to right) T-shirt, hooded jean jacket with matching pants.
    Bio: There's not all that much special about Logan, average grades through his schooling and just starting college he has an active hobby in pen, paper, dice RPG games, including D&D.

    Contest or for fun?: Just for fun.
    Options: Reply
  3. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    My name is: Sebastian Alexander Kruber
    I am from: Heidelberg, German
    I look like: Anybody. A Jedermann as we germans call them. You know the play? From a guy called Hugo von Hofmannsthal? when my mother and I watched she said that was like my father. It is actually more like me, I assume. I am medium tall. Blond. Blue eyes. I do sports, but also drink too much bear, probably. I wear glasses. And usually the suit. The suit, because Iwork in a bank. But that´s the wrong part of this sheet, is it? The glasses. I don´t need them really. A little easier to read with them, but otherwise I am fine. But a woman once said they look attractive on me. Since then, I was wearing them. It is the only compliment from a woman not a relative of mine I ever got. I have a hard face, they say. Sharp. Edged with a little aristocratic nose. But not too bad. It´s just I look like I am very tense and most of the time I am. I am mid-thirty. And look like it.
    My job is: I mentioned it already, I believe, but for the record. I am a bank accountant.
    Biography: Yes, I mentioned I am mid-thirty? I guess I did. Work at a bank. Kind off a loner. Actually I do not know what to tell about me, actually. Parents? Yes I had parents. Everybody has, right? Mine were separated early. Lived with my mom and her two sisters. As did my two sisters. Was nice. The only guy in the family. Pressure? No, no. I haven´t become a weirdo, if you mean that. Never was forced to play with dolls if that´s what you mean. Though I did. Liked my sisters dolls more than they did.
    Then I went to school, Bank-Trainee and finally I became accountant at the Volksbank Heidelberg. I am in the small one, down there at the Weser, you know. Yeah, right behind this cinema, where they show these strange movies. Right there. Friends? I have some. Well to be honest, none really. But I go for drinks and talk with colleagues. Even though I do not talk a lot then. Woman? Haven´t met the right one yet. But I am looking. Where? Well, is that important? Really? Okay. Internet, mainly. Not good in talking to them. So writing gives me some assurance. Dates? Oh, I am slowly building this things up, you know. Haven´t really met any of them yet. One. I met one but it did not go too . . . good. You know. Any other questions? What? This bio thing is not made public is it? No? Good, good. It is kinda embarrassing for someone like me, you know. What is embarrassing? The whole thing is. No, all of it. Actually.

    Otherwise, let me see. I am regular guy. Nobody notices me. Got no hobbies, no. Garden. I take care of my mothers garden. She has passed away a few years ago but I still feel close to her when I do her Garden. And I listen to music. Classical music, most. And watch game shows. Oh, I love game shows. Otherwise, nothing, really. A regular guy? I know, I know. Sounds like a serial killer, right? A guy stalking the streets of medieval-looking Heidelberg at night. Yeah, it´s funny you say so, I myself thought about this lately a lot. I mean some things are wrong, aren´t they? Really wrong, right? Who rights them? Who takes care of them? What, time´s up? Okay. Yeah. Sure.

    Wake up? Yeah, fine.

    Wait. Where am I?
  4. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Character Sheets

    Name: Toshiko Sato

    Age: ? 28
    Gender: Female
    Race: Earth human - British, partly raised in Japan.
    General Appearance: Five foot, three inches. Slim, dark straight shoulder length hair that parts in an inverted V over her right eye. Too much?

    General Personality: A diva with technology, but generally socially awkward and easily. She has just been fatally shot at the end of Torchwood Season Two, so this may change.

    Brief Biography: Worked for the Ministry of Defence till her mother was kidnapped, and she was forced to build a sonic modulator to get her back.

    UNIT, the Unified Intelligence Taskforce arrested her along with the kidnappers as soon as the device was tested, and she was incarcerated until given the chance to work for Torchwood 3, led by Captain Jack Harkness.

    She was fatally shot by Jack's damaged brother Grey, inside the Torchwood facility, while trying to comfort unrequited love, Owen, who was also about to die, trapped inside a nuclear reactor that was about to flood with radiation.

    Answers to the name of "Lucky." And "Tosh".

    A day ago, game time, she was revived within the Dimensions Collide: The Rise of Evil RP, to take part in some holographic card game contest.
    With Moe?s help, she escaped in a Mercedes, only to wake up here.

    * * * *

    Name: Moe
    Age: ?
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cloned Imperial Sentinel from Byss.
    General Appearance: Nine foot high, dark armour strips and cloak, two glowing red eyes shining from recess of helmet.

    General Personality: Friendly. Paternal if hired by client. Quick to pull blaster.

    Brief Biography: Worked as a steward in the RPF/EUC Lightsabre Tournament. Nothing much happening there for him or my contestant, so took a paying gig in Dimensions Collide: The Rise of Evil RP.

    Both Moe and Tosh are entering the Challenge.

    [b]IC: Moe the Imperial Sentinel, Toshiko ?Tosh? Sato[/b], The Room.
    [color=red]Location: Drokk knows where?[/color]

    The erratic snore rippled through the Sentinel?s sinus and chest, visible through the effect it had on his torso armour, and woke him up.

    Moe frowned up at the stained white ceiling, his first thought, [color=darkred][i]Where the frag am I?[/i][/color]

    Fast on the heels on that, came the realisation as to why he had woken up; he had never been able to sleep comfortably on his back; always on his side.
    One of the Byss medical droids had told him it was because he was a ?fat bastiche?, but he suspected one of the Clone Vat Keepers must have put it up to it.

    Moe sat up, looking round the location, gauging it. Bare wooden floor, disturbingly stained wallpaper, [i]really[/i] disturbingly stained (he had to note it twice), a really low lightbulb, one door, prettied up by some ?CRIME SCENE? tape. There was also a television in the corner, on the floor.

    He could only partially see it, as his client, the Anglo-Japanese, ex-Torchwood operative, [b]Toshiko Sato[/b], was standing in front of it, messing with the worn dial controls.

    She must have sensed that he was awake. ?[color=royalblue]We seem to be trapped here.[/color]? She announced, her attention still on the goggle box.

    Just as the last time he had seen her, when he had returned from the [b]RPF-EUC Lightsabre Tournament[/b], to that cluster-frag at the? the? some German castle; she was in a long-sleeved black dress, black stockings, and the white straps of a frilly maid?s apron criss-crossed her back. She was about five feet something in her black Mary Janes.

    He was pretty sure there had been a car involved.

    Thinking of the vehicle spurred him into wanting to check on it, and moving rather quickly for a nine-foot-high humanoid, Moe unfolded himself, rose from the floor, and pulled his heavy blaster rifle from under his cape.

    ?[color=darkred]Let?s get out of here.[/color]? He announced to the room.

    Cocking it like a shotgun, he subconsciously did the ?[i]chi-chi[/i]? sound himself, and aimed at the door.

    A verdant lime-g>
  5. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: The Demon

    Food had awakened.

    The reign of chaos had come.

    With a single touch, the barrel of Moe's blaster melted hopelessly out of commission.

    It smelled of sulphur.

    TAG: Demon Room

    [color=red][b]GM's OOC:[/b][/color] Did I mention that weapons were not allowed in the Demon Room?

    Yah, sorry about that.

  6. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Demon Room

    "Wo bin ich?" The first question I ask, as I awake in a room full of strangers. The first thing I come up with is the smell. Then how blurry my sight it. My glasses lie next to me. While setting them on my nose, I breath in and wonder. Did I just do some sort of interview? Yeah, I think so. Explaining who I am. And I remember having been surprising comfortable with it? My eyes burn. Why do my eyes burn? Why does anything burn, actually? because things smell burned in here. Looking up I see I am not alone and I curse. "Wo bin ich und wer seid ihr Pappnasen?" I ask, especially towards the things that looks like a giant cheesy costume for Halloween. "Das sieht ziemlich lächerlich aus." I remark. A few other shades are here and I stand up. People. Why are people here?

    Something is strange. A chill runs down my spine. And a low frequent noise seems to fill my ears. I hate the room instantly and despite confusion still hammering into my senses, I make my way to the door. I know it is looked from a look at it. I try it anyway. Course. I was right.
    "Das ist nicht euer ernst, oder?" I hiss to it, then try to get my tie back into position. The guys next to me looks asian. Probably a tourist. In Heidelberg a lot of them are around. The costumed guy and another one. Maybe a student? I do not look at them in detail, but simply kick the door. It hurts. My feet hurts as I hit the massive wood.

    Why am I here? Have I made something bad? I must have. Checking my wallet, everything is still in place. Then as I look again at this guy in a costume, it´s so big, there might be two beneath it, I realize it must be a joke. Must be. But my money is there. My mobile gets . . . has no net. Never work these things. Since Mum is dead, nobody calls anyway. Even my clock, a present from my mother, is untouched at my ankle.

    "Ich bin Sebastian Kruber. Kann mir einer von euch sagen was hier los ist?" I ask looking around. My question hanging in the room. The costume guy and a . . . woman . . . asian woman, not guy, I correct myself. They talk. English. English? What the . . . ? Actually. Maybe. Am confused.

    "You speak english?" I add to my question. Am I out of Germany? Can´t be . . .

    It terrifies me. I was never out of Germany. Actually.

    Tag: Demon Room
  7. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Toshiko Sato, Moe the Sentinel, the Demon Room.

    There was little enough sound in the room, so Tosh noticed the sizzling sound fairly quickly, looking round from the television and focussing upon her companion who dominated the centre of the room, half a silhouette in the glare of the low-hanging light bulb.

    She frowned at him, then the movement caught her eye ? it was designed to track that, after all ? and she snapped her gaze down to the weapon hanging by the rumpled sides of his dark cloak, as another gobbet of steaming metal separated from the shortened rifle, and plopped into the mercurial pool at his side. Curiously, the wooden floor did not seem to mind in the slightest.

    ?Moe! You?re melting!?

    The Sentinel looked round in surprise, then followed her gaze down to his blaster rifle, which he dropped as if stung, the destroyed contraption clattering to the floor as he stepped away, flailing in the lightbulb, pendulum-ing crazy shadows back and forth.

    ?Jack!? She screamed, evoking the name of her team?s boss, the one she could always turn to when things went to crap. She covered her face with her hands, and turned to the wall.

    Seeing her distress, Moe grappled with the light and the pendulum-like cable that attached it to the ceiling, ?It?s alright, Tosh, I?m getting it. I?ve got , I?ve got it. You can look now.? He steadied the lightbulb, studied it for a long second, then took both hands away, and backed away from it.

    He headed over to the girl and with remarkable gentleness for his size, peeled her away from the tattered wallpaper to pull her into his arms, cooing reassuringly down at the top of her bowed head. ?There there, it?s stopped swinging. I?m here now.?

    ?I shouldn?t be scared.? He heard her voice say into his midriff.

    Moe kept both great hands on her shoulders, stepped back and bent down to look her in the eyes as best he could through his helmet. ?Hey, don?t worry about it.? He agreed, trying to convey a smile, though it would be hidden by the metal cowl. ?The place is creepy.?

    And it was, which considering his day job was on the shrouded planet, Byss, for frag?s sake, he ought to be numb to creep. But this room was wigging even him out.

    ?Creepy?? Toshiko echoed with the beginnings of a hysterical chuckle. She had had worse than this. Much worse. Walking inside the abandoned Miller and Peabody warehouses in Cardiff?s docklands with Jack Harkness, to investigate the chapel of Saint-Mary?s-in-the-Dust, which according to Jack, had been demolished in 1840 to make way for the warehouses, and had a penchant for reappearing every thirty-five to thirty-nine years. Now, that had been frightening.

    Hobnailed footsteps in the dark, intermittent cell-phone contact with Gwen and James in the present, something leeching the power from their mobiles, a permeating sense of Dread with a capital ?D?.

    ?This place should not be scaring me.? She asserted again, and Moe could feel his shorter companion shivering between his hands. ?But,? she continued in a small, plaintive voice. ?it is.?

    ?Something in this room is affecting us.? Moe realised aloud, still looking into her frightened face.

    ?Wo bin ich?? Queried one of the reclined occupants.

    ?See, it?s got him speaking in tongues.?

    ?It?s German.? Tosh advised, her fright forgotten for the moment. She recognised the sound of the language, if not individual words. She leaned sideways to look round the Sentinel?s girth at the speaker.

    The be-suited male had just found his glasses, and perched them back onto his nose.

    ?Not ?it?. Him.? Moe corrected, keeping her with him as he turned to look upon the young man as well.

  8. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Logan Stevenson
    Demon Room

    "-iko, and this is Moe. Hello.?

    It was either the stench of sulfur or the sound of voices that woke him, or perhaps it was both. His eyes opened to reveal a room that was most definitely NOT his basement where he and his friends had been playing a late night game session. The wallpaper looked right out of a horror movie, complete with what looked like dried blood smear across in one area. The door with the crime scene tape certainly didn't help that image and neither did the now smoking old looking television.

    His attention was drawn to the two other people in the room, along with the veritable giant wearing a weird outfit. If he hadn't been experiencing the sudden panic he was feeling he wouldn't have blurted out a conceivably stupid question.

    "Where the hell are we?"

    Tag: Sebastion, Toshika, Moe, the Demon, any
  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007

    They talk a lot, but say little. "Pleased to meet you." I say with a heavy German accent. I hate my accent. But never been out of Heidelberg really. Wouldn´t our English teacher been so nice, I could not speak it at all. These two won´t help anyway. Retarded. Or loaded. Obviously drugged or simply insane. Oh my . . . is this a mental institution? No, I am sane. I have problems, but you shall know I can deal with them. My mother would turn inside her grave, she would rotate, if she knew I have institutionalized. What an embarrassment. Healthy and sane. That´s what I am.

    Torchwood? Have they said they´re from Torchwood? I know Torchwood. By reputation, at least. Isn´t it on . . . yes it is. "Sorry you got cancelled on RTL2. I never watched your show." It kinda sucked. But why should I tell you clowns? And another one wakes up. I am easy to confuse. Now I am confused. Speaks english, too. Hard to follow. "Warum redet eigentlich jeder hier englisch? Ich bin in Heidelberg nicht in New York, verdammt!" Then I go over to him. Please, let this person be sane. Or at least someone not totally weird. "Where the hell are we?" The man asks. "Heidelberg." I reply and lend him a hand to get up. "I am Sebastian. I am from Germany. And these two . . . persons seem to be unemployed TV actors." I explain that patiently. I do not have a lot of patience when I am under stress. Therefore I feel proud about it.

    "You also are no german?" I ask and suddenly I understand. Abschiebehaft! Yes, they are illegal. I heard about the bad conditions they are kept in, until shipped out of Europe again. This room fulfills the very definition of bad condition. "You´re american?" I turn up and shout to the ceiling. "I denke hier lieg ein Fehler vor! Ich gehöre hier nicht her!"

    While awaiting the answer, I patiently smile to all others. Especially to the actors. Can´t rule out they are kind off patients, believing to be TV stars or something. That costume looks kinda cheap.

    Tag: others, Imp
  10. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    Name: Sir George
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Time Period: From the middle ages
    Job: Knight
    Appearance: Brown shoulder length hair, short brown beard, a large. hawk shaped nose, piercing blue eyes, bushy, sinister looking eyebrows, rather ugly, short and slightly stocky, currently wearing a linen night gown.
    History: Not terribly important, will be made up as I go.

    Porpoise: just for fun.


    Sir George: The Room

    [blockquote]Waking from the darkness of dreams Sir George looks up at a ceiling that is decidedly not part of the castle he went to sleep in. Nor is he laying on the bed of straw but on a rather hard, polished, wooden floor. Sitting up rather suddenly looks around noting the dirty white walls and the glowing box with moving pictures. "Verily the meat wast not done to a turn last eve. What devilry doth this talking box be?" It was only after speaking to himself that he noticed the others that were present in the room. "Oh, mine apologies. Doth thou..." Blinking rapidly, Sir George took in those strangers who were currently standing in this bizzarely furnished room.

    None there were attired in anything that he had ever seen before. The words to even describe the attire that the others wore were not something he knew, save one who appeared to have some sort of armor on. Cocking his head in confusion he also noted a scent of sulfur on the air. "Where art I? Surely this doth not be Aurendel. Might any of thee know what I art doing here and wherefore comes this stench of the hells?" Shock being what it is nothing had quite settled in quite yet. Surely this was merely a dream, yes?[/blockquote]

    TAG: Fins, Jacen, Sithy

    and thus doth my return to the RPF begin.
  11. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Toshiko, Moe

    "Where the hell are we?" Blurted the fourth person, who appeared to have just regained consciousness.

    Tosh opened her mouth to answer, but the German fellow went into a responding rant that crossed between English and his own language several times.

    "He thinks we?re actors!"Tosh noted aloud, sounding hurt.

    "It does not matter what we are, if we cannot get them out of here." Moe could feel her gently but firmly squirming her hand free from inside his grasp, and looked down at her, seeing that she in turn was examining the top of the tv set he had fragged.

    "Maybe I can get this thing working again." She muttered speculatively.

    "Why, are we boring you?"

    Tosh sighed, and dropped into a squat beside the decrepit device, the faux wood finish chipped and spattered with paint. At least, she hoped it was paint. The move revealed a frilled flash of her white slip which she instantly adjusted her skirt hem to cover.

    The action, both actions, gratified the Sentinel, for it meant she had recovered her mental equilibrium if she still had that sense of propriety.

    "We have been brought into this room, by persons or forces unknown. No furniture or accessories, yet they chose to give us a telly."

    He was not stupid; he could see where she was going. By live or recorded feed, their captors might have hoped to use it to communicate with their prey.

    Moe watched as she tried to prise the back off with her fingers, feeling her way round the blocky CRT appliance.

    "Right, I will try to find us a way out of here." Moe turned and towered over Sebastian and Logan, clapping his hands twice for their attention. "Right, Gentle-beings. Does anyone have any..." His voice tailed off as he belatedly noticed the presence of a FIFTH person - all bushy eyebrows, hook nose, a thin white dress. "...any, uh, matches?"

    "Where art I? Surely this doth not be Aurendel. Might any of thee know what I art doing here and wherefore comes this stench of the hells?"

    "Tosh?" Moe singsonged back to the pre-occupied scientist. "I think I know why we cannot use the door." Transmat technology!

    Tag: Sebastian, Logan, Sir George
  12. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: The Demon

    More Supper.

    A feast to eat.

    Stress the fabric of reality.

    Let us.

    "Sebastian" the Demon spoke, a persuasive whisper in the man's mind "Messer. Wand. Hinter Ihnen. Schutz. Sicherheit. Sie wünschen. Nehmen Sie das Messer. Seien Sie sicher. Sein nicht sicheres. Sie müssen das Messer aufnehmen. Halten Sie Sie Leben. Halten Sie das Messer. Seien Sie das Messer. Das Messer ist Ihr Freund."

    The others.

    They would all suffer.

    Through Tosh's eyes, the Demon appeared to her. It was monstrous and green, with large yellowed teeth and scaley skin. It looked something like [link=]this[/link].

    At first it was standing in a dark corner of the room. In a blink of an eye, it moved across the room, until it was right in front of her. It raised its fingers to her skin and ran it across her cheek. She could feel the hard calluses on them, but could not move away, thoroughly paralyzed.

    "Give me your soul." it said, in a mixture of a growl and a hiss. "Bow down to me, and you may still live."

    Then in an instant, the demon was gone and Tosh, unparalyzed. All of this, of course, was not seen by anyone in the room. Surely such a sight was impossible, wasn't it? Was she hallucinating? Or perhaps dreaming?

    At the same time, Moe was starting to feel a bit ill. His stomach was tying itself into knots, and he felt a little dizzy. Perhaps it was his last meal not agreeing with him?

    For Logan, there too was a voice in his head. A malicious echo of his question.

    Where the hell are we? Where the hell are we? Where the hell are we? Where the *hell* are we? Where the hell are we? Where the *hell* are we? Where the *HELL* are we?

    It was as if he couldn't get it out of his head.

    As for George, he could see out of the corner of his eye, a strange stain on the wall?

    It looked like writing.


    But when he looked again at the strange stain, it was illegible. Just a few curious blots.

    Surely it was just his imagination running wild.

    TAG: Demon Room
  13. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    Demon Room

    Das Messer.

    Why should I listen to them? Why? They do not even speak my language. You do, do you? "Ja, das Messer." I smile as I turn up my head. Mom would call it a nasty smile, but God also lifes in the nasty things, does he? The knife? I have no idea where it comes from. Or why? Where I actually am or what is happening. Though I can tell you all, I do not care. I got a knife. And here we call that a Messer.

    Have I taken it from the floor? Has it taken me from above? We´re one now. The knife and I. Yes. We are one now. The others. They are not my friend. Strange people. Frightening people. I like to be alone. My Messer thinks the same . . .

    "Ja, das Messer." Grin. Why do I grin? Why not?

    Tag: ImperialHammer, others
  14. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Sir George/ RoOm

    [blockquote]One of the others spoke, and barely could the Knight understand what was said. What strange manner of speech is this? Verily devilry doth abound here. Frowning slightly, eyebrows knitting together in consternation, Sir George did not have any concept of what might be going on other than demonic influence of some sort. Especially with that stench.

    Turning his head to the side there was a smudge on the wall, reddish in color, that looked almost as though it could be a word. Murder? Who hath been murdered? Crossing himself, the knight knelt down beside where he had previously been laying, a thin layer of sweat starting to bead his forehead. When he looked back the smudge was simply that, a smudge. Surely this was all just a bad dream. Regardless he began to pray softly, doing his best to utterly ignore what was going on around him until the olde Englishman felt some since of peace... were it even to be found in this disturbing place. Somewhere a man spoke something resembling German briefly, it's tones wafting about the room.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Ya'll, Impy
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Toshiko Sato, Moe

    Tosh was not unduly concerned when the green-skinned apparition appeared before her, in the corner of the room behind the telly.

    The things she had seen in Torchwood had prepared her for this, though she mis-identified it as an alien, rather than a demon. It looked saurian, like it?s ancestors had been dinosaurs.

    ?Jac-? She started automatically, then stopped and started again. ?Moe, we got company.? She stood, all the better to deal with whatever it planned to-

    It lunged at her with both arms, and she instinctively tried a judo defense, bringing both hands up between it?s outstretched limbs, that with the right timing, could be used to break a hold and turn into Koshi-waza, Japanese for ?hip-throwing technique?.

    But this thing moved like greased guano, frigid, calloused fingers rasping across her cheek and paralysing her where she stood.

    A visceral shriek burst from between frozen lips. ?WeeeeYAHHHHH!!!?

    ?Give me your soul,? The apparition demanded in something between a growl and a hiss, like, she would comment later, a leaky balloon with severe anger management issues. ?Bow down to me, and you may still live.?

    And then it was gone.

    Toshiko folded like a deckchair, her stockinged knees hitting the floor. Hard. The sudden pain jarred her into some semblance of control.

    That was a demon. That much was clear. And a Christian demon at that. It had asked for her soul, and she had been pretty certain that it knew she wasn?t a fishmonger. The pun elicited low hysterical laughter, her eyes, unblinking, looking at the stained wall above and behind the television.?Hahahahahahahaha.?

    * * * *

    For his part, Moe bent over hard as his stomach clenched, something obviously not agreeing with him.

    Behind the concealment of the helmet, his mouth opened and he tried to breath in shallow gulps.

    Another wrench spasmed the giant and he too dropped to his knees, almost crushing the feet of the supine George, the floorboards shaking with the impact.

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  16. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007
    ooc: Sorry Sith-I, but this is GM approved.


    I turn to this thing. This actor in his silly costume. Or whatever he is. And the guy who speaks English I do not understand. The new arrival. I hear them chatter. See them twist and turn. Who days they are prisoners? The Costumes, why should they give them costumes? Why are they all American? Why do they all speak English? Are they send here to make me uneasy, to drive me mad? My mother always said people wanted to tell me I am mad, but I am not. My mother told me about things like this. there would be moments, when I felt confused and alone. And she told me what I should do. I should think of her.

    And so I do. Good boys listen to their mother. Even when they are dead. Especially then!

    "I want out." I gasp. "Lasst mich hier raus." I kick the door again, as the costume guy seems to feel even more ill than before. And I remind myself of . . . the knife. I still got my Messer. Sharp, shiny. All mine. Yes. I found it and it mine now. And I won´t give it away. I will use it. To get out of here. And them. They won´t keep me here. They won´t. ESPECIALLY not the actor in the costume. I do not like it. Not at all.

    I scream and run to the tall man, ust as he leans forward in his suffering. I jump up and see his helmet. It looks real. It looks solid. Strong. Massive. Yet, I have that feeling my knife will penetrate it. Anyway. It is such a good, good knife.

    I hammer it into his skull laugh out as god knows what fluids covers my face. The sharp edge sinks into his head. I twist and turn the blade, laughing. "Cancelled! You´re cancelled!" I yell at him, as I try to pull my knife, my good sharp knife, even deeper into his skull.

    Then I turn to the others, still holding that knife. "Abgesetzt. We call it in German. Does anybody speak a freakin´word of German here? We ARE IN HEIDELBERG for god´s sake!" And looking at the others I rise my knife again.

    Such a gooood. Knife.

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  17. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Sir George/ RoOm

    [blockquote]Prayer time did not last particularly long as the German suddenly went crazy. Sir George was on his feet instantly, wishing that he had something other than a dressing gown for attire. Some good old chain mail for instance, full plate even. Watching, utterly unsure of what to do, a cold sweat began to break out as he watched something that should only happen on an honorable field of battle, not in what appeared to be someone's home. Never in a home.

    Backing up as the German brandished his weapon, continuing to rant and threaten he asked if anyone spoke a word of German. Claimed that they were in Germany. Sir George blinked at this, and felt utterly unsure of where he might be. But the smudge he had seen, the smudge that was a word once, had been right. There doth be murder within this room. The oracle wast right. "Sir, I doth not know where we art, but this Heidelburg it surely doth not be. Whyfore doth thou kill? Didst yon man wound you in some fashion?" Maybe keeping the other talking would keep him calm. Maybe.[/blockquote]


    damn fins. i really had no clue what to do after that.
  18. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 2, 2007

    "What?" I ask him. Then I look around, failing to contain my laugh. "Is that English or what is it you are speaking!" He did not understood a word. Had he only been better, when he had English in school. Too late, now. "Why I killed him? Who cares? Hm? Though they will probably STOP PLAYING GAMES with me IF THEY see him bleed out. Who cares? He is an unemployed actor. Probably had come to Germany to benefit from our social system! I did him a favour. The country anyway. The society!" Waving his knife. "What are you looking, hm? Only a knife. A good, good knife. My mother send it, you know? My mother is in heaven." He smiled again.

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  19. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Moe the Sentinel, Toshiko Sato

    Moe had felt the initial impact to the left side of his head, then his vision flared a brilliant white, then that was it. Over.

    Still kneeling on his haunches, joints locked, head bowed, to all intents and purposes, the Imperial Sentinel had ceased to emote.

    Tosh noticed none of this. Still facing away from the action, and towards where she had witnessed the demon, she still laughed, laughed as if she had been told the world's funniest joke, eyes open but not seeing.

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  20. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Logan Stevenson
    Demon Room

    The words echoed in his mind, each time louder than the last, blotting out what was happening around him as his eyes closed and he clamped his hands over his ear in a vain attempt to shut out the noise.

    Where the hell are we? Where the hell are we? Where the hell are we? Where the *hell* are we? Where the hell are we? Where the *hell* are we? Where the *HELL* are we?

    While he frantically tried to shut out the noise a small part of his mind, the part that normally solved riddles, particularly those in some of the D&D games he had played, noticed the emphasis on hell through the noise and added what it considered as a clue to the forefront of his mind. The malicious voice continued to torment Logan with his own sentence while he opened his eyes, seeking some form of sanctuary from the noise only to see the blood covered knife in the hand of the German speaking man from earlier as it killed the large guy that he had seen with the woman.

    Logan's eyes jerked to the bloody markings on the wall, which made the room look like someone had been killed here before and the locked door with the tape didn't do anything to settle Logan's mind. He was trapped. Trapped with several others and a German turned murdering psychopath. Psychopath, this was like some twisted psychopath's own twisted version of hell, a nightmarish place where they'd torture their victims. Or just some aspect of hell period. Logan's eyes widened suddenly as the voice finally stopped echoing his words with the end of his previous thought and if he wasn't starting to question his own sanity he would have sworn he had heard laughter as the voice trailed off.

    No. No, no no no, it couldn't be that could it? This couldn't be he-! NO! This was just an awful, twisted, nightmare, it had to be! It had to be because the other option, at least in Logan's mind, just couldn't be! His quick skittering breaths continued unstopped as he stood, trying to calm himself even as one of the people that was in the room died at the hand of the German speaking man's knife.

    "Why I killed him? Who cares? Hm? Though they will probably STOP PLAYING GAMES with me IF THEY see him bleed out. Who cares? He is an unemployed actor. Probably had come to Germany to benefit from our social system! I did him a favour. The country anyway. The society!" Waving his knife. "What are you looking, hm? Only a knife. A good, good knife. My mother send it, you know? My mother is in heaven."

    "I just want to go back home..."

  21. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Sir George/ RoOm

    [blockquote] Unnerved. It was a very good word, and Sir George was becoming very intimately acquainted with it. The madman with the knife spoke, but Sir George couldn't understand half of what was said. It sounded like accented English, but the words were simply beyond his comprehesion. There were a few parts that managed to sort through the incomprehensible morass, a question of why he had killed, that the mans mother was in heaven, and that it was a good knife. What doth he say? Rambles. It all doth be rambles.

    Holding up his hands in a calming fashion, or what would hopefully be so, he glanced at the woman in white. Laughter continued to bubble out from her mouth. It was wrong. Pure evil. Why doth this happen to me? Pray Lord, let this be all a dream and let mine consciousness return to waking soon. Soon Lord. He did manage to sort out what the last man to speak said. Something about wanting to go home. It was a sentiment that Sir George could understand and agree with completely.

    Sir George considered speaking again, but it apparently did absolutely no good. Despite speaking what seemed the same language no one present could understand a word he said. Maybe he could get the knife away from the German? Maybe. But it would take perfect timing on his part. Failure would result in death, but it would get him out of this room. Maybe... maybe the laughing woman would distract him?[/blockquote]

  22. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Death (out of the Discworld novels), Moe


    To the Imperial Sentinel's relief, the sight of the creepy room was lessened as the everything faded to a dull grey, and then, inexplicably, he found himself standing on an expanse of black sand.

    He looked up, seeing the fellow in the black robe and cowl. The farming implement was new.

    "Your Imperial Majesty-" He began, thinking this was the Emperor. With a farming implement.




    Startled, the Sentinel looked about. "What? How?"


    Moe was not sure what was being said, and looked about. He was thankfully outside, the sky was black, and his was in a black sanded desert. You probably had to pay extra for vegetation around here. He looked back at Death.

    "Dead, you say? So what do I do now?"

    A skeletal horse, literally, a horse composed entirely of white bone, and a saddle, appeared behind the robed figure, somehow trotted forward, and nuzzled it's master in the back of the shoulder.

    Death nuzzled it behind bony ears. "ALRIGHT, BINKY. ALMOST FINISHED." The cowl faced the nine foot humanoid, leaning back to do so. "WALK THE DESERT. RECIEVE JUDGEMENT AT THE END."

    Moe looked around again, sighing.

    It could be worse.

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