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Science Fiction Flowerbird Voyage: A Revelation Space RPG

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by blubeast1237, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    It is the year 2348 and Jacob LlRal is an Ultra who has been down on his luck. Fired off from his last crew, he has been travelling the Glitter Band doing odd jobs to make ends meet. But his fortune changes for the better when he stumbles across a titanic Lighthugger called Flowerbird. Normally, this would be no cause for concern in the very large and buzzing Glitter Band, except that this ship is abandoned and has no owner.

    The Glitter Band's Panoply quickly took control of Flowerbird because of all the different habitats that wanted to assume control of it, whether to use it to increase the size of their respective organization or to use it as a trading ship. Jacob, however, demanded that since he had been the one to discover the ship that he should be given a stake in the ownership of the Flowerbird as well. After months of constant polls and deliberation, Panoply gave itself, Jacob, and four habitats a stock in the ship. The ship is being sent on a voyage to gather resources and bring more business to the Glitter Band by travelling to distant and unknown planets on the edge of human expansion.


    Welcome to Flowerbird Voyage: A Revelation Space RPG. This RPG focuses on the division of political factions aboard the Flowerbird, the mystery behind why the Flowerbird was abandoned, and the enigmatic alien technologies that will be discovered along the way. This is a space opera full of hard sci-fi elements that offers more adventure and more to explore than the casual game. And as with most of my games, the characters make the plot, not the other way around.


    The Factions

    Jacob LlRal's Crew - Jacob's crew are mainly just down on their luck adventurers who find that the Glitter Band doesn't have as much to offer to them. They are a motley crew of outcasts, but are hard workers under Jacob and are loyal to him. Attracts: Mercenaries, engineers, thieves, and pilots.

    KOKE-Yuslav Family - The KOKE-Yuslav family are those people who spend their lives in abstraction. "Abstraction is the process by which humans with neural implants gain access to wireless data networks, the data rate of which is far beyond anything current technology can offer." KOKE-Yuslavs leave their minds in abstraction and interact with other habitats through robot bodies. They handle most if not all trading that is done on Flowerbird. Led by Laura and Jacques KOKE-Yuslav.

    Panoply - Panoply is the police force of the Glitter Band. On board the Flowerbird, their main job is to make sure that voting and polls are done fair, to settle disputes, and to keep the factions from going to war. Senior Prefect aboard Flowerbird is Phalie Jones.

    House Observatorius - House Observatorius is a group of Conjoiners that monitor the Conjoiner Drive engines that run the ship. It is unsure why they expressed such an interest in joining the voyage, but it is suspected that they are simply trying to uncover the mystery behind Flowerbird's abandonment. Led by Bost.

    Kor-Lurine Family - Politicians and Scientists who, under the leadership of Paul Kor-Lurine, are attempting to colonize and build new settlements on the unknown worlds that Flowerbird is bound to come by. There is an air of distrust between between the Politicians and the Scientists, but Paul Kor-Lurine is the only thing keeping them from infighting.

    DaBaLis - A fringe corporation that works on cutting edge technology. They hope that by going on this voyage that they will be able to gather technology from other settlements, recruit, investigate the remains of alien civilizations, and to try and make contact with any other alien entities that may be in the galaxy. The DeBaLis Corporation is led by Docker Nebludoza.


    Character Sheet

    Who are you? (Name)
    What are you? (Ultra, Conjoiner, Baseline human, or hyperpig)
    Describe yourself. (Appearance)
    Any modifications or implants? (Physical or mental modifications to better deal with space travel and space technology. It is not necessary to have them. Any question
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