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Saga Forbidden kiss rewrite and repost updated Jan 31 2014

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    The Forbidden Kiss
    Hoth base

    Jess Shern walked towards the med ward. He heard the kid got into trouble with a snow beast out there. Han Solo left the night before to find Luke Skywalker half frozen to death. Han left the base before word had reached him or his fiancé. He was thankful to the smuggler for looking after the twins like he has over the past three years.

    Jess thought about Anakin and Padme and how their love ended in tradegy. Seeing the babies gave him new hope that one-day things would work back towards restoring democracy. Anakin, his mouth curled up as he felt anger rush through his very being. He hurt his daughter Leia, interrogated her and who knows what other horrors he unleashed on her. Anakin was no longer the man he looked towards as a role model or for advice. Yet Anakin was the reason why he got together with Fress. He encouraged their relationship. That man was dead to him even if Fress held hope that he could be saved one day. He nearly killed Fress five years ago, which only proved to him that the man was beyond saving.

    As Jess neared the room Luke was in, he heard Leia Organa and Han arguing again which only caused him to roll his eyes. Either those two should get together or stop arguing like a married couple. On impulse he got out his holo recorder as Han continued to egg Leia on.

    “I guess you don’t know everything about women,” Leia spoke in a cold voice as Jess shook his head as she did something completely unexpected. He raised the recorder and snapped a holo of Leia kissing Luke. He grimaced, he really should’ve stepped in seconds before the kiss happened but who can resist some juicy blackmail?

    “Commander, were you eavesdropping?” Leia challenged hotly as Jess quickly hid the holo recorder in his pocket. She looked at the door directly at him with an expression that Padme used to sport quite a bit when she was upset about something.

    “I just came by to see how Luke was doing. I heard he ran into a snow beast out there? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, Princess,” Jess quickly defended himself as Leia brushed past him. “It wasn’t intentional.”

    “Then why the holo recorder?” Leia challenged with a frown as she stopped and stared at the slight bulge in his pocket.

    Jess bit on his lower lip knowing he would have to explain it but something told him the time wasn’t right. He needed to come up with a lie and quickly. She was waiting for his answer as he glanced into room as Han and Luke watched him with curious expressions. No one could stand up to Leia, too much like her mother. “To record damage for later review? Fress needed me to make an estimate on the X-wings for her. I just finished it and now I’m checking on a friend.”

    Leia raised an eyebrow. “I saw a flash go off, did you take a holo of me and Luke kissing?”

    ”No,” Jess answered quickly as he thought fast. She was going to want to know about the light. “Someone had a flashlight with them.”

    ”I find that hard to believe,” Leia commented. “There is no need for a flashlight here, it’s well lit.”

    “I have to check on a friend,” Jess said avoiding her point as he made his way into the room as his comlink went off. “Go ahead.”

    ”Jess, there is something moving out near the generators that needs to be checked out,” Fress’s voice came over the comlink.

    “On my way, sweetheart,” Jess answered as he glanced at Han. “Han, we have to go. Glad to see you’re okay, kid.”

    “Thanks Jess,” Luke watched him with Anakin’s eyes causing him to smile slightly. Jess felt a pang of guilt that they couldn’t come clean about everything, they were still in the middle of a war and with Anakin causing as much destruction and murders. He didn’t think he could allow the twins to feel the burden yet. One day they would be told the truth, but the time hasn’t come yet.

    “Right,” Han said as he walked out of the room giving the other man a doubtful expression. Chewie patted Luke on the shoulder then walked behind them. “Do I want to know?”

    “No, Han you don’t,” Jess answered honestly as Leia led the way to the command center.
    Fress tuned her attention to Jess as he followed Leia in, with Han and Chewie bringing up the rear. She smiled as Jess’s eyes found hers. She shook her head to refocus on the task at hand. “Something tripped one of our sensors out near the generators, we need someone to go and check it out.”

    “I’ll go, General,” Han volunteered as Chewie howled in agreement. She nodded her thanks to both of them. Han stepped in between Fress and Dodonna. “General, I decided not to stay.”

    ”I thought you decided to stay?” Fress questioned with a serious expression. She looked at Jess for answers as a smug grin crossed his lips. She raised an eyebrow waiting for an explanation. I’ll tell you later, he mouthed to her. “Han, I don’t understand? We could use a man like you.”

    “I’m sorry, General, but that bounty hunter we ran into changed my mind,” Han answered with a serious expression.

    “Han, the Rebellion has offered to pay off Jabba the Hutt. Why don’t you let us handle it and you won’t have to run anymore,” Fress offered with a frown. “I would hate to loose you.”

    “I can’t allow you to do that, Fress, thanks for the offer,” Han said with a heavy sigh. He walked out of the room as Jess gestured to outside the hall.

    “Jess, do you know anything about this?” Fress questioned as she stared at her fiancé with a frown.

    “Not here,” Jess answered as he headed out of the room causing her to follow. He reached into a pocket and turned on the holo.

    Fress stared at the holo feeling horrified as she stared at Jess. She gestured to another room that was unoccupied and closed the door. “You let the twins kiss? Are you out of your mind?”

    “Calm down, sweetheart, it was just a kiss and most likely why Han changed his mind,” Jess answered with a frown.

    “Jess, you should’ve stopped them,” Fress pointed out with a frown. “Or didn’t you notice they have feelings for each but have no clue as to why?”

    ”Fress, I would’ve stopped them but I had a feeling it would’ve been a bad idea. I didn’t think this would be a good time to bring out about the family tie. If I stopped them, I would’ve had to explain why that was a bad idea,” Jess pointed out with a frown. “What would happen if Vader found out that Leia is his daughter? And she let it slip to him? It would not end well. You and I both know that. We’ll eventually have to tell them but this isn’t the time.”

    Fress shook her head feeling frustration well up in her. She took a deep breath and slowly released it. Jess was right it would not end well. “If they go any further, we’ll have to tell them,” she had a feeling it wouldn’t. She noticed that Leia’s heart seemed to be with Solo not with Luke. Her comlink went off as she raised her wrist. “Go ahead.”

    “General, we need to evacuate the base, Solo destroyed a probe droid,” Leia explained. “Briefing room, in five minutes.”

    “We’re on our way, Princess,” Fress stared at Jess as he took a step forward. He gently ran his hand along her jaw line. “I love you.”

    Jess didn’t say a word as he kissed her deeply on the lips. She felt her heart speed up as tingles started at her toes and worked their way up her head causing her to sigh in contentment. She pulled back looking into his eyes as snow from the wall and sprinkled down on her shoulder. The wall was beginning to shudder a little. “We have to go.”

    Jess nodded in agreement as they headed towards the briefing room. The Empire found them. It was time to move on.
    Fress stood beside Luke as she took a head count on who volunteered to fight on the ground and who volunteered to escort the transports. Princess Leia outlined the mission for protecting the transports and she would outline the battle plan for the ground. Everyone seemed unsure about assigning two fighters to a transport but Leia reassured everyone they would be shooting the ion cannon. She noticed Leia give her a short nod as she stepped forward with a frown. “Half of Shadow Squadron will be working with the other half of Rogue squadron. The others are getting ready to escort the transports. Our mission is to distract the ground assault from the Empire as much as possible and we may just take a few of those transports down with us. Our fighters will be on the South Ridge with their engines on standby along with your R2 units. Good luck to everyone. May the Force be with you.”

    Fress felt Jess grab her hand as some ice sprinkled down onto her shoulder. He looked into her eyes as he gently leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She closed her eyes soaking up the attention. She pulled back looking into his brown eyes. “Be careful out there.”

    “You too,” Jess agreed as he ran his hand along Fress’s jaw. “I don’t want to loose you.”

    Fress nodded in agreement knowing they were constantly risking their lives. There was a chance that one of them may never return. “I love you.”

    “I love you,” Jess said as Fress felt someone place an arm around her shoulders.

    “Get a room, already,” Herks teased causing Jess to glower. “Yes, I would be kissing her too before every mission if I had someone that beautiful to call my own.”

    “Don’t you have a speeder to get ready?” Jess asked in a testy voice. “You’re spoiling possibly my last moment with Fress.”

    “Don’t worry, Commander. I’ll take good care of her if you don’t come back,” Herks said as he winked before releasing his arm. “Shall we beautiful?”

    “She’s not even remotely in your league,” Jess growled angrily.

    “Really? Is it because she’s a Jedi or is it because you knew her since you were children? You know what they say about marrying your high school sweetheart?” Herks grinned with a mischief smile as Jess started to rush him.

    “Jess, just ignore him. He’s just playing off your jealousy to get a rise out of you,” Fress said as she pushed Herks away and put her hand onto Jess’s strong muscular chest to prevent him from walking any further. “We’re needed up top. Jess, your jealously could be your undoing if you’re not careful,” she turned her attention to Herks with a frown. “Please don’t egg him on again.”

    “Right,” Jess growled as he glared at Herks again. “You heard the General, we’re needed up top.”

    Herks left without saying another word as Jess ran for the speeders now waiting for them. She was to lead the ground assault. Fress shook her head sadly as she jogged after Jess and Herks. One of these days Herks could go too far with the teasing, then she would have Jess’s dark side to deal with. She just hoped it never happened. Jess knew better.
    Fress powered up the land speeder as the ground shook. The ATAT’s were drawing closer to the base. And she had this feeling Vader wasn’t too far behind them either. Every base the Imperials attacked with Luke there, Vader oversaw the destruction in hopes of catching Luke. She was almost positive of it. “Mike, you with me?”

    ”Ready to go, Fress,” Mike answered as Fress tapped into the com unit. “This is Shadow Leader, all wings report in.”

    “This is Shadow Two standing by,” Jess reported in quickly. “Shadow Four standing by.”
    “This is Shadow five standing by,” a man by the name of Red reported in. “Shadow three is standing by,”
    “”Shadow Six standing by oh beautiful leader,” Herks reported in a sly tone. “Shadow seven is standing by,.”
    “Shove it Herks before I hurt you,” Jess growled over the comm.

    “Commander, she’s beautiful,” Herks answered. “I would follow her to the ends of the galaxy and beyond.”

    “That’s enough,” Fress commanded as Luke reported Rogue Squadron being ready. Half of the other ships were overseeing the transports making sure they made it safely past the blockade while the others fought down here to buy everyone else time. “Remember, our fighters are on the south ridge, as soon as we’re given the signal. We’re to evacuate immediately. On my mark, lets go out there and do some damage.”

    Fress pressed down on a button signalling both squadrons, Luke maybe in charge of one but she had the much higher rank then he did. She raised the speeder as the others followed her lead.
    Fress circled around an ATAT as she felt Vader’s presence enter the atmosphere. Not good, they were running out of time to leave.

    “Rogue two, this is Rogue Leader. Wedge are you still with me?” Luke questioned.

    “I’m still with you boss,” Wedge answered.

    “I lost my gunner, use your harpoon cables and go for the legs,” Luke commanded as Fress pulled her speeder up above one of the ATAT’s and aimed for the neck. There was an explosion as the ATAT collapsed to its knees.

    “Good shooting Shadow Leader,” Jess said as he followed her around to the next ATAT keeping Fress covered.

    Fress didn’t say anything as she spotted Luke and Wedge’s speeder going around an ATAT while tangling up its legs. That was a good idea. “Jess, see that? Follow me on the next pass, let’s go for the legs.”

    “That’s a really good idea,” Jess agreed as the ATAT tried to walk again only to trip on the cable. “Good job, Rogue Leader.”

    “Mike, latch the cable on the next pass,” Fress commanded as she brought the speeder around.

    “The cable has been fired,” Mike reported as Fress started to circle the ATAT. “On the next pass, detach the cable,” she commanded after her third pass.

    “Cable detached,” Mike said as Fress felt Vader make contact with her, which caused her to curse under her breath.

    “I felt it,” Jess said before Fress had a chance to say anything. “That’s our exit cue,” he said as the retreat siren was sounded. “Our job here is done. Let’s get out of here before Vader catches up with us.”

    “He’s here?” Mike questioned in a quiet tone.

    “Yes, he’s here,” Fress confirmed as she swung her speeder towards the South Ridge where Luke was already climbing up a ladder. “We have to go.”

    “Sounds like a good idea,” Jess agreed as she landed beside him. They couldn’t take the speeders with them, which was a pity. On the other hand, they could always send someone back after the Imperials left for retrieval. That’s if Vader didn’t have the base destroyed first. “We’ll fly towards the North. That sound be on the opposite side of the blockade.”

    “Sounds like a plan,” Jess agreed. If Vader was down here, that meant everyone else escaped and he’s come looking for anyone left behind. She had this funny feeling Vader knew about Luke. Leia she wasn’t so sure off. She was surprised Vader never put two and two together about how Leia looks like her mother. She could never figure that part out. This only meant that Anakin was mostly not there anymore. With a sad shake of her head, she climbed up the ladder. “Saber, take the engines off standby. Let’s get out of here.”
    Fress let Jess lead her by the hands. Jess deliberately set the coordinates to come to this planet. For what reason he wouldn’t tell her but his hands were sweating. She couldn’t see anything due to the blindfold over her eyes. She could hear waves crashing onto the shore. She began to wonder what her boyfriend had in mind. “Jess, how much longer do I have to walk blinded?”

    “We’re almost there,” Jess answered and his tone sounded nervous causing her to frown. She wondered what he had in mind. She knew he felt guilty about not having a ring to give her when he asked her to marry him. To her it didn’t matter. She loved him dearly no matter if she had a ring or not. It was a nice thought but was not necessary.

    They stopped walking as she felt Jess remove the blindfold from her eyes. “Keep them closed,” he instructed as she heard some rustling of clothing. She wondered if he had a picnic planned? She smiled at thought. He was full of surprises and did everything to please her even if it’s not necessary. “Okay. Open them.”

    Fress opened her eyes and noticed Jess was on knee looking up at her with a ring in hand. He held it a way as the moon’s light caused the ring to sparkle. The moon was just over the water. “Jess, you didn’t have to do this.”

    ”It’s the proper way and I’m sorry it took so long. I want to do this right,” Jess answered with a smile as he clasped his large hand over her slightly smaller hand. “Fress Colias, you’re the most beautiful person I have ever known. You make my life complete. You’re my soul mate and other half. Will you take my hand in marriage?’

    “Yes,” Fress answered as he placed the ring on her finger. She noticed it was silver and a smaller version of a lightsaber gem. “It’s beautiful,” he stood up and kissed her on the lips as she wrapped her arms around his lower torso. She pulled back and noticed the blanket and basket on the ground. “Oh Jess, do we really have time? We need to get to the rendezvous.”

    “Fress, we need to take time. We have time, sweetheart,” Jess said as he kneeled down on the blanked and opened the basket. He started sorting through it. “All your favourites.”

    Fress smiled as she joined him on the ground. “You went to a lot of work and I really appreciate it. Okay, there is some time but not much.”

    Jess smiled as he handed her one of the plates. After they ate, Fress leaned against Jess as the moon rose further. There was a gentle warm breeze but that didn’t stop Jess from holding her in a warm gentle embrace. “I love you. Thank you for making my life complete.”

    “Thank you for making mine complete,” Jess agreed as he nuzzled the back of her neck. She had a feeling it was time to go. She enjoyed the small quiet times with him, they managed to always find time.
    Fress walked towards Ahsoka Tano as she greeted her friend with a hug. “Ahsoka, it’s good to see you.”

    “It’s good to see you too,” Ahsoka answered as she hugged Jess. She glanced down and noticed the ring on Fress’s finger. “Is that what I think it is?”

    “Jess asked me to marry him again but this time properly, even though he didn’t have too,” Fress answered with a grin. “I’ll tell you all about it later.”

    “Wait a minute,” Jess said with a frown. “How much do you tell each other?”

    “Everything,” Fress answered with a sly smile causing Jess to groan inwardly. “Have you heard from Luke or Leia?”

    “We have a transmission from the Millennium Falcon,” Ahsoka answered. “It didn’t sound good. Something about a severally wounded incoming.”

    “What happened?” Fress questioned temporarily forgetting about her happiness as the dreaded feeling suddenly took hold again.

    “I don’t know. I’m sure we’ll find out shortly,” Ahsoka answered with a frown as she turned her attention to the Falcon that was just beginning to land.

    Fress watched as a pair of medics waited for the ramp to lower causing her to frown. Something was up. She walked towards the Falcon as Jess and Ahsoka followed behind her as the medics rushed up the ramp. A minute passed by as they brought Luke down who was clutching his arm. She took a double look noticing the hand was missing.

    Luke made brief eye contact with her as she saw horror behind his eyes. Fress watched as they rushed him down to the med ward. The look in his eyes was enough to know that Luke knew about his father.

    “Still think Anakin is worth chasing down?” Jess questioned angrily. “He cut off his own son’s hand.”

    “I don’t know anymore,” Fress answered as Leia walked down followed by Chewie and a man she didn’t recognize. “What happened, Leia? Where’s Han?”

    “Vader froze Han in carbonite and Bobba Fett is taking him to Jabba the Hutt,” Leia answered with a frown. “We plan on launching a rescue mission with or without Mon Mothma’s permission.”

    Fress nodded in understanding. Even though Leia and Luke shared a forbidden kiss. It was clear that Leia’s heart was always with Solo’s. She knew that sooner or later Leia would stop denying her feelings for the smuggler. They had the chemistry. “I’m sorry, Jess and I will help anyway we can.”

    “Thank you, both of you,” Leia said as she headed towards the med bay to wait.

    Just as soon as Leia, Lando, and Chewie were out of ear shot Jess just had to say it. “That’s what you get when someone gets frisky with Vader’s daughter.”

    “Anakin is in there somewhere. Otherwise his paternal instincts wouldn’t have kicked in. You better watch your back, Jess. You’re next,” Ahsoka teased as they walked towards the med bay.

    “That’s not funny,” Jess grumbled. “If Anakin still cared about Fress, he wouldn’t have tried to kill Fress when she confronted him. Blow up Leia’s home world or cut Luke’s hand off. He tried to kill Padme while she was still pregnant with Luke and Leia. He killed Obi-Wan according to Luke and Leia. Who goes and kills off someone you view as a father? He helped Palpatine plunge the galaxy into darkness. Am I missing something here? Or is it just me?”

    Fress shook her head in disagreement. Padme even picked up on the part about there was still good left in Anakin. She wasn’t Force sensitive. Vader didn’t deal with slavers. It only let her know that apart of Anakin still existed. Otherwise he wouldn’t have let her go. Sooner or later she would have to come clean about being Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice. So far those who knew about her connection to Anakin did not say anything to Luke. She felt the time wasn’t right to tell him. She had a feeling that talk could not be avoided for much longer. Especially after what happened. “Let’s go wait for Luke to come out. We can start discussing about how to rescue Han in the mean time.”

    “Queen and slave. Smuggler and Princess, have to admit. Leia really takes after her mother, with a bit of mixture of Anakin inside her,” Ahsoka commented with a grin.

    “That’s not the half of it,” Jess said as he showed Ahsoka the holo of Luke and Leia kissing.

    Ahsoka shook her head sadly as Jess put the holo cube back into his pocket. “Jess, out of curiosity, why didn’t you stop them from kissing?”
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    Hi: :D :D Oh was this a fun great read and you gave me a squeeee moment too :) If this is or will turn into something longer, tag please [face_batting]

    I'm starting to delve more into Rexsoka -- isn't that a pretty blend [face_laugh] -- I think I'd love seeing that end of things, since you've included Ahsoka :cool: and Fress could help match them up, i.e., speed things along [face_laugh]

    [:D] @};-
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    I decided to go in a slightly different direction from what I originally wrote on the temporary boards. This will be a different write up, similar but different at the same time. I put this on the back burner for a while. So here is the attempt at the rewrite.
    Ahsoka stared at Jess as they waited for the medic to come and tell them how Luke’s surgary was coming along. She raised an expectant eyebrow in his direction waiting for him to answer about why he didn’t stop the kiss from happening. He just ignored her.

    “What?” Jess questioned as he caught her looking at her strangely.

    “You didn’t answer my question back there,” Ahsoka pointed out with a frown.

    Jess shook his head as he glanced at Leia who seemed a tad bit confused as he stood up and gestured for Ahsoka to follow him outside. He closed the door to the waiting room so Leia would not over hear what he had to say. “Ahsoka, what would you do if one child has no clue about who her parents were?”

    “We have to tell her the truth at some point, Luke and Leia share an attraction to each other without knowing why,” Ahsoka pointed out with a frown.

    “I’ve already told Fress my reasoning and the last thing Leia needs to know is her biological father tortured her aboard the Death Star and cut off her brother’s hand. She has Anakin’s temperament. She may not take to the news well. Eventually she’s going to have to be told the truth, but now isn’t the right time,” Jess explained with a frown. “Not while Vader is still alive. It’s better if she doesn’t know. If Vader found out, he’ll attempt to make plans for her as well as Luke.”

    “You’re right. I never thought about it that way,” Ahsoka agreed with a frown. “Can I get a copy of that holo? Never know when Leia may need some extra persuasion to see things my way.”

    “You mean black mail?” Jess corrected with a slight smirk.

    “Either or works,” Ahsoka answered with a smirk.

    “I’ll get a copy to you later,” Jess agreed. “We should head back in before Leia comes looking for us.”

    “Okay,” Ahsoka followed Jess back into the room as Fress looked up with a serious expression. “What’s with the look?”

    “Leia and I feel it’s best to head to Tatooine to allow Luke to recover,” Fress answered with a frown. “It’ll allow us to wait for the drop off. Luke and Leia can use Kenobi’s hut, Ahsoka you and Rex can stay with them or stay with Jess and I at our place.”

    “It’s okay, Fress,” Ahsoka answered with a small smile. “Rex and I can stay with Luke and Leia." She gave a mischief smile towards Leia. “Someone has to keep an eye on them.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?” Leia questioned with a raised brow. “All three of you have you have been acting strange since I kissed Luke.”

    Ahsoka held back a smirk as Jess raised an eyeborw. “What makes you say that, Princess?”

    “I hate Tatooine, can’t we just place some sensor holos around Jabba’s palace, a live feed so we don’t have to wait on Tatooine?” Jess questioned as he quickly changed the subject.

    “Jess, it won’t be that bad,” Fress stood up and wrapped an arm around him. “Han is a good friend and we should work out the plan ahead of time and a plan b just incase.”

    “What would be plan b?” Leia questioned with a serious expression.

    “Nothing short of storming in, taking Solo by force and blowing up the palace on our way out so no one follows us,” Jess answered with a smirk.

    “Oh yes, blowing things up is a bit of a Jedi specialty,” Ahsoka answered with a smirk. “Skywalker and Kenobi, big and bangy.”

    Fress shook her head warningly as Leia raised an eyebrow. “Anakin and Obi-Wan were known to cause quite a bit of damage every time they ended up on the same mission together.”

    “You can’t forget that Anakin is the one who preferred to blow things up. Obi-Wan always went the more diplomatic route,” a new voice joined in the conversation causing everyone to look at the door. “Obi-Wan was bold. He would get the supplies from the enemy while the enemy was under the impression that Obi-Wan were surrendering, he even talked the general into serving drinks while Obi-Wan talked the general into handing over his extra supplies to us.”

    “Rex,” Ahsoka said with a smile as she walked towards him with a smile. She kissed him gently on the lips then pulled back. “When did you get back?”

    “Fifteen minutes ago, there’s a rumor that Vader cut off Luke’s hand?” Rex questioned with a serious expression.

    “Yeah, he did,” Ahsoka answered with a frown as they sat down in some chairs.

    Rex was silent as he wrapped an arm around Ahsoka’s shoulders and closed his eyes. Ahsoka could only begin to imagine what was going through her husband’s mind. He looked at Fress with a frown. “Is he gone?”

    “I don’t know,” Fress answered honestly. “I keep hoping but…” She allowed her voice to trail off with a frown. “I’m not so sure anymore.”

    “We need to come up with a plan to rescue Han,” Jess quickly changed the subject again.
    “The plan is to head back to Tatooine to wait for Fett to make the drop at Jabba’s palace.”

    “Really?” Rex questioned with a frown. “What happened to Solo?”

    “Vader dropped him into carbonite to test it before attempting to lure Luke into the chambers,” Fress answered with a frown.

    Rex snorted then quickly covered it up with a cough. “Kriff, there’s no hope in talking Vader back to the light side is there?”

    “He’s gone, we should just accept the fact and let the old wounds heal,” Jess pointed out with a frown. “Fress, maybe it’s time to let go.”

    Fress stood up and walked to the window. She looked at the stars causing Ahsoka to worry. Out of everyone here, it hit Fress and her the hardest about Anakin’s betrayel. Fress was silent, almost too silent. “Fress?”

    “I can’t Jess,” Fress turned around and looked at him with tears in her eyes. “You’re asking me to let him go? To forget everything he used to be and mean to us? He was a father figure to us all.”

    Jess stood up and walked to Fress and wrapped his arms around her. No words were spoken as he held her close to him. “I’m not asking you to forget everything just that he’s no longer there.”

    “There’s still good in him, Jess. A part of him still exists beneath the darkness. There is always hope,” Fress argued in a small voice. “I sensed it. He could’ve killed me but didn’t.”

    Ahsoka was silent as she placed her hands against her temples and rubbed them as she felt Rex tighten his grip around her. “I don’t know, Fress. I want to believe he’s still there but it’s getting more difficult to believe that he is. If he does come back, it’ll have to be something that moves him greatly. I’m not sure at this point, what would be enough to move him…”

    “You knew him that well?” Leia questioned quietly causing everyone to look at her. Ahsoka and Fress both nodded. “It must be difficult.”

    “We used to fight on the same side, not any more,” Ahsoka commented with a serious expression. “He’s a stranger to us now. The dark side changes you and twists your views around. He believes he’s still fighting the good fight when he’s the one causing all the damage.”

    “He was a good friend, could always count on him for anything,” Rex commented sadly. “Not any more. We loved him, but he trusted Palpatine blindly without question and that is what helped him lead to his down fall.”

    “Makes you wonder what Palpatine said to him exactly,” Jess said in a frustrated tone.

    “I don’t think anyone here can guess what he said to Vader. Not unless he talked to one of us ahead of time?” Rex questioned with a frown as he turned his attention to Fress.

    “What?” Fress questioned with a frown. “Oh yeah, like he’s going to confide into me what really goes through his mind on a daily basis.”

    “You two used to talk quite a bit, you must’ve picked up on something?” Rex questioned with a frown.

    “Anything that you may have thought was a little strange?” Ahsoka questioned with a frown.

    “There is one thing,” Fress commented with a frown. “But this isn’t a good place to discuss it. I suspect it may have given Palpatine leverage over Vader. Sometimes I get the feeling he’s nothing more then a slave to Palpatine. I just can’t help shake the feeling that Vader feels he’s in too deep to turn back.”

    “The Alliance would love to charge him for his crimes, he won’t find any mercy here unless we fight on his behalf,” Rex pointed out with a frown.

    “Someone with a strong political view would be a good way to go,” Fress pointed out with a frown. “I highly doubt we can talk anyone into it to be honest.”

    Ahsoka remained silent as a medic walked into the room causing everyone to look up at the same time.

    “Commander Skywalker is in his recovery room. The surgery was successful,” the medic reported with a frown. “He’s asking for you, General Colias.”

    Fress nodded as she walked towards the door and glanced behind her at everyone. “The talk can’t be avoided anymore. I suspect Luke knows the truth now. I saw it in his eyes earlier.”
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    Wonderful post. =D= Happy this is continuing. You can really tell Ahsoka and Fress are feeling the loss of a good and valued ally and friend :( Jess's rationale for not cluing Leia in at the start was well-thought out. [face_thinking] Looking forward to the Fress/Luke talk. :D
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    “There’s still good in him, Jess. A part of him still exists beneath the darkness. There is always hope,” Fress argued in a small voice. “I sensed it. He could’ve killed me but didn’t.”

    It must be pointed out, because none of them brought it up: Vader wasn't trying to hurt Luke, and Luke went in looking for a fight. He ignited his saber first. But only Luke knows that, even if he doesn't understand it yet.

    Good update. :)
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    Fress walked into Luke’s recovery room as he gauged her with a sad expression. She walked to his side and sat down in the chair beside his bed. “You wanted to speak with me?”

    Luke swallowed hard and looked towards the window where the Falcon was docked. Lando Calrissian was getting ready to leave for Tatooine shortly. “Is it true? Is what Vader told me is true?”

    “True about what, Luke?” Fress questioned with a confused expression as she danced around the truth. She knew what Luke was asking she could sense that much through the Force.

    Luke went silent as he flexed his new hand. He was in deep thought causing Fress to wonder what was going through his mind. “Did Vader lie to me about being my father? He said if I didn’t believe him, then to ask his traitorous apprentice. When I asked him who he meant, he told me you were his apprentice during the clone wars.”

    Fress fell silent as her fears were confirmed. She glanced towards the window and subconsciously realized she had become too silent. Luke was watching her with intense interest. She didn’t know what to say but she didn’t have a choice but confirm or deny it.

    “Fress, it’s time to tell young Luke the truth.”

    Fress looked towards the bed and noted Obi-Wan was standing on the other side of the bed watching both of them. “Been a long time, Obi-Wan, are you sure about this?’

    “You can’t deny the truth, Fress. No matter how much you want to attempt this from a point of view,” Obi-Wan answered with a frown.

    Fress nodded as she prepared to deliver a life-changing blow. Luke had to know the truth. “Luke, it’s true. Your father Anakin Skywalker fell to the dark side and changed his name to Vader. I still hold out hope he can be saved but I’m not sure anymore.”

    “There’s still good in him, I felt it,” Luke said with a frown. “I’m sure he can be turned back.”

    “Luke, Vader is in over his head. Even if you did, what would you tell everyone in the Alliance?” Fress challenged with a frown. “That you’re the son of the second most hated man in the galaxy? That would’ve gotten you kicked out before you had a chance to prove yourself. We protected you because you didn’t know the truth yet.”

    “Fress, please help me,” Luke pleaded with a frown causing her to shake her head sadly. “You knew him and the others?”

    “They knew him,” Fress answered honestly. “The man we once knew is dead. Vader inhabits the shell of your father. He’s destroyed everything your father was and once stood for.”

    Obi-Wan watched them with a frown. “Fress speaks the truth. I held out hope for my student but he’s in too deep to turn back now and he knows it.”

    “I refuse to accept that. He can be saved, I sensed that much,” Luke argued. “Fress you believed he was still there somewhere. Otherwise you wouldn’t have continued to persue him.”

    “He nearly killed me for my efforts, Luke,” Fress pointed out painstakingly. “I can no longer bare children because of that belief.”

    “But if he wanted to kill you, he would’ve,” Luke argued. “Something stopped him that day. Your bond or friendship? Viewing you like a daughter maybe?”

    “Luke, all I can do is hold onto hope he’ll find peace one day. He really is in over his head,” Fress answered as she stood up and walked towards the door. “I can’t promise how things will turn out, if I did then I would not only be fooling you but myself as well. I don’t want you to give you any false hope. It was nice seeing you again, Obi-Wan. Even if in just spirit form.”

    “It’s good to see you as well, Fress. You’re a Jedi Master and it’s time for you to pass on that you have learned. I’ll talk to him,” Obi-Wan spoke with a frown as Fress walked out of the room and headed back to the waiting room.

    Jess stood up and wrapped his arms around Fress. “How did it go?”

    “Luke knows the truth about his father,” Fress answered as she clung to his robes like a lost child. “I miss Anakin. I wish I could talk to him and just him only and not this personality he’s assumed,” she whispered through the tears. “Jess, Anakin won’t stop until he has Luke standing before Palpatine.”

    “Shhhhh,” Jess gently soothed. “It’s all right, sweetheart. We’ll protect him to the best of our abilities.”

    Fress glanced over and noticed Leia watching her with a gaped mouth. She took a step back and wiped the tears knowing this will come as a shock. “I was Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice during the Clone Wars. That man no longer exists, only Vader does now.”

    “I don’t believe it,” Leia shook her head as Fress walked to her side and sat down.

    “We couldn’t tell you the truth yet for Luke’s sake. He didn’t choose his parents,” Fress explained with a frown. “Nor did he know the truth until now. If he is anything like his parents, he will fight for truth and help restore the Republic. Vader and Anakin are completely different individuals. With different view points, Anakin stood for justice. Vader stands for evil. Palpatine blindsided Anakin into believing what he was doing is the right thing when in fact he’s causing damage. It’s difficult to explain but the dark side can change you that much. It consumes your soul. He’s a stranger to us now.”

    “Poor Luke,” Leia searched Fress’s features and reached for her hand. “I can see how difficult it was for you to come forward with the truth. I still trust you. You have never compromised us once.”

    “Thank you,” there was more to it then Fress let on, she wasn’t sure if Obi-Wan told Luke about Leia yet or not. Sooner or later both had to be told the full truth and she knew this was not going to be an easy thing to swallow. It was a time bomb waiting to go off.
    Fress sat on the couch as Jess brought in the rest of their luggage. Ahsoka and Rex walked in after they helped Leia and Luke settled in. She closed her eyes as she felt the cushions shift. “Has Luke said anything about him and Leia yet?”

    “Nope and I’m getting the feeling Obi-Wan has yet to tell him,” Ahsoka answered in a frustrated sigh. “Maybe it’s for the best at the moment.”

    “Most likely,” Fress agreed as Jess grumbled about being back on Tatooine. “Give Jess a day or two and he’ll stop complaining, hopefully.”

    Ahsoka chuckled causing Fress to smirk. “Rex is complaining just as much.”

    “Men, if you let them the whole room will be cold and we’ll be freezing to death in what they consider the perfect temperature,” Fress smirked causing Ahsoka to giggle.

    “No kidding,” Ahsoka agreed with a smirk. “On the other hand, can you blame them? Even this is a bit much for me.”

    “Truce,” Fress agreed as she opened her eyes and looked towards the door as Rex entered looking miserable. “Rex, turn the temperature up. It’s a little chilly in here.”

    Rex rolled his eyes as he stepped into the kitchen causing Ahsoka to smirk. “That was mean, Fress.”

    “He made it easy with the expression on his face,” Fress explained with a sad shake of her head. “Are the twins here?”

    “Nope, we may speak freely now,” Ahsoka answered with a grin. “For an hour at least.”

    “We’ll have to tell Luke and Leia sooner or later about them being brother and sister,” Fress pointed out with a frown. “I know this will come as a blow considering Leia knows the truth about Anakin Skywalker now.”

    “Time bombs, no more time bombs,” Ahsoka commented with a serious expression. “Let’s just tell her and get it done and over with.”

    “Not yet,” Fress gave Ahsoka a serious expression. “I have a feeling we should wait a little longer.”

    “All right,” Ahsoka leaned her head back and closed her eyes. “We shouldn’t wait too much longer.”

    “Agreed, we should make a run into town while it’s still day light. For extra supplies, water and food. Wouldn’t hurt,” Fress said with a small smile.

    “We should wait until the twins come,” Ahsoka commented with a frown. “Not unless we leave the boys behind.”

    “Not a bad idea, that way we do not hear them complaining about the heat,” Fress quickly added in as she stood up. “Let’s go.”

    Ahsoka smirked as she quietly followed Fress towards the door. “Jess, Rex, we’re headed out for a couple of hours. Supply run, be back before sunset,” she looked at Ahsoka. “Run.”

    Ahsoka grabbed her and Fress’s cloak as she sneaked out with Fress as they heard Rex answer. “Wait a minute, this is dangerous. Are you girls out of your mind?”

    Fress glanced behind her as Rex walked out of the door as she floored the speeder.
    Fress glanced down at the list of things they needed. They had everything they needed. She took a quick at Ahsoka and noticed her friend was fixated on a shop causing her to frown. The shop looked familiar for some reason. It was an older junk shop. “Ahsoka?”

    Ahsoka turned her attention to Fress and shook her head. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

    “Such as?” Fress questioned as she opened herself to the Force and took in a deep breath. “It’s Watto’s old shop. Anakin grew up here before he came to the temple.”

    “Maybe that’s it,” Ahsoka answered as she walked to Fress’s side and looked down at their list. “Is that it?”

    “We’re done here. Better get back before Jess and Rex start to worry, Leia and Luke should be there by now,” Fress agreed as they walked towards the parked speeder where Jawas were running their hands over the speeder. “Shoo get away from there.”

    The Jawas took off with a squeal as if they were suddenly startled. “Can’t take your eyes off of them for one minute.”

    “No kidding,” Fress agreed as she climbed into the drivers seat. She took a quick glance back at the shop and couldn’t shake the feeling that she should be going there but she couldn’t sense as to why.

    “Fress? Defender to Fress, come in Fress,” Ahsoka waved her hand in front of Fress’s face causing Fress to look at her with a disturbed expression. “What’s wrong?”

    “I don’t know,” Fress answered honestly. “The Force is pulling me there and I don’t know why.”

    “I’ll stay with the speeder and you can go and check it out if you want,” Ahsoka offered with a concerned expression. “If the Force is pulling you there, there is a reason for it.”

    “If I don’t come back out in ten minutes, comm Jess and let him know,” Fress said as she got out of the speeder and slowly made her way to the small shop. Something was there, something familiar. Almost too familiar she thought with a frown. She heard someone crash into a pile causing her to run inside the shop. She kept her senses wide open as a man looked at her with a terrified expression. “I’m not here to harm you,” she reassured him as he pointed towards the back. “Is someone back there that you fear?” She questioned as she reached for her lightsaber.

    The man nodded slowly as she made her way towards the back of the shop. She heard Watto died at the end of the Clone Wars and someone else had taken over. There was a ten-year-old boy who looked equally frightened. She stopped and sucked in a breath noting how much he looked like Jess and her. It can’t be she thought. Brice is supposed to be safe with his adoptive parents.

    Fress scanned the boy with the Force and sensed her signature along with Jess’s. By the Force. The boy pointed towards the back again causing her to freeze in her tracks as Vader stumbled into sight and crashed to the ground. She walked to him and kneeled down beside Vader placing her hand on his shoulder.
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    Excellent conversations and reactions followed by a doozy of a cliffie =D= WOW! :cool: Looking forward to more ;) ... to relieve the edge-of-seatness
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    Fress could scarcely believe it as Vader’s head moved to look at her but failed to say anything. “Stay still, Ani,” she whispered gently as the shop keep walked up to her with Brice following close behind him.

    “Fress?” The shopkeeper asked causing her to nod. “What are you doing here?”

    “It’s a long story,” Fress answered honestly as she commed Ahsoka. “Snips, it’s Firecracker. Head back to our place and unload the supplies then I need you to come back here. Don’t say anything to either of the boys.”

    “What’s going on?” Ahsoka questioned.

    “I’ll explain once you get back here, I’m fine, that’s all you need to know for now,” Fress answered as she cut the transmission short. She looked back up to Rick with a frown. “I thought you were still living on Corellia?”

    “Not since Karen passed away. We came here looking to start a new life,” Rick answered with a frown. “Brice is doing well in self defence, thanks for the tips.”

    “You’re welcome,” Fress said as she glanced at her son. “My condolences on the loss of your mother. She was a wonderful person,” she felt her heart beat achingly. Brice was their only son and she would never have another child again.

    “Thanks,” Brice glanced at Rick looking confused as he stared at Fress. “It feels like I should know you for some reason.”

    Fress didn’t answer as she heard a moan come from Vader causing her to look down. “This is the last place I would expect to find you,” she commented to Anakin as he stopped and he turned his head to look directly at her through the mask. “What are you doing here?”

    “Not here,” Vader answered as a rattling cough caught her attention. “I…”

    “Lay still, don’t talk,” Fress whispered as she glanced back at Rick. “Any chance you have an oxygen tank handy?”

    “I’ll be right back,” Rick said as he disappeared to the front of the shop.

    “Can you stand?” Fress questioned gently as Anakin shook his head causing her to frown. I have this sinking feeling we’ll need a medic she thought. Anakin’s condition is far more complicated since Obi-Wan left him for dead. “We’ll figure something out.”

    Rick reappeared with a tank and mask in his hand and kneeled down beside Fress. “It’s on the house, you’ve given me more then I could ever repay back.”

    Fress nodded her thanks as she accepted the tank and mask. She reached forward and gently tugged on Vader’s mask to remove it. She prepared herself mentally to catch a glimpse of him for the first time in twenty years. She gasped in shock as she looked into Anakin’s eyes and saw fear. Fear of how he looked now. His head was pale, hairless and there was a mighty scar. “Oh Anakin, you’re a human wreck,” she whispered gently as she quickly pulled the mask over his mouth and nose.

    She brushed her hand against his skin and noted it felt hot to touch. She laid the back of her hand against his forehead as Anakin closed his eyes. “I have a feeling he needs a medic but his condition is complicated. It’ll have to be someone trustworthy.”

    “I know someone,” Rick said with a frown. “Are you sure about this? We could just dump him in the middle of no where and leave him to die.”

    “I’m sure,” Fress answered as Brice appeared with a cloth and a bowl of water. She accepted it with a smile. “Thanks Brice,” she dipped the cloth into the cool water and quickly wrung it out and applied it to his forehead. “He was my master during the Clone Wars. I viewed him as a father figure. I can’t turn my back on him now.”

    “I’ll close the shop up until your friend returns,” Rick offered with a frown. “You can stay with me for the night, it’s already starting to get late and with all the sand people around. It’ll be too dangerous to travel at night.”

    “Thank you, I appreciate it,” Fress said with a smile. Anakin was resting. She could sense through the Force he was asleep. The only confusing part was looking into his eyes and not seeing any red or yellow. Something’s changed she thought with a frown.

    Rick nodded as he disappeared again as Brice watched her with a frown. “Why did dad thank you for tips?”

    Fress smiled slightly as she looked at Brice. “He wondered how to deal with an energetic boy, I gave him some tips since I grew up in the Jedi temple surrounded by energetic boys,” she answered simply. “How is school? Are you getting good grades?”

    “School is okay, and I do get good grades,” Brice answered. “I feel like I don’t belong, like an outsider. I crave adventure and exploring the stars one day. I don’t mind helping dad here.”

    “I know the feeling,” Fress said with a sigh. “It takes a while to learn your place in the galaxy. You’ll figure it out one day.”

    “That’s what dad is always telling me,” Brice said as Fress took the cloth and dipped it back into water. She placed it back onto Anakin’s forehead. “Why do you care about him, after everything he’s done?”

    Jess’s personality shone right through in a matter of seconds Fress thought with a frown. “I’m a Jedi Brice. It’s not in my nature to be angry or spiteful.”

    “Oh,” Brice was silent again. “So does that make me Force sensitive?”

    Fress froze as she glanced up at Brice. How did he quickly put two and two together? “Why do you ask?”

    “I know you’re my real mom and I was adopted,” Brice quickly explained with a serious expression. Definitely Jess’s son Fress thought to herself. Quick on the uptake. “Does that mean dad is here too?”

    “What makes you think I’m your mother?” Fress questioned in curiosity. She was curious to see how he figured it out on his own.

    “Actually truth be told he said something about having your and Jess’s signature just before he fell over the first time around,” Brice answered honestly.

    “I see,” Fress shook her head as she turned her attention to Brice. The agreement was if something happened to Rick and Karen, they made arrangements for Jess and her to be his godparents. “It’s true, you are Force sensitive. Does Rick know you know?”

    “I don’t think so yet,” Brice answered as he leaned against the wall. “I have a pretty good idea as to why though. It’s because of him, isn’t it?”

    “Yes, to keep you safe,” Fress answered honestly. “We didn’t want Vader to find you. If you stayed with us, your life would be put into constant danger. It was a very hard decision.”

    Brice was silent as Rick walked back in with a man with a medical bag in his hands. “Let’s get him moved into the speeder and head back to your place, Rick.”

    Fress gently shook Anakin’s shoulder. “Ani, wake up,” Anakin’s eyes opened as he looked at her. He looked very tired to her. “We’re going to try and move you okay? Are you injured that we should know about?” She questioned gently as Anakin muttered no. “Just weak?” Anakin gave a slight nod as she handed the bowl and cloth to Brice as Rick and the medic situated themselves to lift Anakin up.
    Fress sat by Anakin’s bed as he slept through the night. She kept the cloth on him as the medic directed her to do so. Ahsoka was resting on the sofa couch out in the living room. The medic left shortly after drawing blood samples. He seemed to think it was a bacterial infection of some sort. He had injected a broad-spectrum antibiotic into Anakin’s blood stream just to get something going until the test results came back.

    Anakin’s head moved to the side as his eyes opened again. She smiled gently as he smiled back. “Do you feel up to telling me now?” Fress questioned gently.

    “I left,” Anakin answered simply. “Palpatine was only using me and he rigged my oxygen tank with the bacterial infection when he found out I was leaving.”

    “I see,” Fress answered as she stared at him. She was expecting anything but that answer. “We’ll have to sterilize the tank,” she laid her hand on his forehead. “You’re still running a fever but you don’t feel quite as hot as you did earlier. How did you figure out where to find me?”

    “Once I came back to my right mind, it was obvious it would be the place I sworn to never return too,” Anakin answered with a slight smile. “I had a Force vision you would be in the market this afternoon.”

    “I missed you, Ani,” Fress whispered as she reapplied the cloth to his forehead. “We all did.”

    “This will make it more difficult to kill Palpatine,” Anakin shook his head slightly as Fress took his hand into hers. “I should’ve killed him when the opportunity arose.”

    “We’ll figure something out,” Fress reassured. “For now you need to rest and get better. We still need you, Anakin.”

    “You should sleep too,” Anakin pointed out.

    “Ahsoka and I are taking shifts to keep an eye on you,” Fress explained. “With that fever the medic said we should continue to apply a cold cloth to your forehead.”

    “Snips is here?” Anakin questioned in an excited tone.

    “She is. We kept Jess and Rex in the dark. We’re not sure how they’ll react,” Fress explained. “We plan to rescue Han.”

    “Oh? And you care that much about him?” Anakin questioned with a serious expression. “Out of curiosity…”

    “He’s a friend, Anakin. And he’s helped take care of Luke all of this time, keeping him out of trouble and what not,” Fress answered lightly. “Leia is in love with him.”

    Anakin was silent almost too silent, Fress reflected worriedly. “Is Leia mine?” Fress nodded yes as he turned his head to the side as she heard whimpering. “I did unspeakable horror to my daughter,” he whispered through the tears.

    Fress waited silently by Anakin’s side as he cried himself to sleep. She knew that would hurt him as soon as he put two and two together about Leia. The only thing she could do was be there for him.
    Anakin slowly sat up as he glanced to the side where Ahsoka was sitting in the chair Fress was sitting in earlier in the morning. “Morning Snips.”

    “Morning Sky Guy,” Ahsoka greeted as she handed Anakin a cold cloth. “Hold this up to your forehead,” she instructed with a frown. “Medics orders.”

    Anakin accepted the cloth but didn’t raise it to his forehead yet. He was feeling far cooler now then he did last night. He was feeling a little stronger too. “I heard you married Rex.”

    “I did,” Ahsoka answered as she watched him with a frown. “Do you still need a cold cloth?” She questioned with a frown.

    “Not really. I’m feeling a lot cooler now. I think the fever is finally breaking,” Anakin answered with a frown. “Are you happy?” He questioned.

    “We’re very happy,” Ahsoka answered with a smile. “Even though we’re most likely doomed not to have children. We can always adopt.”

    “I’m sorry for the way I treated you and Rex,” Anakin fumbled with the cloth in his hand as Ahsoka reached for his hand. “I’m in over my head.”

    “We know,” Ahsoka agreed as she took the cloth and put it aside. “I forgive you, Anakin. If you ever need to talk…”

    “Thanks,” Anakin glanced towards the door where Rex and Jess were now standing watching him with frowns. He suddenly felt nervous. Neither looked pleased to see him. Rex entered first and came to a stop beside his bed. “Rex.”

    “General,” Rex returned with a serious expression. “Fress told us you decided to switch sides. After everything you did, you’ll be lucky if you get mercy from the Alliance.”

    “We have our work cut out for us,” Jess commented with a frown. “We’ll need someone on our side who knows the political ring. Can I speak to Anakin alone?”

    “Don’t bite his head off,” Ahsoka warned before she left the room with Rex.

    “Thanks to you, Fress and I can no longer have children,” Jess snipped angrily. “You fried her ovaries.”

    Anakin was silent as Brice entered the room then quickly changed his mind and left. Considering Jess’s feelings, he didn’t blame the kid for not wanting to stay. “I don’t know what to say,” I took away Fress’s chance to have more children he thought with horror. How can she continue to take care of me after what I did to her? He fell silent, very silent. Jess was angry with him and had every right to be.

    “You don’t deserve my forgiveness,” Jess continued in an angry tone. “But you need it.”

    “I’m not expecting it,” Anakin said with a frown. “I viewed you and Fress as my own and…” He paused for a second and shook his head. “I let both of you down.”

    The silence in the room was thick enough to cut through with a knife. That’s until Brice walked back in with a frown breaking the silence. “Dad…”

    Jess turned around as Brice walked forward. He wrapped his arms around Brice and held him close. “I love you son. Always remember that.”

    Brice returned the hug. “Good to know I was loved and not given away just because.”

    “We did it for your protection,” Jess answered as he took a step back from Brice. “We didn’t want to loose you because of our lives.”

    “I had a happy childhood. Thanks for making sure my parents were sane. Now I look forward to getting to know my true insane parents,” Brice commented with a smirk. “Does this mean I get back allowance?”

    “Cute kid,” Anakin gave a sly smile. “Insane parents is closer to the truth…”

    Jess rolled his eyes as he looked at Brice with a smile. “Your birthday is coming up, why don’t we do a little shopping?”

    ”Sounds good.”
    Ahsoka sat down on the couch as Fress sat down beside her. She glanced at her friend who looked exhausted. “You should get some more rest.”

    “I’m fine and Brice took to the truth better then I thought he would,” Fress gave a grateful smile as Brice sat down in a chair across from the couch. “Anakin knows about Leia now.”

    “When did he figure it out?” Ahsoka questioned with a frown.

    “Last night,” Fress answered with a serious expression. “I don’t think we can delay not telling her for much longer.”

    “I won’t tell her if you won’t,” Anakin commented as he walked into the living room. “If she’s anything like me, she’ll attempt to bite my head off.”

    Ahsoka smirked and chuckled causing Fress to glare at her. “What? It’s the truth. Fress we have to tell her. What if we don’t get Han back and she decides to attempt to date Luke? It’s bad enough they…”

    Fress cut Ahsoka off with a warning glare as Anakin looked from one to the other with a confused expression. “Did I miss something that happened between the twins?”

    Jess walked out and flicked on the holo with a grin. “They have an attraction to each other without knowing why.”

    “I changed my mind, we need to tell her,” Anakin said with a smirk. “Just out of curiosity Jess, why didn’t you stop them?”

    “Mainly because of you,” Jess answered with a frown.

    “Enough said,” Anakin sighed as he coughed a few times with a deep bone-rattling cough causing Ahsoka to frown.

    “That doesn’t sound healthy, Anakin,” Ahsoka pointed out with a frown. “Are you okay?”

    “He will be once the antibiotics kick in,” the medic said as he walked back in. “The results came back positive for a bacterial infection in the lungs. These antibiotics should clear him up in about a week. I want him to take them for ten days to be on the safe side. You should be resting, Anakin.”

    “Back to bed, Ani,” Fress gave a stern expression causing Anakin to raise an eyebrow.

    “We should let the twins know where we are,” Jess commented with a sickly grin.

    “We shouldn’t leave them alone in case one of them decides to get any ideas,” Rex gave a sickly grin. “I say we draw straws.”

    Ahsoka and Fress glanced at each other and she could tell they were thinking the same thing just by the sly expression on Fress’s features. “You just volunteered, Rex. And take Jess with you.”

    “Now wait a minute, girls. I thought you and Jess decided to stay here to help celebrate Brice’s birthday,” Rex reminded Fress with a frown.

    “It’s in a couple of days, there’s time for him to get back here,” Fress answered easily.

    Jess stood up and gave Fress a kiss on the lips as Rex kissed Ahsoka deeply causing her heart to attempt to stop beating. She felt tingly from her head to the tip of her toes causing them to curl in pleasure. “Oh Rex. You still have it.”

    “There’s plenty more of where that came from,” Rex gave a charming sly smile causing Ahsoka to melt on the spot.

    “I love it when you talk like that,” Ahsoka whispered as she stood up and leaned into him. “Be careful, I love you Rex.”

    “I love you, Ahsoka and don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it,” Rex promised as he looked at Jess as he nodded to the door. The men left as Ahsoka sat on the couch sighing in contentment.

    “My my my what am I supposed to do with a pair of melted Jedi on the couch?” Anakin chided lightly causing Ahsoka to glare at him. “Careful snips, your face might freeze that way.”

    “Go to bed, Anakin,” Ahsoka snipped rather roughly. “Before I force you back.”

    “Force me back how? Considering you’re melted to the couch,” Anakin gave a smirk causing Ahsoka to roll her eyes.

    “I’m not the one in a habit of crash landing ships,” Ahsoka smirked. “Unlike someone I know, right Sky Guy?”

    “What does that have to do with you being melted on the couch?” Anakin questioned with a sly grin.

    “Night Anakin,” Ahsoka said as she stood up and started pushing him towards the guest bedroom. “You need your bed rest after all.”

    ”I want some water,” Anakin said with a frown.

    “And when was the last time you swallowed any?” Ahsoka challenged with a frown.

    ”Before Obi-Wan left me for dead on Mustafar,” Anakin answered in a quieter voice.

    ”We don’t know how you’ll react,” Ahsoka pointed out with a frown. “After going twenty years without anything?”

    “I’ll have to supervise it. It’s not a bad idea, that’ll give me an idea on whether or not we can get him back on real food again,” the medic commented with a frown. “I do have a friend off planet who deals with cases like yours, Anakin. If you want I can ask him if he doesn’t mind stopping by?”

    Ahsoka stopped pushing Anakin as he looked towards the medic with a frown. She could tell he longed to get out of the armour. “Is it really possible?”

    ”My friend has attempted to get into contact with you for the past ten years,” the medic answered with a frown. “Palpatine kept saying no, he’d handle it.”

    Fress stood up and walked to Anakin’s side and took his hand into hers as Ahsoka took his free hand. “What do you say, Ani?”

    Anakin didn’t say a word as they waited for him to calm down from silently crying. It was a good five minutes as Fress turned her attention to the medic. “I’ve known Anakin for a long time. It’s a yes.”

    “I agree,” Ahsoka agreed with a frown. “I know it seems like we’re speaking for him but… His reaction tells me yes as well.”

    “I’ll get into contact with my friend. He’ll be thrilled to hear it,” the medic said as he walked to the holo field.

    Ahsoka glanced at Anakin as he wrapped an arm around each her and Fress. “Thank you, both of you,” he finally chocked out.

    “You’re welcome, let’s get you back to bed.”
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    Don't mind me... am very snarky tonight.

    “Fress speaks the truth. I held out hope for my student but he’s in too deep to turn back now and he knows it.”

    **takes a moment to bash Obi-Wan over the head with a nerf noodle** Absolutes, dear sir? You're using them.

    And... ouch. Leia knows and she doesn't know know!!!!

    Rick nodded as he disappeared again as Brice watched her with a frown. “Why did dad thank for you tips?”

    ...huh? I think your words were out of order...

    “They have an attraction to each other without knowing why.”

    “I changed my mind, we need to tell her,” Anakin said with a smirk.

    No reason not to, now... especially since Anakin here has reclaimed his right mind, or seems to have.

    “Palpatine kept saying no, he’d handle it.”

    Thus further proving he's a jerk.
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    Fantastic from start to finish =D= Loved all the real emotions and the melted ladies [face_laugh] =D=
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    Back again... and no, I'm not going to edit any of that up there. Really did feel like hitting Obi-Wan over the head with a nerf noodle.

    “To record damage for later review? Fress needed me to make an estimate on the X-wings for her. I just finished it and now I’m checking on a friend.”

    I wouldn't have believed him, either...

    ”Jess, there is something moving out near the generators that needs to be checked out,” Fress’s voice came over the comlink.

    Saved by... Probe droid!!!!!! (And, by extension, the Empire!) Hee!

    “Han, the Rebellion has offered to pay off Jabba the Hutt. Why don’t you let us handle it and you won’t have to run anymore,” Fress offered with a frown. “I would hate to loose you.”

    Um... lose. "The loose bolt was lost." (Also... I love that idea, even if Han doesn't go for it.)

    ”Fress, I would’ve stopped them but I had a feeling it would’ve been a bad idea. I didn’t think this would be a good time to bring out about the family tie. If I stopped them, I would’ve had to explain why that was a bad idea,” Jess pointed out with a frown. “What would happen if Vader found out that Leia is his daughter? And she let it slip to him? It would not end well. You and I both know that. We’ll eventually have to tell them but this isn’t the time.”

    And that's fear talking, sir. Forewarned is forearmed.

    “You too,” Jess agreed as he ran his hand along Fress’s jaw. “I don’t want to loose you.”

    Trying not to notice them, but... lose, again.

    She was surprised Vader never put two and two together about how Leia looks like her mother.

    On the one hand, Padme never wore her hair quite like Leia did for ANH (unless that one hairstyle that kinda looked like the buns counts), and on the other hand... how much does it take to cut through denial when you lose someone the way he did? He thought she died still pregnant, that their baby had died with her. And... yeah. I'm trying to justify it in someway, because they matched the actors THAT well.

    Am confused... where does this proposal take place? Also... yay!!!!!!!

    “It didn’t sound good. Something about a severally wounded incoming.”

    Ah. Got it. You skipped a month or two.

    “Jess, out of curiosity, why didn’t you stop them from kissing?”

    That'd be the question of the hour, yes... my question would be why he used a flash when he didn't have to.

    Ahsoka stared at Jess as they waited for the medic to come and tell them how Luke’s surgary was coming along.


    “Ahsoka, what would you do if one child has no clue about who her parents were?”

    Me, I'd do a DNA comparison between them and let Leia work it out for herself. Not so sure about Ahsoka...

    “The man we once knew is dead. Vader inhabits the shell of your father. He’s destroyed everything your father was and once stood for.”

    **considers whapping Fress on the head with Nerf Noodle along with Obi-Wan** Is this really something you want to be saying to a traumatized, fresh out of surgery twenty-something who just spent over a month on Dagobah with Master Yoda, who didn't tell him WHY he shouldn't have gone to Bespin? He's going to make up his own mind about Anakin/Vader, yes, but still...

    Small question... and I know I missed something here... why can't she bare children because of Anakin?

    The boy pointed towards the back again causing her to freeze in her tracks as Vader stumbled into sight and crashed to the ground. She walked to him and kneeled down beside Vader placing her hand on his shoulder.

    Somewhat evil cliffie... but an awesome one!

    “Palpatine was only using me and he rigged my oxygen tank with the bacterial infection when he found out I was leaving.”

    That's... really, really mean to give someone dependent on oxygen for life bacterial pnuemonia. (And... yay!!! He finally figured it out!!!!)

    Seriously, though... loved these updates. And I really am gonna ask you for more now. More?
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    So you got me wanting to know how this all plays out. Im familiar with the Clone Wars series although I dont think I saw all the episodes of the last season. Is Fress and Jess your characters or did they come out of the Clone Wars as Rex and Ahsoka did? I look forward to your next post.
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    Fress and Jess are original characters I made up :D thanks for the feedback :)
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    Jess glanced at Rex as they entered Obi-Wans old home as Luke walked out to greet both with a smile. He greeted Luke with a hug then took a step back. “Where is Leia?”

    “I’ll be out in a minute,” Leia shouted out through the bedroom door. “Just got out of the shower.”

    “You didn’t join her, did you Luke?” Rex questioned as Jess gabbed him in the ribs. “What?”

    “Not now,” Jess warned with a hiss as Luke looked confused and shook his head no.

    “Now why would I do that? Leia needs her privacy, and besides Leia’s heart is with Han’s not mine. Sometimes I think she sees me more of a brother then a friend,” Luke answered with a frown. “Which is disappointing, but I know I’ve lost her heart to the smuggler.”

    Rex chocked on his spit causing Jess to glare at the clone. “Sorry, but that’s just too funny.”

    “Ever since Leia and I kissed, everyone has been acting strange. She only kissed me to piss off Han,” Luke explained with a frown.

    Jess shook his head as Leia emerged from the bedroom as she looked from one to the other with a glare. “If this has to do with the kiss, I don’t want to hear it.”

    “Fress and I plan to spend the week with Rick,” Jess explained with a frown. “It’s Brice’s birthday this week and they have settled on Tatooine.”

    “Really? I’m happy you both get to spend time with your son,” Leia said with a gentle smile. “Does he know yet?”

    “Yes, he knows the truth now and he’s not mad. He understands we did it to protect him from Vader,” Jess explained with a frown. “You guys want to come over for dinner? Fress and I plan to buy everything so he doesn’t have to worry about the cost.”

    “Sure, sounds like a good idea,” Leia answered with a smile.

    “Before we go, we do need to warn you about the other guest,” Jess cautioned with a frown. “Vader is on planet and is in need of our help. He’s left the Empire.”

    “I thought I was going crazy when I sensed his presence,” Luke said with wide eyes. “I mean, my father is planet side?”

    “Yes and very sick,” Rex explained with a frown. “We have a medic attending him.”

    “How sick?” Luke questioned sounding apprehensive.

    “Enough that he was too weak to move or speak last night,” Jess answered with a frown. “Just keep an open mind, okay?”

    “Like you did?” Rex questioned with a frown. “We all over heard you biting his head off this morning…”

    Jess fell silent as Rex raised an eyebrow in his direction. “Fine, a better open mind then I have been, satisfied?” Rex nodded as Luke grabbed some supplies as Leia stood frozen in place. “Leia, are you all right?”

    “I don’t know if I can go,” Leia stumbled over her words as Jess walked towards her with a frown.

    “Is there a reason besides the other things?” Jess questioned in concern. Fress is right, this isn’t the right time to unload this on her now.

    “No, I mean,” Leia stopped and looked at Jess with a frown. “He’s not going to hurt me, is he?”

    “No,” Jess reassured with a smile. “Just give him a chance to make things right. If you still feel uncomfortable, then I will bring you back here. Okay?”

    “All right,” Leia relaxed a bit as Rex walked back in.

    “We should get going, we still have a few runs to make for tonight,” Rex said with a frown.

    Jess nodded as he followed the twins out of the dwelling. He chewed his lower lip hoping Anakin didn’t say anything to Leia about their relations. At the moment he wasn’t sure if she was ready to handle the burden or the knowledge.
    Anakin looked up as Luke walked in with a frown. He worried what Luke thought about his looks. He remembered Fress looked shocked last night. Luke sat down in the chair by his bed and didn’t say anything. “Not what you were expecting was it?”

    Luke shook his head no as Anakin sat up. “I don’t know what to think.”

    “It’s a lot to take in, take your time,” Anakin agreed gently. “Do you have any questions for me?”

    “My mother, who is she?” Luke questioned with a frown.

    “An angel,” Anakin answered with a soft smile. “Her name was Padme Amidala. She was beautiful, kind, gentle, caring. She was a great politician. She was a great speaker, could convince thousands of senators with just a few words. She was born on Naboo. She was the queen of Naboo when I met her and I was a mere slave.”

    Slave and queen, Princess and smuggler, you have to admit Leia is a lot like her mother. Luke frowned as he vaguely remembered Ahsoka making the comment as they rushed him to the operating room. Is Leia my sister? Is that what has everyone up in arms over the kiss he shared with her? It suddenly made sense. “Leia’s my sister? I kissed my sister?”

    Anakin looked at him with a frown as Luke shook his head. “She does have Padme’s eyes… I see your insight serves you well.”

    “You already know?” Luke questioned in disbelief. “How long have you known?”

    “I made the connection last night when I thought about it. Where I saw her eyes before. I’ve only seen them on one other person and that was Padme,” Anakin explained. “I sensed something similar in Leia but never really gave it much thought. I shoved it out of my mind on the Death Star,” he paused long enough as he couldn’t hold the cough back any longer. It still sounded deep and it rattled his bones enough to hurt. He sucked in a breath from the oxygen mask as he reminded himself to breath. “Sorry.”

    “Jess and Rex explained it to me, it’s okay,” Luke reassured with a frown. “It’s a lot to take in.”

    Anakin let the silence hang between them and he noted it felt comfortable. He gave a heavy sigh knowing what he needed to do but he risked infecting himself again. “Is Leia really in love with the smuggler?”

    Luke glanced up with a smirk. “It’s a good thing I found out now because I had puppy love for Leia for a while.”

    “Besides the kiss,” Anakin commented with a smirk. “Nothing else happened?”

    “No,” Luke answered honestly. “And Leia is in love with Han. She kissed me to piss off Han.”

    Anakin remained silent as he looked towards the door. “Go get Fress and Ahsoka. It’s time for a little Jedi fun.”

    “Is that what you call reckless?” Luke questioned with a raised brow causing Anakin to glare at him. “Fine, I’m going.”

    Fress appeared in his room with Ahsoka standing beside her with a frown. “All right, Anakin. Luke’s all up in arms and excited. What did you say to him?”

    “I think it’s time to pay Jabba a visit and work out a deal to get Han free,” Anakin explained with a frown. “And if that doesn’t work, we can always blow up the palace before Fett gets here.”

    “Explains why Luke suddenly got excited,” Ahsoka commented with a frown. “Anakin that is the most reckless plan…. Well, actually it sounds like fun.”

    “I’m in,” Fress agreed as Anakin sat back. “The only problem is without your armour, you’re a sitting duck. Not to mention you risk re-infecting yourself…”

    “I know,” Anakin felt frustrated as he glanced at the mask. “We need to disinfect it first. I transferred most of the credits into untraceable accounts. We should be able to get a disinfectant. I really don’t want to put the mask back on but it’s also for Leia. I can endure it for a few hours. Maybe we can persuade Jabba to let Han go if we pay him in spice.”

    “Sounds like a plan, if not we can always blow up the palace,” Fress said with a smirk.

    “I hate Hutts, let me be the one to drop the bomb on the palace,” Anakin commented in a distasteful tone.

    “I knew he was going to say that,” Ahsoka shook her head as she glanced at Fress. “This is beginning to sound like old times.”

    “Let’s go rescue Han.”
    “Leia’s my sister? I kissed my sister?”

    Leia stopped walking and stood outside the room as she overheard Anakin and Luke talk for the first time in a civil manner. But nothing was to prepare her for that revelation. She headed out of the dwelling and looked out towards the setting suns. Tears silently fell down her cheeks. What she didn’t understand is why no one had spoken to her about it yet.

    She deserved to know just as much as anyone else. It also made sense as to why Bail never said anything about her biological parents. Anakin was dangerous to her and Luke. And yet maybe it had to do with her position in the Alliance. It would alter the perspective on her being the daughter of the second most hated man in the galaxy.

    ”Leia?” Fress called out as Leia turned around to find the Jedi Master watching her with a concerned expression.

    “Why did you not tell me?” Leia questioned in a hurt tone. “Why did I have to find out like this?”

    “We never intended for you to find out like this,” Fress answered with a frown. “I think Anakin was hoping to have Han freed before he told you. He figured if Han was here, it would be easier to take.”

    “He wants to free Han after getting him into this mess in the first place?” Leia questioned feeling shocked. “I don’t know what to say.”

    “Let your father handle Jabba,” Fress said with a frown. “He hates hutts and if you let him, he’ll a drop a bomb on the palace before the night is out.”

    Leia raised an eyebrow in Fress’s direction. “He hates hutts that much? What did they do to him?”

    “Go ask Anakin and find out why,” Fress suggested with a smile. “I think it is best to let him know you know the truth now. I really get the feeling he does not want to tell you due to the amount of pain he caused you.”

    “I do not think I can,” Leia muttered under her breath.

    “Take a couple of days to let it all sink in. You’ll feel better after a good sleep and something to eat,” Fress suggested with a slight smile as she stepped forward and gave Leia a hug.

    “I will. I promise.”
    Anakin hooked up the disinfecting liquid Fress had gotten him earlier from a medical supply booth. It was better then nothing he thought as he filled up the oxygen tank with the liquid. Leia still remained in the dark about him and Luke, and he wasn’t sure when a good time to tell her would be. He was not looking forward to the confrontation.

    Maybe a good time to tell her is after they got Han back. The smuggler would help soften the blow, he was sure of it. He was not looking forward to putting the helmet back on. It was nothing more then a prison to him. He glanced up as Leia stepped into the room. “Your highness,” he greeted gently.

    “I heard from Fress and Ahsoka, you plan to get Han back for me. Why?” Leia questioned with a frown. “You’re the last person I would expect help from.”

    Anakin set the timer that would allow the fluid to kill any remaining bacteria in the tank. He looked up at Leia seeing his Angel standing before him. He could see some of his features in her, but mostly Padme. “After all the pain I caused you, it’s the least I can do to help set things right,” he shook his head feeling sadness strike him. He wasn’t sure he could tell Leia about his relationship to her. If she already knew his connection to Luke, it wouldn’t take much for Leia to figure out her relationship to him. It was just a matter of time before she was told the truth. “I just ask you not to hold Luke accountable for my crimes. He didn’t know anything until recently. Owen and Beru kept the truth from him.”

    “I promise,” Leia agreed with a small smile as she sat down on the chair beside the bed. “Thank you, for helping us get Han back. I appreciate it,” she studied his features for a bit then glanced at the tank in his hands. “Do you feel like a prisoner in there?”

    Anakin looked up with a surprised expression and nodded. “For the last twenty years, it feels like my prison, and that’s where I belong.”

    “Everyone deserves a second chance if they’re willing to change,” Leia commented with a frown. “Are you willing to help the Alliance with information if we offer you sanctuary?”

    Anakin looked at Leia in shock as Padme’s personality shone through her. She was just as much as her mother as me he reflected with a frown. He gave a short nod as he sprayed the inside of his helmet. He hated this thing more then anything in the galaxy. Maybe that’s the reason he was angry all the time.

    “Palpatine taught you to hate the galaxy for his doing,” Leia commented with a frown as she watched him clean.

    There was some truth to that Anakin thought as he placed the helmet down. He watched her with a frown and knew he also did so willingly. “I still acted on my own free will. I could have walked away at anytime.”

    “You did,” Leia pointed out as she reached for his hand. “And that is the important thing.”

    “I knew better, Leia and not letting go of my fear of loss was my downfall,” Anakin explained with a serious expression. “If I had learned to let go, I would not have missed Luke being born and growing up. I regret it completely. I missed the important things in life because of my decision,” he stared at her feeling pain rip through him. He needed to walk away before he blurted out the life-changing blow on Leia.

    Anakin stood up as he walked towards the bedroom door where he could hear the others out in the living room discussing the plan for rescuing Han.

    “Anakin, I know you are my father,” Leia blurted out suddenly.

    Anakin stopped dead in his tracks wondering how she figured it out or did someone tell her? He turned around as she watched him with tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. She knew. He didn’t say a word as she walked towards him and took his hand into hers. “How?”

    “I overheard you and Luke discuss about it a couple of nights ago,” Leia answered honestly. “It would explain why everyone was up in arms over the kiss between Luke and I. For the record, I only did it to piss off Han. It’s taken me a couple of days to come to terms with this.”

    Anakin gently wiped the tears away as not knowing what to say. The last thing he was expecting her to blurt out was that she knew the truth. “You look so much like your mother. Maybe it’s for the best I pushed that information out of my mind two years ago. Leia, I’ve been wanting to tell you myself but wasn’t sure when a good time was.”

    “Considering our past, there isn’t,” Leia answered honestly. “I just need to know how much you loved my mother?”

    “Too much that it led to my downfall,” Anakin answered honestly. “If Han still stays with you when everything is said and done, he’ll be worth holding onto.”

    Leia smiled slightly and gave a short nod. “I figure as much,” she paused for a second then looked up at him.

    Leia surprised Anakin further by drawing him into a hug. At first he stiffened at the contact not expecting it then he slowly wrapped his arms around her petite frame. “I’m proud of you,” he whispered. “I love you. Never doubt that.”

    Anakin closed his eyes as that small hole in his heart ached less. Tears came unforbidden as he fought them back but slowly lost the battle. He didn’t want to let Leia go, this was the first time he got to hold her in his entire life. She was his baby. He sniffed and coughed to cover it up causing Leia to glance up.

    “Nice try tough guy,” Leia whispered as she took a step back as the timer went off. Anakin walked back to the tank and used the small vacuum to get the liquid out.

    “As soon as this is completed, I’ll head to Jabba’s palace to see if I can work out a deal with him, pay for Han’s freedom in spice,” Anakin explained as he put the armour on as Fress walked in.

    “Is it done?” Fress questioned with a frown as Anakin nodded and pulled the helmet over his head.

    “I hope it worked,” Anakin commented. “Is there something you needed, Fress?”

    “The medic’s friend has arrived and would like to give you a physical to see where you stand,” Fress explained with a frown as she glanced at Leia with a raised brow. “Did I walk in on something?”

    “Leia knows the truth,” Anakin answered with a frown even though Fress couldn’t see his expressions anymore. “She overheard Luke and me a couple of nights ago.”

    Fress gave a slight smile as she walked out as the medic walked in with a frown. “Anakin Skywalker? I’m medic Greg Burling, is this a bad time?”

    “Do you think this could wait until later tonight?” Anakin questioned. “I had made plans this afternoon that can’t really wait.”

    “That’s fine,” Greg agreed with a frown. “I could use a rest. It’s been a long couple of days.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Anakin glanced at Leia. “Did you want to come?”

    “Don’t blow the palace up before we have a chance to get Han back,” Leia warned with a frown.

    “There goes the fun part of the trip,” Anakin muttered under his breath. “I’m not very fond of hutts.”

    “So I’ve heard,” Leia gave a heavy sigh as she looked up at him with a stern expression. “Maybe I should come to make sure you don’t get any bright ideas. Why don’t you like hutts?”

    Anakin walked out of the room as Leia followed closely behind him as he glanced at Fress who raised an eyebrow in his direction. He turned around and faced Leia. “My mother and I were slaves to Gardula the Hutt later lost in a bet to Watto.”

    “I see,” Leia glanced at Luke who raised an eyebrow in shock. “You can blow up the palace afterwards if you want.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me,” Anakin gave an enthusiastic smile even though Leia couldn’t see it with the mask in place.

    “Look out, I sense Anakin feels extremely happy all of a sudden,” Fress gave a smirk. “You better watch your promises, Leia. I can sense he’s ready to act on the deal.”

    “Did that make your day?” Leia questioned as she followed Anakin out of the dwelling.

    “You have no idea,” Anakin answered as he walked up to the speeder and slid into the driver’s side. Leia slid in beside him and pulled the hood of her robe over her head as he turned the engines on. He pushed the speeder towards Jabba’s palace.

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    Super update and touching reactions. LOL on the plan :cool:
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    It wouldnt be Star wars without snarky comments like this! lol.=D=
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    So true! [face_laugh]
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    Family coming closer together... a little at a time. With promises of blowing things up! Hee!
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    Anakin brought the speeder to a halt as Leia slid out. He looked towards Jabbas palace and felt complete distaste for the hutt. “I hate hutts,” he sad as he stalked towards the gargantuan metal door.

    An eye popped out and looked at Anakin as Leia came to a stop beside him and spoke in huttese. “Cheeba?”

    Anakin answered in fluent huttese. ~*I would like an audience with Jabba the Hutt.*~

    Leia looked at Anakin in shock as the eye disappeared and the door began to open very noisily. “How many languages do you know?”

    “I grew up in a space port, Leia. I picked up more then a couple,” Anakin answered honestly as they walked in and was greeted by Bib Fortuna, Jabba’s assistance.

    “Jabba awaits your presence, my Lord,” Bib said as he led the way into the palace.

    Anakin followed Fortuna into the palace as Leia stepped in beside him. He could tell Leia was feeling uneasy about entering this place. Not that he blamed her, everyone drank, smoked and gambled. Others laid death marks on others as Jabba ran the show from his sled. He refrained from making any comments that would later rear it’s ugly head on him.

    The mask filtered out the smells and smoke for him which Anakin was thankful for. He came to a stop in front of Jabba the Hutt as he motioned forward a translator droid. ~*There is no need for a talk droid, Jabba. We may speak freely.*~

    Hohohoho Jabba laughed as he reached for something alive and the rat squealed. Anakin made a disgusted face as Jabba bit the head off and slid the body down his throat. ~*What do I owe the pleasure from your visit, Lord Vader?*~

    ~*I have come to strike a deal with you, Mighty Jabba. One that will be financially in your favour,*~ Anakin responded in Jabba’s language.

    ~*I see and this deal you will make, what does the cargo involve?*~ Jabba questioned as he eyed Anakin with a frown.

    ~*I will pay you one million in spice from Kessel for Captain Solo’s freedom,*~ Anakin answered as he waited for Jabba’s response.

    ~*Why are you so interested in freeing Solo?*~ Jabba questioned as he took a puff on his pipe.

    ~*I put him in there when he got too frisky with my daughter,*~ Anakin answered in a smug tone. ~*Now she’s not talking to me.*~

    Jabba laughed as the rest of the room did causing Leia to look confused. “What did you say to him?”

    ”I’ll explain it later,” Anakin answered with a smirk.

    ~*A bind you’ve gotten yourself into,*~ Jabba commented as he looked at Leia with a frown. ~*Where do you plan to get the credits from? Last I heard you betrayed the Empire by leaving.*~

    ~*I have my ways, All Mighty Jabba. Do we have a deal?*~ Anakin questioned with a frown. He was out and now just about everyone knew it.

    ~*She stays as insurance,*~ Jabba commented as he pointed to Leia. ~*She is beautiful.*~

    Anakin made a sour face, there was no way he was going to allow his daughter to wear something scantly and be Jabba’s slave. Even if for just a short while. ~*Over my dead body, Jabba. My daughter is not your play thing.*~

    ~*She is your daughter? She resembles Amidala,*~ Jabba exclaimed sounding surprised.

    ~*Take her and suffer my wraith and then there will be no deal,*~ Anakin threatened with a scowl. ~*I will take Solo by force and you will be dead, mark my words, Jabba. My daughter is off limits to you.*~

    ~*Very protective, Lord Vader, we have a deal. One week from today,*~ Jabba answered as he nodded towards someone in the distance. ~*Signal Fett and tell him to bring Solo here in one week.*~

    The man bowed and walked off to carry out his orders as Anakin glanced at Leia. “It’s a deal, Mighty Jabba. One week from today.”

    Anakin looked at Leia who had a small smile on her face. He placed a hand on her shoulder as Bib Fortuna walked forward to escort them out. We’ll get Han back, Leia. I promise one way or another.
    Anakin slowly followed Leia back to the speeder. He felt exhausted all of a sudden and he didn’t trust himself enough to fly the speeder back without accidentally crashing it. He placed a hand against the side of his helmet and shook his head as Leia walked back towards him looking concerned.

    “Are you all right, Anakin?” Leia questioned gently. “Did you want me to fly the speeder back?”

    ”I think that was too much for one day,” Anakin answered as she took his hand leading him back to the speeder. “Yes if you want.”

    Leia raised an eyebrow as she forced Anakin to climb in the passenger side of the speeder. “I have this feeling it’s a good idea, you’re still recovering.”

    Anakin didn’t argue as he climbed into the passenger side and laid his back heavily. “Once we get back, maybe Fress can go through her list of contacts and see who will be willing to make the run to Kessel.”

    ”We’ll figure it out, first we need to get back,” Leia answered as she brought the engines off standby. “What did you say back there to make everyone laugh?”

    Anakin allowed his head to roll back against the seat as he glanced at her. He went to respond as darkness swirled.

    Leia glanced beside her and noticed he wasn’t responsive. Was he really that tired? She thought with a frown. His condition is more complicated and getting sick would take a lot more out of him. She sighed as she pushed the speeder forward and headed back to Ricks.

    Leia pulled up to Rick’s dwelling as she noticed Luke, Fress, and Ahsoka waiting for their return. She glanced beside her at Anakin who was most likely fast asleep considering not a word was spoken since they left Jabba’s palace. She glanced up at her new found brother and smiled. She placed a hand onto Anakin’s shoulder and gently shook it as Fress walked to the other side of the speeder. “Wake up, Anakin. We’re here.”

    “Anakin?” Fress questioned lightly as his head slightly moved. “Are you feeling okay?”

    “We’re here already?” Anakin questioned sounding a little surprised. “I must’ve fallen asleep. I’m fine, this is taking more out of me then it used to. Just a little extra tired.”

    “Are you going to tell me what you said back there?” Leia questioned with a frown.

    “Hmmm? Oh that, something along the lines of Solo getting frisky with you and needing to cool his jets,” Anakin answered in a lightened tone.

    Fress chuckled as she helped Anakin out of the speeder. “I always knew he would be protective of any baby girl he had. But that is a little extreme. It’s bad enough you tried to scare Jess off all those years ago.”

    “I threatened to kill Jabba if he forced Leia to stay with him and we all know what he does with the females,” Anakin visibly shuttered at the thought. “He wanted to dress her up scantily.”

    “Thanks for making sure that didn’t happen,” Leia said as she slid out of the speeder with a frown. “That would give me nightmares for weeks,” she walked to Anakin’s side and wrapped an arm around him. “Let’s get you to bed.”

    Anakin nodded as Luke moved to his other side and slowly led him back inside the dwelling. “By the way you two, no more kissing.”

    “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem anymore,” Luke mumbled under his breath. “How did it go?”

    “Jabba gave us a week to come up with the spice, or we’ll have to bust Han out the hard way,” Anakin answered with a frown.

    “The hard way sounds fun,” Luke gave an excited grin as Leia made a sour face.

    “In the words of a very wise Jedi Master, excitement, adventure, a Jedi craves not these things,” Anakin commented causing Fress, Ahsoka, and Luke to groan. He grinned knowing that Yoda told Luke that already.

    “I have a list of contacts I use for Alliance matters.” Fress commented with a frown. “I can get into contact with some of them in the morning. But as for the rest of today, Jess and I plan on spending it with Brice. That’s if you don’t mind?”

    “No I don’t. You should go and spend time with your son,” Leia said with a gentle smile. “The contact list can wait until morning,”

    Fress gave a grateful smile as Jess and Brice walked out of the dwelling. “Ready to go?”

    “Yup,” Brice gave a grin as Leia watched the family climb into the speeder and take off.

    Leia glanced up at Anakin as he watched them take off. It was almost like he was longing for that kind of family-outting. “Anakin?” Anakin looked at her and she couldn’t tell what he was feeling at the moment. The mask blocked any attempt at her reading him. “Are you all right?”

    “No,” Anakin answered as they walked in through the door but refrained from saying anyting else. He didn’t say anything further as they helped him take the mask off and situate him with an oxygen mask.

    Leia looked into his eyes and saw sadness. She took his hand into her own and squeezed lightly making note it was bionic as she sat down on the bed beside him. She felt Anakin wrap an arm around her as she leaned into his armoured chest.

    Luke sat down on his other side as Anakin let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around Luke.

    “Is this a bad time?” Greg questioned as he walked in with a frown. “I would like to get my elevation done…”

    Anakin gave a short nod as Luke and Leia stood up. “I guess this is a good time as any,” he answered. “May I request someone be with me when you give the results?”

    “Yes you may, but for now I need both of them out of here so I can examine you,” Greg answered with a frown as Luke and Leia took their leave.

    Greg asked a bunch of questions as Anakin answered them all. He allowed the medic to move his limbs around. He removed the oxygen mask causing Anakin to go in to panic mode. “Just remember to breathe, slowly in and out.”

    “I… Can’t…breathe…” Anakin gasped in between short breaths. “My…lungs….collapsed…”

    “Due to the accident?” Greg questioned as he placed the oxygen mask back on Anakin. He reached into a bag and pulled out what suspiciously looked like a hypo drug of some sort.

    This is going to be bad, Anakin thought. If Greg feels he needs to drug me in case he took to the news badly. He raised an eyebrow as Greg asked the twins to come back in. “Well?” He questioned as Leia sat down beside him taking his hand into hers.

    Greg filled up a needle as Anakin raised an eyebrow. “Please don’t drug me.”

    Greg took a deep breath as he looked Anakin in the eye and handed him a clean towel. “You’ll need this I suspect,” he glanced at Luke then back at Anakin again. “To be honest, I’ve worked with worse cases then yours. You didn’t need to be in the armour in the first place and surgery would have cleared up your lung issues. I suspect you were placed in the armour before you had a chance to heal. We can perform cosmetic surgery and we can help your lungs. And we’ll slowly see if we can’t get you back onto real food.”

    Anakin wanted to desperately take a few deep calming breaths as he felt Luke and Leia tighten their grips around him. “I don’t….” He closed his eyes as the tears came un-forbidden. For the next five minutes, all he did was cry. “I don’t… know…. what to… say…” He finally choked out through the tears.

    “Shhh, you don’t have too,” Leia soothed gently as she allowed Anakin to lean into her. “We’ll work through it.”

    “I would like a cleaner place to perform the surgeries,” Greg commented with a frown.

    “We can head back to Home One, they will have everything you need and it would be safer to protect him from Palpatine,” Leia commented with a frown.

    “You’ll have to convince the other leaders to do this,” Ahsoka commented as she walked into the room. She took one look at Anakin and frown. “Anakin, what’s going on?”

    “He doesn’t need the armour as much as they told him he did,” Luke answered in a saddened tone.

    “Anakin,” Ahsoka walked forward and hugged Anakin. “You must feel like a prisoner in this armour. We’ll work through this, what ever it takes.”

    “I want out,” Anakin whispered as Ahsoka took a step back. “I’ll endure any physio therapy. What ever it takes to get out.”

    “I’m glad to hear that,” Rex commented as he walked in. “This armour can’t be that comfortable.”

    “May we have a few minutes alone with Anakin?” Leia questioned with a frown as Ahsoka nodded in agreement.

    Anakin watched as Snips pushed Rex and the Medic out and closed the door behind her. He glanced down at the floor and studied the lines. He didn’t know what to think, what were the chances of him finding a medward to allow the surgeries to take place? “What ever happens,” he paused for a second and closed his eyes. What were his chances? “No matter what happens, I love both of you. Just remember that.”

    Leia was silent as she tightened her grip around him. “We’ll figure out somewhere to go. Even if that means we set up a place ourselves.”

    Anakin silently agreed with Leia. Credits weren’t an issue, it was him. What he did was unforgivable. Why should he receive the treatment? He didn’t deserve any treatment yet his children were willing to support him, after everything he did.

    “We’ll figure it out,” Leia whispered silently. “After we free Han.”

    “We’ll make the arrangements in the morning to get the spice,” Anakin said with a frown. He pulled the twins in closer to himself. Just holding them helped fill the emptiness he was feeling in his heart. He treasured every second with them.

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    A terrific post with Brice spending time with Fress and Jess and more strategizing and plans for Anakin's continued recovery somehow. Looking forward to either version of the rescue ;)
  21. obsessedwithSW

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    You know that is plausible. I could see Palpatine imprisioning Anakin in the suit for life even wheen things could be done to rectify it. With all this remorse how does Anakin feel about ObiWan now? Does anyone forgive that even if Obiwan was completely justified?
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    Fress walked into the clothing shop with Brice as a clerk walked over with a smile. She smiled in turn. “I need some clothing for my son, what do you have in stock?”

    The clerk frowned as he stared at Brice with a confused expression on his features. “I thought Rick was your father?”

    “Adoptive father,” Brice corrected with a frown. “She’s my biological mother and they kept in contact with him all of this time.”

    “I see, well then,” the clerk pushed Brice to the back where the boys clothes were kept. “Lets see about fixing you up with a couple of new outfits.”

    Fress followed them to the back with a small smile as Brice picked up some shirts and pants. She noticed some robes on a rack. She shifted through them until she found one that Brice could grow into. She walked back to where Brice was in the fitting room as the clerk eyed her with a frown.

    “Brice is a wonderful boy and he deserves someone who is there constantly. Why did you come back?” The clerk questioned.

    “By will of the Force,” Fress answered with a frown as she eyed the clerk. “We didn’t know they had moved here and we wondered into their shop.”

    “You didn’t have to tell him,” the clerk commented with a serious expression.

    “I don’t mind, Cray,” Brice shouted through the door. “I’ve always wanted to know and now I know why.”

    “Any other questions?” Fress questioned with a serious expression. “Or would you like to guess where the business end of my lightsaber will end up?”

    “Lightsaber?” Cray questioned as Brice walked out in the clothes he picked out. “You have room to grow?”

    “Yup,” Brice answered as Fress stepped forward with the robe in her hand. He took the robe and tried it on with a grin. “How do I look, Fress?”

    “Like a youngling ready for training,” Fress answered with a smile. “How does it feel?”

    “Good,” Brice gave a grin as he turned around in the robe. “Love it.”

    “Great, go try the other clothes on,” Fress encouraged with a smile as Brice took the robe off and handed it to Fress. He slipped back into the fitting room.

    “Are you a Jedi?” Cray questioned with a frown.

    “A Jedi Master,” Fress answered with a serious expression. “Look it’s a long story, when I found out I was pregnant with Brice. We made a hard decision to give him up for his protection. Being with us would have only put his life in constant danger, and we weren’t in any position to raise a child.”

    "Leave Fress alone," Brice yelled through the door. "I'm just happy to get to know her now," he walked out of the door and stared at Cray. "I can understand why. She feared that Vader would find me and raise me. Besides, dad said they agreed to be the god parents in case something happened to him and mom."

    "I guess that is a good reason," Cray said with a thoughtful frown. "Sorry."

    "Forget it," Fress said as she looked at Brice. "Does everything else feel okay?"

    "Yup, now about the speeder bike," Brice said with a hopeful smile.

    "Don't hold your breath, Brice," Fress chided lightly. "First we see how well you can handle sims and a few practice runs before we even consider it."

    "I thought it was worth a shot," Brice said with a grin as he handed the clothes to Cray. "How about some shoes?"

    "Now that I can do," Fress said with a smile as she pushed him towards the back where the shoes were kept. She watched as Brice picked up a couple of pairs to try on as Cray joined them in the back and checked the size for Brice. Fress glanced behind her as Jess joined her side and greeted her with a kiss. "Hey you."

    "Hey yourself," Jess greeted back with a smile. "How is Brice doing?"

    "Good," Fress answered with a smile. "Did you make the arrangements?"

    "Yes," Jess answered with a smile. "You're curious to see if how well he handles a fighter, so am I. It'll be interesting to see if the genes were passed down to him."

    Fress nodded in agreement as Brice looked up with a hopeful smile. "We'll finish up here, then head there," she said with a smile. Brice was full of energy for sure and she loved the feeling of being around him. "Walk around the store in them to see if they feel okay."

    Brice ran around the store as Jess shook his head. "Gee, I wonder who he reminds me of at this moment."

    “Maybe you more,” Fress smirked causing Jess to raise an eyebrow. “You’re not thinking of me, are you?”

    “That’s exactly who I’m thinking of,” Jess answered with a smug grin. “A ten year old running around excitedly and dying hair on un-expecting victims.”

    Fress quickly elbowed Jess in the ribs causing Jess to yelp out in shock. “You were saying, Master Jedi?”

    “It’s the truth,” Jess rubbed his ribs as Brice ran up to him and hugged him. “Hello son, are you enjoying your time with Fress?”

    “Yup, can’t wait for the sims,” Brice grinned as he took a step back. “Are we going to test me in the sims?”

    ”We’re curious,” Fress answered with a smile. “I was a natural in the sims, it’ll be interesting to see if those traits were passed down to you.”

    “Cool, can’t wait,” Brice gave a goofy grin as he changed out of the shoes. “These don’t feel too big, like an inch…”

    ”That’s the size to go with, you don’t know when your next growth spurt is,” Fress explained patiently.

    “Yes I do,” Brice said with a smirk. “It’s obvious. When I clean out the fridge on dad, I grow an inch taller the following week.”

    ”Okay I concede,” Jess commented with a frown as Fress raised an eyebrow in his direction. “Now he reminds me of me.”

    “If you follow me to the front, we’ll ring up your bill,” Cray said as he took the shoes and headed to the front.

    Fress paid Cray as Jess grabbed the packages. She smiled as Brice ran out of the store. “Come on, lets go before he gets too far on us.”

    Fress walked out as Brice hugged Rick. She approached Rick as he looked over with a smile. “Did you want to see how well Brice does on the sims?” She questioned as her and Jess walked up to Rick and Brice.

    “Come on, dad. Please?” Brice gave a most infectious grin that Jess usually gave her as he attempted to talk her into a mission.

    “I can’t son,” Rick commented with a frown. “I’m only on a short break, then I need to reopen the shop,” he glanced at Jess noting the packages. “If you want, I can take those back with me to the shop?”

    “Sure, they’re clothing for Brice,” Jess answered as Rick stepped forward relieving him of the bags.

    “New clothing? What a very lucky boy,” Rick gave a grateful smile as he looked down at Brice. He turned his attention back to Jess. “I appreciate you helping us out.”

    ”You’re welcome,” Fress answered as Brice took her hand into his. “We’re pleased with how you’re raising Brice. We made the right choice.”

    “I’m happy to hear that,” Rick took the bags from Jess as he glanced at Brice. “Dinner party tonight?”

    ”Can’t wait,” Brice gave Rick another quick hug. “I love you, dad.”

    “I love you,” Rick held onto Brice for a few extra seconds before taking a step back. “Be good.”

    Brice smirked causing Fress to frown in turn. She knew that expression, she usually gave it just before attempting a prank. “No pranks, Brice.”

    “Fress how did you…” Brice gave her a mystified expression causing her to laugh.

    “It’s the same expression I gave before pulling a prank,” Fress explained with a serious expression.

    “So he gets that from you? I was beginning to wonder,” Rick shook his head as he ruffled Brice’s hair. “Behave.”

    ”I will,” Brice looked at Jess. “The sims now?”

    Fress nodded in agreement. “We’ll see you at dinner.”

    “Looking forward to it. Let me know how he does,” Rick said as he turned and walked away.

    “We will.”
    Jess stood beside Fress as they watched Brice hold his own in the simulator. Considering this was Brice’s first time. He was doing well and close to Anakin Skywalker’s score in the sims at the temple. “He’s doing well for his first time.”

    “Indeed, he gets that from me,” Fress sounded proud and impressed as Brice continued. “He’s turned into a great kid. Considering he took it well about us and why we gave him up.”

    “He knows we did it because we loved him and wanted to protect him by erasing our ties to him,” Jess explained. “At the time, it seemed like the right choice. Rick and Karen did a wonderful job with him,” he said as the lights in the sim went off. “Five more fighters and he would’ve tied Anakin if I remember correctly.”

    “I only beat Anakin by three fighters,” Fress said with a frown.

    ”Well we can’t all be perfect,” Jess commented with a smile as Brice climbed out of the simulator and looked at both with a grin.

    “How did I do?” Brice questioned as Fress walked towards the simulator. “Very well for your first time, five more fighters and you would’ve tied Anakin Skywalker’s score.”

    “Really?” Brice looked slightly disappointed.

    “With practice you can beat that score,” Fress encouraged with a smile. “For your age and how you held your own in there, confirms for us that you are a natural born flyer. You have a bright future a head of you as fighter pilot.”

    “Can I go again?” Brice questioned with a hopeful grin.

    “Well,” Jess glanced at the chrono on his wrist and frowned. They still had an hour to kill before they had to pick up Rick. “Time for another quick round.”

    ”Oh,” Brice’s face fell then he grinned as he climbed back into the simulator. “Again!”

    Fress grinned as Jess handed more credits over to the shopkeeper. The lights came back on as Brice tried to top his old score.
    Anakin glanced up as he heard more voices he didn’t recognize enter the small dwelling. The guests were arriving for the party Rick was putting on for Brice. He smiled to himself happy that Fress and Jess had found a caring man to place their ward with. The smell of cooked food wafted in from the kitchen causing him to frown as his stomach gave off a weird sensation. Hungry and sick at the same time? Interesting. He heard Brice rush in sounding excited and rushed into his room.

    Brice handed the scores over to Anakin as he looked down at the results and grinned. “You tied with me by the third time?” He questioned sounding impressed. “Quite impressive. You may just beat your mother’s score one day.”

    Brice gave a hopeful smile as Fress walked into the room with a glass of grey sludge in her hand. She gave Anakin a guilty glance as Jess walked in with an empty bowl and a glass of water. “Anakin, the medic asked us to see if you could hold anything down with this sensitive digestive nutritional drink. We’ll start off with the water first.”

    “Can’t this wait another day?” Anakin questioned as Jess handed the glass of water over.

    ”No, especially with the amount of food smells in the air,” Jess answered with a frown. “Are you feeling anything yet?”

    ”Yeah kind of queasy,” Anakin answered honestly as Jess handed him the glass of water. He held out his hand for the bowl as Jess handed it over to him. “Here goes nothing,” he removed the mask and allowed the water to touch his tongue. Nice cool refreshing and his mouth felt like someone stuck cotton in his mouth for the past twenty years. He began to scarf down the water causing Fress to step forward forcing the glass from his hand.

    “Anakin, he didn’t mean to drink that much at once,” Fress warned with a frown as Anakin held the bowl tightly in his arms. Not wanting to let go of it. “You can have more once we know which way this is going to go.”

    Anakin felt some of the water begin to resurface at the back of his throat. “Brice, go show Rick your score and tell him you’re close to beating your mother’s score,” he suggested with a frown as Brice gave a quick nod and left the room. He knew the kid most likely did by now, but he didn’t want the kid around for the aftermath. Fress and Jess could handle it.

    Fress sat down beside him on the bed and slowly rubbed his back. “Ani, are you going to vomit?”

    “I don’t know yet,” Anakin answered honestly. “I can feel the water creeping back up to the top of my throat,” the next few minutes crept by as the feeling slowly went away. He swallowed some spit as his stomach growled a little. “Can I have some more water?”

    “We should give you the shake next,” Fress said as she handed the glass full of gunk over. “If you drink just water you will be vomiting without anything substantial on your stomach.”

    Anakin sighed in frustration. Fress had the upper hand with him and she knew it. He took the glass. “You sure? If we take it slow I can drink the whole glass without anything happening.”

    “I’m sure,” Fress answered as she watched him with concern. “It’s just Jess and I in the room with you,” she soothed. “What ever happens doesn’t go beyond these four walls.”

    “I know,” Anakin answered with a heavy sigh. “Thanks,” he raised the glass and removed the mask and started drinking. Chalky, unpleasant and just plain bland, he thought as he continued to choke it down. He stopped after a quarter of the way through and placed it down as nausea swept over him. “Water please?”

    “In a few minutes,” Fress said as she watched him closely. “How are you feeling?”

    Anakin shook his head as he grabbed the bowl and leaned over. He swallowed hard as his stomach began to hurt. Maybe expanding? He thought with a frown as Fress and Jess watched him in concern. “I think…I think my stomach lining is being stretched, hurts like you ate too much food.”

    “That’s normal, Anakin,” Fress whispered gently. “You really haven’t eaten in how long and have been fed through a tube all of this time that was in your arm.”

    Anakin looked down at his hands holding the bowl closely as the pain subsided. He knew she was right. His stomach was the size of seed by now. He felt Fres take his hand into hers. “Were you with Padme….. In her final moments?”

    Fress glanced at Jess who looked away with pain in his eyes. “Yes, we were. She lived long enough to give birth to Luke and Leia. She told me that there was still good left in you, but she forced herself to die. She wanted to protect the twins. If she was dead, you would’ve believed the children died with her.”

    “It’s my fault,” Anakin whispered as his heart constricted in pain. “I Force choked her, broke her heart. She died because of what I did,” he swallowed more gunk, he ignored the pain he was suddenly beginning to feel. It could never come close to the pain he was feeling from his last moments with his wife.

    Anakin leaned over as pain ripped through his stomach. “Get Greg.”

    Jess walked out the door as Fress forced the drink from his hand as Anakin leaned over the bowl. Sever nausea swept over him as his body convulsed and he tasted vomit in the back of his throat.

    Fress watched Anakin with concern as white liquid came out. At least there was no blood, but he drank it way too fast and she suspected he was trying to punish himself. She gently rubbed his back noting he was violently shaking. “Take at easy, Ani.”

    Greg rushed in followed by Cray Fress met earlier in the shop. She raised an eyebrow in shock as Jess glanced behind him. Cray’s eyes widened in horror as he looked towards where the armour was sitting, he turned his attention to Fress raising a finger with anger in his eyes. “Get him out of here, Jess. The last thing we need is more stress.”

    Jess walked to Cray and took him by the arm. “I’m not sure what you said to my fiancé, but she’s irked you are in here. Please follow me.”

    Cray shrugged from Jess’s grip as he stared at Fress. “You’re harbouring a very wanted man.”

    “Jess, get him out of here, now,” Fress hissed as she stood up and walked towards Cray with a frown. “Enjoy the party and I would appreciate it if you didn’t say a word to anyone else.”

    Greg walked to Anakin’s side and ran a scanner over his stomach. “Anakin, how fast did you drink this?”

    “Too fast,” Anakin answered honestly.

    “Good news is, you didn’t rupture your stomach lining, it may feel like it but considering it’s been twenty years since you swallowed anything. It’s normal,” Greg explained as he took a light and shined it in Anakin’s eye’s. “How do you feel now?”

    “A little better, the pain is subsiding,” Anakin answered as Fress met him in the eyes. “I didn’t bring up that much.”

    “I know,” Fress looked down at the glass in her hand and noticed three quarters was gone. “Did you want the rest of this?”

    “Not at the moment,” Anakin answered with a frown. “You and Jess should be enjoying your time with Brice. Don’t worry about me.”

    “Anakin is right, Fress,” Rex commented as he stepped through the door with a frown. “You and Jess should be out there, not in here. I know you’re worried about him, but Ahsoka and I can check on him throughout the rest of the night.”

    Fress smiled as she patted Anakin on the shoulder. “We’ll check on you after Brice has gone to bed,” she glared at Cray as she took his arm in an arrest hold as she shoved him out the door. “Not a word, Cray. You are not ruining my son’s birthday. Rick knows Anakin is here and trusts my judgement. That should be good enough for you.”

    “Not so rough,” Cray snapped as he straightened his shirt subconsciously. “I get it, all right. You would think that was your former master in there or something.”

    Fress shook her head as Ahsoka raised an eyebrow. “I knew him during the clone wars, that’s all you need to know.”

    Cray stared at Fress with suspicion as Leia walked up to the group with concern on her face. “What’s the real story? Is he your father?”

    “No, Anakin is not my biological father,” Fress answered truthfully. “We’re not from the same planet. There is only a ten years age difference between us.”

    “What is going on back here?” Leia questioned with a frown as she stared at Cray. “Shouldn’t everyone be enjoying the party? The other guests are beginning to wonder what’s going on. Is there a problem?”

    “You’re harbouring Vader, back here,” Cray answered in a hostile tone.

    “I’m an Alliance Leader,” Leia explained calmly. “Vader has defected. In exchange for sanctuary, he’s agreed to tell us everything he knows. This is our best chance at putting an end to this war.”

    “It’s a trap, there’s no way….” Cray looked at Jess for support but didn’t find it. He looked at Fress and Leia. “You both believe he’s defected, after everything he’s done?”

    “People can change and realize they have made a mistake,” Leia explained with a frown. “Palpatine deliberately kept him in that armour when there was a solution. When he discovered Vader was leaving, he rigged the oxygen tank with a bacterial infection that almost killed him three days ago. That’s why he’s sitting back there now.”

    “Anakin is a human wreck, he should’ve died the day Obi-Wan left him for dead,” Fress explained as she closed her eyes. “Palpatine fears him, that is why he kept a close eye on him. Anakin is just as much as a victim as the next person. That doesn’t excuse him from his crimes.”

    “Nor should it,” Anakin commented as he stood at the door watching the entire exchange. “Cray, let’s talk in private. Fress, you and Jess go be with your son.”

    Fress nodded with a smile as she glanced at Jess. They walked back to where the main party was as Brice rushed into her arms. “There’s the birthday boy,” she said with a smile. “Having a good time?”

    “Yup, you should see what dad got me,” Brice grinned as he gestured to a speeder bike sitting in the main living room.

    “We agreed after we saw your scores, but you can’t ride it unless someone experienced is with you. That’s the deal,” Fress explained with a grin.

    “Can you teach me?” Brice questioned with an excited grin.

    “I look forward to it,” Fress answered as Jess hugged Brice.

    “I love you both,” Brice said as Fress wrapped her arms around her son and fiance.

    “We love you, Brice. Always remember that.”
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    Very intense stuff mixed with fun bonding with Brice. :D
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    I liked that the kid was more accepting of the situation than the nosy shopkeeper.

    “Anakin is a human wreck, he should’ve died the day Obi-Wan left him for dead,” Fress explained as she closed her eyes. “Palpatine fears him that is why he kept a close eye on Anakin. Anakin is just as much as a victim as the next person. That doesn’t excuse him from his crimes.”

    No... no it doesn't excuse anything. Plus, he was lied to. A lot. This... still excuses nothing, even if it does explain it.
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    Anakin sat down on the bed as he gestured Cray to the chair beside the bed. “Have a seat, Cray. I can sense much hatred and anger in you. Is there a personal reason behind that anger?”

    “No,” Cray answered honestly as he looked at Anakin.

    “Then why are you so angry?” Anakin questioned in a gentle tone. “Is it because I’m back in everyone’s lives? Is it because Fress and Jess came back into Brice’s life? Is it because of what I have done over the past twenty years?”

    “Both,” Cray answered with a hardened expression. “You don’t deserve to live. And they don’t deserve to get to know Brice.”

    “I agree with you about not allowing me to live, there are others under this roof and they disagree with that statement,” Anakin explained with a serious expression. “If anyone can stop Palpatine, it’s me and no one else. I know I won’t walk away alive from the encounter. I don’t have a choice in the matter. I don’t agree with you about Brice getting to know Fress and Jess,” he closed his eyes as guilt and shame washed through him. “Fress and I had an encounter three years ago. I rammed my lightsaber through her uterus and did damage they could not repair. Fress is no longer capable of having children. Brice is their only child and it will stay that way.”

    “I didn’t know that,” Cray muttered as Anakin opened his eyes and saw guilt on Cray’s features. “They can’t have anymore…”

    “No,” Anakin answered with a frown. “What I did was inexcusable. I am also willing to help clean up my mess and provide the Alliance with everything I know. This war has been going on long enough. Palpatine was behind the Clone Wars. He was behind both sides of the war. He was also behind the invasion on Naboo all those years ago. He used the plight of the planets situation to gain access as Chancellor.”

    “How old were you?” Cray questioned with a frown.

    “Nine, I was only nine and Palpatine had developed an interest in me. I didn’t realize at the time it was because that I was a threat to him. I’m the chosen one of the Jedi. The one the prophecy spoke about,” Anakin explained patiently. “I was chosen by the Force to stop Palpatine. My offspring are a threat to him as well. He used me to get my wife out of the way. I stumbled on his files a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t want our children to be born. The Force has other plans for them. He knows it and will stop at nothing until my son joins him or is killed. He doesn’t know about my daughter yet. Maybe it’s a good thing. She is too much like her mother with my temper and sarcasm. I was led to believe that my children died with my wife. I recently discovered that was a lie to protect them from me.”

    “Are you angry that they lied to you?” Cray questioned in curiosity as Anakin sensed the man’s anger had cooled off.

    “Not anymore,” Anakin answered with a frown. “I was at first when I was still dabbling in the dark side. Once I came back to the light side, I lost that anger and realized it was for the best. It would’ve been a disaster. One the galaxy would not be able to afford.”

    “Who are your children?” Cray questioned with a frown.

    “You’ve already met them,” Anakin answered honestly. “I don’t have their permission to reveal who they are. I left that up to them.”

    “Fair enough,” Cray glanced at the door then turned his attention back to Anakin. “What is your last name?”

    “Skywalker,” Anakin answered as he watched as Cray raised an brow. He made history from the Pod Races all those years ago.

    Cray looked at him in surprise. “You’re from here? No wonder you got off your rocker.”

    Anakin gave a mischief smile. “Why do you think Fress and Jess have hiden here all this time? They knew I didn’t plan to come back here. Of course it would be the last place I would ever look for them.”

    “Heat drives anyone mad,” Cray shook his head. “Do you remember Kitster?”

    “Kitster is still alive?” Anakin questioned with a grin. “We go way back.”

    “He won his freedom, married, two girls. Divorced, I never did like her,” Cray raised an eyebrow. “If you want, I could ask him to come in. He’s out in the living room.”

    “Kitster’s here?” Anakin questioned with shock in his tone. “I don’t want him to see me like this.”

    “Anakin, you have a visitor,” Leia spoke through the door. “His name is Kitster, wants to see you since he learned you’re here.”

    Anakin sighed as he glanced towards the door. “Show him in, Leia,” he braced himself. He wasn’t sure if Leia prepared Kitster ahead of time or not. He wondered how Kitster knew he was here, not unless he talked with Luke and put two and two together… The door opened and Kitster walked in. He could see that Kitster was hiding his shock.

    “Ani? You’re a wreck,” Kitster commented as he walked to the bed. “Luke told me you were here, in case you were wondering. Would you mind giving us some privacy, Cray? I would appreciate it.”

    “Sure Kit,” Cray stood up and left the room.

    Anakin didn’t sense any anger coming from Cray anymore. He diverted his eyes from Kit as his old friend sat in the chair. “How is life treating you on this rock?”

    “Can’t complain too much,” Kit answered honestly. “I hear you’ve been causing all sorts of trouble in the galaxy. I also heard rumors about a Raider camp and a man with a blue laser sword.”

    Anakin diverted his eyes away as guilt rushed through him. He didn’t need to kill them. He could’ve left with his mom without them knowing until he was gone.

    “It was you, wasn’t it?” Kit questioned.

    Anakin nodded as he placed a hand against his head. “My mother died in my arms. I should’ve left the same way I got in without being noticed. I don’t know what I was thinking,” he explained. “The last time I saw my mom was the day I left for the temple. To have her die in my arms the only time I got to see her, I was angry. I suspect it may have been a key to my downfall.”

    “Anakin, it didn’t sound necessary, not unless they noticed you?” Kit questioned with a frown. “And you couldn’t figure a way out?”

    “I made myself known, I could’ve left the same way I got in. I wasn’t noticed until I walked out of the tent,” Anakin answered in a regretful tone. “I would’ve had to kill, but I should’ve kept it to a minimum if not at all. I could’ve gotten out of that without severally hurting any of them.”

    Kit remained silent as he shifted in the chair and shook his head sadly. “Anakin, do you regret your choices?”

    “I’m very ashamed of my choices,” Anakin answered honestly. “I did horrible things to my children and my wife and my daughter’s boyfriend. The dark side changes you so much, I don’t deserve to live.”

    “That’s all I needed to know. Anakin, there are others here who believe you can help them bring an end to this war. Considering your position, I believe so too, you can help redeem yourself,” Kit gave an encouraging smile. The one Anakin remembered he used to get when Kitster believed he would win the pod race. “Anakin you deserve another chance to live. The Anakin Skywalker I remember was not selfish didn’t deal with slaves or hurt on purpose. The person who did all those things wasn’t you.”

    Anakin didn’t know what to say, he and Kitster were good friends and it looks like they still were. He felt that Kit spoke the truth. Now that he was back to his right mind, he could never hurt anyone intentionally. He would help were needed and would do anything to help rescue his children’s futures. “Thank you.”

    The next thirty minutes flew by as they got each other caught up on what was going on in their lives. Anakin was surprised to hear Han killed Greedo by not watching where Han’s hands were. He smirked knowing this man was definitely someone who could look after his baby girl. He heard all sorts of stories about Han and he knew the kid could take care of himself. He was delighted when he heard he rescued Chewbacca.

    Kit stood up and stretched. “You look tired, Ani. You need some rest. If it’s okay with you and the others, I would like to visit before your group decides to move on.”

    “I look forward to it,” Anakin answered with a smile.

    Kit leaned over the bed and hugged Anakin. “I’ll see you later in the week. Get some rest,” he released his grip and glanced at the armor. He couldn’t believe his friend was the second most hated man in the galaxy. It felt surreal to him.

    Kit walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. He headed towards the main living area where Brice was getting ready to open his gifts. He smiled at Fress and Jess, he heard they took him on a clothing-shopping trip earlier and took him to the Sims. He had a feeling they were happy to spend what time they could with their son.

    Luke and Leia had presented Brice with more clothing. Rex and Ahsoka had given him passes for speeder bike lessons.

    “This is from Anakin,” Luke spoke with a small smile as he held out a small container and handed it to Brice.

    Brice opened it up as Kit leaned in to get a closer glance. It was a gem of some sort.

    “What is it for?” Brice questioned with a curious expression as he picked it up between his fingers as Fress grinned.

    “It’s a corsica gem, for generations Jedi have used the gems like this one in their lightsabers. It is the heart of a lightsaber. Keep it safe, Brice, they’re difficult to retrieve,” Fress explained with a smile.

    “I will mom, promise,” Brice placed the gem back inside the box and ran to Anakin’s room.

    Most likely to thank Anakin, Kit thought with a small smile. It could’ve waited at least a few minutes until after he was done opening up his gifts. Brice ran back in a minute later but the box wasn’t in his hands anymore. “Where is the box?”

    “In a safe spot,” Brice answered with a grin. “This is the best birthday ever.”

    Brice finished opening up the rest of the gifts, then he walked around the room hugging everyone. Rick walked out of the kitchen with a cake in his hand with candles lit. This had turned into quite the night.
    Fress walked into Anakin’s room as he looked up with a smile. “That was a nice thing you did for Brice. I’m wondering where did you find it?”

    “I had a couple of spares on me,” Anakin answered as he produced another gem from his belt. “I didn’t have a gift for him. I decided to give one of the two spares away. I plan to give this one to Luke. He’s in need of a new lightsaber I believe.”

    “He’s cooking one,” Fress explained with a frown. “I’m sure he’s fine. Maybe give it to Leia or hang onto it. You may want to redesign a new lightsaber.”

    Anakin nodded in agreement as he placed the gem back into his pouch. “If Luke makes his lightsaber and it’s successful, he’ll be that much closer to a knight.”

    Fress nodded in agreement as she sat down beside Anakin’s bed. “You made Brice’s night last night. Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome,” Anakin sat up on the bed as Fress looked down at her data pad. She made a sour face at most of the names then nodded. “Going through your list?”

    “Yes,” Fress answered as she placed the data pad down. “Do you have the arrangements made?”

    “The credits arrived half an hour ago,” Anakin answered as he pointed to a case sitting off to the side.

    “Good,” Fress picked up her long-range holo communicator. She punched in a number as a man looked up with a smile.

    “Hello General, do you have a job for me?” The man asked with a smile.

    “I’ll explain the details once you get here, Kyle. Can you meet me at Ricks in one hour from now?” Fress questioned with a frown.

    “In one hour, my usual fee,” Kyle killed the transmission as Fress placed the communicator back into her belt.

    “He’s the one I trust the most,” Fress explained as she stood up. “We’ll send Chewie with him to make sure he doesn’t try anything.”

    “When did Chewie get here?” Anakin questioned as he heard a Wookiee roar.

    “Fifteen minutes ago, he’s already agreed to go,” Fress answered as she stood up as Chewbacca walked in and growled an enquiry. “One hour from now. Thanks for doing this for us.”

    Chewie huffed and gently hugged Fress then turned his attention to Anakin. His attention was drawn to the armor. ~*What is Vader doing here, cub?*~

    Fress realized she forgot to warn the Wookieee ahead of time. She bit on her lip as she glanced at Anakin with a frown. “I forgot to warn him,” Anakin nodded in understanding as she turned her attention back to Chewie. “Chewie, Anakin has agreed to help us free Han. He’s the one who made the arrangements to buy Han’s freedom. You remember Anakin Skywalker?”

    Chewie’s eyes widened in surprise as he stepped towards Anakin’s bedside. Fress felt apprehensive as the Wookieee looked Anakin over and spotted the slave mark on his left arm. He parted the fur on his chest and woofed softly. ~*Now I know your plight with Palpatine.*~ He hugged Anakin as Fress released the breath she was holding. ~*Even if you were the one to get Han into this mess. Thank you for helping him get out.*~

    “You’re welcome,” Anakin looked stunned as he looked up at the Wookieee. “Take care of my children for me. I most likely won’t survive the upcoming confrontation with Palpatine.”

    ~*Leia looks like Padme Amidala,,*~ Chewie pointed out with a frown.

    “Padme was my wife, we married at the beginning of the Clone Wars,” Anakin answered with a frown. “Luke and Leia are twins.”

    Chewie hugged Anakin then released him. ~*I will continue to help look after them. They have turned into my honorary family.*~

    ”Thank you,” Anakin gave a grateful smile.
    Rick left for Corellia when he learned his sister had fallen ill and needed his help for a couple of days. Fress agreed to look after Brice until he returned. Jess and Ahsoka had agreed to run the shop in his absence. She smiled as Kyle walked into the dwelling and sat down on the couch. “Thank you for meeting with me,” she began to say as Brice stood up and walked out of the room heading towards Anakin’s room. She knew the two were spending quite a bit of time with each other in the last couple of days. Anakin even admitted to viewing Brice as his grandson.

    “What can I do for you, General?” Kyle questioned with a frown as Chewie sat down in a free chair and growled softly.

    “We need you to make a run to Kessel for us, this is unofficial Alliance business. We have one million credits to buy spice with. We’re going to buy Han’s freedom and Jabba has agreed to the price,” Fress outlined with a frown. “Chewie has agreed to accompany you.”

    “My usual fee, General,” Kyle agred with a short nod of his head. “When do you want me to leave?”

    “Within the hour hopefully,” Fress answered as she glanced at Chewie who was holding the case in his hand.

    “Very well, I agree with your terms,” Kyle stood up as Chewie stood up. “Let’s go prepare the ship, I welcome the company.”

    Chewie growled in agreement as he followed Kyle out of the dwelling. That went smoothly Fress thought as she walked to the room Anakin was in. “Kyle has agreed to the terms and will be leaving Tatooine shortly.”

    “That’s good news,” Anakin agreed as Brice glanced up from the screen. It looked like the two were playing a holo game of some sort.

    “Who is winning?” Fress questioned with a slight smile.

    “I am,” Brice answered happily. “I keep getting the feeling he’s letting me win.”

    Anakin chuckled lightly as he made the next move. “I’m an old man and my memory isn’t what it used to be.”

    Brice fell silent as he absorbed Anakin’s remark. “Fress told me you are smart as a whip.”

    “Not buying it?” Anakin questioned hopefully.

    “No,” Brice answered as he hit reset and gave a feral grin. “How about a real game?”

    Fress shook her head as she left the two to work out who won the game. She walked to the kitchen to prepare the midday meal. If all went well they should have Han back with the group in four days from now. She just hoped for Leia’s sake Han didn’t run for the hills. She had a feeling he wouldn’t. Han’s past was very checkered.
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