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    I wrote this back on 8/1/01 and never finished the series. I recently found a notebook in the back of my closet with the story outline. Then I found it archived on Jedi Forums Classic Story Board. Well, that was enough the get my interest going again. Please review, and if you like, I will continue the series. I don't know why I ever abandoned it to begin with. :confused:

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's lives through the eyes of Qui-Gon's first apprentice, Skylar Malin. Hope everyone enjoys.

    Alternate Universe, I know, I know Jedi can't have attachments, however, back in 2001 that was not exactly clear. ;)

    Series: Forged Bonds
    Chapter: A Time To Grow
    Author: Jedi Princess (now The First Jedi Princess, really wish I had my 1st user name back)
    Rating: G.
    Feedback: Please! Please! Please!
    Disclaimer: Don't own Qui, Obi, the council. Skylar and Thoran are mine.

    Forged Bonds: A Time To Grow

    Skylar Malin took great care in dressing that morning. She wore her best tunic and leggings and had her new robe on the bed, ready to slip on. Looking in the mirror, she combed her hair and almost started to braid the long thin lock of hair that grew from behind her right ear. But, she decided to let someone else do the honor.

    The padawan, soon to be knight, left the bedroom that had been hers for almost twelve years. She was ten when she first became Qui-Gon Jinn's padawan. But, after this afternoon, she would no longer be his student. She would be his peer.

    Qui-Gon was seated on the couch, looking over notes for one mission or another. The Jedi Master looked up as he student entered the common room. Qui-Gon offered her a warm smile. Wordlessly, the young woman took her spot at his feet. Handing him the comb and hair ties, Qui-Gon nodded that he understood.

    and began the task of braiding the lock that he had braided over a decade before. There were no need for words. The task was carried on in silence.

    In just a few minutes, the hair was braided, and Skylar and Qui-Gon stood up. Skylar, who stood only 5'3, looked up at her Master. Tears filled her eyes as she fought to keep control of her feelings. There is no emotion, there is the force.

    Qui-Gon gently pulled her into an embrace, "It's all right to show your feelings, Skylar, there is no weakness in that."

    Skylar nodded against her master's chest. As much as she wanted to be a knight, she would miss the man who raised her, who trained her, who loved her. She has spent half her life by this man's side. Waking up tomorrow would be very strange indeed. At the same time, the two parted and Skylar took a deep breath, "I'm ready, Master."

    Nodding, the elder Jedi replied, "Then lets not keep the council waiting, Padawan."

    Excusing herself, Skylar went to the padawan bedroom to retrieve her robe. She took a moment to reflect. The room was now devoid of everything that the young woman had collected over the years. Her whole life sat in boxes, ready to be moved to her Knights quarters later on that afternoon. The room looked the same it did twelve years ago. Taking the robe off the bed, Skylar slipped it on and walked to the bedroom door. Taking one last glance, she closed the door behind her.

    Qui-Gon was waiting at the door. Together they left the apartment and Skylar fell into place to her master's left and one step behind. In quiet companionship they walked down the quiet halls of the temple towards the council hall. It would be the last time that Skylar would accompany her Master as his student. In a short time, they would be peers.

    Skylar knelt before her master in front of the council. Qui-Gon caressed her head with his large hand. Then he took her padawan braid between two fingers.

    "Skylar, you have been a good apprentice. But a padawan you are no longer," with delft fingers, the Jedi Master severed her braid with a pair of shears. "You are now a Jedi Knight."

    The young woman looked up at her former master, his eyes were filled with pride. He put out his hand, and she took it and allowed him to help her up. Once she was standing again, Qui-Gon gav
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    An interesting start for your story. Please continue:)
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    Great beginning.=D=
    It will be great to read the story from Qui-Gon Jinn's first Padawan.

    If you do PM's may I be included.:D
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    Oh, do continue this...very interesting.
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    I would like to be on the PM list if you make one. This one seems interesting!
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    Forged Bonds
    Chapter 2: A Time to Reflect

    1) I still do not own, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Xanatos, or the council.
    2) Xanatos does not have a last name in the Jedi Apprentice books, so I?m using De?Crion, which seems to be the last name of choice on the boards.
    3) Chancellor Kalpana was Supreme Chancellor before Valorum, according to Wookieepedia.

    This chapter is really just back story, so I can get into the nitty gritty of angst and maybe a little h/c thrown in for good measure. 8-} Thoran will make some more appearances too in the upcoming chapters.

    Earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks for reading and your feedback! [:D]

    Gkilkenny: Hope I do not disappoint writing about Qui-Gon?s first padawan. I will PM you. [:D]

    Valairy_Scot: Thanks for the feedback. Hope you like. [:D]

    Cade_Cryocharger: I will add you to my PM list. [:D]

    Skylar Malin?s first solo mission was as successful as it was long. The Cromlians had been ready for peace and negotiations took place almost immediately after Skylar landed and continued on for almost four standard months. When all was said and done, Cromlis was at peace, and a member of the Republic.

    It felt exhilarating to be back on Coruscant and back home at the Temple. She had some time before she had to report to the council, so she made her way to the lifts that led to the living quarters. She walked the familiar halls of the master/padawan apartments. It did not take long for her to come to the door of the residence she had shared with Qui-Gon.

    She glanced at the name plate, and was not surprised to see her name had been removed. However, she was not prepared to see the new name in its place. Qui-Gon did take a second apprentice, unfortunately, it was the young man she had hoped he would not choose.

    The door unexpectedly slid open, and standing before her was Xanatos De?Crion. His black hair shorn in the standard padawan cut for human males, the beginning of a padawan braid behind his right ear. Deep blue eyes watched her with a bored expression.

    Composing herself, ?Hello, Xanatos. I?m Skylar??

    ?I know who you are,? Xanatos cut her off in a rude manner, ?You are Master Qui-Gon?s first apprentice.?

    ?It?s good to meet you,? Skylar lied, liking this boy even less, ?is your Master home??

    ?Yes,? was the reply as Xanatos stepped aside. ?I?m his apprentice now,? he added in an overconfident tone.

    ?I know. Congratulations.? Skylar started to step into the apartment.

    ?And I will be a better apprentice then you ever were!? Xanatos added in a very low tone and turned to leave.

    Skylar stared after the adolescent, taken aback by the words he uttered to her. For the life of her, she could not begin to fathom why her former master had chosen him. Xanatos was a polar opposite to Qui-Gon Jinn.

    ?Skylar! When did you get back?

    Turning to face her former master, her face broke into a smile, ?Master, just now. I wanted to see you before I briefed the council.?

    ?Come inside and sit, I just made a pot of tea,? Qui-Gon said, handing her a mug of his favorite tea, which after their years together was now her favorite as well. ?Did you see Xani??

    It was obvious that Qui-Gon had not heard the disrespectful words of his new padawan, but not wanting to mar the visit with him, she chose not to bring it up. It?s none of your business anyway, besides, you know that Qui-Gon does not tolerate rudeness.

    ?Yes, how long has he been your padawan??

    ?About a month, I?m very pleased with his progress.? Qui-Gon answered, taking a seat next to her. ?But tell me about your mission. The council was very pleased. So was the Senate, in fact, Chancellor Kalpana contacted me personally to praise your efforts. He told me I should be very proud.? He warmly covered her hand with is before continuing, ?and I am so very proud of you.?

    All too soon, the visit ended. Xanatos had returned home just as Qui
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    Xanatos is already the spoiled brat and she sees it. Skylar is nice and I love to see more of her and Thoran
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    I'm anxious to find out how you explain Qui-Gon's inability to sense Xani's jealousy
    and rudeness. He had the same problem with Anakin and yet he didn't allow it in Obi-Wan.

    I always thought there had to be a reason why he couldn't see the dark side in either of them and yet he told Obi that he would turn.

    I know I'm getting ahead of your story, which is very good, and I like Skylar.

    Looking forward to more and thanks for the PM.=D=
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    Forged Bonds
    Chapter 3 New Beginnings

    I made up Amaya Cas and Kaleb Faln.
    Lok is a real planet in Star Wars, so I don?t own it.
    Attachments and relationships are not forbidden in my universe, but they are not encouraged either. [face_shhh]

    Gkilkenny and earlybird-obi-wan: Thank you both for the feedback, please keep reviewing. Hope you like it. :D


    ?Well you did,? Master Yoda told the young woman as she finished briefing the council on her mission. ?Pleased we are.?

    Skylar was humbled by the praise and gave a slight bow, ?Thank you, Master Yoda. Master Jinn is the one deserving of credit, as he is the one who raised and nurtured me. His lessons helped me a great deal.?

    ?Trained well you were. Listen well, you did. Pass on what you have learned you will,? Yoda told her with all knowing eyes. The other twelve members of the council nodded and awaited her response.

    There was a brief hesitation before she responded, ?Yes, my Masters. I do look forward to taking a padawan of my own; however, I do not feel I?m ready.?

    ?What know you ready??

    ?Do you doubt your talents, Young Jedi?? The question came from senior council member Amaya Cas, a human woman of 60 years.

    Skylar considered the question, ?No, my masters. I do not doubt my abilities; however, I feel there is still much to learn before I take on the responsibility of training another.?

    Yoda was deep in thought, ?Wise you are, young one. Wait you will.?

    Amaya nodded in agreement, ?In the meantime, we have another mission for you. Thoran Sannes and his new apprentice are preparing to go negotiate a peace treaty on the world of Lok. He has requested you to assist.?

    Skylar heart began a rapid beat, but she immediately calmed it, ?As you wish my Masters.? She took the data disks offered to her and bowed to the council, ?may the force be with you.?

    Skylar had not yet seen Thoran since their good bye prior to her mission. She was happy to hear he had taken a padawan. Thoran was a great Jedi and a good man. They had been best friends for many years, and over the course of time, Skylar began to have feelings for him. But, as with all Jedi, the Order and duty came first.

    Walking down the halls, she heard quiet voices in an alcove. Glancing over, she saw Thoran and his new apprentice, Kaleb Faln. Kaleb had just turned thirteen. He was a boy of medium build with brown hair and eyes that were warm and bright. The eager eyes at the moment were filled with tears and he was sporting a large bruise under one eye.

    ?But I didn?t start it, Master Thoran,? Kaleb choked out, obviously losing the fight to hold back tears, ?Why don?t you believe me??

    Skylar was not surprised to hear patience in his tone as he responded, ?It?s not that I don?t believe you, Kaleb, but Master Jinn was very clear when he told me that you were the one who started the altercation between yourself and Padawan De?Crion.?

    Kaleb looked his master in the eye, and in a voice that was more frustration then disrespect replied, ?He was not there, Master. It was just me and Xanatos. Xanatos was angry because I was able to beat him in a sparring match at class today. He wanted to go again, so I said yes. He was angry because I beat him again, so he hit me!?

    ?So you sparred with another Padawan without a Master present?? Thoran asked, still patient, but stern. ?You know that is against the rules.?

    ?I didn?t want to spar him again, Master, but he was picking on me, telling me the only reason I won was because I got lucky.?

    Thoran placed his hand on Kaleb?s shoulder, ?There is no such thing as luck, if you beat him, then you did it of your own accord. However, that does not excuse your behavior. You will do extra meditations tonight for your error in judgment and you are confined to our quarters until we leave for Lok.?

    ?But Master??

    The boy stopped when Thoran held up his hand, ?This is not open to negotiation, Padawan,
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    I'm beginning to think Qui-Gon needs a swift kick.
    I wonder if Skylar will speak to him.[face_thinking]

    So Thoran and Skylar are close friends ummm.o_O

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    Forged Bonds
    Chapter 4: Learning

    A few minutes passed before Thoran and Skylar broke the kiss, but they made no effort to separate themselves. Thoran?s arms were still around her waist, and her arms were up on his shoulders.

    ?That is something I have wanted to do for years,? Thoran quietly laughed as his forehead came to rest on hers.

    ?Then why didn?t you??

    He tightened his arms around her, and replied, ?Because I didn?t think Master Jinn would have approved.?

    Skylar slowly nodded, knowing he was correct in his assumption, ?So what now??

    ?We live, we serve, and we honor our training. With anytime that is left, we love.? He told her, ?it will be difficult, but it can be done. Relationships between Jedi are not forbidden.?

    ?But they are not encouraged either,? she finished for him.

    ?If our commitment to the Order is strong, then everything will fall into place.? He gave her a gentle kiss, ?we need to trust in the Force.?

    ?I will trust in the Force, and I trust you Thoran,? reluctantly the two moved apart. Taking a deep breath, she found her center. ?I will go home and research the mission we have been given.?

    ?I will come by after I check on Kaleb,? he told her, ?there is way to much research for one person. My instincts tell me this will not be a routine mission, and we must be cautious.?

    ?I will get right on the groundwork. With two of us, it should not take long at all. I?ll leave my door open, don?t bother knocking.?

    The two parted ways, Thoran to check on his brooding apprentice and Skylar to make preparations for a long night of fact-finding. They were Jedi first. The Order would always take priority. There would be time later to analyze their growing relationship.

    As soon as she entered her apartment, she put a pot of Caf on the stove and pulled out her data reader and inserted the first disk. She smiled when she heard a knock on the door, and with a wave of her hand, she opened it with the use of the Force. ?I thought I told you I would leave the door open.? As she turned, she was surprised to see Qui-Gon instead of Thoran.

    ?Expecting someone else?? Qui-Gon asked as he stepped inside and the door slid shut behind him. He stood there with a stern look on his face and his arms folded.

    Skylar arched her eyebrow and gave the man before her a curious look, ?Well as a matter of fact, I was expecting Thoran.?

    ?So I gathered,? Qui-Gon said in his most strict Master voice, ?when did you two get so close??

    Confused at this point, Skylar answered, ?We have always been close.? She was wondering why Qui-Gon was acting as he was a Master who just caught his padawan misbehaving.

    ?That is not what I mean, Skylar Malin,? Qui-Gon articulated in a no-nonsense voice, ?I know that you and Knight Sannes were together in the map room.?

    Did he really just use my full name? She asked herself, knowing he had ever only done that a handful of times in their twelve years together. Skylar looked to her former master, the man who was like her father, ?Yes, I was with him. Spying on me, my Master??

    ?No, of course not,? he told her, impatience on every word, ?Xani saw you both together, and he felt it prudent to tell me.?

    Oh, I bet he did, She thought to herself annoyed. ?Master, this is hardly an appropriate conversation.?

    ?Appropriate?? Qui-Gon demanded, ?Is it appropriate for you and Thoran to be behaving like love sick fools? You know that relationships are not encouraged.?

    ?But they are not forbidden either,? she countered in a voice a little louder then intended.

    Qui-Gon also raised his voice, ?Maybe he should be less concerned with his own pleasure and more concerned with his student! Do you know his apprentice started a fight with Xani??

    Skylar could not believe her ears. She would have never guessed that Qui-Gon Jinn could be so close minded, ?what I know is there are two sides to every story, Master. At one time you were a fair man and would listen to both before you cast judgment. What has happened to you? It?s like I do
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    It is really funny you should say that about Anakin. In my humble opinion, Anakin deep down, was not evil. He was manipulated by someone (Palpatine) much stronger then him at the time. It is clear at the beginning of the ROTS, Anakin cares about Obi-Wan deeply. Plus in the AoTC book, he even tells Obi-Wan he is like his father, and he loves him.

    Palpatine was instrumental in getting Obi-Wan away from Anakin...

    1) Palpatine ordered Anakin to leave a knocked out Obi-Wan behind after he was "rescued".
    2) In the ROTS book, Palpatine alludes to Obi-Wan having an affair with a certain female senator.

    So far, Anakin was not falling for any of it. So Palpatine was the one or facilitated Obi-Wan to be the Jedi to go after Greivous, thus separating the two. Had Anakin stayed with Obi-Wan, he never would have turned. Had he gone to Obi-Wan instead of Palpatine, he never would have turned. But he was naive so he made the wrong choices. My other fic, The Jedi in Me is written by Vader's POV and I try to show that he was a pawn in a dangerous game.

    Thanks for reading. Please keep reviewing. I do hope you like it. I'm very antsy to get to the Obi-Wan parts. I have some good angst in store. [face_mischief]
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    exciting chapters with Xani:mad: and Qui-Gon not seeing who Xani really is.

    Love the interaction between Thoran and Skylar and Kaleb.

    Keep them going on many missions together.

    And there are Corellian Jedi ;) They can marry and form bonds
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    You did Qui-Gon's part very well.=D= He seems to have an obsession with Xani and it blinds him to his faults as it did with Anakin.
    Your explanation about Ani is quite right.[face_dancing]
    It was all Palpatines fault and probably the councils in some way. They didn't trust him and I'm sure they didn't think Obi-Wan was the right master for him and yet it does appear they didn't help Obi-Wan with training the chosen one.

    Nevertheless, I didn't like Anakin from the beginning and unfortunately I still don't.[face_not_talking]

    another great post.=D=
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    earlybird-obi-wan: Thank you for the wonderful feedback! Glad you are liking it. [:D]

    Gkilkenny: Great insight about Anakin. I'm so happy you are liking my portrayal of Qui-Gon. Hope this next part does not disappoint. [face_praying]

    Forged Bonds
    Chapter 5: Danger

    As always, please read and review.

    Qui-Gon felt guilty for not saying good-bye to Skylar, but the man was incensed with her even though he knew it was wrong to be.

    There was one person who might understand his feelings. Leaving Xanatos to his studies, he made his way to Tahl?s apartment. She opened her door and welcomed him into the common area.

    Once they were seated on the couch she wryly said, ?Somehow I get the feeling you did not come here to just see me.?

    Qui-Gon ran his hands over his face, ?Is it that obvious??

    ?What? That you are broadcasting for the whole temple to feel your anxiety, or the fact you have been a stubborn fool??

    Leave it to Tahl to put the writing on the wall. Never one to take an indirect path; she would always say what needed to be said.

    ?I don?t feel I?ve been stubborn,? he said half heartedly, ?Do you know she has begun a relationship with Thoran Sannes??

    ?So, I have heard,? was the reply, ?do you have a problem with Thoran? I have always found him to be congenial and charming. He has a fine reputation as a knight.?

    Qui-Gon began pacing, so Tahl knew he was bothered by the recent turn of events, ?I know his reputation says his is a fine knight. I just hope Skylar does not get so caught up in the moment that she throws away her training.?

    ?Qui-Gon, I?m surprised at you,? Tahl gently admonished. ?You know as well as I that Skylar is dedicated. I think she can handle the her duties as a Jedi along with a relationship. Furthermore, don?t you feel you are being disingenuous? After all, don?t we have a relationship??

    ?That is beside the point, Tahl,? but he knew it wasn?t any different. ?The Council approved for her to go a mission with him and his new student.?

    ?Kaleb Faln,? she nodded, ?polite boy. I?ve taught him. He is always eager to learn, always eager to please.?

    ?He started a fight with Xani,? Qui-Gon told her hotly.

    ?You saw him start a fight with your apprentice?? She questioned.

    ?No, but Xan told me all about it.?

    ?And that makes it so??

    Qui-Gon let out an exasperated sigh, ?not you too. Xanatos is a exceptional student and I?m blessed to have him. To be honest with you, I think Skylar is envious.?

    Tahl let out an skeptical laugh, ?you can?t be serious. You did not say that to her, did you?? When Qui-Gon did not answer, she added, ?you are more of a fool then I thought.?

    ?Then why else would she have acted the way she did? She did not even back me up.? To himself he thought, of course not, you stupid man, you barged into her apartment full of accusations and not willing to listen.

    ?Qui-Gon, you raised a confident young woman, and you should be proud,? she told him, ?she could not be jealous of any apprentice you would train, especially not Xanatos. Tell me, how is the bond coming along??

    ?Slower then I would like, but it?s there.?

    ?Slower then when you trained Sky?? She gently asked him.

    He merely nodded, ?but it will get stronger, I know it will.?

    She grabbed his hand and he stopped pacing, she pulled him down next to her and turned him around so his back was facing her, she then began to massage his shoulders. He leaned back into her and allowed her to knead his stress away.

    ?You are so tense, Qui-Gon,? she continued to massage, ?how was Skylar before she left for Lok??

    ?I don?t know,? he answered remorsefully, ?I did not see her or say goodbye to her.?

    Tahl did not respond. That was very out of character for Qui-Gon. She decided not to press the issue. She sensed he already felt guilty and needed time. She would be there when he wanted to talk more on the issue. She could feel him starting to relax as she massaged away all of his tension. A contented silenc
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    I hope Kaleb doesn't lose his master, but then there is always Skylar to save the day.

    I like how Kaleb is already forming a plan to rescue them.

    Your great with fast chapters. I am enjoying them. I wish I could find my muse again.

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    Sorry I haven't been able to post earlier but I'm still reading!
    I like how Qui-Gon is stubborn. :p I would like to find out why.
    Such a relationship between Skylar and Thorin. How long have they known each other? Since Jedi initiates or younglings?
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    Hi: :) :)

    Totally like Skylar and Thoran as Knights and as a couple. :D :D

    Coolest beans about Qui and Tahl also. :D

    That whole obliviousness about Xani and Anakin worked my nerve -- :p It seems to prove that in this situation, this fits Qui's situation:

    For someone who can usually read people well, you sure have a humongus blind spot [face_frustrated] Like no matter who says it, and how many, you think this person with no shred of goodness walks on water o_O

    Ooh, Skylar and Thoran are in a very tight worrisome situation. [face_worried]
    I'd like on the PM list for this one. Thanks. @};-

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    I do not own Mace Windu (but I wish I had his lightsaber)[face_whistling] or Jocasta Nu. Jocasta Nu did sit on the council at one time.

    I am dusting off another of my OCs from ten years ago, Darick Kint, an old friend of Qui-Gon?s. (Master Kint was created for my Survival of the Fittest trilogy.)

    Drave Krusnik is my original Bad Guy Character. He's evil. [face_devil]

    The Great Maze of Lok is one of the points of interest on the planet.

    This Chapter had a mind of its own. Chapter 7 is going to be called Rescue.'

    Gkilkenny: Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! Don't worry, Thoran is not going to die in this chapter or the next chapter. ;)

    Cade_Cryocharger: Skylar is 3 years younger then Thoran but since she was advanced she was placed in his age group for training. As you will see below, someone was not very happy with that.

    Jade_eyes: Thanks for reading! I'm so happy you like it. I don't know how to explain why Qui-Gon is like this with Xanatos, but I can promise you, Xani does not get any nicer. [face_whistling]

    Thanks for reading! Please keep reviewing! [:D][:D][:D]

    Forged Bonds
    Chapter 6: Bitter Initiate

    Qui-Gon was standing in the middle of the council room facing Yoda and the other eleven members. He had stopped pacing long enough to say, ?I will leave right away for Lok. I won?t wait until morning.?

    ?I?ll go with you,? Tahl spoke up. He looked at her with gratitude.

    Yoda looked at him with his wise eyes, ?Two days for you to reach. Send another team we will.?

    ?Who is close to them?? Qui-Gon demanded.

    ?Masters Windu and Kint are less then a day away,? Master Cas told him, ?They are in route.? That calmed Qui-Gon a little. Mace and Darick were good friends of his. He was confident in their abilities.

    A senior padawan then entered the chamber, ?Masters, there is a transmission coming from Republic Cruiser, A714. It sounds urgent.?

    Qui-Gon?s heart leapt, that was the cruiser assigned to the small group for their mission.

    Amaya nodded, ?Thank you Padawan Tasus. Please send the transmission in here.? After a quick bow, the padawan was gone.

    A hologram came up of the pilot and co-pilot, but no sign of the Jedi who accompanied them.

    The pilot began to speak, ?We are not really sure what happened. All we know is that Padawan Faln came running and told us there was trouble. Both his Master and Knight Malin have been taken into custody.?

    Qui-Gon felt like someone had hit him, but said nothing as the pilot continued. ?He took a computer splicer and ordered us to take off telling us it was imperative for us to contact Master Yoda. I think he was hoping they would think he left with us.?

    Finally, Qui-Gon could not take it, ?You left the boy there? You did not make him come with you??

    ?We have no jurisdiction to do that Master Jedi.?

    ?Captain,? Yoda said, ?stay in orbit in system you will. For a rescue be prepared.? The transmission ended.

    Qui-Gon began his pacing again, ?See, Padawan Faln is reckless.?

    Yoda?s ears raised a little, ?Master Qui-Gon, reckless he is not. Doing his duty, he is.?

    ?They have captured two Jedi Knights, what can a thirteen year old boy do?? Qui-Gon asked to no one in particular.

    ?Qui-Gon,? Tahl quietly said, ?Kaleb did not get captured. If he can make contact with us, he can provide valuable information.?

    Qui-Gon was not convinced, ?he is just a boy. He can?t possibly know what to do.?

    Amaya shook her head, ?Kaleb is clever. He will not give his location away purposely. He scored very high marks in Search and Rescue when I taught him. He is also a very skillful computer splicer.?

    ?Then contact us he will. Wait we must.? Yoda advised.

    ?I can?t just wait, Masters,? Qui-Gon told them. ?I ask permission to leave immediately.?

    Yoda deliberated over Qui-Gon?s words and asked, ?Feel Skylar through bond, hmmm??

    Closing his eyes, Qui-Gon responded, ?I do, but it is muted. She is alive, that I know. Nevertheless, she is weak and in pain. I must get to her.? He could not bring himself to say,
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    Resourceful and does what needs doing.

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    Sky and Thoran is fortunate.

    Ooh, I do love the voice you've given Tahl: compassionate and insightful and straightforward.


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    I hope he doesn't get Kaleb.

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    And Jocasta Nu;) She raised Jerec (also turned to the dark fighting Kyle Katarn)

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    I have a bad feeling about Skylar and Drave...what is he going to do to her! :eek:
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    Jade_eyes: Xani will have no redeeming qualities in this story. I'm glad you like it. [:D]

    Gkilkenny: I agree with you on the Agri-Corps. In the next chapter you will see Skylar's opinion on it too.;)

    earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks! I'm so glad you like![face_batting]

    Cade_Cryocharger: Kaleb is very clever and you will see a compassionate side too. :cool:

    Valairy_Scot: Thank you for the tip! I will do so. Thank you so much for reading! [face_peace]


    Forged Bonds
    Chapter 7: Rescue

    Kaleb managed to make it to the maze without any trouble. He chose a rock ledge to keep watch. Nothing would be able to get to him without him knowing well in advance. He sat down on an outcropping and pulled out his datapad. Something bothered him as he was gathering information, but he had not had the time to analyze it.

    Force suppression.

    He waited for a response.

    Lord Krusnic has supplied electronic Force suppression fields for the prisoners. The Jedi will be able to sense the Force, but not call on it properly. It will not hinder him, as he is wearing a band on his wrist that will prevent any interruptions.

    ?Electronic?? Kaleb said aloud. ?Not much of a Dark Jedi if you have to rely on a computer to do the dirty work.?

    Kaleb then began to explore options for the best way to override the system. Once the Force suppressors were out of commission, Thoran and Skylar would be able to fight back. He was determined to have a solution in place before the other Jedi landed. Time was of the essence. He knew by now that the teams of Jedi would be arriving soon. He had a lot to do before they arrived. It was getting dark, and he was cold and hungry, but he pushed that aside and concentrated on his work.

    At about midnight, his comlink went off. He grabbed it, ?Padawan Faln.?

    ?This is Master Jinn; we are locked in on your coordinates. We will begin our landing shortly.?

    ?Master Jinn, I?m happy to hear your voice,? Kaleb responded honestly. Kaleb may have not liked Qui-Gon?s apprentice, but he had the up most respect for the revered Master. ?I?m using my data pad to scramble their air traffic computers so they do not notice the ship?s decent. I also have information for you. I have discovered that Skylar?s and Master Thoran?s use of the Force is being inhibited by electronic force suppressors.?

    ?Well done, Padawan. See you soon.?

    In the ship, Qui-Gon turned to Tahl, ?It seems that you were right about Padawan Faln.?

    Tahl smiled and touched his arm, ?Qui-Gon, I?m surprised you have not discovered that I?m usually correct on these things.?

    Qui-Gon did not answer, but did smile and gently kiss Tahl?s forehead, his arms wrapped around her. As stoic as Qui-Gon was, she still sensed his fear for Skylar?s safety. She wrapped her arms around him in silent consolation. Neither noticed Xanatos watching them. He had a scowl on his face. He trudged to his Master and asked, ?Are we landing yet??

    ?We have just begun our decent.? Qui-Gon answered, leaving his arm wrapped around Tahl?s shoulders.

    Darick Kint and his padawan, a seventeen-year-old human girl, Tai? Sindri came up to join them. Darick had a data pad in his hand, ?We need to be cautious. It seems that we have a vicious former Jedi initiate on our hands. Qui-Gon, do you remember a boy named Drave Krusnic??

    Qui-Gon was contemplative for a moment, ?Vaguely. If I remember correctly, he was less then average for a Jedi. He was always angry. The Agri-Corps was the best place for him; however it was a shame when the Temple learned he had been killed.?

    Darick looked to his friend, ?That?s just it, Qui. He is not dead. He is the one responsible for this.?

    Tai? was confused, ?I don?t understand, if he was just average, why can?t Skylar and Thoran fight back??