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    Hello All

    Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I have a question, as I am writing a fic where a character is in France, and is searching through a car for a first aid kit.

    Calling up the French version of Amazon for research purposes, most of the medical kits that I can see, seem to say "First Aid" in English on the outside.

    Now is this what you would see in Real Life, or is it more likely that the website is using English-language stock shots, or pandering to me cos I am viewing it from the UK?
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    Most of the time, you would only have the red cross on the top of the box. If it's written in french, it will just say "Premiers soins" or "Premiers secours" (First aid) or "Trousse de premiers secours" (First aid kit).

    Sorry for the delayed response. The forum has been kind of dormant these last few years.
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