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FUTURE STAR WARS TRILOGY (Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride!)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by CeePee93, Apr 14, 2021.

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  1. CeePee93

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    Apr 13, 2021
    Okay, so first of all. I was very underwhelmed by the sequel trilogy.
    I thought the characters were underdeveloped and the antagonists were trash, Kylo Ren was weak as hell.
    Rey was cheesy and they messed up Luke Skywaker and Anakin Skywalkers legacy, big time.
    In my triolgy, I would make Rey a likable and respectable character, while also bringing through a new generation of Jedi and Sith.

    My Idea For Future Trilogy
    1. I would set my trilogy, 30 years after the last film.
    2. Rey Skywalker is around 55 and lives in relative peace on Tatooine. She is the leader of a small school of Jedi and has a daughter, Steph Skywalker, who is also one of her students.
    3. In the 30 years since he last film, their has been peace and no serious threat since Darth Sidious was defeated. Despite peace being restored in the galaxy, Rey created a new Jedi Order across the order, just in case trouble arose again and discipline for the younger generation.
    4. The main antagonists of the new trilogy would be... twins. A girl and a boy, Prince/Darth Talvo and Princess/Darth Prenna. Their parents are very respectable Jedi Masters and also King and Queen of their kingdom/planet. Prince Talvo and Princess Prenna are also Jedi Captains and have been training for battle and on multiple missions together, for years. Developing respectable skill and a fearsome reputation together, their parents are proud of them.

    Too cut a long story short, the Twins turn on their parents at the start of the film, revealing their red lightsabres *bshhhm*. The parents shocked at not seeing such an enemy for a long time and their own children who they raised to take over their kingdom. After a respectable battle between the parents and the siblings, the siblings kill their parents and take over their kingdon. It is revealed they were corrupted by an ancient sith master (possibly an artifact and somehow), on one of their missions. Their master has ordered them to create "The New Sith Empire".
    Goal 1: Obtain the best warriors in the galaxy
    Goal 2: Obtain the resources needed to rule the galaxy (ships, weaponary etc).
    Goal 3: Kill all remaining Jedi Masters (there isn't a huge amount, but still a decent number)
    Goal 4: Kill the head of the new Jedi, Rey Skywalker.

    After revealing their parents have been killed to their kingdom and their future plans, they keep their kingdom in a police state. "Join us.. or die".
    The twins had planned their attack for some time and had some help from a few local residents or warriors they found prior.
    Anyway, one of the King and Queens most trusted guards, Dal Feeko and few other loyal jedi/warriors, plan an escape for some of their people/children and to warn Rey off the siblings plan.

    The one night they put their plan into action, with one ship waiting for them. After bravely rescuing some locals, most of the warriors bravely sacrifice themselfs, Dal Feeko (tall and muscular), makes a jump *slow motion* for the ship. He gets wounded by a laser gun, but lands on the ship and the ship quickly escapes. They head to Rey, to alert her of the news.

    On Tattooine, its mainly about the Jedi Academy. Liam is going to be one of our main protagonists, he is the son of Finn. He is one of the Jedi Captains and is very arrogant and cocky. A good warrior, but thinks his better than he is and is abit of an *******.
    Our other protaginst will be Steph Skywalker, the shy and reserved daughter of Rey. She is also a member of the academy, but not as skilled as Liam or her mom. I might throw in the fact that she lost her brother from natural illnesses, when he was just a boy (something different, maybe for the Skywalkers).
    Liam and Steph have their own circle of friends and don't see eye to eye at all. Liam is apart of the cool group, while Steph, the not so cool. Liam will also compensate for his dad's, not so brilliant lightsabre skills. I might have Rose, as his mom, not sure yet. Did she die when he was young, is she still alive? Anyway, its a small peaceful community, maybe no more than 50-100 and thats what Rey wanted, after all the drama when she had when she was younger. Good idea alert, the son that she lost from illness, could of been Ben Skywalker, named after Kylo Ren who died. Genius, I know lol. Oj, just an idea. Who is Steph's dad? Another question.

    Anyway, their peace is about to get ended in a really bad way. Its more fun and exiting below, keep reading if you have the patience.

    After taking over their kingdom, Prince Talvo and Prince Prenna are given their sith names by their master, Darth Talvo and Darth Prenna. Darth Prenna more quiet, but very very dangerous and Darth Talvo is just as dangerous, but more vocal and arrogant. If I could describe them, Darth Talvo would have blonde hair, like a dragonball z character, not muscular or overally tall, just super skilled and evil. Darth Prenna with long dark hair and about the same height. Their will probably be some cool scenes when their in sith mode with masks on (like Kylo Ren, but alot better) and some scenes without.

    I know there has been something similar in the canon, where Darth Vader had a group of bounty hunter working for him, but I want the sibling generation of sith to have some powerful sith allies.
    I want their to be atleast 4-5 main sith lieutenants, working for Talvo and Prenna.
    Darth Borga (A Tall and Muscular sith lieutentant, beast).
    Darth Veltrex (A Small but agile sith lieutentnat, hold a double ended lightsaber, like Darth Maul. Looks alot like the Predator, the alien).
    Darth Anorah (a sadistic and fierce sith lieutant, similar to Prenna but not as skilled. although, very respectable).

    I don't know where they will be recruited, but I want these three and the two siblings as the five key warriros, of the N.S.E. Their will also be polticians involved and of course their master, but these will be the main five and they might even have a name.
    They will all be standing together, by the end of the first film.

    Soo, I will give you some cool scenes which I thought you'd might enjoy and could happen, below.

    1. The N.S.E locate the hidden location of the Jedi Masters (not including Rey and her students) and slaughter them all.
    In the one scene, Darth Talvo and his lietenants approach three (possibly remaining) Jedi Masters. Darth Talvo tells his lieutenants to stand down, as he wants to fight them on his own. Too cut a long story short, Talvo does get wounded, but only minorly, as he impressively slays the three of them.
    2. The N.S.E locate a key mothership in the galaxy, where all the ships and weaponary is found. Some ships manage to escape, but most of the equipment is compromised and obtained. Darth Prenna was mainly in control of this mission, as her brother taken care of the Jedi Masters.
    3. The N.S.E locate their three new lieutentants: Darth Borga, Darth Veltrex, Darth Anorax.
    4. A ship lands on Tattooine, Rey weary goes to investigate. Its Dal Feeko and a few warriors and students. They tend to his wound and he tells her off the horror that is to come. He gets his shoulder wound tended too and survives, becomes a loyal ally to Rey and her students throughout the franchise.
    5. Towards the end of the first film, theres a scene where a Rey and her students are trapped and powerless on Tattooine (might be another planet) and they see a couple ally jets in the distance coming towards them. They celebrate together in joy, until they see LOADS more Sith ships appear right behind and on top of them, dropping all of their smiles in a cold instance. Some Jedi ships sacrifice themselfs and crash into the Sith ships, to give Rey and her students a small chance of survival.
    6. BIG REVEAL The main sith ship approaches Rey and her students (who are running) on Tattooine and lands in front of them *the door drops down*. The two siblings (with their masks on) get off first and their master *after a pause* slowly steps off the ship behind them. He takes off his hoodie and is revealed to be.... MACE WINDU. He is blind in one eye, has a scarred face and a robotic arm.. he somehow survived the attack by Anakin and Sidious (don't know how yet) and has turned to the dark side. He targeted Darth Talvo and Darth Prenna after secretly watching them on their missions and being impressed by them. He also knew their kingdom had value and could be a key part of creating the N.S.E.
    "Rey Skywalker.. I've heard alot of things, about you" etc.
    6. Finn is going to be killed in front of Liam at the end of the first film. I was thinking somebody you werent expecting, like the tricky Darth Veltrex or could even be Darth Talvo, one of them too anyway. Maybe their fighting together and Liam does something to impress Fin and he's like "Niceeee son. Well done" and then gets killed (which is cliche) or he could just die realisticly and respectively, in battle.
    7. BIG SCENE Liam and Steph kill Darth Borga in a very impressive double move, at the end of the F1. Both of them are shocked by their first big kill (a sith lieutentant) and after some hostility towards each other, signal the beginning of a friendship.

    Liam bravely and angrily starts lashing out the Sith, but Rey has to pull him back onto the ship, before he gets himself killed. After a bloody and horrible battle, Rey and her small group of students, jump on the ship and evacuate. Multiple sacrifices and innocent people/species killed, family and friends.
    The group of Sith hauntingly watch and let them go. They are very much in control at this point, the N.S.E is live and in full affect. Mace enjoyed watching the anger and rage of his secret, Grandson Liam.

    Unable to go back to Tattooine and outnumbered by the N.S.E, Rey and her students are forced to lay low across the galaxy and slowly find any remaining Jedi. They slowly rebuild and train new students, as they hide from the N.S.E. Some planets are hostile and don't want to help and some are willing to help and join them.
    The N.S.E track them down at the end of the film, on a different planet, a deserty mountain kind of vibe.
    8. Epic Battle No1: Rey, Liam and Steph vs Mace Windu, Darth Talvo and Darth Prenna. After an impressive fight between the six, it gets seperated into two fights. Rey and Mace and Liam and Steph vs Talvo and Prenna.
    In the first fight between Rey and Mace, its a very good and close fight. They trash talk each other etc and Rey has a force flasback of what her grandfather Sidious did to Mace, all them years ago. She unleashes force lighting at a shocked Mace, who fights to deflect it. Shocked, but angry "NOT.. THIS..TIME.." After the lightning breaks, Rey slices his throat. He then drops his sabor and grabs his throat, *choking sound*. She then force pulls him forward and stabs him through the stomach, before force throwing him off the cliff/mountain.
    9. Epic Battle No2: Meanwhile Steph and Liam are fighting Darth Talvo and Darth Prenna in a room/hallway. Steph wasn't the best at the start of the franchise, but is slowly getting better and respectable, she'd had too. Liam is a decent warrior, former captain of the Jedi etc.. but the twins are on a different level. After a decent but short fight, Steph gets her arm chopped off (not sure by who) and Liam is critically injured (striked in the chest and face) in a double team move. The twins are about the kill them, until Rey shows up and force throws the two of them out the door/buiding and seals it shut with the force.
    10. Epic Battle No3: Rey stares down the fearsome siblings, as they circle her. The Jedi master and the siblings have a really good fight. During the battle, Rey manages to cut off Darth Talvo's leg (who screams out) and is about to land a fatal blow to kill him. Darth Prenna just deflects the lightsaber and saves her brother. After a long and brutal fight between the two girls, Darth Prenna lands a fatal blow to Rey's stomach and the Jedi Master drops to her knees, with tears in her eyes. She says nothing as Darth Prenna approaches her and beheads her.

    Darth Prenna tends to her injured brother, before turning her attention to Liam and Steph. Who she see's in the distance, being carried by friends onto a ship, both unconsious. She quickly runs for the ship, but they just about get out of there.

    Liam and Steph mourn Rey, as they recover from their injuries. The two siblings are in complete control of the N.S.E, but they can't rest until Steph and Liam are dead, to prevent a revival of the Jedi Order.

    Liam is confused by the conservation with his grandfather Mace Windu (who he revealed himself to, during the battle between the six), he even looks abit like him now. After being scarred and being blinded in one eye, Steph has a prosthetic arm and Talvo has a prosthetic leg.

    Liam and Steph have slowly built a new decent Jedi Order and their goal is put an end to N.S.E. After their master Mace Windu is dead, they start to target the siblings lieutentants.

    11. Steph kills Darth Anorah. Her first big kill on her own and one of the main Sith Lieutentants throughtout the film.

    12. Liam and Dal Feeko encounter Darth Valtrex in a cave. Darth Valtrex is the sith who killed Finn and is the siblings, main lieutenant. After a close fight between the three, Liam becomes separated from Dal Feeko. Dal Feeko and Darth Valtrex have a good fight, until the big loyal and likable warrior, is critically wounded and killed. Liam angry that his friend and father has been killed by this sith warrior, fight him angrily and passionately. After a close and tough battle, Liam finally manages to kill Darth Valtrex, by striking him and beheading him, in a quick motion.

    13. Liam and Steph target the last two remaining members of N.S.E, Darth Talvo and Darth Prenna. Too cut a long story, the four battle each other again and Steph gets her leg cut and Liam gets overpowed. Just as they are about to kill the pair, Darth Prenna stops her brother by blocking his lightsabre. "Sister.. What are you doing?" "I'm tired of all this conflict, Talvo.. look what we've done?" Darth Prenna starts to turn good, possibly after some advice from Liam and Steph".

    14. The two siblings start to fight each other, as Liam and Steph watch injured and stunned. After a very entertaining battle and fight between the two, Darth Prenna actually defeats Darth Talvo by wounding him. She hesistates to kill her brother, who she's been close too all her life and spares him. Talvo emotionally revealed that she was always the most skilled sibling and he wanted to be like her. As she turns away to join Liam and Steph, Talvo (cliche) tries to kill his sister with his lightsaber. She deflects it, but doesn't see the second attack and is critically injured.

    15. The Last Battle: Darth Talvo angry with nothing to lose, throws an angry attack at Liam and Steph. A good battle between the two, Talvo starts to win, until Prenna in her last breaths on the floor, force throws Steph her moms sacred gold lightsabere to her, which she kept after killing her as a souveneer (the last jedi masters saber). Liam and Steph overcome an injured Darth Talvo and kill him with a very impressive double team move, ending the N.S.E. The two emotionally run over to Darth Prenna to thank her, but she's already dead.

    Conclusion: Liam and Steph emotionally hug and break down, after finally putting an end to a horrible war. Both of them have lost friends, both of them have evil ancesters (Mace Windu and Darth Sidius) and both of them love each other. The evil prince and princess were good Jedi and trained their whole lifes to be good Jedi, but were unfortunately corrupted by Mace Windu and the dark side.

    Peace has been restored to the galaxy once more. Different people and species thank Liam and Steph, for saving them and their planets. Liam and Steph become a couple and Jedi Masters. The new rules, recruitment and protection has been put in place, to ensure a sith invasion never happens again. The End

    I hope you enjoyed my ideas for a future Star Wars Trilogy. It will probably never happen, but its certainly been fun to imagine if it did. Even if they make a future trilogy and it has none of my ideas, I'm okay as long as its a lot better than the previous trilogy. Something adult and mature, like the Old Republic.. not no kids business, like disney.

    Another thing, it woudn't just be violence all the way through the franchise. They'd be other aspects such as drama, character building, sub plots, politics, romance, friendships, sport etc.

    If you would like to add your advice and tips, I'd happily take it board. Maybe we could contribute a proper, future star wars trilogy in the future and show disney how its done.
    Note 1: We said we didn't know how Mace Windu survived before F1, I was thinking he was possibly saved by Darth Plaguius, who himself also survived Sidious onslaughter. I'm not sure though, he survived somehow, anyway.
    Note 2: Maybe we could get more of a backstory into who Rey's parents was.
    Note 3: Poe Dameron would be in there somewhere, especially F1. I was thinking Liam's sister is also in the film, working for Poe on one his jets.
    Note 4: Even though Liam didn't turn to the dark side in the trilogy, he has Mace Windu's blood in him and now looks like him (scarred face). Maybe in another future trilogy, he could turn to the dark side. Their could be some divide between Steph and Liam. Maybe they have two children and they take sides, one parent and child for light side, one parent and child for dark side. Maybe even the parents just go rogue and the kids have to stop them, you just don't know.. but considering both parents ancestors.. they both have the potential to become evil.

    Thank you for reading.
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