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Story Gamiel's Marvel Drabbels

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Gamiel, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
  2. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
    A scene taking place in the Marvel multiverse on an alternative Earth. I will maybe expand on it in the future.


    The story so far: When
    Danni Rand was 9 she lost her parents in the Himalayas while she survived thanks to being taken in by the people of Kingdom of Spiders. From there she left 10 years later after having been reborn from a spider’s womb.

    Returning to USA to retake what her parents left her; Danni has to fight for the right for her part of the company her father created. Then she has to fight the evil forces that has infiltrated the company and used it as a front.

    Her martial art is one of horrors inconceivable to mortal men. She was born Daniela Rand. She has since changed.

    Bride of Nine Spiders, the Living Weapon!

    Colleen looked sleepy-eyed at her phone; the time was 03:54 a.m. What was it that had awoken her at this godforsaken hour? Then the door bell rung again and she know.

    Groaning she got up from her sofabed, gave herself a moment to steady herself before going and knocking on her roommates’ bedroom door.

    “Whasup”, slurred Misty as she opened the door, a bit too fast to have been asleep when Collen knocked.

    “Somebody at the door.”

    “Ehe, so that what it was. I’ll grab my gun.”

    The building had become much safer after Danny had brought it and installed now doors allover but that did not mean that they would not take precautions if somebody come calling in the middle of the night.

    With the now armed (if missing her bionic right arm) Misty at her side, Collen looked through the peephole.

    “It’s Danni.”

    “Don’t she know what hour it is?”

    “No idea but she is doing her lost puppy thing.”

    “Groan, I hate when she do that. Oh, well lets open.”

    The two roommates had seen Danni, laughing in cold merriment as she jumped into hordes of enemies or faced inhuman threats, and walk away from those battles victorious. Daniela Rand was the Bride of Nine Spiders, a Living Weapon capable of destroying men as easily mentally as physically. Her heart pumped the coldest blood imaginable and horrors inconceivable to mortal men.

    They both know this but somehow Danni could look so awkward and lost when not into combat or threatening someone.

    “Do you know what time it’s”, asked Misty, in that intense voice you have when you are trying to shout and whisper at the same time, as Collen opened the door, “and stop making me feel sorry for you. You’re a rich white gal who’s actually doing the ‘mighty whitey’ thing. I shouldn’t feel sorry for you.”

    Danni blinked, made an ‘oh’ face and said “Sorry, was not thinking”, while somehow looking even more awkward and lost.

    How does she do it, wondered Misty, “So your normal state of mind then.”

    “Sorry, but… well. Things have happened and I need to speak to somebody and… Jessica can you come here?”

    A young woman steeped into the view from the doorframe, she seemed to be in her mid- too upper-twenties, good-looking and had that kind of face that made it possible to play part-Asian, Latino, Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean and nobody would complain. She was dressed in some kind of tight, green jumpsuit, partly covered by a damaged, blue-grey hoody with a stylized spider on.

    “Girls, this Jessica Drew. She’s… a spider warrior like me. She’s in need of a place to stay… and I was thinking that my apartment might not be the best.”

    Collen groaned, “I’ll make some tea. New-girl, any preferences?”
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  3. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    I know the basics about Iron Fist and not much more, I'm afraid - but I like your alternate universe here, with the ladies taking in Jessica. I am definitely intrigued by this opening, and can't wait to see more on this vein - or, any more of your drabbles. [face_thinking] :) =D=
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  4. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
    A scene taking place in the Marvel multiverse on an alternative Earth. I will maybe expand on it in the future.

    This have previously been posted in the [Multi-Fandom] Gamiel's Drabbles thread but I have decided to repost the Marvel drabbles I have posted there here.


    Crule's challenge

    He is called Crule. Crule the Slayer. Crule the Wanderer. Crule Lord of Carnage. Crule the Beginning of the Blood River. He is an External, a kind of mutant with practical-immortality as one of their powers, in Crule’s case he also has superhuman physical abilities, claws and purple tinted skin. His earliest memories involve fighting against people with stone weapons, in a land that was eaten by the desert long ago, and he has spent his long existence going from one battle to another, always looking for a new kill, a new challenge. And that’s why he had walked into Wakanda and continued toward it’s heart, because he wanted a challenge and the priest-king of Wakande, the Black Panther, have always been good sport. That’s why he had challenged and killed three of the earlier carriers of the title; the last time was sometime after he had killed on both sides of U.S.A.’s Civil War.

    As of yet, had had not been able to get to the current priest-king, instead warriors and guards from different tribes and societies had stood in his way. They had developed new weapons and defences since last time he was here but in the end they all fell to quickly to truly entertain him.

    He screamed out a challenge: “Black Panther! Come and face me! Or watch more of your subjects blood paint my skin!”

    His answer was not the appearance of the Black Panther but a sudden pullback of the forces that had been coming toward him and a shaking of the ground. At the end of the now empty street a herd of rhinos was running toward him, with armed riders on their back.

    Crule smiled, now this might actually entertain him.
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  5. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
    Thanks, my main inspiration was the Iron Fist TV-series (and some of my problems with it), the classic Iron Fist comics (the intro is a variation of the intro the comics had on the first page), and The Immortal Iron Fist saga.
    Thanks :D
  6. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
    Tales of the Spider-'verse: A child left behind
    Part 1

    After a dangerous family of interdimensional vampires started hunting spider-totems, Spider-Men, -Women and Others from across the multiverse banded together for their own survival. In the end they were victorious but at a high cost, many of them had fallen during the conflict and many worlds now lacked some, if not all of their spider-totems. This is a story from one of those worlds…

    London, England, United Kingdoms, Earth-774

    Somebody was following Sarah Stacy, somebody good. She had been doing all that they do in the comics, on the telly and in the books but they were still following her. She would not have known she was followed if it was not for her sixth sense constantly telling her.

    Well, lets see how you do against this.

    She quickly ran into the alley and then jumped toward one of the walls, bounced from it and then repeated the process against the other wall. It took her four bounces to get to the roof. After landing on the roof (in a way that she admitted to herself could have gone better) Sarah looked down, she wanted to see her shadow’s reaction when s/he entered the ally.

    “Impressive”, said a voice a bit above her. Sarah jumped backward and found herself slipping on the wet roof, which lead to her landing on her rear.

    “Less impressive.”

    “Hey, it ain’t my fault I can’t get good shoes, bastard”, retorted Sarah toward the person hovering in the air. Now she got a good look at the flyer, it was one of the Scarlet Knights, RAF’s own superhero-squad. “An’ why’re you following me? You stalker!”

    The Scarlet Knight did not seem impressed by Sarah’s falls bravado.

    “Actually, I’m just one of a team that has been trying to keep up with you Miss Stacy. You have done a surprisingly good job for somebody your age.”

    “Great, so there’s more of you creeps. An’ what do you an’ you’re U.N.I.T. friends what with me.” Unlike her angry outside Sarah’s inner monologue went something like: Please don’t kidnap me. Please don’t experiment on me. Please don’t just make me disappear. Please don’t brainwash me and turn me into a weapon. Please don’t turn my life into a ‘The Prisoner’-rerun

    “To be able to tell you that we, that’s MI-13, know about you and your abilities and we want to talk to you about it. Here“, the Knight, who had lowered herself to just be hovering above the shingles, produced a card, “call the number on this card and we can discuss a time and place for a proper meeting. The reason we did not come to you directly is because we know that many people don’t want their neighbourhood or even loved ones to know that they have powers. If you don’t want to you don’t need to tell your parents about this, at least for the first meeting. You can come alone and just discuss what you want to do with your abilities. If you want to keep them hidden and continue your normal everyday life, you can. But come and listen to the other possibilities before deciding. With that said, I bid you a good day.” The Knight made a moment, something between a wave and a salute, before moving upward in the sky and then gained speed as flow north.


    “That you Sarah”, called aunt Nancy from the kitchen.

    “Yea, it’s me”, Sarah kicked of her shoes,

    “Allright, have you been out with your friends?”

    “Something like that”, hang up her jacket and moved toward the stairs, “I’m going to my room, call me when it’s dinner.”

    “Okay. I hope you didn’t eat anything while out, I’ve three pies in the oven and one more to go for after dinner.”

    Sarah stopped at the top of the stair to shout down, “Sounds good. An’ na, I’ven’t eaten anything,” and then went to her room and throw herself unto the bed and put on the radio. For at last three songs she just lay there, before fishing put the card from her pocket. For some time she just looked at it before reaching for the phone on her bedside table.


    Authors note: as mentioned at the beginning of this story so is it supposed to take place in 1980's England, if people see things that don't fit with that (like Americanisms) just tell me.

    Also I work with the premise that many of the alternative realities visited in What if... comics are not exactly the same as the standard Marvel Earth one (a.k.a. Earth-616) up to the "what if point", so that's how I can have the Scarlet Knights appear in 1987 for example, and some other notable differences from Earth-616 in later chapters.
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  7. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
    Tales of the Spider-'verse
    A Marvel fanfic

    (This have previously been posted in the [Multi-Fandom] Gamiel's Drabbles thread)

    After a dangerous family of interdimensional vampires startedhunting spiders, Spider-Men, -Women and Others from across the multiverse banded together for their own survival. Many fell in the conflict, and now a small team of those who survived use their powers to shoulder the responsibility of the fallen as the WEB-WARRIORS

    Part 1

    Salem Center, Westchester County, New York, USA, Earth-93070
    The first rule of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters’ basketball was: no powers (or at least don’t get caught using them); the second rule was: be on the team with Sam.

    Samuel ‘Sam’ Guthrie may not be the most coordinated of them but he made it up by being the tallest and having the longest reach. That meant that any team with him on was the most likely to win.

    Right now that teams was Blue (Xi'an, Sam, Kitty, Rahne, Tabby), which meant that Red (Dani, Bobby, Amara, Doug, Rusty) had to work harder. The referees was Chance and Taki.
    They were fifteen minutes in and Blue team was leading when Xi’an missed a pass and the ball bounce out of the court, as the New Mutants stopped what they were doing as the ball was no longer in play the realised that a somebody was walking down the road toward the main building.

    “Who’s that”, wondered Sam.
    “Don’t know.”
    “Don’t recognise her.”
    “No idea, but she looks hot.”
    “Xi'an”, said Tabby, “You go and talk to her.”
    “Why me?”
    “You are the oldest, duh.”

    Since she could not find any argument against that, Xi’an found herself walking toward the stranger. She seemed to be around Xi’an’s age, good-looking in the gymnastic way, had a rather big fluffy hairdo and was dressed a bit strange for Xi’an but nothing that really stood out.

    “Hello, I’m Xi'an Coy Manh, one of the students here. Can I help you?”
    “Yea, you can”, New York accent thought Xi'an as she tried to remember if they know of anybody fitting the person in front of her, “I want to talk to the teachers”, as she said the last the stranger raised her arm to show her hand, which suddenly turned black with blue patterns and her fingers now ended in claws.


    April Parker recognised most of the people that were in the office with her, even if they all were different from her own world’s versions. The one she know from the news was Ororo Munroe (her world’s UN environment ambassador), Lilandra (looking strange in human clothing instead of the garbs of the Shi’ar Empress) and Kurt Wagner (in his first uniform instead of the Euro-Force one she was used to); Charles Xavier, Peter Rasputin and Anna-Marie Rankin she only know from photos and stories. Of the two people she did not recognize so was one best described as a green tree-woman, who had shown herself able to stretch her limbs; the other one was a lanky and vigorous woman with a scared face and a patch over her right eye. The tree-woman was seemingly naked while the one-eye one was dressed rather punk-ish.

    For what felt like the near infinite time she went over her head on how to best describe her situation and for the near infinite time she could not come up with a good way to do it. It was not like they would believe her if she just stated that she was the clone of Spider-Man’s daughter from an alternative reality here to explain what had happened to their worlds Spider-Man.

    “I would believe you”, suddenly said Professor Xavier.
    “You read my mind”, said April, it was more an accusation then a question.
    “Yes, but in your case I would have been hard pressed not to, since you were nearly screaming out your thoughts.”
    “That’s good and all Prof”, said the punk woman, “but what’s it that you would believe?”
    “Our guest here is from another universe. Similar to ours in many ways but a bit farther into the future then ours. She’s the daughter of her world’s Spider-Man, here to talk to our Spider-Man’s family, explaining who it was that killed him and why.”
    “But why then come to us”, wondered Peter Rasputin.
    “Because all the other places would most likely have ignored me, called me mad or similar”, snapped April.
    “So you come to us”, said Xavier, “where you hoped a telepath would be able to see the truth you spook.”
    “Or have one of your tech-guys scan off my outer reality energy, but you already know that Professor.”
    Xavier smiled, “Yes, I do.”
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  8. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
    Tales of the Spider-'verse
    A Marvel fanfic

    (This have previously been posted in the [Multi-Fandom] Gamiel's Drabbles thread)

    Part 2


    After one of the Inheritors had fought and feed on this world’s Spider-Man, his corps had been left on the street. This had led to somebody of the first responders finding out about who he was behind the mask and then told the papers. To prevent attacks from his enemies or paparazzi, the family and friends to Spider-Man, now know to the world as Peter Parker, had been taken in by the Fantastic Four.

    That’s why April was standing at Xavier’s back lawn, awaiting transport to Baxter Building.

    “There, I see the Fantasticar”, come from Danny who was now pointing up into the sky, and there it was. The bathtub shaped vehicle quick approached and turned from a just a recognisable shape into the fully visible Fantasticar with Johnny Storm behind the steering wheel.

    As it went down for landing April heard the students behind her whisper about their guest. She realised that she had forgotten how big a thing FF was, and for the student body – who had never been meet them, unlike her – this was not just meeting a big name star but also somebody that was being what many of them was hoping to do in their future, a fulltime superhero/adventurer. When Johnny Storm jumped out of Fantasticar to talk to the approaching Professor X and Ororo she also realised another reason for the whispering (at least among the girls): hubba-habba was Johnny Storm hot when he was young, and she was not meaning his powers.

    After a short talk with Professor X and Ororo, Johnny Storm turned to the students, “I’ve been told that you all really wanted to meet me and get a chance to talk to me. Sadly I don’t have the time to flare you all with my burning hot looks”, he turned his powers on for a second and after the laughter of the student body had quieted down continued, “but Prof and I have decided to have me over in the near future and give you a lecture and answer all your questions”, with the sounds of approval coming from the student body he turned to April and said with a juvenal smile, “Ms Parker, my sky-chariot is yours, we leave by your command.”
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  9. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Tales of the Spider-'verse
    A Marvel fanfic

    (This have previously been posted in the [Multi-Fandom] Gamiel's Drabbles thread)

    Part 3


    “So”, begun Johnny Storm, his voice a bit high to overpower the sound of the air rushing around them as they travelled toward Baxter Building, “you are from a different reality. Do I exist there and am I as marvellous as here?”

    “Yea, you exist in my world but you are old and bald.”

    Johnny paled for a second, his face in shock.

    April smiled, “Kidding, you still got your hair, even if you have another haircut.”

    “Oh you! You truly are related to the Webhead”, his smile turned into something more ambivalent.

    “You miss him?”

    “Yes, he was my best friend. I should have been there to help him, to stop that monster.”

    “I’m sorry but there was nothing you could have done. We know of at least one world where members of the Inheritors killed all of the Fantastic Five on their quest for Spider-totems.”

    They both where silent for a while until Johnny broke the ice again “You said the Fantastic Five, not the Fantastic Four. Who had joined us?”

    “In that reality, Spider-Man. In my reality FF’s made up by you, who’s now the leader, your wife there, no I ain’t telling you who, Ben, Franklin and Ben’s son.”

    “And I guess you ain’t telling what happened to Sue and Reed?”

    “You guessed right. Can you tell me a bit about your Peter’s family and friends in Baxter building?”

    “We-ell, there is his aunt May, poor woman she is taking this hard, she found out Peter was Spider-Man when journalist barged in on her, wanting an interview. Then there is his girlfriend Gloria.”


    “You don’t know? Gloria Grant, they meet while living in the same building.”

    “Don’t think I have heard about her.”

    “Huh, I guess that’s one of the ways our worlds are different. Well beside those two, we have taken in Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson, they were Peters closest civilian friends. And their girlfriends Liz Allan and Sha Shan Nguyen, who also know him. Then there is Mary-Jane Watson, an old school-mate of Peter and colleague of Gloria. Do you know of them?”

    “Most of them.”

    "Okay, well no more time for chitchat. Here we are: the Baxter Building."
  10. Gamiel

    Gamiel Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 16, 2012
    Tales of the Spider-'verse
    A Marvel fanfic

    (This part has not been previously posted anywhere, it's brand new :) )

    Part 4


    “Are you ready for this”, asked Johnny as they took the elevator down from the roof. April had been getting more and more tense since they landed.

    “No, not really, this’ the first time I’m doing this and I’m terrified that I’ll not be up to it or ruining it by cracking some bad joke.”

    “Why don’t you crack a joke now then, to ease the tension, and stop you from doing it later.”

    “I can’t. There’s no joke I can think of.”

    “Hum… So Ben tried a new suit today, he asked if I thought it fit him. What do you think I said?”

    “No idea.”

    “I told him that he was rocking it.”

    The pun was bad but it was like a floodgate had busted open, April begun to laugh and could not stop. She was still laughing when the elevator stopped and it took three attempts for her to calm down.

    “Thanks, I needed that. A least now I’m not hoping for a sudden ninja attack to save me from this.”

    “Good to hear, they are all waiting for us in the living area.”

    “Okay, give me second.”

    Jonny looked a bit surprised as all of April’s clothing, beside her jacket, disappeared into her body and a dark-blue and black variant of the Spider-Man suit (minus the mask) appeared instead.

    “Whoa, how did you do that?”

    “Short version is that I have had alien DNA spliced into me, giving me some extra powers.”

    “Aha, Reed would probably love to put you under the loupe but that have to wait. Now then let me show you the way.”


    April recognised most of the people that were waiting for them as they entered FF’s living area. Her own mom, Coash Thompson, Normie’s parents, (all so young), her own great aunt May (looking much more haggard and week then in any of the family photos) and Fantastic Four’s own Sue, Reed and Ben (once again: so young). Then there was two unfamiliar women: one was of East-Asian descent with long hair, dressed in ratter simple clothing, April guessed that she was Sha Shan Nguyen, which made the other Gloria Grant: Gloria was African-American, good-looking and, like this world’s version of her mother, dressed to look good and fashionable (Johnny had said that they was colleges so she was possibly a model).

    There was a round of introductions by name and their relationship to Peter (even if April know most of them) followed by April’s turn to introducing herself:

    “My name is April Parker, I’m the daughter of my realities Peter, I will not tell you my mother since that can lead to awkwardness. I’m the Spider-Girl of my reality. I’m here to tell you who attacked your Peter and why they are no longer a threat.”

    She told them about the Inheritors; why the hunted and killed spider-totems; how they had been able to travel between realities; how a coalition of spider-totems from all over the multiverse had joined together to stop them; she told them how they had struggled, lost valiant comrades but in the end arrived victories, without compromising their principles.

    “And that’s what happened. Now you know what it was that killed your Peter, that they have been brought to justice and that they will never threaten anybody again”, April paused uncertain what to say now, “Any questions?”

    Irk, was that the best you could come up with girl, she mentally asked herself.
  11. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    a short fic inspired by pictures like the one below from the Spider-Verse comics. If anybody want to see/know more about any of the characters just tell me and I may write something. Since I like using obscure characters (and realise that even well-known characters are not always as well-known as you think) so are there lots of links to people who want to know more



    Glimpse of the spider-verse
    From his place in the middle of the Web of Life and Destiny, Karn – the Master Weaver – worked, locating week or broken strands and spinning new ones and, when needed, sending Web-Warriors to stop threats against the Web or to worlds deprived of their spider totems . As he was working Karn caught glimpses of other worlds…

    On Earth-523004 – where there is peace in the Middle East – the Braddock family lunch gets broken up by each of the siblings giving bad excuses to each other on why they have to suddenly leave. The real reason was the telly on the wall had shown Mangog breaking down the wall of the National Bank and each sibling now needed to find somewhere where they could change into their superhero alter ego.
    In an empty ally James Braddock will forth the uniform of Captain Brittan and fly into the sky.
    On the roof Billy Braddock striped out of his normal clothing to revel under them the costume of Spider-Man.
    With her siblings out of the way Betsy Braddock used her psychic powers to make the people on the street ignore her as her seemingly normal motorcycle gear changed colour into purple and pink, just as they ignored her putting on a butterfly-mask before straddling her now purple-n’-pink motorcycle as Psylock.

    On Earth-1955 – which is still in the 1950’s – the surviving members of Spider-Heroes of All Nations gather before the UN building together with people from all over the world to give a farewell to the spider heroes lost to the Inheritors.

    On Earth-10919 – where you need a government license to be a superhero – 15 year old Cindy Moon, who had planned for a great Saturday now when whatever had made her sick after that visit to WebCorps was over, find herself in near panic after suddenly shooting web from her fingertips.

    On Earth-772 – still mourning the death of all four male members of the Fantastic Five – Julia Carpenter awakes after having been knocked unconscious by the touch of Fabian Cortez ability to overcharge other meta-human’s powers. Her fellow X-Men tries to come up with the best way to tell her that Cortez’s boost left her with six arms, and they don’t seems to go away anytime soon.

    On Earth-774 – one of the Earths where S.H.I.E.L.D. is an international UN founded organisation – Jessica Drew, a.k.a. the superhero and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Spider-Woman, can’t believe her ears when Ophelia Sarkissian – the internationally wanted Madam Hydra, one of the heads of HYDRA – ravel the reason to why she has turned herself over to S.H.I.E.L.D.
    It is because she find herself unable to continue fighting Jessica, to continue to order her death. And the reason to why she can’t, is that they are mother and daughter.

    On Earth-31917 – one of the S-class Earths Nell Ruggles can’t stop from smiling when she realises that the only others in the girl’s bathroom are Chloe and her clique. Her worst #@*+ing tormentor’s in the #&@$ing school. The smile turns into a grin as she begins to throw her slimy web at them, sticking them to the wall and, after the first screams, silencing them. She was going to #@$%ing enjoy #@$%ing them up.

    On Earth-650 – where Namorita Prentiss is the Governor of Hawaii – Stefanya Melnikova, a.k.a. Stacy Matheson a.k.a. the Schwarze Witwe a.k.a. lots of other stuff, tries to enjoy the afterglow of her lovemaking with Geyr Kluge but can’t. Instead she does her best to fake it for his sake while inward cursing the Soviet scientists that gave her her powers and with them a crewing to eat the men she had sex with.

    On Earth-55 – where the great god-totem of Wakanda is not the Black Panther but the Black Spider – Kevin “Kasper” Cole, police detective and the masked vigilant known as Scarlet Spider, finds himself frozen in domestic panic when he realise that the woman his girlfriend Gwen introduced as Cindy, a friend from the Korean-American culture-club, is the mysteries spider woman that has been popping up for two week now to give him cryptic advices.

    On Earth-57289 – where Addison Falk is the field leader of X-Men as Psylock – the Defender know to the world as Dotty Underwood, the Black Widow, (neither which was her real name) finds out that she was not the only child of the Red Room that survived the spider-serum experiment; she was just the only one who escaped. The others are supposedly still cryogenically frozen and hidden away in one of Soviets’ old, hidden science-bases.
    This revelation makes her swear to find the other and free them.

    On Earth-26 – where Reed Richards removed the powers of a big part of the superhuman population – Anya Corazon (one of the few who kept them) really wish that he had not as she did her best to dodged the surikens, arrows and bullets that the red clad Hand ninja horde was trying to kill her with. Of course, she thinks to herself, Richard’s stupid machine did nothing to stop ninjas from having stupid ninja powers while taking away the powers of anyone I know who could help with this!

    On Earth-1996 – the one where the Mighty Ducks are actual (if anthropomorphic) ducks – Jen Walters begun her day by stretching herself out of bed, grabbing the morning paper, quickly making a breakfast out of milk and cornflakes, turn on the radio, hear about a super monster truck creating chaos through the city, hulk-out, grab her spider costume and swing out through the roof window. Just another ordinary morning in the life of the Sensational Spider-Hulk.

    On Earth-95126 – where the Punisher somehow was able to kill of most of USA’s superheroes and ‘villains (and some from other countries also) – new heroes and villains rise: in San Francisco Mr. Negative finds his crime organisation threatened by Blindspot; in Salem Center Amelia Voght, headmaster of Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters, continue to teach it’s students how to use their powers and help humans; in Detroit HYDRA finds out that Avengers have been recreated when the team crashes through the wall of their (supposedly) secret fortress; and in New York, Ezekiel Sims train Anya Corazon and Cindy Moon in the use of their spider powers.
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  12. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Really enjoyed that last piece, which was the only one I read, after my attention was grabbed by the events on Earth-31917, and I followed the Wiki link to see that your encounter in the girls' toilets were based on the comics.

    Earth-650 was intriguing too. Soviet plan presumably was to make her date targets, then have her eat them once her first desire got sated.

    Good work here.
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  13. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Yep, all the "swear worlds" she use is also taken from the comic. I wanted something with Nell and a scene showing her webbing up her tormenters got into my brain. In the comic we only have scene with her monologing to her tormenters after she have webbed them to the wall not her doing it.

    I have not decided her full origin jet but my current idea is that her craving for her partner/s flesh was more of an unexpected side-effect to her being given superpowers by splicing in black widow DNA by the soviet scientists.

    Just realised that I should have had her Black Widow codename in German - Schwarze Witwe - since my idea is that she is living as a superhero/agent in Germany, because I misread her 616 counterpart as living undercover in Germany and I think that some soviet superheroes/agents should have gone some where else then USA or stayed in Russia after USSR's fall

    EDIT: have fixed that now.
    Thanks :)

    I like the short "glimpse" format so I will probably make some more in the future.
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  14. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Part 2 to of my Danni Rand, Bride of Nine Spiders (Iron Fist AU/Web-Warriors) story


    With a cope of tea in front of everybody and leftovers in the middle of the table to take from Misty decided that they had given Danni enough time to collect herself.

    “Okay, Danni, what’s going on. Ain’t like we’re unused to your strange behaviour so sing out.”

    “It’s… complicated. You know about the alternative reality idea?”

    “Yea, who hasn’t in this age.”

    “Good, that makes things easier… alternative realities are not just theories they exist. There also exist people who can travel between those realities. One of those groups is known as the Inheritors. They’re powerful monsters that eat totem energy and they have a taste for spider-totems – that means people like me and Jessica.

    Other spider-totems in other realties found out about Inheritors hunt after us and used ways to gather us from all over the great web of realties before they hunted us down. In our reality they found me and Jessica.

    Together we, the Web-Warriors as we begun to call our army of spider-totems, fought the Inheritors and won. We have just returned from that fight. I don’t know how long we have been gone but for us it has been around two days of intensive running and fighting.”

    The two roommates looked a stunned at Dannie; Misty was the first to find her voice: “That… that’s something. You know, some years ago I would have called anybody telling that story crazy or just spinning a yarn. Now, now I have survived one space invasion, found out that ninjas not only are real but we had to go Ninja Turtles on them to stop them going all Foot-clan on us. And then there’s you with your hidden city and mystical martial art. And why are you smiling?”

    “You made a Ninja Turtles reference. It’s just… it’s something from my youth. And you referred to it.”

    “Dannie we are of the same age”, chimed Colleen in, “Ninja Turtles was big for all of us and there has been at least three adaptations since you were a kid.”

    “There has? I didn’t know that.”

    “We can look it up later; now our home and shoulders are open for you and… Jessica was it, for your need to talk, cry out or something like that. I can’t say that we understand what you have gone thought but we will try our best to help.”

    “Thanks. Thanks a lot.”

    “De nada, you’re allowing us to live rent free here after all. It’s the least we could do.”

    “You own the building”, the question from Jessica was a bit of a surprise since she had not really said much since Dannie had introduced her.

    “Ee, yea. I’m the landlord.”

    “And then some”, added Misty, “So what’s your story Jessica?”

    “I… I have grown up in a special facility. I was radiation poisoned at a young age, to save my life my father had to use some highly experimental treatment developed from spiders,” as Jessica talked an English accent become more obvious, “The treatments took time but they cured me and gave me spider-powers.”

    “That’s something. Why have we not heard about this cure for radiation poisoning before? Sounds like something that would be big, especially if you get superpowers from it.”

    “I don’t fully know… but I overheard that I seems to be a unique case, just the right combination of radiation, human and spider DNA. They had tried to copy it but to what I heard so was they all failures.”

    “Okay, that’s explain it. I guess you’ll contact them tomorrow or something?”

    That led to an awkward silence from the two spiders-women. Jessica was the one who broke it: “That’s… probably not the best of ideas. Those people… the ones that my father did go to for finances and equipment… and was behind the facility I grow up… they weren’t really good people but I did not really realise how bad they were until after the Web-Warriors explained what they actually where.”

    “Sorry, but how can a group of people from other realities know if somebody in ours is bad”, asked Misty, “Isn’t that a classic plot twist that good guys are bad and the bad are good when you get to another reality?”

    Dannie’s answer was short and to the point: “They were HYDRA. The hoody hides it but Jessica is wearing a HYDRA jumpsuit.”

    That lead to another moment of awkward silence, this time it was Colleen who broke it: “What about your parents?”

    “Mom died when I was little and dad died in an accident… two years ago.”

    “Do you have anybody you want to contact”, aske Misty, “or maybe save from HYDRA?”

    “No, not really.”

    “Okay. I take it you ain’t an American citizen?”

    “Not that I know of.”

    “Okay, that complicate things but not that much. Dannie, Jessica, you can sleep here tonight if you want. Tomorrow, take it easy and collect yourself or something but the day after that we need to take Jessica to somebody in the government or something. Both so whatever information you have on HYRDA come to use and so that we can get you somekinda legal reason for you to be here.”

    “What/Wut”, come from the two spiders.

    Misty sighted, “Right now Jessica’s an illegal alien since she didn’t come here through the system. We need to fix that, later, now we need to go back to bed.”