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Discussion in 'Welcome New Users' started by Skiara , Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Skiara

    Skiara ~• RSA FFC •~ star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 5, 2002
    After some months without a glossary, we have it back! :D

    Sadly the old glossary got lost during the big move, but some things got saved beforehand and maybe, one day, one of the forumlogists discovers our lost glossary. Let me know, if you do so. I'd like to add a link in here. :)

    This glossary is devided into two parts: Abbreviations and Explanations. These two parts are forum-specific and only a few common internet phrases can be found inside. So if you are looking for a general term or abbreviation used on the internet, please, visit Urban Dictionary or Net Lingo.

    And now... Enjoy the new glossary! :)

    Edit: For those who enjoy forumology, I've found the link to the last (second) version.
  2. Skiara

    Skiara ~• RSA FFC •~ star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 5, 2002

    : Abbreviation for administrator. Rarely also used for moderators or managers.
    AFAIK: Abbreviation for "As far as I know".
    AHBY: Abbreviation for "All Hail Blue Yoda", a phrase used by members of the Blue Yoda Society
    AIM: Acronym for "AOL Instant Messenger", an instant messaging service used by many JCers. As of December 15th, 2017 AIM will shut down. Fortunately, the release of The Last Jedi on the same day will dull the pain of such loss.
    Amph: Sub-forum of Community where people discuss books, movies, music, tv, and more.
    ANH: Abbreviation for the movie Episode IV: A New Hope.
    AOD: Acronym for Acolytes Of Darkness; a social group of users that belong to the dark side of the force. Namely the Sith. Now defunct and replaced with KOD and TSE
    : Abbreviation for the movie Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
    ASAP: As soon as possible
    atm: At the moment
    ATN: Active Topic Notification
    AU: Abbreviation for "Alternate Universe". This abbreviation is used mostly in the Fan Fiction Forums.

    : Abbreviation for "By the way".
    BBC: Abbreviation for British Broadcasting Corporation.
    BMC: Acronym for Blue Moon Cantina. The official social thread for EUC

    : Acronym for Cloud City Cantina. The official social thread for SWC

    Comms: Communications Forum.
    Convo - Private message, or private conversation
    CR: Chapter Representative
    CT: Classic Trilogy also known as OT (Original Trilogy)
    CW: An abbreviation referring to the Clone Wars animated series, more common TCW (The Clone Wars).

    - Darth Real Life. A term to describe real world commitments.

    E7/E VII:
    Abbreviation for the new movie SW Episode 7
    Ep1, Ep2, Ep3: Commonly used abbreviation for the movies Episode I Episode II and Episode III and so on.
    ESB: See "TESB".
    ETA: Edited To Add
    EU: Expanded Universe
    EUC: Expanded Universe Community

    : Abbreviation for "Frequently Asked Questions". There are three main kinds of FAQs. The main FAQs for this Board can be found HERE, the Q&A thread for the WNU forum can be found HERE while other individual forums have specific based FAQs which you’ll find within many boards (but not all).
    FF: Fan Force
    FF.N: At the Fan Fiction boards, this is an abbreviation for [link=]Fan[/link], a popular archive that seems to be down more often than it's up.
    FG: Focus Group
    FOD: Force of Destiny
    FTW: For The Win

    : Galaxy Far Far Away
    GOL: Acronym for Guardians Of Light; A fanclub and social group in EUC for fans of the light side of the force and the Jedi
    GL: The abbreviated name for George Lucas, the man who created Star Wars.
    GSA: Global Support Administrator

    : Abbreviation for "Hope that helps".
    HTR: Highlight To Read (see also "spoiler-free")

    : A popular messaging service used by many JC members. ICQ stands for "I Seek You".
    IGN: Company that formerly hosted this forum, the JC message board system (
    IIRC: Abbreviation for "If I recall correctly".
    IM(H)O: Abbreviation for "In My (Humble) Opinion" or "In My (Honest) Opinion". It is often used in the JC after or before a person states his opinion on a subject.
    IP: Abbreviation for "Internet Protocol".
    ITT: In This Thread

    : Jedi Council.
    JCC: Abbreviation for the formerly stand-alone board (your Jedi Council Community). Now, it’s included to the community board.
    JW: The abbreviated name for John Williams, the man who has composed the scores for all the existing SW films. His works are discussed in the Star Wars & Film Music forum.

    : The abbreviated name for Kevin J. Anderson, a sometimes infamous SW author. KJA's writing has been constantly debated in the Star Wars Books, Comics, and Expanded Universe forums since the JC was opened.
    KOD: Acronym for Knights of Darkness; A fanclub and social group in SWC for fans of the dark side, including The Sith and Knights of Ren.

    : Short form for the board Live Action, Clone Wars & Classics. Forum Renamed "Star Wars TV."
    LOL: Abbreviation for "Laughing Out Loud".
    LOTR: Abbreviation for The Lord of the Rings, the literary and now film saga that is very popular among SW fans.

    : Missing In Action
    Mod: A generic term referring to moderators, managers and admins.
    MS: ModSquad, a private board for mods, now including OFH as well.
    MSN: A popular messaging service used by many JC members.
    MTFBWY: Short form for "May The Force Be With You".
    MUC: The abbreviation for Markup Codes.

    : No, I agree with you completely.
    NJO: Abbreviation for the New Jedi Order book series. The NJO books are discussed all the time in the [link=]Literature[/link] forum.
    NJT: Acronym for New Jedi Trials A fanclub and social group in the SWC for fans on the Jedi Knights.
    NS: Abbreviation for non spoiler. Some users want to stay spoiler free until the next published movie. This means they don't want to know much or anything about the movie.

    : Old Folks Home
    OHC: Oversized HardCover
    OPPM: Short form for the post limit to normal users: "One Post Per Minute". Old restriction on the old message board system due to spam issues.
    OT: Abbreviation for the original trilogy of Star Wars.

    : Private Message (also called 'Conversation')
    PPOR: Post Proof or Retract
    PT: Prequel Trilogy
    PTG: Printing

    : Quote For Emphasis
    QFT: Quoted For Truth.

    : Real Life
    ROC: Rules of Conduct, see "Terms of Service" in the header. Check [link=]Rules of the Jedi Council Forums[/link] for the most current updates.
    ROTFLMAO: "Rolling on the floor laughing my *** off". Another variant is ROTF. Both are stronger versions of LOL for expressing laughter.
    RotJ: Abbreviation for the movie Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
    RotS: Abbreviation for the movie Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
    RSA: Regional Support Administrator
    RYL: Acronym for Rethink Your Life. The official social thread for the PT forum.

    : An acronym for "Sick In The Head". It is an unofficial title given to members who have more than 1000 posts some time ago. Most of us are S.I.T.H.
    SMH: Shaking My Head
    SW: Abbreviation for "Star Wars", the film saga that brought us all together.
    SWA: Star Wars Adventures.
    SWC: Acronym for Star Wars Community

    The Clone Wars (animated series)
    TESB: Abbreviation for Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    TFA: Abbreviation for the Episode VII: The Force Awakens
    TF.N or TFN: An abbreviation for
    TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday
    TLJ: Abbreviation for Episode VIII, The Last Jedi.
    TL,DR or tl,dr: Meaning "Too long, didn't read"
    TOS: Terms Of Service for the Jedi Council Forums, which can be found HERE.
    TP or TPB: Trade PaperBack
    TPM: Abbreviation for the movie Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
    TROS: Abbreviation for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker
    TRU: An abbreviation for the "Toys R' Us" chain of toy stores. This is almost exclusively used in the [link=]Collecting[/link] forum.
    TSE: Acronym for The Sith Empire; A fanclub and social group in EUC for fans of the dark side. Notably the Sith.

    : Ultimate Bulletin Board, the program on which the JC ran before IGN.
    UBB Code: The HTML alternative that was used previously in the JC. Is currently used to refer to Markup Codes also.

    : We do not diskussion star wars in the JCC.
    WNU: Welcome New Users
    WUL: Watched Users List (feature that might get added in again in the future)

    : You stand/stood little chance against the God of Thunder
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  3. Skiara

    Skiara ~• RSA FFC •~ star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 5, 2002
    Explanations: A-L


    42: The answer to life, the universe and everything. It's from the book "Hitchhikers Guide Through The Galaxy".


    active topic list: On the old forum software, this option sorts topics on the main board index by last reply date added, in descending order. This causes a topic to be pushed up higher on the index when a new reply is added to it. Now, threads can be sorted by [link=[url]]newest[/url] posts[/link]. This option can be found in the header, called 'what's new?'.

    active topic notification: An old option allowing a poster to be notified via email or ICQ of new replies of a thread. After the big move, it got changed to [link=[url]]Alters[/link][/url], which offers more options to the user.

    administrator: An administrator (admin) is one of the highest-ranking forum leaders. There are three kinds of admins: Head Admin, Communications Admin and Technical Admin.

    alias: A secondary username for a member.

    announcements: In 2007 a new board got created which includes [link=[url]]Rules[/url] and Announcements[/link] (hence the name).

    archive: A forum-like area in which topics are archived. Currently, UBB archives can be accessed in the new [link=[url]][/url] The Jedi Council Archives[/link]

    archived thread: A thread that has been preserved in an archive. Archived threads are read-only.

    Auto pruning: Automatic deletion of threads after a certain amount of time. It's turned off.


    BAH!: A humorous phrase used to express anger or dislike towards something, as in now defunct thread "Sex??? BAH!!!" or the former "Bah, newbies!".

    baiting: Knowingly posting things that will anger another user.

    banning: The act of temporarily or permanently taking away a person's posting privileges. Bans are of two types: name bans (the person cannot post with that name), and IP bans (the person may not be able to post with that computer). Only administrators, managers and moderators can ban people. Normally people get first a warning, then a name/normal ban and as the last thing an IP ban. Instructions for banned users can be found [link=[url]]here[/link][/url].

    bashers: A group of members who feel the new SW movies could have been better made. Although individual bashers may either like or dislike the movies as a whole, all bashers agree that certain elements of the movies could have been improved. But there are also bashers for all SW movies.

    bitter ex-Mod: A phenomenon frequently observed in comms, when a former moderator/manager/admin picks fights with current administration.

    blank thread: A thread which appears without a title in the topic listing. Some blank threads appear accidentally, while others are posted intentionally. Not seen on the XenForo software so far.

    board: Message Board - A site which includes discussion forums, such as the JC. Since the move to Snowboard, forums have been referred to as boards. There is no clear definition of forum and board. It depends on the context. Normally the whole JC (including the FF) is called "forum" and the subchapters are called "boards". But some people call these subchapters of the JC also forum.


    canon: In the JC, it is a term used to describe what SW materials are considered to be "official" parts of the SW chronology. What is and what is not canon has been a subject of constant debate all throughout the JC since the formation of the forums.

    chat thread: A light-hearted social thread which resembles a chat. Example: [link=[url]][/url]"Newbie Welcome Party"[/link] is a chat thread.

    Chapter Representative: Former called City Representative. Chapter Reps are VIPs who represent their Chapter in the FanForce forums. Chapters can be areas or cities. Normally CRs organise meetings and take care of their FF.

    closed thread: A thread that has been locked from the forums. Administrators and moderators perform this function when a thread has broken some or all of the rules. It is also possible for the author of a thread to lock his own thread before the editing limit runs out. See also "locked thread".

    Colours: Only VIPs and higher ranked users can get colours. There are some rules for colours. Moderators, managers, admins, RSAs and GSAs are allowed to choose which colour scheme they like. Game winners are given VIP status for a short time and can chose any colour scheme they like. CRs have to take blue. Game host and permanent VIPs have to take red. Former mods and RSA can only choose any textcolor. Current moderators who are away for five days or more will change their colours to green.

    Communications Admin: The Communications administrator is the JC's PR officer and moderates the Communications Forum.


    Dark Lords of the JCC: A famous social group of people helping mods out.

    deleted post: A single post that has been deleted from a thread by a mod, because it was against the rules. Sometimes a post disappears by accident because of a board glitch.

    deleted thread: A thread that has been deleted by a mod, because it was against the rules.

    duct tape: The roll of duct tape was made popular by some old users. It has a light side, and a dark side, and it binds the galaxy together.


    Expanded Universe: The Expanded Universe (EU) of the SW saga consists of all official SW-related material outside of what is considered canon (the movies and novelizations of those movies).


    Fan Fics: Original stories posted at [link=[url]]Fan[/url] Fiction[/link].

    fastbie: A member who posts very often.

    FanForce: [link=[url]]FanForce[/link][/url] is a place to meet other people from your local area on the boards and in real life.

    flaming: The act of insulting another member. A bannable offense on the JC.

    followers: Users that one has attached to his/her profile. Formelly called 'WUL'.

    forum: The part of a board in which to post messages. Example: [link=[url]]WNU[/link][/url] is a forum. But some people call these parts of the JC also board. There is no clear definition of forum and board. It depends on the context.

    forum archaeologist: A person who goes through the depths of the forums to find old threads. Forum archaeologists save these threads by bringing them up regularly.

    Forum Etiquette: A very helpful thread originally posted during the "Golden Age" in 1998. [link=[url]]FORUM[/url] ETIQUETTE (Repost)[/link].

    forum leader: Catch-all term for anyone who is an administrator, manager, moderator, RSA and GSA. Administrator, manager and moderators take care of the JC. RSA and GSA take care of the FF. The term "forum leader" isn't used often.

    forum politics: A term referring to heated discussions about forum policy and important events. Also known as "internet drama".

    forumology: The study of boards, their forums and their history. The JC has many forumologists.


    GSA or Global Support Administrator: The three GSA's are the administrators of the FF. Their jobs are devided into three parts like the Admins at the JC: PR, Tech and Head.

    gushers: A group of members who hold that PT and CT was the perfect expression of GL's vision. They constantly discuss the movies with bashers.


    Head Admin: The head admin is the head of all mods, managers and admins of the JC.


    Icons: Small images that you can choose to display under your username. At the old forum software (IGN) those icons were limited to a certain amount of approved and uploaded pics. Nowadays everyone is free to choose their icon - as long as it fits to the ToS.

    IGN: Former forum software and hosting company of the JC. Also known as SnowBoards (old name).

    Index: A thread which links other forum threads in categorical or alphabetical order. In most forums, they can be found at the header navigation layout, at the top of each forum's page or as sticky threads.

    Internet Protocol: An IP address is a 32-bit number that identifies each sender or receiver of information that is sent across the Internet. An IP may be static, meaning it does not change from one session to the next (the case for most at-work computers), or it may be dynamic, meaning it varies with each session (the case for most dial-in services).

    IP banning: The act of banning a person's IP from the forums. This means he can't log in, even not as a sock. This ban is the last one a user can get and normally given after numerous cases of breaking the rules. IP bans normally last for an extremely long time or forever.


    JC Anniversary: The celebration that occurs when a member has been in the JC for one, two or more years.

    JC's Birthday: July 8. The JC was formed on that day in 1998.

    Joshua Griffin: Former owner of TFN and the JC/FF forums.


    locked thread: A thread that gets locked by the author or a mod. Mods lock threads, if their contents are against the rules or if the author asks for it.

    lurker: A person who visits and read various threads at the JC/FF, but doesn't post.
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  4. Skiara

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    Nov 5, 2002
    Explanations: M-Z


    manager: A moderator with increased powers. Mods are automatically promoted to managers after a month.

    Markup Codes: At the old IGN forum, MUC were the alternative to HTML, since html is disabled at the whole JC for normal user. Only Managers and Admins can use HTML. With the new forum software XenForo, there are [link=]new MUC[/link], but the old ones work as well. You can try and test MUC at [link=]WNU[/link].

    member: Everyone registered in the JC.

    "Member Update": A series of threads that list a large amount of members and their post counts. The first MU was named 'Member Update: Attack of the Posts (10/23/01)'. Now there doesn't exist an updated MU.

    midbie: Nickname for a member who is neither a newbie or an oldbie.

    ModSquad: The private board for mods, managers and admins of the JC to speak about issues regarding the JC. Nowadays it includes FF content as well (see: OFH). Short term: MS

    ModSquad Update: When this forum was highly active, a regulary new created thread in [link=]Communications[/link] informed all members what is going on in the MS.

    Mod: A generic term referring to moderators, managers and admins. At the [link=]TFN Jedi Council Forums Staff Structure[/link] you can find all current mods and RSA including admins and GSA.

    Moderator: Moderators are members that have been newly chosen to moderate a specific Forum. Before February 2013 they got promoted to manager after three months. It got reduced to one month now.

    Moved Threads: These were threads that had been moved by an administrator from one forum to another, more appropriate one.


    Name Game: A game in which you must post a name or word starting with the last letter of the previous name or word. This game has become really popular in the JC and FF.

    newbie: A nickname for a new member. Sometimes also called N00b.


    Oversized HardCover (OHC): Sometimes called Omnibus by Marvel, the term is decided by the number of issues collected within but at times it can be remarkably low. Term used primarily in Literature Forum.

    Old Folks Home: The private board for RSAs and GSAs to speak about issues regarding the FF. Now, it got merged into the MS. Short term: OFH

    oldbie: A nickname for a member who has been in the JC and/or FF for a long time.


    Philip Wise: Owner of TFN, JC/FF qnd (Dedicated to Star Wars Collecting and TFN's sister site.)

    post: A reply to a thread or the first message in a new thread.

    post count: The number of posts that a member has made. The post count appears in a member's profile.

    post notification: Notification you can get, if a certain person is posting.

    private board: Private boards are further boards which can't be seen on the normal board listing. Most of the private boards are for mods, but there were a few where you can register as normal user as well like the old non-spoiler boards.

    private message (conversations): Messages that are sent privately through an board feature. This feature is an alternative to email. Messages cannot be erased, though there are plans to add some features like deleting PMs. Sending PMs containing flaming and/or overtly offensive material can result in banning. The rules of the JC apply to private messages as well as public messages.

    pruning: An automatic deletion of threads after a certain amount of time. Auto-pruning can be turned off on this forum.

    Printing (PTG): Refers to when the a comic book publishing company printed a specific comic run. Examples: NEW PTG or 2ND PTG. Since first printings are often worth more to collectors, they care if certain comics came from the original run or they sold out and therefore the comic book publisher did a second one. Used primarily in Literature Forum.


    Quitbie: An old user who has returned after several years.


    Rebelscum ( Owned by Philip Wise and TFN's sister site - Dedicated to all things related to Star Wars collecting.

    redundant thread: A topic that has been discussed ad nauseum or posted a short time before.

    RSA or Regional Support Administrator: The RSA's manage and moderate geographically organized forums of the FF.


    Scott: Scott Chitwood, one of the founders of TF.N and the JC.

    search function: An feature to search through various boards and threads as well as for persons. [link=]The search function[/link] can be found on the right side under the 'log out' link.

    server crash: A term used for when the server causes problems for the JC. A nearly weekly holiday for the UBB-based JC, it happens much less frequently on Snowboard and IGN, even less on XenForo. Sometimes the server is down for some few hours.

    signature: A catch phrase that appears automatically under posts. The current design standardises all signatures ever used by a specific member to the current signature listed in the profile. Thus, when the signature is changed in the profile, all other previously posted signatures by that member will also be changed to the new signature. Your own signature can be changed [link=]here[/link].

    Sith Council: Sometimes the JC is briefly renamed to Sith Council during the Halloween holiday.

    slowbie: A member who doesn't post too often.

    smilies: Small icons in the form of smiley faces that were used to show emotions. The list of smilies can be found [link=]here[/link].

    Snowball: The former parent company of IGN and SnowBoards.

    sock: All further usernames beside of the first one of an registered user are called socks.

    soliciting: The act of advertising, trading or selling via posting threads in the forums. Repeated acts of soliciting usually result in banning.

    spammer: A poster who spams the forums.

    spamming: Posting many times consecutively, posting simply to up your post count or posting identical threads/posts across several forums. Soliciting (trading, selling or buying) and advertising also fall under spamming.

    spoiler: An unofficial tidbit of information that reveals too much about a film or a book. The current spoiler policies for the boards "Literature" and "LACWAC" can be found [link=]here[/link].

    spoiler-free: Members who don't want to know anything or only a little bit (almost nothing) about new movies like RotS before they have seen the movie on their own. They want to see the movie spoiler-free. That's why it isn't allowed to post spoilers anywhere except in designated threads or by using the "highlight-to-read" format ([hl=black]like this very new spoiler[/hl]) or the spoiler tag:
    like this wonderful spoiler

    staff: VIPs, mods, managers and admins who belong to the TFN staff.

    Star Wars Adventures (SWA): A comic book series aimed at younger audiences which tell tiny little stories that happen between or during the events of the Star Wars theatrical movies

    stars: There are ten different kind of stars. The first one is a single star and the last one is a nuclear "star".

    Sticky Thread: A thread that is always on the top of a page. Mostly used for threads that contains important informations for posting in a specific board.

    Supershadow: Rumor source whose information and "insider information" has never been confirmed. Read his rumors and "information" at your own peril.


    tech admin: The technical administrator, who deals with the technical stuff belonging to the JC.

    testboard: During the Big Move the JC got re-opened on a testboard with the same forum software as the future forum. No threads got moved from the old IGN forum to the testboard nor got any thread created on the testboard transfered to the future forum (this one).

    The Big Move: After IGN changed their forum software, the JC had to move once more. The move lasted about half a year, although it should be done within a few days. Now, it's on its own servern with XenForo software and some bugs (like truncated posts, etc.) are left.

    The Golden Age: A brief period in the history of the JC prior to and possibly encompassing the release of the first TPM trailer in 1998, during which time the JC membership was still small enough that everyone knew everyone else, and the JC itself was young enough that all topics were new.

    The Great Server Crash of '98: A devastating server crash that occurred on October '98. There was no single Great Server Crash of the following years, only several minor crashes.

    thread: A topic posted in a board.

    threadkiller: Someone who posts in a thread and causes it to sink to the bottom unintentionally, because no one replies anymore.

    topic listing: The list of topics in a board.

    Trade PaperBack (TP or TPB): When a collection of stories that were once originally published separately are combined into one book to tell one story arc or a collection of stories that have a connected theme

    troll: A poster who posts specifically to incite negative reaction.

    trolling: The act of inciting a negative response by flaming, fishing for flames or posting negative/offensive messages repeatedly.

    trophies and trophy points: A new feature of XenForo software. By carrying out various actions one can earn different trophies which gives him/her a certain amount of trophy points. The more trophy points one earns, the higher the rank will be. The rank will be shown by the title. [link=]Here[/link] you can learn about the current list of trophies.


    UBB: The boardsystem used from 1998-2000, before the move to IGN SnowBoards,.

    upping: Upping a thread means to bring a thread to the top of a page. Sometimes users post only "up" or something like that, because they don't want the thread to be auto-pruned.

    username: The name you signed up and post with.

    user search: A feature that allows a member to search for usernames.


    VIP: A title given to selected members. Currently, only SW celebrities/authors, game hosts, CRs and former moderators/managers/admins/GSA/RSA are awarded VIP status. VIPs can change their username colour, but do not have any further powers. Also some game winner and persons who did something special for the boards (e.g. making banners) get VIP status for a short time.


    watched users list or watched users: A feature that lets member add other members to a favourite list that appears in your profile, thus creating a direct link to their profiles. Now, it's called "followers". Short form: WUL.


    XenForo: Current forum software, to which the JC moved in 2012.


    z = ze End

    The End
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    Brilliant work. A Chorus of Disapproval.
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  6. Skiara

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    Nov 5, 2002
    [face_laugh] Thanks. :)
  7. harpua

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    Mar 12, 2005
    You forgot our latest addition... Quitbie - An old user who has returned after several years.

    Also... something all users should know once they venture out of here - WDNDSWITJCC - We do not discuss Star Wars in the JCC
  8. Bazinga'd

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    Recommendation for Explanation Section:

    Supershadow = Rumor source whose information and "insider information" has never been confirmed. Read his rumors and "information" at your own peril. ;)
  9. Skiara

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    Nov 5, 2002
    Good Ideas! I'll add them later on. :)
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    Really great and helpful list! Great work! The Internets approves.
  11. Bale

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    Should LACWAC be added?
  12. Skiara

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    Is that still in use? Or did it change to WDNDSWITC?

    Everything else is added now. Thanks! :)
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    Still in use.
  14. Skiara

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    Added. :)
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    Very good, congrats! =D=
  16. A Chorus of Disapproval

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    Snowball: The former parent company of IGN

    This wording is redemption of the highest caliber...
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  17. harpua

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    Also, it may be helpful to explain the new spoiler tag feature in addition to the old highlighting method.

    I just spoiled your mind.
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    Added as well. Thanks for your input! :)
  19. Bazinga'd

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    Skiara Should Retcon be defined, as opposed to a Reboot?
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    Nov 5, 2002
    It should be added. Thanks, Bazinga'd! :)
  21. Skiara

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    Nov 5, 2002
  22. poundpuppy29

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    Jul 3, 2007
    I have a stupid question is there a list of what you will become with your post count like now I am a Force Ghost
  23. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    AO3 - Archive of Our Own, another popular fanfic site.

    This is an impressive list, btw!

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  24. Bazinga'd

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    Nov 1, 2012

    I have not seen that before. Is that term used frequently on the Literature / fan faction forums?
  25. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014

    The latter, yup. :)