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Historical Earth Gods and Generals: A War RPG

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Imperial_Hammer , Jan 17, 2016.

  1. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Alexander Ward
    Location: Potomac, Headquarters of the War Department

    Trudging through the piles of snow and slush on his way to the War Department, Alex pulled out his watch and winced at the thought of being late to such a meeting as Holt’s telegraph had indicated. He flicked the glass to make sure it was still indeed ticking, and replaced it. He had been held up in the Naval Yard seeing to supply and outfitting logistics for his newly-created Army of the Connecticut, a command named after the river which united much of New England, and the area from which many of his soldiers called home.

    The outpouring of volunteer support for Congress’ immediate declaration of war on the Western secessionist states had furnished the Republic with a sizeable army. One that was still in the process of being organized and drilled into something useable, but formidable nonetheless. The shipments and dispatch orders he had just overseen were carrying some of the final supplies necessary for initial field operations, but the Federal armies would need many times that to even reach halfway to the Rockies.

    He put the immediate thoughts of supply out of his mind as he ascended the stone steps of the Department of War, knocking his boots of snow on the way in past the guards.

    Arriving soon in the board room, he was relieved at the heat and pleasant smoky smell. Alex immediately acquired Secretary Holt along with several other officers he recognized as they inspected documents and maps, including a large depiction of the United States’ territory laid unfurled across the main conference table. Most disturbing was the evidence that secessionist agents had already begun tearing up railways connecting both halves of the continent.

    As Ward removed his tailored navy blue greatcoat and joined the group, he listened to General Fitzgerald speak.

    [blockquote] You say we have two initiatives. To shore up support and then to take the battle to the western frontier. I propose, though, that we can combine these into a common goal. If we begin the fight - and, yes, God shall be with us - and deliver blows to our enemies, the traitors. Won't that in fact shore up support? Won't that root up traitors among us and rally those who waver back to the light?"[/blockquote]

    Looking to Fitzgerald then the rest, Alex nodded agreeance. “Surely New England and our coastal states will remain strongly tied to the Union.” He stretched out a hand toward the map, “as for the rest, we will set the example as we march through them.” He paused a moment before he fed in his own idea for the direction of the war. “There are two problems here due to the size of the United States. We have a great distance to travel before we’re standing in San Francisco but it’s our advantage that they cannot keep their entire front secure. We need to draw out their main field army with ours at the most direct march, while swinging around with smaller commands to strike for their coastal assets.”

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  2. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Clarence P. Owens IC:
    ~Governor's Manor, San Francisco, Coastal California~

    Not long after entering the library and while still awaiting further reply from Governor Burnett, Clarence found himself approached by the man he was not acquainted with. He smiled cordially as his approach.

    "Good day General Owens," the man extended his hand which Clarence shook confidently, "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting."

    Clarence matched his smile still through and immediately after the handshake. "No, I don't believe so, good sir."

    "I am Brigadier General Simon Chamberlain of Los Angeles. I do hope your child's fever was nothing too serious, and I understand it delaying you. As a father myself I completely agree with you putting your family ahead of your other duties."

    He shook his head, though warmly at the man's words. Empathic understanding was always a boon, especially among fellow generals. Such bonds would become critical in the coming days he wagered.

    "A pleasure, General Chamberlain. Let me fully introduce myself then. Brigadier General Clarence Owens of Petaluma. And as for my child, one of daughters in truth, she is fine and I thank you for your concern. It was just a moderate scare in the end I am glad to say. But now we have another family to protect together, hm? Our West!" The native San Franciscan couldn't help but chuckle at his own comment.

    "But from Los Angeles…riding all that way through this weather must not have been pleasant, I imagine." He would have said more, but that was when another newcomer entered. And a giant of a newcomer at that! For a split moment, Clarence idly wondered if he was staring at a mountain walking into the room.

    He heard his name mentioned and then was later confirmed from the source itself as General Paul Wight. Interesting. Never judge a book by its cover some said. Nevertheless, Clarence made sure to shake hands and greet the man as he made his entrance as he had with Simon.
    When an opportunity presented itself, he too got himself a mug of coffee and motioned for General Chamberlain to return to his seat as he found one himself. General Wight, by comparison, was quite eager as he was already sitting.

    Possibly making up for his own tardiness? Either way, I am also ready to get this ugly business started with.

    Tag: Governor Burnett, General Chamberlain, & General Wight
  3. DarthIntegral

    DarthIntegral Baseball Draft Commissioner/SFTC Dec Tiemaster star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jul 13, 2005
    IC: General Gaylord Fitzgerald
    Location: Potomac / War Room Department HQ

    The first voice to chime up seemed to agree with Gaylord's appeal for action on the front. The man boldly talked of standing proudly in San Francisco, alluding confidently to the victory they would no doubt garner over the treasonous westerners.

    Half of a smile crept onto Gaylord's face.

    He thirsted for war. He hungered for the blood of his enemy. And he wasn't alone.

    He wanted to speak up again, to rile up the other generals and the Secretary, as he would the men he commanded. But, these were not his troops. These were not men he needed to rile up into following his decision. As much as he wanted to, he could not simply try to sway this crowd. He needed two things.

    First, he needed to know there was a consensus among the best minds the United States' military had to offer. He needed to know that a declaration to take the fight to the enemy, to focus resources on aggression, to try to bring about a swift end was made by a level headed group. He couldn't leave with a doubt in his mind that the decisions made here were truly the best decisions for the nation, and for all armies commanded by the nation. That meant stating his piece simply - which he'd done - and allowing the other voices to chime in. Then, coming to a group decision and leaving in lock-step to act upon that decision. It couldn't mean getting his way at any cost.

    Second, he needed the other generals and the Secretary, to see him as level headed. He had aspirations beyond just winning the war. And, were he labeled as simply blood thirsty, and as too eager for war - well, even winning might not be enough to shed some of the baggage that came with those labels.

    So, while he wanted to speak, he remained silent. Happy with what he'd heard thus far, and hoping for further echoes.

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  4. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    Up Time: Week Three
    Time until Storm Lifts: LIFTED - Generals cleared to depart capitols. May only move one space on the map per week and need to remain in that space to capture the territory. Correspondence between players and team mates can be continued over post or in person if two armies are marching together.

    IC: Secretary John Holt
    Location: Headquarters of the Departments War and Navy

    Secretary Holt looked up as General Frazier entered the room and asked for a folder.​
    "Well that is a question." he said dryly with a smile. "Thank you for joining us General. We were just reviewing some strategy for the upcoming Spring ahead. I trust the information in the packet will bring you up to speed."​

    Gen. Fitzgerald spoke up....​

    "Secretary Holt. I do have one question," he began, then cleared his throat with a slight cough. He took a sip of water before beginning again. "And, General Frazier and General Jabrinsky, I hope you both pardon my boldness here. But you say we have two initiatives.To shore up support and then to take the battle to the western frontier. I propose, though, that we can combine these into a common goal. If we begin the fight - and, yes, God shall be with us - and deliver blows to our enemies, the traitors. Won't that in fact shore up support?" Won't that root up traitors among us and rally those who waver back to the light?"​

    Holt noticed out of the corner of his eyes, General Ward entering the room. He gave him a quick nod before addressing Fitzgerald's comment. "Yes, I suppose that would be right. That would take care of the common folk. But any spies and traitors would still need rooting out."​
    He gave a little snort. "And, to be perfectly honest. The state Governors requested it and the President needs to keep them happy."​

    Holt rubbed his temples. "But, you do have a point of course General. There some wisdom to a sort of rush into the Midwest. Shoring up the East and South does not need to be a principle priority, but it shouldn't be neglected either."​

    Gen. Ward added to the conversation.​

    “Surely New England and our coastal states will remain strongly tied to the Union.” He stretched out a hand toward the map, “as for the rest, we will set the example as we march through them.” He paused a moment before he fed in his own idea for the direction of the war. “There are two problems here due to the size of the United States. We have a great distance to travel before we’re standing in San Francisco but it’s our advantage that they cannot keep their entire front secure. We need to draw out their main field army with ours at the most direct march, while swinging around with smaller commands to strike for their coastal assets.”

    Holt nodded. "Quite right General Ward. It is a bit of a balancing act. The very reason we have brought such talent into this room. The President has full confidence in your abilities to navigate this challenging theater of war."​

    The meeting went on into the night, with questions and maps being looked over with great detail. In the end, the Generals were dismissed with orders to ride out as soon as the weather cleared. One week later, their men and armies were assembled. The various soldiers of the East marched out of the federal capitol, crowds cheering and waving them. Their Army of the Republic was on the move.

    IC: Peter Hardeman Burnett and Gen. Van Amstel
    Location: Governor's Manor, San Francisco

    Governor Burnett was ultimately satisfied with the buy-in of his two generals. Their reactions were encouraging, especially the response from General Chamberlain. Clearly the man was thinking big picture if his question was about foreign support.​

    "Ahhhh." he said. "Yes, perhaps that will come a little later. While there are indeed European colonies to petition, we dare not interfere with them before the European powers recognize our claim to stateship. The last thing we need is to have the British navy pulling into San Francisco Bay, haha!"​

    The man smiled. It was a good question, just a little premature.​

    Just then, the door opened. "Governor Burnett, sir. General Owens has arrived," spoke his maid Cynthia.​

    As promised, the very same General entered the room.​

    "Governor, it's an honor. I apologize for my late arrival, but between this wild storm and a child of mine taking ill for a time, I came as soon as I could."​

    "Oh not at all!" replied the governor. "Terrible storm out, I'm glad you could make it at all."​

    He watched as Owens pass by Van Amstel and said "El Presidio, it's been some time,"​

    Van Amstel tipped his head and smiled. "Indeed it has General," he said with a smile."Nice to see you."​

    Burnett nodded in approval, the comradery between his leaders was a good sign. Chamberlain joining in was icing to the cake and banished all doubts from the Governor's mind.​

    A new general entered. "Ah," said the governor. "The last one. Fantastic." He walked over and shook General Wight's hand. "I believe you probably know everyone here in the meeting. We were just discussing some strategies."​

    The general went on to make acquaintances with the rest of the men in the room.​

    "Well!" said the governor. "I won't presume to lecture you fine gentlemen in tactics or the art of war. I am after all, a mere elected official. But the boys in my brain trust are telling me the plan is to get as much territory as soon as possible. They are way out there, half a continent away. It will take them time to get out here. The stronger and more organized we are, the better off we are going to be."​

    The meeting went on into the night, with questions and maps being looked over with great detail. In the end, the Generals were dismissed with orders to ride out as soon as the weather cleared. One week later, their men and armies were assembled. The various conscripts of the west marched out of the Port of the West, crowds cheering and waving them. The Golden Vanguard of Independence was on the move.

    Command Mode
    - Van Amstel moves from Coastal California to Reagan (Capacity 1/3).​
    Post Mode
    IC: Gen. Van Amstel,
    Name: Army of Los Angeles, (22k men)
    Location: Bakersfield, Reagan
    Type: Normal

    For Van Amstel, his first choice was quite clear. He would head down to liberate his homeland first and foremost. Amstel was happy to be returning South. He disliked the colder climates and the excessive greenery (or white-ery at this time of year). He felt far more at home among the sand, sage, and sun.​

    Amstel walked out of his tent and overlooked his encampment outside the small town of Bakersfield. Patches of green and brown peered through the thinning snow, hinting at the farmland underneath. It would be these more southern states that would lose the snow first. Despite the snow and frost, he knew his army would miss this landscape soon enough. Wandering through the many deserts of the continent was not easy work. He always lost men to the temperature.​

    Amstel focused on a group of men setting up a makeshift kitchen for the group. Amstel was lucky. Most of the men in his unit opted to return to follow him. These would be the kind of men that could handle the deserts. They had experience with them. They would know to pack water and ample amounts of it. The General smiled to himself. It didn't hurt to be familiar with the watering holes, wells, and towns along the way.​

    A man spilled a bowl of soup and the General frowned. Not everyone was experienced though. Here and there in his ranks were new recruits and weak Northerners. He hoped they would keep up, and not stupidly think they knew better.​

    Amstel returned to his tent and took a seat by his map. He was not interested in staying long in San Francisco, so he had left. Before leaving, he instructed three messengers to inform his fellow Generals of his movements. His plan was to slice through the American Southwest, cutting through Baja Arizona and Trans-Pecos on the way to Texas. By then, there would probably be battles to attend to. If the West could secure everything west of the Mississippi, that could be a great place to hold position. He hoped at least one other general would travel along to the north of him. Together the armies could support each other when running into the enemy.​

    After some time staring at the map, a "Dinner sir" sounded from the flap of his tent. Ah yes. He was lucky to have his page remind him of these things. Amstel had a tendency of getting lost in his thoughts​

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  5. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: General Jabrinsky

    Ending of the East Coast meeting

    He had not said much in reply before the secretary had pushed the meeting forward in earnest. Soon it was little more than a planning session to end the secession movement in the West. Planning and strategy and troop replineshments were dealt with in a very cut throat manner, but he was fine with that. It was a planning session for going to war against what should be brothers and cousins, not rival nations.

    One week later he would soon find himself leading the 12th Brigade of Mountain Goat Regular's to war. They would head out straight west before fanning out to the north after Kentucky. With little hope for any chance at a peaceful resolution, all due to something so fool hardy as gold fever by some westerners that did not want to part with the lawful portions to keep their great nation standing tall in the international stage.

    TAG: Imperial_Hammer and any others
  6. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    Command Mode
    - Simon Chamberlain moves from Coastal California to Central California (Capacity 1/3).

    Post Mode
    IC: General Simon Chamberlain
    Name: Army of The San Fernando Valley, (8k men)
    Location: Central California
    Type: Normal

    General Chamberlain set out with what men he had gathered from the recruits, not many he remarked, but, a small army could move quicker and required fewer resources than a larger one. He could provide support to a neighboring army if they found themselves in trouble. However with his smaller numbers he would have no chance taking on an eastern army alone, he'd have to retreat or hope an ally can reach him in time to prevent a route.

    General Van Amstel had made told the other generals of his plan to swing south and claim Regan, his and Simon's homeland. Part of Simon wanted to join Van Amstel in liberating their home. Put he knew his orders, capture as much territory as possible before the east can make a move. His army may be weaker numerically but, the resistance in the west would be less, easy for his men and women to handle.

    After receiving the letter from his bother Angelino, Simon sent a note stating his intention to move his army into Central California and continue on a path shadowing Van Amstel taking territory north of his position. If either of us were to come up against an Eastern army they would hopefully be close enough to lend support to eachother swiftly.

    He may have misgivings about this war, but he was going to fight it the best he could, using all the strategy he'd learned in his years of fighting.

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  7. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Command Mode
    - Clarence Owens moves from Coastal California to Jefferson (Capacity 1/3)

    Post Mode
    IC: General Owens
    Name: Army of the Pacific (30k Strong)
    Location: Jefferson
    Type: Normal

    The meeting had gone late into the night, with questions being poised and maps pored over with great minute detail. Ideas were exchanged, perceptions of the enemy and their own prospective plans given, and initial tactics finally laid out. With their dismissal it had been decided that he would be the one to ride North.

    Honestly, he had hoped to ride south and enjoy the sun a bit, but that was a trivial thing. This way, he was able to ride up and through his hometown and see his own family a bit again as he passed. Of course, they came to see him so he wouldn't waste time and thus they got the first look at those under his command. All thirty thousand of them.

    ~Petaluma, Coastal California~

    "Oh, Clarence…There are so many of them," gasped Mary in awe.

    A smile. "I know, love. And together this Army of the Pacific is going to win us the independence we deserve."

    "I can't believe you got so many of them to follow you," Mary stated with a beaming smile.

    "I didn't. Our mutual homeland has, but I am honored that they wish to follow my command. Yes, Anna?"

    His eldest daughter was tugging at his sleeve to get his attention. "Will you be gone long, Father?"

    A sigh and a hand resting on her shoulder was his answer. "I'm afraid so, sweet pea. But I'll return as soon as I am able," here he turned to little Robert, "You're the man of the house now, you hear? Hold down the fort and keep your mother and sisters safe and sound, ok?"

    "Yes, Father!" the little boy cried out with pride…though tears were clearly being fought back as well.

    Back in the present and now the weather was clear and vibrant, at least for the time being, with all the vivid appreciation one could witness in nature around them after the passing of rain. Sights were sharper, scents stronger, optimism lifted. The fresh green and occasional white in the distance, just added to the beauty.

    This. All of this. This is a land that is meant to be free. A land of such natural beauty must not be spoilt from greed of a distant place that knows nothing of its true gifts.

    "General Owens? General? Ah, there you are Clancy."

    Closing his eyes, Clarence smiled for a moment. Clancy? Must be Lieutenant Bridgers. A close cousin of his, truth be told. The pleasant irony had not been lost when he found out that he was directly under his command back in San Francisco.

    Turning from where he had stood from behind his command tent, getting a look around as well some fresh air (****able tents were stuffy at times), he looked at the arrival of Bridgers.

    "Lieutenant," he greeted formally.

    "Come on, Clancy. We're alone for the moment…you can call me David, honest. Won't bite."

    A short laugh from the Brigadier General came forth at the request, "Well, that's good. Need to save any 'bites' for the East later on if it should come down to it. Fine, David it is…but as soon as anyone else arrives you're back to being Lieutenant Bridgers. Understood?"

    "Understood, sir."

    A raised eyebrow, "…So. What brings you here?"

    David Bridgers nearly jumped and gave a sly smile that was more embarrassment than anything. "Right! Received reports of movements from both Generals Van Amstel and Chamberlain."

    Clarence moved back toward the entrance of the tent, with David falling into step beside him. "Continue."

    "Seems they've reached their current destinations without any fuss so far. Reagan and Central California, respectively."

    General Owens nodded as he entered through the tent flaps on his way toward the map inside, "Not surprising. There shouldn't be much resistance for a while. This is the West after all. Word on General Wight?"

    "Not yet, sir. But you wanted to know of the Signals & Formation Training?"

    Clarence took another look over the map, pausing his reply for a moment. His cousin waited patiently as the General's eyes took it all in for already the thousandth time since the marching began. So far, he was to keep up the 'spreading fan' from Coastal California so all directions would swiftly fall into line. Again, no resistance was expected this early on of course. Still, it was a certainty that the East was moving too, so they couldn't remain lax at any point.

    The 'spreading fan' would subtly shift into a different style soon enough. But for now, the fan it was.

    He looked up and over at the Lieutenant at last. "Yes, I did. Have they begun?"

    "Yes, sir. You wanted to watch, correct?"

    "That's right. Lead the way, David. And make sure someone notifies me immediately on General Wight's movements when word is received…am hoping he joins us up here in the North before long."

    "Will do, Clancy. This way…"

    And with that, the earliest motions of the Golden Vanguard's act toward independence was begun.

    Tag: General Van Amstel, General Chamberlain, & General Wight
  8. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    Up Time: Week Four

    - Kansas City Star

    - New York Times

    - Salt Lake City Herald

    IC: Citizens of Winchester
    Location: Winchester, Nova

    The Twelfth Brigade was greeted warmly by the citizens in Winchester, Capitol of the State of Northern Virgina, or NorVa as they called themselves. The troops were given fresh food, linens, and beds to rest while they were there. The people wished them well and urged them to give the treacherous rebels a good thrashing.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto

    IC: People of Sacramento
    Location: Sacramento, Coastal California

    If the Army of the San Fernando Valley thought their reception departing San Fransisco was warm, the people of Sacramento doubled it! The historic heart of the Gold Rush, the citizens of the very wealthy city frequently considered themselves friendly rivals to their larger sister city to the West. The army was invited into the city, and an impromptu festival broke out in their honor. Flags were waved furiously and bands played on. As they departed the city, the vast mines that fueled this entire conflict dotted the landscape for miles to come.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422

    IC: People of Redding
    Location: Redding, Jefferson

    The people of Jefferson were a quiet bunch, not prone to great feats of outburst, nationalism, or nostalgia. While not the least populous state on the West Coast, their density was the lowest. The city folk in San Fransisco said there were more trees in Jefferson than all the people that ever was and ever will be in the state. Redding was quiet as the large Army of the Pacific entered the town. A slight breeze rustled the pines, dusted with snow. Redding was one of the largest cities in Jefferson, and stood at the junction of two major trails. The well developed Road of the Pacific headed north to Oregon and its large capitol of Portland. While the older Monticello Road stretched eastward. A few days out from Redding, the road forked, one going up to Cascadia and the Oregon Trail, and the other going due east through the Lassen Pass and over the Sierra Nevada, dumping into the dusty desert of Nataquia.

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    Command Mode
    - Van Amstel moves from Reagan to Arizona (Capacity 1/3).
    Post Mode
    IC: Gen. Van Amstel,
    Name: Army of Los Angeles, (22k men)
    Location: Barstow, Reagan
    Type: Normal

    It was cold in the desert. Fools that had never been thought that deserts were always hot. But they were dead wrong. Deserts got just as cold as any arctic tundra in the winter time. All the sand and rocks didn't keep heat worth a damn, and cacti and sage were poor substitutes for warmer plants, plants that could shelter people from the wind and rains.

    Van Amstel was a morning man. His camp was sleeping but soon the Reveille will be sounding loud and clear over the quiet camp. Today was a big day. There were to leave the loving embrace of Califia and begin marching east in earnest. Amstel had been in Arizona once or twice. Good people but a tough land to make a living. Van Amstel had met with his officers last night. They would sprint across the Mojave, rest at the Colorado River, and then sprint again to Flagstaff, where they would resupply. Flagstaff was up in the mountains, but at least they would have wood there for fires and enough food to feed its decent sized population.

    The bugles started sounding as the first rays of the sun began stretching over the camp. It would be a sunny, clear march, but the sun would likely do little to warm his men.
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  9. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: General Jabrinsky
    Twelfth Brigade
    Enjoying the Citizens of Winchester
    Location: Winchester, Nova

    Taking a walk about the camp he nodded and waved to friendly citizens of this fair and loyal land of Winchester, where the good will of the people boosted the already swelling moral and kept the troops spirits high. If only the whole journey could be this wonderful, but he knew the farther west they went the more the peoples would turn colder to them even as the weather warmed. So for now he pushed aside the pains of the future and let his men rest, for they had many miles to go to get to Westilvania and from there onward to Kentucky and eventually the armies of the West.

    Turning heel he headed toward his own lodging for the night at the home of some local political man. Someone whose name he could not recall and prepared for whatever horror tonight would bring that his men would be spared of politics before they onward.

    TAG: Imperial_Hammer
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  10. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: *Sacramento, Central California…just helping, my friend. ;) Pretty sure vagabond doesn't want to be stuck where he began. lol Also, just so you are aware…Portland would be in Multnomah, I believe. :) (Read the paper explaining the alternate timeline for all the states. Fascinating read.)

    Command Mode
    - Clarence Owens moves from Jefferson to Cascadia (Capacity 1/3)

    Post Mode
    IC: General Owens
    Name: Army of the Pacific (30k Soldiers)
    Location: Cascadia
    Type: Normal

    ~Redding, Jefferson~

    It was customary for high up generals and officers to be invited into the overseeing political official's home when camp was made in or around a city or town. When the Army of the Pacific came to Redding, it was no different.

    General Owens bowed upon meeting the Mayor of Redding and then shook his hand, moving alongside him into his manor.

    "I promise you, Mayor, that my troops and myself won't linger for long. I would hate to disturb the peace of this beautiful area for long, you have my word."

    With that said, he of course asked for any potential volunteers to the cause to be rounded up with all haste just on the off chance Jefferson ever saw any action in the coming days. One could never be sure where fighting would crop up after all.

    And it was a couple of mornings later when he was having a cup of coffee on the porch of the Mayor's Manor that he read the paper sent to him that had originally heralded from the Kansas City Star.


    Sip. "So, it looks like the progression of the convention of leadership has finally begun to spin its wheels." Sip. And the statement that California had been blitzed? Well, that was true from a technical standpoint, but it wasn't like they had taken the area by force. Thoughtful sip. Indeed, that would have been a large surprise. It is only expected that California be brought into Western control so swiftly. But then that wouldn't make for a sensationalistic newspaper piece he supposed.

    "Lieutenant Colonel Drassen."

    An older man of graying hair that nonetheless held his position proudly stepped up immediately as he had been hovering nearby. A good man, but a bit rigid on protocol. Nevertheless, a great textbook officer and disciplinarian for the troops.

    "Yes, General?"

    "Hand me that missive in your hand, I'm ready for it. Also, with this…" here he tapped the newspaper on the table with the back of his hand, "…I think its time to begin moving again. I promised not to linger and I mean to keep to that. If the newspaper in Kansas City has had enough time to print this message, we've had enough time to rest and resupply."

    "Agreed, sir. We don't want the East to think we're resting on our laurels."

    Clarence nodded, "Absolutely. Break camp and round up those enjoying themselves in the city, its time to move out…We head east on the Monticello Road."

    A momentary pause from the Lieutenant Colonel. "Yes, sir!"

    …Clarence daresay he had imagined the older man to be in shock. He, like most of his soldiers, had surmised that the Brigadier General had fully intended to keep moving north to unify the states bordering the ocean they took their name from.

    Goes to show one should never assume too much. The word 'east' would galvanize and excite his men and women, even if it was a long way from any potential confrontation. Should make the march to their next destination a little faster. Or so he hoped.

    ~Entering Cascadia~

    Clarence looked out over the landscape on horseback as they officially made their way into the next state of their journey. Cascadia. Many of the troops had been excitedly whispering, trying to figure out the route their superiors were planning. He idly wondered how many would get it right, not that it mattered. He outlined his thoughts to those immediately under him and left it at that for now.

    The brown landscape of the mountains did little to lift up their spirits after a long, if spirited as anticipated, march.

    Yet, this was land that was owed independence from D.C. as well. It wasn't fun to travel through, and they still had a little ways to go before they reached the city they were heading for, but it could turn out to be an advantage too in war. Might as well get a feel for it now and have it claimed before the enemy does.

    Enemy, Clarence? Easy now, there's still a chance fighting could be avoided.

    He thought this, but his heart was uncertain and wary. Logic told him there were many ways yet to avoid that terrible outcome, despite how close it now was already. He was leading an army after all! But his heart told him that that said army was most likely going to be used at some point.

    May the Lord have mercy on us all.

    He waved for Lieutenant Bridgers to canter up next to him, on his own horse. The motion was easily noticed and the Lieutenant was beside him quickly.

    "Orders, General?"

    "Pass out word to let ourselves rest in about ten more minutes, but get Colonel Ataruford up here as soon as you can. I have a request of him."

    "Of course, sir."

    Within moments, Colonel Ataruford was trotting next to him like his cousin had been previously. He was blond with blue eyes, aged in his mid fifties yet still looked in his thirties. Most were rather envious of the fact and Clarence could only hope he too could be like that at the Colonel's age.

    "Orders, General Owens?" he asked with a huff, clearly having been a bit further back and riding quickly at word of his summons.

    Clarence couldn't help but smile wryly a moment. "No need to wind yourself, Colonel. No Union soldiers as of yet."

    Ataruford gave a wry smile of his own. "Best not to take chances."

    Owens nodded at that, "Very true. I have a task for you, Colonel. I want you to take about a hundred of our men and lead a forward scouting group to our destination. Give them advance warning of our coming."

    "And if there is any opposition," Ataruford grinned at the General's expression, "Just in case I mean."

    "Do your best to avoid confrontation and ride back with all haste to deliver your report. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. But I suspect there will be no trouble, not for some time. I'm just dubious that they'll want us to show up unexpected and unannounced at their doorstep, disrupting their daily lives. We got away with it in Jefferson only because news spread ahead of us naturally from San Francisco. They figured someone would be marching up their way."

    Like the majority of those under his command, he guessed Cascadia didn't think he'd be moving their way so soon either. Better safer than sorry at any rate.

    The two officers saluted each other crisply. "Sir."

    And with that, Colonel Ataruford moved out with his forward party and the Army of the Pacific soon stopped for a quick rest as they began to depart.

    "From here on out, things will get more and more unexpected," he mused to himself. Such was the nature of a country on the precipice of Civil War.

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    Command Mode
    - Simon Chamberlain moves from Central California to Nataque (Capacity 1/3).

    Post Mode
    IC: General Simon Chamberlain
    Name: Army of The San Fernando Valley, (8k men)
    Location: Central California
    Type: Normal

    "Sir," Colonel Charles Payne of the first brigade began his broad shoulders hunched over the map table the commanders were grouped around, "Respectfully this plan is madness." The man sometimes called 'Teacher' set his grey eyes on Simon. "Crossing the Sierra Madres now is a mistake. There's too much snow on the ground, all the paths and trails though could still be snowed in or washed out by snow melt." The former instructor looked to his colleague. "Patience, you must also see the madness in this."

    Colonel Patience Larken, called Auntie Patience by the men and women of the second brigade, though not to her face. Her bright red hair was pulled back into a tight bun to keep it out of her brown eyes. The wrinkles on her face deepened as she silently studied the map in front of her.

    "Mi amigo," An accented voice called out from the other end of the table. Colonel Payne turned his attention to the darker skinned man. "I don't believe it is as bad as you say." Captain Juan Diego Flores said with a smile. He ran a gloved hand through his fine black hair. "The snows have had plenty of time to melt away and the trails though have been there for decades, a little water won't wash them away." His shoulders shifted under the poncho he wore over his uniform. "We do not have a moment to lose, every day we wait, is another day the east closes in and, we do not have time to find a better way." He turns his attention to the General. "I have faith that my caballeria will make it through."

    “Your cavalry it the most at risk Captain.” Colonel Payne retorted, “any paths we find will be treacherous for horses more than men.”

    “We will just have to be careful.”

    “We can be as careful as we like it won’t change the fact that we will lose soldiers on this march.”

    “This is a war Colonel soldiers die.”

    “On the battlefield Captain not on marches.” Both men quieted glaring at each other. Colonel Larken had remained silent studying the map intently. Though she was of smaller frame she had a spine of steel and her voice carried the weight of her years of experience, and of being a woman commander in a male dominated space.

    “I agree with Colonel Payne.” She started, Charles sneered at Captain Flores. Feeling he had won an important victory. “But, Captain Flores has a point, the longer we wait the closer and stronger the east gets. We cannot afford to wait until the mountains are passable. I suggest we march over the mountains but, as carefully as we can, that’s the best we can do.” The smirk disappeared from Charles’s face.

    “You see the the wisdom of a woman, settles all of man's arguments.” Juan gave a wink to Patience how for her part didn’t even acknowledge his presence.

    “Will you have a problem following this order Colonel?” Simon asked setting his gaze upon his subordinate.

    “I will follow my orders sir but, I reserve the right to disagree with them. And any deaths that occur fall on your head sir, not mine.”

    “I accept that Charles,” the general said nodding in the direction of the dissenting officer. “dismissed.”

    The next morning the Army of the San Fernando Valley broke camp and began their march through the snow capped Sierras. Hoping to reach Carson City still with all their number. General Chamberlain posted mounted on his horse watching his men and women march past him. Each was wrapped in as warm a clothes as they had, SImon prayed that would be enough. As he past Colonel Payne gave a nod, though his hard eyes betrayed his true feelings.

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    Up Time: Week Five


    - Dallas Chronicle

    - Las Vegas Observer

    - Charleston Herald

    IC: Forests of Appalachian Mountains
    Location: Road to Kentucky

    The road to Kentucky through Westylvania was a sparsely populated one. Originally a postal road, the dirt path winded up and down through the Appalachian Mountains. The road was still covered with snow, but it was not impassible. Wheel marks and horse hoof-prints kept the path marked. Here and there, roughly half a days ride apart, an inn or tavern stood to offer shelter and nights lodging for the weary traveler. The innkeepers welcomed the lone army, anticipating additional revenue.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto

    IC: Carson City
    Location: Outside of Carson City, Nataqua

    After a number of days, the Army of the San Fernando Valley successfully managed to cross the Sierra Nevada. Frostbite attributed to some attrition in the crossing, mostly limited to the inexperienced, old/or, and stupid. General Chamberlain had ultimately judged correctly, and the trails were intact in the passes.

    Completing the crossing on a sunny day, the shores of Lake Tahoe glistened and beyond the trees in the distance, a few trails of smoke from the chimneys of Carson City. At Reno, the Governor of Nataqua met with the Army and rode with them back to Carson City with his small escort of state soldiers.

    At Carson City, the reception was modest but warm. Northeastern Nevada was one of the most desolate places in all the United States and the residents of Carson City knew it. In order to get through to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, or really any other place, the army would need ample supplies. Carson City was one of the last places to fuel up before plunging into the great wastes of sand and rock.

    IC: Wilds of Southern Cascadia
    Location: Southern Cascadia

    As the massive Army of the Pacific moved eastward, they encountered the dry and deserted plains of Southern Cascadia. Sucked dry of rain by the neighboring Cascade Mountain range, the landscape filled the geographic gap until the vast and formidable Rocky Mountains. Food was scarce here, but not impossible to find. Antelope, rabbits, and other desert scavengers could be found with a little work. There was little settlement here, and the Monticello Road appeared and disappeared here and there. Maps were essential in this part of the country.

    Near the border of Idaho, the road finally intersected with the venerable Oregon Trail. The trail had seen its hayday. The nation's ever growing railroad network had robbed the trail of much of its travelers. Now, it was only used by those poor enough not to afford a ticket: farmers, beggars, the young, and immigrants in a slow trickle.

    General Owen's reconnaissance riders found no opposition at the intersection. Those on the trail were in no position to oppose them. But they did come back with valuable intelligence. Those heading west shared that Old Fort Boise in Idaho was currently occupied by a small group of Union soldiers. While the exact number was unknown, accounts varied from 500 to 2000 men.

    TAG: @Darth_Elu

    Command Mode
    - Van Amstel moves from Arizona to Navajo (Capacity 1/3).

    Post Mode
    IC: Gen. Van Amstel,
    Name: Army of Los Angeles, (22k men)
    Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

    Van Amstel and a few of his officers were having lunch in a tavern in Flagstaff. It was evening and the fire crackled warmly a few struggling flurries of snow attempted to traverse the buildings' chimney.
    A vigorous debate was taking place as to the Army's next steps. There we no less than six to seven states the army could move into next, and each officer seemed to have a different opinion as to which one.

    "Baja Arizona is the logical next step" said one of his older majors. "We cannot forget that Mexico poses just as much a threat to us as the Union. Securing our southern border is an equal priority to fighting what meager showing Washington has put forward."

    "No no," replied one of Amstel's yonger lieutenant colonels, attempting to pull rank. "Trans Pecos is a superior choice. We must keep our options open and flexible as we move East. It is a strategic state and would drive a dagger into the heart of the Texas Republic, a key union stronghold."

    "Both fine options," chimed in Amstel's one colonel, his second in command. "But I propose Navajo as the best choice. Extending into Trans Pesos isolates us from General Chamberlain's armies. We would be on our own and easy to isolate. I propose we move Navajo country. It keeps their route open, and gives them a chance to catch up."

    "The Natives there are fiercely territorial" replied the lieutenant colonel. "They will no doubt see our arrival as a hostile action. And they now the land much better than we do."

    "Remind me what the latest reports are about the Navajo." Amstel finally added. "What have we learned from the people in Flagstaff."

    "There are reports that the people there barely eek out an existence. They are poor and remain dedicated to their backwards ways." replied another major. "Some believe they have to leave in favor of more fertile land, like here in Flagstaff."

    Amstel mulled this all over. He liked the Navajo plan, but the point about the natives was an important qualifier. Yet, if they are weak and dying, they could be easily subdued.The debate continued for a few minuted longer, until finally, Amstel decided.

    "We're heading into Navajo. We must provide ample support to our sister Army of the San Fernando Valley. The natives will need to accept this fact."

    Two days later, the army was on the move, heading north east.
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    OOC: Where are all the Union Generals? lol Should we wait before this gets too far out of hand? *raises eyebrow* And just wondering, what's the city to be used for Cascadia? :)

    Command Mode
    - Clarence Owens moves from Cascadia to Idaho (Capacity 1/3)

    Post Mode
    IC: General Owens
    Name: Army of the Pacific (30k Soldiers)
    Location: Boise, Idaho
    Type: Normal

    ~Southern Cascadia~

    "Fold," General Owens intoned simply as he set down the cards in his hand upon the table, face down.

    No point in risking a hand here when he literally had only rubbish to play with this time around. The three other men with him, and one woman officer, continued their easy banter while chuckling at his fold. Clarence leaned over to grasp his mug that held some nice hot chocolate. Perfect for a cold night like this one as the army rested till morning.

    It wasn't too often they could relax like this, so he had to enjoy it while he could. He thanked the Almighty for it for perhaps the seventh time that evening as he sipped. His eyes slowly looking over to Lieutenant Bridgers when he was addressed.

    His cousin was one of the players at their little table in his tent. His words were casual, but in the end, brought work back up to the fore. As was the way of things. The possible war permeated all things these days.

    "Can only hope the Union folds as much as you've been doing tonight, General," David grinned, "Especially with them boys…and gals…rumored to be at Boise."

    Clarence grunted while Captain Erica Miller (whom had glared briefly at Bridgers as he talked) collected her winnings from the hand dealt, "Well, who's fault is that, hm? I figured my own cousin knew how to deal properly."

    "I'm wounded, sir! I've dealt good cards here."

    "Ha!" interjected Colonel Ataruford, "To yourself perhaps."

    Clarence could only smile as the bantering played out a bit longer. As he gathered his next hand of cards, which were a much better start at the least (Two jacks, a ten, an eight, and a four), he coughed to get their attention in a turn of seriousness. Though his actions dictated that they could still play as he talked.

    "As for Boise…I'll be sending out a small team in the morning. About twenty-five in total to stake out this old fort and verify the number of troops that are there. Scouting, no more. I'm hoping there are indeed no more than two thousand."

    "Shall we crush them with our full force?" asked Lieutenant Colonel Drassen.

    "No. Hopefully there is no need for that, though we'll adjust as is required. This Boise Fort shouldn't be that large and with a force anywhere in the range we've heard…no. Enough to show them that they have no chance, perhaps."

    "A siege then," Captain Miller mused to Clarence's nod.

    "I foresee this not lasting long or so I hope."

    "We may not need the full force, but I would suggest a good amount. Some of our troops are rather excited by the rumors, at least mobilizing a good amount of them may put that energy to good use rather than having it fester."

    General Owens mused over this, "That's a good suggestion, Colonel. After we have the verified amount, we'll meet up with our scouts at the border with Idaho and split not far in. I'll lead the siege myself, I need to see this Fort with my own eyes. Colonel Ataruford, you'll be taking the other half of the army to the city of Boise itself."

    "Yes, sir." A brief flash of disappointment but quickly dismissed.

    "I'll use about ten thousand infantry, half of our cavalry, and a third of our artillery. The artillery will mainly be for show unless they provide prolonged resistance. The cavalry, Colonel Tomsen will be in command of them, will be for an initial defense of any Union reinforcements as well as interception of any attempted messengers. We'll array the infantry in the traditional full circle maneuver around the fort outside of any artillery range and slowly encroach inwards as resistance fades."

    "Simple enough, sir," the Captain stated.

    "Simple," Owens agreed.

    ~Old Fort Boise, Idaho~

    And now General Owens sat atop his horse behind his marching infantry as they slowly began the encirclement and a small party with the white flag of parley had been sent ahead. The cavalry under Tomsen was already in place as they had ridden ahead naturally. The artillery was still en route, but not far behind. Just what was in evidence already should be enough to dissuade the Union troops of anything foolish. But if stubborn, when the guns were set up…even a third of the Army of the Pacific's thunder was enough to drown out this place. It'd be a wonder if any enemy soldier didn't wet their trousers!

    If that wasn't enough to make them break either….then a full on siege it would be, with the artillery playing a crucial role. Owens planned on using the infantry more as a demoralizer than anything else. He truly hoped from the bottom of his heart that a battle wouldn't be necessary.

    "Sir! I have a report," came a messenger. Corporal by the looks of it.

    "Out with it then," Clarence ordered as he shifted to gaze at him squarely.

    The Civil War was picking up pace…

    OOC: Make up of the Army of the Pacific as I see it. Hope this is ok. 30,000 men and women strong: 22,000 Infantry / 5,000 Cavalry / 3,000 Artillery for a total of about 300 Cannons

    The Siege of Fort Boise thus utilizes 10,000 Infantry, 2,500 Cavalry, & 1,000 Artillery aka 100 Cannons with all others heading to the city under Colonel Ataruford's temporary command.

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    IC: General Jabrinsky
    Twelfth Brigade
    IC: Forests of Appalachian Mountains
    Location: Road to Kentucky
    The road to Kentucky through Westylvania was a familiar one. It had originally began life as a postal road, little more than a dirt path winding up and down through the Appalachian Mountains on a course that was probably made by the very same men who were making a map as they went. But a good road was good road and so little had been done to change it in the passing years. The road was still covered with snow, but it was not impassible, not for his Twelfth Brigade, not for his men for whom the trek in the snow was merely a more common reminder of their home state of Vermont. Wheel marks and horse hoof-prints kept the path marked, an army preceded by the postal service and the first food shipments coming from Eastern harbors.
    Here and there, roughly half a days ride apart, an inn or tavern stood in stark relief to offer shelter and nights lodging for the weary traveler. For which he truly could count his men, as not all had the luxury of a seat upon a wagon, or horse, and so as he rested his sore behind from long riding before his men and back again they rested their sore feet and warmed themselves with a true bed in a rotational fashion between the inns along the road. Places were the innkeepers welcomed the lone army, all no doubt with money signs in their eyes in anticipated additional revenue with fresh government bills.
    Truly he was looking forward to Kentucky and what lay beyond in Missouri, the closer they came the closer they would be to putting the West back in it's place as brothers under one nation, where greed was the penchant of inn keepers and not leaders.​
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    Command Mode
    - Simon Chamberlain moves from Nataqua to Nevada (Capacity 1/3).

    Post Mode
    IC: General Simon Chamberlain
    Name: Army of The San Fernando Valley, (8k men)
    Location: Carson City, Nataqua
    Type: Normal

    Another command meeting, in a house kindly provided by the Mayor. Hats were off and things were getting tense. Before them lay two options, head south towards Las Vegas, or east towards Salt Lake City.

    “Salt Lake City is the best option.” Colonel Payne said looking over the map. “It moves us closer to the east and will secure an important city for the West.”

    “It will also put us further away from our allies in the Army of Los Angeles.” Colonel Larken countered. “I thought the plan was to keep close to them for support. We do not have the bodies to take on an eastern army on our own. The logical choice is to swing south to keep pace with General Van Amstel.”

    “It will take us a week minimum to cross the Nevada desert, by that time he would have moved far ahead of us. We would be treading ground already taken, that would not fulfil our mission objectives.”

    “And getting our army defeated in the field would be?” Colonel Larken’s voice hardened as did her face.

    “The main eastern armies would not be out this far, not this early in the campaign.” Colonel Payne replied just as stern.

    Captain Flores seemed content to allow his superiors to argue, smiling a little amongst the tenison. He had been proven right at the Sierras but, in this situation he deferred to his more experienced colleagues. Even if he had his own ideas as to what they should do.

    General Chamberlain studied the map, Nevada lay between him and any other territory he’d wish to take. It was too dangerous to attempt to send a message to his brother Angelno Van Amstel, so moving towards Vagas made the most sense but, Charles had a point by the time his army reached the city the Army of Los Angeles would be a week ahead of them at the least. However moving towards Salt Lake City put them very far away from the same army. Van Amstel was taking the southern territories, which meant he would be heading to Baja Arizona, Trans-pecos, or Chihuahua. North Utah was far removed from all those territories.

    “General Van Amstel is a capable commander.” Colonel Payne continued, “His army, although larger than ours would still have an uphill battle to fight if they ran into an eastern army, they need our support as well.”

    Simon’s head looked up. “Colonel Payne,” he called out, “Do you think it is possible for General Van Amstel to move his army north, into Navajo territory?”

    “I’d say likely sir.” The older man answered with a nod.

    “Sir,” Colonel Larkin cut in, “That is taking a leap of faith, with no communication he has no reason to change his course.”

    “But, he does Larkin, we provide his support, and he knows this, he has every reason to stay close to us as we do to him. I believe he’ll move northeast, through Navajo lands, we can link up with him in Colorado, then with our combined armies we can strategize further into the future.”

    “I still think we leave too much up to chance.”

    General Chamberlain took a moment to think, both of his subordinates made good points but, it was up to him to decide. Looking at the map again, Arizona was already in western hands, taking Las Vegas would not further the mission objectives, to capture as much territory as possible. However if the Army of Los Angeles did continue south he would have a long march ahead of him to link back up with them. A few more moments of thought, and the General had made his decision.

    “Gather up as many provisions as we can, we leave at first light.”

    “Donde va General?” Flores asked.

    “Utah.” Colonel Payne nodded his head, Colonel Larkin pursed her lips. Once again not everyone was happy with the decision but, there was a little caveat. “Once we reach Salt Lake City, I’ll send a messenger to Navajo, if he finds no sign of the Army of Los Angeles, we will move towards the south immediately. I don’t want to get caught alone facing a full Union army, understood.”

    “Yes sir,” his three commanders replied.

    The next morning with a chill still in the air the Army of the San Fernando Valley left Carson City heading into the barren wastes of Nevada.

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    OOC: My sincerest apologies for the late reply, I got distracted by other things.