Story [Godzilla King of the Kaiju School] Rap-Poem

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    Mar 10, 2015
    I came across an old Rap-Poem I wrote in 2009 about Big-G Godzilla - our favorite Kaiju Monster King and I came to thinking - 'Oh Why Not?' and I modified it - so 6 years later from 2009 I decided to post it this evening - enjoy!

    I’m the King … I’m a Kaiju …
    A Daikaiju!
    Why Yes I’m a Daikaiju,
    No Mercy nor any I.O.U’s
    Of the Kaiju School,
    He’ll Troll You Through,
    Tokyo I Slew,
    And the Nukes I Blew,
    The Terror that Brewed,
    He may be the Kaiju of Old,
    Yet other Kaiju he Trolled…
    For the Tales got told,
    He lived through Old,
    Since the Palaeozoic,
    Extinction of the Mesozoic,
    Yet the King of the Prehistoric,
    To the Terror of the Cenozoic,
    Anguirus I crashed in Osaka,
    Yet his soul I Trolled …Poor Anguirus, the Kaiju Baka,
    Then the other Kaijus I Fought,
    But in the end, I’d Trolled the Lot!
    Gave them a Beatin’ They never Forgot!
    1954 … years of Kaiju Wars,
    Yet then I be the Living Nature’s Law!
    2014 … to the MUTO’s,
    With a Kiss of Death,
    I gave but in a Single Breath!
    Trashed and Owned,
    I’d grind your Bones,
    For my stomps and Roars … an Angry Tone,
    I took the Lot,
    Destruction I Sought,
    Every Battle I Fought,
    Destruction I Wrought!
    Terror I Brought!
    For I Stomp and Crash,
    Alas then the Bright Flash!
    A New Clear Flash!
    The Atomic Dash!
    An Explosive Splash!
    Then Tokyo … be reduced to Ash,
    With Rubble in Stash!
    Your worlds just Crashed!
    Your Suffering I’d Cash!
    For Godzilla’s my name,
    Yet your despairs and cries were but in Vain,
    For soon you’ll drown in a Sea of Pain,
    For the Cities and Streets … your Blood shall Stain,
    And New Power I would Drain,
    And more Power … I would Gain!
    Godzilla, I, would be your Bane,
    But to be Super-Plain,
    I’m Godzilla … Kaiju King … all to my Fame … to my Name…
    From the Atomic Storm … a New Clear Rain!
    For the King’s Reign,
    But Survival and Destroy … was just my Game,
    For I’m the King of the Kaiju, a Grand Daikaiju,
    Prehistoric Terror Refreshed and Renewed,
    I rose from the Pacific,
    No Place too Specific,
    For soon all be a Dream too Horrific!
    For the Destruction but so Terrific!
    For when I stomped Downtown,
    I’m sure to Hunt you down,
    I’ll Nuke your Town,
    Under my Frown,
    The Tsunami’s I brewed … made you drown,
    Yet as you drown,
    In your Thoughts, your precious worlds simply go Down,
    Soon only the dust and bones,
    My Powers but honed,
    For soon will my foes know … they be but Trolled and Owned,
    But still the world I would Roam,
    For it is my Power and World I Own!
    Yet why can’t he De?
    For I’m Godzilla and I’m the King! And that’s Why!
    By Skreeonks … when my Roar let Fly!
    A Breath of my Nukes and its Bye Bye!
    The Clear Blue Skies,
    Suddenly it be but suddenly Dry,
    For when you heard my roaring Cry,
    When you could see … with your Eyes,
    Then my New Clear Beam of Death … it carried to the VERY SKY!
    For it be Nkes that I Spew!
    Many I would Slew!
    Send and Cry and SOS!-
    Boy what a Bleedin’ New Clear Mess!
    A Ravaging Atomic Mass!
    I do what I do Best,
    At Destruction’s Hest,
    The Jewel of the Kaiju Nest!
    Kaijus brawl Kaijus brawl,
    None could stall,
    For the King Rules All!
    My Foes but Fall,
    Yet I never Fall…Because I’m the Kaiju King … I’m Godzilla … I always Stand Tall,
    I care not for Mankind’s Law,
    Yet I Enforce Nature’s Law,
    Welcome to Kaiju School,
    But only I, the King would Rule!
    For Godzilla I am,
    Spiral Rays of Doom I Spam,
    For the Kaiju King,
    Yup – Godzilla …that’s Who I am …