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Saga - OT Beyond the Saga GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY...Chapter # 21

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Hopefulwriter, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopeful Writer
    Rating: G for everyone
    Time Frame: After Return of the Jedi
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, others


    Leia Organa Solo was awakened by the shaking of the bed. Opening her eyes, she turned
    over and saw, through the hazy moonlight shafting through the window, her husband sitting
    on the edge.


    He didn’t move. Leia scooted to a sitting position, drawing the cover with her, and leaned back against the cool headboard.

    “Han, you alright?”

    The Corellian turned his head and she saw his unsmiling profile. “I’m fine.”

    She could tell by the slow, low timbre of his voice that he wasn’t. She smiled to herself;
    she knew how to draw him out.

    He rose and walked to the window, staring up at the stars…his eyes following a blue comet as it streaked across the black sky.

    “What is it?” She waited for him to speak again.

    “It’s been seven years, Leia, since the destruction of the last Death Star and Vader’s….
    your father’s death. There’s been relative peace…all I do is haul supplies and move
    contingency troops. I’m tired of this military life.”

    Leia knew he’d been acting restless the last few months. She caught her breath…then asked… “Are you tired of me?”

    Han glanced at her in the shadows of the room, walking back to their bed, he
    sat down and took her into his arms. “Of course not, sweetheart.” He answered, kissing
    the top of her head. I love you and Ben, and our life together.”

    Leia closed her eyes, surrendering herself to the warmth of Han’s familiar embrace.

    “But you need more, don’t you?”

    “Maybe,” he answered honestly. “Just for a while.” He drew back from his wife, smoothing
    a tendril of hair from her cheek. “Ben’s six now, he’s in school. You are busy with government and diplomatic duties. What am I supposed to do when I’m not carting goods and people around the galaxy? Hang around your office?”

    Leia smiled as he continued. “How about if I go back to some of my old haunts and
    take on some hauling jobs?”

    Leia drew back from him, her eyes wide.. “You mean go back to smuggling?”

    “’d take on some legitimate civilian jobs…just for a few years…I can’t see
    myself still flying the Falcon when I’m seventy.” Han gave her a crooked smile.
    “That old bird has been through a lot…I could make enough money to get a new ship.”

    When Leia remained silent, thinking. Han added… “I’m still in the prime of life, if I live to
    a Corellian’s average age, that’s a lot of years not to fill. I’ll come back every
    few months - you can contact me any time, if things flare up, I’ll be back to help
    fight again.”

    “Are you having a mid-life crisis?” Leia teased.

    With a mischievous twinkle in his hazel eyes he said, “I could save up enough money for us to buy a small paradise of our own…” He slid his work and flight callused hands down her arms.

    “What about Chewbacca?” She asked.

    “I’ll get back in contact with him. He’d probably be glad to get some time away, too.
    last I heard he and Malla have four children now.”

    Leia laced her arms around Han’s neck. “Be careful.” She whispered.

    Anew, Han realized the amazing qualities of his wife. “I love you.” He told her.

    “Show me.” She responded with a teasing smile.


    The next morning, Leia didn’t find Han in the dining hall at breakfast, but she did see

    Luke so she and Ben joined him at his table.

    “Hey, there, little Rebel.” Luke ruffled the brown hair of his nephew.

    Shaking his head sideways Ben insisted. “I’m not a rebel, I’m a JedI.”

    “Eat your breakfast.” His mother admonished. Ben picked at the green, coarse food. “Yuck!”

    Luke smiled. “That’s what JedI eat…see, I’m having the same thing.” He took a big bite.

    Ben dug into his bowl then, giving an equally big smile.

    Leia shook her head. “You always do have a way with him.” She said, taking a drink of her
    kava. “Have you seen Han?”

    “He was in earlier, seemed all excited about something, said he’d tell me later, that he had
    to go check out the Falcon.”

    Leia looked at Luke, then nodded at Ben. Luke took the hint.

    “Time for school.” Leia said, “don’t be late.”

    Ben wiped his face and took the last sip of his amatha milk. Grabbing his book, he gave
    his mother a quick kiss on the cheek. “See you later, Mom. Bye Uncle Luke.”

    As the youngster rushed through the door, Leia could see other children in the hall.

    She turned back to Luke, “Han’s decided to go back to civilian hauling.” She told him.

    Luke blinked in surprise. “He’s leaving?…you two aren’t….”

    “No, it’s nothing like that. He just needs a change for a while.”

    “Hey!” Han called to them as he came through the door and neared the table. Sitting down
    he said to Leia. “The ship’s all ready, plenty of fuel and supplies. I’ve talked to Chewie.” He turned to Luke. “Leia tell you I’m going back to commercial hauling?”

    “Yes.” Luke nodded.

    Han took Leia’s hand in his. “I’m going to pick up Chewie on the way to Tatooine.”

    “You’re going now? So soon?” Leia said.

    “The sooner I leave, the sooner I’ll be back.” Han answered, winking at her.

    “But, Ben…”

    “I saw him in the hallway…gave him a hug and kiss goodbye, told him his daddy was
    going to be gone on business for a while.”

    Luke wanted to give them some private time, so he rose to leave. “I’ve got some business
    of my own to take care of now. If you see any of my old buddies there, tell them I said ‘hello’.”

    “I’ll do that.” He answered as Luke left.

    Han looked at Leia. “This will be the first time we’ve been separated since carbon freeze.”

    She winced at the memory. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

    “That will never happen.” He assured her.

    They sat in silence for a few moments, gazing into each other’s eyes..unspoken messages
    passing between them.

    He untangled his fingers from hers. “I’d better get going. Walk me to the ship?”
    At the docking bay Han embraced her again and after a lingering kiss said, “I’ll be back
    before you know it.”

    Han boarded the Falcon and waved at her as he started the engines.

    Leia held back the tears…missing him already, but loved him enough to let him go…
    to experience what he loved… for as long as he needed to, knowing they had the rest of their lives to be together. 








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    DARTH_MU Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 9, 2005

    Great premise!

    Is this canon compliant? Or AU?

    Wow. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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  3. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY.
    In all the stories following, some will be cannon with some original settings.

    I always wondered what happened between THE RETURN OF THE JEDI and
    THE FORCE decided to 'fill in the blanks' for myself and hoped
    other fans enjoyed the journey.

    Thank you for the encouragement. Lynda V.
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  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Hopefulwriter -- I am always happy to see a new thingy up by you. :) Beautifully and poignantly written, very much in character for Han and Leia. His restlessness and wanting to do something adventuresome now that things are settled down. Her initial anxiety "Are you tired of me?" His assurances of his unfaltering and undiminished love. [face_dancing] [face_love] Especially touching and resonant was the phrase "They had the rest of their lives together".

    It is certainly not an automatic consequence, but when you look at things in hindsight, you think "Ouch! That's how innocently it started." [face_thinking] Because when you're apart after a while even though you miss the other person it gets more customary to "not have them around" to talk to, confide in, etc. You start to feel like a "single person" not romantically but as in I don't have to ask or tell anyone what I'm doing. So that when the other comes back after the time away, you have to get used to coupleness again.


    I will certainly keep an eye out for Han's adventures. ;)


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  5. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi WarmNyota, Thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY.

    I'd wondered quite a while what 'happened' between THE RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE FORCE AWAKENS...
    So decided to 'fill in the blanks' for myself. Others may have better thoughts.

    Tho it was many years between the two movies, there's no indication how Han and Leia came to part.
    As you say, it is a gradual thing.

    Appreciate your encouragement.

    Have a good weekend. Lynda V.
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  6. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Dang, almost missed this one.

    A couple taking a break is not always a bad thing, but seen how it played out in the end it hurts to watch them drifting apart and not meaning it.
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  7. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure Angel2...thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY.
    Appreciate your comments.
    Have a good day. Lynda V.
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  8. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopeful writer
    Rating: G For everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Malla, Lumpy, other characters
    SUMMARY: Han travels to Chewbacca's homeworld.


    After setting coordinates for Kashyyyk on the flight console, Han leaned back in his pilot’s seat to enjoy the sights outside the Falcon’s cockpit window; the arc ringed moon of Tsugua, the Swanell nebula and the quad stars that twinkled in sequence in the distance. Glancing at the over-sized co-pilot’s seat, he smiled at the flood of memories. He was looking forward to seeing and working with his old pal again. Both their lives had changed quite a bit in the last few years, but as friends and partners that would never change.

    Swooping over the canopy of the gigantic trees of Kashyyyk, their limbs and leaves bending
    and swaying in the Falcon’s wind wake, Han navigated to the landing area he used when he took Chewbacca back to his home world years ago. He knew he was nearing the Wookiee village when he caught sight of several tree huts.

    Slowing the ship’s engines; visually searching for the familiar landing spot, he saw
    a couple of Wookiees making their way back to the tree line. The landing area had partially grown over with grass, weeds and vines, but circular patches of naked ground indicated where the Falcon’s landing gears had once settled and burned into the soil. Han landed the ship gently and began the shut-down process.

    A while later, the decompression hiss split the air as the hatchway opened and Han emerged from the ship. Looking around, he caught sight of Chewbacca, followed by another Wookiee as they moved out from the trees.

    “Chewie!” Han, hit the hatchway close button, jumped from the ramp and ran toward his friend, who was already loping toward him. As they met, Chewbacca lifted his friend off his feet in a big Wookiee hug and roar of joy; Han slapping the furry back.

    After Chewbacca set Han back on the ground the banter started. Han cocked his
    head to one side, “Looks like you’re gettin’ a little gray around the temples, old man.”

    (And you’re looking a little worse for wear.” ) Chewbacca spat back.

    Then, Han acknowledged and nodded to the other Wookiee.

    (Don’t you know who this is?”) Chewbacca asked with a smile.

    As Han looked closer at the shorter Wookiee, (who was still taller than himself, and
    reached Chewbacca’s shoulders) recognition dawned on him. “Lumpy!?!”

    He exclaimed. (“That’s right, Uncle Han.”)

    “I don’t believe it. Why, the last time I saw you, you only came up to my holster.”
    Han placed a hand on his blaster. “Now look at you!”

    (“He’s almost grown.” ) Chewbacca confirmed as Han gave Lumpy a hug.
    (“Let’s get home.”) He suggested. (“Malla’s been cooking all day and you
    can meet the rest of the family.”)


    The trio talked and laughed through the sun-beam shafts of the forest and brush on the way to Chewbacca’s hut, and the years that had separated them seemed to melt away.

    “You’ve added on to the place.” Han commented as they climbed the ladder up to the house.

    (“Had to when the twins came.”) Chewbacca answered opening the door. Han could
    already smell the aromas of cooked food.

    Malla rushed from the kitchen, (“My handsome one!”)* She ran and gave Han a big, squeezing hug; even the Wookiee females were strong.

    “Good to see you, Malla” Han greeted when he caught his breath.

    (“Come, come - meet the rest of the family.”) Malla urged and the Corellian followed her
    to the kitchen. Malla urged a small girl to come to her…(“ This is In-kwa.”) She said brushing back the golden blond fur from her face. The shy girl ducked her head, but looked up to see the man, her blue eyes twinkling.

    “She’s a beauty.” Han complimented. “I first saw her when I brought Chewie home after you sent that urgent message.”* Han brought the memory to voice.

    (“That’s right.”) Malla agreed.

    (“Had me scared to death.”) Chewbacca groused.

    (“Didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”) Malla replied with a smile. (“Let me show you the twins.”) Malla guided Han to the rough-hewn table where wooden high chairs stood on each side of a log chair. The two baby Wookiees were flailing their arms, shaking wooden rattles. (“This is our son, Kiff.”) Malla said, patting the shoulder of the light tan-furred baby. (“This is our daughter Weesa.”) She patted the shoulder of the light blond-furred baby. Motherly pride shone from her eyes.

    “You do good work.” Han teased as he elbowed Chewbacca, who thrust out his chest. All laughed.

    (“Now…everyone sit down at the table.”) She motioned to Lumpy and In-kwa as Chewbacca
    took the head-of-the-household-seat and Han pulled out a chair next to him. The twins gurgled and laughed. Han basked in the love, warmth and coziness of this home.

    He noticed the empty space at the other end of the table. “I was sorry to hear of Itchy‘s passing.”

    (“He lived a long Wookiee life and he will always be with us in memory.”) Malla told him as
    She passed bowls of food around the table.

    “This is good, Malla!” Han told her, when he tasted a spoonful.

    (“Can’t be as good as your Leia’s.” ) She responded.

    “Leia doesn’t cook. We still live military style at the Rebel base, so we have our meals in the
    Dining Hall. It’s flight meals when I’m on a run.” Han told her.

    (She’ll cook for you when you get a place of your own.”)

    “That’s why I’m going to do some commercial hauling….. legitimately this time.” He said with a smile.

    (“How is your Leia and your son?”) Malla asked.

    “Leia’s fine…busy as always…Ben is growing like a stiltweed.” Han replied around another

    (“Any more children on the way?”)

    “Not that I know about.” Han laughed.

    (“Knowing you, it’s not from your lack of trying.”) Chewbacca teased.

    (“Chewbacca! The children.”) Malla nodded to Lumpy and In-kwa.

    Just at that moment Weesa squealed and flung her spoon in the air and a lump of
    swetata splattered on the side of Han‘s face.

    (“Weesa!”) Malla scolded.

    “It’s alright,” Han said wiping the purple food away with his hand. “I’m used to it.” Laughter
    ran around the table.

    Later, in the common room, while the smaller children played on the floor, conversation
    abounded as they talked and caught up the past years and Han detailed his plans to Malla; a rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance.

    (“Night rain coming.”) Chewbacca said, (“Keeps everything green.”)

    (“Best we all get some rest.”) Malla told everyone, moving toward the babies.

    “I’ll go back and stay in the Falcon.” Han told them, thinking Chewie would want to spend
    a private night with Malla before leaving.

    (“You’ll stay in Itchy’s room. It’s all ready.”) Malla told him.

    Chewbacca led Han to the bedroom. Upon entering, memories came back to Han again; of how it all began with Chewbacca finding him and Malla nursing him back to health. And how
    Itchy hated giving up his room to ‘that soldier.’*

    Han unbuckled and removed his blaster belt, laying it across a chair and began undressing.

    (“See you in the morning.”) Chewbacca told him, then, on impulse, gave him another rib-squeezing, breath-taking, bone-jarring happy-to-see-you Wookiee hug.

    “Good night, Chewie.”

    After Chewbacca left, Han tried to convince himself the burning in his eyes was from looking too long at the stars during flight. THE LATER ADVENTURES OF HAN SOLO BEGINS.

    * “Urgent message.” Comes from my story THE MESSAGE posted earlier on this site.
    * “I first met her.” Comes from my story THE MESSAGE posted earlier on this site.
    * (“Handsome one.”) Come from my story BY ANOTHER NAME posted earlier on this site.
    * ‘that soldier.” Comes from my story BY ANOTHER NAME posted earlier on this site.
































  9. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Oh [face_dancing] [face_dancing] Wonderful sweet feels around the reuniting and reminiscing. Full of affection and banter. :)
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  10. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    As Han looked closer at the shorter Wookiee, (who was still taller than himself, and
    reached Chewbacca’s shoulders) recognition dawned on him. “Lumpy!?!”


    I scared my husband when I started to shout, "Yeah!" through the living-room.

    And you even added familiar face like Malla and some new Wookies to the plot.

    You even did a obituary on old Itchy. Thank you!

    It filled me with great joy to be invited into a Wookie household alongside Han. It was a brilliant fic! I hope there is more soon!
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  11. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure Anger, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY..#2.

    Appreciate your kind comments.

    I love writing the Han/Chewie stories, they're such good buddies, and 'daily life' for the characters.
    Also enjoy writing other characters that go along with the originals.
    Just my point of view for a story.

    There will be more. I always wondered what 'went on' during those years between the movies. Other writers
    may have a different view.

    Don't scare the husband too much, ha. Have a good day. Lynda V.
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  12. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Warm Nyota, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #2.

    This is the type of writing and story telling I enjoy doing for the characters.
    Glad you enjoyed it. Lynda V.
  13. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopeful Writer
    Rating: For everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo, original character
    Time Frame: After THE FORCE AWAKENS
    Summary: Han has decided to return to hauling cargo and he and Chewbacca set course
    for Tatooine.


    The cool, mist-shrouded Kashyyyk dawn was quiet, and the pale, shafting, early morning sunlight promised a bright day.

    Han Solo had just finished dressing and was tying down the buckled blaster on his thigh, when the aroma of grain cakes wafted into the bedroom. He closed his eyes momentarily, enjoying the homey scent.

    A loud squeal from one of the babies made him smile as he made his way to join the Wookiee family at the morning table. Malla passed around the grain cakes while Chewbacca filled everyone’s cup with cool, fresh spring water.

    After the meal, and receiving farewell hugs from everyone, the Corellian left to power up the Falcon’s engines and contact Leia while Chewbacca said good-bye to his family. His deft hands worked over the controls and the low thrum of revving engines brought a smile to his face…that sound was familiar and necessary to him as his own heartbeat.

    He then coded the frequency to the Government complex and to the rooms in which he, Leia and Ben lived. A crackle in the comm-link unit told him he’d reached connection. “Leia….Leia….”

    “Morning, Han.” Leia greeted.

    “Chewie and I are getting ready to head to Tatooine.” He informed.

    “How is Chewie and the family?”

    “They’re doing fine…you should see Lumpy…taller than me, now.”

    “And the babies?”

    “Cute as can be…..couldn’t imagine Chewie ever being that small or that cute.”

    “Don’t let Malla hear you say that.” Leia teased back.

    “Ben already left for school?”

    “No, he’s still here. Want to talk to him?”

    “Sure do.”

    “Hi Dad.” Ben’s voice crackled in the comm unit.

    “Hi, son. You be good for your mother, now, I’ll be back soon.” Han assured his offspring.

    “I will….Dad…bring me back a JedI lightsaber.”

    “Afraid I can’t do that, son, you can’t buy a light saber, a JedI makes his own.”

    “OK…Uncle Luke will help me make one.”

    “I love you, Ben.”

    “I love you too, Dad.”

    “Let me talk to your mother again.”

    Rustling could be heard over the comm-link as Ben handed the receiver back to Leia.

    “Don’t let Luke make him a real light saber. He’s still too young for that. Besides,
    he may decide to become a soldier, pilot, engineer or teacher or whatever. You know how kids change their minds.”

    “I won’t.” Leia agreed. “You and Chewbacca be careful…there are still factions in
    this galaxy and others that aren’t too happy with the new government.”

    A growl sounded from the hatchway as the Wookiee closed the entrance and shuffled toward the cockpit.

    “Chewie’s here, so talk to you later. I love you.” Han finished the conversation.

    “Love you, too.” Leia responded.

    Han replaced the comm receiver and watched as the big Wookiee settled in the co-pilot’s

    “Feels good, doesn’t it.” Han commented.

    Chewbacca nodded and flipped on his console screen.

    Han powered the engines to full force, lifted to hover and then executed a sharp turn, skimming the treetops as the Falcon rose to fly into a higher atmosphere, then into the blackness of space.

    “Coordinates are set for Tatooine. How about you making some kava and I’ll take
    you on in a game of holo-chess.” Han said to Chewbacca.

    (“Still think you can beat me after all these years?”) Chewbacca growled good-naturedly.

    “Sure,” Han teased back, “You don’t play holo-chess at home.”

    With another glance out the cockpit window, Chewbacca rose and headed for the galley.

    (“You set up the holo-pieces.”).


    Well into their first game, Han glanced up at his partner then at the holo-pieces, hoping
    to find a weakness in the Wookiee’s strategy. His brow knit, worriedly… Chewie hadn’t lost any of his game prowess. A sudden barrage of sound, like millions of rocks banging the side of the ship, caused both to jump up and run for the cockpit.. “What the….” Han muttered.

    Han straddled his seat, flipping gauges and scanning readings; a quick glance out the
    window caused him to yell at his co-pilot above the racket of the hits.. “Find these
    coordinates and tell me if anything is supposed to be here! And just hope whatever it is doesn’t break through the windows! We’re not supposed to be flying into anything!”

    Chewbacca worked over his screen, punching numbers on the navigator….growling…

    (“Here it is….looks like a solar wind has blown some debris from a planet or asteroid
    collision. The debris field isn’t too wide, so we should be out of it soon.”).

    “I’m not waiting to fly out of it…” Han said while working on the coordinates, “We’ll
    just move out of it, then we can get back in the lane.” The fog-like dust was causing
    blind-flying. Han adjusted the settings to allow manual flight, and the Falcon turned to make a sharp right and the engines groaned a surge… “Feels like we’re not moving, Chewie..” Han checked the power reading and found they were essentially ‘standing still’…. “Black bilge of Traglor!!“ Han swore, “What’s happening?!” He was frantically working over the console.

    Looking at their power readings, both exclaimed at the same time..”We’re in a tractor
    beam!!” “Who the hell could be pulling us in???” Han yelled.…Chewbacca spewed
    forth a stream of burning Wookiee curses as well. Han slapped closed the power feed then quickly checked the charge on his blaster, ramming the weapon back into the holster.

    Some of the dust fog was clearing and Han could see an ominous looking black ship in the distance; a connecting power beam stretching from that ship to the Falcon.

    “They’re not pulling us in,” Han said, “They’re pulling up to us! They’re going to

    board us!” He kept peering at the ship as it quickly slid closer, then exclaimed, “Hell
    Chewie! Pirates!!!” Han jumped up from his seat and jammed the stabilizer, causing the ship to begin shuddering…then cut to the lowest power setting…the engines down-ramping to mis-firing ’chugs’… “We’ve only got seconds!!! No time to engage the weapons!”
    Han yelled as he slammed opened a cockpit power box and began ripping out wires..lights going out in the cockpit and dimming and blinking off and on throughout the corridor leading to the rest of the ship. (What are you doing?????”) Chewbacca growled, standing….

    “Gotta make this ship look as bad on the inside as it does on the outside.” Han yelled. “You go back, have your weapon ready and don’t come out until I call you!” He ordered. Chewbacca nodded and picked up his bow caster, trodding off down the corridor.

    A loud, metallic noise outside the ship let Han know the pirate ship’s attachment board-way had been sealed to the Falcon. “Open your hatch, or we’ll blast it in!” Came the demand from the console comm-link. Han pressed the button opening the entrance-way and two humanoids entered, aiming their weapons at Han when they spotted him.

    “Stretch your arms, sideways.” The first one ordered in universal standard. It took a moment for Han to understand, then complied, keeping the right side of his body in the shadow of the cockpit, hoping they would think he didn’t have a weapon. Han studied the two as they took turns looking around the immediate area of the ship… they were medium build, standing on two feet, their weapons…pointed directly at his chest.

    “Move out where we can see you fully.” One ordered. Han slowly moved in to the dim, blinking light.

    “Remove weapon.” The other ordered, nodding at Han’s blaster. “With your left hand.”
    Noting that he must be right handed due to the position of his holster and he didn’t want
    that hand anywhere near the blaster.

    Keeping his right arm raised, Han unbuckled and untied the weapon clasped around his hip with his left hand…it dropping at his feet.

    One of the pirates motioned to the weapon and Han kicked it out of his reach.

    “What are you hauling?” The three-eyed, head banded pirate asked?

    With both arms stretched out, Han lied, “Nothing…just dropped off a cargo of ligmanite marble and going for a load of exotic plants for the Arboream Settlement on CallidaK.”

    The other one sneered.. “We’ll just take your ship, then! You can float home.”
    Both laughed at their ‘joke’ showing black, jagged teeth; one motioning Han closer
    to the hatchway. ‘MOVE!!!” The other shouted…they were dead serious. Han bit his lip, edging toward the entranceway.

    In a flash, double bolts of energy from Chewbacca’s bow caster whipped the pirate’s weapons from their hands and in one swift move Han had his blaster in his fist.

    An ear piercing cream split the air as the enraged Wookiee rushed toward the pirates. Now unarmed, their eyes widened in fear and they rushed through the hatchway to their own ship. Han loped to the cockpit, yelling at Chewbacca. “Close the hatch quickly, or we’ll decompress when they pull away.” Jumping into his seat and finding the controls, he positioned the Falcon’s underbelly gun and began firing at the pirate ship, which was now moving. A loud ‘pop’ signaled the boarding corridor was detached from the Falcon.

    Controlling the shots from the console, Han scored some significant blows to the pirate ship as it sped further away into space. Then he adjusted the stabilizer to normal setting and powered up the engines. “Just hope it didn’t do permanent damage to the ship. We’ll have

    her checked out on Tatooine. That was spot on shooting, Chewie.” Han complimented
    as the Wookiee took his co-pilot’s seat.

    (“Haven’t lost my touch there, either.”) Chewbacca replied sardonically. Han smiled.

    (“How’re you gonna fix those wires? Remember which ones you ripped out?”)

    Han gave a deep sigh… “Guess I’ll have to figure it out.” He looked at the mass of twisted wiring dangling from the power box.

    (“Fix the cockpit lights first.”) Chewbacca instructed.

    Han rose from his seat, taking the wiring in his hands, looking them over carefully…
    “It’s this one……maybe that one…no…” Seated at the controls, Chewbacca shook his head. It was going to be along trip without any lights.

































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  14. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great talk with Leia & Ben followed by a riveting adventure/encounter with pirates. :eek: No lights... hmmm. If Leia was along that could be kinda romantic [face_mischief] [face_laugh]

  15. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Space pirates! Yeah! Never saw that attack coming!
  16. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi WarmNyota, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #3.
    I enjoy writing these stories and always wonder where 'they' will take me. More to come.

    Have a good day. Lynda V.
  17. Hopefulwriter

    Hopefulwriter Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi Azure Angel. Thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #3.
    I like to put 'surprises' in my writing of the Han stories. Appreciate your comment.
    More to come. Have a good day. Lynda V.
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    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopeful writer
    Rating: G for everyone
    Characters: Han Solo, Chewbacca, new characters

    GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY # 4 In the series.
    The beeping signal on the lounge computer console sounded and Han Solo put down
    his drink and slowly ambled to the cockpit, his boots scuffing along the metal deck plates. Chewbacca followed behind. After settling in his pilot’s seat and changing settings to manual flying he commented. “Coming up on Tatooine.”

    Chewbacca gave a short ‘woof’.

    “Same old dust ball.” Han muttered, viewing the hazy brown planet from the cockpit. “Wonder if it’s changed much after all these years?”

    (“Won’t have Jabba to worry about this time.”) Chewbacca said.

    Han smiled, remembering both fond and unwelcomed memories as he steered toward Mos Eisley. “Just hope nobody’s taken his place.”

    Guiding the Falcon with practiced ease, Han flew into the docking port of Mos Eisley and
    set the Falcon down in Bay 94 . After securing the ship, he and Chewbacca disembarked and Han went to find a port officer. Other pilots, droids and some unrecognizable entities passed the Corellian on his search. Finally locating an officer, Han reported the necessary information about himself and his ship. “Could you have a mechanic check out my ship…we had a little trouble on the way here. Just let me know if there are any repairs or parts needed. My partner and I will be at the Mos Eisley Cantina.” The male officer nodded and made notes on his data pad, glancing up at the bandolier wearing Wookiee standing behind the pilot.

    Wending their way through the streets of the spaceport town, the pair passed booths,
    sales wagons, water haulers and milling other citizens; dry dust scuffing up from
    their footsteps. Talk, yells, laughter, screams and other town sounds floated on the sweltering daytime air as a few children played in the area. Han’s thoughts going to Ben as he glanced at the children and glad to know that his son and wife were safe and well cared for.

    “Here, Chewie.” Han stopped in front of the Cantina. Standing just inside the entrance, Han waited for his eyesight to adjust to the darkened interior, not realizing many eyes were assessing him as well. Walking further into the Cantina, Han commented under his breath. “Looks even worse than when we were here last.” Then, surveying the patrons…pilots…barflies, cargo haulers, mechanics and street women through the smoky haze, Han said. “Rails of Hell, Chewie, did we ever look that young, cocky and stupid?” He shook his head, a world of living and experience behind him and commented. “Some of these won’t even be alive this time next year.”

    Chewbacca gave a low, understanding growl.

    “Go find a table. I’ll get us a drink.” Han told his partner. Then, hand on his blaster;
    no trust for these young ones, made his way to the bar. Nudging into a space,
    Han’s lips spread into a smile of recognition. “Wukur…that you?” The bulky bartender
    turned, sneered at the comment and turned back to mixing a drink, then just as quickly
    swiveled back again… “Han Solo?” Han’s smile widened. “That’s right. Been a long time
    hasn’t it?”

    The bartender gave a snide chuckle placing his hands on the bar in front of the Corellian. “Never thought I’d see you in here again.”

    “How about a couple of your specials for me and Chewie?” Han motioned over his shoulder in the direction where Chewbacca should be as he laid credits on the bar in payment.

    Wukur stared at Han for moments longer…. “Alright.” Then turned to fill the order.

    Han waited, viewing more of the interior while the other patrons jostled him, talking
    and gesturing to each other.

    “Here you are.” The bartender placed one drink on the bar and handed the pilot the other.
    As Han reached for the glass, Wukur struck out with a powerful, meaty-fisted blow to
    Han’s left jaw sending him careening backwards, falling against a table; bottles and
    glasses crashing to the floor. Han regained his footing, hand to his face checking for bleeding, then stumbled back to the bar.

    “What the hell was that for?!?”

    “For not paying the last time you were here. You still owe me eighty-four credits!”

    “I paid! Threw credits on the bar when I left!” Han insisted.

    “I’m talking about the mess you left with Greedo…had to pay someone to clean it up
    and remove what was left of him out of the bar.”

    Angrily, Han reached into his pocket, withdrew credits, counted out eighty-four and throwing them on the bar, took the drinks and left to find Chewbacca.

    Wukur nodded, wiping a glass with a not too clean towel… “That booth never did
    smell right after that.” He muttered watching Han make his way to a table.

    “Here, Chewie.” Han said as he placed the glass in front of his partner and plopped down
    in the seat opposite his partner.

    (“What happened to you?”) Chewbacca asked, noting the now swelling and darkening bruise on Han’s cheek just below his left eye.”

    Han gave a wry smile. “That’s Wukur’s ‘Welcome back.’” The Wookiee shook his head, couldn’t anything happen normally to his friend.

    The two sipped their drinks and watched the coming and goings of the bar patrons; others entering just as young and trying to be tough looking.

    Out of the corner of Han’s eye, he noticed a young, basic armor clad Novusian approaching
    their table. He shifted in his seat and unsnapping the restraining strap on his blaster, let his hand linger there and nodded, almost unnoticeably, to Chewbacca.

    The man lifted both hands in a ‘I mean you no harm’ gesture and walked slowly up to the table.

    Han gave him a cool ‘once over’…white hair, round face, white eyes; a breathing pack attached to his throat, over long arms, two legs and dressed in common clothes except for the basic armor.

    <“Heard the bartender call you ‘Han Solo’."> He stated in universal standard.

    Han nodded.

    <“I’ve heard about you most of my life, your association with the Rebellion and the war.”
    See you still have some battle marks.”> He pointed to Han’s blue/purple cheek.

    “That’s from a friend.” Han replied. “The Rebellion and war were over several years ago.”

    Then nodded to the man to have a seat.

    He sat next to Chewbacca, then looking up, scooted farther away. Han smiled.
    “He won’t hurt you, unless you beat him at holo chess, then he’ll pull your arms off.”

    The man blinked, then caught on to the tease.

    <"Strange to find you here, on Tatooine. You on a mission?">

    Han gazed at the young man, being that nosy and asking questions in this place could
    get him killed very quickly, but he looked pretty harmless.

    “Looking to do some commercial hauling.”

    <‘That’s what I do, hauling…just making a refueling stop.”>

    “What are you carrying?” Han asked, running his forefinger around the rim of his empty

    <“Forma-cron. Building material for a new colony on Viakinnou.”>

    “Need any more help?”

    <“Sure do, the contractors are wanting to get the settlements up and the citizens moved
    before the solar windstorm season starts.”>

    “How do I get in touch with those contractors?”

    The young man reached into his pants pocket and drew out a data pad. <“ Here’s the
    com-link frequency. You can contact one called Attix.>

    Han noted the numbers. “I’ll do that. Thanks. And you’re who?”

    <“Steb Witcher.”>

    “You have a family, Steb?”

    <“Have a father and mother and a sister. I’m not married.”>

    “Let an ‘old soldier’ give you a little advice.” Han began. “Be wary of places like this
    cantina. An honest hauler can get in a lot of trouble in a short matter of time. And don’t
    ask too many questions and don’t tell a lot about yourself.”

    The young man nodded and scooted out of the seat, <“I have a schedule to keep. Glad I got a chance to talk with you. Maybe I’ll see you later on if you start hauling with us. Would sure like to hear some of your stories about the Rebellion and the war”>

    Han smiled grimly… “Those aren’t any bedtime stories.”

    The young man gave a salute as he headed out of the Cantina.

    “Well, Chewie, “Han took a deep breath, “ let’s go see about the ship and give this guy a call. Maybe we can start our first legitimate haul. Then I can let Leia know what we are doing and where we will be if she needs us.”































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  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Boy that bartender holds on to a grudge doesn't he? :p Nice that Han has made a solid contact for business. :)
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  20. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi WarmNyota, thank you for taking your time to read #4 in the GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY series.
    Always wondered how the bartender would react if Han ever showed up again., ha.
    Have a nice rest of the week. Lynda V.
  21. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Han always has a way with people. Sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better!
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  22. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Hi AzureAngel, thank you for taking your time to read GOING BACK TO YESTERDAY #4.
    He does have a way, good or bad, ha. Lynda V.
  23. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016
    Writer: Hopeful Writer
    Rating: For everyone
    Time frame: After RETURN OF THE JEDI before THE FORCE AWAKENS
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Chewbacca, original characters
    SUMMARY; Han and Chewbacca have finally line up a hauling job.

    “Here’s the readout the diagnostic droid printed about your ship, Captain Solo.”

    Han and Chewbacca stood patiently as the Deck Officer read. “The stabilizer was out of sync by thirty percent, the power thruster was shot, there were quite a few burned out holo-lamps in your corridors and cabins, pock marks on the hull of the ship, but no major system damage and the wiring in the central power box….here, let me say it word for word, ‘looked like someone put it together with their feet.’”

    Chewbacca gave a mocking, rumbling Wookiee chuckle.

    “Knock it off.” Han groused at him.

    The deck officer finished, “We got the repairs done and checked your fuel pack and you’re ready to go.”

    “Sounds good. How much do I owe?”

    The officer totaled the page. “Fourteen hundred credits.”

    “Ouch!” Han smiled, reaching into his pocked and counted out the amount.

    After giving Han the readout and receipt for payment, the officer turned and left.

    Han folded the paper and said in a low voice to Chewbacca. “We’re being watched.” Chewbacca didn’t react or turn for a look. “Over by that snub-nosed 6-3-0 Star Skirter." The Wookiee shrugged slightly and readjusted his shoulder bandolier and caught sight of the ship in his peripheral vision. He questioned Han with a mild growl.

    “He doesn’t have the look of a bounty hunter to me.” Han said making his way slowly up the Falcon’s access ramp. Though Jabba had been dead for many years, there were still bounty hunters and military police out for him, not to mention those he’d double crossed in his dealings a lifetime ago.

    Once inside, Han headed for the cockpit. “Gonna call this Attix guy. We need that hauling job.
    Aren’t being paid by the new government any more and those repairs on the ship took a good chunk of our money.” Settling in his pilot’s seat and flipping on the com-link, Han adjusted the frequency to the one he was given.
    “Captain Han Solo contacting Attix..over.”

    After a few seconds of static and crackling, Han said, “Hope this guy speaks Basic or Universal. Captain Han Solo contacting Attix..over.”

    “Captain Solo. Attix here. What is the purpose of your call?”

    Han smiled, he could understand every word. “I’m at the Most Eisley Spaceport on Tatooine and was approached by one of your haulers, said you may be hiring others.”

    “Tell me about yourself and your ship.”

    “I’ve hauled for many galactic years. My ship can take hard or soft cargo up to one million bi-nectric tons. We’re self armored, self contained and have all our permits and accreditations.
    I have a Wookiee partner, Chewbacca, who works with me.”

    “Sounds promising.” Attix replied. “If you can make it here in less than a solar week, you’ve
    got the job. I’m located on the western hemisphere of the planet Thira, at 45 degrees North
    and 19 degrees West from the planet’s equator. There’s no formal docking port here, but there’s a clear space where trees have been cut down. You’ll see it easily. When you land, ask for Kiff.”

    “See you in a week.” Han replied and cut the link.

    Chewbacca shook his head, <Why didn’t you ask him some questions? You always go blind into these kinds of deals.”>.

    “You worry too much, old man.” Han teased. “We’ll be hauling the same stuff the kid does.”

    Chewbacca continued to mumble and shake his head.

    “Ho, in the ship!” Echoed a call through the open hatchway into the corridor. All pilots knew to hail instead of walking into another ship’s hatchway.

    In one swift move, Han was out of his seat, the blaster slapping into his hand instantly. Chewbacca jumped up and grabbed his bow caster, which leaned against his side of the flight console. They moved to the access way.

    “Approach and identify yourself.” Han ordered.

    Han could feel the hairs on the back of his neck bristle as he heard footsteps on the
    ramp. Coming into view was nice looking older man, but, Han judged, was still younger than himself and he was unarmed and wore no sideblaster He nodded to Chewbacca and the Wookiee relaxed.

    “You are Han Solo?” The man asked, thrusting out his hand for a handshake. That surprised
    the Corellian and, still holding his blaster, awkwardly shook with his left hand while taking in the man’s total look; casual spacer clothes and jacket, average height, sandy hair…

    “I’m Hennagan Kyzer.”

    Han racked his brain, the name was not familiar.

    “You surely can’t remember me, but I was with the Rebellion on Hoth. I was a power mechanic.”

    Han holstered his blaster. “There were a lot of people on that base. Come on to the lounge and I’ll we’ll have some kava.”

    “That sounds good.” The man said and followed the pair to the interior of the Falcon.

    While Han was busy in the galley, Hennigan and Chewbacca slid into the booth around the game table. The man looked around the area, noting the console, equipment, layout and deck plates. Han soon entered with three mugs of kava and placed them on the table and slid in beside his partner.

    “I always wondered what the inside of your ship looked like. Very nice. There are a lot of these old YT 1300’s in service out there. Mostly haulers, transports or junkers.”

    Han gazed around the area. “I’ve made quite a few updates and improvements over the years. He wasn’t going to give even an old compatriot information about the ability of his ship; still wanted all to think it was an old freighter, an easy mark… You say you were at Hoth?”

    The man lowered his eyes, “Yes, I took off during the evacuation. Couldn’t take it anymore.
    I was a civilian contractor, not a member of the Rebellion. We just seemed outnumbered,
    out gunned…the Empire was relentless…guess you could call me a coward.”

    Han swallowed a gulp of kava. “I’d say you were a survivor. You had no post to desert. You
    didn’t betray anyone.” He spoke from experience.

    “I kept up with the news of what was happening. I know the Emperor and Darth Vader were
    killed and that the new government took hold. Was glad to hear it.”

    “Me too.” Han replied and Chewbacca nodded.

    “Understand they made you a general. Aren’t you still with the them and the new government?”

    “I was for a few years…but now that things are settled and in operation, thought I’d go
    back to some commercial work.”

    “You married? Have a family?” Han asked.

    “Not married. I like being a loner, no ties; that way you don’t get hurt. You?”

    Han smiled. “I married Leia Organa. We have a six year old son.”

    “You don’t say!!” Hennigan was surprised. “From the scuttlebutt I heard, you two
    fought just as fiercely as the Rebellion and the Empire.”

    “Love can be just like that too.” Han winked. “What are you doing now?”

    “I come back here every six months or so to pick up Krayt Dragon skins. The scavengers get them for me. A lot of demand for them on Onwuchekwa in the Inner Rim. The Upper Caste people like to cover their furniture and make clothes with them….classy.”

    Han shook his head and Chewbacca winced.. thinking about how it would feel to be skinned for his fur.

    The trio finished their kava. “Guess I better get going. Have to lift off in an hour. Just wanted to see if it was you and say hello.” The trio rose and shook hands.

    “Take care.” Han encourage as they walked to the hatchway.

    “Maybe our paths will cross again someday.” Hennigan said before departing.

    “You never know.” Han replied, thinking about others who’s path he might cross once he
    started a regular hauling schedule. There were a lot of places in the galaxy and in other galaxies.

    “Come on, Chewie. We’ll have a busy day tomorrow. Get an early start after I shower,
    shave and get on some clean clothes.”

    The Wookiee snorted as he headed for his quarters, sounded like a lot of fuss and bother to him.









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  24. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Job with Attix sounds like a good one. Cool to reunite with Kyzer. :D
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  25. Hopefulwriter

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    Jan 6, 2016

    Writer: Hopeful writer
    Rating: G for everyone
    Time Frame: Between the RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE FORCE AWAKENS
    Characters: Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, Ben Solo Chewbacca, Original characters
    SUMMARY: Han and Chewbacca travel to Thira to pick up the cargo.

    Before going to his cabin, Han again set the cockpit com-link to Leia’s frequency.

    “Han?” Leia answered after several moments

    “Hi, sweetheart.”

    “You still on Tatooine?”

    “Yeah, Chewie ‘n’ me are heading out tomorrow to see about a job hauling forma-cron
    to Viakinnou."

    “Never heard of that planet.” She responded.

    “Don’t know much about it myself.”

    “How did you find Tatooine? Still the same?”

    “A little more run-down than we remember. It’s still a hub for pilots.”

    “You didn’t get into any trouble there, did you?”

    “Now why would you say that?”

    “I know you.” She giggled. Han liked the sound of that.

    “How is Ben?” He changed the subject.

    “Full of energy. He’s running around everywhere with that ' light saber’ Luke made him
    from a glo-rod.”

    Han laughed, imagining his son at play. On the other end of the com-link Leia smiled…
    she like the sound of his laughter, too. “You and Chewie be careful.” Leia told Han, “I want
    you home in one piece.”

    “We’ll be fine.” Han assured his wife. “This job will be the start of our nest egg.”

    “Good night.” Leia whispered. “I love you.”

    “Love you, too. Give Ben a kiss for me when you put him to bed. Tell him I’ll bring
    him something special when I come home."

    “You bringing something special home for me too?” Leia teased.

    “You know I always do.” He teased back.


    “Alright, Chewie, lift her up.” Han sipped from his cup of kava. The Wookiee pulled
    the throttle and the Falcon lifted like the proud bird she was; gliding from the docking bay
    out into the blue atmosphere above Tatooine. Han set the coordinates for Thira. “Let’s show
    Attix just how fast we can get there."

    The trip to Thira was uneventful and the Falcon arrived a full solar day and a half

    Twilight was descending on the planet when Han guided his ship into Thira’s atmosphere.

    “Check the map on your screen, Chewie. Got to have those navigational coordinates just

    <“We’re on those coordinates you set.” > Chewbacca woofed assurance.

    “Good, we should be able to see that landing place Attix told me about.” Han lowered
    the ship to watch the ground. “Over there.” He pointed to a clearing, then guided the Falcon
    to a smooth set-down. Flipping toggle switches and lowering levers, Han and Chewbacca
    closed the ship down to bare minimum readiness; the cockpit’s lowest lights mellow in the
    creeping darkness. Removing his earphones Han said, “I see some buildings over there. Guess we check in there.”

    Disembarking from the starship, they walked to the nearest lighted building.
    Passing through the doors, Han gazed around the single room. Behind a high counter a
    purple head popped up…dual tentacles waving in the air. “Xim wol ock ut tm?”

    Han looked up at Chewbacca, who shook his head.

    “Uh…I don’t speak that language.”

    Two huge black eyes popped up over the counter top. Moving in opposite directions, the
    eyes surveyed the Corellian and the Wookiee. “Uoy kaeps cisab?”

    Han shook his head.

    The being moved a tentacle to below the black eyes, adjusting, what Han took to be a communication box.

    “What do you speak?” It asked in Basic.

    “That’s fine. I can understand you.” Han replied. “I’m Han Solo, I’m to ask for Kiff. Attix
    told me to report for a possible hauling job.”

    The black eyes blinked….and blinked again. “Wait here.” The eyes and tentacles vanished below the counter and Han could hear scurrying across the floor.

    “Wonder what kind of ‘being’ this Kiff is?” Han mused to Chewbacca. 

    “Captain Solo.”

    Han turned and was relieved to see a human walking toward him from behind the counter.

    “I’m Kiff. Attix told me you were coming. Didn’t expect you for a day or two more.”

    “I have a fast ship.” Han stated proudly.

    “That is what is needed to get these supplies to Vaikinnou before the solar storms hit and that
    window of opportunity is closing fast. I’d like to see your credentials." Han withdrew a
    packet from inside his jacket pocket and handed it to the man and stood quietly; hearing the papers shuffle as Kiff looked them over.

    “All seems in order. Glad to see your ship can accommodate large weight cargo.” Kiff handed the packed back to Han. “ We’ll load you tomorrow morning. The bunking area is in the next building. You both can get a hot meal and a cot for the night.”

    “Chewie and I stay in our ship.” Han told him.

    “You’re still welcome to a hot meal. All kinds of ales are available. You might like talking to some of the other pilots that are staying there. Hostesses are there too.” He said with a knowing wink.

    “I’m married.” Han told him, just as proudly. Chewbacca shook his head ‘yes’ also.

    “Then we’ll see you at dawn.” Kiff held out his hand. “You’ll be paid for the job
    when you are loaded." Kiff nodded to Chewbacca.

    “We’ll be ready.” Han told him as they turned to leave.


    Back at the Falcon, Han and Chewbacca checked the cargo holds. “Ready as we’ll ever
    be.” Han told his partner. “Let’s get something to eat. Who’s turn is it to cook tonight?”

    <“I’ll do it.”> Chewbacca said, “<You burned the food the last two times you warmed it.”>.

    “I like things well done.” Han spat back. “Not raw like you do.”

    The Wookiee bared his teeth at the Corellian and snapped at him with a playful growl.

    Han punched him on the arm. “Now you know I’d be too tough.”



















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