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Unclassifiable Gravels. The Pub At The End... A Holiday Tale

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Ktala, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    Ahh the holidays.

    The traffic. The noise.

    The madness.

    The silliness of the entire thing, as beings, with little money, and even lesser patience try to prove to one another just how generous they are, or how much they are into the holidays. Or perhaps they have too much money and power, trying to prove to others how magnanimous they were for the holidays. Or how much they hate them, depending on the point of view.

    But this year, things are different.

    It has been a ritual, nay tradition, that the grand house would hold a Holiday Party that was to beat all other parties being thrown. Beings from all over, would hope and pray that they would have the chance to attend the gala affair. Powerful beings, different creatures, people who seemed quite ordinary and plain, could find themselves invited. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the invitations. But the stories of the day after were all ways the same. Of a fantastic party, with more food than a being could dream of. And the gathering was fantastic. All would seem to remember having the time of their lives, and enjoying quite a bit of food and drink, rubbing elbows with the most powerful of beings and wondrous music. And their mysterious guest, who no one ever seemed to remember seeing in person, but all had fond memories of.

    This year, the host has promised something different. Indeed, they have promised a party to surpass all others this year. With whispers of grand food and drink to whet the appetite, and a promise of even more.

    And you have been invited.


    It was all rather shocking, to say the least. You were busily attending to whatever business you would normally be handling, when you saw it.

    And gold gilded envelope. perhaps? A simple card? Or maybe a scroll? A sheet of flimsplast? A computer text, a verbal recording, or even a chunk of rock, with words carved upon it, the method dosen't really matter. What DOES matter is that you received an invite. Addressed to you directly. How it got there, you have no clue. But there is is.

    Once you examine the invitation, it seems straightforward enough.

    "Welcome (You're name ).

    "We are happy to welcome you to the most anticipated event of the year. As always, we will attempt to whet both your appetite and more, with the most tempting of food and drink. And perhaps a bit more."

    "If you accept the invitation, then please leave the appropriate lowest denomination of the coinage of your area, on top of the invitation. Thats it. Be assured, we will be notified of your intent to join us, and will make all the necessary travel arrangements and preparations."

    "You look forward to hearing from you."


    Greetings all!!!

    This is looking to bring back the Holiday Games of old. As we all know, as the holidays get closer, especially after Thanksgiving, the boards tend to slow down, as Darth RL gets in the way. People have shopping, travelling, and other things to attend to, in the madness of Christmas, and the end of the year offering. So I am offering a lighthearted and hopefully intriguing RPG for those of us who will still hover around the boards during this most crazy time of the year.

    Be assured, there will be more to do than just drinking the wonderful food and drink, and dancing. But, you'll find out more about that, a bit later. As this is an RPG, I do have a Character Sheet, and it is as follows:

    Character Sheet:

    General Description: (Eye, hair, skin, fur, etc...)
    A Brief bio.:
    Time-frame and Universe: (See below)

    Now, about your character. You can be whomever you wish to be. If you wish to play yourself, or your avatar, so be it. If you wish to draw up a character, thats fine. You can be human, or any race from the Star Wars Universe. Or the ADnD universe. Or the Harry Potter Universe. Or... you get my drift. You can also be from anytime period, except for far flung future. But then be prepared to have things respond to you, as appropriate. [face_devil]

    No GOD-MODDING will be tolerated. (Just have to say it.)


    This is a bit of an experiment, but now is a good time to see how it may work. Think of it as a bit of a crossover.

    Ok...its one HECK of a crossover.


    Anyway, the entire point is to have some fun, and perhaps a bit of mystery on the side.

    See you on the other side.

    P.S. As I have started a new job, and I am expecting the boards the slow down, I would like to see a post at least once a week. I will do my best to respond more than that, if there is more activity.

  2. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006
    GM Approved! [face_party]


    Name: Bruce Wayne
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 32
    General Description: Bruce Wayne
    A Brief bio: Born to wealthy parents Thomas and Martha Wayne, known billionaires and philanthropists at the head of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce was orphaned at a young age, his parents victims of fatal gunshot wounds at the hands of a back alley criminal. With a childhood marred by grief and sorrow, Bruce took it upon himself to do everything in his power to rid his home, Gotham City, of such villainy, and traveled the world learning various forms of martial arts and spiritual and mental disciplines that would serve his efforts as the now infamous crime fighter, Batman.
    Time-frame and Universe: Modern day
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  3. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Chosen One star 9

    May 20, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Dr. Sheldon Cooper
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human (although sometimes we tend to wonder . . .)
    Age: 36
    General Description: See Link (pic is too big to post here)
    A Brief bio.: See this link
    Time-frame and Universe: The Big Bang Theory, modern time
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  4. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 6

    Apr 29, 2002
    Ktala Approved ^:)^

    Gender: male
    Race: Bronze Dragon, Aspect of Time.
    Age: undisclosed
    General Description: Night Elf.
    A Brief bio.: Chosen by Aman’ Thul himself to be the guardian of Time and Fate over the world of Azeroth, Nozdormu has felt an unusual wrinkle in the time-continuum and has come to investigate.

    Time-frame and Universe: World of Warcraft, Alternate Reality, Fantasy MMORPG.
  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Ktala(GM) approved

    Name: Agent Mitch Nifesta
    Sex: Male
    Race: Originally Twi'lek. Now a 2000-year-old Force Vampire. EPE (Extra-ordinary Powered Entity)
    Age: 2000

    General Description: (Eye, hair, skin, fur, etc...) Offputting blood red eyes that are normally hidden behind opaque black sunshades (like a VR visor), pale white humanoid, hairless. As broad and imposing as Darth Vader, tan robes. If you frisked him, you would find a lightsabre and a DC-15 blaster rifle.
    A Brief bio.: A Galactic Republic (SGIS) security agent since pre-Clone Wars, he continues to fight for truth, justice, and Republic values, during the Imperial era.
    That and keeping his friends and family safe, eating Sith, and looking to avenge Order 66.

    The newest addition to his family is Baille Harte, an Imperial female V-Wing pilot that he rescued from Imperial custody on Christophsis, convinced that she was a captured Rebel Alliance pilot.

    Mitch checks on his daughter.

    While, of course, keen to be rescued, Ms Harte is not yet ready to become anyone's little girl.

    Time-frame and Universe: Star Wars Legends, 1ABY. Current location: an abandoned Venator assigned to the]B.S.P.A.W.S.I.D[/url]. - The ****-**** Physics and Wierd Situation Intervention Division (WIP)

    Name: Baille Harte
    Sex: Female
    Race: Corellian
    Age: 25

    General Description: (Eye, hair, skin, fur, etc...) Two eyes, red headed Caucasian human, her long hair is often braided. Petite stature.
    A Brief bio.: Baille started out as an Imperial fighter pilot at Commenor. Her all-femme squadron were called the Ravens, and they were ambushed by four squadrons of their male colleagues, destroyed almost to a woman.
    Baille escaped, but was framed as a Rebel traitor. She was caught, tried, and scheduled to be terminated on Christophsis.

    Normally a very capable pilot and officer within the Imperial forces, she had to be rescued by the Twi'lek once, during which he adopted her, immediately accepting that she could be capable, and enrolling her in an SGIS mission.

    Appalled by his attitude, Baille flew away at the first opportunity, which he did not really mind, but she was almost immediately captured by slavers.

    Nifesta rescued her a second time, but unfortunately, decided that she was unable to look after herself, and the best way to keep her safe was to keep her under close care and supervision.

    Time-frame and Universe: Star Wars Legends, 1ABY. Current location: an abandoned Venator just assigned to the B.S.P.A.W.S.I.D.
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  6. Darth Rozic

    Darth Rozic Jedi Master star 3

    Dec 27, 2015
    Ktala Approved
    Name: Edward Elric
    Sex: Male.
    Race: Amestrian Human
    Age: 15
    General Description: Blonde, caucasian, mechanical right arm and left leg.

    A Brief bio:
    After losing his right arm and left leg due to a failed Human Transmutation attempt, Ed became the youngest State Alchemist in history by achieving his certification at age twelve. Three years later, Ed has become fully engrossed in his search for the legendary Philosopher's Stone, an item with which he hopes to restore his younger brother Alphonse - whose whole body had been lost in the aftermath of the human transmutation.

    Time-frame and Universe: Very early 20th Century. Full Metal Alchemist.
  7. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    I am waiting for a few posts, and a few character sheets. But I shall make a post by late tonight, so that your characters can begin to get ready and prepare for their arrival to the party, and any other information you wish to share. ;)
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  8. Darth Luna

    Darth Luna Jedi Youngling

    Nov 28, 2016

    Name: Toshinori Yagi (aka All Might, aka The Symbol of Peace)
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: Unknown (Presumed 30s?)
    General Description:
    In his hero form, Toshinori is an extremely tall and overly-muscular man, whose design resembles a generic American comic book superhero. His hair spikes on top of his head and his whole body has more shadows than any other character in the series regardless of the time of day, furthering his stylized appearance. His Hero Costume consists of a red, white, and blue body suit with golden gloves and boots. It has been shown with and without a cape. Overall, its design is considered very classic.
    In his true form, he is an overly-skinny man with angular features, long limbs and neck. He has spiky, disheveled hair with two bangs framing the sides of his face and loses his eyebrows from his hero form. He possesses a large scar that covers most of the left side of his chest, and it is not uncommon for him to spout blood from his mouth when excited or surprised. He typically wears baggy clothing to accommodate his Quirk's size change.

    Note that in both forms, his eyes are sunken in, but the difference is that you can see his eyes in his true form.
    True Form
    Hero Form
    A Brief bio.:
    The best overview of All Might can be found here.

    Time-frame and Universe: Modern Day, My Hero Academia Universe (shortly after the events in the Unforeseen Simulation Arc)
  9. A Blind Prophet

    A Blind Prophet Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2016
    approvified by the ktala one

    Name: Darth Bear (aka Winnie the Poohwalker)
    Sex: Male
    Race: Stuffed bear brought to life
    Age: 4
    General Description: [​IMG]
    A Brief bio: Having been tricked by Emperor Gopher that there is plenty of honey to be had, Winnie the Poohwalker, the last known Honey Warrior as joined the darkside of the honey pot, and become a Zzzith menace to the entire hundred acre galaxy. But deep down, he's still just Winnie the Pooh.

    Time-frame and Universe: Hundred Acre Galaxy ESB era.
  10. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    *Somewhere else*

    A poised and polished hand moves slightly, as eyes twinkle in merriment. "It seems the invitations have been accepted so far. A few have sited prior engagements, but we should have quite the gathering soon."

    Another sound, of crisp fabric being swished about is heard, as a second voice now speaks. "That is good. It has been such a long time, since we've had such guests. I am looking forward to this." Lips brush lightly against cool skin.

    "Let us prepare for our guests, shall we then?" With a small laugh, a swoosh of a doorway as the voices exit the room, thoughts on preparing for such prestigious guests well underway. With the exit, the room darkens after a few seconds.

    And on the desk, an orb glows with a soft orange aura.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world:

    So, you have placed the necessary currency upon the invite. One you do, you receive another message.

    "Preparations are being made for your arrival. Take all the time necessary in your preparations to join us. Once you are ready, please make your intentions known that you are ready. Your transportation has already been arranged. Until then.

    Your host."


    GM OOC:

    I am still awaiting a character sheet or three. So please, use this time, to introduce your character, perhaps how they located their invitation, and the making of their preparations to join the event.
  11. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Ktala Approved!

    Name: Markus Jethro Flinkmen Christianson (From SotS)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: 6?, American Indian (Lakota dominate in appearance)/Caucasian mix, black medium hair, swimmers build, with sea blue eyes. Wears brown cargo pants, crimson shirt, black cargo vest, and dark round sunglasses with side vent covers.
    Possessions: Glock 37 MARINER .45, survival knife (Rambo version), Blackberry, and computer tech. Small personal sound nullifiers good for 200 yards size of a pager, wrist watch with laser and electromagnet, canister of knockout spray, and?stuff?

    Born in a calmer time of world history, at least by comparison he grew up with his father mostly as his mom died when he was six years old. Although he enjoyed the benefits of his minority status he largely ignored his roots beyond what few tidbits he heard here and there, largely due to that he wanted to follow in his European father?s proverbial footsteps into the field of medical sciences.

    Having graduated pre-med he found that the life was not for him, or rather that blindly following his father was no better than his half-brother?s running away to the ministry, and that he would have to earn his father?s pride in another manner. Applying himself he came to join the SIS, or British Intelligence Agency, as a tech inventor in one of the remote labs in 2009.

    Three years later when the ?Change? occurred he has been using his friends in the agency and whatever pull he can find to try and locate his family. Knowing that the time would soon come to set out on his own to either find them or what had become of them he has created several catches of material around the world of technology that he might need.

    His half brother, an evangelical priest, has not been heard from since the outbreak and quarantine that occurred in New York where he had been holding a revival. It is unknown whether or not he escaped before the quarantine went into effect. His father had been returning by car from a trip to a medical ethics convention held in Warsaw Poland, and hasn't been heard or seen since passing near the German coastal town of Kiel that had vanished inexplicably. As for the only part of a past that does more than sadden, but scare him, is his daughter. Last he had been able to get any sort of message they had been in Hamburg where his Ex-wife was a professor in genetics. A dangerous pastime when the ?Change? finally hit Europe hard, communications between them had been lessening, but he had to know.

    When he got the job of working with a European task force labeled ?The Change? task-force he was thrilled, quickly prepped and set to fly. For the task force is based out of Bremen, not more than an hours drive from Hamburg according to a few map programs. Soon?soon he would hold his only true fear?soon. So he thought.

    In all this the Dream, or vision, yet hung in the back of his mind of the mouthless girls deep sadness, despair, crying out in silence felt so deeply. This vision of that delicate girl in a similar plane of a bleak Siberian desert with blood tears falling from blood red eyes, it was a thing of haunting. Made only the more haunting by the words beyond words that echoed ? ?And you shall be like gods . . .? Although the fact that it arose from a plane flight lessened it some, but still? it bothered him that something demoniac by its feel had met him on this fateful start.

    As time yet flowed and he worked with the Task force, and its disquieting methods he found himself assailed by the knowledge that they gave him of his own wife?s believed treachery. They gave him proof in the poor company she kept over their daughter in the man she was now with, and possibly the sitter that she had hired.

    The sitter became an unexpected key that might of led to more, and he truly did not meet her until after his first killing. That she was not human might have been part of it, but another was her sincere love of his own daughter that he could not deny. ESTI agents turned against him.

    Still in the end the world ended. Life began. And he was a witness to what the world may never remember. Blessed with the curse to live, uninjured. Undying. Watching his little girl grow even as his wife yet lives. . .again.
  12. A Blind Prophet

    A Blind Prophet Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 25, 2016
    OOC: making a slight change to his name actual name: Winnie the "Pooh" Hunnyeater

    IC: Darth Bear/ Innards/ Cloud City/ Bespin

    "I'll never join you!"

    That was not what Darth Bear had expected out of this situation. Really, the whole day had gone wrong. Piglet Groundwalker was not supposed to be dangling from some contraption over a giant pit missing one of his hands. Tigger Solo wasn't really supposed to be frozen in that block of grey stuff. He wasn't supposed to be sitting here, tapping the side of his helmet muttering think, think think to himself while trying to figure out what to say. It had all just supposed to be a simple dinner with old friends, but apparently they hadn't wanted hunny. Bother. I thought we were friends. That was it. He'd just ask that.

    "But Piglet, I thought we were friends?" His confusion evident from his voice.

    "Y-y-you destroyed Alderaan. H-h-how c-could we b-be friends after that? You aren't Pooh anymore." He edged a little farther down, leaving his feet dangling over the abyss while he tried to find something to get a grip on. Since it didn't look like it was going terribly well, Darth Bear absently used the Force to pick Piglet up and settled him into a much safer place farther down. "Th-thank you."

    "You're welcome Piglet." Tapping his helmet again, Darth Bear wondered how he could not be himself anymore? He was still Winnie the Hunnyeater. He was still people's friend. And he wasn't the one that had blown up the planet, that had been Gopher and Kanga. He hadn't even gotten any hunny out of it like he'd been promised, but there were more planets out there. Deciding on just asking the question, since he knew he wasn't ever going to figure it out Darth Bear asked, "But Piglet, how can I not be myself anymore?"

    Struggling again, Piglet was holding on by one hand now. "W-why can't th-these be made for smaller a-animals?" Darth Bear heard Piglet ask himself quietly, and he helped him down again. Turning his attention back upwards Piglet said, "Because the P-pooh th-that I know wouldn't have ever d-done such a thing. H-he wouldn't h-hurt anyone."

    Hurt anyone? But he hadn't. Well, other than Piglet's missing hand, but that had been an accident. "But Piglet, I didn't do that. Gopher did. He's the one that built the death honeypot in the first place."

    Piglet decided not to respond and simply let go, falling into the depths.

    Darth Bear watched, confused as to why Piglet had been climbing downwards when he was simply going to let go. It wasn't like a few feet was going to make a big difference with a drop like that. It had surprised him so much that he hadn't even thought to catch him. Oh well. I have some hunny to go eat. And with that Darth Bear began walking back to his shuttle, as it was high time he got back to his ship. After all the the galaxy wasn't going to make hunny on it's own.


    Upon entering his quarters, Darth Bear saw something that was completely out of place. It was a substance that was white, and flat. And looked to have writing on it. What was weird was that there was nothing like that anywhere else on the ship. It was all datapads and flimsiplast, not whatever this stuff was. What's more, no one ever wrote him anythings since he couldn't actually read it. Looking it over, he tapped his head while falling onto his but. "Think, think, think. Who could I get to read this for me." While he was thinking, one of the woozel officers came in.

    "Darth Bear, we're ready to jump to lightspeed. Emperor Gopher has sent us orders, sir." He shuffled from foot to foot nervously, not particularly enjoying being the one interrupting the thinking bear.

    Ignoring the comment, Darth Bear said, "You can read, can't you Hefallus?"

    Looking uneasy, Hefallus said, "Yes sir, I can."

    Holding out the piece of white stuff Darth Bear said, "Then could you read this for me? It seems to have been left here by... someone." Darth Bear turned and floated a smallish pot of hunny to himself. "I'll just eat a smackrel while you do."

    While the officer read for him, the bear who used to be known as Pooh happily smacked his way through the jar. "I believe I'll attend this party." He laughed with a huhu, thinking happily about all of the hunny that was sure to be there. "I'm sure that I'll be more than able to find some special hunny for someone special while I'm there." Looking around in his pockets, hunny finding it's way and sticking them all shut, his face screwed up. "Oh bother. Would you happen to have a credit I could... borrow, Hefallus? Just for a moment?" He smiled happily. "I promise I'll give it back."

    Hefallus began searching his pockets frantically. "I-I don't believe I do my Lord Bear. I can check arou-" He was stopped from speaking by Darth Bear's outstretched hand, the Force flowing through him as he chocked the woozel.

    "Oh bother. Why can't you actually be useful?" Using the Force he opened the door and threw the flailing Hefallus out of the room. "I must go on a quest. A quest to find a credit. A coin. Some form of money." Looking around his room even more closely, he considered what he might actually use as money. But there was nothing more valuable to him than hunny, so he kept getting distracted. "Ah ha! I'll use a honey pot top!" Smiling happily Darth Bear waddled over to his cupboard and found an empty jar. Taking the top he sat it on top of the invitation, and making sure to get any excess hunny off of the edges before doing so.

    Instantly the piece of paper had been changed. Even though Darth Bear couldn't actually read he could tell that the letters had changed. Wondering if Hefallus might still be outside, he waddled his way over to the door and peered out into the hall. Just starting to pick himself up from being knocked out, Hefallus looked up and his face fell. Holding ups his hands he said, "I'm sorry my lord! I won't fail you again! I'll always have a credit on me in future, I swear!"

    Ignoring the protestations of future service Darth Bear held out the piece of paper. "It changed, and I'm afraid I still can't read it. Would you... um..." If only Owlbi-wan were here. He was always the one who read things for Darth Bear back in the day.

    "Yes, yes. Just give me a second." Rising from the ground Hefallus took the paper and read it.

    "Oh. How do I let them know? I'm ready to go no-" Before he could finish the thought Darth Bear disappeared from the ship. Hefallus looked around before dropping the piece of paper and scarpering off down the hall, wanting nothing to do with what had just happened.

    TAG: Ktala
  13. Darth Luna

    Darth Luna Jedi Youngling

    Nov 28, 2016
    IC: All Might

    Earth, U.A. High, Around Noon

    "A p-p-party?" Izuku Midoriya questioned as he stood alongside his idol, All Might. The young man seemed a little hesitant, still trying his best to recuperate from their ordeal back at the training center. Truth be told, All Might needed to rest as well and there was only so much that Recovery Girl could do to speed up his own... recovery.

    "Young Midoriya," All Might clapped his palm down on the boy's shoulder. "I can tell that you're worried, especially after all that has transpired. But worry not! Aizawa-sensei is in good hands, and the rest of the school is under high alert for those villains!" Blood began to spill down his chin, causing the green-haired Izuku to panic and wave his arms about frantically.

    "B-but you can't go! You're in no condition to--"

    All Might placed his hand on Midoriya's head, ruffling his hair.

    "I have been through a lot, Midoriya-kun. I've suffered worse wounds at the hands of much stronger opponents. While I appreciate your concern, this party is a great distraction from this past week's events. I... I could use a break." The stalwart hero admitted, though it looked as if it pained him to even say that. After passing his own power to Midoriya, his ability to use One For All was depleting as the days went on. Soon, there would come a time where All Might wouldn't be able to harness that ability at all and as a result, he would become just a normal man... again.

    The two began walking in silence, Midoriya adjusting his backpack on his shoulder while they took a secret way out of the school so no one would notice that All Might was in his thinner, more sickly form. After a time, Izuku spoke up again.

    "What kind of party is it?"

    "A Christmas Party. I received an invitation but there was no address." He procured it from his suit jacket, passing it to the boy who read the text aloud.

    "'If you accept the invitation, then please leave the appropriate lowest denomination of the coinage of your area, on top of the invitation. Thats it. Be assured, we will be notified of your intent to join us, and will make all the necessary travel arrangements and preparations.' Wait, are you serious? This must be like a trap! All Might! You can't go!"

    "Who traps a Christmas Party? Besides, I can handle myself with a few other party guests." He didn't want to brag, but he was probably going to be in his current form the entire party. No strain on himself, nothing to really worry about. "And if it is a trap, it will give us a better insight on who has been planning to attack U.A."

    As much as Midoriya didn't want to admit it, All Might had a point. The two continued to walk for a time before the man stopped in his tracks, taking the note back from the boy. He folded the letter neatly in his palm and placed the appropriate Yen needed to lock in his acceptance of the invitation.

    "Midoriya!" All Might called out to the boy. "I'm proud of what you've become." He said, giving him a firm salute, knowing that he had a few hours before his transport would arrive to take him away. Soon he would be among others who were more into a festive spirit, and hopefully he could get a chance to truly relax...

    TAG: @Ktala

    EDIT: Just so we wouldn't all fade away :p
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  14. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    GM NOTE:

    Not all of you will fade. You just need to think you are ready to go.

    Did say travel had been arranged... lol :p
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  15. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 RPF/SWC/Fan Art Manager & Bill Pullman Connoisseur star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved!

    Name: Chancellor Aryan Graul
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 43
    General Description:
    A Brief bio: Starfighter pilot, turned Senator, turned Chancellor (full bio here)
    Time-frame and Universe: from The New Sith Trials (approx. 155 ABY)
  16. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Chosen One star 9

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Dr. Sheldon Cooper
    Somewhere, probably Pasadena. Maybe.

    “So, can you find it within yourself to be the better man and tell your friend the truth about what you did?” asked the tiny Spock action figure that sounded suspiciously like Leonard Nimoy.

    “I don’t see how you’re giving me much of a choice,” Sheldon said in a matter-of-fact tone. “But you’re right, I should.”

    “Good. I will be watching,” the action figure said.

    Then, from out of the ether, a scaly lizard-like monster popped into existence, its bulbous eyes making it look only slightly menacing. The Gorn, of course, couldn’t help that it was here, but what didn’t help its cause was the egregiously-pink kitchen apron it wore across its torso. Sheldon screamed in his usual second-grader manner and hopped out of bed like a shot. The Gorn proceeded to run around the end of the bed to try and get Sheldon, but the Doctor was too quick around ran around the front of the bed. The two now stood on the opposite end of the bed that they had started at.

    Sheldon laughed at the beast, akin to what he wished Captain Kirk had done to the original Gorn in the Star Trek TV series from 1966-1968. Yes, that was what he lived by. OK, except for Voyager; he didn’t like that. Raj had mentioned the space probe once, but Sheldon hadn’t initially been sure of whether or not the man had meant the probe or the show. Of course, all that seemed rather ludicrous right now – or only a little bit less so than his current situation. Maybe throwing a rock at the Gorn would work?

    But Sheldon couldn’t lift anything. He never exercised, just sat and worked on his particle physics. There was a lot of time spent contemplating in his existence, and that cost him. The Gorn got the jump on him, and Sheldon found himself being wrestled to the ground.

    Meanwhile, the real Sheldon, sitting asleep in his bed in the apartment that he shared with his friend Leonard, the apartment that had been the scene of much consternation on many topics from physics to women, to D&D-esque ripoffs to XBOX sessions and Friday night Chinese food dinners. As he tossed and turned in his sleep-state, Sheldon finally opened his mouth. “Tiny Spock . . . help.”

    Then he finally woke up, and had to stifle the desire to scream like a little girl. No, his dream self had done plenty of that. Maybe he should go bother Leonard about it?

    “It’s three in the morning,” Leonard responded after Sheldon knocked on his door. “What do you want?”

    “I had a nightmare,” Sheldon commented like nothing was wrong.

    “And you felt the need to tell me?” Leonard asked, the bags under his eyes readily apparent due to being rudely awoke by his paranoid roommate.

    “It was strictly logical that I come and tell you about my problems,” Sheldon said.

    “This isn’t third-grade, Sheldon. Now go to sleep.”

    “OK, but don’t be surprised if I get attacked by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey this time.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “A Klingon Bird-of-Prey. What are you talking about?”

    There was momentary silence as Leonard tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to figure out what Sheldon was going on about not. This was pretty typical of dealing with Sheldon. “Good night, Sheldon.” He then closed the door in Sheldon’s face.

    “I don’t know how to deal with that man,” Sheldon said as he walked back to his bedroom.

    “Sheldon, something came in the mail for you,” Leonard said as he sorted through the mail.

    “Nothing but an acceptance letter into the Vulcan High Council can distract me from my work, Leonard.” Sheldon was looking at the dry-erase board in the living room. The board was filled with all sorts of equations. “Is it an invitation to join the Vulcan High Council?”

    “It doesn’t say.”

    “Then it’s precisely what I fear it is.”

    “Which is what?”

    “Nothing important.”

    “Were you expecting something?”

    “Of course not! Why would I expect anything to come to me that’s not from the Vulcan High Council?” Sheldon turned around to look at his board again.

    “Just open it,” Leonard said as he extended his hand with the letter in it towards Sheldon.

    “Leonard, I’m quite busy at the moment.”

    “Sheldon, just open the letter. If it’s nothing, we can throw it away.”

    “Fine, but it’s not my problem if you are going to be attacked by a Gorn in the next few minutes.”

    “What?” Leonard asked, completely flabbergasted by such a ridiculous proposition.

    Sheldon started to try and tear at the envelope, but he had no luck. “You open it,” he told Leonard, handing him the envelope. “I don’t want to get a paper cut. Dr. McCoy would tell me I have a terrible disease, a space disease.”

    “You’re not going to get a paper cut, Sheldon,” Leonard said as he tried to slit the envelope open with his finger. “See, nothing . . . (expletive)!” He cut his finger, which now had crimson blood coming out of the fresh wound.

    “See, crisis averted.”

    “Sheldon, I’m bleeding!”

    “So what are you going to do about it?” Sheldon asked unsympathetically.

    “Get me a Band-Aid or something.”

    “You can probably use the envelope, because I’m all out of gauze. That went out of style somewhere after the Civil War.”

    “Just read whatever is inside.”

    “Fine. Don’t need to be touchy,” Sheldon said. He opened the envelope and found a letter inside. “Hm, a letter.”

    When he finished reading the letter, the scene changed as he went across the hall to where Penny lived. He then knocked on the door,.

    “Penny.” Knock knock. “Penny”. Knock knock. “Penny.”

    The door opened, and Penny was standing there looking like she had had a hard night of drinking. Her hair was a mess. “What do you want, Sheldon?”

    “I seem to have been invited to a party.”

    “That’s great! Who invited you?”

    “I don’t know. They didn’t say.”

    “But you got invited to a party?”

    “Well, yes. But you know I’m not interested in parties. They’re too fancy for me. I prefer to stay home and work on string theory.”

    “Sheldon, you need to just put your work aside and go have fun.”

    “Aren’t you going to let me inside and tell me about parties?”

    “Sheldon, you’ve been to enough. This is a good opportunity for you!”

    “I hardly think this can be counted as ‘good’. It’s more of . . .”

    “A societal obligation, yes,” Penny finished.

    “Rats, I was hoping you wouldn’t say that.”

    “It’s true, Sheldon. Now, I have to get ready for work, so good luck at the party.” Penny slammed the door in Sheldon’s face, leaving him alone in the hallway.

    “Somehow I feel like I’m going to regret this,” Sheldon said as he walked back to his apartment and closed the door, like the ending scene to another episode of the show. At least without the end credits or vanity slate at the end.

    TAG: Ktala
  17. Ahlisha

    Ahlisha Jedi Youngling

    Dec 3, 2016
    Name: T'Shael.
    Sex: Female
    Race: Vulcan
    Age: 60 (Appears like a 25 year old human.. )
    General Description: (Eye, hair, skin, fur, etc...)
    Height: 6'4". Looks human but has up swept eyebrows and pointy ears. Almond shapes eyes ,hazel in color. Has very long black hair. Skin tone looks olive with a slight green undertones. Slim,athletic build. has curves.
    If you put a hat on her, she'd look like an Chinese Terran, if the eyes are visible.

    A Brief bio.: T'Shael grew up on Ti'Valk'Ain or Vulcan as known by humans during the 24th century. An astronomer and theoretical physicist, from a small Clan and House, with hobbies that have her traveling her world.
    She's familiar with and met with many aliens of the United Federation of Planets who'd visited Vulcan on academic,business or tourist trips. (She hadn't a clue what a "tourist "was.) and is intrigued by all the differences and similarities between them.

    A stall stately woman a quick wit and sense of humor.
    A bit of a home body but deep down inside she wants to see what else is out in the universe. She's never left her home world but maybe that'll change.
    T'Sheal has a pair of sunglasses a Terran gifted her and personal data PADD in a dress pocket.

    Time-frame and Universe: (See below)
    Star Trek universe, 24th century. After you the Dominion war.
  18. Ahlisha

    Ahlisha Jedi Youngling

    Dec 3, 2016
    This isn't what t'Sheal looks like only what she has on. Hard copy !to find or replicate the right skin tone.;)


    Dawn rose on Vulcan, slowly filling the sky with deep hues of purple, golden yellow and orange. The air crisp as it usually was. T'Sheal had been awake all night working through her course work for her latest Ph.D. in multi dimensional they. The equations weren't 'cooperating". Rubbing eyes with a hand, the light shown in through the open window. Thinking to herself a break was needed. She padded barefooted out side into the gardens. The scent of night blooming flowers filled the air, blossoms still opened in greeting in pale rosey light of Vulcan's trojan planet T'Khut. It was starting phase. T'Sheal sat listening to the insects and birds singing, as the sky slowly grew brighter.

    Once the sun fully rose, the woman walked back into the house,as she passed by a tablespoons,she spied a scroll with her name enscribed in golden calligraphic script on it. Picking it up,she looked around wondering who left it. It was real paper. Thick and of a high quality. Opening it up,more of the curving calligraphy in goldren shades spelled its contents.
    Thinking to herself as she read.

    'Few people write like this. He's good whoever he or she is.'

    She was the only one who lived here. She thought out many possible ways the item may have come here but none seemed to fit how her people acted. They don't walk into another's home without asking. She had half a mind to put it away but curiosity picked at her mind like Lara bird peeking at insects in the sand.

    V'tosh were culturally logical but they we're also curious. Incredibly so. Glancing back at her coursework on her desk then at the scroll a few times. A sleder hand dug into a dress pocket and fished out a coin. Brows creased wondering how placing a simple coin on the paper would notify the sender was also odd.

    'Maybe nanites?'

    Shrugging, she gently put the scroll down and her coin on. It curled up around the silvery piece when she lifted her hand.
  19. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Nozdormu
    Deep in the Caverns of Time

    The end of one of Azeroth’s greatest threats took the combine might of all his kindred and came at a dire cost. Now, in the wake of that pyrrhic victory, another threat arises.

    Archimonde the Defiler’s plot was found and dealt with, his alternate timeline of Draenor still needed erasing, but now both Illidan and the Burning Legion were poised to rise again and trouble all life on Azeroth.

    The end of Deathwing also ended the Age of The Aspects, but also ushered in the Age on Man.

    Yet, still, he had a duty to perform- for as long as he drew breath.

    He didn’t know how it came to be there. That mystery -one of so many -was still under investigation, but Nozdormu came to notice the scroll upon his wooden desk just moments after he’d felt a wrinkle somewhere in the timeline.

    Curious and sensing no immediate danger, the bronze skinned Night Elf casually availed himself of the scroll and began to read its content.

    Immediately, he was surprised by several things.

    Simply by touch, he could know the age of what he held. This fact was somewhat illusive in regards to the scroll. Most curious. The other surprise came in the written language, which was that used by his kin.

    Nozdromu’s curiosity doubled.

    "Welcome Nozdormu.

    "We are happy to welcome you to the most anticipated event of the year. As always, we will attempt to whet both your appetite and more, with the most tempting of food and drink. And perhaps a bit more."

    "If you accept the invitation, then please leave the appropriate lowest denomination of the coinage of your area, on top of the invitation. Thats it. Be assured, we will be notified of your intent to join us, and will make all the necessary travel arrangements and preparations."

    "You look forward to hearing from you."


    A long eyebrow was raised.

    Nozdromu, had to do something uncharacteristic at that moment. He looked around his room, his glowing eyes curiously searching. Was there something which was actually beyond his senses?


    The tall Night Elf called out, his voice echoing and carrying throughout the different caverns. A moment passed.

    No response.


    So, it wasn’t his diminutive counterpart playing tricks on him.

    Needless to say, the Time Guardian’s curiosity had been peaked. One such as he always had ‘time’ to investigate such matters. To that end, he decided to indulge this particular mystery- and conducted an experiment.

    Gracefully, he opened one of his drawers, after deactivating a magical time seal, and removed several priceless coins. He proceeded to place them on the open scroll and waited.

    He did not have to wait long before he was rewarded with another surprise. The coins slowly vanished before his eyes.

    No, such was not the work of a stealthy and foolhardy rogue. Those never made it out of the caverns alive.


    But who? Only someone as vastly powerful as Malygos could conceive a way to penetrate the Cavern’s protective wards. But the Spellwaver, Aspect of Magic, was no more.

    Then who, indeed?

    Before his very eyes, the lower and empty portion of the scroll began to reveal more written words.

    "Preparations are being made for your arrival. Take all the time necessary in your preparations to join us. Once you are ready, please make your intentions known that you are ready. Your transportation has already been arranged. Until then.

    Your host."


    A soft smile graced Nozdromu’s countenance. That he was invited could not be a coincidence- but to what end? Was it one of the Titans? or someone else? What if it were….

    Well, there was only one way he was going to get answers to any of his questions.

    Availing himself of a plain brown robe, Nozdromu donned the garment and synched his waist with its plain cord. He closed his eyes, now appearing as a common Night Elf- and patiently waited to see what happened next.

    Tag: Ktala
  20. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Markus Jethro Flinkman Christianson
    Hotel Room in Hamburg, Germany

    "Yes. Yes, I bloody well see them. . .No, if you cannot then it has to be local setup issue. Yes. Possibly but it would take a few hours. No. Yes. No. No. Yes. Insure the cable is secure. Pull it out. Blow. Push it in. Refresh. . .well then, there you go. Cheers. Yes you have good night as well. Oh and Jim? Remind SIS, I am retired. Right. Of course. You have a good night as well." As he hung up the phone Markus leaned back and sighed as he went about properly logging out of the intelligence satellite feed over some forsaken part of the world.

    Leaning back he rubbed his eyes. Just because the rest of the world couldn't remember the Change ever happening was no good reason for them to keep pulling him back in like this. It wasn't his fault that the other two lead techs had to leave at the same time after he retired from his division. One for maternity leave and the other purely out of old age. Still a part of him rather liked getting called in, but the idea of them ever running a bloody physical was enough to have started him to have night sweats after saying goodbye to the 'father' in that little cafe were he found himself saying goodbye to his healthy and safe little girl.

    That was nearly three months ago now. Still he was just getting back after taking care of some things back in England before he was able to return here, only to find his ex-wife had just sent their little girl off to a science camp. As he mused on that he noticed a white envelope laying infront of his hotel rooms door. Getting up he quickly went to investigate.

    The envelope was unlabeled, still as he opened it, ignoring the small paper cut it gave him as it would be healed as fast as he could react to try to suck on the no longer existent wound. He pulled out and unfolded the paper seeing a rather odd note.

    "Welcome Markus J. F. Christianson.

    "We are happy to welcome you to the most anticipated event of the year. As always, we will attempt to whet both your appetite and more, with the most tempting of food and drink. And perhaps a bit more."

    "If you accept the invitation, then please leave the appropriate lowest denomination of the coinage of your area, on top of the invitation. Thats it. Be assured, we will be notified of your intent to join us, and will make all the necessary travel arrangements and preparations."

    "You look forward to hearing from you."


    So this was interesting. Taking a moment he laid it on his bed. Letting the offer seep in as he said a silent prayer. Finally settling on a decision he walked back to his laptop and wrote up several small emails, beginning with his daughter, ex-wife and then finally ex-work letting them know he was going to a holiday celebration and may be unavailable for a little while. Then walking to his hall wardrobe he fished in his coat pocket and tossed the found coins upon the paper. As they vanished he nodded his head. "More of the same. I better pray not." he simply sighed as the writing changed.

    "Preparations are being made for your arrival. Take all the time necessary in your preparations to join us. Once you are ready, please make your intentions known that you are ready. Your transportation has already been arranged. Until then.

    Your host."


    Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth he decided to load up 'for bear' as the American's might say. Only time would tell if it was a foolish gesture or a proper one.

    TAG: Ktala
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  21. The Vanguard

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    Apr 12, 2016
    Ktala Approved :D

    Name: Jason Lee Scott
    Sex: M
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    General Description: Brown eyes, brown hair, toned biceps, and a great smile.
    A Brief bio.: Jason takes charge as the Red Ranger. Cool and collected, Jason is a guy with a huge responsibility between homework and saving the Earth from otherly space villains. His crush on Kimberly doesn't make things any easier.
    Time-frame and Universe: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (original series)

    IC: Jason Lee Scott
    Jason looked up at the clock, "Is it 3pm yet?" he wondered to himself..
    HomeEc class wasn't his favorite, especially since they moved on from the cooking lessons and had been covering 'how-to-knit' for the last week.

    "Jason, do you have somewhere else to be?" the teacher called, singling him out.
    "No ma'm, I'm just anxious to try out this knitting thing at home."

    "Great," she responded, "you will be the first student to bring what you make into class. You can make anything you want."

    Jason's jaw dropped. He hadn't been paying any attention to the lesson at all.

    "Yes ma'm."

    "Oh and the principal wants to see you after class."
    "Me? Why?"
    "He didn't say, only that he wants to see you right away."

    Just then the bell rang and everyone gathered their things and left the classroom, including Jason. I hope this isn't about me giving Sanders a black eye, I was only defending that freshman! Anxiety crept into his mind as he entered the principals office.

    "I'll keep this quick Jason." he began.
    "You wanted to see me sir."
    "Yes, this came in for you from the police department." Jason reached out and grabbed the envelope from the outstretched arm of Principal Kasdan.
    "The Police??" This was worse than I thought!
    "Mmm hmm, I think they want you to come to their next recruiting fair." he said with a smile.
    "Oh." His body immediately relaxed as a wave of relief washed over him. "Well thank you sir, I'll read it as soon as I get home!"
    "You know, I was almost recruited into the PD myself - but I just couldn't give up my dream to become an educator. I can still remember-"
    "Excuse me sir, I really should be getting home now."
    "Yes of course, well give it a good thought - you're a senior now and graduation is just around the corner."
    "I will sir, thank you."

    And with that, Jason exited the office and headed home. He was glad he wasn't in trouble, but he still had to knit something for his home ec class. On top of that he was oddly curious why the local PD would want to recruit him for their force. Did they know about his secret identity??

    As he was walking home, he opened the envelope to find a plain yet well crafted invitation to join "the festivities." Jason raised an eyebrow. The festivities? What the heck?
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  22. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Approved by the Lovely and Powerful Ktala!

    Character Sheet:


    Name: Flemeth
    Sex: Female
    Race: Appears Human, but who can say for sure?
    Age: Unknown
    General Description: See Picture Above
    A Brief bio.:
    Time-frame and Universe: Dragon Age's Thedas: Somewhere between DA2 & Inquisition
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  23. The Vanguard

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    Apr 12, 2016
    BTW, I realize my GINORMOUS discrepancy with Jason's age. I meant to change it to 17. OOPSY POOPSY.

    Edit: just consider him a super senior.
  24. dragonsith13

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    Apr 3, 2005
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  25. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Here we go!

    Darth Bear, someplace else

    The invitation fluttered to the floor, and while Hefallus ran off, it slowly disappeared. How curious.
    Meanwhile, lights twinkled and sparkled, Darth Bear noted with amusement, as the view around him went white, then black, with various blobs of pastel colors that floated by him.

    They wobbled and bounced as he seemed to float quite gently in a void, with nothing but the colorful blobs that floated past him. He then noticed that a spot, bigger than all the others seemed to be getting closer. Was he approaching it, or was it approaching him? It was rather difficult to tell, not that it really mattered. The blob changed, and forms began to take shape. As he passed from the black void into one he noted looked like stars for a brief moment. Then a sudden lurch -

    TAG: A Blind Prophet
    ALL MIGHT, Earth

    All Might had just left his friend Midoriya, and had continued to walk on. He was looking forward to the party, and having a chance to truly relax would be a welcomed event indeed. he was tired. He neatly folded the yen into the invitation, and stuffed it into his pocket. A slightly warm sensation was felt. If All Might checked, the invitation would be gone.

    As All Might was going 'as is' as it was, he had plenty of time to do whatever preparations he deemed necessary, or not. Later, as he found himself walking about, he heard the sound of a car horn behind him.

    The windows were dark, and totally covered. Was that, gold? Possibly. Definitely stood out. He was amazed it was not drawing a crowd. But of the few folks around, none seemed to notice. All Might could not see anything within. The vehicle stopped, and a voice called out to him.

    "Are you ready to depart, Toshinori Yagi?" The motor purred softly, as its host waited for a response from All Might, the door slowly opening.

    TAG: Darth Luna

    Chancellor Aryan Graul, Coruscant

    It was business as usual. Which usually meant that it was utterly controlled chaos. The constant bickering between various groups, all trying to position themselves for perceived bits of power and attention. It made a long day, even longer, trying to keep a simulated peace between the various factions.

    So as he entered his office and took a seat, he almost failed to take notice of a rolled up piece of flimsiplast sitting on his desk.

    How unusual.

    Almost no one bothered with actual writing anymore. Usually, everything was done by comlinks, and datapads. And how had it arrived at his desk? He had given strict instructions for no one to be in his office, and not to be disturbed. His secretary had assured him that none had been by his office for at least a few hours.

    So, it seemed he had a mystery in front of him.

    TAG: HanSolo29


    Dr. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon had left Penny's place, and had gone back to his own. He seemed to be at a bit of a quandary of he should go or not. No coin had been placed as instructed, and so far, he only seemed to glare at the invitation as if it was a Klingon, ready to attack him. Who would invite him to a party anyway? Anyone who knew him, knew he did not like to go to parties. Social obligations, and all that nonsense.

    Unless ..

    What if there was something more go on?

    He looked at the invitation again. A trick? Some sort of ruse?

    Time to decide.

    TAG: Jedi Gunny


    T'Shael watched as the scroll curled up, as she removed her hand from it. She then heard a very gentle tone, like a soft gong being rang somewhere in the distance.

    "Accepted. Transportation within the hour." The words seemed to whisper within T'Shael's mind. But she could not be exactly sure from where the voice came from.

    TShael had an hour to deal with whatever other activities she deemed necessary in order to prepare for her departure. Interestingly, that was all that was stated. Once the hour was done, however, she heard another tone, followed by a flash of light...


    TAG: Ahlisha


    Availing himself of a plain brown robe, Nozdromu donned the garment and synched his waist with its plain cord. He closed his eyes, appearing as a common Night Elf. He was curious now at what magics seemed to be manifesting themselves for this 'event.'


    When he opened his eyes once more, he was positive that he had sensed nothing else. But within that moment that fell between the blink of an eye, he caught a sight of something. It felt friendly, but foreign. Something had indeed changed. The view he now partook of was very different, from the one that had just graced his vision just a second ago -

    TAG: greyjedi125


    Markus Jethro Flinkman Christianson
    Hotel Room in Hamburg, Germany

    The invitation had been received, and his reservation accepted. Wanted to make sure that he was ready for what might happen while attending this party, Markus geared up, just in case this party was something more.

    About 2 hour later, he received a phone call from the main lobby of his hotel.

    [I'm sorry for the interruption, but the limousine is out front, and ready for you, sir.]

    The phone call ended with no other explanations. If Markus was to make his way out to the front of the building, then he would see this, waiting for him.


    The door slowly opened. From where he stood, Markus could not see anyone within the vehicle, as the windows were extremely dark.

    If this was a trap, it was the most expensive, gold gilded trap that he had ever seen.

    TAG: @Mitth_Fisto

    Jason Lee Scott

    Was walking home from school when he had read the invitation to the party.
    No name, no address. Would he attend?

    A good question, indeed.

    But it did sound like fun. Course, the instructions did sound a bit silly. But what could it hurt? After all, if nothing happened, then he would simply work on his knitting project for class ...

    TAG: The Vanguard



    The Witch of the Wilds stood, staring at the strange symbols blazing in a tree. It was not the fact that there was words, burning that did no damage to the tree in front of her, that she found strange. No, such sights she was accustomed to seeing.

    But what did draw her curiosity, was what the actual message stated. And it was written in the old tongue:

    "Welcome Flemeth, Witch of the Wilds, Asha'bellanar, Mother of Vengeance,

    "We are happy to welcome you to the most anticipated event of the year. As always, we will attempt to whet both your appetite and more, with the most tempting of food and drink. And perhaps a bit more."

    "If you accept the invitation, then please leave the appropriate lowest denomination of the coinage of your area, on top of the invitation. Thats it. Be assured, we will be notified of your intent to join us, and will make all the necessary travel arrangements and preparations."

    "You look forward to hearing from you."


    Yes, who indeed would send her an invitation? And how had they managed to get within her realm in order to deliver the message. And more importantly, WHY?

    TAG: Darth_Elu

    Edward Elric

    Edward is alone. Alphonse, his younger brother is busy being tended by Winry. And this leaves Edward with nothing to do. Well, he could have followed them, but after their last case, Edward was actually looking forward to a little break.

    But it dosen't take long, for Edward to get bored. As he is looking around, he notices an envelope with his name on it.

    It is an invitation, and it seemed to be addressed to him. He reads the invite, and ponders over the strange writing, and instructions. Some of the symbols on the invitation seem to resemble some of the older alchemy symbols, but they made no sense. A party, hmmm?

    Could be fun.

    Could be a trap.

    The next decision was his.

    TAG: @Darth Rozic


    Bruce Wayne

    Bruce flopped down on the couch of his mansion. It had been a very hard night. Any time the Joker was involved, things always grew complicated. He had not made it home, until the sun's rays were barely peeking out from the horizon.

    Muscles tired and sore. It felt as if Gotham had been going insane lately. Luckily, the Joker seemed to be the last of the outbreak, for now at least. No more plots or plans. No need for his immediate services. At last, Bruce felt he could close his eyes and get some rest.

    Alfred came into the room, seeing Bruce on the couch, his eyes closed. He disliked disturbing the man, but from the object he held, he decided that perhaps it was important enough. And besides, it might be good for him. Alfred coughed politely.

    Master Bruce, a letter arrived for you today. I think, you will find it most – unusual.”

    Bruce opened an eye, to note the gold embossed envelope laid on the table in front of him. For Alfred to call something unusual, was usual enough to get his interest. When he inquired about where it came from, Alfred could only shrug his shoulders.

    It was delivered, though I could not say by whom. The front bell was rung, while I was attending to other matters. No vehicle was spotted, and no one had passed the main gates. It was IN the front door, and anything other than that, I can not say, sir. Except that it is addressed to you directly.” With a short bow, Alfred turned and left, to allow Bruce to read the message if he so wished.

    So, whoever had left the note, managed to do so, without being seen? It didn't sound like anything from the normal gallery of suspects. Of course, Bruce was used to going to such functions, as they were quite the norm for the rich and influential. But after reading the invitation, this didn't sound like something they would do either.

    Unusual instructions.

    The next step depended on him.

    TAG: @Reynar_Tedros

    Agent Mitch Nifesta and Baille Harte, aboard a Venator just assigned to the B.S.P.A.W.S.I.D.
    Mitch entered what he considered his home away from home, his 'daughter' Baille walked in front of him. Thoughts of recent events, and activities concerning himself and Baille could most likely fill the next ten hours worth of a datapad, his current thoughts were interrupted by an anomaly.

    Two, golden colored data chips, sitting on top of an otherwise clean desk.

    Unusual, for two reasons. One, they were gold colored. That in itself, was unusual enough. The other fact, was that they were sitting on his desk. No one came into his personal living space while he was gone. And very few while he was there either.

    So, how had these data disks come to be here?

    TAG: @sith-I-5


    Darth Bear, All Might, Markus, Nozdormu, T'Shael,

    They were no longer alone. No matter how they had arrived, they all remember either a warm flush of the skin, a flash of light or colors, or their senses being overwhelmed for the briefest of moments, or as they had stepped into a vehicle, and a sense of sudden acceleration, and a hum. But no matter the transport, they now all found themselves standing within a very ornately done room.

    Besides the five people standing there, it was noted a female human was sitting behind a desk. Those blessed of certain senses would quickly realize that the woman, though registering as living, was also something more. From the loose robes she wore, it was quite noticeable that she was something more, as bit of electronics could be seen as well. A graceful smile, appeared upon her face, as she slowly rose from her seat.

    "Welcome, honored guest." the female intoned in a pleasant enough voice. “You are the first to arrive. If you would follow me, there are plenty of treats to keep you entertained, until the other guests arrived."

    She offers another smile, as she walks a small distance, and reaches over, waving her hand over what looks like a off color part of the wall. Suddenly a huge set of doors began to slide open, to reveal the room beyond.


    There was food and drink it seemed on every table. And quite a variety of it as well. There was food that some would have no idea of its origin, while others would recognize it instantly. Soft music played from areas unknown. He could see that there were other rooms connected to this one as well, but they seemed to branch out in many directions. Far too many to keep up with.
    But after a few seconds, Darth Bear noticed something tucked over in the corner.


    Darth Bear didn't need a translator to know what was in those jars. The woman offered a polite smile. She gestured. “Please, feel free to partake. More will be offered shortly. This is merely a waiting area. Your host has arranged for a tour to be given as well, to whet your appetites, and to appreciate your time here at Gravels. There are also some rules, but of course you can understand as this is to be a ..” the woman paused for a moment, as if deciding on what word to best use. “a cordial event. Especially considering where we are currently located.”

    Another flash of a smile. “But perhaps, I should indeed begin with introductions.” She turned and gestured towards each person in turn, offering a polite bow to each.

    “Greetings, Guardian Nozdormu, Darth Bear, Toshinori Yagi, Markus J. F. Christianson , Lady T'Shael. I offer you greetings from your host. May you find your wait pleasant. My name is Alorna. If you need other assistance, Gabriel will assist you. Please, enjoy the refreshments.” With that, she quickly turns and walks away, going back through the doorway that she entered. But the doors stay open this time, thought it is noticed that once she crosses the threshold, you can not hear her footsteps as she moves away from the door.

    Leaving the guest alone for the moment.


    Stoor was resting after catching himself some fish. Hard work, but then again it was work he understood well. And so it suited him well. But as he prepared to eat his fish, suddenly all of his senses went on alert. Someone was behind him!

    Stoor looked and noticed SOMETHING looking at him. It appeared to be another hobbit. It was small, and humanoid, but it was all dark, and wearing a dark cloak as well. Stoor couldn't see it's face, but he could feel the eyes which seemed to peer into him. A deep chuckle ensued from within the dark folds of the cloak.

    That looks like fun. But I have something better.” the being told him, as it jumped down from the large boulder he had been sitting on. It walked around the large boulder, his eyes never leaving Stoor.

    How about a party? All types of lovely foods and treats. And who knows, you might even find something there, you have seen searching for, for a very long time.” The dark Hobbit stated, in a very sing songy type of voice. It was quite soothing, actually, and Stoor found himself listening to the strange Hobbit. The being held what looked like a purple colored scroll between its fingers. “All you have to do, is agree. Just think of it.”

    A pause. “Of course. There will be other people at this party. Wether you choose to play with them or not, is totally up to you. But either way, you should have fun.”

    The dark Hobbit laid the purple scroll down on the ground between itself and Stoor. He backed up a few steps. “All you have to do is take the scroll.” The Hobbit jumped back on the boulder, and sat back down upon the rock. From the time it took for Stoor to look at the scroll, and look back to the rock, he would find the strange Hobbit gone.

    But the scroll remained.

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    Silent footfalls.

    Quick and full of purpose, as they strolled down the darkened corridors of the structure. A low hum filled the air as the being slowly opened a door. A single candle lit the room A pair of sickly yellow eyes could be seen on the other side of the flame. The air was cold, and biting. Very slowly, a hand reached into a dark pouch, and pulled out a dark purple orb that pulsed with power, with the steady thrum like that of a heartbeat. The orb was laid close to the candle.

    With that, the being turned, and left the room. No other actions were needed for now.

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