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Beyond - Legends Halcyon-green, Celtic song challenge complete

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by earlybird-obi-wan, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Yes but[face_tired]

    Hoist The Colours is mentioned in the next chapter
    Steve will try, but the stories...

    Chapter 8
    The afternoon sun was shining through the window of the room where Steve was munching on the last piece of fruit. He didn’t know how long he had been asleep after the therapy but judging the sun playing on the grass and the leaves of the trees outside it had been quite long. And he had enjoyed the sleep. It had been without the haunting dream that had scared him after he had regained consciousness in the IC and had been guided into sleep by Kaagi.

    “We are finished with the veggies and the desert,” Alan placed the spoon on the tray “and now?”

    “Itching to hear about your tales about Hospital squadron,” Steve replied. “I didn’t hear that much on Jadin’s treatment-table. He is a Jedi with a sleepy influence on his patients. But a positive; I didn’t feel any pain.”

    “Jadin has helped many patients this way,” Alan said. “He came to New Holstice 24 days before the clone-wars started. I remember this because it was my 33th birthday. Jadin – accompanied by Jedi-nurses Beran Daranon and Skon Peverin – dropped in when I was bringing a piece of my birthday-pie to Jason Beeler. Jadin had come in a Delta Aethersprite but the transport used by the nurses had trouble. Jadin and friends headed to the first techie on duty being Jason. Jadin told me that the leader of the healers Vokara Che, a twi’lek, has ordered him to train students and to supervise the set up of new facilities that will be added to the grand New Holstice hospital. The hospital was already large being a training-hospital. Construction-workers were adding hangars and treatment-rooms and a large bactatank-facility with 500 tanks. All was ordered by the republic. I didn’t know why they needed the hospital to expand to a facility to treat 5000 beings but when the clone-wars started I knew.”

    “Someone has been planning in advance.”

    “Yes and with the patients the enemy got interested in New Holstice too.”

    “And you started Hospital squadron?”

    “No, Mick Kerebuy did after he was injured during an attack by the CIS. He can tell you all about that. Mick was one of the medevac-pilots just like he is here and had joined the club of Jason Beeler to fly the Sabre-starfighters.”

    “Your son Jason is named after him?”

    “Yes and I will come to the why,” Alan answered. “All of us medevac-pilots had joined the club to continue our training but” he made a movement with his hands to his ears and continued “you had to endure the ballads.”

    “Nice ones?”

    “No,” Alan replied. “He must have had pirates or fishermen among his ancestors. They were ballads about the sea and whatever roamed on the waves. Mick – being our commander – had to endure all of them because he had an open com with all pilots. But Jason was an excellent pilot. Singing the one called ‘Hoist the Colours’ he helped Jan Kirn to become the first ace of Hospital squadron.”

    “Followed by a celebration I suppose,” Steve grinned. “We had that when an academy student graduated.”

    “We did and with Jadin Finn and his nurses Beran Daranon and Skon Peverin present,” Alan raked his hands through his hair “we had a bar-brawl to end it. It began with blue milk.”

    “The famous drink and for me endless remarks too,” Steve said. “Baby-stuff, kindergarten-youngling and not matching your uniform-colour were among the taunts but I could mostly ignore them or just comment on the blue ale some were drinking.”

    “Yeah I was drinking ale,” Alan said. “Mick was savouring juice, trying to avoid the ‘blue-milk’ banter and became the subject of the Finn-prank. Jadin used the Force to empty a glass with blue milk on Mick’s hair. And that started the brawl when Jim Kerebuy suspected Peter to begin one of his famous pranks. Mick could prevent a stay in the brig giving commands with Jason the first to react. Jadin and his nurses were gone of course before the brawl started. Mick gave us the talk after that brawl. We started to plan a prank on Jadin but that was never executed. On the mission where I became an Ace with 10 vulture-droids scrapped Jadin was injured severely. I was his sleep-doctor when Jedi-healer and surgeon Gant Beon could save Jadin’s leg. But being put in a bacta-tank the alignment of bones shifted and a nerve became damaged leading to a second surgery here in Noranan after he had left New Holstice with Beran and Skon. That was a few days before the clones turned on the Jedi.”

    “Jadin has never told me the details,” Steve said. “I saw him adjusting his brace when he started with the therapy. That’s why he is mostly in a wheelchair.”

    “We lost the support of Jadin. But Hospital squadron continued with missions. And the singing continued until Jason Beeler gave his life for the protection of New Holstice. He was my best friend. After the memorial ceremony for Jason I treated a young refugee. The boy’s home-planet was Lingala. I went with him, his parents and Jedi-healer Beon to Lingala. There I met Lilian Pirelli, a lovely nurse, married and got a son. I named my son after him.”

    “You are telling tales about Jason Beeler and his songs?” Mick limped into the room using his crutch. His right arm was in a sling.

    “I was,” Alan replied “and now I remember, one of his songs was quite nice and appreciated by all. It was ‘To wear the green’ and had me remembering a Jedi-knight dressed in green.” He gave a wink with his left eye, seen only by Steve.

    “Let me guess,” Mick sat down on a chair. “Anakin Skywalker?”

    “No the posterboy was dressed mostly in black,” Alan replied. “You have seen him remember?”

    “Ah yes,” Mick mused “I saw him when he was – after the battle of Geonosis beginning the clone-wars – being guided in a transport bound for Coruscant by his master Obi-Wan Kenobi and a nice senator from Naboo. And I saw him again when he came to New Holstice after a big battle on Jabiim. Kenobi was missing in action. Skywalker was with Bhat Jul and A’Sharad Hett and tried to help a severely injured Master Mobari who was becoming one with the Force. But Skywalker tried to keep her alive and was using some dark powers.”

    “Sith powers,” Alan grumbled.

    “Anakin turned Sith at the end of the war,” Steve said. “He was redeemed by his son. But former Jedi A’Sharad Hett turned Sith too becoming Darth Krayt. And the unrest caused by those Sith-lords and Cade Skywalker and now those darrin women escaping with the darweed are giving me bad dreams. Coming back to the green, I am very sure it was Nejaa Halcyon.”

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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] Nice tie in to Hoist the Colors & Jedi wearing green
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Jedi in green. Sounds like Tolkien Elves. ;)
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    The ballads! :D Yep, all those dangerous and daring rescues are a piece of cake compared to surviving the ballads—and I speak as someone whose mother used to sing TONS of them on long road trips. :p But they at least seem to have provided a very memorable soundscape—nice tie-in to your sea shanty story. Jadin’s injury is very sad; the fact that he keeps so quiet about it seems to suggest there was some tragic history there. Very cool to see these reminiscences of Anakin, “the posterboy” (love that!), from the emergency medical workers’ view. And still that green thread runs through all of it! [face_good_luck]
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    It was a nice idea to have him singing and being a great pilot and techie. Jadin - as a Jedi - had fallen in love during his last mission and wanted to go to her and got her in one of my stories after going away from New Holstice with his nurses. The bacta aggravated his injury. More green in the nex part

    Chapter 9

    “Yes,” Alan said. “I have told you already about my meeting with Nejaa. He was bringing clone-soldiers to the hospital and saw me treating a young boy. That boy had him telling about Valin.”

    “Valin’s close brush with death I presume,” Steve nodded.

    “He did,” Alan replied.

    “I know all about that,” Steve said. “I was a CorSec officer when my former student Rostek Horn saved him, donating stem-cells to battle the leukaemia. They became blood-brothers. Valin loved to stay with Rostek. Rostek became the father for him, marrying his mother when Nejaa paid the ultimate price. The empire began to hunt Jedi. Rostek – helped by Jedi-healer Hanjo Tavar – changed birth-certificates for Jedi on Corellia. Valin was 14 but became his 10 year old son. Rostek kept in touch with me sending coded messages. He reported about the marriage between Valin and Nyche and the birth of his grandson Corran a year after the end of the war. Valin was a young teenage-dad. He became a CorSec officer and his son followed in his footsteps. After the death of his father Corran joined rogue squadron and knew where to find Rostek to claim the belongings of his real grandfather.” He chuckled softly “thanks to Rostek all the Jedi on Corellia escaped.” He halted with a smile on his face turning his head to Mick “Are you in for another escape? You must be brought here by your brother for therapy torture.”

    “I am with Jim yes and for my therapy by Timo Herefa because you,” Mick gave a soft pat on Steve’s left arm “keep Kaagi busy with your scary dreams. And escape? Maybe I come up with a new idea after visiting Timo. I never had therapy from him but I know that he was raised in the Jedi-temple. And I have heard stories from those initiates after my escape from New Holstice to Lingala” he got a big smile on his face “they made the life of crèche-masters quite interesting. Keren Harlin has told me about one of those adventures. It ended in the library when he met Jocasta Nu giving a lecture to Obi-Wan Kenobi about her tidy archive. Kenobi guided him back to his group.”

    “Ask Timo to tell him about his escape-plans,” Steve grinned. “I will wait for you.”

    “And don’t be so sure about your escape,” Alan shook his head. “You need help Mick. I don’t intend to help you and knowing Kaagi” he smiled “that one will make a beeline to the hospital to keep you here.”

    “And under the influence of his sleepy pie,” Steve grumbled when he heard the rattling of a cart. “Mick hurry, diner is coming.”

    “I will try,” Mick stood up, took his crutch and limped out of the room.

    Steve heard the cart coming nearer and nearer.

    “I will feed you,” Alan headed to the door and came back with a tray.

    “Can we wait until Mick comes back?”

    “And get this getting cold? No Steve, it’s veggies and stew made by Malik Aatifa. I had those today in the restaurant. They are delicious.”

    “But that pie will have to wait.” Steve eyed the brikufruit-pie with suspicion. “Mick will have a plan.”

    Steve was savouring the last of his porridge when he heard the tip-tapping of a crutch.

    “Timo was great with his therapy,” Mick entered with a big smile on his face “and plans. I will wait for my brother. He knows where I am.” He sat down and saw the pie on the tray. “Don’t you like that?”

    “It is,” Steve blinked with his eyes “kriff” and continued with a slurred voice “Kaagi Adin you slipped the uh meds in the por.” Unable to form more words he closed his eyes and heard more.

    “The pie is safe Mick.”

    “I know and Malik will make a safe birthday-pie for him. When I came in I heard a conversation between Kaagi and the kitchen.”

    “We have to decorate his room.”

    ‘I hope Mick comes and reveals his plan.’ Steve fell asleep thinking about his birthday.

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    Chapter 10

    Sleepy eyes opened briefly seeing something blue floating above them.

    “He will … this… toy.”

    “And this… careful…”

    “Aatifa made a very nice pie.”

    Steve heard fragments of conversation between two familiar men becoming cohesive.

    “He will like it.”

    “Kaagi wake him up.”

    Steve tried again to open his eyes and saw the blue shape drifting above his head.

    “Yes, I will. I had an easy night watching him and could catch some sleep on the second bed.”

    Steve felt a hand touching his forehead and opened one eye to see only green.

    “Steve wake up.”

    “Kaagi?” Steve opened the other eye, saw the familiar face of the man dressed in green and grumbled “no dreams but those sleep-meds are…”

    “Maybe too strong,” Kaagi concluded. “But they kept away that dream.”

    Steve closed his eyes and moved weakly with his head “WOW. I am in no shape to try to escape.” He tried to lift his right hand “and now with Mick having some great plans from Timo Herefa I am like this.”

    “Ah you are thinking again about escape,” Kaagi began to laugh “and leaving this nice decorated room and not appreciating our work. Aaqu and I have been busy putting the things brought by Jono, Alan, Jason, Peter, Mick and Jim in your room. They will all come today. A nice birthday pie is waiting on the table and your decorated breakfast is on the nightstand. Open your eyes Steve.”

    Steve did, closed them and opened them with a big smile forming on his face. The room was decorated with inflated blue gloves forming the majority. But there was a straw with a climbing Ewok in the glass of blue milk on the breakfast tray and some green things. He focussed his eyes on them, examined those more closely and asked “Where did you find my action-figures and who dressed them up?”

    “Alan and Jason found them in your cottage and decided to give them some Corellian Jedi appearance,” Kaagi said. “The stories told yesterday about Nejaa and Corran were inspiring.”

    “Steelman dressed up as Nejaa,” Steve smiled “and his partner as Corran. They knew how to select them.”

    Aaqu took one of the figures from the nightstand “this is Nejaa I think.”

    “Yes,” Steve managed before the straw was guided in his mouth by Kaagi. He began to drink.

    “Nejaa and his son Valin,” Aaqu mused. “I met them again when Kaagi and I were assigned to the Coronet city university hospital during the war for an extended stay. Nejaa and Valin came for a check-up. The boy was small for his age. It must have been easy for Rostek to change his birth-certificate and make him his son after Nejaa became one with the Force. Nejaa, I have met him often when staying at the training-centre in Firwood. I knew about his marriage and could keep it a secret from the Jedi on Coruscant.”

    “Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi knew,” Kaagi said “but they were unusual too in having a great attraction to each other.”

    “I knew,” Steve had emptied his glass and began to laugh. “I will tell you about my meeting with them after I finish the rest of my breakfast.

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    Bravo on connecting all the various tales & LOL how very amusing, a climbing Ewok and blue milk ;) =D=
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    and now with a few more chapters to go a tie-in to

    Chapter 11

    “And,” Kaagi was eager to hear the story and put the spoon down.

    “Yes tell us,” Aaqu smiled. “We have dealt with the two numerous times in the healers’ ward.”

    “It was during those dratted wars,” Steve said. “Nejaa had received a message from master Yoda and Rostek contacted me to go to the Jedi training-centre in Firwood to ready a cabin. Nejaa was with us in the airspeeder and when Rostek began to unload I started to smile. My former student knew how to arrange things for a very romantic evening. He had even packed candles and a bottle of wine. We readied a table for two with a menu and where to find the items and had the cabin ready when we left. ‘We will back tomorrow’ I suggested and Nejaa and Rostek began to smile. What did they know that I didn’t know? I found out in the morning. We were there the next morning buzzing the cabin before landing and entered the farmhouse. I saw a curtain opening and closing in the cabin. That had us in a hurry to ready breakfast and with a table with place for six we decked for six. Soon after the caf was ready two Jedi-knights – non Corellian because they were wearing brown and beige robes – with lightsabers on their belts entered. I was ready with the caf and came to the table and shook hands with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi. She asked “hey nice youngling, are you a Corellian Jedi?”

    “A youngling,” Kaagi doubled over with laughter. “You are giving us a lot of trouble for a youngling.”

    “Obi-Wan told Siri to stop teasing me and suggested that I was a student,” Steve grinned “and that started the fun when I told them that Rostek was my former student. Nejaa and Rostek played along baffling Siri that before she was born I had Rostek as my student. We wanted to tell more about that but had breakfast first. A Jedi-comlink interfered and gone were Obi-Wan and Siri. 19 days later Nejaa received a message from Yoda that Siri Tachi became a victim of the clone-wars on Azure. We grieved for her in Nejaa’s office. A year later Nejaa Halcyon was dead, Jono Bel Hana was retired, his son Jeb was on Moniron as pilot for Ira Slojuk and I had joined the Rondor police-department. With many Jedi and innocent civilians paying the ultimate price the galaxy wasn’t shining anymore for me.”

    “And it still isn’t,” Jono Bel Hana came in. “You know what Darth Krayt and his cronies have done. There are still Sith out there and now two sithly women with their darweed-drug to influence the Jedi.”

    “For us it was the same,” Peter Sloan came into the room followed by Mick and Jim Kerebuy “and for him” he halted when a grey haired handsome stranger, carrying a satchel remained in the doorway “he can tell you all about the unrest in the galaxy. My dad was his teacher and he sent him to Moniron when he discovered what was in his possession. He was asking for me when we were headed this way.”

    “I am Tarkan Er-Veridan,” the man introduced himself and shook hands. He patted Steve very softly on his left arm before sitting down. “I have something that is very important for you but before coming to that I will tell you all about me. I was born on Lingala, stayed all my youth in Ingal city and got Peter Sloan senior as one of my teachers when I went to the tech-academy. I became a pilot, wanted to explore the galaxy and settled on Pangona where I stayed until recently. A dream had me headed to my home-planet. I was on one of the Coruscant spaceports getting new supplies when I saw a guy with a creepy decoration tangling with a bunch of guards. Something red fell from his pocket and skittered away.”

    Jono gave a soft gasp and sat down on one of the chairs.

    “I wanted to give it back and picked it up, getting a very uneasy feeling about it,” Tarkan continued. “When I looked up the blonde guy was gone. I took it with me to Lingala and it stayed in my transport until I met my teacher again. He had followed the news and told me about Cade Skywalker and Darth Krayt. Cade must have taken the holocron from where the Jedi had stored their treasures. Sloan urged me to bring the holocron to someplace safe being Moniron. The holocron can give unlimited power to the one who unravels the message.” He reached in the satchel and retrieved a sealed plastine package. “It’s creepy.”

    “Moirani englara darrin!” That cry came from two men.

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    Great to see Steve getting to tell a story of his own after being on the receiving end of so many stories since his hospitalization started, and I see the chronology is coming closer and closer to the present day. And so happy to see The Real Birthday Pie Itself making its appearance! :) This holocron, however, sounds most ominous indeed, and I almost worry about Steve doing anything with it in his weakened condition... [face_nail_biting]
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    All will revealed in the next chapter and the epilogue

    The entire story about the holocron is in

    C.S.I. Corellia

    Cold case Corellia

    Chapter 12

    “That is the Dorsetti-holocron,” Steve was the first to speak. “The last time I saw it was in the Koro Zavala estate on Centerpoint station when I was with Rostek Horn and Jono Bel Hana” he nodded towards Jono and continued “his granddad investigating a suicide or murder. Rostek saw our reactions to the holocron and must have decided to hide it in one of his secret places. And Jono’s grandson suffered a great loss.”

    “My wife was killed because of that piece of evil,” Jono began after swallowing a lump in his throat. “Jedi and Sith were searching for the holocron. Corran Horn read an old report from Rostek describing the holocron and where it must have been hidden. Five Jedi – Kyp Durron, Valin and Jysella Horn, Ben Skywalker and Seha Dorvald – were sent on the mission to secure the belongings of Rostek Horn. I was with CorSec and there was a break-in in the archives. Some old files were missing and I became very worried when I saw that the Dorsetti-file was one of them. Sith were on the hunt too and tangled with the five Jedi in the Cormond ale factory. CorSec CSI was called to investigate that. I met the Jedi and decided to help them find the holocron. My wife and son were taken by the Sith after we had found the holocron in Firwood. We could deceive the Sith but the one escaping detonated the charges in the old building where they had imprisoned my wife and son. The Jedi took the holocron and gave Jeb and me a transport to go to Moniron.”

    “Where Jono became my partner after I helped him to settle in a place of his own,” Steve said. “And he had one bad habit and that…”

    “Had me giving him my MFS-six to the Bel Hana boys when their transport became too old to fly to the Moniron moon for exploration of oldies,” Peter said. “And we know what happened with that transport. Mokovic and Virine took it after seducing Jono and me.”

    “You know too?” Aaqu turned to Tarkan.

    “No but Peter told me what those women did,” Tarkan replied. “They are no doubt planning to make life for the Galactic Federation Triumvirate very interesting. But without this to give Sith or Jedi the ultimate power.” He gave the plastine package to Aaqu. “Store this in a safe place.”

    “I know one,” Aaqu said. “In the valley of Eled-Hir is the healers-academy where more treasures are stored. One of these is Yoda’s lightsaber. A vow has been made that the lightsaber will be given to the Jedi when they are again the guardians of the galaxy but” he had a sad smile on his face “I don’t think that will happen in our lifetimes.”

    “No,” Steve began to smile. “But we are safe here and knowing that a holocron that has given me big trouble is now unavailable for Sith and Jedi makes me a happy person. Maybe the scary dreams will go away too.”

    “We will see,” Kaagi saw Malik Aatifa guiding a cart into the room with cups and plates. “But first there is this nice birthday pie for all of us to enjoy. Happy birthday Steve.”

    Steve was smiling.

    “With permission from Kaagi and some promises made by us you have made your escape from the hospital,” Jono guided Steve in his wheelchair to his home. But,” he began to laugh and dangled the keys before Steve’s nose. “Your right hand is in a splint and your left arm in a sling. We still have some Magaron-sitting to do.”

    “Give me the keys,” inspector Bret Chedokin urged. “Orders from Kaagi were to settle him in his bed for some much needed rest after his trying to escape from the hospital adventures.”

    “No escape needed here,” Steve was very satisfied. Finally he had made his escape from the hospital. Kaagi had agreed. The scary dream was gone, recovery had sped up and the best place to heal was his bed in his cottage.

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    Nice wrap up with the recollection of a great adventure and finishing recovery at home :)
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    Definitely a happy day for Steve, in several ways: a birthday (complete with pie!), the presence of friends, homecoming, and a holocron menace out of the way—with those dire dreams out of the way, his recovery will no doubt go much more smoothly. I'm intrigued about the artifacts at the Healers' Academy, especially about how they got hold of Yoda's lightsaber and what might or might not eventually become of it—though I imagine that's a story for another time. ;)

    Thanks so much for contributing this tale to the Celtic Songs challenge—I enjoyed it, and it's always good to have you on board! [face_good_luck]