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Science Fiction Halo TODAY: The Pacific Campaign.

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Vangarian, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Age of Doubt/ plus 12 revolutions/Earth time Year 2009, April 2nd/06:43 Chamorro Standard Time.
    Brtak ?Hadaspree, Sangheili Zealot, commanding third arm of the fleet of Joyous Purification. The Shangheilli Zealot had been summoned by the Prophet of Hope and now stood in his presense. Brtak bowed to the Prophet of Hope always careful to observe protocal.

    "You have summoned me and I have come," he spoke softly so as to simulate humility. The Prophet of Hope responded with a withering stare then spoke.

    "I hear disturbing reports concerning your efforts to quele the resistance from the third largest land mass. Is there again need to scorch the ground?" asked he as his hover chair neared Brtak.

    "Not at this time oh, Prophet. Be assured that the heathen monkeys beneath us will soon run out of tricks sufficient to desuade us from our goals of starting the great journey. Inside Brtak boiled but he wasn't about to let the Prophet of Hope barb him with suttle inuendose that would question his ability to Conquer the North American Continent. Brtak decided to changed the subject before the Prophet could continue this game of subtle humiliation.

    "You required of me my best field commander and his Legion to be transfered to the largest ocean basin between the largest and the third largest continents. Why, when we were so close to breaking the Heathens."

    The Prophet of hope made a dismissive gesture then spoke.

    "I've had a vision and confirmation of this vision. The Forerunners, it would seem have smiled on our efforts to locate one of their ancient ships. A premeditated discharge of one of our forerunner magneto transmitters has resulted in a responce of sorts by this ship's locator beacon. Though very deep down in the ocean's floor it can still be retrieved as we've made great strides in developing the needed tools to acquire it. Even now our engineers are hard at work assembling a floating tower to be lowered down to it and then lift it up where we may obtain its secrets and learn from them." A smile creeped into his contenance as he spoke these words. Brtak knew the litany, though he loathed to to say it.

    "It is the will of the Forerunners that we find this fallen ship."

    "Yes," spoke the Prophet of Hope. "It is."

    Three days later shuttles filled with Covenant Troops were dispatched to Guam to serve as a distraction in case of interdiction against the project by the humans. The Carrier, 'Temple of Righteous Glory' was dispatched to over watch the initial construction of the floating retrieval rig that would serve as the support for the hook to acquire the sunken Forerunner Ship

    Greetings and salutations to one and all. This RPG is a continuation of the fairly successful Halo: TODAY, and is open to players new and old alike. For those who are brand new, check out the old game at

    and its first sequal at to get aquainted. In short, it?s a military tactical game based on the concept that the Covenant, the primary antagonists from the immensely popular Halo series from Xbox/Bungie, land on Earth in the very near future, well perhaps it would be better to put it as current day. As we play, new weapons systems will come on line, and do much to fill the battlefield with noise and color. It was decided to start a new Thread every time we start a new chapter or campaign in order to keep the thread from stagnating, and so this one, as the title suggests, is about the Covenant's next attack (This time) on the Pacific Island of Guam and Its nearby exploratory search for the Forerunner ship deep in the Marianas Trench. So Dive, dive, dive on in, but first let?s go over the?


    1. Keep the swearing and violence to a minimum. Please be sure to blank out all letters of the no-no words!
    2. Keep the OOCs to a minimum.
    3. No godmoding.
    4. Keep your characters realistic. The height and weight limits are 6'3' and 235 pounds, and none of th
  2. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Time: 2,487 years BC
    Location: Near Earth, Sol System, Orion Spur.

    Sprite 174 received notification of an imminent entry into one of the last remaining locations for redemption. Project Blue 1277 was the only one to bear fruitful success for uplift. Sprite 174 opened its data gates for more information. In it came like a flood as updates to old files were implimented. The Forerunner ship was ancient by several thousand years. Never-the-less it was fully functional except for one crucial ability. The last of the Flood had been irradicated save whatever specimens lay locked away for study from when there was still hope. The call was never received to destroy all samples, so there was still the chance that the seed of the next generation's destruction could be sewed. Sprite 174 did not concern itself with that, but rather chose a place to bring the Frigate in. There were gifts to be given to the next generation when they were ready. These would be the ones to advance where the Forerunners and the Precursors before them left off. It had to drift this far without Hyper drive. The earlier fight with ships controled by Flood corrupted AIs had left Sprite174 with little choice but to jump randomly without proper coordinates. A chance shot from one of its pursuers set into motion the ship Hyper drive's eventual demise. Three jumps later, Sprite 174 had lost the pursuers but by then only had the ability for one more jump. It would be enough to get the Frigate to the proximity of Sol system. From there Sprite174 would have to drift in and manuver as best as could, a landing with minimal damage to the ship. Observations were made as the ship approached the blue white planet. 2/3rds of its surface was covered in thick layers of ice and snow. Erosion marked its surface where there was no covering. There had been a severe upheavel recently. Long distant observations confirmed that the local aboriginals had survived though in reduced numbers. Then there was still hope! Sprite 174 activated its sublights and approached the recovering planet.


    Date: April 3rd, Chamorro Standard Time
    Location: Guam
    Time: 06:45

    Guam was under attack! Andersen Air Force Base was not caught napping and had been prepared for just such a possibility. Ground based radar had tracked a large arial group coming in out of the dawn's approaching light. Patriot missle batteries spewed out their rebuke at the on coming Banshes while Raptors scrambled and climbed into overhead cloud cover. Fast approaching Covenant Seraph fighters veired off and engaged them in a deadly game of hide and seek, as well as hit and run amongst the clouds. A mixture of Navy, Marine and Air Force personnel made ready for the next stage that they knew was coming. Invasion. Civilians had been preparing since the time it had been announced the prevous Thanksgiving Day. The preparations had not been in vain. Bunkers-that were interconnected to one another-had been fortified and enlarged in earnest by a wisened population that still knew of the horrors endured by its mothers and fathers from the Japanese during World War II. They knew that they could not depend upon being rescued anytime soon, if conquered by these new Covenant Invaders. Weapons had been stockpiled for just such an event below within these bunkers.

    Next up came the Metal Storm Antiaircraft Batteries. Between them and the Patriots a third of the Banshee contingent had been dispatched and sent down in flames. That still left 67 Banshees unopposed to strafe the ground with plasma fire. Homes, shops or farms, it made no difference all were being put to the flames by the ground attack flyers. Some though were caught unawares as they were met by Stingers sent up their tail pipes as they passed their targets of opportunity. Then they raised their altitude to fire upon the hapless humans with what they thought was impunity. That's when the Raptors came out of hiding and pounced. Every time the Seraphs came to rescue the grou
  3. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Location: Guam, Three miles off the southern shore.

    Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee, Sangheili Zealot Commanding 8th Legion of Sacrosanct Meditation. These humans were as tricky as those he'd come across back at the third largest Continent. "Still the bane of the Forerunners," he hissed while observing the battle from off shore. If it hadn't been for the southern shore they'd not have been able to acquire a beach head at all.

    "Reroute all remaining transports to the alternate drop zone to the south," he ordered his second. The second spoke to comply and gave the new orders to reroute the flight plans for the transports.

    "Call in the reserve squadron of Vampires to strengthen the transport's defence against the human fighters. These ones show unusual speed, agility and fighting ability," he spoke. Again his second relayed his new orders in compliance.

    "Once the first echelon has established its beachhead, second and third echelons will move foreward to shore and then flank the hills. After that manuever they will ascend to take the hills from any human forces before we move on to take the north". Zogar lowered his Binoculars and lowered himself back down before sealing the roof hatch of his personal transport vehicle.

    "Take us closer," he ordered. "I want to be there for when we take the hills. The pilot obeyed and the Ghost moved towards shore.

  4. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006

    Name: Jonathan Marcus McNeil
    Age: 36
    Service: USMC
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): 0302 Infantry Officer
    Rank: Lt. Colonel
    IMI Tavor TAR-21, 5.56x45mm NATO Ammunition, 30 round STANAG magazines, Trijicon ACOG optical sight with 4X magnification (Licensed to Colt)
    --M203 grenade launcher, 40x46 "40mm" Grenades, Single Shot, Mercury Rounds
    AA-12 (Auto Assault 12), 12 gauge Shotgun Ammunition, Standard Slug, 8 round Box Magazines. 20 & 32 Drum Mags available, Buckshot, Titanium, and FRAG-12 Rounds available.
    Berreta 92 Service Pistol, 9x19mm Luger Parabellum Ammunition, 15 round magazines
    USMC KA-BAR & KM2000 Combat Knife (KM2000 is a special production model with a 24cm blade as apposed to the standard 12cm blade)

    Marcus is a Marine through and through. He joined the Corps when he was 18, simply cause he had no other skills then being a blunt object. The Marine Corps chews up and spits out people like Marcus who think their tough as nails all the time, and and it nearly did with Marcus in the first week. However Marcus's drill Sargent made it quite clear that Marcus had nowhere to go but the Corps. He washed out of the Corps, he washed out of life. It was a huge slap in the face by a book titled reality, but it woke Marcus up.

    From that point forward Marcus dedicated everything he was to the Corps. The Corps was his Mother, and his Father. It took the blunt object he was and crafted him into a deadly instrument. Marcus participated in both Somalia and Kosovo, The first as a member of US Forces under the UN Flag, the second, the NATO Flag. His specialty was getting into places and causing trouble for the enemy, but he was quite as capable as other marines at peace keeping gigs. Whatever the Corps wanted, he did after all.

    In 2001 Marcus started his long term participation in the War in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan Marcus participated in five voluntary tours. As a commissioned life long member of the US Marine Corps, Marcus was self dedicated to the Corps deployment in the Middle East. Following his Fifth tour Marcus requested to be deployed in Iraq for a tour, wishing to make his abilities available to the Marine Corps deployment in Operation: Iraqi Freedom. However, during the required down time between deployments, to be precise February '08, Marcus was quickly reassigned for 'special training'.

    At the time Marcus didn't know what the training was for. He, and many other marines received training with the newer weapons available. The IMI Tavor-21, being produced in America by Barrett and Colt was Marcus's specific weapon of choice. To be more accurately the TAR-21 with the STAR-21 sighting system and the M302 Grenade Launcher. Additional training came with the Auto Assault-12 Shotgun. The training gave Marcus the impression he had been selected for a Special Operations detachment training initiative, but this concept was soon thrown out the window.

    Starting in March Marcus and countless others participated in wargames, more then any training initiative should call for. It was clear they were training to counter some sort of invasion force but what sort of invasion evaded him. Rumors surfaced, most which were dismissed, the constant deployment in wargames to counter air insertions made some assume the OpFor they would face sported an advanced air-force. This concept was hard to swallow however as the only air forces capable of combating the United states on an equal level, were participating in the war games. Thats where the rumors of aliens started, but it was laughable. But on Thanksgiving what was laughable became reality.

    The President went public with information about an Alien Invasion. At first it was hard to swallow, but other nations disclosed the same information. And mass briefings on the situation took place further solidifying the message. The enemy wasn't going to be human. Riots took place, and Marcus was deployed in an impromptu anti-riot deployment around DC for a short time. After December 15th he was deployed to No
  5. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Time: 2,487 years BC
    Location: Near Earth, Sol System, Orion Spur

    Sprite 174 was alerted 12 hours 17 minutes later of a gravity distortion from out system. The AI had been wrong in its assumption that it had lost it's pursuers. One had shown up in the system, possibly before Sprite 174's arrival outside the yellow star's heliopause. It had the profile of a heavycruiser and by the signature of its drives it appeared to be damaged as well. The AI increased its approach rate towards the blue white planet in a desperate bid to reach the source of the next generation that would one day reach for the Stars. Then a shocking revelation occured as the compromised heavycruiser jumped to within 85,000 Km. of sprite 174's frigate! Its jump drive was intact. Alerts flashed across the spectrum of scanners telling the AI of a lock on from the heavycruiser. Sprite 174 having swung about fired its Neutron Cannon at the heavycruiser's bridge complex so as to eliminate its ability to fire back. The compromised ship similtaneously fired back. As its bridgecomplex blosomed into explosive, energized particles, the frigate's neutron cannon was in turn eliminated by the cruiser's Gauss Cannon. Sprite 174 recalculated its approach to the blue white planet. The approach would have to be steeper than originally planned and would have to be implemented immediately so as to side step another attack from the now blinded cruiser. The move was made and the course altered, not an instant too soon, as yet another Gauss round streaked past where the frigate would have been had it stayed on its earlier course. The cruiser's targeting blindness was now confirmed. Sprite 174 took advantage of the situation by further adjusting its course by altering the sublight drive field's contours. In anticipation of the super heated ionized atmosphere that would be shrieking over its hull, Sprite 174 activated the frigate's foreward deflection shields so as to reduce atmospheric damage to the hull while it screamed in. The AI made a fateful decision. It would have to endure many thousand years before this planet's inhabitants would be ready to receive its gifts from the Forerunners. Sprite 174 scanned for a good location to settle upon the surface of the planet. Given the low level of the oceans of the planet at the time, one mountain stood out in the middle of the closest basin. It was furthest south along a chain of mountains atop an under water ridge. There! The decision was made and Sprite 174 altered course towards the tallest mountain in the chain. Ejection was stayed until optimum likeliness of success was certain. Sprite 174's AI housing seperated and ejected towards its target landing site. Turbulence from the departing frigates hull was challenging to overcome but the large housing for the AI ultimately had to be shed. Inertia dampeners were keyed up to maximum upon final approach towards the landing target. The monocrystaline armored structure was made to keep the AI safe from anything short of a continuis fusion burn up against the housing. The design was sharp for penetration so as to allow sufficient ground cover from overhead when it came to rest. The atmosphere whistled past the guiding fins. Down, down the AI's dart shaped housing went until it hit into the solid ground of its new home atop what would later become known as Mount Lamlam. Two intersteller ships came in with trails of heated metal following in their wake. The larger of the two remained intact while the smaller one self destructed and scattered across the shallow ocean's surface. Further down range, the pursuing cruiser splashed into the fridged waters and sank to the bottom.


    OOC: Another post is forth coming tommorrow...I hope.
  6. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    OOC: Inserted is a Google orbital view of Guam showing the initial direction from which the predawn Covenant attack takes place. This is followed by the location of the initial failed landing zone for Covenant Troops to disembark from their Spirit combat shuttles and the Covenant's alternate landing zone with secured beach head located [link=] HERE. [/link] This image can be copied to your own files for reference use in this campaign if you'd like. Also shown is Andersen AFB at the northern end and the International Airport just north of center to the Island.


    LPC: Private Chafai Husto had been given the alert moments earlier from his commanding Officer Captain Huan Taga, who'd relayed the warning from Andersen AFB. From his WWII vintage bunker he watched as the flying devil boxes came from the east out of the predawn light firing their weapons upon his home village to the north and that of others along the eastern shore. The new Raptors had lept skyward meer moments prior to the Covenant's arrival and flew into the cloud cover. He heard the planes were new and capable of doing incredible feats. He could only hope that they would be enough.

    As he watched the first fight for his Island home unfold, Chafai saw through his binoculars that fellow Islanders had taken the president's warning seriously and had prepared well for what now was more than a possibility. What in effect had become reality. He saw them fleeing with haste and orderliness to their preassigned war stations. Bunkers that had been made by the previous invaders of his homeland, now served as a means of holding out against the new ones from the Stars. After an hour had passed, it became apparent that the initial attack just south of Andersen had gone poorly for the invaders. As a result of this, they rerouted their flying box ships to the southern end of the Island. With horrific facination, Chafai watched the creatures from the stars disembark from the box ships. Locals who'd been unfortunate enough to be in the area were killed on sight. Fishing boats with their crews, pedestrians out for a walk who were unaware of what was transpiring at the northern end of the Island. It didn't matter. They were all killed! He reported by radio what he witnessed then Chafai wept. Then he got angry!

    OOC: OK! To the Players! Its clobbering time! If you're interested in this RPG now is the time to PM me your CS for appoval. Those already signed on, are free to introduce your PC(s) into the FRAY.

  7. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Lt. Colonel Marcus McNeil
    MV-22B Osprey; Codename Hotel 719
    Low Level Aerial Deployment
    Approaching Guam from the North

    Marcus looked out of the cockpit window of the Osprey he, his staff, and personal squad were ridding in on. The Aliens had already been trying to get on Guam for quite some time. They came in from the east and got more then they were expecting. Reports listed out the Aliens being pushed back, F-22 Raptors had successfully ran hit and run attacks on their units, causing them to fall back. Problem was the ******** had come back from the South and had managed to gain a beach head.

    "How long?" Marcus called out to the pilot over the sound of the tiltrotors engines.

    "ETA's about ten minutes Colonel. The Raptor's have seen to it that the Airspace over the north side of the Island is clear, we'll be able to land in Anderson without trouble."

    "Good." Marcus said patting the pilot on the shoulder before turning back to the troop compartment, "Ok! Listen up! The ETs have already made a beach head on the Southern part of the Island." Marcus grabbed one of the hand rails above him as the Osprey hit a bit of turbulence. Out of the open rear hatch he could see the other MV-22Bs coming behind them. "We're going to be landing at Anderson, as per the briefing. Our Division will then secure the base and the area surrounding it. It is our home gentlemen. We will hold it, or we will hold it, there is no second option."

    "Once the base is secure we will be able to call in for reinforcements and supplies. I personally intend to have a firebase set up by the end of the day, Romeo Echo Mike Foxtrots be damned we will keep this island out of those ******** tri-fingered hands. We already have Raptors deployed, air supremacy is not a standing issue, but don't let that get you comfortable. This will not be easy. All of you remember Indiana? I expect they will deploy similar tactics. We however will not let them have the chance."

    "Guam, Gentlemen has the unsavory honor of being the most sizable populated piece of US territory to be occupied by a large foreign force. I do not plan to let that happen again. We will meet these Alien invaders head on, We will show them the ferocity of our skills. And then we will shove our big green boots so far up their backsides their children will develop limps. Do you hear me Marines?!"

    "Sir Yes Sir!" His squad, and even his staff called out back to him.

    "Good! Secure you're gear, get ready."

    "Sir!" The pilot called out behind him, "We're approaching the shore."

    "Good, take us in low. Owens!" He called back to his communications specialist. "Get on the horn with Anderson, tell them to keep an eye out for any ETs thinking they can pounce on us. I want air support and I want it five minutes ago!" Marcus looked back out of the cockpit and at the approaching shore. It was go time.

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  8. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    General Location: Guam Island, west of the Marianas Trench.

    Site of Battle: Southern Municipalities of Merizo, Umatac and Inarajan.


    Name: Chafai Husto.
    Age: 20
    Service: United States Marine Corp.
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS):0321 Scout Sniper.
    Rank: Private First Class
    Weapons: "White Feather" M-25 with a 10rnd. Box Magazine,7.62 X 51 ammo, cheek rest, 22" 4
    Groove 1:10 Twist Heavy Carbon Steel Barrel, Leopold & Stevens Vari X-III LR M3
    mounted on a Brookfield Precision Tool Advanced Scope Mounting System and an OPS
    suppressor with Bipod, a Malasian Throwing Knife, Field Radio and video
    communications/transmission equipment and a whole Bunker Network full of boxed and
    crated weapons and munitions for just such an occation as this.

    BIO: When Chafai's Grand father Huan Husto was repatriated back to Guam at the close of
    WWII, he swore up and down that his decendants would be raised right to fight for
    their island home should any other foreign nation come to invade Guam ever again.
    Huan's son joined the US Marines and served in Vietman with destinction. He learned
    much from the Tet Offensive of 1968 and passed that experience on to his son,
    Chafai. Chafai idolized his father and followed in his foot steps. A month after his
    grandfather died, Chafai signed up to become a Marine. After his training, he saw
    action in Afghanastan sweeping caves of insurgents and their weapon's caches. One
    mission in particular, Chafai isn't allowed to talk about and to this day won't
    discuss it unless free to in the presence of Officers with sufficient security
    clearance. That operation still gives Chafai nightmares because of what he saw in
    that cave after it was cleared. After that Chafai was shipped back to base, debriefed
    then sent to Guam to be stationed there. It did not become clear as to why until the
    night before the Thanks Giving holiday. More and better training came. Improved
    weapons were issued, cross training was greatly incouraged and the Japanese built
    bunkers were expanded and increased in numbers then stocked with food, weapons and
    ammunition. Then the day came in Febuary and the Second Battle of New Orleans was
    fought to a standstill. Then another one shortly there after near Indianapolis,
    Indiana. All the while his Island made ready for what everybody hoped would never
    come to happen again on Guam. But it did...Invasion!

    Time: 10:42 Date: April 3rd, 2009.

    Location: Bunker network surrounding the cliffs of Mount Lamlam.

    IC: As US Marine Private First Class, Chafai Husto.

    The aliens had been busy setting up a defendable starting point with Shade turrets and a fabrication facility that was steadily cranking out ground attack vehicles of different sorts including Wraiths as fresh ingots were being shipped in by Spirit combat shuttles. There was a lull that had been extended until Chafai saw why. Out was crawling a very large four legged walker with a top, rear mounted turret touting a high energy beam projector and a foreward mounted Hardpoint with another energy projector. Chafai Husto dropped his jaw and called in what he saw to Captain Taga. Taga relayed the info to the acting Joint Armed Forces Dispatch Officer.

    Marine PFC Chafai Husto watched his fellow Islanders of Guam as they hastily evacuated from their homes. Those with automobiles used Highway 2 heading north until the smaller Banshee ground attack aircraft came and tore it up with green plasma fire that left it smoldering and bubbling from the heat it generated, like lava coming from Mount Kiloeau in Hawaii. Then the Chomorroian refugees simply rerouted into the hills, using the washways of the streams coming down from the high ground further inland and headed north either on foot or if they had all terren capability, by vehicle. Further to the south he could see the advance of
  9. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Lt. Colonel Marcus McNeil
    MV-22B Osprey; Codename Hotel 719
    Low Level Aerial Deployment
    Approaching LZ

    The Osprey's of the VMM-161, 162, and 163 with the 20th S.O.S.s Green Hornets crossed over the shore line and within moments were over Anderson Air Force Base. Like choreographed dancers the tiltrotors split up. The Gray Hawks squadron split off towards the west end of the norther air field. They carried his divisions artillery, ARCHER units, glorified Howitzer's mounted on a Volvo construction truck. The Covenant had shown an aptitude for launching retaliatory strikes along fire arcs. Marcus took this into account and called in for the ARCHERs, their use of the XM982 Excalibur guided artillery shell would be able to throw off that ability, simply by altering trajectory en route.

    The Golden Eagles continued along with Marcus in Hotel 719 towards the main buildings of the AFB south of the southern airfield. It was here Marcus would set up his command center and the Golden Eagles were carying that equipment, and the first waves supply of HUMVEEs. It would be where the divisions initial push into the island would come from, and where Marcus would lead from, if he decided to RE it for the moment. The Green Hornets broke off to the north west however away from the air fields. Their objective was a good two clicks out from the base proper, Anderson's Munitions Storage Facilities. It was also positioned not far from the north side beaches, making it the drop off point for amphibious forces coming in in waves of reinforcements to come.

    VMM-163 however, the Raging Bulls broke off in several directions filling out about the perimeter of the base. The Raging Bulls were carrying the engineering minded Marines under Marcus' command and enough MK-44 Miniguns to establish a defensive line capable of putting out enough lead in under a minute to turn approaching enemies and vehicles into so much slag. Marcus' Marines were here to stay, they were going to make damn sure any Covvie attempts to push them out of the base would be hard press to do much.

    All of these little bits of the operation played through Marcus' head during the last moments before his Osprey set down and he, his squad, and team marched out of the troop hold. Around him marines were filling out of their birds, many moving to secure the HUMVEE's others to secure the buildings around the base. Marcus tapped the earpiece of his radio. "Third Squad! Secure Gilkerson Field. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Squads secure the HUMVEE's, Second Squad you're with me. Everybody else secure the perimeter. Golden Eagles, get back out there and bring me my supplies. Safe flying."

    Taking his hand off the ear piece Marcus hefted his Tavor and observed the situation as the the Osprey's lifted off into the air and made their way back. "Ok! This!" He pointed to the the AFB's administrative building, "Is our new home Marines! We will be sharing it with our good room mates the flyboys. Lets try not to step on each others toes. Owens, get on the horn, I wont spotters ready for when the ARCHERs get online. I want to be blowing the **** out of Covvie assets right away!" With that Marcus turned and marched off towards the administrative building at a full sprint, his squads in tow. "Time to greet the locals, and see what sorta equipment this place already has set up."

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  10. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    1943 WWII:

    Lieutenant, Isao Karibayashi was called into a relatively new site under construction for yet another Bunker in the western network of Bunkers in the high country surrounding Mount Lamlam. The subordinate believed he wasn't qualified to make a decision as to what to do about the find. Isao snorted.

    "What is it that requires my attention that you can't deal with yourself?" he asked in a scolding tone. The workers under his command stepped clear of the room as he entered. The noncom pointed towards a tarp that covered the wall, stepped up to it then pulled the tarp clear. Lieutenant Isao Karibayashi dropped his jaw as he looked intently at he half excavated object that was partially imbedded in the rocky wall.


    In Game:

    Upon the arrival of the Marine Infiltration Force and Lt. Colonel Jonathan Marcus McNeal, Brigadier General Philipp M. Ruhlman and his staff had been hard at work getting new Portable Air Conditioned housing located strategically in his Base, so as to provide the best possible location for the Marines that were going to be very plentiful from then on. When the Covenant tried to land in numbers near the base his insistance on using new tactics did the trick to send the @#^%*&#% packing to another location. His personel were equal to the task of safeguarding their airspace and thus kept the sky clear for the Marines to arrive safely.

    Colonel McNeal! Good to see you here at this time. We've been challenged by some pesky Covenant turds, think they can go stomping around and tearing up people's turf. I hear your pretty damned good at Pest Control." Ruhlman said with a big grin as he raised his righthand to his brow in a salute.

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  11. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003

    OK. Here is the breakdown of covenant forces and their approximate Human equivalents

    File= Squad/Section

    Lance= Company

    Cohort= Battalion

    Maniple= Regiment/Brigade

    Legion= Division

    "Learn it. Remember it."

    Deiskrad sent this to me because I was butchering the terminalogy with miss applied usage of the term "Lance" thinking it was equivalent to a squad. Oops! My bad...

    In Game:
    Time/Date: 13:55 Chomorro Standard Time, April 2nd, 2009.

    Location: Bunkers surrounding Mount Lamlam, Guam Island.

    IC: Marine PFC Chafai Husto

    It had been quite a few hours since the last completed wraith came out to replace the fallen ones from the exchange of fire with the New Jersey. Many of the Wraithes were forming up for something but seemed to be aimed in the wrong direction. They were aimed towards the ocean. Finally-once again-the fabrication facility gave birth to yet another Scarab. It strode out then stopped before a scarlet colored Spectre which had approached the Scarab then stopped short in turn. The Scarab's legs lowered its body down to ground level and the crew exited these ones were odd and did not fit the usual briefings that Chafai had sat in on concerning the different races that served as combatants for the Covenant. Chafai'd heard that there were other races that served as noncombatants, however; these were only rumors. It appeared that he was having his first peek at one of those rumored races called Huragok. But he'd just figured it was a fancy pants name for an engineer or something like a tech. Husto got his long range cam and videoed the tableu as it transpired while feeding it live back to Andersen AFB's intelligence personel. He'd wished he'd had a shot at the red suited Shangelii. But the shot was barely reachable with a M-107 Barret let alone a .308 from his M-25. He'd have to see if he really could make up for Captain Taga's earlier decision to have him stay put up in this lookout bunker. Hopefully there would be another chance later on. Private Husto recorded some more of what he'd seen. After filing it he downloaded back to the Branch services Dispatch Officer, Air Force Captain Harley Davidson (his real name) complied aand passed on the information.

    IC: Field Master Zogar 'Gaharkee, Sangheili Zealot Commanding 8th Legion of Sacrosanct Meditation.

    The Field Master dismissed the Huragok who'd upgraded this particular Scarab and what would be its accompanying Wraiths. He decided that a new tactic was in order for the treacherous monkeys with there many diverse tricks. Fleet Master Brtak 'Hadaspree was growing impatient with his lack of overcoming the monkey's trickery. He would perform a trick on them for a change. The new Scarab was remotely controlable, since to call for volunteers for this Scarab's mission would end for the onboard crew with them beginning their Great Journey prematurely. He'd opted for the modifications to be made so as to cut losses from a suicide mission. Two could play this kind of game. Zogar-though he couldn't prove it and to do so would have been a major embarassment to his command-suspected that the Monkeys had somehow acquired the wayward Scarab that had the critical fusion containment failure back on the large continental mass to the east of this oceanic basin. He'd picked his two best remote pilots for the job. Both were Yanme'es and as such were well versed in technical aspects for this kind of mission. They were already aboard one of the modified Wraiths that would send the Scarab its commands. When the battle was being engaged and the humans were busy looking one way he'd choose the right time for his answer to their trickery and deceit while participating in honorable warfare. They liked that kind of fighting so he'd show them the error of their ways in that kind of thinking. They would not stop his Legion thusly. Zogar actually laughed with some measure of mirth. It felt good for a change. He returned with his escort back to his personal Scarlot Spectre. Yes he would regain his honor and standing
  12. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Lt. Colonel Marcus McNeil
    Anderson Airforce Base

    "Very good at it Sir." Marcus replied as he saluted the Brigadier General. "Though if You'll excuse me Sir, I'd like to get down to business. I need to know some things, primarily what forces are already deployed along the island and where. Secondly, I have plans." One of Marcus' staff had already set up a map of Guam Marcus had prepared with is attack plan on a table.

    "We have Anderson here where we are." Marcus tapped the map where Anderson was located. "This is our most fortified location. We'll take air drop supplies here use of the 36th wing has guaranteed us air superiority in this area its our safest bet." Marcus moved his hand to a spot of land north west of Anderson, just a few clicks west of the munitions facilities the special forces groups were securing right now. "This is Northwest Field. Its off line, not suited for landing planes, but our Ospreys can thrive here they don't need cleared airfields to land and take off. This will be the staging area for our air insertions throughout the island."

    Marcus moved his finger closers to the center of the island, "Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport. We can land C-17 Globemaster III's here to offload our armor. The First Tank Battalion of the 1st Cavalry Division's 8th Cavalry Regiment is being brought in and should be arriving within the hour, and my Third Company will be moving out to secure the airpot in 30 minutes. They will be landing at Antonio and Orote field. Orote field will also be the offloading point of a number of secondary infantry units and Infantry Fighting Vehicles. This is going to be key to keeping the island. Orote field is going to be our forward firing base."

    Taking a breath, Marcus tapped the harbor formed by Orote peninsula. "Apra Harbor, we have a number of forces coming in from this point, they will be supporting Orote field, artillery, IFVs, support personnel. But most importantly a company of the 8th Cavalry is going to be deployed from this point to here." Marcus pointed at the map just south east of the harbor, "The Naval Magazine. The munitions here will be key to our survival, what can be transfered back to Orote will be, the rest will be used by the company's Artillery units to harass the Covenant forces. This" he put a deal of emphasis into the words, "Is key to my plan to drive them from this island."

    "The Submarines USS City of Corpus Christi, the USS Houston, and the USS Buffalo are off shore. I know this because they operate out of the Guam Naval base. I've already shared my plan with the naval commander there. While the forces of the 1st Division attack the forces with artillery these submarines will deploy their SEAL teams on the southern part of the island. They will be able to give us front line surveillance, and, cause i know the alien ******** love them, to repeat the fusion fiasco with those giant walking tanks of theirs."

    Marcus looked at the Brigadier General, "Now General. I need to know what you have deployed. I need comm frequencies of your spotters, and I need to know the payloads of your planes. Everything. Specifically, I know the 393rd Bomb Squadron and 13th Bomb Squadron rotate B2's here. I need to know if they have B83 or B61 warheads. Push come to shove, we may need to improvise our own fireworks to take out their forces. I'd rather not, but, we do what must be done. Now General, what do you think?"

    Tag: Van
  13. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    ...Marcus responded to General Ruhlmann and looked him in the eye, "Now General. I need to know what you have deployed. I need comm frequencies of your spotters, and I need to know the payloads of your planes. Everything. Specifically, I know the 393rd Bomb Squadron and 13th Bomb Squadron rotate B2's here. I need to know if they have B83 or B61 warheads. Push come to shove, we may need to improvise our own fireworks to take out their land forces. I'd rather not, but, we do what must be done. Now General, what do you think?"

    "We've got two spotters, both are well located to see whatever their up to down at the south end. Here's their frequencies for Snoopy 1 and Redbaron respectively. The 393rd Bomber Wing and 13th Bomber Wing both have B-2s with two rotory carasels each holding four cruise missles for each carasel giving a total of eight bombs. The standard mix is 50-50 between B83 with W80 boosted yield of 1.2 Megatons and the B61 with the FUFO Full Fusion Option or Dial-a- yield option. Depending on the Mod number which ranges from 1-11. The first originals have been weeded of 0,1,2,5,6,8,9,10. What remains is MODs 3, 4, 7 and 11 and are what's left in active service. MODs 3 and 4 are selectable from 0.3, 1.5, 5, 10, 60, 80 and 170 Kilotons of yield. Mod 7 has four yields with a maximum of 340 Kilotons. Mod 11 has one only at 340 Kilotons. The BUFs have a similar mix of ordinance. We can head back to operation/administrations center next door and I can give you the low down on the specifics with which plane has which bomb with which option applied to it," said General Ruhlmann.

    "We currently have Army National Guard members working even now to safeguard the retreat and removal of civilians from harms way down towards the south end. Key components of the Guard ARNG include the 1st Battalion, 294th Infantry, and the 105th Troop Command, consisting of two quartermaster detachments, a military intelligence detachment and an engineer detachment. The Guam Air National Guard comprises the 254th Air Base Group here at Andersen Air Force Base. Lieutenant Colonel Johnny S. Lizama is the commanding officer of that unit. I've personally seen some amazing things accomplished by Lizima's crew. Our recently relocated 302nd Fighter Squadron fresh from Elmondorf AFB couldn't have happend at a better time when they moved here back in October 2nd, 2008." General Ruhlmann's second approached and whispered in the General's ear. Ruhlmann nodded his he.

    "Colonel McNeal. I've something to show you that might be of good use at this time," General Ruhlmann led McNeal and his group out to the car pool, took some Hummers and headed out to one of their farthest hangers down towards the southeast end of the Base. In short order they arrived and exited the Hummers. From there they walked towards a large Hanger numbered 21 and entered. Once inside Ruhlmann showed McNeal what was going on. There stood four newly built XM1A4s with oddly long barrels that were wrapped in a spiral coil of silver band wrapping. Each barrel's silver colored metalic coil wrapping had a sheath to fit over it so as to provide cover from the elements. If that wasn't enough the throats of the barrels were about half the size of the regular Abrams.

    "The Navy's been lending us a hand, that and we've had some extra help from a gentleman under contract with DoD," said Ruhlmann with a grin. The guy's a genius. He's helped build a Coil Cannon that can puncture a hole in a Wraith the first time every time. He's even solved the excessive wear problem as well as the recoil issue. The barrel is good for 900 to 1,000 rounds before replacement is necessary," he spoke.

    "Now Colonel, what do you think?" asked General Ruhlmann.

    Tag: Kahn_Iceay.
  14. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    GM Approved....good to be back ;)

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Leigh "aussie" Smith
    Age: 28
    Service: Australian army
    Military Occupational Specialty (MOS): Special Air Service Recon/Sniper
    Rank: Sergent
    Weapons: SR25 sniper assault rifle , USP pistol, Gurkha kukhri combat knife, flashbangs, frag grenades,
    Bio: Leigh comes from a military family, his father having served in the australian SAS during the vietnam war. He originally joined the infantry and served in the 6th battalion Royal Australian Regiment before he went for selection in the SAS, of the original 150 soldiers to begin only 5 passed including Leigh. in the last four years he has served with the 3rd squadron SAS, serving 2 tours in Afghanistan and one in the anti terrorist sabre squadron. He was on an exchange program serving with delta force as a marksmanship instructor when the cuvvies hit, he and his Delta mates served in many of the major conflicts that raged over Indiana accounting for a disproportionately high body count amoung the enemy, he also lead the mission to aquire a covenant wraith tank and the employment of it to devastating effect. The U.S government decided to move the wraith tank to Guam for reverse engineering, Leigh and his small mixed bag of delta force and green berets were transfered with the tank to ensure the security of the project,when not looking after the tank the small unit of operators generally are either undergoing jungle training under Leighs exacting standards or causing mischief on base with pranks and a general disregard for the more superfluous aspects of miilitary discipline.
  15. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    OOC: Enclosed is a view of the site of an attack made earlier just before dawn by Covenant Special Operations, to acquire back a captured Covenant Tank. At [link=] this [/link] location. Morkai. This is for Sargent Leigh Smith and his fellow green berets and delta force compatriots guarding the Hanger. They will have been alerted by a sudden launch of Raptors taking off with a similtaneous alarm with call to battle stations.

  16. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Location: Guam Island.

    Date: 4-2-09

    Time: 06:05 Chomorro Standard Time. Note: This is early during the initial morning attack against Guam.

    The attack on the Island stronghold was on. Banshees came swooping in out of the east bringing death and destruction with them against the heritical humans and their way of life. One particular double box shaped craft came in low while the rest shot foreward at 200-300 feet above sea level. Sangheili Zealot Nugatuc 'Sarpentroa an Osooda and his 'File of Silent Warriors' had a mission of no small importance. A captured Wraith Tank had been tracked by long range electromagneto scan and was believed to be in one of the buildings of the human military settlement on the north end of the island. His File's task was to retrieve it or failing that destroy it at all costs! The Prophet of Hope foresaw the human monkey's ingenuity in adopting to Forerunner artifacts and commanded all captured Covenant groundcraft and aircraft of war to be rendered useless to the humans if not returned. His File was hand picked for this mission. Not an Ungoy was to be found in it as he had determined that the little brothers were not well suited for sprinting or for endurance running. Since this was a prerequisite for these kinds of missions the Unggoy candidates were dismissed. Neither were there any Jiralhanae with their surly disposition against Sangheili authority. Instead he choose four of his best armored Mgalekgolo for the front line. No cannon fodder were they. No, these were of the race that in many ways rivaled the humans in not easily being vanquished. They perhaps even surpassed them, as the Mgalekgolo weren't subdued until the 'Taming-of-the-Worms' occured. This by steady orbital bombardment of their home world many years prior to his father's father. These and three Yanme'e with their power of flight and their ability to deal with technical issues within the Wraith Tank. Also a Kig-Yar Shooter to clear the path from a distance for ease of approach to their objective. Finally his second in command another Shangeili, Osofa 'Duyuptroa would serve to ensure the completion of the mission should Nugatuc fall and start his Journey early. He and his second shared the lethal skill of energy swordsmanship so great that their respective names had been changed with the 'troa' on the end to reflect that fact.

    "Check each others weapons and equipment for mission readiness!" he called out over the ever increasing sounds of battle as they neared the shoreline, then passed it. His soldiers complied inspecting each others equipment then weapons. Plasma grenades, plasma rifles, heavy plasma rifles, a long range needler and carbines. That done, the Spirit Shuttle swooped lower after it passed the shore until it was flying between houses along darkened streets just before twilight was announcing another day on Guam. Unlike other places they'd gone to-to recapture vehicles-this location was not populated by paralysed and fearful habitants. They were being shot at-even now-by whatever the populace had in the way of personal weapons. No matter. They were nothing more than insignificant insects to be swatted at, if need be. For now the mission was all that mattered.

    "We approach the military settlement," called the pilot over the battle net.

    "Pilot! Activate the Scanner and send an IFF to the Wraith so we can acquire an echo response for an exact fix of it's location," ordered Nugatuc.

    Meanwhile in Hanger 21, a loud alien honking emmited from the Wraith Tank parked in the southeast corner of the building. All present or within earshot had no problem in hearing it.

    "Direction acquired," answered the Pilot. "Closing on location!" he yelled over the sound of gunfire.

    "Clear the way for us then open our doors!" he called aloud.

    Ten seconds passed as the plasma turret of the Shuttle busied itself with shot after shot into surrounding buildings from where much of the gun fire had originated before the pilot answered.

    "Done! Opening Doors, now!"

    As one, the File of Si
  17. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Leigh "Aussie" Smith

    Guam island, Hangar 21

    Aussie and several Delta members were sitting around a small stereo playing blackjack when the klaxon went off, in seconds the hangar was a hive of organised chaos, as SF members of Aussies team and
    air police ran throught the hangar taking up position behind several pallets and defensive positions on raised catwalks and small offices around the hangar. Aussie ran up the stairs of the catwalk, the hangar reverborating with the sounds of weapons cocking and barked orders. Aussie and patterson had recognised the chance that the covenant could come for their missing tank and had set up a warm welcome. as the air police took up positions the SF operators took up positions spread amoung them, adding much needed steel to the defence, the heavily armed and confident operators giving a big morale boost as they readied their weapons with practised ease.

    Aussie found his position and settled down behind a cluster of sandbags that gave him an eagle eye view of the hangar bay. As the hangar quietened the men could hear something large approaching and raining fire onto the other buildings in the air base, the frantic chatter coming over their radios told of the men returning fire as the covenant ship neared its target. Aussie scratched at his bandana, the green cheqered cloth was slightly stifling as he whistled out to Tex who nodded back as he and two others readied their AT4's. There was a thunderous boom as the doors to the hangar were blown open, fire and smoke billowing into empty space, as soon as the the operators could make out a target they unleashed a volley of high explosives at the imposing shadow of the tank, with a crack boom the armoured shell was penetrated and it slumped to the ground , blue flames licking at its interior, there was a moment of pause then all hell broke loose as a thick salvo of plasma fire exploded into the hanger, them men inside returned fire and the air was turned into a cachophony of noise and screams.

    Blue and green lances of plasma fire obliterated cover as several air police were cut down by the deadly fire, the covenant burst into the hangar, Aussie could see they were all leadership class or bigger two even armed with those light swords he'd seen some use back in indiana. The men concentrated fire and several were cut down as they were hit by several sides, the human defence setup in a u shape around the doors, and the covenant overconfidently walking into the middle of it. Grenades arched out and a ripple of explosions ripped through the cuvvie ranks, multicoloured blood splashing the area,Aussie tried to get a bead on the two leaders but one leapt at the human defence sweeping his blade through two air police and a catwalk support like they were butter. He fired the round punching through its neck armour as it turned to face him, Aussie dove from his position just in time as the whole end of the catwalk disappeared in a blaze of green plasma.

    Aussie rolled of the catwalk and landed on a pallet with a thud and rolled off behind it with a groan, just as agreen beret rolled behind the cuvvies leader he had wounded and fired his shotgun point blank into its back, emptying several rounds into it as it slumped liflessly to the ground. Aussie was up and moving forward as the defence surged, their sheer volume of fire cutting down more cuvvies, he fired on the move dropping two more with precise shots to the head, as he heard more grenades tear up the ground around the hangar doorway. He spun as he saw the other swords man impale a man and then throw him into the way of two rushing defenders the flying body colliding with the two men and knocking them back. Aussie ran forward firing as he went several rounds hit but didnt seem to slow the creature as it turned to face him. As he closed the blade lashed out incredibly fast, Aussie threw himself forward and rolled under it, coming back up he rammed the butt of his rifle into its face and as it reeled back he kicked at the joint of its knee, as it dropped to one knee it lashed out wi
  18. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    Location: Hanger 21, Guam Island, Pacific Ocean.

    The Yanme'e warrior technicians roosted atop the hanger building while the battle raged at the door of the hanger that had been blown inward. When it became obvious that the battle was going badly, they opted for the corner nearest the Wraith tank. They sent a signal to the Kig-Yar to shoot any of the humans trying to exit the building as well as eliminate any that approached, thus doubling his work load and spliting his concentration. The Kig-Yar acknowledged the order and complied. Meanwhile the Yanme'e quietly began slicing through the wall next to the Wraith.

    Tag: Morkai
  19. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: "Aussie" Smith

    Guam Hangar

    The hangar was a buzz with work as men tended to the injured and dead, Aussie had just finished wrapping a wound when his comm's went off, a air police officer frustratedly told him there was a sniper that was keeping them from sending help into the hangar, and it could be awhile as they searched for the deadly marksman. Aussie picked up his SR25 and stalked towards the doorway, keeping to the shadows while searching for a likely hide for the enemy sniper. As this went on Bull and a couple other men were inspecting the tank for damage, the dusty veterans giving it a cursory look when there was a sudden noise from inside, Weapons in the shoulder the three operators slowly worked their way around the tank. As they got into the corner of the hangar they saw the spark of a torch cutting silently through the hangars outer shell, silently the took up positions in the shadows and waited.

    Three floating ball things that had been identified as and engineer caste cautiously made their way through the hole, they chittered quietly to each other as they moved towards the tank with a quiet purpose. Bull gave a silent nod and all three men opened up on them, the creatures falling wetly to the ground as they were perforated with concentrated bursts of gunfire.

    Aussie here fire behind him but paid it on mind, he was hunting...searching for a tell tail sign of the enemy sniper. Men in an adjoining building moved as they tried to flush it out, there...a flash of sunlight glinting off something, almost too fast to see sloppy mate Aussie thought as he shouldered his rifle, any sniper knew to ensure not to allow any movement show, this one obviously had contempt for the defenders abilities...a costly mistake. Aussie breathed out as he sunk to one knee deep in the shadows of the hangar doorway and took a sight picture peerring through his scope he concentrated on the area he'd seen the glint in...there it was, a slight movement...shadow against shadow. He re-adjusted, breathed out, steadied and fired. The round punched a hole through the enemies throat, spinning it from its feet and sending it gurgling to the floor, where it thrashed in agony for a few moments and stilled.

    "Delta 63 to command...sniper neutalized" he said into his comms as he got up and jogged over to the tank to see what was going on. When he got there he saw Tex, Bull and a couple others kneeling over three every dead engineer caste, "cuvvies dont know when ta quit huh?" Bull said as he spat out a wad of chewing tobacco, with that he filled the others in on what had happened. Aussie turned and motioned the others towards him ""they really want this thing hey?" he said as he climbed onboard "lets see what so bloody special about it" he finished as he pressed the access hatch and it opened with a low hum.

    TAG: Van
  20. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Location: Guam Island, Andersen AFB.

    Time: About 06:45 When the Covenant desided to start rerouting south in there bid to conquor Guam.

    Hanger 21: Inside the Covenant Wraith Tank.

    "Beep, honk, beep, beep...Beep, honk, beep, beep."

    The device had been awakened but no more signals were forthcoming. It repeated its ready status only to be left hanging. It had been abused when installed by the Brute ordered to place it in the prepared instrument bay along the walkway leading to the driver's compartment. He'd slammed it into the socket only to have it not mesh as it slide in. This resulted in a snap fit cover popping off and falling to the floor. When the brute had yanked the device back out to try again, he'd pulled-one of many strands of tiny fiber optics to different junctions loose-and thus severed a vital connection. The device already having passed inspection was powered down and the damage went unnoticed. The Brute not noticing or just plain not caring snapped the cover fixture back in place then reinserted the device more carefully.

    It repeated the series of beeps and honk every few minutes as it was now powered up to self destruct. Within it's confines was a miniscule bit of anti-matter floating in a magnetic bubble. If captured it could serve as a remarkable weapon for whoever had it. Outside there'd been fighting and now the rear access ramp was being lowered.

    Tag: Morkai, Kahn_Iceay, Deisrad...Sanctimoniously?
  21. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: SGT "Aussie" Smith

    Hangar 21 Guam

    Afew minutes of snooping brought Aussie to the source of the beeping...he didnt like the look of it at all, he turned too Bull "Get intel in here now!!, i dont know what this is but it looks like some kind of beacon". Bull responded with a fart that nearly rendered Aussie and Tex unconcious and scrambled out of the tank to radio in for the spooks to come in and take a look at the new find. Aussie looked over at Tex through the tears in his eyes and said "if they could make a weapon out of that mans arse we'd win this war in a week", Tex coughed out a laugh We need to get a plug for that boy's ass man! ah aint joking" he said as the two of them exited the tank. The work to clear the hangar was still going on, and from the radio alot more was going on outside, Aussie scratched at the stubble on his chin as Tex lit the stub of a cigar, The two blood stained renegades walked over to Sgt Patterson, Aussie patted the man on the shoulder as the grizzled sargent looked on helplessly as medic's took away his dead and wounded "any word on whats going on?" he said as he swapped mags and took in the charred chaos of the hangar bay.

    TAG: Van
  22. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    In Game:

    Time: 06:55 AM

    Location: Guam Island, Andersen AFB, Hanger 21.

    IC: LPC Air Police Sargent Ted W. Patterson head of the Security Detatchment assigned to Hanger 21.

    "Aussie we've got a full blown war raging out to the southeast of Andersen," said Patterson. "The Cuvvies weren't counting on an armed response from everybody and their freaking Grandmother. Weve shot down 27 Combat shutttles with Stingers while they were on their final approach at about 100 feet off the deck." Patterson wiped some alien blood off of his left sleeve with a shop muslim cloth as best he could. Patterson's radio crackled with more info as other security teams reported in new sightings of Covenant activities.

    "Command. This is team 12. They appear to be diverting towards the south parallel with the shore line. They are not attempting to land yet as they head southward" blarred the radio speaker. Patterson frowned.

    "They're snooping south for another landing zone or I'm not Irish. The stinking pukes," he spat.

    The radio blarred again. "Command, this is team 12, we've got a large group, about size of a company rushing the east fence line on foot with energy weapons blazing! We need reenforcements!"

    Patterson thumbed his mic, "Hold that line. Help's coming." He looked at Aussie, Tex and Bull. I heard you kicked some serious butt back in Indiana with this same Tank. Would it be possible to take it out for a spin and try it out on that assault group of Covenant Pukes coming our way?" he asked. "If command has a problem, they can talk to me. I'm tired of seeing our men slaughtered by their advantage in weapons," he growled. "Take the Tank Aussie. Make them pay." Sargent Patterson turned and walked towards one of his recently killed men and kneeled next to his body, then pulled a tarp over the serviceman's face. He'd been with Patterson's platoon for 6 months. Patterson took a shining to the lad. "Good bye, Nicky," he choked.

    Tag: Morkai.

  23. Vangarian

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    Mar 9, 2003
    OOC: Just a quick correction on my part. The date is supposed to be April 3rd as being the date of the initial attack on Guam not April 2nd as I've inadvertently gone and posted recently.

  24. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    Hanger 12 Continued.

    Sargent, Kelly M. Patterson got up put his blue colored baret on turned towards his men and shouted.

    "We've got barbarians at the east gate trying to over run our base! Are we going to let them just waltz in here and take over!?

    "No, sir!" they all yelled in response.

    The digeridoo started droning a rythim...the sticks drummed out a beat...the heart started pounding...and the blood started to boil. They were one...they were angry...they were going to kill many covenant soldiers this day! In their Hummers they raced out to meet the enemy of their Island, there home, their people and their Nation!

    Tag: Morkai, Deiskrad.

    OOC: This coming fight scene, is were the rubber meets the road. Post through to the fights conclusion, then we'll syncronise with the time of Lt. Colonel McNeal's conversation with General Ruhlmann afew hours later in the day of April 3rd of 2009.
  25. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    WWII March 7th, 1943.

    Guam Island, Bunker network surrounding Mount Lamlam.

    Lieutenant, Isao Karibayashi closed his mouth after a step back then recovered his composure. Before him was an object that was not natural to the island. It was angular and shaped like a war arrow's barbed tip. Its body was silvery and metalic with no sign of rust or decay. Its sharp contours with intricate design and material suggested, no, demanded that this was the result of manufacture by an intelligent creator. Isao turned to the subordinate.

    "You will continue excavating this object until you have it cleared of the earth. Is that clear?" he asked.


    When you are done with that, you will report to me of your completion of that task. Is that understood?"

    "Hai!" answered his subordinate aloud.

    "You were wise not to speak to anyone else concerning this, so do not start now. It is not to be discussed with anyone else. Whatever this is, it is not to fall into enemy hands. It is to be taken back to Nippon where our scientists will study it to learn its secrets. Speak to no one else concerning it. If you do and I learn of it, your life is forfeit. So if you've spoken to anyone else tell me now that I can isolate that one until after this has been removed and sent back to Nippon."

    "Sir, No one else has heard from me and I'm the only one who has seen it," said the private.

    "Very well. Follow your orders,"

    "Hai!" he loudly replied and bowed.

    Lieutenant Karibayashi Turned and walked out of the excavation chamber and headed up the slopped walkway heading back towards the light of day. He pulled out a cigarette sticking it in his mouth. His noncom escort who'd been standing outside, hastily reached for a pocketed box of matches and lit his smoke for him. Isao drew from the cigeratte inhauling and savoring its flavor. This was a turn of favor for him. Perhaps his way off this damned Island and back home would be cleared. If he could get the mysterious object past his commander to those he knew back home of a more sympathetic persuasion, he'd be able to write his ticket for the future of his carreer in the Imperial Army. This object had to be worth much. Perhaps it was even made of something valuable like platinum after all there was no corrosion. Soon he would know then he'd be able to send it out on board the [link=]Tokai Maru [/link] and get it sent back to his family's allies. Yes that would be wonderful to get out of here. Isao continued his walk back to the command post further down the hill. He had much planning to do to acomplish this.


    Guam Island, East sector of Andersen AFB, skirmish line.

    Hummers were aflame from plasma blossoms that had splattered about the field of battle that the east security fence had become during the last several minutes as more and more Covenant Invaders loosed their withering fire into the ranks of Andersen's finest who'd fought to defend the Air Base's eastern security fence line. Just then a fast moving convoy of Hummers armed with M2s and M19s raced up to bolster the skirmish line and fired at the advancing horde of alien soldiers. Like a sythe, the M2s .50 caliber rounds cut through their foreward lines while more rushed up to replace them and returned fire. The ground about the Covenant troops erupted in gouts of exploding 40mm grenades resulting in their bodies being tossed about in different directions simaltaneously. Still they came more and more in desperation as the battle progressed, for they had no way to return. One Hummer errupted into flames and exploded, then another as the Covenant troops-by sheer numbers-pressed foreward against the Andersen AFB's defenders. Still they fought on. Still the line held by sheer force of will as though to say, "This far and no farther shall you go!"

    Tag: Morkai. (Now would be a really nice time for a visitation from Sargent Smith and Company.)
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