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    [hl=seagreen]Through the Eyes of a Handmaiden, Part II: Eirtaé's Story[/hl]

    By: Obischick

    Timeframe: Pre-TPM up to the the end of TPM.

    Brief Synopsis: Basically, this is story about Eirtaé, one of Queen Amidala's handmaidens from Episode One. It's about her life before and during Episode one. It's point-of-view, and I hope you guys like it!

    Rating: PG-11 :p :)

    Disclaimer: This is not my sandbox to play in, I'm just borrowing the toys. Please don't hurt me Uncle George! :p

    Author's Note: The second in a series of five, you don't need to read the first one to understand this one, but it can't hurt! ;) Link in my bio. :)


    The Bukuro family has long been associated with politics, governors, and money. Lots and lots of money. It has also been associated with some of the more, um, how should I say...rural areas that need a Governor. Such as the town I was born in: Peoria.

    My father is Governor. He is also a Count. My mother is his perfect little wife. Everything she has, she wants me to have. Unfortunately for her, I don?t want it.

    My name is Eirtaé Valané Bukuro, and this is my story.


    I love Peoria with all my heart. It is the most picturesque town you could find in all Naboo. The town itself is small and perfect, settled on the edge of the rolling hills of the Natal Highlands, in a lovely river valley, less than a kilometer from a lake on which my enormous home sat. The countryside is hilly with lots of trees, streams, ancient, crumbling Naboo architecture, sunny glens, flowers and fields. Perfect for children to run around and play in.

    I was not one of those children.

    My mother, Quellé, had a huge influence on my life. Who my friends were, what I was interested in, what I knew and what I should do. How I should dress and act. My political stances on things like complete and total non-violence and complete and total acknowledgment that the Gungans were inferior to the Naboo.

    My childhood, up until the age of seven, was crammed with play-dates and studying. My mother told me who to play with and what to learn. My father was constantly busy with his job, but from him, I learned to love the subtle arts of politics. He would let me sit on his lap and tell me stories of old Naboo Kings and Queens who solved their disagreements with words, not brute strength.

    My mother would also fill my ears with stories of words, not violence, only these stories were of Jedi. I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not know of Jedi. She wove tales of brave Jedi Masters, Knights and Padawans, who would refuse to fight, and instead, used the power of the Force to resolve differences between conflicting worlds and species. By the time I was six, I was convinced that civilized people used words to resolve differences, and only the uncivilized and stupid used violence to achieve their ends.

    My mother had also repeatedly told me that Gungans were evil, and if I strayed to far from Peoria, Gungan warriors would steal me away and kill me. Needless to say, these stories, coupled with the fact that Gungans had warriors, which meant they were stupid and uncivilized, caused a rather strong prejudice in me.

    The point was driven home one day as my seven-year-old self walked primly into my father?s large office like I did everyday.

    ?Why Countess Bukuro.? Father said from behind his desk. ?What a pleasant surprise.?

    I grinned and curtsied to him. ?The pleasure is all mine, Count Bukuro.? I said meticulously. As you can see, I had etiquette drilled into every bone in my body by that time.

    Father grinned and pushed his chair back, patting his knee. ?Come up here darling.? I skipped over to him and climbed up onto his lap, competing for space with his ever-growing belly.

    ?What are you doing?? I asked curiously.

    ?The King wants all of the Governors to compile a census and I need to put the final touches
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    aaaack! I'm so happy! Another fic by Chicks!

    Love you!

    Although you know what I think about journal narratives, I love your stories! :p


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    Go Obischick! Good start! Hope to see more developments soon. :)
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    Wow, great story. I don't usually read much prequel stuff - I'm more into the NJO - but this is an awesome beginning. Keep it up! :)
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    YAAAYYYY!!!!! It's here!!!!! :) :D :)

    I loved it, Obischick! Eirtaé's love for her home comes through perfectly from the beautiful descriptions of Peoria.
    And already I feel that I understand her better from her explanation of her early training from her parents. I can't wait to read more!! :)

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    Great Start! keep it up! :D
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    Feb 15, 2000
    I say the gungan's weren't responsible and the bodies were planted...
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    Sep 12, 2001
    YAY!! Wonderfull begining Duling! I *really* like her/her parents personalities!! *Just* as I had imagined them!!

    Very intriquing story!! :D More soon please!!

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    WOW!! [face_shocked] This is a great turn out!! [face_blush]

    Denny -I'm so glad you're here! It wouldn't feel like one of my fics without you! And don't worry, after this journal-like narrative, I work on some third-person, kay? Oh, and there will be some other POV's in random times throughout the story.

    Jazzy-I'm glad to see you hear as well! I'm so excited about this fic! I hope to have more up extremly soon!

    Solostarlite- [face_shocked] I got a NJO person to come read my fic!!?? Wow. I hope I can live up to your expectations!

    Ah, Princess Sari! So lovely of you to stop by my dear! And if you think you are beginning to understand Eirtaé better from that little post, just wait until futher in! :p

    Thank you so much, Jedi Jem I like the beginning too! And, I really hope you think I can keep it up! :p

    Empress of Justice, there isn't a lot more on the Gungans until much, much, much later. Like, right before the battle for Naboo later. [face_mischief]

    *giggles* Dormé, honey, I think you mean, "Intriguing", not "intriquing". *giggle* But thank you for your kind and excited response. Her parents are very much trying to control her life. This will lead to large complications. ;)

    More tommorrow, I promise! Thank you all so much for a great beginning! :)

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    Yeah, Obischick! Wonderful, a story about my fav HM(hence my handle...) I think you've done a wonderful job characterizing Eirtae. And I agree, I think the teenage bodies were planted and the Gungans framed.
    Keep up the good work; I'll try to up your story as much as you up mine!
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    Chicks darling you don't have to write 3rd person narratives just because of me (pretentious tone) :p :p :p

    oooh... they continue airing "Clone War" on FOX, three times a night... wild... my dad and I keep drooling over the images.

    ... mmmm... what's NJO?


    P.S. Sorry... I HAD to add this. this is from an article in the TFN.

    Kissing Darth Vader
    Thu, Mar 14, 02 11:33:57 AM EST

    MSNBC reports the following:

    Natalie Portman says kissing co-star Hayden Christensen in the next ?Star Wars? installment ?Attack of the Clones,? made her feel sort of like a prostitute. ?It feels so weird being told to kiss someone you don?t want to kiss,? Portman told the Scottish Daily Record. ?You feel almost whorish being told what to do in a sexual way. Many girls would love to kiss Hayden, but we are friends and I just don?t feel that way about him.?
    Maybe this is why Hayden turned to the Dark Side! Thanks to Vectorthom for the alert.


    remember that article is Natalie from Planet Perfect or what? Now this... EXCUSE ME, I'm not really a Hayden Goer, but is this kid nuts? NATALIE GET A GRIP. You're an ACTRESS... choose another profession... finish Harvard and then you won't have to prostitute yourself anymore....

    man... ok... I wouldn't like to be told who to kiss, but if that bothered me to hyperhigh degree, I wouldn't be an actress in the first place.

    I think Natalie is from planet DUH... that's what I think...

    AHEM...back to our normal programation

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    Handmaiden Eirtaé-I'm so glad you stopped by!! I was so happy to see you. I hope you like this fic as much as I like yours! :)

    Denny-Thanks for the up and everything else. NJO stands for New Jedi Order, a bunch of new books with new evil bad guys! :p

    I agree, Natalie can find herself a different proffession if she don't like kissing mr. Handsome Christensen. I would love to play Padmé!! :p

    On to the story!

    This terrible event also succeeding in scaring mother out of her mind. She demanded that we move ?someplace safer, for Eirtaé?s sake.?

    It was meant to be, I suppose, because father had been given a commission from King Veruna to come work in Theed as the Minister of Inter-Galactic Trade. Father accepted, and we moved from Peoria to Theed, into a large mansion in the middle of Theed where mother could have an enormous garden. If there was anything mother loved, more than controlling my life, it was gardening.

    We continued our life in Theed much the same as it had been in Peoria, with one noticeable exception: Father now worked in the Palace, so I had no one to share my days with when I go home from school.

    That was a depressing thought indeed.

    School continued to be easy for me, my teachers told my parents at conferences that I had a ?quick, analytical mind? and that there really was no one to challenge me in class.

    When I was nine, a mean looking portly woman with squinty gray eyes and bushy brown hair streaked with gray, came to analyze me and my talents.

    She scared me, but I refused to show it. She sat down and stared at me through lidded eyes. I stared innocently back, and the interview began. Mother watched nervously from the doorframe.

    The interview took an hour. A very, very long hour. When she was finished, mother hurried over to her.

    ?Politics.? She grunted. Mother?s face fell.

    ?Was there anything else?? Mother pressed. ?Anything more...artistic or feminine??

    The mean woman squinted at me in my chair for a moment, turned back to mother. ?Dancing.? She grunted again.

    ?Wonderful!? Mother beamed and clapped her hands together once. I stared curiously up at her. Politics sound great to me. Why was mother all bent out of shape over it? The portly woman left, and the next thing I knew, I was enrolled in dance lessons.

    ?But, mom!? I complained on the day before the first lesson. ?I don?t want to go! I?d rather take another politics course!?

    ?You whole life will not revolve around politics, Eirtaé Bukuro. Not if I have anything to say about it. You will take your dance classes, or else no politics, period.? Mother snapped. I frowned at her and stomped up to my room. I was not used to not getting my way.

    Dance lessons weren?t so bad. It turned out that I was really good. The best in the class, which seemed to irritate the teacher and some of the other girls, seeing as I did not hide my displeasure at being there at all. My friends that mother had chosen for me, Firenzé Gajin, Rissé Rukan, Chellé Akoy, Danzé Nakano, Lucé Amali and Sofié Moraana, all took dance lessons as well. These girls were all clever, manipulative and shrewd, even at the age of ten.

    Well, let me amend that. Firenzé and Danzé were smart, clever and manipulative. The other girls were just followers. I didn?t like this, and refused to become a follower. Once a follower, always a follower, my father told me. Once you become a follower, it grinds away at your will, and slowly, but surely, it wears it down to nothing.

    So, I became smarter, cleverer, and more manipulative than Firenzé and Danzé. I studied ruthlessly in my spare time and would often show them up in little ways. Oft-times they would stare blankly at me and do what I said or suggested. I was a very manipulative ten-year-old.

    I tried to use my skills on my parents, but they did not fall prey to my tongue-weavings. My father was a long-time politician and mother was used to these lit
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    Wow!! Awesome post, Obischick!! :)

    You were right, I feel like I know her still better now, especially with the description of how she became clever and manipulative so that she could be a leader rather than a follower. That ball sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm glad that she tripped on the stairs and not over the King's feet or something. :p I don't want to know how long her mother would have made her practice walking if she'd done that. :eek:

    Anyway, WONDERFUL post and I can't wait to read more!! :)
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    Aug 29, 2001
    "If there was anything mother loved, more than controlling my life, it was gardening."

    I love the litte details in stories such as of the handmaidens, it turns it into such a personal thing!

    That post was lovelly Chicks my dear!

    I'll be waiting for more.

    *Sits and waits*

    okay... now?
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    *looks around* Wow. look at the overwhelming response to post two. *sigh* I suppose it serves me right for being away for so long.

    Anybody else have trouble getting on this weekend thanks to the redecoration??

    Princess Sari--I'm glad you liked it. I had fun thinking of all the ways to make her life so...what's the word...stiff? Unloving?? Well, I mean, she is loved, but in a Noble family sort of way....okay I should stop talking now.

    Denny--I have so much fun with details, sometimes I go overboard!! :p But, here is another post, as you requested!


    My twelfth birthday passed me by, and I was competing in dance competitions and winning dance competitions. I got into political debates and won those also. I got some of the highest grades in all the class. My only
    real competition was from Joss Bibble and a girl name Sabé Hirota. Sabé was in many of my classes, except for dance. Sabé was an actress, and was in many plays, school and other. Sabé wanted to be an actress badly, so I checked her off of my list of people who were potential threats to my political career. Which left only Joss Bibble.

    Joss already had a head start on me in the area of politics. His father was the Governor of the entire planet and the Governor of Theed, and on the King?s Advisory Council. My father had merely been a Governor of a remote area
    and was now the Minister of Inter-Galactic Trade. So, I worked as hard as I could.

    My mother thought I was insane.

    ?You could have been such a socialite!? She cried to me one evening as I poured over books of the subtle arts of Bothan Politics and a giant book of Naboo Laws.

    ?Mother!? I yelled back at her, sick of her meddling ways. ?I don?t want to be a socialite! There is no honor in that! When I?m a politician I can make changes! I can help people!?

    Mother stared at me, not knowing what to say. I was scared, I had never yelled at mother before, I was always her angel. I turned back to my books, my hands shaking. Mother held back a sob, then turned and ran from the room. I buried my head in my books and groaned. This was such a nightmare. I had a gigantic test in Naboo Law tomorrow, and a immense project in Inter-Galactic politics due tomorrow also. I sighed, I had to fix this. I got up and went up to mother?s room, where she sat in a chair, crying.

    ?Mom.? I said, not knowing what to say as I walked over to her and kneeled in front of her. ?Mom, I?m sorry. I didn?t mean to upset you.?

    Mother continued to cry.

    ?Mom.? I tried again. ?Mom, it?s not that I don?t appreciate all that you?ve made me do over the years, it?s just that I want to do this more than anything, and I?m very tired, and I have this huge test and this enormous project due tomorrow, and I?m very stressed, and you coming in and yelling at me didn?t help my mood.?

    Mother continued to cry.

    I stood up. I tried, I really did, but if she wasn?t willing to make up, then there was no hope. It takes two to make up, not one, two. ?Mom. I have a lot of work to do. I?m sorry we got in an argument, and I?m sorry I upset you.? And with that, I kissed the top of her head and went back to work.

    Mother and I had many more of these little spats. She seemed to think I was ungrateful towards her. Father was growing to hate it. Mother and I didn?t yell anymore at each other, we just sarcastically sniped rude comments to each other in polite voices. Father finally had his fill of this little fighting, and sat us both down one night.

    I went down to the library at father?s command and found him and mother in there already. I glared at mother and smiled and nodded to father. I then sat imperiously down in a chair as if I was the Queen and waited regally for father to begin his lecture.

    ?Now.? Father said seriously. ?You two ladies are having a problem and the Gods know I have suffered through enough of it.? He took a deep breath. ?I?m not taking sides here, but th
  16. Denny

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    Aug 29, 2001
    "Mother and I didn?t yell anymore at each other, we just sarcastically sniped rude comments to each other in polite voices."

    Isn't that just so the Eirtáe we know!??? [face_blush] [face_blush]

    Cool how you pinpointed Táe been jealous of Amidala.

    Real cool post. UP

  17. princess-sari

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    Nov 20, 2000
    Another great post, Obischick!
    I feel so sorry for Eirtaé, having such a difficult relationship with her mother. That puts a lot of pressure on her that she doesn't need.
    I love how you can see her personality developing, too. And the detail about her jealousy toward Ami is excellent!

    And if I don't post, just pm me. I get so distracted my DRL that sometimes I miss posts or forget to reply. So just yell at me if I miss a post again. :)
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    Okay, I'm a little disgruntled by the fact that half the people who came after my first post didn't come back, but here's a post for my two loyal readers.

    Denny-I'm glad you liked it hon, but if you liked the details in that post, I'm fairly sure you'll LOVE the ones in this post. Actually, she has a difficult experience, and, well, you'll see! :)

    Princess Sari- I'm glad you're here!! I was worried I lost you. :( And I wouldn't stop posting, I just threaten to to gain attention! :p

    Okay, story now...

    I went to another party with Firenzé and Danzé. This one was a little more raucous than the first one I went to. Dev was there again, and I tried to stick with him. He seemed to look out for me, which was annoying at times (and embarrassing), but very much a relief during others. Especially during one time at my fourth party such as this.

    I was out walking, looking for Firenzé and Chellé, but not finding them anywhere. I turned around a corner and came across three boys that were, obviously, drunk out of their minds, but not so intoxicated that they were unconscious.

    ?Heeeyyyy Honnayyy? One of them leered at me. I rolled my eyes. Oh brother.

    The three boys tottered forward, closer to me. I eyed them warily and tried to get out of their way, but they had me boxed in. I backed up slowly and tripped over a bench, which caused me to sit down abruptly as the three boys stood around me. The smell of alcohol was so strong on them that if I hadn?t already been sitting down, it would have knocked me to my feet. One of them collapsed on the bench next to me and leaned on my shoulder, mumbling insulting suggestions to me. I gave him a disgusted look and leaned away from him.

    A second boy sat down on my other side and did the same thing as the third boy laughed like an idiot. I felt like crying as I shrunk away from the both of them, not really getting away. What were they going to do to me? How was I going to get out of this? I couldn?t talk to them, they were drunk, and wouldn?t, or couldn?t, listen to reason. The first boy patted my thigh.

    ?We,? he stated, giving me a wall-eyed look, ?are go-ing to have a lot of fun sort of things to-night.? I crossed my arms over my chest and tucked my legs together. No way in the name of the Gods was I ever going to go along with anything like that, with anyone like them. The other two boys laughed and I wished I could disappear. The second boy grabbed my wrist.

    ?Come on swee-hart.? He slurred, standing up and pulling me to my feet. The reality of the situation slapped me in my face. I dug my heels into the ground, hoping to slow him up. The first boy grabbed my other wrist, and they started dragging me to the mansion.

    A fourth boy appeared. Say something Eirtaé! I commanded myself. Scream, kick, yell, curse, punch them out, do SOMETHING! I opened my mouth, but nothing came out but a small squeak. The fourth boy started to walk with the drunks. I dug my heels further into the ground. The two boys who had my wrists suddenly noticed I didn?t want to move.

    ?I think she wants to stay here.? The third boy said stupidly.

    ?Okay. I?ll go first.? Declared the second boy. The first boy let go of my wrist and the second boy moved closer. The fourth boy stepped forward, and I stared at him in horror. Oh, gods no! Suddenly there was a thump, and the second boy fell away from me in slow motion, tumbling to the ground and staying there. The fourth boy stepped into the light.

    ?Get behind me Eirtaé.? Dev Zapalo said in a deadly serious voice. I nodded and slowly moved to stand behind him as the other two boys stared stupidly at their companion, who lay unconscious on the ground,

    ?Whoa. Man. What the hell?? Said the first boy. Dev stepped over to him and punched him in his gut, then kneed him between the legs. The third boy stared stupidly.

    ?That was for just thinking you could do that to her, you idiotic son of a sit
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    Emma, my dear! *tackles Chick* I love you my girl!

    This post was great, I liked how you turned that horrible situation in a whole rambling thing. The way Eirtáe started to toy with her insights in violence. I think it was so real. You showed a vulnerable side of Táe that I've never seen before. Her whole point on how she hated violence counteracted with her experience beuatifully.

    ?I think she wants to stay here.? The third boy said stupidly.

    :) Loved it. It was really stupid, even for a drunk guy.

    I hate what Eirtáe's parents are doing. The way they're acting! It's unbearable! :(

    I'm really loving this story darling! Please up!

  20. princess-sari

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    Wow, awesome post, Obischick!
    I like the way she showed her questioning her convictions like that when she was faced with a situation where violence was used in her defense. If Dev hadn't come along and done what he had, who knows what would have happened to her?! But I think it's very Eirtaé that while she questioned her beliefs, she didn't really seem to change them.
    I also like the way she observed Ami at the ball, and I thought the detail about Ami waiting for others to come up to her to talk was interesting.

    So once again, excellent post, Obischick!!! Can't wait for more! :)
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    I like you're story very much Obischick. Of course, I fell in love w/ Naboo since I first saw that gorgeous, sweeping shot of Theed.

    I'll keep an eye on your story.
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    Nov 20, 2000
    I sayeth that this grandeth tale shouldeth be at the topeth of the boardseth. Eth. ;)
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    I love your story! You *definatly* have a talent for writing!

    I want more! Up please! :)

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    Feb 10, 2002
    This is a great story!!!!
    Eirtaé is cool!!!!
    Her mother is really awful ;) !!!!
    When will she become Amidalas handmaiden????
    Does Ami have handmaiden, now??? Perhaps Sabe??
    Please continue, you writing style is awesome ;) ;) !!!!!

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    UP where you belong!