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    [hl=lightcornflowerblue]YAY 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/hl]

    *throws conffetti and brings out cake and ice cream and brownies and yummy things for her wonderful readers!*

    GOOOOOOoooooOOOOOoo ME!! :D :D :D :D :D

    ~Obischick :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    Yesssss! More great quotes!

    "?Confusing me?I-? He broke off, then readjusted his body so we were further apart than before. What is he doing? I wondered. ?That?s a nice dress.? He said abruptly."

    Hehe... you already know I loved that one. ;)

    ?You mean that was all a ploy to stop dancing?? I asked teasingly.

    ?You were stepping on my toes.?


    Excellent! Classic! Such a nice recovery for poor Dev.

    Poor Dev.... :(

    But what a cliffie! What's going to happen, huh? Can't wait to find out. Maybe the dress will finally push Dek over the top and let him see Eirtaé in a new light. ;)

    Geez, I'm calloused. The poor boy did just lose his sister after all...

    And I like how Firenzé is maturing.

    Eagerly waiting for Monday!!!!

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    Ahh, hate double posts! :mad:
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    Ah... Aha. And where are we going with this eh? Bringing in Dek, when he's mourning? Who is he mourning? I haven't finished Rabé's story so I don't know about that.
    Eirtaé's and Dev's dance seemed to be getting awfully awkward there for a while. But I'm glad they sorted it all out. But tell me, did they decide to be just friends? You had me confused there for a while as well ;)
    Believe me, were I going to a ball you'd be the first person to know :) Mainly because I would have no idea of how to behave in that kind of situation, and you seem to know a lot :D
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    But... but... I want her to be with Deeeeevvvvv! :_|

    *regains composure*

    Well, this *does* free up Dev for Rissé ;) ... and Dek and Eirtaé would probably be more interesting :)

    Waiting eagerly for part number three :D ... wait, after part three will the story be done? :(
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    Hey, happy 500th Chicks! I posted on the bottom of the last page, but it's one of those posts that kind of doesn't show up sometimes. :( Anyways, I finally finished your posts!!!! Loved them!!!! [face_love] I cannot believe that she doesn't end up with Dev, but hey, the author knows best right? (Translation: Expect an axe murderer to come after you tonight. 8-} ) I can't wait to see what's happening with Dek and them all! :D *is dragged back to Darth hw, screaming the whole way* I ... hate ... homework!!!!
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    Love your new post. ;) Hmm, well, gotta soon Obischick!
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    Yes Denny, I had to stop there. Yes, everything is going according to plan... MWAHahahaha!!

    ACK!! Many things will happen bobilll. :D ;)

    TAHIRI! :D Yes, hw is evil and I'm glad you snuck online to read it! :p ;) Thanks on 500... [face_blush] You know, without all you guys, I would be nothing. Thank you sooooo much!! **Giant, enormous hugs** You guys are the best ever! :)

    Ax murderer... eep! [face_shocked] **peeks out window and locks door**

    I hate homework as well... :mad:

    hehe... you'll see more of that quote Saché! :D [face_devil] Yes, Dev is a bit heartbroken right now, but things will be better for all... you guys just won't see it! :p

    And I don't think that the dress will push Dek over the top, but something else might... *cackles evilly* [face_devil]

    I hate double posts too menilma :p I think I mentioned before, but in case anyone missed it, Saché8 is right:

    Dek's sister Lillé died in the camps. Dek tells Eirtaé this when she's fixing him up in the hospital.

    Anyways, yes, they are just friends right now, Eirtaé loves Dev too much as a friend to risk ruining it all with a relationship.

    And the key word in "You seem to know a lot." would be "seem" ;) I've never been to a ball, nor have I had to thwack suitors off me with a stick. ;) That's why I like having the girls do it. :D

    **hands Aly some tissues** Dear, in the end, everything will work out good. Trust me. ;) When I'm done with the individ. HM stories, I'll write a sequel, and everything will get sorted out. :)

    And there is one last post after the one today!! [face_shocked] :_|

    Thanks Yané! :)

    Thanks for the ups bobill!! :)

    Now, it's looooooooooong post, so, take your time! :)

    And without further ado... I present, "Attack of the Mush."


    I forced myself to go past my surprise at seeing him and fell back on my strict etiquette training. I spoke as I curtsied deeply to them all. ?Pleasure to meet you.? I said, taken aback at how strong my voice sounded. It was odd, seeing him again, under these circumstances. Before, it had been in an artificially lit hospital room, him the patient, me the nurse, both haggard and run down in working clothes.

    Now we were both decked out in our rich clothing, relaxed, two people of the relatively same station. It was just odd. Our eyes met briefly again, but I pulled back to listen to what Minister Trenerem-Ser was telling my father.

    ??she really is an amazing young woman, and only on the throne for six months! We did a good job picking out that one, eh Firon??

    ?I agree Gromyko,? Father said rather pompously, ignoring my smirk that I gave him, ?I had a good feeling about her-?

    ?Eirtaé! Eirtaé Bukuro!? A voice I half recognized cut through the crowd, silencing my father and gaining the attention of all the people around. As I turned, I caught a shock of brown-blond hair through the crowd, and soon the classically chiseled face of Adam Delavna, an old friend from the University, filled my vision.

    ?Adam?? I gaped at him, despite his status as an extreme pretty boy, he was one of the more intelligent people in my classes, and we had become fast friends. I had not seen him in two months, at least.

    He grinned, lighting up his whole face. ?Taé, it?s been ages!? He crowed as he came over and hugged me. He was a lot taller than me, with golden brown skin and electric green-blue eyes. He sort of blushed as he looked me up and down.

    ?That?s a nice dress.? He murmured quietly. I sent him a suppressed smile and turned back to the Trenerem-Sers and my family. ?Adam, these are my parents, Quellé and Firon Bukuro. Mom, dad, this is Adam Delavna, a friend of mine from before I left the University.?
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    beeeeatiful! LOL
    nice post! Eirtáe having a few (few is an understatement) dances and even kissing! HOORAY! Aaah youth!

    UP YOU GO!

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    What?! Wyl and Rabé?! Really Eirtaé must stop this! This very long post was marvellous Obischick dear. You got me fooled there with Adam, I thought he was the one who would get our Lady Eirtaé :) Still Dek seems to be a terrific boy, and it's always sweet for him to be able to be her hero for a while. Save her from old evil Wyl and all that :)
    Well there aren't all that many balls around to attend here, as opposed to on Naboo, is there? Someone really ought to start fixing balls ;)
    Oh no! Only ONE little post left? How awful! :_| I love this story!! Is there any chance you're going to do any of the other handmaidens' stories? Like Sabé's? Or any other story at all? You're an awesome writer!
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    wait, i think i remember in your rabe story something about her and wyl. uh oh, this is not good!
    one more post? wahh! can't wait for you to keep writing!
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    :eek: :D I love long handmaiden stories! :p And this one's almost ended! Just when I got here! Shoot! Absolutely amazing story Obischick! I do hope there is another like it. ;)
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    Great posts, Chicks! I loved them. I liked how all the guys kept commenting on Eirtae's dress. hehehe... Only on more post!?! :eek: How weird. But I'm still awaiting eagerly for it. :)
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    Now that's what I call a ballroom post!!!

    **Hugs Emma wildly** You are awesomeness!

    Yikes, so many comments, so little time. :D

    Okay, first the anger and frustration venting...

    **Thwacks that sithly... weasel Wyl as hard as possible**

    What a slime-ball! What makes it worse (for those of you who don't know) is the means by which he has endeared himself to Rabé. He uses his cute little sister!!! And here all this time I thought he was such a nice guy... **grrrrrrrrr****

    Well, now we see that Rabé and Eirtaé's hard-earned friendship is very honest, even if they did have a hard time of it at first.

    And now the good stuff..... :p

    **Waves her GO DEK flag gleefully**

    Yay!!!! I've been rooting for Dek from the beginning, and even though I don't forsee them in a long-term light (I think that eventually Eirtaé will get some sense knocked into her head about Dev), I'm happy that they atleast had a romantic tryst in the garden. ;)

    And to be rescued in such a romantic way.... **sigh** Of course, I won't wish for it to happen to me because that would be kind of scary... but it sure is fun to read!

    And tsk, tsk, to 'Taé for letting Dek in on palace secrets. ;) Bad Handmaiden! But... he was so adorable, how could we do otherwise in her shoes? :p

    **coughs and clears throat**

    I would like to take this opportunity to finally put down my "GO DEK" flag and pick up another... in anticipation of the upcoming Saché fic... :D

    "GO LUCEN!!!" :D

    Let's see.... if you follow your usual post pattern... this fic started in March... assuming their relatively similar in length... **quick calculation**.... then we should have the next round of super-fun ballroom scenes around next March or so.

    Hey, just in time for Qwi's baby!!! :)

    **sigh** That was such a fun post.....

    **looks eagerly forward for wonderful ending to wonderful fic**

    I will forestall my emotional nostalgia until next time. ;)
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    Thanks Denny!! [face_blush] Few indeed... lol! :p And what do you mean by "Aaah youth?" Oh brother! You sillé girl, you're not old! And only one more Den, only one... :( :_|

    Yes, Eirtaé must stop them menilma!! Yeesh, what is the world coming to?? And I'm glad I fooled someone with Adam, he'll show up in a later story, I'm sure ;) And if I start up a Secret Ball Society, would everyone here come?? We'd have to kidnap some men, sure, but think of our pretty dresses!! :D

    And yes, only one post left, but I'm starting Saché's story, and I've already written Rabé's story and I have to do Yané and Sabé's stories as well and I have so many plot bunnies, I could start a pet store! ;) Anyways, thanks for the sweet compliments [face_blush]

    Thanks bobilll! :) Yes, Rabé and Wyl get together... dun dun duuuuunnn! [face_shocked] [face_shocked] And you won't get a conclusion on that for a while! ;) **cackles evilly** [face_devil]

    Hey Queen_of_the_Jedi!! :D I'm so glad you liked my story! Pity you came at the end, but I have a Rabé story like this one, if you want me to e-mail it to you. Just PM me your e-mail adress and I'll send it over. It should keep you busy until I start posting Saché's story :p ;)

    Thanks HM Eirtaé!! :D Lol, that was fun to write, in the back of her mind, I bet she's sort of wishing she would have worn something a bit less... showy :p Yes, it is weird, isn't it?? One more post?? [face_shocked] Eeep!! [face_shocked]

    **has trouble breathing because of Saché' exuberant hugs** I'm glad you liked it dear! :D

    Ohhh... Wyl is a weasel, isn't he?? That's a good word for him. Yes, Rabé and Eirtaé have a very honest relationship, but who knows what'll happen when Eirtaé tells Rabé about Wyl?? :confused:

    Ooooh! Pretty flags!! :p Lol about Dev, yes, eventually Eirtaé will wake up and smell the caffinated fizzy fruit drink ;) and realize how much Dev means to her. Lol about Dek! Yes, she was a bad handmaiden, but he was soo cute! :)

    Ah ha... like Lucen do you? I do too! :p Lol about the time frame.. yes I have an annoucment about that. :)

    ATTENTION: The Last Post :_| will appear on Thursday around five o'clock board time. The following day, Friday at about two o'clock board time, I will post a snippit of my Saché story. :D I hope you all enjoy.

    Also, Saché's story should be up and around by the end of November, beginning of Decemeber, so if you want, I'm willing to PM every one of you when I start Saché's story, just to let you guys know that it's beginning... again. :)

    Have a great day guys!

    ~Obischick :cool:
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    waiting eagerly for thursday! and yes, please PM me when you get your sache story up!
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    Rabé and Jerk #2??? (or is it #3? ?[face_plain] :p )

    Why?! Why?! Why?! :(

    But Taé did get kissed! Wonderful happy thing there ;) :D , and Dek can help her convince Rabé that Wyl is an amoeba on a flea on a rat. :mad:
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    Aug 8, 2002
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    Certainly I would join the Secret Ball Society! I'm surprised you even asked ;) Oh imagine the dresses.. [face_love] ! And with our stunning beauty I'm sure we'll get a hold of some men ;)
    Saché's story coming up?! Thank you God!! Or Obischick, the Goddess :) I seem to be full of compliments today, and I cannot wait for the *sniffle* last post :( :) !
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    secret ball society? am i invited too?
    (thinking of all the pretty dresses!)
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    If I got Obischick correctly, everyone's invited! :D Just bring round some men and we'll start up the ball ;)
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    bobill, of course I'll PM you when Saché goes up, thank you for the up, :D and of course you are in invited to the Secret Ball Society. We get to dress up in pretty dresses and we just need to kidnap some men.... [face_devil]

    Because because because Aly!! :p And yes, Taé getting kissed is good! :D Yes! Dek can help her convince Rabé that Wyl is a whatever you said... :p But that is for a later story... [face_devil]

    Oh the Secret Ball Society is growing menilma!! :D :D Of course we'll get ahold of some men... ;) Last post is coming deary!! :) :(

    And.... here it is my friends... :( .... the last post.... :_| ...


    Yané, Saché, Sabé, Rabé and I all stood alone in the main hallway, everyone had gone, save for the people staying in the palace and the others grinned happily as the last of the landspeeders zipped down the main boulevard; music played loudly from other parts of town as I thought of what I had seen.

    Rabé and Wyl? The poor girl, she doesn?t know what he is. I thought to myself. I need to tell her, and tell her soon. I resolved to myself, but thinking of him led into thoughts of me and Dek?s kiss, and that put a rather foolish grin on my face.

    So, as I turned to the others, fighting the ridiculously happy smile on my face, I noticed the others had similar smiles plastered on their faces, and decided it was okay that I looked like a fool. An excessively happy fool, but a fool nonetheless. Yané started giggling, and soon all of us were laughing like insane people.

    ?Group hug!? Saché cried, raising her arms up to the ceiling. I threw my arms up as well and collapsed against the other girls, laughing insanely, as Sabé tripped and we all went sprawling on the cool marble floor, still laughing, and me gasping for breath because of my corset. Saché stood up first, giggling still, helping first me and then both of us pulling Sabé up from the ground as Rabé and Yané helped each other up.

    Giggling still, we all stumbled through the echoing marble halls to our suite, where I collapsed into a comfortable couch, Sabé, tripping on her dress on last time, fell on me with an ?omph!? and we both giggled hysterically as Saché came in behind us, throwing herself on a comfy chair, and Rabé and Yané tumbled onto the couch opposite Sabé and mine.

    ?Soooo?? Saché said impishly, drawing the word out longer than it needed. ?How many boys did everyone kiss? Come on now, I want a tally!? Rabé blushed bright red and squirmed a bit on the couch. Yané flushed a nice pink that matched her dress perfectly, and Sabé groaned and buried her face in a pillow. One. I thought calmly, one, but I kissed him twice and I?ve been waiting for it for a long time.

    I eyed the younger girls speculatively as Saché did the same. Saché finally spoke in a regal voice very reminiscent of Amidala?s. ?I see.? She raised one of her eyebrows and looked at me. I smirked. ?So,? Saché continued, ?who wants to go first??

    Absolute dead silence filled the room.

    I looked around to all their faces, Sabé still had her face in a pillow, probably having trouble breathing; Yané was bright red now, refusing to look at anything except the couch pillow that she was picking at with her nail; Rabé was red too, and looking mutinous; I exchanged a quick look with Saché and we smiled devilishly at the other girls. Rabé suddenly looked very apprehensive.

    ?Ummmmm?Yané?? She asked quickly. The other girl looked up at her. The words, ?Wanna go get ready for bed?? came tumbling out her mouth quicker than she could think. Yané?s whole being suddenly relaxed.

    ?Yeah, let?s go!? She cried, and the two of them jumped up and ran off into their rooms. Saché raised one eyebrow, as if expecting that to happen. I snorted with derision. Sabé?s face rose from the pillow as they thudded into their room.

    ?Now Sabé?? Saché said slowly.
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    it's finished? big sob!
    Eirtae and dek, how sweet! and Sache, so devious and forceful! i pity all the hms for having to work with her!
    looking forward to the sache one, though!