Saga Handmaidens: Eirtaé's story ~*~*~*~*~Finished Sept. 26

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    Mar 19, 2000

    I can't believe **Sniff** that this story **sniff** is really over?

    So much has happened since I started it, I think only three or four posts after Chiquita started it. I should like to offer up my first every reply, as a wonderful memory:

    "I like you're story very much Obischick. Of course, I fell in love w/ Naboo since I first saw that gorgeous, sweeping shot of Theed.

    I'll keep an eye on your story."

    "Keep an eye," now that was the understatement of the year. ;) :p

    Since that special moment I have made the most sweet and wonderful friend named Emma. **hugs** You go girl! You're my first real JC friend now and forever!!! **toast**

    **goes back to sobbing**

    (Er, sorry if I seem a bit super-sentimental. My sister's getting married 40 hours, so I'm already slightly inclined to behave this way. ;))

    **Gets out all special flags she might need for Saché story and settles in to wait** :D

    Oh! And I want to join the Secret Ball Society to. ;) (Not to be confused with the Secret Handmaiden Society :p)
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    Aug 29, 2001
    Ooooh the end!!! :_| :_| :_|

    oh well... I suppose u can´t write forever can u? :eek:

    Anyways! Loved the girlie moment in this post and the ending was sweet! [face_love]

    Thank you for making Eirtáe into a likeable, sweet, deep character. The story was adorable, girlie and Star War-rish.

    Now you know I´m not the greatest gusher [face_blush] But I do what I can! I TRULY DEEPLY LOVED THIS FIC! There... a quote for a quoter! :p

    Can´t wait for the Saché fic!

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    Jun 23, 2001
    *sits stunned* It''s over? Wow, great fic, Chicks! The last scene was perfect. Eirtae and Dek, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Sorry, terribly third grade of me, but I couldn't resist. :) Congratulations on the great finish. I'll be eagerly awaiting your Sache fic! :)
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    Jun 12, 2002
    It's over :_|

    The last post was wonderful... funny bits ( [face_laugh] ) *and* romantic bits ( [face_love] ).
    The whole story was wonderful!!

    I'm really looking forward to the Saché story Obischick. :D
    Can you send me a PM when it's up please? :)
  5. Queen_of_the_Jedi

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    Sep 22, 2002
    And now it's over. Done, finished. Such a wonderful ending. Gosh it's so sad :(

    But there's hope for more, a new story! Yepe! I can't wait!

  6. Obischick

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    Aug 25, 2001
    Big sob indeed bobilll!! :( Yes, Saché is a devious one! :D lol... I pity them too! :p

    **Hands Saché a box of tissues** Yes dear, it's really over. :( Sad, I know, but it was bound to happen eventually.

    Wow! You're first post! :eek: How... noncommital... :p I'm so glad you kept an eye on my story... who knows what would have happened if you didn't??

    Since that special moment I have made the most sweet and wonderful friend named Emma. **hugs** You go girl! You're my first real JC friend now and forever!!! **toast**

    **steals back the tissue box so she can sob hysterically** You sweetie!! You are one of my bestest friends here!! :_|

    Have a marvelous time at your sister's wedding, and leave a few of those flags blank. You never know what might happen. ;)

    And another member of the Secret Ball Society?? Goody! :D (Not to be confused with the SHS... :p )

    **hands a box of tissues to Denny as well** I'm glad you liked the girly moments!! I had so much fun writing those! :)

    Awwwww.... [face_blush] Thank you so much dearie!! :D You know exactly the right thing to say to make me feel very happily embarassed! [face_blush]

    The story was adorable, girlie and Star War-rish.

    THAT'S THE BEST COMPLIMENT EVER!!! :_| Oh dear, I'm at it again... :p

    Quote: Perfect? Oh my! [face_blush]

    Thank you so much HM Eirtaé!! Lol!! That's hilarious!! That should have been the last line!! [face_laugh]

    **hands out tissues to Aly also** Geez... we're a bunch of crier's, aren't we? :p

    Thank you so much for your compliments!! Of course I'll pm you when it's up! I'll add you to the list! :)

    Thank you tons QJ!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :D Do you want me to PM you when I start it?


    Now, for a short Saché preview: :)


    My father was a very charismatic man, and he and my mom married young. Very young. Mom was only 17 when they were married, and father was five years her senior. I was born three years later, but things hadn?t been good ever since the day after they got married.

    As a wedding gift, my grandfather had given his eldest son, my father, the family farm. It was a huge farm down in the ranchlands, and we did very well.

    That?s when father discovered the joys of drinking. Mom tried to keep him calm, but father got angry when he was drunk. He was very chauvinistic to begin with, raised mainly to think that a woman?s place was at home, in the kitchen. It got worse when he drank.

    My name is Saché Narané Obaro, and this is my story.


  7. bobilll

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    Aug 8, 2002
    ack! i'm hooked! more, more!
    a woman's place is in the kitchen, eh? (thwacks him with a baseball bat) what do you think of that, huh?
  8. Sache8

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    Mar 19, 2000
    Oh dear me, that does not sound good at all, not at all.... [face_worried]

    And now I want to keep reading! Darn you Emma! :p
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    Aug 25, 2001
    Ooooooohhh!!!! Eirtaé is all happy and everything is nice!! What a perfect ending, Obischick! [face_love] Although I could have kept reading forever ;) But we never got to find out what happened with Rabé and Wyl, or at least we didn't in this story.
    Saché's story sounds wonderful, and I'll be there from the beginning! :) Yay! It's gonna be interesting to see what happened to the handmaidens that didn't go to Coruscant...
    Ah yes, the wonderful Secret Ball Society :) What are we up to, 3-4 members? Lovely, lovely :D And tell me, this Secret Handmaiden Society y'all keep talking about, where might one find that? :) If it's still around that is.. Ending hugs!
  10. Queen_of_the_Jedi

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    Sep 22, 2002
    Absolutely! That was too good of a perview not to! :)
  11. Padawan_Laurianna

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    Aug 17, 2002
    Obischica! :D

    Holy cow, girl, shoot this story rocked my world ALL last night (I was up ALL night reading, I just could not put it down). Remember I told you I would get around to reading your masterpiece when I had some time (or ended up making time for it)... and, wowsers. :) I am really impressed. This turned out fabulously. :D I really am excited about your Saché story, you best be PM-ing me when it shows up! And you now have permission to send me the revised version of Rabé's story if you feel like it. PM going your way with my email addy soon.

    I do have one nitpicky thing to say at the moment. I think you got your stage directions wrong when you had Captain Panaka list the order of the handmaidens for the parade celebration. The order of handmaidens is correct but you listed them from audience left to right, but not stage left to right. If I am remembering my stage directions correctly, Sabé would be stage right... and Saché the furthest stage left. You might want to double check that about the stage directions because now I am second-guessing myself, but my instinctual gut response (after years of dance and theatre performances) was "oops, I think she meant that the other way around...". But really, I could be wrong (cause it does happen from time to time... :p ).

    ANYWAYS. ;) This was incredible. Detailed, descriptive, lively, complex, and original. I love seeing the same events Rabé described through Eirtaé's eyes, especially their school life before their days as handmaidens. Eirtaé really grew up to be quite amazing in this story. She holds up despite her terror in battle, and then continues to work endlessly at the hospital when she is worried the whole time for the people she knows and loves. I think you did an excellent job making a seemingly snotty and somewhat unlikeable, although highly skilled and impressive, character (through Rabé's eyes at least) to be a believable and lovable heroine: flawed, fallible and human, but complex, believable and real. Her humanity and flaws draw me to her, because she is one of the least Mary Sue-ish (thanks again for the definition...) characters I have seen lately. I wish I could go hug her. I guess you'll just have to do (the next time we get together)! ;)

    I liked seeing how Dek T-S' opinion changes about her as she surprises him on every level. I also wondered if Danzé got a prosthetic since she was wandering around after having an amputation, I guess I should just assume that, huh? Also, it seemed that Eirtaé bounced back a little quickly from her run-in with Wyl, and I realize Dek's appearance at the moment and the fact that he kissed her (twice!!) helped a great deal with that. I am just surprised that you didn't have her need to take a moment and straighten herself out after all that, you know calm down, do a damage control check on her dress and hair (if she really cares about how she looks so much of the time wouldn't that be important to her before she reappeared in the ballroom?)... Anyways, I worry about Rabé and her interest in Wyl now. Grrr. Argh. Jerk. Poor Eirtaé, she keeps paying for her beauty when creepy drunk boys try to accost her, I am amazed that she isn't more fearful around them sometimes, good for her! :) I do wish things with Dev were more along the lines with what she and Dek are sharing... But I understand the way you developed things, she is conflicted about it, and she is perhaps a bit too young to be able to deal maturely with any fallout a possible romance between the two could create. Most adults have a hard time salvaging friendships post dating relations, but I know that at 15 very few of us were/are even remotely prepared emotionally to do so... [face_plain]

    (OHMIGOSH :eek: , on a completely different note my space bar just decided to work again!!!!! :D WOW! I can't type normally now, it just feels weird to use my space bar again and not use 'ctrl + v' all the time... Woah! Cool. Maybe my keyboard has finally been exorcised! [face_laugh] )

    Anyways. I am rambling. You get the idea. I loved it! You know I enjoy y
  12. Obischick

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    Aug 25, 2001
    Okay, the last postie up there was going to be my last post on this thread, but I just had to respond to Laurianna! :p

    All night reading?? Oh my! [face_blush] [face_blush] Thank you so much for the lovely compliments!

    Whoopsy about the stage direction! :eek: I've only been on stages during orchastra concerts, so I'm not very good with that sort of thing! :p Thank's for pointing it out! :) I'll put that on my list of things to polish! :)

    Awwww... thank you for all the wonderful compliments on Eirtaé too! :D

    Her humanity and flaws draw me to her, because she is one of the least Mary Sue-ish characters I have seen lately.

    Awww... thank you again! That's one of the best compliments anyone has ever given me.. :D And of course I'll give her a hug for you! :p

    Yes, Danzé got a prosthetic, I never mention it (bad writer!) but that's what I meant to tell people. Also, I would bounce back quickly from an encounter with Wyl if it meant getting to kiss the boy I've had a crush on for about a year or two? ;) :p Lol @ Damage control!! [face_laugh] Eirtaé isn't the type to be afraid of something as sillé as boys, she's very self-reliant in some respects, very dependent in others.

    And here is an announcment for everyone who sees this: After I'm done with this Handmaiden series, I plan on doing a sequel, called "In Her Majesty's Secret Service" ;) and everything will get sorted out in there... that's why there are so many loose ends. :)

    Happy days about your space bar!! Yay!!

    Many thanks again! :)


    bobilll: lol!! He'll get what's coming to him... ack! musn't say anything more! :eek:

    Saché: :D Hook, line and sinker! ;)

    menilma: Perfect ending, eh? [face_blush] Thank you!! Rabé and Wyl's little tale will be concluded in the aforemention sequel ;) **cackles evilly**

    Yes, one of the many reasons I am so looking forward to Saché's story is that I don't have to re-write TPM again! :p And the Secret Handmaiden Society is an odd little joke, it really doesn't exsist, but the Royal Handmaiden Society does! :D **ending hugs** :)

    QJ: :D I'll see you at my Saché story then!

    Okay folks, this is my LAST POST! :eek:

    See you all around the boards!

    ~Obischick :cool:
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    Jul 15, 2002
    :_| Th-that was wonderful.

    *sighs* I was hoping for a Dev/Eirtaé pairing. I never ever expected a Dek/Eirtaé pairing! But me like. Me like very much!

    :eek: Wyl was sooo evil! And poor Rabé! What does she see in him?

    That was awesome Obischick!

    *stands up and applauds* Yay, Obischick!
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    Feb 10, 2002
    Sorry for not responding earlier! This was a great ending. Eirtaé and Dek, finally. Who would have thought? *grin*
    Well, after all the stress she deserves a bit luck, right? But poor Dev, he was so close to have her...

    Angel ;)

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    Jul 12, 1999
    I just finished reading this story. It was great! I look forward to reading your other works!
  16. Breanna_Irulan_Ember

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    Oct 11, 2002
    Hey! I just found this story, and I couldn't stop reading it. I threw a fit each time I had to get off the comp. I plan to check out the other handmaiden stories now. "In her Majesty's Secret Service", lol!
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    Sep 3, 2002
    cooooooooooooooool. nice story. :)