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Library Hangar Bay 18 / Resource Thread for Reaper Squadron: A Sith Trials Story

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by dragonsith13, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. dragonsith13

    dragonsith13 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2005
    Hangar Bay 18 / Resource Thread for Reaper Squadron: A Sith Trials Story.
    ‘Attention on deck.’ Intelligence briefs have identified the necessity for a centralized gathering point for pertinent information regarding the Fero’s Song and Reaper Squadron. This thread shall be such a place!
    To include:
    • Friendly, enemy, and unknown classification ships details
    • Pilot files
    • Fero’s Song personnel
    • Summary of recent Reaper Squadron activities and sitrep!
    Pilot’s Lounge, lockers, and recreation facilities are located adjacent to Hanger 18, but can be accessed through this thread.
    En route to the Fero’s Song - EotH Shuttle
    Hyperspace ~Unknown Regions
    Pre-recorded message appears on holo-vid of a charcoal protocol Droid with a sinister voice.


    Welcome to the Reaper Squadron. Your squadron commanding officer and Commander of the Airgroup (CAG) is awaiting your arrival aboard The Fero's Song.
    In the meantime certain information has been made available to you in transit.
    Look over your briefs and acquaint yourself with your new home, The Fero’s Song. A non-classified recent mission summary has been made available for your viewing via holo record.
    You are expected to upload your service file only after it has been approved by both GMs dragonsith13, QueenSabe7.
    Once you have approval feel free to upload (post) your file (character sheet) which will begin syncing with the Fero’s Song’s systems and records as soon as we arrive. I remind you that for security all communications are encrypted and additional personal items are being shipped to your quarters. As far as the Empire is concerned though, you only need your flight suit, your fighter, and the boots on your feet!

    Reaper Squadron: A Sith Trials Story
    Harrower Class Star Dreadnaught: Fero’s Song
    Much of the Troop and ground compliment forces have been removed to expand the fighter Wing to include larger squadrons. Increasing the ship's capacity from around 100 fighter and bombers to over 140 along with dozens of support shuttle and auxiliary craft supplementing and added to the fighter, recon, and bomber squadrons. The remaining ground forces and security detail are still formidable, given the size of the large Capital Ship’s capacity to begin with. Enough to mount surgical ground strikes and clandestine operations where needed. With a small complement of armors vehicles and light walkers available.
    There are six squadrons on the carrier comprised of 20-25 active fighters, bombers, and recon/scout ships.
    Players will all start in Reaper squadron, but have opportunity to have additional characters in other squadrons.
    Home of Reaper Squadron. VF-101 (fighter)” nicknames: “The Flying Hell spawn” & “The Pack”
    “The Flying Hell Spawn” Their crazy and somewhat at time unconventional nature… has found a name throughout the galactic culture for their seemingly immaculate ability to accomplish the impossible. Defying the odds, and riding the hounds of hell through the gates of destruction in the face of death.
    “The Pack” As one… Once they have your scent, there is nowhere in the galaxy you can hide. They will find you…
    Additional Squadrons on the carrier:
    Teardrop Squadron VF-84 (fighter)
    Black Tails Squadron 552nd ACS (Air command Squadron)– Command & Control, Recon, & Early Warning
    Omega Squadron BW-13 (bomber)
    Archon Squadron VF-142 (fighter) - Squadron Leader Commander Tor
    Grimstar Squadron BW-110 (bomber)
    Galaxy summary:
    In a tumultuous galaxy with the Empire of the Hand veiled in secrecy moving to secure its foothold and continue its influence on the System of Zakuul. Along with the presently scattered but still ever present Imperial Remnant, lingering Alliance, and emerging First Order forces seeking to carve up to galaxy further in their own influence. These grandiose visions of Admirals, Senators, Emperors, and Lords and Ladies dominates the starscape. Moving to shape the galaxy, history, and even the fabrics of time in their vision. Such endeavors needing resources, personnel, and information.
    Victories are needed. So, others are tasked…
    Called upon to carry out the missions. Build the empires and turn the cogs that need be turned. All the while the under currents of the galaxy through new expansion and discovered systems, isolated cultures, pirates, cults, crime syndicates, and all manner of factions are ever present.

    As such, do the actions of an individual in a sea of storms affect the course of things?

    Just as a ripple spreads out when a single pebble is dropped in the water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects.
    The expanse of the galaxy offers an adventure like no other, while they build their temples and empires. We will live, fight, and throttle the brightest stars, so that we may gaze upon them in our final moments of glorious joy. Knowing we are the stars. We are the pulse of existence.

    Those at the halter of our reins have forgotten…
    We live on the wings of our own course.
    They have forgotten the feeling of the wind in their hair…
    The taste of a lover’s lips…
    A toast among friends.
    The embrace of brothers and sisters in ARMS.
    We will live where they do not. On the edge. On the wings of our own salvation.
    Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying.
    — Neil Armstrong
    The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing, and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? — it is the same the angels breathe.
    - Mark Twain
    Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things. Knows not the livid loneliness of fear… Nor mountain heights, where bitter joy can hear the sound of wings.
    — Amelia Earhart
    Take possession of the air, submit the elements, penetrate the last redoubts of nature, make space retreat, make death retreat.
    — Romain Rolland
    Why always staring into the light?
    If I don't hide inside the darkness….. You'll be compromised…
    But sometimes….
    You will fly with me again… without falling, without falling.
    ….Sometimes. You will find me there again… without mourning, without mourning.
    Sometimes. You will fly with me again… without falling, without falling.
    - Lacuna Coil
    Character Sheet:
    Rank: TBD by GM and player. (will be included in final CS). These will be similar to Navy/Air Force/USMC structure and will be discussed via PM with Game Managers.
    Height and Weight:
    Physical Description:
    Background and Training:
    Previous Tours:
    Personal Weapons:
    Preferred starfighter or bomber:
    Personal Ship:
    Character Sheet Notes:
    Callsign: is a “call sign” given to a military pilot, flight officer, and even some enlisted aviators. The call sign is a specialized form of nickname that is used as a substitute for the aviator's given name. It is used on flight suit and flight jacket name tags, painted/displayed beneath the officer's or enlisted aircrewman's name on aircraft fuselages or canopy rails, and in radio conversations, and often social interaction between pilots and crew.

    Species: Just make sure it can fit in a cockpit please….

    Background and training: How did you learn to fly? Where you a product of... Formal training? Academy? Military veteran? Perhaps the life of a smuggler/pirate gave you your current skills?

    All players are non-force sensitive. Simply put, NO force sensitive playable characters. You have the freedom to have your character be defined by any number of character classes (rogue, warrior, scout, engineer, mechanic ect.) If there is a certain class you would like to pursue, just included it in your sheet and the GM will review and discuss with you.

    Preferred starfighter or bomber: This is simply put the fighter/bomber you love to fly. Accommodations to draw in the best craft have been made, as such part of the fighter wing contains modified and preferred fighters/bombers. If for you this a a Chiss Clawcraft? It will be integrated into the available fighters to be used on certain missions. Keep in mind that for many missions a craft will be designated or a small sample will be available to choose from.

    Personal Ship/freighters: Will only be allowed in certain circumstances. These are to be fighters only, heavy bombers can be included, but modified ships with a crew of more than two are not permitted. These are fighters/bombers. There may be opportunities to fly transports and space freighters such as the Falcon. Think of this as the “hot rod” in your garage that you only bring out on special occasions and holidays. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM YOUR PREFERRED SHIP. Also notes is that you DO NOT necessarily have to have one.

    Previous Tours: This is your chance to expand on your fighter jock career. Were you a product of an Academy, or a miscreant who grew up on a backwards planet that has raw skill. Targeting Wamprats in your T-16 Skyhopper? What battles, missions, and engagements did you participate in?

    Ranks: Ranks can be achieved and earned through missions and results. Your starting rank will be determined between the GM(s) and you.

    Chief Petty Officer
    Senior Chief
    Master Chief

    Non-commissioned Officers:
    Warrant Officer

    Flight Cadet
    Ensign/Flight Officer
    Lieutenant Commander
    Colonel (not attainable only held by XO)
    Vice Admiral

    ~Non-Playable Characters / Crew and liaisons to the Fero's Song~

    Empire of the Hand, Sixth Fleet, Commanding Officer - Vice Admiral Vlome'etoth'oseg (“Vice Admiral Vlloth”):
    With Chiss society being governed by a strict adherence to the law through families ruling in their parliamentary government, it's no surprise that the best and the brightest rise quickly. It is no different with Chiss Vice Admiral Vlloth. After graduating from the Chiss Academy at the top of her class, she quickly rose through the ranks. Achieving her first command of a planetary defense frigate at a very young age. Through circumstance she finds herself within the realm of the Emperor of the Hand. An outcast from Chiss society shunned by her family. The details of her exile are unknown, but suffice to say she is not welcome in the Chiss ranks, thus her skill has been acquired and is currently in service of the darksiders occupying New Morriband. This part of her life remains hidden. Despite such, there is no denying her skill in tactics and military matters. She is cold and methodical Methodical. The Fero ’s Song fall under her overall command.

    Liaison to the Empire of the Hand “The Overseer”
    Known as “The Overseer”, little to nothing is known about the Sith who retains ultimate authority of Reaper Squadron, Fero’s Song, and their missions. Known to them as merely a darksider known to have unnatural powers. Rumors abound as to the mysterious Lord’s history, ranging from the plausible - rose to power through the quick death’s of those that stood in his or her way - to the outrageous - Overseer is an ancient Sith spirit, returning to this realm via dark rituals and sorcery. The constant in all this being the fear that the mere mention of The Overseer brings to both those that have been in service of the Empire for some time and those that are just joining up. A Dark Agent acting and enforcing the Will and Rule of those at the head of the Empire.

    Captain of the Fero’s Song - Captain Gael Petrasona
    A veteran of war, Gael Petrasona climbed the Imperial ranks quickly and at a young age. While he gained a reputation as an impulsive, oft reckless pilot he also attained notoriety as a brilliant tactician, the latter of which destined him for a role of leadership.

    Gael is an honorable man though he has his fair share of inner demons that he contends with daily. Sacrificing much of his personal life and loves for a responsibility he puts before all else, it has hardened the soldier into an intimidating figure within the Empire.

    Colonel Saul Tigh, First Officer of the Fero’s Song

    A skilled soldier, tactician, and commander. Saul is a product of a strict military upbringing and lifestyle, having served in almost every capacity. Undertaken any mission one could imagine and lived to tell the tale. With this comes a stern and unforgiving attitude, which makes Saul a stubborn and unyielding in his galactic views. A brash attitude of saying whatever is on his mind, combined with a short fuse, a few personal vices, and temper have prevented him from rising higher into the command ranks. While this has been a hinderance on his career, it makes him an excellent first office and compliment to the Captain, as his no-nonsense and realistic appraisals cut through most situations for harsh real advice on situations.He has served with the Captain on many occasions and was hand selected for this current assignment. Fiercely loyal to the Captain, Saul runs the ship like clockwork acting as the enforcer and disciplinarian. Saul is not only second in command, but also is in charge of the ground along with security contingencies of the ship.

    Dexter “Dex” Mora, Senior Chief Engineer

    Formerly Special Ops, Dexter Mora is a skilled mechanic with a rough edge. His reasons for stepping back from his original duties are unknown and kept closely guarded, though with his tough exterior and easy rapport with pilots and superiors alike, one would assume he was always meant for his current role.

    He doesn’t take **** from most, and egos are always kept in check when within his domain; the hangar.

    CAG - Commander of the air group - Commander Shale Varden

    First in his class Imperial War Academy. Commendation for Commands throughout his career. Distinguished Flight Medal, Crimson Star, Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor and on and on. Despite having the utmost skill and attaining recognition, status, and command. It never seems to be enough, the rewards are but paperweights to him. Never filling the void and hole that truly drives him. That void being his father. His father being a high ranking member of the Remnants of the Imperial Navy, Shale finds himself now on a potential opposing side, bound by certain obligations and wills. The rival with his father ever present in his mind.

    Lieutenant Commander Bas Ling Reaper Squadron Second in Command “Joker”:

    Brash, sarcastic, skilled in communications and possibly an even better pilot than CAG. At least that's what the rumor is. Joker is often the reality check and blunt attitude who says what everyone else is thinking. Joker was a product of a military upbringing. His father and mother both being officers in their home planetary defense forces. So as expected he was forced into academies and training. Never wanting to truly be there, never wanting to be following in the footsteps of his parents. But when someone is as skilled as he is, there is no denying and no backing away from one’s calling. He flies for himself and those around him, not for his legacy. Respecting his command structure, while questioning them with his sarcastic and “joking” manner. Though noone can argue with his skill, leading to the tolerance of such by his direct commanders.

    Rival Commander of Archon Squadron - Protsska Tor

    Archon Squadron’s Commander and arguably the best “pilot” within the carrier wing. It is rumored that he has no blood and instead his veins are filled with ice. Tor is cold, calculated, cunning, and deceptive a perfect fit for service under the Empire of the Hand. Tor is fourth in command in the overall ships chain of command, below CAG for now, as he is consistently and calculatingly vying for the title.

    Little is know about Tor’s origins aside from his hailing from the unknown regions. Very few of his species are present in the known galaxy, lending to his mysterious nature and overall intentions. Despite such he is a proven warrior and pilot of unparalleled skill. How he came into service with the Empire of the Hand is unknown. He serves himself and demands fierce loyalty from his squadron, with his squadron makeup being as cold and calculated as its leader.
  2. dragonsith13

    dragonsith13 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2005
    The near black protocol droid comes on again.

    “Here is the recent mission file for your viewing.”

    Loading recent mission brief and summary:

    Non-classified Mission 1458D

    D’Qar System -
    Reapers 6, 14, & 17
    Conducting escort flight.

    Reaper 6 in the lead; “We have rendezvoused with the Bulk freighter out of the D'Qar system, and are preparing five minutes out of the final navigation point for hyperspace jump. So far no encounters, as all sensors report clear. No activity or transmissions. This mission ranks up there with the…”

    …..The transmission goes static as it tried to reload, buffering, and the images of a trio of fighters and a large capital ship freeze and barely move from with the holo-vid.

    Incoming CLASSIFIED transmission: Zeta Dune 23.

    Firewalls overridden…. Access granted. Authorization “Unknown”

    Loading file……... “unknown”
    Location….. “unknown”

    The Protocol droid comes back on, startled and a bit frantic. “Who authorized you for that transmission?”

    “Where did you get that?” The protocol droid frantically chimes in, throwing a fit trying to stop you from viewing the highly classified file that has just been uploaded to your datapad.

    But of course… he is just a recording and can do nothing to stop you from viewing the transmission below....


    Play music and read along if you wish for some added atmosphere.I do recommend this...

    “Wars have been fought over this.”The voice of an old man stating. “I thank you for seeing me your Highness.” [CAG] A man in a sleek black pilot suit offered his sincere but hurried thanks to an older man modestly dressed, but clearly royalty. As they both rushed through an ornate open chamber, tall pillars of marble lining its sides, which were open to the view of a night sky from high atop a mountain top. The bright full moon casting its reflected light everywhere, hanging close in orbit to the planet.

    “But we have little time.” [CAG]

    “I know.”The older man, quickly responded his gruff voice indicative of his understanding that they truly needed to act with the utmost haste. Coming to a stop at a beautifully carved stone throne. The throne chamber within a mountain top Parthenon was empty with only the pair occupying it, their presence allowed due to the king’s presence, but done in secret for the utmost of important reasons. The old man pressed a section of the throne in the middle of this ornate room, magnificently lit by the light of a full moon casting through the pillars and open ceiling. A secret chamber drawer sliding out revealing their world most sacred artifact.

    “Here take this, it is what you seek.” The artifact was quickly offered to the man in a black pilot jumpsuit.
    “Oh no, it is not for me. I just follow orders and go where I am asked.” [CAG] The CAG took the artifact without hesitation, but quickly cleared up its intended destination.

    “CAG.”[Icarus-Six]The built in commlink on the pilot's suit chimed in.

    “You have drop ships inbound. ETA 45 seconds. You might want to hurry it up.” [Icarus-6]The announcement was eerily calm as if this was a regular occurrence despite the severity of the message of inbound forces. The comm went silent for a moment. The same voice over the intercom chiming in once more.

    “And a cruiser just dropped into low orbit, fighter inbound. Just thought you might want to know!” [Icarus-6]The additional announcement calm as if it was expected.

    The CAG quickly placing the artifact in secure personal carrying container on the back of his flight-suit. Both the old man and him looking to the sky, the faint glow of inbound lights growing closer descending from the high atmosphere to the mountain top. Both turning to head back in the direction the initially came into the throne room from. “Friends of yours?” [CAG]The CAG asked of the old man. “My son, Prince Ka.”

    It was true, CAG was a man to ask very few questions as to why, but he could not help it this time. After months and sacrifices, the operation came to this. “Why part with this now? Is not precious to you?”
    “It is.”The old king spoke, pausing somberly. “But it has grown beyond our people… Brought us only pain and suffering through the ages.”

    “Why do YOU serve them?” The old man offering up a question of his own. Poignantly reading the pilot’s deeper thoughts.

    “Sometimes… sometimes we don’t have a choice.” [CAG]The CAGs voice was as somber as the old man’s when he had spoken of his pain.

    The pair was near the landing pad outside the royal throne room. The old man grabbing the pilot's arm with the strength of an old seasoned warrior. Bringing him back to look him in the face with a stern look of determination.

    “I just want it gone from here.” The man’s eyes stared straight into the CAGs an ocean of emotion seen through the man’s eye centuries of pain and his people suffering and the fear of the cycle continuing at the hands of his own son. Desperate to get it beyond his reach, the very fate of his people hanging in the balance.

    “Don’t let them catch you!”

    “I won’t.” [CAG]The CAG spoke back, a simple but iron clad promise that he would not let the man’s wish go unanswered.

    That was it. The pilot took off sprinting towards the landing pad that he was quickly making his way to. The hum and reverberation of engines grew deft loud as a drop ship came screaming in close. A line of them descending on the single man and the grand chamber above this mountain top.

    “CAG” [Icarus-6] IThe comm came in again, the same voice as before. “Where you want us? Fighters or drop ships?”[Icarus-6]

    “Occupy the fighters.” [CAG] CAG spoke as he sidestepped a crate, the eruption of anti-personnel blasters from the drop ship began to light the now short path to the landing pad in front of him. The pilot pressed a data-pad wrapped around his forearm, toggling it and swiping executing a command.“I’ll handle the drop ships.”[CAG] Another blast from a close by blaster shot as troops exited the dropships three of them landing almost directly in his path only a few meters from the landing pad. A crack of his forearm to one of the troopers startling him knocking him back as he tried to gain his feet from just having jumped down from the hovering dropship. A blaster pulled from the GAG’s thigh came up sending a quick succession of two shots into a second shock trooper. CAG moving into a slide, evading a volley of blaster fire from the third shock trooper as he rolled and leveled a shot to the shock troopers head. The shot burning a hole in his temple and felling him instantly.

    The whine of ship engines came to life as the automated startup of his Tie Fighter came online, the systems booting and coming to life. A mounted blaster popping out from the back underside of the Tie, erupting in a hail of fire at the drop ship. The drop ship buckling and pitching back as one of its engines erupted and the craft began to plummet the short distance to the ground. Several shock troopers that had been preparing to jump, thrown off their feet and now falling as well down to the ground. CAG was up and at the ships built in ladder in an instance. The sound of another drop ship closing in as blaster fire again erupted onto the landing pad. The pinging sound of energy blots against the hull as he settled into the cockpit seat. The ship's systems already active and engines ready to go. The throttle pushed forward as the repulsor engines kicked in giving the ship its lift off the platform, CAG barely having time to strap himself in before the engine roared to full life.

    “Form up.” [CAG] The command went out over the comm, calm and focused. Two Tie Fighters rolled in overtop of his fighter, finishing off a corkscrew turn, behind them a wake of explosions and fighter hulls falling through the sky as they had dealt with a vanguard wave of fighters as ordered.

    “Aye Sir”[Icarus-6]The same voice of another pilot from before coming over the Tie’s comm now.

    “Aye Sir”,[Skillet-3]a second and new voice, this one female, acknowledging the order as a Trio of Tie Fighters came together. The trio forming up, the CAG rotating the stick as the fighter came to the right and angled down. The threat system was ablaze with several dozens of fighters as squadron after squadron seemed to have been launched from the cruiser descending very close now. Heavy laser fire was lighting up the night sky. As a swarm of fighters was visible out of his port viewport.

    “Hit the deck, stay close. Pick up speed.” [CAG]The other two pilots mirrored his lead Tie as he pushed the stick down throttled up. The wine and hum of the Tie’s screeching through the atmosphere as they finished their turn around the side of one of the mountain tops. The sound of laser pings hitting the shields at a distance was becoming more frequent. The angle was all wrong, they had to go up. And up, was a swarm of fighters and a cruiser.

    Suddenly two of the nearby mountain tops opened up in blaze, as anti-aircraft batteries began pouring fire into the sky. Fire from above and below…

    Stay tight, we need to punch through. The CAG’s voice was calm but stern. “Skillet NAV points set?” [CAG]The third pilot's voice came back. Yes boss, right above the big cruiser in the sky.” [Skillet-3]Her voice calm but boding in sarcasm, before she offered her color commentary. “Second star to the right. Straight on till morning boss.” [Skillet-3]

    The Tie trio came to the port again, throttling up in unison. An alarm blared on all the three of their threat displays, as if they did not have enough. “Got missile locks. INBOUND!” [Icarus-6]

    “EVADE!” [CAG]The CAG yelled as the Tri broke, without designating all three rolling out away from each other, as if they instinctively knew what to do in sync with each other, as a stream of multiple missiles passed between them the scream and roar of them as one exploded, while the others attempted to track them. A flash as another explosion as the Ties rolled to evade. “I’m hit, CAG. Engine bleeding… chhh chhhh chhh shhhhhhh.” [Icarus-6]Static as Six’s Tie rolled, losing altitude. Descending into the cloud cover surrounding the mountain peaks.

    Silence. The friendly designator on CAG and Three’s display disappearing.

    No time for mourning as the two remaining Ties came back together the swarm of fighters now upon them as the once distance laser fire from above was now all around them. There wasn’t even time to engage they were overwhelmed and outnumbered as nearly a wing of fighters had been unleashed into the skies. “They really want that damn thing.” [Skillet-3] Both of the Ties were being peppered with fire as they surged through the swarm. The threat alarms blaring in both of their cockpits.Explosions interrupting their comm chatter as they both held the sticks steady ascending, putting beginning to put distance between them and the swarm, surging further into the upper atmosphere, nearing the verge of space.

    “Boss to your starboard.” [Skillet-3] The peppering of laser fire grew defending and in rapid succession CAGs lead fighter taking a volley. Six rolled hard toward where the fire was coming from a wave of nearly a squadron descending from a different angle above. Six rolling, and opening with her laser cannons, tracking two fighters with missile locks, firing one blind and locking in on the other. An impossible maneuver, but with almost expert precision both missiles met fighters, each of which erupted into fireballs. Six’s laser cannons tearing through two more fighters as if with ease as she rolled the fighter hard to starboard and pitched up. The thoughts of the old man bore into his mind. “Don’t let them…”

    {music marker: 4:29} approximate

    Ignoring the thought CAG rolled opening up in a volley of laser cannon fire upon the remaining fighters in the wave that, breaking them up and clearing the tail of Six as she brought the Tie back around. Smoke billowing out of the engine as the fighter’s speed decreased rapidly with Six in it. “Thanks boss.” [Skillet-3]Six coughed in her seat, a large piece of shrapnel imbedded in her chest. The fighter began to pitch and roll downward the nose facing the cloud cover thousands of feet below. The swarm of fighters and the cruiser below desperately trying to catch them. “Afraid I’m not gonna make it.” [Skillet-3]The woman’s tough somber voice came across the comm. As she jammed the throttle downwards.

    Pressing the trigger on her stick as a hail of laser cannon fire erupted from her Tie as she dove down into the ascending fighters. A melee of explosions as she began to take as many as she could with her as she could. “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhHHHHH” [Skillet-3]her voice screaming as she dove the Tie into the moonlit night sky.

    The laser fire from the cruiser was now reaching upward as a large pang echoed against the hull of CAG’s Tie, the threat warnings ceased. A welcomed sound most times, but this was much worse.

    The silence of the engine roar told it all, as the illuminated cockpit began to descend into darkness, display and LED lights shutting off. Systems powering down.

    The sound of the wind screaming and rushing against the hull, began to grow louder as the CAG’s Tie began to fall like a rock.

    Dead stick.

    CAG reached up toggling an auxiliary switch, flipping it and priming the engines.

    The bright moonlight the only thing illuminating the cockpit as the Tie fell through the atmosphere, nose down.

    Another flip of the switch.


    “FRAK” [CAG]

    Primer again. Nothing. Calmly but with an inherent sense of dire urgency. CAG toggled several more stitches across the console above him.

    “Come on!” [CAG] Muttering to himself.

    CAG bore down on the ignition as the engines primed a quick roar, but only a burnout. Flash.

    “Come on!” [CAG] Louder.

    He was descending into the swarm of fighters now as the Tie still plummeted dead stick further down.
    CAG shaking in his seat as he jostled the main console with his lower body. A kick.

    “Come on!” [CAG]

    A forceful kick from within his seat.

    “COME ON!!!!” [CAG]

    The roar of engine, as the cockpit began to light up. Feeling himself force back into his seat from the kick of the engines coming to life.

    CAG threw the throttle down, going to full power. As he screamed through the first wave of fighters rushing up to meet him, all of them overshooting him drastically from his sudden burst of speed. The rush of wind against the airframe was amplifying the harrowing familiar Tie Scream. Rolling the craft sharply to the starboard and pulling the stick up with all his might as the Tie shuddered, bringing it back around and heading vertical. The swarm was erupting in laser fire again, as several blasts rang within inches of the hull as he picked up speed.

    “Any room on this trip for another?” [Icarus-6]The voice of Three came over the comm, back from the dead it seemed. As a second Tie came up alongside CAGs The roar of both fighters ascending together as if not missing a beat the linked up, both pilots opening up with a volley of laser cannon fire, as they cut through two fighters directly ahead. “Right through that cruiser.” [CAG ] retorted back calmly noting the cruiser that was now directly above them. Both Ties, screamed upwards coming directly underneath it. “Son of a hutt’s shields are still down… trying to launch more fighters.” [Icarus-6]

    “I know.” [CAG] CAG responded already clearly and acutely aware of the vulnerability.

    “Got lock”. [Icarus-6]Both pilots had already taken aim and chosen a sweet spot.

    The sound of torpedoes being launched in unison echoed from both Ties as dual shots one from each forward tube were launched almost as they were on top of the cruiser. Both tracking quickly into one of the aft engines. A massive explosion erupting, almost instantly ripping through the rear back of the hull.
    Both Ties pulled up, as the pilots yanked back furiously in a smooth motion evading an impact with the cruisers hull. A pursuing fighter slamming into the cruiser unable to complete the maneuver.

    CAG rolled the Tie across the upper portion of the hull as Three matched speed and the maneuver as the came across the nose of the cruiser pitching up again. Another explosion from inside the cruiser, as it began to falter.

    The Ties gaining rocketing upwards into the high atmosphere. A series of smaller explosions in rapid succession, followed by a larger one as the cruisers hull broke apart and began to fall back towards the planet’s surface taking a number of fighters with it as they scrambled to evade the chaos.

    Below the flashes of explosions were silhouettes as that of lightning in the cloud cover as the cruiser was engulfed in flame and breaking apart fully. The blackness thickness of atmosphere gave way to the blackness of space as the two Ties escaped into its cold embrace.

    “She went out well.” [Icarus-6] Three offered, reflecting on their wing mate. “She went out like a… Reaper.” [CAG] CAG responded, his voice proud but somber for their loss. Offering her respect of their squadron.

    The flash of crawl of stars surged into their front viewports as the ships both rocketed into hyperspace.
  3. Kaleesh-Cyborg

    Kaleesh-Cyborg Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jan 4, 2017

    Name- Stormaktstiden Harskar Passchendaele
    Callsign- Storm
    Rank- Flight Cadet
    Gender- Male
    Species- Kaleesh
    Age- 34
    Height- 6' 5"
    Weight- 195lbs
    Physical Description- Tall and lean, but muscular with broad shoulders. Skin is light burgundy; eyes are yellow. He has various burn scars on his face and neck and has to wear a respirator frequently due to permanent damage done by a chemically triggered inferno he had survived. He also has a fake metal ear that he will remove and toy with absently just to freak people out. Ear doubles as a throwing knife if he feels it's necessary to make physical threats.
    Personality- Gruff and sarcastic, isn't easily rattled to worry, but he does have a temper.
    Background and Training- Trained as a warrior from a young age, Passchendaele was fascinated by anything that could fly and jumped at the chance when Kalee's battles ascended to the heavens. As an adolescent, no one could keep his feet on the ground, so he was permitted to train with a few veteran pilots from his tribe.
    Previous Tours- Huk War, a member of the Kaleesh Kolkpravis who later ranked as one of the reformed Izvoshra in combat both on the ground and in the air. A fiery chemical blast on the ground almost forced him off the battlefield.
    Personal Weapons- DH-23 Blaster, Cycler Slugthrower Rifle, two lig swords and two double-pronged swords
    Personal starfighter or bomber- Dagger-class starfighter dubbed the Backstabber
    Personal ship- Starrunner-class starship dubbed the Panzerkampf
    Biography- After training and committing to work in the field, Passchendaele and his vessel became a Kaleesh nightmare no one wanted to meet in the air. He was accurate and he was relentless, dogfighting opposing pilots to their doom. An attempted assassination was executed on him and the troops who ran with him when a rigged chemical explosion ignited in a burial shaft on Kalee. Some of his brothers were lost in the inferno, but Passchendaele escaped with his life. However he lost his ear, gained a scarred face and neck, a limp in his gait, and a respirator to help him deal with the damage done to his lungs. He was forbidden to return to war due to his condition.
    When their war with the Huk at last came to an end, a healed Passchendaele missed the code of the air and the action that went with it. He secretly left Kalee to find a life that would suit his purpose as a fighter pilot, though being partially deaf in one ear and almost blind in the eye on the same side made recruiters question his abilities. Put through several trials, he proved his worth and that he was just as keen and accurate as he had been before the inferno incident and so now, he is here to do the work of the Reaper Squadron.
  4. Isley_27

    Isley_27 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 22, 2016
    GM Approved!

    Name: Razek Lome (Raz for short)

    Callsign: Razzle

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human (Anaxsi race)

    Height & Weight: 5'9, 185 lbs

    Age: 28

    Physical Description: Razek has an athletic build. Due to a flight accident, he is blind in his left eye. Surgical enhancements have been placed in the right eye to compensate for the lose of sight.

    Personality: Loyalty and comradery have been ingrained into Raz since he was a child. Others have mentioned Raz not to menace words. A bit of a tech wiz when it comes to cockpit controls.

    Background & Training: The Anaxsi race was known for their loyalty to Galactic Empire. Serving as Generals, Commanders, Captains, Moffs, and Pilots. While most were involved with naval duty, the Lome family was drafted into Military Piloting with the rise of the rebellion. At the age of 18 Raz attended the Imperial Academy on Lothal where he received advanced flight training.

    Previous Tours: Raz had been assigned mostly to escort missions in the Outer Rim. However with the growing threat of rebellion, higher security escort missions were assigned to him in the Core Worlds. He has been involved in a few skirmishes, such as removing rebel blockages on Kashyyyk, Tatooine, and even raids lined on Korriban.

    Personal Weapons: DH-17 Blaster Pistol

    Preferred starfighter or bomber: Generally prefers the TIE Interceptor class fighter.

    Personal Ship: No personal ship.

    Rank: Flight Cadet


    Bio: Razek was born on Anaxas. Both Quintus and Tanja Lome, his father and mother, favored the Empire and had a blatant hatred for rebels and those who stood against its rule like most of the Anaxsi race. When the moment came for a mass imperial recruitment, they volunteered without a second thought. After serving for nearly nine years in naval command, Tanja was granted honorable discharge as she was pregnant with Razek. His father was soon promoted to Commander of the Imperial garrisons on Anaxas. This served the family well, as Quintus could still serve the Empire while be in close contact with Tanja during her pregnancy.

    Both parents instilled into Razek that the Empire served for the good of all the galaxy and any who opposed had no sense of loyalty or honor. Razek took all of this to heart and planned to follow in their footsteps of service to the Empire. After completing basic schooling on Anaxas, Raz enlisted for Imperial training on Lothal where he learned the fundamentals of the Empire and it's quest to solidify galactic conquest. Raz was fascinated by it and wanted to serve where he felt it would do the most good. His instructors had suggested flight training as the best way to support the cause, reasoning that the more pilots at their disposal the more the Empire could patrol the galaxy and expand.

    Raz agreed and soon joined the rest of the recruits in line to be pilots. Trainers were impressed with his enthusiasm and quick learning ability that he had graduated first among his peers. He then was transferred to advanced flight training for two more years. Eager to start, Raz was assigned to escort missions with hardly any casualties on his part. Upon being noticed by his commanding officer, Raz was reassigned to a tactical front in breaking down blockages placed by enemies of the Empire.

    A year and half later Raz, along with a small group, was sent in to respond to a distress beacon of an Imperial base on Datooine under a raid attack. The plan was for the team to provide air support so that ground troops could gain the momentum needed to fend off the attack, yet they quickly discovered they were outnumbered and outgunned from inaccurate reports. Despite making notable counter measures, they were all soon shot down. Reinforcements from the Empire had arrived later, seizing control of the base once again. Raz was found battered, bruised, and unconscious in his fighter. Although his injuries were severe Raz did survive, spending weeks in a bacta tank before getting back on his feet. However he had suffered permant damage to his left eye, reducing his vision to a bombing 60%. This handicap had put a hold to his military career as he could not properly fly with poor eyesight.

    He fell into a slight depressed state at being grounded for three years. Yet never losing his determination to get back into the fight. Researching a procedure known as "Opitcal Enhancment" Raz spent half his allowance to pay for the cost of the operation. With the help of microfibered implants to his optical nerve, his right eye's perephial vision increased to nearly 94%. Now believing he is ready, Raz made every attempt to enlist again as a pilot for the Empire. Hoping his good track record will catch the eye of a recruiting officer.
  5. Mostlymad

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    May 12, 2017
    GM Approved
    Name: Robert Highman
    Call Sign: “Breaker”
    Rank: Retired Imperial Army Major
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Age: 57
    Place of Birth: Coruscant
    Height and Weight: 6’ and 170 lbs.
    Physical Description: Grizzled old veteran. White hair, dark eyes. Can often be found chewing on a cigar.
    Personality: Gruff, short, mean, impatient and therefore annoyed easily. Known to be ‘hard of hearing’.
    Background and Training: Lead Technician before training at Raithal Academy
    Personal Weapons: Service Special
    Preferred Starfighter or bomber: TIE Interdictor
    Personal Ship: TIE Interdictor
    Bio: Imperial Army Major (ret) Robert Highman, call sign “Breaker”, was one of the Empire’s most decorated Bomber pilots of the Galactic Civil War. His career as an officer began as a [hl=black]REDACTED[/hl] mechanic. His skill with a wrench was rivaled by his skills behind the stick. This became evident during [hl=black]--REDACTED--[/hl], while on a routine maintenance run of a [hl=black]-REDACTED-[/hl], then Maintenance Tech 3rd Class Highman willfully disobeyed direct orders to return to [hl=black]-REDACTED-[/hl] and engaged Separatist Forces attacking [hl=black]Redacted[/hl]. [hl=black].-----STOP TRYING TO READ REDACTED INFORMATION REBEL SCUM!!------[/hl]. His skill and cunning behind the stick of [hl=black]--REDACTED--[/hl] while destroying [hl=black]****[/hl] assets while outnumbered was commendable. It earned him his commission at Raithal and his call sign. He was assigned to the Imperial Army and performed admirably as a ground-hog. His tours include Operations [hl=black]--------- REDACTED-----------------------------[/hl], and Battles [hl=black]---------------------- REDACTED---------------------------------------------[/hl]. Later, as a Raithal Academy bomber instructor, Major Highman was instrumental in the training of over [hl=black]********[/hl] Imperial Army officers not to mention [hl=black]***** REDACTED------------------------[/hl]. Major Highman was retired in 4 ABY after serving honorably for 27 years. However the Empire still needs his services, he is to be reinstated immediately and report to [hl=black]--------REDACTED------[/hl] aboard the [hl=black]---REDACTED---[/hl]. Failure to report will result in immediate revocation of his retirement benefits.
    Previous Tours:
    Clone Wars
    · [hl=black]--------------------------REDACTED-------------------------------[/hl]
    · [hl=black]--------------------------REDACTED-------------------------------[/hl]
    · [hl=black]--------------------------REDACTED-------------------------------[/hl]
    · [hl=black]--------------------------REDACTED-------------------------------[/hl]
    Galactic Civil War
    · [hl=black]--------------------------REDACTED-------------------------------[/hl]
    · [hl=black]--------------------------REDACTED-------------------------------[/hl]
    · [hl=black]--------------------------REDACTED-------------------------------[/hl]
    · Operation Cinder: [hl=black]---------------REDACTED-----------------[/hl]
  6. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    GM Team Approved

    Name: Baz Rylal
    Callsign: "Bazmanian Devil", but most just call him "Devil".
    Rank: Senior Chief
    Gender: Male
    Species: Liann
    Homeworld: Lianna
    Height and Weight: 6'2" / 194 lbs
    Age: 43
    Physical Description:


    Personality: When off duty he is agreeable and laid back. He enjoys a good prank now and again, and has a sharp sense of humor. Does have a short fuse at times, especially when bored or drunk. He is observant, witty, and outgoing. Lives by the motto: "Enjoy today for tomorrow may not come".

    When on duty it is easy to see his years of training and experience. He is effective, brave, and ruthless towards any who stand in the way of his mission objectives. He never loses his cool in combat, often times using humor to cut tension and stress. He is loyal to his squad, and tries to look after the less experienced pilots.

    He is happiest when in the midst of action, whether it is in a cockpit or on special ops missions.

    Background and Training and Bio: Served in the Allied Tion Sector Forces (ATSF) for nearly twenty years, specific areas of focus were recon and flight training. later in his career he was offered a transfer to the planet of Corulag, the home for Sienar Technologies Advanced Research Division, as a test pilot he also worked closely with the engineer and mechanic teams to improve future designs (becoming a skilled technician in the process), he spent his final few years in the ATSF at this assignment before retiring at twenty years of service. He quickly realized that civilian life bored him, and having remained in contact with friends from the ATSF he learned that many felt the same as he did about retirement, some did something about it and ventured off to become mercenaries, bounty hunters, and smugglers.

    Baz could not resist the call of action, he started off as a smuggler but quickly realized that the good payoffs were in the bounties. He quickly made a name for himself and was becoming a sought after bounty hunters, the best part was that he enjoyed the work immensely. It was during this line of work that he first came into contact with agents representing the Empire of the Hand, specifically Reaper Squadron, he hadn't heard of them before but the pay was good....very good. Turned out the missions he had run were tests, they had evaluated his performance under a variety of circumstances and found him worthy of an invitation to join the Reapers.

    Personal Weapons: 2 DC-17 heavy blaster pistols w/ laser targeting. 2 combat knives.
    Personal Flight Suit/Armor: Custom upgraded Clone War era armor.

    Preferred starfighter or bomber: Having been trained on and eventually tested the ships made by Sienar he is comfortable in any Imperial style fighter/bombers.
    Personal Ship: The Kharon
    Sienar Light Interceptor
    This was a prototype light freighter/Interceptor, it was built by Sienar to hunt smugglers and bounty hunters, but never went into production due to the cost. The prototype remained on Corulag in the Sienar warehouses until Baz rediscovered it and fell in love with it instantly, right before his retirement he utilized some contacts in the Sienar Executive Branch and was able to get the craft released to him and removed from the records....for an undisclosed amount of credits transferred to a person who will remain unnamed.

    • Class 1 Hyperdrive / Class 12 Backup
    • Navigation System (equipped)
    • Flight Assistance Computer (equipped)
    • Sensor Systems (equipped)
    • Avionics (equipped)
    • Forward & Rear Shield Generators
    • Targeting Systems (equipped)
    • Light Tractor Beam (equipped)
    • Electronic Countermeasures (equipped)
    • Grimmellian Stealth Device (equipped)
    • Length: 35 meters
    • 50 Metric Ton Cargo Limit
    • Holding Cell in Cargo Bay (can hold 4)
    • Space for 6 Passengers
    • Wings Fold Upward Upon Landing
    • Plasburst Laser Canon Turrets (2)
    • Ion Canons (2)
    • Proton Torpedo Launcher (5 torpedoes)
  7. QueenSabe7

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    Mar 23, 2001


    Name: Zinara “Zin” Carrick
    Callsign: Gypsy
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 29

    Physical Description:
    Height / Weight: 5’6” / 140 lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    Arrogant, feisty, bold. In times of quiet and solitude, she can be quite the opposite, but in front of her fellow pilots her more brash nature tends to be prevalent.
    Background and Training: Some formal schooling, but otherwise self-taught and guided by her father.
    Previous Tours: Wherever Reaper Squadron has been for the better part of the past decade, so has she.
    Personal Weapons: Modified blaster pistol with silencer/scope, various daggers, brass knuckles, her fists.
    Preferred Starfighter/Bomber: She is comfortable in most variants of the TIE, Interceptors being the most frequently used (aside from her personal ship).

    Personal Ship:
    Ignis – TIE Advanced v1

    Zin was born for the skies and space. Raised by her single father in the Bilbringi system, she learned how to fly at a very young age, the rush of taking flight quickly becoming as much a part of her as the air she breathed. Once she was old enough for formal flight school, she swiftly gained a reputation as a reckless and impulsive pilot. Because of this her time there was short-lived, both by her choice and the dismissive nature of her superiors. Deeming it more their loss than her own, she continued to hone her skills through the knowledge of her father – a former pilot himself, grounded by injury - and by gaining as much experience as she could possibly find.

    In her early twenties, Zin was working her way through the Empire’s squadron ranks, never really staying in one place for long. Nothing seemed to be a “fit” for her or rather she herself didn’t seem fit anywhere. Constantly questioning authority and maintaining the fact that she might know more than those she flew with soiled her name to the point of almost making it impossible to find just where it was she was mean to be.

    At the end of her rope and all out of last chances, it was then that Gael Petrasona summoned her to his ship, the Fero’s Song. The strong-willed captain had known of Zin and her antics, but also of her skill and desire to take risks, necessary risks. He saw much of his younger self in her and knew her talents would be wasted if she were not placed correctly. Without hesitation, and under the conditions that she temper her arrogance and learn to respect authority, she was assigned to the daring and revered Reaper Squadron based on the Fero.

    It was immediately apparent this was the right move for the young woman and it was with Reaper she has remained for the better part of the past decade. Now Lieutenant Commander, she has remained under the watchful eyes of Captain Petrasona and her CAG, Shale Varden, the latter of which she can have a strained relationship with. Ultimately, however, she tends to follow his orders.

    Most of the time…
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  8. dragonsith13

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Reaper Lead - CAG - Commander

    Reaper 2 - Joker - Lieutenant Commander

    Reaper 3-

    Reaper 4-

    Reaper 5-

    Reaper 6-

    Reaper 7- QueenSabe7 - Lieutenant Commander Zinara “Zin” Carrick; Callsign “Gypsy”

    Reaper 8-

    Reaper 9-

    Reaper 10-

    Reaper 11-

    Reaper 12- Mostlymad - Chief Warrant Officer Robert Highman; Callsign “Breaker”

    Reaper 13-

    Reaper 14-

    Reaper 15-

    Reaper 16- Mikaboshi - Senior Chief Baz Rylal; Callsign “Baz”

    Reaper 17-

    Reaper 18-

    Reaper 19-

    Reaper 20- Isley_27 - Flight Cadet Razek Lome (Raz for short); Callsign “Razzle”

    Reaper 21- Kaleesh-Cyborg - Flight Cadet Stormaktstiden Harskar Passchendaele; Callsign “Storm”

    Reaper 22- Quinlan Vos - Flight Cadet Arturo Alvarez Callsign “Ghost”

    Reaper 23- Darth_wanderguard - Merton Dorien Spaceman/Tecnician

    Reaper 24-

    Reaper 25-
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  9. Darth Kronos

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    Jan 2, 2016
    Name - Vess Jansen

    Callsign - "Zip"

    Rank - Flight Cadet

    Gender - Female

    Species - Human

    Height - 5'11"

    Weight - 135 pounds.

    Physical Description - Moderately tall; muscular; slim body; long legs; shortened black hair that she wishes would stay straight; grey eyes.

    Personality - Reclusive, cynical, and pessimistic. She has a soft side, but she only shows this to people she personally knows - and that list is not large. She was hardened by her childhood experiences and is currently at a crossroads regarding her morals. She tends to have trust issues.

    Background and Training - Vess went to a formal Imperial Flight Academy in order to appease her strict, radical Imperial parents. Not for her sake (mostly), but for her little sister, Tessa. She is six years old and is easily Vess's favorite person in the entire galaxy.

    Previous Tours - Once she graduated from the Imperial Flight Academy (IFC), she was assigned under the command of Captain Dalton, ordered to seek out and destroy "any signs of Rebellion in the Unknown Regions." Vess genuinely despised that piece of garbage and was extremely when she was transferred to a new crew.

    Personal Weapons - A pistol she was issued upon graduating the IFC. She rarely uses it, but always keeps it on her person just in case.

    Preferred Starfighter or Bomber - A TIE Striker.

    Personal Ship - A TIE Striker

    Bio - Vess is a pilot known for her speed and agility. She chose a ship specifically designed for this purpose. She tended to "zip" in between enemy laser fire, hence her self-appointed callsign.

    She also happens to hate piloting. She finds it to be nauseous and, quite frankly, tedious. The danger of death is greatly increased whenever she climbs into the cockpit of her TIE Striker and goes to battle Rebel fighters. She would much rather be behind the scenes, working on maintenance or something else like that.

    So, why become a pilot?

    Vess did not have the greatest of childhoods. Her father was known for violent outbursts, and, considering he knew his wife would definitely hit him back, he took out his anger out on Vess and, eventually, her little sister, Tessa.

    Her parents were very pro-Empire, always telling their children of the good they were doing for the galaxy, that the Rebels were nothing but a group of repulsive terrorists, retelling their own stories as pilots in the Galactic Empire. These stories were enough to leave a lasting impression upon young Vess.

    Over the years, and shortly after the birth of Tessa, the pressure for Vess to enlist as a pilot for the Empire only continued to grow. Under normal circumstances, she would have made that decision with absolutely no problem, but, as she aged, she had a wider perspective of the galaxy - and its politics. While she knew the Empire had done its fair share of good to the galaxy, she simply could not ignore the bad it had also done. But, of course, she could not express these opinions.

    At age 19, she graduated the IFC and was immediately placed under the command of Captain Dalton, who ran an Imperial stronghold in the Unknown Regions that was used to eliminate any Rebels in hiding. Her days there were mostly uneventful, and she spent most of them wishing she could murder Dalton without any consequences. He was an ungrateful, pretentious piece of garbage that clearly hated anyone who wasn't exactly like him. She was grateful whenever Reaper Squadron chose her to be a member of their crew, if only because it meant she didn't have to deal with Dalton any more.

    Now she works for and with people she doesn't even know.

    Other Information - She keeps a photograph of herself and her sister on her at all times. Vess's arm is wrapped around Tessa's neck as they sit in Vess's dorm room in the IFC, both smiling without a care in the world. She only looks at it whenever no one is looking - or whenever she thinks no one is looking. It's the only positive reminder of home for Vess, so she cherishes it deeply.
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  10. Quinlan Vos

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    Oct 24, 2017
    Name: Arturo Alvarez

    Callsign: “Ghost”

    Rank: Flight Cadet

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Height and Weight: 5’5”, 120 lbs.

    Physical Description: Short, wiry built man, of very young age, probably around 24 years. Born in Cloud City.

    Personality: Very outgoing, friendly to everyone he meets. Loyal servant and somewhat of a prankster.

    Background and Training: Trained in the Imperial Air Force at the age of 17, graduated top of the class, a natural in the cockpit.

    Previous Tours: Has been involved in multiple escort missions, and has also been tasked in a fleet with taking out a rebel brigade.

    Personal Weapons: BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Pistol

    Preferred starfighter or bomber: Tie Striker Class Fighter

    Personal Ship: N/A

    Bio: Alvarez had a special talent when it came to flying, so it was no wonder he was enrolled in the Imperial Air Force as soon as he was able to. While there, he earned the nickname “Ghost” for always moving around so quickly and easily that one couldn’t keep track of him. Alvarez wanted a bigger challenge than escort duties, so he applied to Reaper Squadron.
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